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Collection Number: 03699

Collection Title: Thomas Neely Carruthers Papers, 1926-1968.

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Size 4.5 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 5000 items)
Abstract Thomas Neely Carruthers (1900-1960) was an Episcopal clergyman and bishop of South Carolina. This collection chiefly contains the sermons of Carruthers. Also included is correspondence, subject files, and writings related to the Episcopal Church in South Carolina and elsewhere, as well as some material regarding the Porter Military Academy.
Creator Carruthers, Thomas Neely, 1900-1960.
Curatorial Unit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Historical Collection.
Language English
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No restrictions. Open for research.
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No usage restrictions.
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Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
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[Identification of item], in the Thomas Neely Carruthers Papers, #3699, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Special Collections Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Acquisitions Information
Gift of Mrs. Thomas N. Carruthers in 1968
Additional Descriptive Resources
A copy of the original finding aid for this collection is filed in folder 1a.
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Thomas Neely Carruthers (1900-1960) was an Episcopal clergyman and bishop of South Carolina.

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This collection chiefly contains the sermons of South Carolina Episcopal bishop Thomas Neely Carruthers (1900-1960). Also included is correspondence, subject files, and writings related to the Episcopal Church in South Carolina and elsewhere, as well as some material regarding the Porter Military Academy.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. Correspondence, Subject Files, and Writings, 1935-1960 and undated.

This series contains correspondence, subject files, and articles and manuscripts related to Carruthers and his work with the Episcopal Church.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.1. Correspondence, 1935-1953.

Arrangement: chronological.

This subseries contains scattered correspondence of Thomas Neely Carruthers.

Folder 1a

Original finding aid

Folder 1


Folder 2-7

Folder 2

Folder 3

Folder 4

Folder 5

Folder 6

Folder 7


Folder 8

1945, 1952-1953

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.3. Writings and Manuscripts, 1936, 1953 and undated.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

This subseries contains one article and two manuscripts by Thomas N. Carruthers, along with two Trinity Church leaflets and a small amount of correspondence.

Folder 26

Article: "The Preparedness Fallacy," and two Trinity Church leaflets, 1936

Folder 27

Manuscript: "Questions They Ask," undated

Folder 28

Manuscript: "Sparks of Fire," and correspondence, 1953

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Sermons and Writings, 1937-1960 and undated.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

This series contains sermons and writings of Thomas N. Carruthers, the bulk of which are handwritten and undated, and vary in length and depth. The sermons cover a variety of religious topics, but also include contemporary topics such as patriotism and communism. Also included are a few writings on African Americans and race, material related to the Porter Military Academy, and copies of Southern Churchman and Texas Churchman.

Folder 29

"Abundant Life"

Folder 30

"Accepting Oneself"

Folder 31

"Accepting Life's Inevitables"

Folder 32

"Accepting Our Own Responsibility"

Folder 33

"Accepting Personal Responsibility"

Folder 34

"Accepting the Inevitable"

Folder 35

"Action- Service"

Folder 36

"Address for the 275th Anniversary"

Folder 37

"Adequate Church"

Folder 38-39

Folder 38

Folder 39

"Adequate Witnesses"

Folder 40

"Advent Corporate Communion, St. Andrew"

Folder 41


Folder 42


Folder 43

"Anglican Communion Expansion"

Folder 44-46

Folder 44

Folder 45

Folder 46

"Anglican Congress," 1954

Folder 47

"Art and Christianity"

Folder 48

"Art of Accepting Life"

Folder 49

"The Art of Achieving Simplicity"

Folder 50-51

Folder 50

Folder 51


Folder 52

Articles and sermons

Folder 53

"As a Little Child"

Folder 54


Folder 55-56

Folder 55

Folder 56

"The Atonement"

Folder 57

"Attractive Goodness"

Folder 58


Folder 59-60

Folder 59

Folder 60

"Barriers to a Christian World"

Folder 61


Folder 62

"Beginning at Jerusalem"

Folder 63

"The Beginning of the Ministry"

Folder 64

"Belief in God"

Folder 65

"Best Gifts"

Folder 66

"Beyond the Ordinary"

Folder 67-70

Folder 67

Folder 68

Folder 69

Folder 70

"The Bible"

Folder 71

"Bible in Outline"

Folder 72

"Biographies I've Liked"

Folder 73

"Bishop's Convention Address," 1958

Folder 74

"Bishop Maxon Anniversary"

Folder 75

"Blessings from the Depression"

Folder 76

"The Bronte Services"

Folder 77

"Builders for Christ"

Folder 78

"Business in Religion"

Folder 79

"The Call to the Ministry"

Folder 80a

"Can Christianity be Only Personal?"

Folder 80b

"Can We Let Our Conscience be Our Only Guide?"

Folder 81

"Can You Take It?"

Folder 82

"The Case For the Church"

Folder 83


Folder 84

"Cardinal Ideas of Christ"

Folder 85

"Case for Foreign Missions"

Folder 86

"The Challenge in Christ's Comfort"

Folder 87

"Challenge of the Unattained"

Folder 88

"Changed Into Some Image"

Folder 89

"Character in Crisis"

Folder 90

"Charitable Judgement"

Folder 91

"Christ's Alternative to Communism"

Folder 92

"Christ and Human Suffering"

Folder 93

"Christ and the Multitude"

Folder 94

"Christ the Savior"

Folder 95

"Christ the Savior: From What Does He Save Us?"

Folder 96

"Christ the Truth"

Folder 97

"The Christian Alternative to World Chaos"

Folder 98

"Christians and Politics"

Folder 99

"The Christian and the Present World Crisis"

Folder 100

"The Christian and the World"

Folder 101

"Christian Outlook"

Folder 102

"Christian Roots of Democracy in America"

Folder 103

"Christianity and Communism"

Folder 104

"Christianity and Patriotism"

Folder 105

"The Christian's Home"

Folder 106


Folder 107

"Christmas: God's Birthday Party"

Folder 108

"The Church: Always a Priority"

Folder 109

"Church Mission of Help"

Folder 110

"Classics of Christian Devotion"

Folder 111

"Cities of Refuge"

Folder 112

"Closed Past- Available Present (New Year)"

Folder 113

"The Closed Past and the Available Present"

Folder 114

"Cloud of Witnesses"

Folder 115

"The Collection"

Folder 116

"College of Preachers"

Folder 117

"Come and See"

Folder 118

"Common Religious Misconceptions"

Folder 119

"Common Misjudgements of Christianity"

Folder 120


Folder 121


Folder 122

"The Confident Years"

Folder 123

"Confirmation Instruction"

Folder 124

"Conflict Within"

Folder 125

"Conquering Our Disillusionment"

Folder 126


Folder 127

"Courage to Carry On"

Folder 128

"Crisis- Prepare Now"

Folder 129

"Crowded Lines"

Folder 130


Folder 131

"Dangers of Wealth"

Folder 132

"A Day at a Time"

Folder 133

"The Dead Sea Scrolls"

Folder 134

"Deadly Sins"

Folder 135

"Deadly Virtues"

Folder 136

"Diocese of South Carolina"

Folder 137

"Diocese of Texas," play, anniversary

Folder 138

"The Distinctive Christian Virtues"

Folder 139

"Divinity of Christ"

Folder 140

"Does God Care?"

Folder 141

"Easing the Tensions of Life"

Folder 142

"Easter Immortality"

Folder 143

"Practice of Immortality," Easter sermon, 1937

Folder 144

"Practice of Immortality," Easter

Folder 145

"Easter Victory"

Folder 146


Folder 147

"Elijah: How God Cures Despondency"

Folder 148

"Elijah's Despondency, and Ours"

Folder 149

"Encouragements to Work"

Folder 150

"Enjoying Our Religion"

Folder 151

"Escaping From Prison"

Folder 152

"Essentials and Unessentials"

Folder 153

"Eternal Life"

Folder 154


Folder 155


Folder 156

"Every Member Canvass"

Folder 157

"Every Member Canvass," 1938-1939

Folder 158

"Exceeding the Average"

Folder 159

"Eyes of a Fool"

Folder 160


Folder 161


Folder 162

"Faith for the Next Generation"

Folder 163

"Faith, Hope, and Love"

Folder 164

"Faith Takes a Name"

Folder 165

"Faithful at His Coming"

Folder 166

"False Proverbs"

Folder 167

"Familiar Excuses"

Folder 168

"Family Day"

Folder 169

Family Prayer pamphlet

Folder 170

"Family Religion and Children"

Folder 171

"Fares Please"

Folder 172

"The Fear of Nicknames"

Folder 173

"Financing the Parish"

Folder 174

"Finding a Balance in Christianity"

Folder 175

"Finding God"

Folder 176

"Finding Reality Through Adventure"

Folder 177

"Finding the Possible You"

Folder 178

"The Finishing Course- Perseverance"

Folder 179

"First and Great Commandment"

Folder 180

"First-Hand Religion"

Folder 181

"Foes in the Household"

Folder 182

"Following Through Brought Us Out"

Folder 183

"Fools for Christ's Sake"

Folder 184


Folder 185

"Forgive Us Our Trespasses"

Folder 186

"Four Faces"

Folder 187

"Four Imperatives"

Folder 188

"Fragments of Life"

Folder 189

"French Revolution"

Folder 190

"The Fruits of Pentecost"

Folder 191

"Galilee or Jerusalem"

Folder 192


Folder 193

"The Game of Life"

Folder 194

"Gates to the City"

Folder 195

"General Convention," 1949

Folder 196

"Getting Rid of Christ"

Folder 197

"Getting Rid of Our Burdens"

Folder 198

"Gift of Peace"

Folder 199


Folder 200

"God's Thoughts"

Folder 201

"Good Friday," 1932-1938

Folder 202

"Good Friday," 1939-1946

Folder 203

"Good Friday," 1955, 1957, and 1960

Folder 204

"A Good Old Age"

Folder 205

"A Good Record"

Folder 206

"Goodness Versus Righteousness"

Folder 207

"The Gospel in Hymns"

Folder 208

"The Gospel of Immortality"

Folder 209

"Gospel of Mother"

Folder 210

"Gospel of Non-Violence"

Folder 211

"A Gospel of Power"

Folder 212

"Gospel of Self-Expression"

Folder 213

"A Great Bishop"

Folder 214

"Group Leadership"

Folder 215

"Growing Up"

Folder 216

"The Growth of Personality Through Conflict"

Folder 217


Folder 218


Folder 219

"Handling Fear"

Folder 220


Folder 221

"Harnessing the Caveman"

Folder 222


Folder 223

"The History of the Church"

Folder 224

"Holding Fast the Good"

Folder 225

"Holy Communion"

Folder 226

"Holy Spirit"

Folder 227

"The Home of the Christian"

Folder 228


Folder 229

"How Can We Find God?"

Folder 230

"How Does God Guide Us?"

Folder 231

"How Does God Work?"

Folder 232

"How Does He Save?"

Folder 233

"How Does the Cross Save Us?"

Folder 234

"How God Guides Us"

Folder 235

"How Terrible to Live in a Time Like This"

Folder 236

"How the Bible Came to Be"

Folder 237-238

Folder 237

Folder 238

"How the Bible was Written"

Folder 239

"How to Pray"

Folder 240

"Humor- National and Racial"

Folder 241

"I Sat Where They Sat"

Folder 242

"I Would Fight to Defend My Family"

Folder 243

"Idolotry- Past and Present"

Folder 244

"If a Man Dies"

Folder 245

"Illustrating Sermons"

Folder 246

"The Importance of Family Religion"

Folder 247

"Improving Our Hearing"

Folder 248

"In the Beginning God"

Folder 249

"Increasing Our Power"

Folder 250

"The Inferiority Complex"

Folder 251


Folder 252

"Investing in the Future"

Folder 253

"Is Christ Adequate"

Folder 254

"Is Christ Adequate for Today?"

Folder 255

"Is Christianity Effeminate?"

Folder 256

"Is Nature Hopeless?"

Folder 257

"Is Progress a Reality?"

Folder 258

"Is Suicide Justifiable?"

Folder 259

"Is the Universe Friendly to Man?"

Folder 260

"Is the World Getting Better?"

Folder 261

"Is There a Case for Foreign Missions?"

Folder 262

"Isaiah's Vision: Treasures of Darkness"

Folder 263

"James the Less"

Folder 264

"Jesus as a Teacher"

Folder 265

"John the Baptist"

Folder 266


Folder 267


Folder 268

"Judas, Pilate, and Herod"

Folder 269

"Just and Durable Peace"

Folder 270


Folder 271

"Keeping Life Simple"

Folder 272

"Keeping Sunday"

Folder 273

"Kept Out by Unbelief"

Folder 274

"Key Words of the Forward Movement"

Folder 275

"Kingdom, Power, and Glory"

Folder 276

"Knowing in Past"

Folder 277

"Knowing Oneself"

Folder 278

"Laborers in the Vineyard"

Folder 279

"Lambeth," 1948, 1958

Folder 280

"Laymen's Luncheon"

Folder 281

"Lead Us Not Into Temptation"

Folder 282

"Leaflet Editorials"

Folder 283

"Learning How to Pray"

Folder 284

"Learning the World"

Folder 285

"Learning to Forget"

Folder 286

"Lessons from the Unjust Steward"

Folder 287

"Life in Four Dimensions"

Folder 288

"Life's Motive"

Folder 289

"Light on the Mystery of Pain"

Folder 290

"Limiting God"

Folder 291

"The Literary Fallacy"

Folder 292

"Living a Day at a Time"

Folder 293

"The Logic of Belief in God"

Folder 294

"Long Cards- Strong Stakes"

Folder 295

"The Lord's Day"

Folder 296

"Losing One's Life"

Folder 297

"Loving God"

Folder 298

"The Lower Levels of Prayer"

Folder 299


Folder 300

"Luke: First Century Christian"

Folder 301

"Maintaining Life's Growth"

Folder 302

"Maintaining Our Morale"

Folder 303

"Make Our Religion Attractive"

Folder 304

"Making Our Goodness Attractive"

Folder 305

"Making Peace Perpetual"

Folder 306

"Making the Church Adequate"

Folder 307

"The Man Who Came Back"

Folder 308

"Managing Life's Second-Bests"

Folder 309

"Mastering One's Self"

Folder 310

"Meaning of the Cross"

Folder 311

"Means and Ends"

Folder 312

"Measure of a Man"

Folder 313

"A Machine Age"

Folder 314

"The Meek"

Folder 315

"Meeting Life's Crisis"

Folder 316

"The Memoirs of Mary"

Folder 317

"Ministries by the Way"

Folder 318

"Mirage a Pool- Illusion"

Folder 319-323

Folder 319

Folder 320

Folder 321

Folder 322

Folder 323


Scattered and unorganized sermons, notes, letters, and writings.

Folder 324

"Misjudgements of Christianity"

Folder 325

"Mistaken Views of Christianity"

Folder 326

"Modern Heresies"

Folder 327


Folder 328

"Moving On"

Folder 329

"The Movement Toward Unity"

Folder 330

"In the Name of the Father"

Folder 331


Folder 332

"National Council of Churches"

Folder 333


Folder 334

"The Nature of Eternal Life"

Folder 335

"The Necessity of Religion"

Folder 336

"Need for Integration of Personality"

Folder 337

"The Need of a First Hand Religion"

Folder 338

"The Need of a Stubborn Faith"

Folder 339

"A Needed Virtue"

Folder 340

"The Negro and the Church"

Folder 341

"New Trends in Religion"

Folder 342

"New Year"

Folder 343

"New Year Resolutions"

Folder 344

"Nietzsche, Epicuries, or Christ?"

Folder 345


Folder 346

"The Old Time Religion"

Folder 347

"Old Treasures"

Folder 348

"On Shouldering One's Own Responsibility"

Folder 349

"On Understanding"

Folder 350


Folder 351

"Origins and Goals"

Folder 352

"Our Attitude Toward Our Inheritance"

Folder 353

"Our Parish Takes an Inventory"

Folder 354

"Our Wealth"

Folder 355


Folder 356

"Overcoming Disillusionment"

Folder 357

"Overcoming Doubt"

Folder 358

"Overcoming the World"

Folder 359

"Oxford Conference"

Folder 360


Folder 361

"Palm Sunday"

Folder 362

"Parables of Jesus"

Folder 363

"The Paradoxes of Suffering"

Folder 364

"Parable Series"

Folder 365

"Parents and Children"

Folder 366

"Parish House Dedication"

Folder 367

"Passing Through Samaria"

Folder 368

"The Past and the Present"

Folder 369

"Paths to God"

Folder 370


Folder 371


Folder 372

"The Peace of Christ"

Folder 373

"Perils of Episcopal Church"

Folder 374

"Perils of Middle Age"

Folder 375

"The Perils of Prejudice"

Folder 376

"The Perils of Privilege"

Folder 377

"Personal Adjustments"

Folder 378

"The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit"

Folder 379

"The Pessimism of Christ"

Folder 380

"Pharisee and Publican"

Folder 381


Folder 382

"Playing the Game"

Folder 383

"Pivotol Characters"

Folder 384

"Plea for Non-Conformity"

Folder 385

Porter Academy

Folder 386

Porter Campaign

Folder 387

"Portraits of Christ"

Folder 388

"The Possible Harm of Religion"

Folder 389

"Possible You"

Folder 390

"Powers of Darkness"

Folder 391

"The Practice of Immortality"

Folder 392

"Practicality of Idealism"

Folder 393

"Practical Value of Faith"

Folder 394


Folder 395


Folder 396

"Prayer and Natural Law"

Folder 397-398

Folder 397

Folder 398

"The Prayer Book"

Folder 399


Folder 400

"Premature Burial"

Folder 401

"Premature Death"

Folder 402

"The Preparedness Fallacy"

Folder 403


Folder 404


Folder 405


Folder 406


Folder 407


Folder 408

"The Prophets"

Folder 409

"The Prophets of Israel"

Folder 410


Folder 411

"The Provincial System in the Anglican Communion"

Folder 412

"Questionnaire for Discussion Groups"

Folder 413-414

Folder 413

Folder 414


Folder 415

Racial Conference

Folder 416

"Radical Objections to Christianity"

Folder 417

"Reality Through Adventure"

Folder 418

"Recapturing Lost Radiance"

Folder 419

"Recent Gains in the Church"

Folder 420

"Reconciling Youth and Age"

Folder 421

"Reconstruction and Advance"

Folder 422

"The Recovery of Pentecost"

Folder 423

"Reducing Life's Tension"

Folder 424

"Refuge of Lies"

Folder 425

"The Relation of the Church to Social Structure"

Folder 426

"Releasing Our Power"

Folder 427

"Religion a Lift"

Folder 428

"Religion as Last Resort"

Folder 429

"Religion of the Golden Rule"

Folder 430

"The Religion of Prevention"

Folder 431

"Religion's Toleration"

Folder 432


Folder 433

"The Rest of Christ"

Folder 434


Folder 435

"Revised Standard Version"

Folder 436

"Revolution of Easter"

Folder 437

"The Revolutionary Christ"

Folder 438

"Rewards of a Man"

Folder 439

"Rich Fool"

Folder 440

"The Risks of Indecision"

Folder 441

"The Road Not Taken"

Folder 442

"The Role of Religion in a Scientific World"

Folder 443

"Rural Work"

Folder 444

"The Sacred and the Secular"

Folder 445

"Salt, Light, and Leaves"

Folder 446


Folder 447

"Schweitzer, Albert"

Folder 448

"The Screwtape Letters"

Folder 449

"Scylla and Charybdis"

Folder 450

"The Second Mile"

Folder 451

"Seeing the Whole"

Folder 452


Folder 453

"The Self Interest of Altruism"

Folder 454

"Self Respect"

Folder 455

"Serenity in the Midst of Change"

Folder 456


Folder 457


Folder 458

Service league

Folder 459

"Sewanee Founders Day"

Folder 460


Folder 461

"Should Children be Brought Into Such a World?"

Folder 462

"Signs of Hope"

Folder 463

"Sin is Real"

Folder 464

"The Sneer at Religion"

Folder 465

"The Social Principles of Jesus"

Folder 466

"Social Tasks of the Church"

Folder 467

"The Soils"

Folder 468

South Agriculturist Articles

Folder 469

The Southern Churchman

Folder 470

"A Southerner's View of the Negro Question," by Walter Stokes, Jr., 24 November 1944

Folder 471

"A Spirit"

Folder 472

"The Spirit of Christ"

Folder 473

"The Spirit to the Church"

Folder 474

"Spiritual Growth"

Folder 475

"Splinters and Planks"

Folder 476

"Springs in the Desert"

Folder 477

"Stars of Hope"

Folder 478

"Staying in Galilee"

Folder 479

"The Staying Power"

Folder 480


Folder 481

"Strait Gate"

Folder 482

Student Conference

Folder 483

"The Study of History"

Folder 484

"Mr. Babbitt Sublimates," by Walter Stokes, Jr., 20 February 1947

Folder 485

"Success After Failure"

Folder 486

"Suffer Hardship"

Folder 487

"Supposed Dilemmas in Christianity"

Folder 488

"Telling Right from Wrong"

Folder 489

"Temptations of Clergy"

Folder 490

"Tests for Christians"

Folder 491

"Tests of a Good Parrish"

Folder 492

Texas Churchman articles

Folder 493

Thanksgiving addresses

Folder 494

"That the Ministry be not Blamed"

Folder 495

"The Theology of Paul Tillich"

Folder 496

"Things Religion Does"

Folder 497

"Things of Others"

Folder 498

"Things that Remain"

Folder 499

"Three Temptations"

Folder 500

"Three Would be Disciples"

Folder 501

"Thy Kingdom Come"

Folder 502


Folder 503

"Tolstoi and His Wife"

Folder 504

"The Tongue"

Folder 505

"Too Many Hypocrites in the Church"

Folder 506

"Treasure Hunt"

Folder 507

"Treasures of Darkness"

Folder 508

"Trinity's Lighted Candle"

Folder 509

"Springs in the Desert"

Folder 510

"Trueblood: Alternative to Fatality"

Folder 511

"Turning Adversity to Advantage"

Folder 512

"Twentieth Century Hypocrisy"

Folder 513

"The Unanswered Prayer"

Folder 514

"Unattained Ideal"

Folder 515

"The Unbelievable Alternatives"

Folder 516

"Unclaimed Lands"

Folder 517

"Unconscious Deterioration"

Folder 518

"Unconscious Influence"

Folder 519

"Untroubled Heards in a Troubled World"

Folder 520

"Value of Individual"

Folder 521

"Value of Prayers"

Folder 522

"Value of the Average Man"

Folder 523-525

Folder 523

Folder 524

Folder 525

Various sermons

Folder 526

"The Victorious Way Over Trouble"

Folder 527

"Victorious Way Through Suffering"

Folder 528

"Victory Over Temptation"

Folder 529

"Victory Over the Sense of Inferiority"

Folder 530


Folder 531

"Walter Gray Anniversary Sermon"

Folder 532

"War and Peace"

Folder 533

"The War Speaks to the Church"

Folder 534

Washington, George

Folder 535

"A Way of Prayer"

Folder 536

"Way Through Temptation"

Folder 537

"The Way to Certainty in Religion"

Folder 538

"Way to Meet Sorrow in Troubles"

Folder 539

"Way, Truth, and Life"

Folder 540

"We Ought Because We Are"

Folder 541

"What Can We Do to Promote Peace?"

Folder 542

"What God Hath Joined Together?"

Folder 543

"What Happened to the Body?"

Folder 544

"What is a Christian?"

Folder 545

"What is God Doing?"

Folder 546

"What is God Like?"

Folder 547

"What is Life?"

Folder 548

"What's Right With the Church?"

Folder 549

"What is Success?"

Folder 550

"What is the Christian Life?"

Folder 551

"What is the Use to Pray?"

Folder 552

"What Kind of Christians?"

Folder 553

"What Kind of Religion?"

Folder 554

"What Kind of Revival?"

Folder 555

"What Price Popularity?"

Folder 556

"What Shall We Do With Our Ideals?"

Folder 557

"What Should the Preacher Preach?"

Folder 558

"What We Live By?"

Folder 559

"What Will You Ask?"

Folder 560

"The Wheat and the Tares"

Folder 561

"Which Way to Peace?"

Folder 562

"Why Discriminate Against the Good?"

Folder 563

"Why Do We Believe in the Divinity of Christ?"

Folder 564

"Why Go to Church?"

Folder 565

"Why Have a Church Anyway?"

Folder 566

"Why I Like the Rotarion"

Folder 567

"Why Read the Bible?"

Folder 568

"Why Suffering?"

Folder 569

"Why Sunday School?"

Folder 570

"Why the Crowd Deserted"

Folder 571

"Why the Leaven Fails to Leaven"

Folder 572

"Why Value Prayer?"

Folder 573

The Witness

Folder 574

"Women's Auxillary Convention," 1946

Folder 575


Folder 576

"Work of the Diocese"

Folder 577

"The Work of the Holy Spirit"

Folder 578

"The World is Yours"

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