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Collection Number: 04006

Collection Title: James Reston, Jr., Collection of Joan Little Trial Materials, 1975-1976

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Size 0.5 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 90 items)
Abstract Transcripts of testimony, briefs, clippings, taped interviews conducted by James Reston, and other materials relating to the trial of Joan Little, a black prisoner who was accused and acquitted of murder in the death of a white male jailer in Washington, N.C., in 1975. Reston used these materials to write "The Innocence of Joan Little" (1977). Interviewees include Golden Frinks, civil rights activist; Joan Little; Jerry Paul, defense attorney; Richard Wolf, an astrologer who helped the defense in jury selection; and three North Carolina women prisoners.
Creator Reston, James, Jr., 1941-
Language English
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[Identification of item], in the James Reston, Jr., Collection of Joan Little Trial Materials #4006, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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Purchased from James Reston, of Hillsborough, North Carolina, in February 1976.
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On 27 August 1974, the half naked body of Clarence Alligood was found in the Beaufort County Jail in Washington, North Carolina. The white jailer had been stabbed to death with an ice-pick, and his twenty-one year old black female prisoner, Joan Little, was gone. Little surrendered to North Carolina authorities over a week later insisting that she had acted in self-defense against a sexual assault. She was charged with first degree murder, which carried an automatic death sentence if convicted under contemporary North Carolina law.

The Joan Little murder trial captured national attention and made the defendant a symbol for feminists, civil rights activists, and opponents of capital punishment. Using highly sophisticated fundraising techniques, the Joan Little Defense Committee raised over $350,000 nationally and around the world for her defense. On 14 August 1975, she was acquitted.

James Reston was a faculty member at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who collected information during the trial for a book exploring the case. For further information see James Reston, The Innocence of Joan Little: A Southern Mystery (New York Times Books, 1977).

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This collection documents the Joan Little murder trial through transcripts of testimony, trial briefs, lawyers' arguments, and newspaper clippings. Recorded interviews conducted by Reston with major figures in the case provide further information not admitted in the trial itself. Reston used these materials to write his book exploring the varied perspectives of significant participants in the trial.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Clippings and Other Papers, 1975.

About 50 items.

Chiefly clippings about the trial taken from North Carolina newspapers. This series also includes press releases and a script for a video presentation, "The Joan Little Story," produced by James Reston.

Folder 14-16

Folder 14

Folder 15

Folder 16

Clippings and other papers, 1975 #04006, Series: "2. Clippings and Other Papers, 1975." Folder 14-16

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22 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Cassette tapes of interviews conducted by James Reston with significant participants in the Joan Little trial. Reston's book, The Innocence of Joan Little, contains chapters on many of the individuals heard on these tapes. The sound quality on some cassettes is poor.

Audiotape T-4006/1-2

Celine Chenier, civil rights worker and member of the Joan Little Defense Committee. See also Tape 14. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/1-2

Audiotape T-4006/3

Jacquatta Davis, female inmate at the Women's Prison in Raleigh and Marie Hill, death row inmate there. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/3

Audiotape T-4006/4-5

Golden Frinks, civil rights activist and member of the Joan Little Defense Committee. See Also Tape 21. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/4-5

Audiotape T-4006/6-9

William Griffin, prosecutor. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/6-9

Audiotape T-4006/10

Joan Little, accused of murdering her white jailor, Clarence Alligood. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/10

Audiotape T-4006/11-12

Henry McKinnon, judge who ruled for change of venue from Beaufort to Wake County. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/11-12

Audiotape T-4006/13

Courtney Mullin, social psychologist who helped defense team argue successfully for change of venue. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/13

Audiotape T-4006/14-16

Jerry Paul, defense attorney. See also Tape 10 #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/14-16

Audiotape T-4006/17

Willis Peachey, deputy sheriff of Beaufort County and chief investigative officer on morning of the crime. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/17

Audiotape T-4006/18

Louis Randolph, fundraiser for Joan Little Defense Fund. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/18

Audiotape T-4006/19-20

John Wilkinson, prosecutor. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/19-20

Audiotape T-4006/21

Richard Wolf, psychic and astrologer who assisted defense in jury selection and as mediator on defense team. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/21

Audiotape T-4006/22

Marjorie Wright, helped Joan Little escape Beaufort County. #04006, Series: "3. Recorded Interviews, 1975-1976. " T-4006/22

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