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Collection Number: 03899

Collection Title: Louis D. Rubin Jr. Papers, circa 1929-1996

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Size 65.0 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 44,600 items)
Abstract Papers of Louis D. Rubin Jr. (1923-2013) of Chapel Hill, N.C., educator, literary critic, scholar, novelist, journalist, editor, and publisher. Rubin was professor of English at Hollins College and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and founder of Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. Included is correspondence with poets, novelists, critics, colleagues, friends, family, and students, including John Barth (1930- ), Cleanth Brooks (1906-1994), Allen Tate (1899-1979), Howard Nemerov (1920-1991), Lee Smith (1944- ), and C. Vann Woodward (1908-1999); correspondence with or about various publishers, universities, books, boats, and periodicals; material concerning Rubin's involvement with the American Studies Association, the Modern Language Association, and the Society for the Study of Southern Literature; items relating to A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Southern Literature and A History of Southern Literature; drafts of Rubin's writings, including The Golden Weather, Thomas Wolfe: The Weather of His Youth, Surfaces of a Diamond, The Edge of the Swamp, and copies of poetic, journalistic, and essay productions; material concerning Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill; items relating to youth and college baseball; drafts of writings by others, including Clyde Edgerton (1944- ), Howard Nemerov, Sylvia Wilkinson (1940- ), and Lee Smith; and miscellaneous material. There is also material relating to the 1956 Fugitives Reunion in Nashville. The Addition of 1998 consists of correspondence, writings, and related materials, circa 1985-1996, of Louis D. Rubin. Writings include drafts of Heat of the Sun and A Writer's Companion. There is also correspondence relating to Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill and its predecessor Bright Leaf Books, as well as and records of incorporation, sale, and dissolution.
Creator Rubin, Louis D., Jr. (Louis Decimus), 1923-2013.
Curatorial Unit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Historical Collection.
Language English.
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Acquisitions Information
Received from Louis D. Rubin Jr. of Chapel Hill, N.C., in January 1970 and January 1973; May 1979 (Acc. 79129); August 1989 (Acc. 89103); June 1993 (Acc. 93082); November 1993 (Acc. 93146 and 93151); and 1998 (Acc. 98264). An addition was received in August 2013 (Acc. 101884). An addition was received from Connie Eble in April 2015 (Acc. 102187) and from Laura Waterman in November 2015 (Acc. 102453).
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Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act (N.C.G.S. § 132 1 et seq.), and Article 7 of the North Carolina State Personnel Act (Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, N.C.G.S. § 126-22 et seq.). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill assumes no responsibility.
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Louis D. Rubin Jr. was born 19 November 1923 in Charleston, S.C. He attended the College of Charleston, 1940-1942, received a B.A. from the University of Richmond in 1946, and a Ph.D. in Aesthetics of Literature from Johns Hopkins in 1954. He was an instructor at Johns Hopkins and editor of the Hopkins Review, 1950-1954; assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, 1954-1956; associate editor of the News-Leader of Richmond, Va., 1956-1957; associate professor and, later, professor and chairman of the English Department at Hollins College, 1957-1967; and professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1967-1989. Rubin founded Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill in 1982.

Rubin is the author or editor of almost forty books. His novels include The Golden Weather (1961) and Surfaces of a Diamond (1981), but it is as a scholar and critic that he is best known. His works of literary criticism include Thomas Wolfe: The Weather of His Youth (1955), The Faraway Country (1963), The Curious Death of the Novel: Essays in American Literature (1967), The Comic Imagination in American Literature (1973), and The Edge of the Swamp: A Study in the Literature and Society of the Old South (1989). Books for which he was editor include Southern Renascence (1953), A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Southern Literature (1969) and A History of Southern Literature (1985). Rubin's non-fiction books include Virginia: A Bicentennial History (1977) and Small Craft Advisory: A Book About the Building of a Boat (1991).

Rubin was married to Eva Redfield Rubin, and he was the father of two sons, Robert and William.

Rubin died in Pittsboro, N.C., 16 November 2013.

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Correspondence, literary manuscripts, and other material from Rubin's careers as critic, scholar, teacher, journalist, and publisher, as well as material from his involvement with youth-league and college baseball. Included is correspondence with major literary figures in Southern and American literary history, chiefly since 1950, as well as correspondence with lesser-known writers, critics, and scholars and with family members, friends, and students. Some manuscripts from Rubin's literary output are included, especially from his fiction, unpublished as well as published. Also included is material from Rubin's associations with professional organizations and his work on grants and seminars. Other manuscripts include typescripts of novels written by friends and colleagues of Rubin, as well as poetry by his students. Most series (the exceptions are 3 and 6) contain some correspondence related to their contents, although the vast majority of letters are filed in Series 1. There are also transcriptions of the proceedings at the 1956 Fugitive Reunion in Nashville and tapes of "The American South," a Voice of America program in which Rubin participated.

The Addition of 1998 consists of correspondence, writings, and related materials, circa 1985-1996, of Louis D. Rubin. The addition includes correspondence with authors, family, friends, colleagues, universities and other educational institutions, public libraries, journals, and publishing companies. Writings include manuscripts, offprints, reprints, and magazines by Rubin and others, drafts of Heat of the Sun and A Writer's Companion, articles and reviews about Rubin, and manuscripts by other writers. There is also correspondence relating to Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill and its predecessor Bright Leaf Books, as well as and records of incorporation, sale, and dissolution.

The collection (especially Series 1) has remained largely in the same order as received. As there is considerable overlap among series, researchers are advised to check all possible locations for materials of interest. Authors included in Series 1.1.1. were selected by Rubin.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. Correspondence and Related Material, ca. 1945-1992.

About 25,000 items.

Correspondence with individuals, institutions, and organizations. The series is arranged into subseries as it was received from Rubin. Correspondence from individuals not representing organizations is included in Series 1.1. Correspondence with publishing companies, journals, universities, and other organizations, as well as correspondence about Rubin's boats, cars, and houses, is included in Series 1.2.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.1. Individual Correspondence, ca. 1945-1992.

About 21,000 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by correspondent.

The following subseries are organized according to the categories determined by Rubin. Selected literary and critical figures are included in Series 1.1.1. Other literary figures, Rubin's professional colleagues, and family members are included in Series 1.1.2. Miscellaneous letters and letters from former students are included in Series 1.1.3.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.1.1. Selected Author Correspondence, ca. 1945-1992.

About 4,500 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Correspondence with writers and critics of major import, as designated by Rubin (note that there are several major writers and critics whose correspondence is filed in Series 1.1.2). Material in each of these folders has been counted, dated (where possible), and arranged in chronological order. The majority of the letters are about professional and practical subjects, such as visits to Hollins College and the publishing of articles in critical journals.

Some of the more personal correspondence is found in the Barth, Styron, Tate (both Allen and Caroline Gordon), Nemerov, Percy, Davidson, Warren, and Smith files. These letters discuss works in progress, personal activities, and other individuals in some depth. Also included are a few manuscripts of stories and poems that came as enclosures in letters (e.g., poems by Julia Randall and stories by Kaye Gibbons and Sylvia Wilkinson).

Perhaps the longest and thickest thematic thread in this series is that of Southern literature, the Fugitive Poets and Agrarians in particular. Most of the members of these two groups are represented in the correspondence (e.g., John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, and Donald Davidson). There is much discussion in these letters of the group as a whole; Allen Tate discusses Ransom and Davidson extensively, Andrew Lytle agrarianism in general, Davidson the Fugitive reunion, etc. The work of Robert Penn Warren is a common topic, as is that of William Styron.

Ralph Ellison is a minor correspondent except for his emendations to the transcripts of "The Uses of History in Fiction" session at the annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association in November 1968. In this session, William Styron and Ellison (among others) discussed historical novels, especially Styron's The Confessions of Nat Turner, which was criticized as a racist novel. Ellison's remarks are heavily revised in this copy, with his handwriting in the margins. The edited copy of the transcript is included in The Southern Literary Journal (Spring 1969) in series 7.2, folder 1625. A reel-to-reel audiotape of the proceedings is listed as T-3899/3.

Online Catalog Terms, Subseries 1.1.1.

Folder 1

Aiken, Conrad, 1951-1959, undated

Folder 2

Aldridge, John W., 1959-1963

Folder 3

Aldridge, John W., 1964-1980

Folder 4

Antoninus, Brother, 1960

Folder 5

Baker, Russell, 1965-1983

Folder 6

Barth, John, 1951-1968

Folder 7

Barth, John, 1969-1981

Folder 8

Barth, John, 1981-1992, undated

Folder 9

Beckett, Samuel, 1960

Folder 10

Bellow, Saul, 1961-1968

Folder 11

Betts, Doris, 1974-1984

Folder 12

Blish, James, 1968-1970

Folder 13

Bontemps, Arna, 1960-1968

Folder 14

Bourjaily, Vance, 1963-1967

Folder 15

Boyle, Kay, 1962-1963

Folder 16

Brooks, Cleanth, 1952-1976

Folder 17

Brooks, Cleanth, 1977-1989

Folder 18

Brooks, Cleanth, 1990-1992, undated

Folder 19

Brooks, Cleanth, undated

Folder 20

Brown, Larry, 1990-1991

Folder 21

Burgess, Anthony, 1967-1969, undated

Folder 22

Burke, Kenneth, 1945-1953, undated

Folder 23

Butor, Michel, 1968

Folder 24

Cabell, James Branch and Margaret, 1956-1983, undated

Folder 25

Caldwell, Erskine, 1970

Folder 26

Campbell, Roy, undated

Folder 27

Chappell, Fred, 1964-1992

Folder 28

Chute, Carolyn, 1985-1987

Folder 29

Coggeshall, Rosanne, 1982-1990

Folder 30

Coleman, Elliott, 1950-1959

Folder 31

Coleman, Elliott, 1960-1967

Folder 32

Coleman, Elliott, 1968-1970

Folder 33

Coleman, Elliott, 1971-1972

Folder 34

Coleman, Elliott, 1980-1985

Folder 35

Coleman, Elliott, undated

Folder 36

Coleman, Elliott, undated

Folder 37

Conroy, Pat, 1981-1990

Folder 38

Cowley, Malcolm, 1966-1967

Folder 39

Cummings, E. E., 1950-1952, undated

Folder 40

Dabney, Virginius, 1959-1991

Folder 41

Davidson, Donald, 1950-1953

Folder 42

Davidson, Donald, 1954-1955

Folder 43

Davidson, Donald, 1956-1960

Folder 44

Davidson, Donald, 1961-1968

Folder 45

Dickey, James, 1959-1967, 1984-1991

Folder 46

Dillard, Annie, 1964-1992, undated

Folder 47

DuBois, W. E. B., 1957

Folder 48

Durrell, Lawrence, undated

Folder 49

Edgerton, Clyde, 1982-1989

Folder 50

Edgerton, Clyde, 1990-1992, undated

Folder 51

Eisenhower, John S. D., 1985-1987

Folder 52

Eisenhower, John S. D., 1988-May 1989

Folder 53

Eisenhower, John S. D., June 1989-1992, undated

Folder 54

Ellison, Ralph, 1959-1971

Folder 55

Foote, Shelby, 1955-1979

Folder 56

Foote, Shelby, 1980-1992

Folder 57

Garrett, George, 1959-1966

Folder 58

Garrett, George, 1967

Folder 59

Garrett, George, 1968

Folder 60

Garrett, George, 1969

Folder 61

Garrett, George, 1970-1973

Folder 62

Garrett, George, 1974-1991

Folder 63

Garrett, George, undated

Folder 64

Gibbons, Kaye, 1985-1987

Folder 65

Gibbons, Kaye, 1988-1990

Folder 66

Gibbons, Kaye, undated

Folder 67

Gibson, Margaret F., 1966-1969

Folder 68

Gibson, Margaret F., 1970-1987

Folder 69

Gibson, Margaret F., undated

Folder 70

Gold, Herbert, 1960-1969, undated

Folder 71

Golding, William, 1960-1988

Folder 72

Golding, William, undated

Folder 73

Grau, Shirley Ann, 1971-1972

Folder 74

Green, Paul, 1971

Folder 75

Hailey, Elizabeth Forsythe, 1960-1988

Folder 76

Hall, Martha, 1981-1991, undated

Folder 77

Harington, Donald, 1965-1990

Folder 78

Harmon, William, 1978-1988

Folder 79

Harmon, William, undated

Folder 80

Harris, Mark, 1956-1969

Folder 81

Hawkes, John, 1965-1966

Folder 82

Hazel, Robert, 1951-1959

Folder 83

Hazel, Robert, 1960-1969

Folder 84

Hazel, Robert, 1971-1992, undated

Folder 85

Hershiser, Guneli Gun Tamkoc, 1960-1971, undated

Folder 86

Humphries, Rolfe, 1952

Folder 87

Ignatow, David, 1965

Folder 88

Jacobsen, Josephine, 1971-1976, undated

Folder 89

Jarrell, Randall, 1960-1965, undated

Folder 90

Johnson, Gerald W., 1951-1953

Folder 91

Kazin, Alfred, 1985-1991

Folder 92

Kenton, Edna, 1952

Folder 93

Kiely, Benedict, 1968, undated

Folder 94

Kilpatrick, James J., 1950-1991, undated

Folder 95

Kirk, Russell, 1955-1959

Folder 96

Lytle, Andrew, 1951-1991

Folder 97

Malamud, Bernard, 1963-1965

Folder 98

Markham, Edwin, 1928(poem personalized to Daniel N. Rubin)

Folder 99

McCorkle, Jill, 1980-1991, undated

Folder 100

McLuhan, Marshall, 1963-1964

Folder 101

Mauriac, Claude, 1967

Folder 102

Meredith, William, 1962-1963

Folder 103

Merwin, W. S., undated

Folder 104

Miller, Vassar, 1951-1968

Folder 105

Moore, Marianne, 1959

Folder 106

Moore, Merrill, 1952-1957

Folder 107

Morgan, Elizabeth Seydel, 1960-1990, undated

Folder 108

Morris, Wright, 1960-1968, undated

Folder 109

Nemerov, Howard, 1961-1991, undated

Folder 110

Noll, Bink, 1960-1966

Folder 111

O'Connor, Flannery, 1956-1968

Folder 112

O'Connor, William Van, 1951-1960, undated

Folder 113

Odum, Howard, 1951-1953

Folder 114

Owen, Guy, 1966-1981

Folder 115

Percy, Walker, 1968-1989, undated

Folder 116

Porter, Katherine Anne, 1963

Folder 117

Poulet, Georges, 1954-1964, undated

Folder 118

Price, Reynolds, 1963-1985

Folder 119

Randall, Julia, 1948-1965

Folder 120

Randall, Julia, 1966-1969

Folder 121

Randall, Julia, 1970-1983

Folder 122

Randall, Julia, 1985-1992

Folder 123

Randall, Julia, undated

Folder 124

Randall, Julia, undated, manuscript of poems

Folder 125

Ransom, John Crowe, 1951-1978, undated

Folder 126

Seay, James, 1967-1989

Folder 127

Seay, James, undated

Folder 128

Shapiro, Karl, 1950-1971

Folder 129

Shapiro, Karl, 1990-1992, undated

Folder 130

Simpson, Louis, 1952-1953

Folder 131

Smith, Lee, 1965-1967

Folder 132

Smith, Lee, 1968-1969

Folder 133

Smith, Lee, 1973-1992

Folder 134

Smith, Lee, undated

Folder 135

Smith, Lee, undated

Folder 136

Smith, Lee, undated

Folder 137

Spencer, Anne, 1975-1977

Folder 138

Spencer, Elizabeth, 1972-1981

Folder 139

Spencer, Elizabeth, 1982-1986

Folder 140

Spencer, Elizabeth, 1987-1992

Folder 141

Spencer, Elizabeth, undated

Folder 142

Spencer, Elizabeth, undated

Folder 143

Spiller, Robert E., 1954-1975

Folder 144

Starkie, Enid, 1959-1967

Folder 145

Steele, Max, 1968-1985

Folder 146

Steele, Max, 1988-1991, undated

Folder 147

Stern, Richard, undated

Folder 148

Stevens, Wallace, 1951

Folder 149

Styron, Rose, 1952-1969

Folder 150

Styron, William, 1951-1992, undated

Folder 151

Sullivan, Walter, 1951-1991, undated

Folder 152

Tate, Allen, 1949-1969

Folder 153

Tate, Allen, 1971-1982, undated

Folder 154

Tate, Caroline Gordon, 1949, undated

Folder 155

Taylor, Henry, 1962-1987

Folder 156

Taylor, Peter, 1963-1978

Folder 157

Van Doren, Mark, 1951-1959

Folder 158

Viereck, Peter, 1949-1954, undated

Folder 159

Wade, John Donald, 1951-1960

Folder 160

Warren, Robert Penn, 1954-1974

Folder 161

Warren, Robert Penn, 1975-1990

Folder 162

Warren, Robert Penn, undated

Folder 163

Weaver, Richard M., 1951-1956

Folder 164

Welty, Eudora, 1955-1989, undated

Folder 165

Whittemore, Reed, 1963-1967

Folder 166

Wilbur, Richard, 1963-1966

Folder 167

Wilkinson, Sylvia, 1961-1967

Folder 168

Wilkinson, Sylvia, 1968-1990

Folder 169

Wilkinson, Sylvia, undated

Folder 170

Williams, Harry T., 1959-1976

Folder 171

Williams, William Carlos, 1950

Folder 172

Wilson, Colin, 1960-1970

Folder 173

Wilson, Edmund, 1956-1968

Folder 174

Woodward, C. Vann, 1953-1991, undated

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.1.2. Other Correspondence, circa 1948-1992.

About 15,000 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by correspondent.

Correspondence with individuals not selected by Rubin for inclusion above. Writers, critics, and political figures are included, as are professional colleagues, family, and friends. Most of the correspondence with well-known people is slight. Included are a postcard from Anais Nin about a book, and a letter from R. W. B. Lewis about a trip to Europe. There is also a series of letters between Rubin and Leon Edel about Henry James's The Turn of the Screw.

Folder 175

Abhau, Elliot

Folder 176

Addington, Fran and John

Folder 177

Adler, John Morel

Folder 178

Ageton, Admiral Arthur

Folder 179

Aiken, Newton

Folder 180

Albrecht, Frank

Folder 181

Alden, Paulette Bates

Folder 182

Allen, Don Cameron

Folder 183

Allen, Ethan and Doris and Doris Lee

Folder 184

Allen, G. W.

Folder 185

Allen, John Alexander

Folder 186

Allen, Roger

Folder 187

Ames, Alison

Folder 188

Ammons, A. R.

Folder 189

Anderson, Charles R.

Folder 190

Anderson, Jeffry

Folder 191

Andrews, Terry Herrin and Walter P.

Folder 192

Andrews, William L.

Folder 193

Appel, Alfred

Folder 194

Arms, George

Folder 195

Arner, Robert

Folder 196

Ashworth, Mary Wells

Folder 197

Aswell, Edward C.

Folder 198

Athas, Daphne

Folder 199

Atkins, Thomas

Folder 200

Atwater, Dora

Folder 201

Ayres, Jane Stephens

Folder 202

Bachrach, Sylvia Farnham

Folder 203

Baggett, Mark

Folder 204

Bailie, Joanna

Folder 205

Bakker, Jan

Folder 206

Baldwin, Dave

Folder 207

Ball, Gordon

Folder 208

Ballance, Alton

Folder 209

Ballard, James

Folder 210

Ballenger, Grady

Folder 211

Barber, Red and Lylah

Folder 212

Barnes, Jacqueline (Wolf)

Folder 213

Barnwell, William

Folder 214

Basler, Roy

Folder 215

Bassett, John

Folder 216

Beach, Edward L.

Folder 217

Beach, Joseph Warren

Folder 218

Beardslee, Alvord N.

Folder 219

Beatty, Richmond C.

Folder 220

Beaver, Harold

Folder 221

Becker, Allen and Betty

Folder 222

Beckham, Nancy Head

Folder 223

Begiebing, Robert J.

Folder 224

Belford, Fontaine

Folder 225

Bell, Vereen, M.

Folder 226

Belsches, Alan

Folder 227

Benvenuto, Richard

Folder 228

Berry, Wendell

Folder 229

Betsky, Seymour

Folder 230

Betz, Norman

Folder 231

Bierne, Francis and Rosamund

Folder 232

Blackford, Staige

Folder 233

Blackmur, R. P.

Folder 234

Blackwell, Louise

Folder 235

Blair, Arthur

Folder 236

Blake, Julia

Folder 237

Blassingame, Lurton

Folder 238

Blesser, Carol K.

Folder 239

Blotner, Joseph

Folder 240

Blount, Roy

Folder 241

Bluestone, George

Folder 242

Boas, George

Folder 243

Boatwright, James

Folder 244

Bockting, Margaret

Folder 245

Bode, Carl

Folder 246

Booth, Wayne C.

Folder 247

Bowen, Carroll G.

Folder 248

Bowers, Fredson

Folder 249

Bradford, M. E.

Folder 250

Bratton, Mary Jo

Folder 251

Bresee, Clyde

Folder 252

Brice, Ashbel

Folder 253

Brinkmeyer, Bob

Folder 254

Brookhart, Mary Hughes

Folder 255

Brown, Axson

Folder 256

Brown, Norman D.

Folder 257

Bruccoli, Matthew

Folder 258

Bryan, Stewart and D. Tennant

Folder 259

Bryer, Jackson

Folder 260

Buffington, Robert

Folder 261

Bungert, Hans

Folder 262

Burns, Blair

Folder 263

Butcher, Philip

Folder 264

Butler, George

Folder 265

Butler, Rebecca

Folder 266

Cairns, Huntington

Folder 267

Calhoun, Richard

Folder 268

Califf, John W.

Folder 269

Campbell, Harry Modeen

Folder 270

Capouya, Emile

Folder 271

Capps, Jack

Folder 272

Carlson, Tom

Folder 273

Carr, Virginia Spencer

Folder 274

Carroll, Gordon

Folder 275

Carter, Hodding, III

Folder 276

Carter, Tom

Folder 277

Carter, Virginia (Smith)

Folder 278

Casey, Dorrie

Folder 279

Chamberlain, William D.

Folder 280

Chase, Richard

Folder 281

Chayes, Irene H.

Folder 282

Cheney, Brainard

Folder 283

Cherry, Kelly

Folder 284

Clark, Thomas

Folder 285

Cobbs, Jack

Folder 286

Cofer, Susan Seydel

Folder 287

Cohen, Essie R. (aunt)

Folder 288

Cohen, Hennig

Folder 289

Coindreau, Maurice

Folder 290

Unused folder

Folder 291

Connelly, Thomas

Folder 292

Connolly, John

Folder 293

Cook, Martha

Folder 294

Cook, Sylvia J.

Folder 295

Cooper, Philip

Folder 296-297

Folder 296

Folder 297

Core, George

Folder 298

Corley, Cynthia Simmons

Folder 299

Corn, Charles P.

Folder 300

Corrigan, Robert

Folder 301

Cousins, Paul M.

Folder 302

Coussons, John S.

Folder 303

Cowan, Louise

Folder 304

Cox, James M.

Folder 305

Cox, Joseph T.

Folder 306

Cox, Morris and family

Folder 307

Craig, Sally

Folder 308

Crane, John Alexie

Folder 309

Creamer, Robert

Folder 310

Crow, Trammell

Folder 311

Crowther, Ann Moss

Folder 312

Crowther, Hal

Folder 313

Crump, Galbraith

Folder 314

Current-Garcia, Eugene

Folder 315

Dabbs, James McBride

Folder 316

Dalrymple, Margaret

Folder 317

Daniel, Robert W.

Folder 318

Davis, Charles

Folder 319

Davis, Lambert

Folder 320

Davis, Mary Kemp

Folder 321

Davis, Paxton

Folder 322

Davis, Richard Beale

Folder 323

Davis, Thaddius

Folder 324

De Eulis, Marilyn

Folder 325

Dee, Ivan R.

Folder 326

Degginger, Stuart

Folder 327

Denbo, Bruce

Folder 328

Dickson, Frank

Folder 329

Diercks, Jack

Folder 330

Dillard, R. H. W.

Folder 331

Dinnerstein, Leonard

Folder 332

Doar, Harriet

Folder 333

Dolmetsch, Carl

Folder 334

Donald, David

Folder 335

Donaldson, Susan V.

Folder 336

Doran, Michael F.

Folder 337

Doscher, William J. F.

Folder 338

Douglas, Ellen

Folder 339

Dowdey, Clifford

Folder 340

Driskell, Leon

Folder 341

Drummond, Donald

Folder 342

Duke, Paul

Folder 343

Durham, Frank

Folder 344

Durham, Philip

Folder 345

Duvall, Severn

Folder 346

Dykeman, Wilma

Folder 347

East, Charles M.

Folder 348

Eaton, Charles Edward

Folder 349

Eaton, Clement

Folder 350

Eby, Cecil

Folder 351

Eckley, Wilton

Folder 352

Edel, Leon

Folder 353

Edmunds, Irene C.

Folder 354

Edwards, Chris

Folder 355

Ehrenpreis, Irvin

Folder 356

Ellegood, Donald R.

Folder 357

Elliott, Lee

Folder 358

Elliott, William Yandell

Folder 359

Ellison, Jon

Folder 360

Ellman, Richard

Folder 361

Elting, John R.

Folder 362

Emerson, Everett

Folder 363

Emmart, A. D. and Ruth

Folder 364

England, J. Merton

Folder 365

Engle, Paul

Folder 366

Epps, Garrett and Spencie

Folder 367

Erskine, Albert

Folder 368

Ervin, Sam J., Jr.

Folder 369

Everett, John R.

Folder 370

Fagin, N. Bryllion

Folder 371

Farnham, Sylvia

Folder 372

Farr, Judy

Folder 373

Feighner, Barrie (Crawford)

Folder 374

Ferguson, Francis

Folder 375

Ferguson, Suzanne

Folder 376

Figg, Robert

Folder 377

Firestone, Bruce

Folder 378

Fisher, Gary

Folder 379

Fisher, John H.

Folder 380

Fishwick, Marshall

Folder 381

Flinn, Mary

Folder 382

Flora, Joseph

Folder 383

Flottemesch, Robert

Folder 384

Foata, Anne

Folder 385

Fogle, Richard H.

Folder 386

Ford, Dan

Folder 387

Fordham, Christopher

Folder 388

Forkner, Ben

Folder 389

Fortune, Joanne McLean

Folder 390

Foster, Gaines

Folder 391

Foster, Margery

Folder 392

Fountain, Ben, III

Folder 393

Fountain, Mimi

Folder 394

Fraser, Russell

Folder 395

Frazier, Emmitt

Folder 396

Freccero, John

Folder 397

Freeman, Douglas S.

Folder 398

Frese, Bobby

Folder 399

Friday, William G.

Folder 400

Friddell, Guy

Folder 401

Fry, Catherine

Folder 402

Fuller, Edmund and Ann

Folder 403

Furchgott, Maurice

Folder 404

Gafford, Everett Kelly

Folder 405

Gaillard, Dawson

Folder 406

Gaines, Ernest

Folder 407

Galantin, Admiral I. J. (Pete)

Folder 408

Gardner, James

Folder 409

Gardner, Pat

Folder 410

Garrett, Singie

Folder 411

Garvan, Tony

Folder 412

Gaskin, James R.

Folder 413

Geary, James

Folder 414

Genevese, Eugene and Elizabeth

Folder 415

Gibbs, John E.

Folder 416

Gilbert, Susan

Folder 417

Gilbreth, Frank

Folder 418

Gilmer, Julia

Folder 419

Gines, Montserrat

Folder 420

Gingher, Marianne and Robert

Folder 421

Gitenstein, Barbara

Folder 422

Glass, Carter, III

Folder 423

Godine, David

Folder 424

Godshalk, William F.

Folder 425

Gohdes, Clarence

Folder 426

Gold, Herbert

Folder 427

Gonzalez, N. V. M.

Folder 428

Gordh, George

Folder 429

Graf, LeRoy P.

Folder 430

Grantham, Dewey W.

Folder 431

Green, Claud B.

Folder 432

Blank folder

Folder 433

Greene, J. Lee

Folder 434

Greenslet, Emily

Folder 435

Gresser, Seymour

Folder 436

Gribbin, Daniel

Folder 437

Grice, George D.

Folder 438

Grimball, Berkeley

Folder 439

Grimshaw, James A., Jr.

Folder 440

Groffsky, Maxine

Folder 441

Guilds, John C.

Folder 442

Gummey, Elizabeth (Cluett)

Folder 443

Gunn, Giles

Folder 444

Guttmann, Allen

Folder 445

Gwynn, Frederick

Folder 446

Halberstadt, John

Folder 447

Hall, Julie

Folder 448

Hall, Tavenner Finley

Folder 449

Hamblen, Abigail

Folder 450

Hamilton, Dee Tillery

Folder 451

Hamilton, Elizabeth Verner

Folder 452

Hankins, Leslie

Folder 453

Hanley, Patricia

Folder 454

Hannah, Barry

Folder 455

Hanns, Thomas

Folder 456

Hardin, Paul

Folder 457

Hardison, O. B.

Folder 458

Hardy, Jim Edward

Folder 459

Harper, George and Bobby

Folder 460

Harper, Howard

Folder 461

Harrington, Evans

Folder 462

Harrington, John

Folder 463

Harris, Trudier

Folder 464

Hart, Richard

Folder 465

Hartley, Lodwick

Folder 466

Harwell, Richard

Folder 467

Haydn, Hiram

Folder 468

Hedges, William L.

Folder 469

Heering, Andreas

Folder 470

Hefner, Robert

Folder 471

Heilman, Robert B.

Folder 472

Hershey, Kathy

Folder 473

Hicks, Jack

Folder 474

Higginbotham, Dan and family

Folder 475

Hill, Dorothy

Folder 476

Hirschfield, Ted

Folder 477

Hobson, Fred

Folder 478

Hodgson, Matthew

Folder 479

Hoffman, Daniel J.

Folder 480

Hoffman, Frederick

Folder 481

Holden, Adele V.

Folder 482

Hollis, C. Carroll

Folder 483

Holman, C. Hugh and David

Folder 484

Holmes, John

Folder 485

Hopkins, Porter

Folder 486

Hopkins, William B.

Folder 487

Howell, Ronald

Folder 488

Hubbell, Jay B., Sr.

Folder 489

Hudgins, Andrew

Folder 490

Humphrey, Hubert

Folder 491

Humphreys, Josephine

Folder 492

Humphries, Jefferson

Folder 493

Hunt, James B. (North Carolina governor)

Folder 494

Idol, John

Folder 495

Inge, Thomas

Folder 496

Jackson, Blyden

Folder 497

Jackson, Robert

Folder 498

Jacobs, Lucky

Folder 499-501

Folder 499

Folder 500

Folder 501

Jacobs, Robert D.

Folder 502

Jahnke, Dudley

Folder 503

James, Willard N.

Folder 504

Jervey, Louis

Folder 505

John, George

Folder 506

Johnson, Manly

Folder 507

Johnson, Thomas L.

Folder 508

Jones, Anne G.

Folder 509

Jones, Claiborne

Folder 510

Jones, Howard Mumford

Folder 511

Joyner, Nancy

Folder 512

Joyner, William

Folder 513

Justus, James H.

Folder 514

Kaetz, Pat

Folder 515

Kahn, Sholom

Folder 516

Kampf, Louis

Folder 517

Kaufman, Linda

Folder 518

Kearns, Katherine

Folder 519

Kelly, Betty

Folder 520

Kelly, William W.

Folder 521

Kendig, Perry

Folder 522

Kennedy, George

Folder 523

Kennedy, Richard

Folder 524

Kibler, James

Folder 525

Kilgo, James

Folder 526

King, Kimball

Folder 527

King, Richard

Folder 528

Kinsey, Carol

Folder 529

Kirkham, E. Bruce

Folder 530

Kizer, Carolyn

Folder 531

Koch, Vivienne

Folder 532

Koger, Ira

Folder 533

Kolb, Deborah

Folder 534

Kolodny-Creech, Mary

Folder 535

Kostelanetz, Richard

Folder 536

Kraemer, Sylvia Doughty

Folder 537

Kramer, Victor

Folder 538

Kreyling, Michael

Folder 539

Kueppers, Nora deBranges

Folder 540

Kuhn, Joan and Dick

Folder 541

Ladd, Barbara

Folder 542

Lancaster, Rachel

Folder 543

Lanning, George

Folder 544

Lawson, Anna Logan

Folder 545

Lawson, Lewis

Folder 546

Lea, James

Folder 547

Leary, Lewis and Mary Warren

Folder 548

LeBlon, Jean

Folder 549

Leiper, G. B.

Folder 550

Leland, John

Folder 551

Lemay, Leo

Folder 552

Lensing, George

Folder 553

Lentz, Perry

Folder 554

Leonard, Susan

Folder 555

Levin, Harry

Folder 556

Levy, Cindy

Folder 557

Lewis, R. W. B.

Folder 558

Liotta, Peter

Folder 559

Lisca, Peter

Folder 560

Lish, Gordon

Folder 561

Litz, Walton

Folder 562

Logan, Jane

Folder 563

Logan, John A. and Ann

Folder 564

Long, Hudson

Folder 565

Long, Mary Vincent

Folder 566

Loomis, Bob

Folder 567

Lucas, Mark

Folder 568

Ludington, Townsend

Folder 569

Lyle, Katie Letcher and Royster

Folder 570

Lyons, Clifford

Folder 571

Lyons, Nick (also Paul)

Folder 572

Macauley, Robie

Folder 573

MacDonald, Edgar

Folder 574

Mace, Jennings

Folder 575

Mack, Maynard

Folder 576

MacKethan, Lucinda Hardwick

Folder 577

Macksey, Richard

Folder 578

Maclachlan, John Miller

Folder 579

MacLeish, Roderick

Folder 580

Madden, David

Folder 581

Maddrey, Laurence

Folder 582

Majumbar, R.

Folder 583

Malin, Irving

Folder 584

Malone, Kemp

Folder 585

Manges, Dorothy Emerson

Folder 586

Mann, Virginia

Folder 587

March, Stephen

Folder 588

Marin, Kathryn Garrison

Folder 589

Markham, Sara

Folder 590

Marks, Barry

Folder 591

Marrs, Suzanne

Folder 592

Marsh, Fabienne

Folder 593

Marshall, Thomas

Folder 594

Martin, Jay

Folder 595

Martin, Terence

Folder 596

Martz, William

Folder 597

Marx, Leo

Folder 598

Mason, Robert and Fran

Folder 599

Mason, Sally Durham

Folder 600

Masserand, Anne Marie

Folder 601

Maxwell, Lyn

Folder 602

May, Philip

Folder 603

McAlexander, Hubert

Folder 604

McCaffrey, Isabel Gamble

Folder 605

McCardell, John

Folder 606

McDanel, Ralph

Folder 607

McDavid, Raven

Folder 608

McDougall, Debbie Earl

Folder 609

McDowell, David

Folder 610

McDowell, Frederick P. W.

Folder 611

McFee, Michael

Folder 612

McLaughlin, Maurice

Folder 613

McMillan, Dougald

Folder 614

Meacham, Harry

Folder 615

Mebane, Mary

Folder 616

Meeker, Richard

Folder 617

Meier, August

Folder 618

Menke, Pamela

Folder 619

Meriwether, James B.

Folder 620

Methvin, Barbara

Folder 621

Mickle, Shelley Fraser

Folder 622

Miller, Beverly

Folder 623

Miller, Heather Ross

Folder 624

Millgate, Michael

Folder 625

Mills, Beverly Jarrett

Folder 626

Mills, Gordon

Folder 627

Milne, Ewart

Folder 628

Milner, Joseph O.

Folder 629

Mims, Frances

Folder 630

Minis, Margaret Davis

Folder 631

Minton, Cronan

Folder 632

Minus, Edward

Folder 633-634

Folder 633

Folder 634


Folder 635

Mitchell, Burroughs

Folder 636

Mixon, Wayne

Folder 637

Molesworth, Charles

Folder 638

Moody, Jocelyn

Folder 639

Mooney, Stephen

Folder 640

Moore, Cecilia White

Folder 641

Moore, John Rees

Folder 642

Moore, Rayburn

Folder 643

Moore, Virginia

Folder 644

Moran, Ron

Folder 645

Morgan, Anne Sevier

Folder 646

Unused folder

Folder 647

Morris, Barton

Folder 648

Morris, Willie

Folder 649

Morrisette, Bruce

Folder 650

Morrow, Mark

Folder 651

Morton, Richard

Folder 652

Moss, William

Folder 653

Muckenfuss, William F.

Folder 654

Murphy family

Folder 655

Murray, Jane Winston Carpenter

Folder 656

Nash, Valery

Folder 657

Neiditz, Joyce

Folder 658

Nell, William

Folder 659

Nettles, Joseph E.

Folder 660

Newsome, Elaine

Folder 661

Nilon, Charles H.

Folder 662

Nin, Anais

Folder 663

Noble, Donald R.

Folder 664

Nolte, William

Folder 665

Nostrandt, Jeanne Rolfe

Folder 666

Nye, Russel

Folder 667

O'Brien, Frank

Folder 668

O'Brien, Margaret

Folder 669

O'Connor, Margaret

Folder 670

O'Hehir, Diana Fiske

Folder 671

Olander, Karen

Folder 672

Orr, Leonora (and her mother)

Folder 673

Osawa, Mamoru

Folder 674

Osborn, Scott C.

Folder 675

Painter, Nell

Folder 676

Panick, Edwin A.

Folder 677

Pannill, Linda

Folder 678

Parker, David

Folder 679

Parker, William Riley

Folder 680

Parks, Edd Winfield

Folder 681

Parrish, Nancy

Folder 682

Paschall, Colonel Rod

Folder 683

Patterson, Daniel

Folder 684

Patterson, Randall

Folder 685

Pattishall, Roy

Folder 686

Payne, Ladell

Folder 687

Peacock, Edwin

Folder 688

Pearson, Michael

Folder 689

Pearson, Norman Holmes

Folder 690

Peckham, Morse

Folder 691

Peden, William

Folder 692

Penninger, F. Elaine

Folder 693

Peppers, Wallace

Folder 694

Percy, LeRoy

Folder 695

Petit, James Percival

Folder 696

Pettis, Joyce

Folder 697

Pettis, Margaret Harper

Folder 698

Phialas, Peter

Folder 699

Phillabaum, Leslie E.

Folder 700

Phillips, Dickson

Folder 701

Phillips, Elizabeth

Folder 702

Phillips, Robert L.

Folder 703

Pickering, Samuel, Jr.

Folder 704

Pierson, Mandy

Folder 705

Piguet, Anne-Claude

Folder 706

Pilkington, John

Folder 707

Pitcher, Scholey

Folder 708

Pitt, Malcolm

Folder 709

Poe, Charles A.

Folder 710

Poirer, Richard

Folder 711

Pollitzer, William

Folder 712

Ponder, Dulaney

Folder 713

Poole, Lynn

Folder 714

Porter, Robert

Folder 715

Porter, Stanley and Barbara

Folder 716

Powell, Grayson C., Jr.

Folder 717

Powell, Justice Lewis

Folder 718

Pranshaw, Peggy

Folder 719

Pratt, William

Folder 720

Purdy, Rob Roy

Folder 721

Putnam, Steve

Folder 722

Putzel, Max

Folder 723

Pyron, Darden A.

Folder 724

Quinn, Sister Bernetta

Folder 725

Quint, Howard

Folder 726

Rabb, Walt

Folder 727

Raffeld, Joan

Folder 728

Randisi, Jennifer L.

Folder 729

Ransom, Harry H.

Folder 730

Raper, Julius R.

Folder 731

Rast, John W.

Folder 732

Ravenel, Shannon (Mrs. Dale Purves)

Folder 733

Rawleigh, Betsy

Folder 734

Ray, Charles

Folder 735

Read, Forrest

Folder 736

Redding, Saunders

Folder 737

Redfield, Alden (father-in-law)

Folder 738

Redfield, Elsie S. (mother-in-law)

Folder 739

Redfield family

Folder 740

Redmond, Patricia

Folder 741

Reed, John Shelton

Folder 742

Reeves, Paschall

Folder 743

Rehder, Jessie

Folder 744

Reid, Al

Folder 745

Remington, Owen

Folder 746

Respess, Lin

Folder 747

Reston, James, Jr.

Folder 748

Rich, Nancy

Folder 749

Richardson, Stewart

Folder 750

Richmond, Jack

Folder 751

Rickels, Milton

Folder 752

Rideout, Walter

Folder 753

Ridgely, Joseph V.

Folder 754

Rigsbee, David

Folder 755

Ritter, Alexander

Folder 756

Rivers, Hasell (correspondence with LDR, Sr. and Jr.)

Folder 757

Roberts, Terry

Folder 758

Robertson, James I., Jr.

Folder 759

Robertson, Wyndham

Folder 760

Robinson, Sally

Folder 761

Rock, Virginia

Folder 762

Rogers, George C., Jr.

Folder 763

Roland, Charles P.

Folder 764

Rolle, Andrew

Folder 765

Rose, Maxine

Folder 766

Rosen, Elizabeth Payne

Folder 767

Rosenburg, Robert

Folder 768

Rothman, Julius

Folder 769

Rouse, H. Blair

Folder 770

Rouse, Parke

Folder 771

Rousmaniere, John

Folder 772

Rovit, Earl

Folder 773

Rowe, Anne

Folder 774

Royster, Vermont

Folder 775

Rubin, Dan (uncle)

Folder 776

Rubin, Dora (aunt)

Folder 777

Rubin, Edwin Manning (brother)

Folder 778

Rubin, Eva R.

Folder 779

Rubin Family

Folder 780

Rubin, Harry M. Jr., (cousin) and Virginia

Folder 781

Rubin, Harry M., Sr. (uncle) and Ruth Ensell

Folder 782

Rubin, Janet W. (mother)

Folder 783-785

Folder 783

Folder 784

Folder 785

Rubin, Louis D. Sr.

Folder 786

Rubin, Manning J. (uncle)

Folder 787

Rubin, Ruth (aunt)

Folder 788

Russell, John

Folder 789

Russell, Trusten

Folder 790

Salemson, Harold J.

Folder 791

Samway, Patrick

Folder 792

Sanders, Dori

Folder 793

Sankey, Ben

Folder 794

Santas, Joan

Folder 795

Saunders, Stuart

Folder 796

Sawyer, Kenneth

Folder 797

Scheer, Julian

Folder 798

Schneider, Lucy

Folder 799

Schoenes, Joan R. (sister)

Folder 800

Scholes, Robert

Folder 801

Schramm, Richard R.

Folder 802

Schwartz, Delmore

Folder 803

Scott, Maxine

Folder 804

Scouten, Arthur

Folder 805

Scura, Dorothy

Folder 806

Seelye, John

Folder 807

Sexton, Mark

Folder 808

Seybold, David

Folder 809

Shackelford, Elizabeth

Folder 810

Shillingsburg, Miriam J.

Folder 811

Shloss, Carol

Folder 812

Shockley, Martin

Folder 813

Shoemaker, Don

Folder 814

Showalter, Elaine

Folder 815

Showalter, Jean

Folder 816

Siegel, Bobby

Folder 817

Siegel, Debbie (Joan Schoenes's daughter)

Folder 818

Siegel, Eli

Folder 819

Silver, James

Folder 820

Simkins, Francis Butler

Folder 821

Simms, Valle

Folder 822

Simonini, R. C., Jr.

Folder 823

Simpson, Bland

Folder 824

Simpson, Bob, Mary, and Bill

Folder 825

Simpson, Jean

Folder 826

Simpson, Lewis P.

Folder 827

Skaggs, Merrill

Folder 828

Skinner, Margaret

Folder 829

Skube, Michael

Folder 830

Slavick, William

Folder 831

Slavitt, David R.

Folder 832

Sledge, Betsy Rose

Folder 833

Slesinger, Warren

Folder 834

Sloane, William

Folder 835

Smith, Major General Dale O.

Folder 836

Smith, Dave

Folder 837

Smith, David G.

Folder 838

Smith, Gerald

Folder 839

Smith, Henry Nash

Folder 840

Smith, Lillian

Folder 841

Smith, Mary Phlegar

Folder 842

Smith, William Jay

Folder 843

Snell, Susan

Folder 844

Solomon, Marvin

Folder 845

Sorkin, Adam

Folder 846

Spangler, Bes

Folder 847

Spangler, C. D.

Folder 848

Spearman, Walter

Folder 849

Spears, Monroe K.

Folder 850

Spitzer, Leo

Folder 851

Squires, Radcliffe

Folder 852

Stallman, Robert W.

Folder 853

Stanciu, Virgil

Folder 854

Starr, William W.

Folder 855

Steinhardt, Ralph

Folder 856

Stem, Thad, Jr.

Folder 857

Stenerson, Douglas

Folder 858

Stephens, Martha

Folder 859

Stevens, A. Wilbur

Folder 860

Stevenson, John W.

Folder 861

Stewart, John L.

Folder 862

Stewart, Randall

Folder 863

Stitt, Peter

Folder 864

Stone, Susan

Folder 865

Story, Nancy

Folder 866

Stovall, Floyd

Folder 867

Strandberg, Victor

Folder 868

Street, Tim

Folder 869

Stump, Al

Folder 870

Sultan, Stanley

Folder 871

Swisher, Carl

Folder 872

Takino, Tetsuro

Folder 873

Tamkus, Dan

Folder 874

Tarkington, Tim

Folder 875

Taylor, Audrey

Folder 876

Taylor, F. Jay

Folder 877

Taylor, George R.

Folder 878

Taylor, Suzanne McCormick

Folder 879

Taylor, Welford

Folder 880

Tedford, Barbara W.

Folder 881

Teicher, Morton I.

Folder 882

Thomas, Gorman

Folder 883

Thompson, Edgar T.

Folder 884

Thompson, Jack, Sally, Marjorie, John

Folder 885

Thompson, Lewis O.

Folder 886

Thornton, Weldon

Folder 887

Thorp, Nancy and family

Folder 888

Thorp, Willard

Folder 889

Tichi, Cecilia

Folder 890

Tindall, George B.

Folder 891

Tobias, Thomas

Folder 892

Toledano, Ben C.

Folder 893

Tomlinson, David

Folder 894

Trazoff, Sudie Victor

Folder 895

Tribble, Edwin

Folder 896

Triest, Caroline

Folder 897

Trillin, Calvin

Folder 898

Trombley, William

Folder 899

Tso, Lin

Folder 900

Tucker, Beverly

Folder 901

Tucker, Edward L.

Folder 902

Tucker, Ida May

Folder 903

Turnbull, Pauline

Folder 904

Turner, Arlin

Folder 905

Turner, Darwin

Folder 906

Twitchell, Mary Poe

Folder 907

Underwood, Thomas A.

Folder 908-909

Folder 908

Folder 909

Vance, Jane Gentry

Folder 910

Vance, Rupert

Folder 911

Vandekieft, Ruth C.

Folder 912

Vandiver, Frank

Folder 913

Vauthier, Simone

Folder 914

Voitle, Robert

Folder 915

Waggoner, Hyatt H.

Folder 916

Wagner, June

Folder 917

Wagner, Linda

Folder 918

Walker, Robert Harris

Folder 919

Walser, Richard

Folder 920

Ward, John William

Folder 921

Ward, Leon (Buddy)

Folder 922

Ward, R. Dulaney, Jr.

Folder 923

Waring, Thomas R.

Folder 924

Warner, Anne Bradford

Folder 925

Warshauer, Elaine Pearlstine

Folder 926

Waterman, Laura Johnson

Folder 927

Watkins, Floyd C.

Folder 928

Watson, Charles

Folder 929

Watson, Craig

Folder 930

Watson, Ritchie D.

Folder 931

Weatherly, Hal

Folder 932

Weber, Brom

Folder 933

Weeks, Ramona

Folder 934

Weiner, Rachel V.

Folder 935

Weinstein family

Folder 936

Wells, Henry W.

Folder 937

Welsh, John

Folder 938

Welter, John

Folder 939

Wentworth, Richard L.

Folder 940

Werstein, Irving

Folder 941

West, Ray B., Jr.

Folder 942

Westendorp, Tjebbe A.

Folder 943

Wheeler, John P.

Folder 944

Whisnant, Charleen

Folder 945

White, Ellington and Jean Farley

Folder 946

Whittet, McLean

Folder 947

Wilkie, Wendell

Folder 948

Williams, George W.

Folder 949

Williams, J. McDonald

Folder 950

Williams, Peter

Folder 951

Williams, Peyton W.

Folder 952

Williamson, Samuel, Jr.

Folder 953

Wilson, Maxine

Folder 954

Wilson, Rosalind

Folder 955

Wilson, W. Emerson

Folder 956

Wilson, William E.

Folder 957

Wimsatt, Mary Ann

Folder 958

Winfrey, A. Peter

Folder 959

Winslow, Marcella C.

Folder 960

Wise, John Dana

Folder 961

Withers, Kenney

Folder 962

Wohl, Sam

Folder 963

Wolfe, George

Folder 964

Wolfe, Tom

Folder 965

Wood, Chauncey

Folder 966

Wood, Colonel William

Folder 967

Wood, Ed

Folder 968

Woodell, Harold

Folder 969

Woodress, James

Folder 970

Woods, Kathy Ravenel

Folder 971

Woolmer, J. Howard

Folder 972

Worthington, Curtis

Folder 973

Wright, Ellen

Folder 974

Wright, Louis B.

Folder 975

Wright, Stuart

Folder 976

Wright, Tom

Folder 977

Wyatt-Brown, Bertram

Folder 978

Wyllie, John Cook

Folder 979

Yardley, Jonathan and Bill

Folder 980

Youmans, Marlene

Folder 981

Young, Philip

Folder 982

Young, Thomas Daniel

Folder 983

Zacharasiewicz, Waldemar

Folder 984

Zachary, Jim

Folder 985

Zeldin, Jesse

Folder 986

Ziegler, John

Folder 987

Zinsser, William

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.1.3. Miscellaneous Correspondence, ca. 1950-1992.

About 1,500 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical (by last initial only).

Miscellaneous correspondence organized into folders according to the first letter of the last name of the correspondents. Each letter is divided (where possible) into two folders to separate correspondence from Rubin's students. No students who have reached literary stature are included. There are at most only a few letters from each individual.

Folder 988

Miscellaneous A

Folder 989

Miscellaneous A-Students

Folder 990

Miscellaneous B

Folder 991

Miscellaneous B-Students

Folder 992

Miscellaneous C

Folder 993

Miscellaneous C-Students

Folder 994

Miscellaneous D

Folder 995

Miscellaneous D-Students

Folder 996

Miscellaneous E

Folder 997

Miscellaneous E-Students

Folder 998

Miscellaneous F

Folder 999

Miscellaneous F-Students

Folder 1000

Miscellaneous G

Folder 1001

Miscellaneous G-Students

Folder 1002

Miscellaneous H

Folder 1003

Miscellaneous H-Students

Folder 1004

Miscellaneous I

Folder 1005

Miscellaneous I-Students

Folder 1006

Miscellaneous J

Folder 1007

Miscellaneous K

Folder 1008

Miscellaneous K-Students

Folder 1009

Miscellaneous L

Folder 1010

Miscellaneous L-Students

Folder 1011

Miscellaneous M

Folder 1012

Miscellaneous M-Students

Folder 1013

Miscellaneous N

Folder 1014

Miscellaneous N-Students

Folder 1015

Miscellaneous O

Folder 1016

Miscellaneous O-Students

Folder 1017

Miscellaneous P

Folder 1018

Miscellaneous P-Students

Folder 1019

Miscellaneous R

Folder 1020

Miscellaneous R-Students

Folder 1021

Miscellaneous S

Folder 1022

Miscellaneous S-Students

Folder 1023

Miscellaneous T

Folder 1024

Miscellaneous T-Students

Folder 1025

Miscellaneous U

Folder 1026

Miscellaneous V

Folder 1027

Miscellaneous V-Students

Folder 1028

Miscellaneous W

Folder 1029

Miscellaneous XYZ

Folder 1030

Miscellaneous XYZ-Students

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.2. Organizational and Subject Correspondence, ca. 1944-1992.

About 4000 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Correspondence organized according to subject matter and organization. Included is correspondence with and about educational institutions, publishing houses, and journals. Subjects include the publishing of Rubin's articles, essays, stories, and novels; his participation in the academic community; the purchasing and selling of his private property; and some records of his involvement with professional organizations in which he was not a principal actor (see also Series 2.1. for materials related to the Modern Language Association and the Society for the Study of Southern Literature). Note that Rubin's folder labels have been retained.

Folder 1031

Alabama, University of

Folder 1032

Algonquin Literary Quiz Book

Folder 1033

Allyn & Bacon

Folder 1034

American Council of Learned Societies

Folder 1035

American Heritage

Folder 1036

American Humor Studies Association

Folder 1037

American Quarterly

Folder 1038-1039

Folder 1038

Folder 1039

American Scholar

Folder 1040

The American South

Folder 1041-1043

Folder 1041

Folder 1042

Folder 1043

American Studies Association

Folder 1044

American Studies International

Folder 1045

American University

Folder 1046

Anderson College

Folder 1047

An Apple For My Teacher

Folder 1048

Arkansas, University of

Folder 1049

Association of American University Presses

Folder 1050

Association of Departments of English

Folder 1051

Athenum Publishers

Folder 1052

Atlanta Historical Society

Folder 1053

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Folder 1054


Folder 1055

Avon Books

Folder 1056

The Bantam

Folder 1057

Baylor University

Folder 1058

Before the Game

Folder 1059

Beth Elohim

Folder 1060

Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Southern Lit.

Folder 1061

"Bill James" (boat)

Folder 1062

Birmingham-Southern College

Folder 1063

Black Poetry in America

Folder 1064

Boats (miscellaneous)

Folder 1065

Bollingen Prize

Folder 1066

"Boll Weevil" (train)

Folder 1067

Boll Weevil and Triple Play

Folder 1068

Book and Author Dinner, Richmond, Va.

Folder 1069

Book-of-the-Month Club Fellowship

Folder 1070


Folder 1071

Book Week

Folder 1072

Bread Loaf Writers Conference

Folder 1073

Brown University

Folder 1074

Cabell Society

Folder 1075

California, University of at Irvine

Folder 1076

California, University of at Riverside

Folder 1077

California, University of at Santa Barbara

Folder 1078

Canadian Federation for the Humanities

Folder 1079

Canadian Review of American Studies

Folder 1080

Carleton College

Folder 1081

Carnegie Corporation

Folder 1082

"Carolina Connections"

Folder 1083

Carolina Friends School

Folder 1084

Central Missouri State University

Folder 1085

The Chapel Hill Newspaper - Column

Folder 1086

C.H.A.O.S. Fishing Club

Folder 1087

Chattahoochee Review

Folder 1088

Chatanooga Arts and Education Council

Folder 1089

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company

Folder 1090

Chicago, University of, Press

Folder 1091

Chronicle of Higher Education

Folder 1092

The Citadel

Folder 1093

Civil War History

Folder 1094

Clemson University

Folder 1095

"A Climate for Genius" (Mississippi Television)

Folder 1096

Coastal Cruising

Folder 1097

The College English Association

Folder 1098

College of Charleston

Folder 1099

Columbia University Press

Folder 1100

The Comic Imagination in American Literature

Folder 1101

Connecticut College

Folder 1102


Folder 1103

Crown Publishing Company

Folder 1104


Folder 1105

The Curious Death of the Novel

Folder 1106

Cybertype Corporation

Folder 1107

Davidson College

Folder 1108

Virginia School-Desegregation Petition

Folder 1109

"Diane" (boat)

Folder 1110

Durham Public Library

Folder 1111

East Carolina University

Folder 1112

The Edge of the Swamp

Folder 1113

Edward Arnold Publishing

Folder 1114

Encyclopaedia Britannica Press

Folder 1115


Folder 1116

"The Even Tempered Angler"

Folder 1117

Everett/Edwards, Inc.

Folder 1118

The Experience of America

Folder 1119

The Faraway Country

Folder 1120

Fellowship of Southern Writers

Folder 1121

Florida, University of

Folder 1122

Fort Delaware Society

Folder 1123

Fugitive Poets Reunion

Folder 1124

Fulbright Awards

Folder 1125

A Gallery of Southerners

Folder 1126

George Washington Cable

Folder 1127

Georgia College

Folder 1128

Georgia Review

Folder 1129

Georgia Southern College

Folder 1130

Georgia, University of, and Press

Folder 1131

Georgia Writers Association

Folder 1132

Going Places

Folder 1133

The Golden Weather

Folder 1134

Gone With the Wind - Legal Case

Folder 1135

The Grolier Club

Folder 1136

"Groundhog" (Sailboat)

Folder 1137

Guggenheim Foundation

Folder 1138

Harcourt, Brace, and Company

Folder 1139

Harold Ober Associates

Folder 1140

Harper and Row

Folder 1141

Harper's Magazine

Folder 1142

Harvard University

Folder 1143

High School of Charleston

Folder 1144

A History of Southern Literature

Folder 1145-1146

Folder 1145

Folder 1146

Hollins College

Folder 1147

Hollins College-"Faculty Follies"

Folder 1148

Hollins College-Hambones

Folder 1149

The Hollins Critic

Folder 1150

The Hollins Poets

Folder 1151

The Hopkins Review

Folder 1152

Houghton-Mifflin Company

Folder 1153

House-Coke, Va.

Folder 1154

House-Richmond, Va.

Folder 1155

Houston, U. of

Folder 1156

Hunter, Jim (Catfish)-legal case

Folder 1157-1158

Folder 1157

Folder 1158

The Idea of an American Novel

Folder 1159

Indiana University

Folder 1160

Indiana University Press

Folder 1161

Iowa, University of

Folder 1162

Irene Leache Awards and Fund

Folder 1163

The Irish Mafia

Folder 1164

Isothermal College

Folder 1165

Italy, Trip to-1964

Folder 1166

Jacksonville, University of

Folder 1167

James Agee Film Project

Folder 1168

James Simons School

Folder 1169-1170

Folder 1169

Folder 1170

Japan, Trip to-1979

Folder 1171

Johns Hopkins Press

Folder 1172

Johns Hopkins University

Folder 1173

Joint Universities Library

Folder 1174

Journal of Southern History

Folder 1175

KCET-Capote Project

Folder 1176

Kentucky, University of

Folder 1177

The Kenyon Review

Folder 1178

Alfred A. Knopf, Incorporated

Folder 1179

Knox College

Folder 1180

Lamar Lectures

Folder 1181

The Lasting South

Folder 1182

The Library of Congress

Folder 1183

The Literary South

Folder 1184

"Little Eva" (boat)

Folder 1185

Louisiana State University

Folder 1186

Louisiana State University-Course, 1957

Folder 1187

Louisiana State University Press

Folder 1188

MacArthur Foundation

Folder 1189

Mannerhouse (Wolfe)

Folder 1190

"Mary Simpson" (boat)

Folder 1191

Maryland, University of, Baltimore County

Folder 1192

"Meet the Press"

Folder 1193

Meredith College

Folder 1194

Miami Book Fair

Folder 1195

Michigan, University of

Folder 1196

Minnesota, University of

Folder 1197

Mississippi College

Folder 1198

Mississippi, University of

Folder 1199

Mississippi, University of, Press

Folder 1200

Missouri, University of, School of Journalism

Folder 1201

The Mockingbird in the Gum Tree

Folder 1202

Modern Fiction Studies

Folder 1203

Mississippi ETV

Folder 1204

Mississippi Quarterly

Folder 1205

Missouri Meerschaum Company

Folder 1206

Missouri Review

Folder 1207

Missouri, University of-St. Louis

Folder 1208

Nashville Book Fair

Folder 1209

The Nation

Folder 1210

National Council on the Arts

Folder 1211

National Endowment for the Humanities

Folder 1212

National Humanities Center

Folder 1213

The New Leader

Folder 1214

The New Republic

Folder 1215

New York at Stony Brook, State University of

Folder 1216

The New York Times Book Review

Folder 1217

No Place on Earth

Folder 1218

North Carolina Award

Folder 1219

North Carolina English Teachers Assn.

Folder 1220

North Carolina Historical Review

Folder 1221

North Carolina Independent

Folder 1222

North Carolina State University

Folder 1223

North Carolina, University of-Asheville

Folder 1224

North Carolina, University of-Chapel Hill

Folder 1225

North Carolina, University of-Charlotte

Folder 1226

North Carolina, University of-Greensboro

Folder 1227

North Carolina, University of-Library

Folder 1228

North Carolina, University of-Wilmington

Folder 1229

North Carolina, University of-Press

Folder 1230

Northern Illinois University

Folder 1231

Ohio State University Press

Folder 1232


Folder 1233

The Oracle

Folder 1234

Oxford American

Folder 1235

Oxford University Press

Folder 1236

Papers on Proust

Folder 1237

Pembroke State University

Folder 1238

Pennsylviania, University of

Folder 1239

Ph.D. (Louis Rubin 1953- 1954)

Folder 1240

Phi Beta Kappa

Folder 1241

Philadelphia Maritime Museum

Folder 1242

Piedmont Area University Center

Folder 1243

Poetry Society of Virginia

Folder 1244

Port Angeles (Wa.) Evening News

Folder 1245

Prentice Hall, Inc.

Folder 1246

Princeton University

Folder 1247


Folder 1248

The Provincial

Folder 1249

Purdue University

Folder 1250

Putnam's Sons

Folder 1251

Queens College

Folder 1252

Quadrangle Books

Folder 1253

Railroad Magazine

Folder 1254

Raleigh News and Observer

Folder 1255

Random House

Folder 1256


Folder 1257

Richmond News Leader

Folder 1258

Richmond Public Library

Folder 1259

Richmond Times Dispatch

Folder 1260

Richmond, University of

Folder 1261

Rockefeller Foundation

Folder 1262

Rockford CollegE

Folder 1263

Rutgers, University of-Press

Folder 1264

The Rutherford B. Hayes Library (letters for book)

Folder 1265

St. James Press

Folder 1266

St. Mary's College

Folder 1267

St. Petersburg Times

Folder 1268

Saturday Evening Post

Folder 1269

Scholia Satyrica

Folder 1270

Charles Scribner's Sons

Folder 1271

Sewanee Review

Folder 1272


Folder 1273

Small Craft Advisory

Folder 1274

Society of American Baseball Research

Folder 1275


Folder 1276

South Atlantic Academy of Authors

Folder 1277

South Atlantic Modern Language Association

Folder 1278

South Atlantic Quarterly

Folder 1279

The South Carolina Historical Magazine

Folder 1280

South Carolina Library Association

Folder 1281

South Carolina Poetry Society

Folder 1282

South Carolina, University of

Folder 1283

South Florida, University of

Folder 1284

Southeastern American Studies Association

Folder 1285

Southeastern Literary Association

Folder 1286

Southern Historical Association

Folder 1287

Southern Humanities Review

Folder 1288

Southern Illinois University

Folder 1289

Southern Literary Classics Series

Folder 1290

Southern Literary Study

Folder 1291

Southern Living

Folder 1292

Southern Regional Council

Folder 1293

Southern Renascence

Folder 1294

Southern Review

Folder 1295

Southern World

Folder 1296

Southern Writers

Folder 1297

Southern Writing: 1585-1920

Folder 1298

Steck-Vaughn Company

Folder 1299

Surfaces of a Diamond

Folder 1300

Taylor Trade Books Division

Folder 1301

Teach the Freeman

Folder 1302

The Teller in the Tale

Folder 1303

Temple University

Folder 1304

Tennessee Councils of Teachers of English

Folder 1305

Texas, University of

Folder 1306

Texas A & M University

Folder 1307

Thomas Wolfe Society

Folder 1308

Thomas Wolfe: The Weather of His Youth

Folder 1309

The Times Literary Supplement

Folder 1310-1311

Folder 1310

Folder 1311

The Tinker Press

Folder 1312

Tulsa, University of

Folder 1313

Twentieth Century

Folder 1314

Twentieth Century Views: Thomas Wolfe

Folder 1315

T. Y. Crowell Co.

Folder 1316

Uneeda Review

Folder 1317

United States Army

Folder 1318

United States Information Agency (VOA)

Folder 1319

United States International Communications Agency

Folder 1320

United States Military Academy

Folder 1321

United States Navy

Folder 1322

"View From the Provinces"

Folder 1323

The Viking Press

Folder 1324

Virginia: A Bicentennial History

Folder 1325

Virginia Commonwealth University

Folder 1326

Virginia Fine Arts Commission

Folder 1327

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Folder 1328

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Folder 1329

Virginia Quarterly Review

Folder 1330

Virginia State Library

Folder 1331

Virginia Writers Club

Folder 1332

"Virginius" (boat)

Folder 1333

The Wary Fugitives

Folder 1334

Washington and Lee University

Folder 1335

Washington Post

Folder 1336

Wesleyan College

Folder 1337

Wesleyan University Press

Folder 1338

Western Maryland College

Folder 1339

Westminster School

Folder 1340

William and Mary, College of

Folder 1341

William Elliott Shoots a Bear

Folder 1342

Wilmington (Del.) News-Journal

Folder 1343

Wingate College

Folder 1344

Wisconsin, University of Press

Folder 1345

WNET (Sandburg Project)

Folder 1346

Wonderful World of Books

Folder 1347

Writing Seminars

Folder 1348

W. W. Norton and Co.

Folder 1349

Yale University

Folder 1350

Yale University Press

Folder 1351

The Yemassee Lands

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Scholarly Activities, ca. 1950-1990.

About 2400 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Material relating to scholarly activities, publications, and professional organizations.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.1. Scholarly Publications, ca. 1950-1990.

About 1500 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Rubin's critical and scholarly writings, as well as editing projects that culminated in publication. The latter consist mostly of correspondence and written material about the project.

An example of the latter is A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Southern Literature. This project was edited by Rubin and, because it is a bibliography, did not generate a traditional manuscript. The material in folders relating to this project is chiefly organizational material concerning the publication of the book. There is correspondence with contributors, publishers, and other editors, along with notes and lists of contributions. The Edge of the Swamp: A Study in the Literature and Society of the Old South is an example of a scholarly book written by Rubin for which manuscripts of the book are included. There are two series of folders under the title History of Southern Literature. The difference is that "The History of Southern Literature" is a project begun by Rubin in the early 1970s and never finished, although chapters of it are complete and have been published individually. A History of Southern Literature, on the other hand, is a collaborative project involving Rubin as editor and many of his colleagues. The essays are divided by subject determined by the quantity of material on a given subject. Thus, there is a folder dedicated to an essay entitled "Joyce, Proust and Literary Structure," while there are five folders labeled "Southern Lit" containing materials on miscellaneous subjects relating to southern literature. Note that Rubin's folder labels have been retained.

Folder 1352-1354

Folder 1352

Folder 1353

Folder 1354

Bibliographical Guide...

Folder 1355

Biographical Sketches

Folder 1356

Dept. Lit. Hist. Project

Folder 1357

The Edge of the Swamp-Chapter 1

Folder 1358

The Edge of the Swamp-Chapter 2

Folder 1359

The Edge of the Swamp-Chapter 4

Folder 1360-1361

Folder 1360

Folder 1361

The Edge of the Swamp-Draft

Folder 1362


Folder 1363-1364

Folder 1363

Folder 1364

Essays-William Faulkner

Folder 1365-1367

Folder 1365

Folder 1366

Folder 1367

Essays-General Lit

Folder 1368

Essays- I'll Take My Stand

Folder 1369

Essays-"Joyce, Proust and Literary Structure"

Folder 1370-1375

Folder 1370

Folder 1371

Folder 1372

Folder 1373

Folder 1374

Folder 1375


Folder 1376-1380

Folder 1376

Folder 1377

Folder 1378

Folder 1379

Folder 1380

Essays-Southern Lit

Folder 1381

Essays-Robert Penn Warren

Folder 1382

Essays-Thomas Wolfe

Folder 1383

"Hist. Sou. Lit".-Chapter 1 Drafts

Folder 1384

"Hist. Sou. Lit."-Chapter 2 Drafts

Folder 1385

"Hist. Sou. Lit".-Chapter 3 Drafts

Folder 1386

"Hist. Sou. Lit."-Chapter 4 Drafts

Folder 1387

"Hist. Sou. Lit."-Chapter 5 Drafts

Folder 1388

"Hist. Sou. Lit".-Chapter 6 Drafts

Folder 1389

"Hist. Sou. Lit."-Chapter 8 Drafts

Folder 1390-1391

Folder 1390

Folder 1391

"Hist. Sou. Lit."-Completed Chapters

Folder 1392-1395

Folder 1392

Folder 1393

Folder 1394

Folder 1395

Hist. Sou. Lit. Correspondence

Folder 1396

Hist. Sou. Lit. Correspondence (Financial)

Folder 1397-1404

Folder 1397

Folder 1398

Folder 1399

Folder 1400

Folder 1401

Folder 1402

Folder 1403

Folder 1404

Hist. Sou. Lit.

Folder 1405

Hist. Sou. Lit. Invitations to Contribute

Folder 1406

Hist. Sou. Lit. NEH Grant Application

Folder 1407

Hist. Sou. Lit. Organizational

Folder 1408

"No Place on Earth"

Folder 1409-1411

Folder 1409

Folder 1410

Folder 1411

Sou. Lit. Classics Series

Folder 1412

Thomas Wolfe: The Weather of His Youth

Folder 1413

"William Faulkner: The Discovery..."

Folder 1413-1415

Folder 1413

Folder 1414

Folder 1415

The Yemassee Lands

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.2. Organizations and Seminars, ca. 1967-1982.

About 900 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Material concerning Rubin's participation in scholarly organizations, conferences, and seminars. Included is material concerning the Modern Language Association and its American Literature section, the Society for the Study of Southern Literature, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. The contents are mostly grant proposals, organizational correspondence, and memos. Audiotapes of "The American South," a Voice of America program featuring Robert Penn Warren, William Styron, and Rubin, are included as T-3899/1 and T-3899/2. Transcripts from the 1956 Fugitive Reunion at Vanderbilt are also included.

Folder 1416A

Ellen Glasgow Centennial Conference

Folder 1416B-1416C

Fugitive Reunion transcripts

Folder 1417

Modern Language Association

Folder 1418-1426

Folder 1418

Folder 1419

Folder 1420

Folder 1421

Folder 1422

Folder 1423

Folder 1424

Folder 1425

Folder 1426

Modern Language Association-American Literature Section

Folder 1427-1429

Folder 1427

Folder 1428

Folder 1429

NEH Seminar-1980

Folder 1430-1431

Folder 1430

Folder 1431

NEH Seminar-1982

Folder 1432-1435

Folder 1432

Folder 1433

Folder 1434

Folder 1435

Southern Literature Study Conference

Folder 1436

Society for the Study of Southern Literature

Folder 1437-1439

Folder 1437

Folder 1438

Folder 1439

Society for the Study of Southern Literature-NEH Grant, 1970

Folder 1440-1442

Folder 1440

Folder 1441

Folder 1442

Society for the Study of Southern Literature -Newsletters

Folder 1443

Voice of America-"The American South" (audiotapes T-3899/1-2)

Audiotape T-3899/1-2



Voice of America-"The American South"

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 3. Other Writings, ca. 1929-1990.

About 1,500 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Nonscholarly writings by Rubin. Included is fiction, poetry, journalism, juvenilia, and general non-fiction.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.1. Fiction, ca. 1948-1980.

About 35 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Rubin's fiction, including typescripts and proofs of novels and short stories. For each work there are several different manuscripts that have been individually numbered in chronological order of composition where possible. The Golden Weather and Surfaces of a Diamond are the only novels that have been published. Many of the short stories have been published.

Folder 1444-1445

Folder 1444

Folder 1445

The Adventures of Lancelot-1

Folder 1446-1450

Folder 1446

Folder 1447

Folder 1448

Folder 1449

Folder 1450

The Adventures of Lancelot-2

Folder 1451

Come Out of the Wilderness

Folder 1452

The Golden Weather-1

Folder 1453-1455

Folder 1453

Folder 1454

Folder 1455

The Golden Weather-2

Folder 1456-1457

Folder 1456

Folder 1457

The Golden Weather-3

Folder 1458

The Golden Weather-4

Folder 1459-1461

Folder 1459

Folder 1460

Folder 1461

The Golden Weather-5

Folder 1462-1464

Folder 1462

Folder 1463

Folder 1464

The Golden Weather-6

Folder 1465

The Golden Weather-7

Folder 1466

The Golden Weather-8

Folder 1467

The Golden Weather-9

Folder 1468-1469

Folder 1468

Folder 1469

The Golden Weather-10

Folder 1470-1472

Folder 1470

Folder 1471

Folder 1472

Short stories

Folder 1473-1474

Folder 1473

Folder 1474

The Surfaces of a Diamond-1

Folder 1475-1476

Folder 1475

Folder 1476

The Surfaces of a Diamond-2

Folder 1477

The Surfaces of a Diamond-3

Folder 1478-1481

Folder 1478

Folder 1479

Folder 1480

Folder 1481

The Surfaces of a Diamond-4

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.2. Poetry, ca. 1948-1980.

About 250 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Rubin's poetry, consisting of holographs and typescripts. Much of this poetry has been published. folder 1482 contains limericks written by Rubin and others, but the authorship of most of the individual poems is unknown.

Folder 1482


Folder 1483-1487

Folder 1483

Folder 1484

Folder 1485

Folder 1486

Folder 1487


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.3. Journalism, ca. 1940-1980.

About 1,200 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Journalistic works, including newspaper clippings from Rubin's years as a high school journalist. Material is organized according to the newspaper for which it is written and then according to subject matter where appropriate.

Folder 1488-1490

Folder 1488

Folder 1489

Folder 1490

The Bantam

Folder 1491-1493

Folder 1491

Folder 1492

Folder 1493

Chapel Hill Newspaper

Folder 1494-1495A


Folder 1495B-1495E

Journalism Scrapbooks

Oversize Volume SV-3899/1

Oversize scrapbook, 1940s

Contains clippings of newspaper articles from the 1940s, when Rubin was working for college and local newspapers in Virginia. Most of the articles pertain to sports.

Folder 1496-1498

Folder 1496

Folder 1497

Folder 1498

Richmond News-Leader

Folder 1499-1500

Folder 1499

Folder 1500

United States Army-1944

Folder 1501-1511

Folder 1501

Folder 1502

Folder 1503

Folder 1504

Folder 1505

Folder 1506

Folder 1507

Folder 1508

Folder 1509

Folder 1510

Folder 1511


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.4. Juvenilia, ca. 1929-1938.

About 20 items.

Rubin's childhood journalism, poetry, fiction, and drama. Included are copies of a play entitled "A Detective Mystery" and poems, stories, and artwork. As a child, Rubin published (on a typewriter) regular newspapers, alternately titled The Daily Telagram, The Bulliten, The San Souci Bulliten, and The River Side News. These newspapers are included.

Folder 1512A-1512B


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.5. Nonfiction, ca. 1980-1990.

6 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Longer nonfiction works by Rubin. Included is a memoir ghost-written for a former major league baseball player, a book about boats, and a biography of a real-estate magnate.

Folder 1513-1514

Folder 1513

Folder 1514

Diamond Dust

Folder 1515-1516

Folder 1515

Folder 1516

Small Craft Advisory-1

Folder 1517-1518

Folder 1517

Folder 1518

Small Craft Advisory-2

Folder 1519-1520

Folder 1519

Folder 1520

Small Craft Advisory - 3

Folder 1521-1522

Folder 1521

Folder 1522

Small Craft Advisory-4

Folder 1523-1524

Folder 1523

Folder 1524

Trammell Crow

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 4. Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, ca. 1983-1992.

About 200 items.

Material consisting of general administrative correspondence and items relating to the potential merger of Algonquin with other publishers.

Folder 1525-1527

Folder 1525

Folder 1526

Folder 1527

Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 5. Baseball, ca. 1973-1981.

About 1,100 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Material concerning Rubin's participation in youth league and college baseball.

Folder 1528-1529

Folder 1528

Folder 1529

North Carolina Collegiate Summer Baseball League

Folder 1530-1535

Folder 1530

Folder 1531

Folder 1532

Folder 1533

Folder 1534

Folder 1535

North State College Baseball

Folder 1536-1564

Folder 1536

Folder 1537

Folder 1538

Folder 1539

Folder 1540

Folder 1541

Folder 1542

Folder 1543

Folder 1544

Folder 1545

Folder 1546

Folder 1547

Folder 1548

Folder 1549

Folder 1550

Folder 1551

Folder 1552

Folder 1553

Folder 1554

Folder 1555

Folder 1556

Folder 1557

Folder 1558

Folder 1559

Folder 1560

Folder 1561

Folder 1562

Folder 1563

Folder 1564

Youth Baseball

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 6. Writings by Others, ca. 1933-1990.

About 950 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Manuscripts written by others, including fiction, poetry, and criticism. There are also reviews and clippings about Rubin.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 6.1. Writings about Louis Rubin.

About 860 items.

Writings by others about Rubin, consisting mostly of journalistic reviews and articles. This subseries is unordered.

Folder 1565-1580

Folder 1565

Folder 1566

Folder 1567

Folder 1568

Folder 1569

Folder 1570

Folder 1571

Folder 1572

Folder 1573

Folder 1574

Folder 1575

Folder 1576

Folder 1577

Folder 1578

Folder 1579

Folder 1580

Writings about Louis Rubin

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 6.2. Literary Writings, ca. 1930-1990.

About 90 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Literary and critical works by others, consisting of typescripts and proofs. Some of the works were published by Algonquin. The three different drafts of Clyde Edgerton's In Memory of Junior have been numbered in order of composition. In folders 1589-1592, which contain mostly mimeographed copies of writings by Rubin's creative writing students at Hollins College in the 1960s, there are many poems and stories by individuals such as Annie Dillard, Lee Smith, and Margaret F. Gibson.

Folder 1581

Adler, John M. On the Expectations of...

Folder 1582

Adler, John M. The Twin Oaks

Folder 1583-1584

Folder 1583

Folder 1584

Cox, Morris "The Charleston Poetic Renaissance"

Folder 1585

Edgerton, Clyde In Memory of Junior-1

Folder 1586

Edgerton, Clyde In Memory of Junior-2

Folder 1587

Edgerton, Clyde In Memory of Junior-3

Folder 1588

Harmon, William The Dawn Horse

Folder 1589-1590

Folder 1589

Folder 1590

Hollins College Students-Fiction

Folder 1591-1592

Folder 1591

Folder 1592

Hollins College Students-Poetry

Folder 1593-1594

Folder 1593

Folder 1594

McCorkle, Jill-Stories

Folder 1595


Folder 1596

Nemerov, Howard- The Oak in the Acorn

Folder 1597

Rabb, Walt-Untitled

Folder 1598

Rubin, Daniel-"Dishonored"

Folder 1599-1600

Folder 1599

Folder 1600

Sanders, Dori Lady in Waiting

Folder 1601-1602

Folder 1601

Folder 1602

Smith, Lee Black Mountain Breakdown

Folder 1603-1604

Folder 1603

Folder 1604

Wilkinson, Sylvia- Shadow of the Mountain

Folder 1605

Author unknown

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 7. Other Papers, ca. 1954-1990.

About 1,250 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Miscellaneous items including those relating to Rubin's administrative duties at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 7.1. Administrative Duties (UNC), ca. 1968-1981.

About 1,000 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Included is material from Rubin's participation in dissertation, hiring, and tenure committees while at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Folder 1606-1609

Folder 1606

Folder 1607

Folder 1608

Folder 1609

Dissertation Prospecti-Students

Folder 1610

Jackson, Blyden

Folder 1611-1613

Folder 1611

Folder 1612

Folder 1613

Kasson, Joy

Folder 1614-1618

Folder 1614

Folder 1615

Folder 1616

Folder 1617

Folder 1618

Stone, Sonja

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 7.2. Miscellaneous, ca. 1954-1990.

About 250 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Miscellaneous material, including copies of examinations Rubin gave over the years. Printed material--catalogs, brochures--some having to do with specific subjects, some just miscellaneous, are all included.

Folder 1619


Folder 1620

Felder's Barber Shop

Folder 1621-1622

Folder 1621

Folder 1622

Hollins College-Printed Material

Folder 1623


Folder 1624-1628

Folder 1624

Folder 1625

Folder 1626

Folder 1627

Folder 1628

Miscellaneous Printed Material

Audiotape T-3899/3

Proceedings of "The Uses of History in Fiction," annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association, November 1968

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Addition of 1998 (Acc. 98264): Correspondence, Writings, and Related Materials, circa 1985-1996, and undated.

About 12,800 items.

Correspondence, writings, and related materials of Louis D. Rubin. The addition includes correspondence with authors, family, friends, colleagues, universities and other educational institutions, public libraries, journals, and publishing companies. Writings include manuscripts, offprints, reprints, and magazines by Rubin and others, drafts of Heat of the Sun and A Writer's Companion, articles and reviews about Rubin, and manuscripts by other writers. There is also correspondence relating to Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill and its predecessor Bright Leaf Books, as well as and records of incorporation, sale, and dissolution.

The folder list below reflects Louis D. Rubin's arrangement. For the most part, original file folder titles have been transcribed and retained.

Folder 1629

Addington, John and Frances (Eva Rubin's sister and brother-in-law)

Folder 1630

Adler, John Morel

Folder 1631

Algonquin (boat)

Folder 1632

Algonquin Literary Quiz Book

Folder 1633

Allen, Ethan N.

Folder 1634

Allen, John Alexander and Josephine

Folder 1635

Anderson County, S.C. Library

Folder 1636

Anderson, Charles R.

Folder 1637

Andrews, Terry Herrin and Walter F.

Folder 1638

Arnold, Janis

Folder 1639

Baker, Russell

Folder 1640

Barber, Red and Leila

Folder 1641

Barrett, Joyce

Folder 1642

Barton College

Folder 1643

Barth, John

Folder 1644

Baseball (miscellaneous), 1940-1995

Folder 1645

Bassett, John

Folder 1646

Beach, Edward L.

Folder 1647

Begiebing, Rober J.

Folder 1648

Bell, Madison Smartt

Folder 1649

Berry, Wendell

Folder 1650

Betts, Doris

Folder 1651

Blackford, Staige ( Virginia Quarterly Review)

Folder 1652

Blair, Arthur

Folder 1653

Blair, John F., Publisher

Folder 1654

Blotner, Joseph

Folder 1655

Boatner, Mark M.

Folder 1656


Folder 1657

Bresee, Clyde

Folder 1658

Brinkmeyer, Robert

Folder 1659

Brodsky, Louis Daniel

Folder 1660

Brooks, Cleanth

Folder 1661

Bruccoli, Matthew

Folder 1662

Buck, Polly Stone

Folder 1663

Buckner, Sally

Folder 1664

Butler, Rebecca

Folder 1665

Califf, John

Folder 1666

Cannady, Claudia

Folder 1667

Cape, Jonathan, Inc.

Folder 1668

Capouya, Emile

Folder 1669

The Castle (periodical)

Folder 1670

Center for the Study of the American South

Folder 1671

Chamberlain, William D.

Folder 1672

C.H.A.O.S (fishing group)

Folder 1673

Chapel Hill News

Folder 1674

Chapel Hill Rare Books

Folder 1675

Chappell, Fred

Folder 1676

Cheuse, Alan

Folder 1677

Childs, Lee

Folder 1678

Cloud Chart, Inc.

Folder 1679

Cofer, Susan Seydel

Folder 1680

Coggeshall, Rosanne

Folder 1681

Coleman, Elliott

Folder 1682

College of Charleston

Folder 1683

Compton, Bob

Folder 1684

Conroy, Pat

Folder 1685

Cook, Martha

Folder 1686

Core, George

Folder 1687

Corley, Cynthia Simmons

Folder 1688

Clark, Miriam M.

Folder 1689

Clemson University

Folder 1690

Creamer, Robert

Folder 1691

Crowther, Ann Moss

Folder 1692

Crowther, Hal

Folder 1693

Dabney, Virginius

Folder 1694

Danville, Va., Wednesday Club

Folder 1695

Darhansoff, Liz

Folder 1696

Davis, Mary Kemp

Folder 1697

Davis, Thadious

Folder 1698

D'Este, Carlo

Folder 1699

De Eulis, Marilyn

Folder 1700

Dickey, James

Folder 1701

Dillard, Annie

Folder 1702

Dillard, Richard H. W.

Folder 1703

Donaldson, Scott

Folder 1704

Duffy, Francis J.

Folder 1705

Duke, Maurice

Folder 1706

Duke, Paul

Folder 1707

Dunford, Earle

Folder 1708

Eaton, Charles Edward

Folder 1709

Edgerton, Clyde, Susan Ketchin, and Catherine

Folder 1710

Edwards, Chris

Folder 1711

Eisenhower, John S. D.

Folder 1712

Ellegood, Donald R.

Folder 1713

Elliott, Emory

Folder 1714

Elting, John R.

Folder 1715

Emmart, A. D.

Folder 1716

Enoch Pratt Free Library

Folder 1717

Evans, Harold (Random House)

Folder 1718

Fellowship of Southern Writers

Folder 1719

Fishburn, Robert

Folder 1720

Flora, Joseph

Folder 1721

Flinn, Mary C.

Folder 1722

Foote, Shelby

Folder 1723

Fortune, Joanne

Folder 1724

Fountain, Amelia R.

Folder 1725

Fountain, Ben

Folder 1726

Frazier, Emmett

Folder 1727

Freeman, Anne Hobson

Folder 1728

Friday, William

Folder 1729

Friends of the Library, UNC Chapel Hill

Folder 1730

Friddell, Guy R.

Folder 1731

Fry, Catherine

Folder 1732

Fuller, Edmund

Folder 1733

Gaines, Ernest

Folder 1734

Galantin, Admiral I. J. (Pete)

Folder 1735

Gardner, Pat

Folder 1736

Garrett, George

Folder 1737

Gentry, Jane

Folder 1738

Gibbons, Kaye and Frank Ward

Folder 1739

Gibbs, John E. and family

Folder 1740

Gibson, Margaret Ferguson

Folder 1741

Gines, Montserrat

Folder 1742

Gingher, Robert

Folder 1743

Godine, David

Folder 1744

Gold, Herbert

Folder 1745

The Golden Weather

Folder 1746

Greene, J. Lee

Folder 1747

Grimsley, Jim

Folder 1748

Grosshandler, Stanley

Folder 1749

Guillory, Ferrell

Folder 1750

Gurley, Franklin

Folder 1751

Hall, Martha

Folder 1752

Hailey, Elizabeth Forsythe

Folder 1753

Hamilton, Elizabeth Verner and Tradd Street Press

Folder 1754

Hamilton, Dee Tillery

Folder 1755

Hannah, Barry

Folder 1756

Harmon, William

Folder 1757

Harper, George and Bobby

Folder 1758

Harrington, John T.

Folder 1759

Haxton, Jo (Ellen Douglas)

Folder 1760

Hayes, Julian M.

Folder 1761

Hazel, Robert

Folder 1762

The Heart of the Sun

Folder 1763

Heilman, Robert B.

Folder 1764

Hirschfield, Ted

Folder 1765

Hobson, Fred C.

Folder 1766

Hoffman, William

Folder 1767

Hollins College

Folder 1768

Hollis, Carroll and Alice

Folder 1769

Holman, David

Folder 1770

Holroyd, Arla

Folder 1771

Hoover, Ala., Public Library

Folder 1772

House, 702 Gimghoul Road, Chapel Hill

Folder 1773

Howorth, Richard

Folder 1774

Hoy, Amanda Pierson

Folder 1775

Hudgins, Andrew

Folder 1776

Humphreys, Josephine

Folder 1777

Inge, M. Thomas

Folder 1778


Folder 1779

Jackson, Blyden

Folder 1780

Jacobs, Robert D.

Folder 1781

Jacobsen, Josephine

Folder 1782

Jahnke, Dudley

Folder 1783

Jarreth, Beverly

Folder 1784

Johnson, Manly

Folder 1785

Johnson, Tom

Folder 1786

Jones, Anne G.

Folder 1787

Jones, Teel and Louisa

Folder 1788

Joyner, William and Jane

Folder 1789

Just, Patti

Folder 1790

University of Kentucky Press

Folder 1791

Kilpatrick, James J.

Folder 1792

King, Dean

Folder 1793

King, Kimball

Folder 1794

Kraemer, Sylvia Doughty

Folder 1795

Kueppers, Nora De Broyer

Folder 1796

Kuhn, Richard and Joan

Folder 1797

Ladd, Barbara

Folder 1798

Latimer, James

Folder 1799

Lawson, Anna Logan

Folder 1800

Lawton, Peggy and Manny

Folder 1801

Irene Leach Literary Contest

Folder 1802

Levy, Cindy

Folder 1803

Lewis, R. W. B.

Folder 1804

Logan, John A. and Ann

Folder 1805

Longstreet Press

Folder 1806

Louisiana State University Press

Folder 1807

Lyle, Katie and Royster

Folder 1808

Lyndhurst Foundation

Folder 1809

Lyons, Nick

Folder 1810

Mack, Maynard

Folder 1811

Mackethan, Cindy Hardwick

Folder 1812

Macksey, Richard

Folder 1813

Macrae, John

Folder 1814

Macri, Ted

Folder 1815

Marrs, Suzanne

Folder 1816

Mason, Robert

Folder 1817

May, Philip

Folder 1818

McCorkle, Jill

Folder 1819

McFarlane, Paul

Folder 1820

McFee, Michael

Folder 1821

McLaurin, Tim

Folder 1822

Meriwether, James B.

Folder 1823

Merriman, Ann

Folder 1824

Mickle, Shelley F.

Folder 1825

MindSpring Enterprises, Inc.

Folder 1826

Miller, J. Hillis

Folder 1827

Mills, Jerry L. and Rachel W.

Folder 1828

Mills, William

Folder 1829

Minis, Margaret Davis

Folder 1830

University of Mississippi

Folder 1831-1832

Folder 1831

Folder 1832

Miscellaneous correspondence

Folder 1833

University of Missouri Press

Folder 1834

Mixon, Wayne

Folder 1835

Moltke-Hansen, David

Folder 1836

Moore, John R.

Folder 1837

Moore, Rayburn

Folder 1838

Morgan, Elizabeth Seydel

Folder 1839

Morris, Ann

Folder 1840

National Endowment for the Humanities

Folder 1841

New York Times Book Review

Folder 1842

The News & Observer (Raleigh)

Folder 1843

Noble, Donald R.

Folder 1844

Nordan, Lewis

Folder 1845

North Carolina Awards

Folder 1846

University of North Carolina at Asheville

Folder 1847

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Folder 1848

University of North Carolina Press

Folder 1849

North Carolina English Teachers Association

Folder 1850

North Carolina State University

Folder 1851

North Carolina Literary and Historical Association

Folder 1852

North Carolina Writers' Network and Literary Hall of Fame

Folder 1853

O'Briant, Don

Folder 1854

Orr, Leonora, Jr. and Sr.

Folder 1855

Osborne, Charles

Folder 1856

Oxford American

Folder 1857

Oxford University Press

Folder 1858

Perry, Chuck

Folder 1859


Folder 1860

Parker, Roy

Folder 1861

Parrish, Nancy

Folder 1862

Paschall, Rod

Folder 1863

Pearlstine, Maynard

Folder 1864

Pearson, Michael

Folder 1865

Perkins, David

Folder 1866

Pettis, Margaret Harper

Folder 1867

Phialas, Peter

Folder 1868

Phillabaum, Leslie

Folder 1869

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Folder 1870

Phillips, Robert L.

Folder 1871


Folder 1872

Pitcher, Charles Scholey

Folder 1873

Poetry Society of South Carolina

Folder 1874

Powell, William S.

Folder 1875

Pratt Free Library, Enoch (Baltimore, Md.)

Folder 1876

Price, Reynolds

Folder 1877

Pringle, Terry

Folder 1878

Publishers Association of the South

Folder 1879

Quigley, Martin

Folder 1880

Rabb, Walter

Folder 1881

Randall, Julia

Folder 1882

Ravenel, Shannon

Folder 1883

Redfield, Alden and Elsie

Folder 1884

Reed, John Shelton

Folder 1885

Regnery, Henry

Folder 1886

Rhyne, Nancy

Folder 1887

Richardson, Robert

Folder 1888

University of Richmond

Folder 1889

Richter, Curth

Folder 1890

Rivers, Elias L.

Folder 1891

Robertson, Wyndham

Folder 1892

Robinson, Sally

Folder 1893

Rosen, Betsy Payne

Folder 1894

Rouse, Parke

Folder 1895

Rousmaniere, John

Folder 1896

Rowe, Anne E.

Folder 1897

Rubin, Daniel Nathan

Folder 1898

Rubin, Dora

Folder 1899

Rubin, Edwin Manning

Folder 1900

Rubin, Eva Redfield

Folder 1901

Rubin family

Folder 1902

Rubin, Louis D., Sr.

Folder 1903-1904

Folder 1903

Folder 1904

Rubin, Robert Alden

Folder 1905

Rubin, Ruth

Folder 1906

Rubin, Ruth Ensel

Folder 1907

Rubin, William Louis and family

Folder 1908

Rutgers University Press

Folder 1909

Salemson, Harold

Folder 1910

Sanders, Dori

Folder 1911

Saunders, Frances W.

Folder 1912

Scheer, George F.

Folder 1913

Scheer, George, III

Folder 1914

Scheer, Julian

Folder 1915

Schoenes, Joan Rubin

Folder 1916

Scura, Dorothy

Folder 1917

Seay, James

Folder 1918

Siegel, Daniel and family

Folder 1919

Simpson, Lewis P.

Folder 1920

Simpson, Bob and Mary

Folder 1921

Skinner, Margaret

Folder 1922

Skramstad, Susan

Folder 1923

Sledge, Elizabeth R.

Folder 1924

Sloane, Joseph

Folder 1925

Small Craft Advisory-Atlantic Monthly Press

Folder 1926

Smith, Dave

Folder 1927

Smith, Lee

Folder 1928

Smith, Mary Phlegar

Folder 1929

Smith, Virginia Carter

Folder 1930

Society for the Study of Southern Literature