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Collection Number: 02182

Collection Title: Miscellaneous Family Papers

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Size 3.0 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 2000 items)
Abstract The collection consists of family papers, particularly histories and genealogical materials, from many places in the South. Represented are the following families: Branscome, Burnett, Chorpening, Conyers, Cosby, Cox, Craig, Dalton, Darden, Ervin, Gorham, Hylton, Jarrott, McNeill, Mitchell, Preston, Ragland, Robertson, Schuster, Slaughter, Suggs, and many others. Of special interest is the biography of University of North Carolina alumnus and Confederate Army officer Julius Caesar Mitchell (1842-1876).
Language English
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Restrictions to Access
This collection contains additional materials that are not processed and are currently not available to researchers. For information about access to these materials, contact Research and Instructional Services staff. Please be advised that preparing unprocessed materials for access can be a lengthy process.
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Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
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[Identification of item], in the Miscellaneous Family Papers #2182, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act (N.C.G.S. § 132 1 et seq.), and Article 7 of the North Carolina State Personnel Act (Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, N.C.G.S. § 126-22 et seq.). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill assumes no responsibility.
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The collection consists of family papers, particularly histories and genealogical materials, from many places in the South. Represented are the following families: Branscome, Burnett, Chorpening, Conyers, Cosby, Cox, Craig, Dalton, Darden, Ervin, Gorham, Hylton, Jarrott, McNeill, Mitchell, Preston, Ragland, Robertson, Schuster, Slaughter, Suggs, and many others. Of special interest is the biography of University of North Carolina alumnus and Confederate Army officer Julius Caesar Mitchell (1842-1876).

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Contents list

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About 2000 items.
Folder 1

Genealogical data on the family of Nathan T. Allen (b. 1800) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 1

From notes taken from books and tombstone inscriptions from McDonald Cemetery, Moore County, N.C.

Folder 2

Notes compiled by J.K. Smith on his ancestors beginning with Samuel Smith (1694-1737) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 2

Folder 3

Copies of letters concerning John Alfred Averitt of Onslow County, N.C., and his descendants, 1923, 1960, 1970, 1976 #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 3

Folder 4

Copy of Blue Ridge Heritage: Burnett, Branscome, Hylton, Cox, Slaughter, and Related Families compiled by Dorothy Burnett Peterson, n.p. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 4

Privately published (1982); illus.; index. 254 p.

Folder 5

Copy of pages from the family Bible of Henry Bowman (d. 1882) of Petersburg, Va.; typed pages of data from the same record; and a history of the Bowman and Newman families #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 5

3 items. The Bible itself (1878) contains some Wright family vital statistics (Bowman's wife).

Folder 6

Photocopy and typescript copy of Bryan, Hatch, and Bailey family histories, as shown in the Bible of James Handy Bryan (1769-1833), second president of the University of North Carolina #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 6

3 items. Three additional pages were received in 1968 concerning the Bible and the Bryan line.

Folder 7

Genealogical data on the Chapman Family, including Robert Hett Chapman (1771-1883), second president of the University of North Carolina #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 7

Also a photocopy of an article in the Charlotte Observer (1933) on the home and life of Alfred H. Foster.

Folder 8

"The Conyers Family of Clarendon County, S.C.," compiled by Sam J. Ervin, Jr., circa 1973, and other related notes #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 8

Folder 9

Typescript copy of biographical facts and outline on Charles Mather Cooke (1844-1920) of Louisburg, North Carolina #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 9

Cooke was a Confederate officer, N.C. legislator, and superior court judge.

Folder 10a

"History of the Chorpening Family," by Harry Fritz; also an article on George Chopenins, Jr., formerly of the Pony Express; and an index of names #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 10a

102 pp. (2 copies)

Folder 10b

See above description #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 10b

Folder 11

John Craig and Some Descendants: Two Centuries of a Southern Family, 1773-1976 by Marion S. Craig, Little Rock, Arkansas #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 11

Privately published (1977); illus.; index. 102 pp.

Folder 12

Letter from Elizabeth H. Hummel (1959) concerning her unpublished manuscript titled "Hicks History of Granville County" and William Dunlap Crawford #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 12

Folder 13

Photostat copies of Crockett family birth records (1834-1886), slave birth records (1854-1864), and family and death records (1757-1838) from another book #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 13

Folder 14

Brief autobiographical sketch of the artist Elliott Dangerfield (1859-1932) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 14

Includes data on his first and second wives and their children.

Folder 15

Photocopy of "A Brief History of the Dalton Family and the Hunters" by Robert Hunter Dalton (1878) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 15

Folder 16

Typescript of "The Darden Family" of Virginia (circa 1640-1850) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 16

Folder 17

Photocopy of Davis and Hopkins families data, and of a cover letter from J. Winter Davis (1948) to Carroll G. Crockett (father of donor) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 17

Folder 18

Genealogical and biographical data; copies of letters, wills, and other papers; and extracts from miscellaneous records and books related to the De Berniere, McCrady, and Crommelin families #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 18

Folder 19

Photocopy of the DeVane family, genealogical chart, 8 x 10 color (undated) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 19

Folder 20

Typed photocopies of the birth, marriage, and death records from the Dickins, Hunt, Butts, and Boothe families Bibles #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 20

Folder 21

Photocopies of wills, listings, and documents (circa 1865), letters regarding Edmondston Coat-of-Arms and pedigree (1960), and articles regarding Charles E. Edmondston and the Edmondston-Alston House in Charleston, S.C. (1975) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 21

Folder 22

"The Ervins of Williamsburg County," S.C., by Sam J. Ervin, Jr. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 22

Folder 23

Related photocopies, news clippings, and farm accounts concerning the Fetzer Family, 1867 #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 23

Folder 24

Account book belonging to W. B. Fort of Wayne County, North Carolina (1905-1912) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 24

Includes transactions with tenants and sharecroppers (about 150 pp.) and thermograph copies of birth, marriage, and death dates from the family Bible of Samuel Johnston Fetzer (b. 1820).

Folder 25

Material concerned with genealogies in the Susan Leticia Rice Clotworthy Papers (#160) and Trist Wood Papers (#800) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 25

Compiled by Robert Gaines, to correct a widely circulated mistake in the Gaines family genealogical accounts (1968).

Folder 26

Photocopies and typescripts of letters, photographs, land grants, and other material of Thomas Brown Finley (1862-1942), North Carolina superior court judge (1918-1934) and Finley family history #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 26

Folder 27

Photocopies from the Benjamin Franklin Graham (1824-1882) family Bible, articles, obituaries and news paper clippings with one original note related to the Graham, Neal, and Morton families #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 27

Folder 28

Photocopies of miscellaneous notes on Grasty family history, including copies from the family Bible, abstracts, clippings, letters, and poems #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 28

Folder 29

Typescript of charts containing data on Hooper, Mallett, and De Berniere families of North Carolina and Alabama #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 29

Folder 30

Clippings, photocopies, typescripts, memographs and hand-written material concerning the Jones, Smith, MacRae, and McKenzie families of Anson and Union Counties, N.C. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 30

Folder 31

Typescript notes from church and county records, history books, and family papers concerning the Kerr family #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 31

Folder 32

Letters (1951) concerning the Kingsley family #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 32

Folder 33

Letter from Elizabeth Haywood McIlhenny Koonce (1963) giving information on the McIlhenny and Koonce families #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 33

Folder 34

Notes on Laurens family history #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 34

Folder 35

Photocopy of chart showing descendants of Henry Lee (d. 1806) and his wife, Elizabeth Pipkins Lee #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 35

Folder 36

Records from the family Bible of Dr. John Churchill Gorham (1818-1859) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 36

Also a pamphlet, "The Gorhams of North Carolina," compiled by Mrs. Sarah Gorham Webb, 18 pp. 2 items.

Folder 37

Photocopies of pages from the Moon Family Bible (1769-1785) of Edinburgh, Scotland #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 37

Folder 38

Photocopy of a study (circa 1876) on the Ragland family, beginning with Welsh ancestors and tracing descendants to Hanover County, Va. (1723) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 38

Folder 39a

Colonial Roots #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 39a

A history of the Robertson family by Haywood Robertson, covering the period from 1734-1970s, (1976), index.

Folder 39b

See above description #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 39b

Folder 40

"Reflections" #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 40

The autobiography of Julia Jackson Christian Preston, granddaughter of Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson (1824-1863). Covers 1887-1978 and tells of life in Charlotte, N.C.; Raleigh, N.C.; Washington, D.C.; and High Point, N.C.

Folder 41

Reproduction of printed genealogical table, "Genealogy of the Purvis Family from the year 1739 to 1870" showing descendants of George Purvis, who settled in Virginia in 1739 #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 41

Folder 42

Copy of manuscript compiled by Ella V. Robertson, giving correspondence, reminiscences, clippings, photographs, and genealogy #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 42

Folder 43

Photocopy of biography of Nicholas Schister by Orlando Patrick with related family history, 1956 #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 43

Folder 44

Photocopies of letters (1852, 1896) of Shaw family of Richmond Co., N.C., and correspondence concerning the letters #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 44

Folder 45

Genealogical data compiled by Mrs. E. James Gambaro #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 45

Included are photocopies of letters and data on Samuel Morris Shrewsbury (1816-1864), a spy for the Confederacy.

Folder 46

Photocopy of data on the Strong family history, compiled by Benjamin W. Dwight, and related material #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 46

Folder 47

Material on the Sudderth family, including a mimeographed typescript by John E. Phillips (1965), 14 pp; and The Sudderth Family History by Alfred A. Kent, Jr. (1966) #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 47

Folder 48

Genealogical Research of the Suggs Family prepared by Clarence E. Suggs (1975), covering a family from Montgomery County, N.C. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 48

Folder 49

Genealogical data relating to the Sutton family, including letters (1925-1926) concerning family history #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 49

Folder 50

List of birthdates (circa 1860), letter (circa 1840), will (1834), and other items related to the Wheeler family #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 50

Folder 51

Photocopy of handwritten manuscript by Mrs. Susan Williams Cowper (1911-1912), covering the Williams and Gross families of Virginia #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 51

Folder 52

Genealogical charts compiled by Gen. John Elliott Wood (circa 1600s-1900s) covering a number of families #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 52

Oversize Paper OP-2182/1

Decorated chart showing the ages of Arthur Smith (b. 1732), his wife Ann, and their nine children #02182, Series: "Papers." OP-2182/1

Folder 54

Typescript and photocopy of Richard H. Smith's (1812-1893) autobiography #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 54

Smith was member of the NC state legislature during the secession crisis of 1861.

Folder 55a-g

Photographs, letters, biographical accounts and other items related to Mercer, Henderson, Bowdoin, and Johnstone family histories. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 55a-g

Image Folder PF-2182/1-3

Mercer family photographs #02182, Series: "Papers." PF-2182/1-3

Folder 56

Photocopies of pages from the Richardson family Bibles (circa 1800-1900) and a history of the family #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 56

Folder 57a

Letters, poems, passes, certificates, and a photo, mostly concerned with the Jones Family of NC and related families #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 57a

The letters (circa 1840) were written from and to Paris, France; Chapel Hill, N.C.; Great Britain; and Charleston, S.C.

Folder 57b

See above description #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 57b

Folder 58

Letters, carbon copies, and thermofax copies of data concerning Matthew McCauley (1750-1832) and his descendants #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 58

McCauley donated land for the construction of the University of North Carolina.

Folder 59

Photocopies of documents granting Honorary Armorial Bearings to Jarrott family as descendants of John Jarrott (fl. 1725), a planter in Bath (Onslow County), N.C. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 59

Folder 60

Chiefly correspondence between Mrs. Ambrose C. Ford of Clifton Forge, Va., and others intereted in Cosby family genealogy #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 60

Some genealogical materials relating to the Ford and Dunn families is also included.

Folder 61

Bills, receipts, warrants, and other legal materials relating to the Bishop family of Bertie County, N.C. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 61

Also included are two wills: one will and other tiems, 8 July 1814, pertain to the estate of Mary Cofield, of which Moses Bishop was executor; the second will, 14 June 1837, for J. Powell Harrell appoints William Bishop executor.

Folder 62

Mostly correspondence relating to the genealogy of the Chatham family of North Carolina and their connections with the Lenoir and Gwyn families #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 62

Also included are a partially completed Daughters of the American Revolution application for DeWitt Chatham-Hanes; a Sons of the American Revolution memebership application for Paul Chatham; and a small volume entitled Blanding-McFaddin, 1553-1906, Volume II, 1927, containing genealogical information on the Blanding, McFaddin, and Lenoir families.

Folder 63

Letters, newspaper and magazine clippings, photocopies of clippigns, pamphlets, and other items relating to the Gwynn family of Leaksville, N.C. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 63

Folder 64a

Correspondence concerning health and family matters and financial materials relating to the Tatum family of South Carolina and Tennessee #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 64a

Folder 64b

See above description #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 64b

Folder 65

Materials relating to the Wallace and Scott families of Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, and Rowan counties, N.C. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 65

Included are photocopies of pages from the Wallace-Scott Bible, a typed transcription of these and other pages, and a Wallace family genealogy compiled by Jean Wallace Gayle (donor) of Titusville, Fla.

Folder 66

Material relating to the Mitchell family of Glennville, Ala. #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 66

Included is a photocopy of a family history by Dorothy G. Mitchell (donor) of Rome, Ga., which contains her typed transcriptions of the letters of Julius Caesar Mitchell (1842-1876) as a student at the University of North Carolina (1859-1861) and as a captain in the Confederate Army (1861-1863).

Folder 67

Undated genealogical notebook of the McNeill family of North Carolina, Florida, and Georgia, compiled by Cyrus McNeill of White Oak, Ga., and an undated page from the McNeill family Bible, lisitng birth dates for family members, 1600-1871 #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 67

Folder 68

Photocopies of materials relating to the Jarrott family of Darlington and Florence counties, South Carolina #02182, Series: "Papers." Folder 68

Items are chiefly of a genalogical nature and center on documenting the lives of three Jarrott family members who were physicians: James Howard Jarrott (1805-1866); his brother, Richard Jarrott (b. 1810); and James's son, James Brockington Jarrott (fl. 1860s-1910s).

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Processing Information

Processed by: Benn Trask, June 1987

Encoded by: Joseph Nicholson, June 2006

Finding aid updated by Kathryn Michaelis, March 2011

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