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Collection Number: 04168

Collection Title: Richard Gaither Walser Papers (#4168) 1918-1988

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Size 32.5 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 27,800 items)
Abstract Richard Gaither Walser (1908-1988) was a professor of English at North Carolina State University in Raleigh and author of numerous works, chiefly relating to North Carolina's literary heritage. The collection contains correspondence, clippings, photographs, and other materials chiefly relating to North Carolina' literary heritage. Files on individual authors and literary subjects dominate, with special emphasis on the life and works of Thomas Wolfe. Other authors represented in the collection include Doris Betts, Helen Bevington, James Boyd, Richard Chase, Jonathan Daniels, Wilma Dykeman, Charles Edward Eaton, John Ehle, Paul Green, Bernice Kelly Harris, George Moses Horton, Gerald W. Johnson, Frederick H. Koch, Guy Owen, Robert C. Ruark, Wilbur D. Steele, Hardin E. Taliaferro, and Jonathan Williams. There is also material on North Carolina folklore and other topics not directly connected to literature. A small number of items relate to Walser's life as a student at the University of North Carolina and to his service with the United States Naval Reserve during World War II.
Creator Walser, Richard Gaither, 1908- .
Curatorial Unit Southern Historical Collection
Language English.
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No restrictions. Open for research.
Copyright Notice
Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
Preferred Citation
[Identification of item], in the Richard Gaither Walser Papers #04168, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Special Collections Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Received from Richard Gaither Walser, 1979-1985, and from the estate of Richard Gaither Walser in 1989.
Sensitive Materials Statement
Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act (N.C.G.S. § 132 1 et seq.), and Article 7 of the North Carolina State Personnel Act (Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, N.C.G.S. § 126-22 et seq.). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill assumes no responsibility.
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Richard Gaither Walser was born in Lexington, North Carolina, in 1908, the son of state Attorney General Zeb Vance Walser and Estelle Adderton Walser. He attended Davidson College for one year, and then transferred to the University of North Carolina, from which he was graduated in 1929. He received an MA from the University in 1933.

Walser taught English in Linwood, Lexington, Durham, and Greenville, North Carolina, high schools until 1942, when he enlisted in the United States Navy. Returning from service with the United States Naval Reserve, he taught briefly at the University of North Carolina before joining the English faculty at North Carolina State University in 1946. He retired from teaching in 1970. He died in 1988.

During his teaching career and continuing after retirement, Walser was a strong advocate for North Carolina culture, with particular emphasis on the state's literary heritage. Tom Wicker called Walser "the evangelist of North Carolina writing" ( Winston-Salem Journal, 5 August 1956) and W.C. Burton dubbed him North Carolina's "anthologist laureate" ( Greensboro Daily News, 12 March 1978. Walser wrote or edited more than 30 books during his career, most of them collections of works relating to various aspects of North Carolina life and literature. He also explored the work of several North Carolina writers more intensely, however, producing major works on Thomas Wolfe, George Moses Horton, and William Hill Brown.

Walser was interested in folklore studies and was an active member of the North Carolina Folklore Society. He also held active membership in many organizations dedicated to teaching, writing, and history, among them the North Carolina English Teachers Society, North Carolina Writers Conference, the North Carolina Literary and Historical Association, the Watauga Club of Raleigh, and the Historical Society of North Carolina. Walser received numerous fellowships and awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1957 and the North Carolina Award for Literature in 1976.

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This collection consists chiefly of Walser's working files on individual authors (Series 1) and subjects (Series 2). Materials (correspondence, clippings, and other items) generated in the course of producing some of his major works, chiefly anthologies, is filed in Series 3, with the texts of a few published and unpublished shorter works that do not relate to a particular writer or subject. Texts of writings that do relate to a specific individual or subject are filed in Series 1 or 2 as appropriate. There are some slightly more personal items in Series 4, but information about Walser's private life, outside of slight information about his student days, is rare. Materials relating to his naval career consist, for the most part, of records documenting troop movements and other impersonal military matters.

The files in Series 1 and 2 are the result of years of compiling information about North Carolina culture, with special concentration on its literary heritage. Individual files are sometimes composed entirely of printed matter relating to the author in question, chiefly clippings from newspapers and journals. There are many instances, however, where original correspondence with these authors or others knowledgeable about them appears. Files with correspondence that may be of interest have been starred in the folder list for this series. Subject file titles (most of which were created by Walser) should be read as through the words "North Carolina" were appended to them; with few exceptions, all material in this series treats subjects in the context of North Carolina culture. These files also include items relating to organizations in which Walser was active. Much of the material in Series 1 and 2 was used by Walser to produce the writings documented in Series 3 and other works that are not represented in that series.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. Individual files, 1930s-1980s.

About 18,000 items.

Chiefly correspondence, clippings, and writings of Walser and others about the writers, chiefly North Carolinians, listed below. Clippings from newspapers and other printed sources predominate. Asterisks indicate folders containing substantive correspondence either with or about the author in question. folder titles are those used by Walser.

Folder 1

*Abernethy, Arthur Talmage

Folder 2

Abrams, W. Amos

Folder 3

Ackley, Randall

Folder 4

*Adams, Agatha Boyd

Folder 5

Adams, Cynthia DeFord

Folder 6

Adcock, Betty

Folder 7

Ader, Paul

Folder 8

Alderman, Edwin

Folder 9

Allen, Sarah S.

Folder 10

Alley, Felix

Folder 11

Ammons, A.R.

Folder 12

Anderson, Henry

Folder 13

Anderson, Sherwood

Folder 14

Applewhite, James

Folder 15

Arnett, Ethel Stephens

Folder 16

Arthur, Billy

Folder 17

Ashe, Smauel A'Court

Folder 18

Aswell, Edward C.

Folder 19

Athas, Daphne

Folder 20

*Atkins, Stewart

Folder 21

Avery, Isaac Erwin

Folder 22

Badger, J. Lawrence

Folder 23

*Bahnson, Agnew

Folder 24

Baily, Waldron

Folder 25

*Baity, Elizabeth Chesley

Folder 26

Baker, Emma

Folder 27

Banning, Margaret Culkin

Folder 28

*Barnwell, Robinson

Folder 29

*Barrie, Donald

Folder 30

*Barringer, Bugs

Folder 31

*Bartlett, Paul

Folder 32

Bartram, John and William

Folder 33

Bassett, John Spencer

Folder 34

Basso, Hamilton

Folder 35

Battle, Dossey

Folder 36

Battle, Kemp Plummer

Folder 37

*Bayes, Ronald H.

Folder 38

*Beaman, Joyce Proctor

Folder 39

*Bell, Corydon and Thelma Harrington

Folder 40

*Bell, Holley Mackie, II

Folder 41

*Bell, Mae Woods

Folder 42

Bennett, Peggy

Folder 43

*Bernstein, Aline and Klein, Carole

Folder 44-45

Folder 44

Folder 45

*Betts, Doris

Folder 46

*Bevington, Helen

Folder 47

*Bishop, Don

Folder 48

Bittle, Camilla

Folder 49

*Bjorkman, Edwin

Folder 50

*Blackstock, Walter

Folder 51

*Blair, John Fries

Folder 52

Blomquist, H.L.

Folder 53

*Blount, Charlotte

Folder 54-55

Folder 54

Folder 55

*Blythe, LeGette

Folder 56

*Bonitz, Fred

Folder 57

Bonner, John Henry

Folder 58

Bowman, Robert A.

Folder 59

*Boyd, James

Boyd, Madeleine (See: Hoagland, Clayton)

Folder 60

Boyd, William Kenneth

Folder 61

Bradbury, Ray

Folder 62

*Bragaw, John

Folder 63

*Brandon, Evan

Folder 64

*Brantley, Russell

Folder 65

Brawley, Benjamin

Folder 66

Brett, Catherine

Folder 67

*Brewer, John Mason

Folder 68

Brickell, John

Folder 69

*Bridgers, Ann Preston

Folder 70

*Broadfoot, Thomas

Folder 71

*Brockman, Zoe K.

Folder 72

Brodin, Pierre

Folder 73

Brookhouse, Christopher

Folder 74

Brooks, A.L.

Folder 75

*Brown, Bob

Folder 76

Brown, Marion

Folder 77-80

Folder 77

Folder 78

Folder 79

Folder 80

*Brown, William Hill

Folder 81

*Browning, Dixie

Folder 82

Bunting, John N.

Folder 83

Burch, Viola S.

Folder 84

Burgess, Jackson

Folder 85

*Burgwyn, Mebane H.

Folder 86-87

Folder 86

Folder 87

Burke, Thomas

Folder 88

*Burt, Struthers and Newlin, Katherine

Folder 89

Burton, W.C.

Folder 90

Byrd, Sam

Folder 91

Byrd, William

Folder 92

Calapai, Letterio

Folder 93

*Canady, Julia

Folder 94

Cannon, Marion

Folder 95

*Carroll, Ruth and Latrobe

Folder 96

Carroll, Walter

Folder 97

Cash, W.J.

Folder 98

Catesby, Mark

Folder 99

Chaloner, John Armstrong

Folder 100

Chamberlain, Hope Summerell

Folder 101

*Champion, Myra

Folder 102-103

Folder 102

Folder 103

Chappell, Fred

Folder 104

*Chase, Richard

Folder 105

Cheshire, Joseph Blount

Folder 106

Chestnutt, Charles W.

Folder 107

Clarke, Jim

Folder 108

Clarke, Mary B.

Folder 109

*Clarvoe, Frank A.

Folder 110

Clay, J.W.

Folder 111

Cleaver, Vera and Bill

Folder 112

Coates, Albert

Folder 113

Cobb, Irvin S.

Folder 114

*Cobb, Lucy Maria

Folder 115

Cobb, Needham Bryan

Folder 116

Cobb, William E.

Folder 117

Cochran, Hamilton

Folder 118

Cohn, David L.

Folder 119

*Coker, Elizabeth Boatwright

Folder 120

*Coker, Robert E.

Folder 121

Coleman, Elliot

Folder 122

Coleman, Lonnie

Folder 123

Conner, R.D.W.

Folder 124

Conrad, Barnaby

Folder 125

Coogler, J. Gordon

Folder 126

Copeland, Helen

Folder 127

Corbitt, D.L.

Folder 128

Cotton, Sally Southall

Folder 129

*Councilman, Emily

Folder 130

Craven, Braxton

Folder 131

Credle, Ellis

Folder 132

Creecy, Richard Benbury

Folder 133

Crisp, Lucy Cherry

Folder 134

*Cushman, Rebecca

Folder 135

Daly, Augustin

Folder 136-137

Folder 136

Folder 137

*Daniels, Jonathan

Folder 138

Daniels, Josephus

Folder 139

Daniels, Lucy

Folder 140

*Dargon, Olive Tilford

Folder 141

*Davidson, Chalmers

Folder 142-144

Folder 142

Folder 143

Folder 144

*Davis, Burke

Folder 145

Davis, Chester

Folder 146

Davis, James

Folder 147

*Davis, Lambert

Folder 148

Davis, Rebecca Harding

Folder 149

Debram, W.E.

Folder 150

*Dejong, David

Folder 151

DeJong, Meindart

Folder 152

DeVoto, Bernard

Folder 153

*Dickson, Frank A.

Folder 154

Dill, A.T.

Folder 155

*Dixon, Thomas

Folder 156

*Doar, Harriet

Folder 157

Dodd, William E.

Folder 158-159

Folder 158

Folder 159

*Donald, David Herbert

Dorian, Sylvester (See: Holland Brett)

Folder 160-161

Folder 160

Folder 161

Dugger, Shepherd Monroe

Folder 162

*Dula, Lucile Noell

Folder 163

Duncan, Eula G.

Folder 164

Dupree, Louis

Folder 165

Durham, Earnest C.

Folder 166

*Dykeman, Wilma

Folder 167

*Earnshaw, Edith

Folder 168-169

Folder 168

Folder 169

*Eaton, Charles Edward

Folder 170

Edgerton, Clyde

Folder 171-172

Folder 171

Folder 172

*Ehle, John

Folder 173

Elam, William C.

Folder 174

Ellis, Milton

Folder 175

Emery, Sarah W.

Folder 176

Erskine, Emma P.

Folder 177

Ervin, Sam

Folder 178

Ethridge, Willie S.

Folder 179-180

Folder 179

Folder 180

Evans, C.N.B.

Folder 181

Evans, Elizabeth

Folder 182

*Fairbanks, Marjorie C.

Folder 183

*Fallon, Eugene A.

Folder 184

*Faulkner, William

Folder 185

Ferber, Edna

Folder 186

Ferrel, Anderson

Folder 187

*Field, Julia

Folder 188

Field, Leslie A.

Folder 189-190

Folder 189

Folder 190

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

Folder 191

Fitz-simons, Foster

Folder 191a

*Fleetham, David

Folder 192-196

Folder 192

Folder 193

Folder 194

Folder 195

Folder 196

*Fletcher, Inglis

Folder 197

Foerster, Norman

Folder 198

*Forbus, Ina

Folder 199

Fowler, Robert

Folder 200

Frankel, Ernest

Folder 201

Freeman, Ozell

Folder 202

Fries, Adelaide Lisetta

Folder 203

Frings, Ketti

Folder 204

Frost, Robert

Folder 205

Frye, Jesse

Folder 206

*Fulenwider, John

Folder 207

Fuller, Edwin

Folder 208

Gales, Joseph

Folder 209

Garcilaso de la Vega

Gardner, Angela Davis (See: Davis, Burke)

Folder 210

Garner, Edward

Folder 211

Gaston, William

Folder 212

Gay, James

Folder 213

Gibbons, Kaye

Folder 214

Gilbert, Katharine

Folder 215

*Gilkes, Lillian

Folder 216

*Gillet, Mary

Folder 217

Ginns, Patsy

Folder 218

*Gitlin, Paul

Folder 219

Godfrey, Thomas

Folder 220

Godwin, Gail

Folder 221

Goerch, Carl

Goforth, Frances (See: Richardson, Howard)

Folder 222

Gold, Daisy

Folder 223-224

Folder 223

Folder 224

Golden, Harry

Folder 225

Gorsline, Douglas

Folder 226

Gordon, Ian

Folder 227

Graham, Billy

Folder 228

Graves, Louis

Folder 229

Gray, Elizabeth Janet

Folder 230

Green, Charlotte Hilton

Folder 231

*Green, Paul

Folder 232

Grimsley, Linda

Folder 233

Haas, Ben

Folder 234

*Hagan, John

Folder 235

*Halberstadt, John

Folder 236

Hall, Clement

Folder 237

*Hall, Jay

Folder 238

Hall, Thomas Harminson

Folder 239

Halyburton, Ed

Folder 240

Hamilton, Joseph Gregoire de Roulac

Folder 241

*Hancock, Alice and Mary

Folder 242

*Hanes, Frank Borden

Folder 243

Hannum, Alberta Pierson

Folder 244

Hanson, Howard Gordon

Folder 245

*Harden, John

Folder 246

Hardison, O.B.

Folder 247

Hardy, William and Melissa

Folder 248

Hargrove, Marion

Folder 249

Hariot, Thomas

Folder 250

Harman, Henry E.

Folder 251

Harmon, William

Folder 252

Harrell, William Bernard

Harrington, Thelma (See: Bell, Corydon)

Folder 253-258

Folder 253

Folder 254

Folder 255

Folder 256

Folder 257

Folder 258

*Harris, Bernice K.

Folder 259

Harris, Bertha

Folder 260

Harris, Gina G.

Folder 261

Harris, Hunter Lee

Folder 262

*Harris, R.P.

Folder 263

Harrisse, Henry

Folder 264

Hart, Alban J.

Folder 265

Hartley, Lodwick

Folder 266

Hartsell, Earl H.

Folder 267

Hatchett, William

Folder 268

Hay, Jacob

Folder 269

Hay, James, Jr.

Folder 270

Hayden, Hiram

Folder 271

Hayes, Hubert

Folder 272

*Hayne, Paul Hamilton

Folder 273

Haywood, Marshall DeLancey

Folder 274

Hedden, Worth Tuttle

Folder 275

Helper, Hinton Rowan

Folder 276

Hemingway, Ernest

Folder 277

*Henderson, Archibald

Folder 278

Henderson, Philo P.

Folder 279-281

Folder 279

Folder 280

Folder 281

Henry, O.

Folder 282

Hentz, Caroline Lee and Nicholas Marcellus

Folder 283

Herrington, William D.

Folder 284

*Hewitt, Andrew

Folder 285

Hill, Theodore Hunter

Folder 286

Hintz, Naomi A.

Folder 287-288

Folder 287

Folder 288

*Hoagland, Clayton

Folder 289

Hobbs, S.H.

Folder 290

*Hodges, Betty

Folder 291

*Hoffman, Peggy

Folder 292

Holden, William W.

Folder 293

Holland, Brett

Folder 294

Hollingsworth, Jesse G.

Folder 295-296

Folder 295

Folder 296

*Holman, C. Hugh

Folder 297

*Holmes, E.P.

Folder 298

*Hooks, Arah

Folder 299

Hooper, Johnson Jones

Folder 300

*Horne, Phillip

Folder 301-307

Folder 301

Folder 302

Folder 303

Folder 304

Folder 305

Folder 306

Folder 307

*Horton, George Moses

Folder 308-309

Folder 308

Folder 309

*Horton, George Moses--The Black Poet (Walser, 1966)

Folder 310

*House, Robert

Folder 311

*Houston, Noel

Folder 312

*Hoyle, Bernadette

Folder 313

Hubbell, Jay B.

Folder 314

*Hudson, Arthur Palmer

Folder 315

Huggins, Edith Warren

Folder 316

*Hughes, Hatcher

Folder 317

Hulme, Francis Pledger

Folder 318

Huneycutt, Arch

Folder 319

*Hunt, Mabel Leigh

Folder 320-321

Folder 320

Folder 321

*Hunter, Kermit

Folder 322

Hunter, Rixie

Folder 323

Hurston, Zora Neale

Folder 324

*Hutchison, Stuart

Folder 325

Hyman, Mac

Folder 326

*Hyman, Stella B.

Folder 327

*Idol, John L., Jr.

Folder 328

Inman, William A.

Folder 329

*Ives, Ulmont

Folder 330

*Jackson, Jesse (writer of children's books)

Folder 331-332

Folder 331

Folder 332

*Jarrell, Randall

Folder 333

Jefferies, Susan H.

Folder 334

Jeffreys, Raymond J.

Folder 335

Jenks, Almet

Folder 336

*Johnson, F. Roy

Folder 337

*Johnson, Gerald

Folder 338

Johnson, Pamela Hansford

Folder 339

Johnston, Carol

Folder 340

Jones, Decatur

Folder 341

*Jones, Hamilton C.

Folder 342

Jones, Weimar

Folder 343

*Kennedy, Richard

Folder 344

*Kennedy, X.J.

Folder 345

Kephart, Horace

Folder 346

Kerouac, Jack

Folder 347

Kessel, John J.

Folder 348

Key, Alexander

Folder 349

Kimzey, Ardis

Folder 350

Kirkland, Winifred M.

Folder 351

Kizer, Carolyn

Klein, Carole (See: Bernstein, Aline)

Folder 352

Knight, Edgar W.

Folder 353

*Knox, Joe

Folder 354

*Knox, Rose B.

Folder 355

Koch, Dorothy

Folder 356

*Koch, Frederick H.

Folder 357

*Kodaira, Takashi

Folder 358

Lanier, Sidney

Folder 359

Lanman, John

Folder 360

Latham, Edythe

Folder 361

Lathrop, George Parson

Folder 362

*Lathrop, Virginia T.

Folder 363-364

Folder 363

Folder 364

Lawson, John

Folder 365

*Layton, James S.

Folder 366

Lederer, John

Folder 367

Lefler, Hugh

Folder 368

Lehman, Emma A.

Folder 369

Leighton, Clare

Folder 370

*Leonard, Burgess

Folder 371

Lewis, Nell Battle

Folder 372-373

Folder 372

Folder 373

Linney, Romulus

Folder 374

Lockridge, Richard

Folder 375

Longmeyer, Carole Marsh

Folder 376

Lovejoy, J. Madison

Folder 377

Macauley, Robie

Folder 378

*MacDuffie, Laurette

Folder 379

*MacLeod, Norman

Folder 380

MacNeill, Ben Dixon

Folder 381

MacRae, John

Folder 382

Madison, Dolley

Folder 383-387

Folder 383

Folder 384

Folder 385

Folder 386

Folder 387

*Magi, Aldo

Folder 388

*Mahoney, John

Folder 389

Malone, Michael

Folder 390

*Malone, Ted

Folder 391

Marcus, Adrianne

Folder 392

Maron, Margaret

Folder 393

Marquand, John

Folder 394

Marshall, Edison

Folder 395

Marshall, Robert K.

Folder 396

Martenet, May Davies

Folder 397

Martin, Alexander

Folder 398

Martin, Leonora

Folder 399

*Mason, Julian

Folder 400

Mason, Mary Ann

Folder 401

Maupin, Armistead

Folder 402

McCall, Adeline

Folder 403

McConnaughey, James

Folder 404

McCorkle, Jill

Folder 405

McCorkle, Sarah Tallulah (Lutie)

Folder 406

McCoy, George W., Jr.

Folder 407

McCullers, Carson

Folder 408

McGirt, James E.

Folder 409-411

Folder 409

Folder 410

Folder 411

*McGirt, William A.

Folder 412

McIlwain, William

Folder 413

McKenna, Richard

Folder 414

*McKnight, John P.

Folder 415-420

Folder 415

Folder 416

Folder 417

Folder 418

Folder 419

Folder 420

McNeill, John Charles

Folder 421-422

Folder 421

Folder 422

*Medley, Mary L.

Folder 423

*Meehan, James

Folder 424

Merrick, Eliot

Folder 425

*Metcalf, Paul

Folder 426

Miller, Caroline

Folder 427

*Miller, Heather Ross

Folder 428

Miller, Helen Topping

Folder 429

Mills, Charles

Folder 430

*Mines, Robert

Folder 431

*Mitchell, Joseph

Folder 432

*Moore, Bertha

Folder 433

Moore, Ida

Folder 434

Moore, John Wheeler

Folder 435

*Moose, Ruth

Folder 436

Morehouse, Kathleen

Folder 437

*Morgan, Fred

Folder 438

Morgan, Robert

Folder 439

Morly, Margaret

Folder 440

Morphis, Sam

Folder 441

Morrah, Dave

Folder 442

*Morrison, Deane

Folder 443

*Mostowski, Jan S.

Folder 444

*Mozingo, Edgar

Folder 445

Muller, Herbert J.

Folder 446

*Murphy, Isabel

Folder 447

*Murray, Elizabeth Reid

Folder 448

Murray, Pauli

Newlin, Katherine (See: Burt, Struthers)

Folder 449

Newman, Paul Baker

Folder 450

Newsom, D.W.

Folder 451

Newton, Suzanne

Folder 452

*Niggli, Josephina

Folder 453

*Nixon, Sallie

Folder 454

*Norris, Hoke

Folder 455

Nowell, Elizabeth

Folder 456

Nye, Bill

Folder 457

Oates, John A.

Folder 458

Odum, Howard Washington

Folder 459

*Oldham, Edward A.

Folder 460

*Olds, Helen D.

Folder 461

Olmsted, Stanley

Folder 462

Olson, Charles

Folder 463


Folder 464


Folder 465-469

Folder 465

Folder 466

Folder 467

Folder 468

Folder 469

*Owen, Guy

Folder 470

*Page, Hubbard Fulton

Folder 471

Page, Walter Hines

Folder 472

*Parker, Roy, Jr.

Folder 473

Parramore, Barbara and Thomas

Folder 474

Parris, John

Folder 475

*Patterson, Daniel W.

Folder 476

Pattilo, Henry

Folder 477

*Patton, Frances Gray

Folder 478

*Payne, Anne Blackwell

Folder 479

Pearce, T.H.

Folder 480-483

Folder 480

Folder 481

Folder 482

Folder 483

*Pearson, James Larkin

Folder 484

Pearson, T.R.

Folder 485

Peattie, Elia W.

Folder 486

Peele, William Joseph

Folder 487

Perkins, Maxwell

Folder 488-489

Folder 488

Folder 489

*Peterson, Mattie J.

Folder 490

Phillips, Jane

Folder 491-492

Folder 491

Folder 492

*Phillipson, John S.

Folder 493

Pierce, Ovid Williams

Folder 494

*Pingel, Martha

Folder 495

*Pinnix, Hannah C.

Folder 496

Poe, Clarence

Folder 497

*Polk, William T.

Folder 498

Polsky, Thomas

Folder 499

Pory, John

Folder 500-501

Folder 500

Folder 501

Poteat, Edwin McNeill

Folder 502

Poteat, Hubert M.

Folder 503

Poteat, William L.

Folder 504

Potter, Robert

Folder 505

Powell, Talmage

Folder 506

*Powell, William S.

Folder 507

*Preston, George R.

Folder 508-509

Folder 508

Folder 509

Price, Reynolds

Folder 510

Pridgen, Tim

Folder 511

Prince, William M.

Folder 512

*Pugh, Jesse F.

Folder 513

Pugh, Mabel

Folder 514

Ragan, Sam

Folder 515

Redding, J. Saunders

Folder 516

Reeves, Campbell

Folder 517

*Reeves, Paschal

Folder 518

Rehder, Jessie

Folder 519

Reid, Christian

Folder 520

*Reid, Elizabeth

Folder 521

Rhine, Joseph B.

Folder 522

Rhodes, William H.

Folder 523

Richardson, Frank H.

Folder 524

Richardson, Howard

Folder 525

*Ricks, Peirson

Folder 526

Roberts, Nancy and Bruce

Folder 527

Robinson, Benjamin

Folder 528

Robinson, Blackwell P.

Folder 529

*Rogers, Lettie

Folder 530

*Rogers, Lou

Folder 531

Rooke, Leon

Folder 532

*Ross, Fred, James, and Eleanor (See also: Taylor, Peter)

Folder 533

Rounds, Glen

Folder 534

*Rountree, Moses

Folder 535

Royster, Vermont

Folder 536

*Ruark, Robert

Folder 537-538

Folder 537

Folder 538

*Rubin, Louis, Jr.

Folder 539

Russell, Phillips

Folder 540

Salinger, Herman

Folder 541-544

Folder 541

Folder 542

Folder 543

Folder 544

Sandburg, Carl

Folder 545

Sandburg, Helga

Folder 546

Saunders, William Laurence

Folder 547

Saunders, W.O.

Folder 548-549

Folder 548

Folder 549

Sawyer, Lemuel

Folder 550

Schaw, Janet

Folder 551

*Scheer, George and Julian

Folder 552

*Schneider, Duane

Folder 553

Schopfel, Johan W.A.

Folder 554

*Schorr, Laura Howell

Folder 555

*Schumann, Marguerite

Folder 556

Seawell, Chub

Folder 557

Seeman, Ernest

Folder 558

*Sharpe, William

Folder 559

Shaw, Bynum

Folder 560

*Shepherd, Lilla Vass

Folder 561

Sheppard, Muriel Early

Folder 562

Shivers, Louise

Folder 563

Shore, Mary Lee

Folder 564

*Schull, Charles

Folder 565

*Sieber, Hal A.

Folder 566

Simms, William Gilmore

Folder 567

*Sims, Marian

Folder 568

Skipp, Francis E.

Folder 569-570

Folder 569

Folder 570

Slaughter, Frank

Folder 571

*Slaughter, Ted

Folder 572

Sledd, Benjamin F.

Folder 573

*Smaw, Owen Meredith

Folder 574

Smith, Betty

Folder 575

Smith, Charles Alphonso

Folder 576

Smith, Edith H.

Folder 577

*Smith, Frances

Folder 578

Smith, Lee

Folder 579

*Smith, Paul and Bunny

Folder 580

Snow, A.C.

Folder 581

*Spearman, Walter

Folder 582

Speas, Jan Cox

Folder 583

Spencer, Cornelia P.

Folder 584

Stallings, Laurence

Folder 585

Starbuck, Victor

Folder 586

Steele, Max

Folder 587

*Steele, Wilbur Daniel

Folder 588-590

Folder 588

Folder 589

Folder 590

*Stem, Thad

Folder 591

*Stephenson, Gilbert T.

Folder 592

Stephenson, Shelby

Folder 593-594

Folder 593

Folder 594

*Stick, David

Folder 595

Stockard, Henry Jerome

Folder 596

*Strange, David

Folder 597-598

Folder 597

Folder 598

*Strange, Robert

Folder 599

*Street, James H.

Folder 600

*Street, Julia Montgomery

Folder 601

Styron, William

Folder 602

*Summerow, Dorothy E.

Folder 603

Sydnor, Charles S.

Folder 604-610

Folder 604

Folder 605

Folder 606

Folder 607

Folder 608

Folder 609

Folder 610

*Taliafero, Hardin E.

Folder 611

*Taylor, Peter and Eleanor Ross

Folder 612

*Teicher, Morton I.

Folder 613

Terry, John S.

Folder 614

*Theobald, Ted

Folder 615

*Thomas, Heath

Folder 616

*Thomas, Theresa

Folder 617-618

Folder 617

Folder 618

*Throop, George H.

Folder 619

Tippett, James

Folder 620

Tourgee, Albion W.

Folder 621

Tracy, Don

Folder 622

*Tsunemoto, Hiroshi

Folder 623

*Tucker, Glenn

Folder 624

*Tucker, Helen

Folder 625

Turnbull, Andrew

Folder 626

*Turner, Robert

Folder 627

Tyler, Anne

Folder 628

*Underwood, Thomas A.

Folder 629

*Vail, Ruth

Folder 630

Vance, Rupert B.

Folder 631

*Vance, Zeb

Folder 632

Verne, Jules

Folder 633


Folder 634

*Vollmer, Lula

Folder 635

Wagstaff, Henry McGilbert

Folder 636

*Walters, Thomas

Folder 637

Wann, Jim

Folder 638

*Ward, Vernon

Folder 639

Wardlaw, Jack

Folder 640

Warren, Edward

Folder 641

Watkins, Floyd

Folder 642

*Watson, Robert

Folder 643

Weaver, John V.A.

Folder 644

*Webb, Mena

Folder 645

*Wechter, Nell Wise

Folder 646-649

Folder 646

Folder 647

Folder 648

Folder 649

*Wellman, Manly Wade

Folder 650

West, Jessamyn

Folder 651-652

Folder 651

Folder 652

*West, John Foster

Folder 653

Whedbee, Charles Henry

Folder 654

*Whisnant, Charleen

Folder 655

*Whitaker, Paul F.

Folder 656

White, John

Folder 657

White, Newman Ivey

Folder 658

Whittlesay, Sarah C.

Folder 659-661

Folder 659

Folder 660

Folder 661

*Wicker, Tom

Folder 662-664

Folder 662

Folder 663

Folder 664

Wiley, Calvin Henderson

Folder 665

Wilkinson, Carolyn

Folder 666

Wilkinson, Sylvia

Folder 667

Williams, Cratis

Folder 668

Williams, Horace

Folder 669-672

Folder 669

Folder 670

Folder 671

Folder 672

*Williams, Jonathan

Folder 673

Williams, Samm-Art

Folder 674

Wilson, Louis Round

Folder 675

*Wilson, Sidney Ann

Folder 676

Wilson, Woodrow

Folder 677

*Winslow, John

Folder 678

Winston, Robert

Folder 679

Wisdom, William B.

Folder 680

Wolcott, Reed

*Wolfe, Thomas (See also: Gitlin, Paul; Gorsline, Douglas; Phillipson, John S.)

Folder 681

*Wolfe, Thomas: 1900-1915

Folder 682-685

Folder 682

Folder 683

Folder 684

Folder 685

*Wolfe, Thomas: 1916-1920 (at the University of North Carolina)

Folder 686

*Wolfe, Thomas: 1916-1920 (at the University of North Carolina)--Carolina Playmakers

Folder 687

*Wolfe, Thomas: 1920-1923 (at Harvard)

Folder 688-689

Folder 688

Folder 689

*Wolfe, Thomas: 1924-1938

Folder 690

*Wolfe, Thomas: 1938 (death)

Folder 691

*Wolfe, Thomas: Anecdotes

Folder 692

*Wolfe, Thomas: Angel (statue)

Folder 693-694

Folder 693

Folder 694

*Wolfe, Thomas: Asheville (N.C.)

Folder 695

*Wolfe, Thomas: Authors influenced by Wolfe

Folder 696

*Wolfe, Thomas: Autobiographical outline

Folder 697

*Wolfe, Thomas: "Biography in Sound"

Folder 698

*Wolfe, Thomas: Book prices

Folder 699

*Wolfe, Thomas: Braden-Hatchett Thomas Wolfe Collection Catalog

Folder 700

*Wolfe, Thomas: Carolina Magazine (special edition, 1938)

Folder 701

*Wolfe, Thomas: "The Crisis in Industry" (prolegomena by Walser, 1978)

Folder 702

*Wolfe, Thomas: Criticism (remarks and opinions)

Folder 703-705

Folder 703

Folder 704

Folder 705

*Wolfe, Thomas: Criticism in articles, 1935-1988

Folder 706

*Wolfe, Thomas: Criticism in books

Folder 707

*Wolfe, Thomas: Deaths of associates

Folder 708

*Wolfe, Thomas: Drama

Folder 709

*Wolfe, Thomas: The Enigma of Thomas Wolfe (Walser, 1953)

Folder 710

*Wolfe, Thomas: "An Escape into Life" (videotape, Walser, 1986)

Folder 711

*Wolfe, Thomas: Family

Folder 712

*Wolfe, Thomas: Family--Gambell family

Folder 713

*Wolfe, Thomas: Family--Letters, 1891-1952 (photocopies)

Folder 714

*Wolfe, Thomas: Family--Letters to his mother (photocopies)

Folder 715

*Wolfe, Thomas: Family--Wheaton, Mabel Wolfe

Folder 716

*Wolfe, Thomas: Family--Wolfe, Frank,Ben, Dietz

Folder 717

*Wolfe, Thomas: Family--Wolfe, Fred

Folder 718

*Wolfe, Thomas: Family--Wolfe, Julia

Folder 719

*Wolfe, Thomas: Family--Wolfe, W.O.

Folder 720

*Wolfe, Thomas: Germany

Folder 721

*Wolfe, Thomas: Humor

Folder 722-723

Folder 722

Folder 723

*Wolfe, Thomas: Identification of characters in works

Folder 724-726

Folder 724

Folder 725

Folder 726

*Wolfe, Thomas: Miscellaneous

Folder 727-728

Folder 727

Folder 728

*Wolfe, Thomas: Miscellaneous Walser speeches and writings on Wolfe

Folder 729

*Wolfe, Thomas: Movies, plays, etc. about Wolfe

Folder 730

*Wolfe, Thomas: Music about Wolfe

Folder 731-733

Folder 731

Folder 732

Folder 733

*Wolfe, Thomas: Novels, short stories, essays

Folder 734-735

Folder 734

Folder 735

*Wolfe, Thomas: "Old Kentucky Home"

Folder 736

*Wolfe, Thomas: Photographs: many of these photographs were used to illustrate Walser's publications about Wolfe (most are not original prints)

Image Folder PF-4168/1-2



Early years and family: About 50 photographs of Wolfe, members of his family, and scenes of his childhood. Many of the items are copies of photographs held by the North Carolina Collection at the University of North Carolina.

Image Folder PF-4168/3-4



Wolfe at the University of North Carolina: About 25 photographs taken at the University of North Carolina while Wolfe was a student there, some of which picture Wolfe, including 13 photographs, 1919-1920, sent to Walser in 1973 by Wolfe's classmate, Corydon Spruill

Image Folder PF-4168/5-8





Miscellaneous: About 30 photographs, 1921-1938, of Wolfe, his relatives, and friends. Also includes later photographs of paintings, drawings, and pieces of sculpture depicting Wolfe

Image Folder PF-4168/9-10



Thomas Wolfe Society: About 30 photographs, 1972-1989, taken at Thomas Wolfe Society functions

Folder 737

*Wolfe, Thomas: Poems by Wolfe

Folder 738

*Wolfe, Thomas: Poems sent to Wolfe

Folder 739

*Wolfe, Thomas: Postage stamp of Wolfe

Folder 740

*Wolfe, Thomas: Quotations

Folder 741-743

Folder 741

Folder 742

Folder 743

*Wolfe, Thomas: Reminiscences of Wolfe by others

Folder 744

*Wolfe, Thomas: Riverside Cemetery

Folder 745

*Wolfe, Thomas: Seventy-fifth anniversary celebrations (1975)

Folder 746-752

Folder 746

Folder 747

Folder 748

Folder 749

Folder 750

Folder 751

Folder 752

*Wolfe, Thomas: Symbols

Folder 753

*Wolfe, Thomas: Symbols--Mountains

Folder 754

*Wolfe, Thomas: Symbols--Stones

Folder 755

*Wolfe, Thomas: Symbols--Trains

Folder 756

*Wolfe, Thomas: Theses and dissertations on Wolfe

Folder 757

*Wolfe, Thomas: Thomas Wolfe Club

Folder 758

*Wolfe, Thomas: Thomas Wolfe Interviewed (Walser, 1985)

Folder 759

*Wolfe, Thomas: Thomas Wolfe Newsletter

Folder 760-762

Folder 760

Folder 761

Folder 762

*Wolfe, Thomas: Thomas Wolfe Society (see also photo-graphs above)

Folder 763

*Wolfe, Thomas: Thomas Wolfe Undergraduate (Walser,1977)

Folder 764

*Wolfe, Thomas: Thomas Wolfe's Pennsylvania (Walser, 1978)

Folder 765

*Wolfe, Thomas: Wolfe and Belinda Jelliffe (Walser, 1987)

Folder 766

*Wolfe, Thomas: The Wolfe Family in Raleigh (Walser, 1976)

Folder 767

Wood, Charles

Folder 768

Woolson, Constance Fenimore

Folder 769

Worth, Daniel

Folder 770

*Worth, Kathryn

Folder 771

Wright, Charles D.

Folder 772

*Wright, Watkins E.

Folder 773

*Wyatt, David J.

Folder 774

Yardley, Jonathan

Folder 775

*Young, Charlotte

Folder 776

Zachary, Hugh

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Subject files, 1932-1988.

About 7,500 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Chiefly correspondence, clippings, and writings of Walser and others on the subjects listed below. Clippings from newspapers and other printed sources predominate. folder titles are, except where clarification was necessary, those used by Walser.

Folder 777


Folder 778


Folder 779


Folder 780

Biographies: Miscellaneous

Folder 781

Black Mountain College

Folder 782

Books: History of (in North Carolina)

Folder 783

Books: Miscellaneous

Folder 784


Folder 785

Dare County (N.C.)

Folder 786

Davidson County Community College (N.C.)

Folder 787-788

Folder 787

Folder 788


Folder 789

Dismal Swamp

Folder 790

Drama: History

Folder 791-793

Folder 791

Folder 792

Folder 793

Drama: Miscellaneous

Folder 794

Drama: Outdoor

Folder 795

Drama: Playscripts

Folder 796


Folder 797


Folder 798

Expressions: Origins of

Folder 799

Expressions: Origins of "Buncombe"

Folder 800

Expressions: Origins of "Long time between drinks"

Folder 801

Expressions: Origins of "O.K."

Folder 802

Expressions: Origins of "Tarheel"

Folder 803

Fiction: Miscellaneous

Folder 804

Folklore: Books

Folder 805

Folklore: Christmas--"John Kuners"

Folder 806

Folklore: Christmas--"Old Christmas"

Folder 807-808

Folder 807

Folder 808

Folklore: Clark, Joseph D.

Folder 809

Folklore: Clark, Joseph D.--Animals

Folder 810

Folklore: Clark, Joseph D.--East Tennessee customs

Folder 811

Folklore: Clark, Joseph D.--Madstones

Folder 812

Folklore: Clark, Joseph D.--North Carolina Popular Beliefs and Supersititions

Folder 813

Folklore: Crafts

Folder 814

Folklore: Customs

Folder 815

Folklore: Davidson County students (1971)

Folder 816

Folklore: Definition of

Folder 817

Folklore: "Don Quixote Invincibles"

Folder 818-819

Folder 818

Folder 819

Folklore: Evil creatures

Folder 820

Folklore: Folk dancers

Folder 821-823

Folder 821

Folder 822

Folder 823

Folklore: Folk yarns and tall tales

Folder 824

Folklore: Frank C. Brown Collection

Folder 825-827

Folder 825

Folder 826

Folder 827

Folklore: Ghost stories

Folder 828

Folklore: Human oddities

Folder 829

Folklore: Miscellaneous

Folder 830-831

Folder 830

Folder 831

Folklore: Music

Folder 832-836

Folder 832

Folder 833

Folder 834

Folder 835

Folder 836

Folklore: Myths and legends

Folder 837

Folklore: Pack Library checklist

Folder 838

Folklore: Phenomena

Folder 839-840

Folder 839

Folder 840

Folklore: Societies

Folder 841

Folklore: Superstitions, proverbs, rhymes,riddles

Folder 842

Folklore: Voodoo

Folder 843

Historical Society of North Carolina

Folder 844

History: Books

Folder 845

History: Events

Folder 846

History: Local

Folder 847-852

Folder 847

Folder 848

Folder 849

Folder 850

Folder 851

Folder 852


Folder 853


Folder 854

Iredell index

Folder 855-856

Folder 855

Folder 856

Joint Committee for the Compilation of a Handbook of North Carolina Writers

Folder 857


Folder 858-860

Folder 858

Folder 859

Folder 860

Juvenile literature

Folder 861

Kings Mountain (N.C.)

Folder 862


Folder 863

Literary awards

Folder 864

"Literary Map of North Carolina" (1950)

Folder 865


Folder 866-867

Folder 866

Folder 867


Folder 868


Folder 869

Music: Miscellaneous

Folder 870

Music: Opera and Ballet

Folder 871


Folder 872

North Carolina Atlas (1975)

Folder 873-874

Folder 873

Folder 874

North Carolina Awards Commission

Folder 875

North Carolina Literary and Historical Association

Folder 876-877

Folder 876

Folder 877

North Carolina Poetry Society

Folder 878-880

Folder 878

Folder 879

Folder 880

North Carolina Writers Conference

Folder 881

North Caroliniana Society

Folder 882

Novels: 1734-1939

Folder 883

Novels: 1940-1957

Folder 884

Novels: 1958-1960

Folder 885

Novels: 1961-1970

Folder 886

Novels: 1971-1983

Folder 887

Novels: Dare County (N.C.) settings

Folder 888

Novels: Fantasy

Folder 889

Novels: Gastonia (N.C.) strike (1929) settings

Folder 890

Novels: Historical

Folder 891

Novels: Horror and violence

Folder 892

Novels: Popular

Folder 893

Novels: Romance

Folder 894

Novels: Wake County (N.C.) settings

Folder 895-899

Folder 895

Folder 896

Folder 897

Folder 898

Folder 899

Novels: Whodunits and science fiction

Folder 898

Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity: History

Folder 899


Folder 900

Place names: Origins

Poetry (see also: folder 936 for poems collected for, but not used in the 1941 edition of Walser's North Carolina Poetry)

Folder 901

Poetry: Before 1800

Folder 902

Poetry: 1800-1865

Folder 903

Poetry: 1866-1929

Folder 904

Poetry: 1930-1945

Folder 905

Poetry: 1946-1958

Folder 906-907

Folder 906

Folder 907

Poetry: 1959-1966

Folder 908-909

Folder 908

Folder 909

Poetry: 1967-1979

Folder 910

Poetry: 1980-1988

Folder 911-912

Folder 911

Folder 912

Poetry: Humorous

Folder 913

Poetry Council of North Carolina

Folder 914


Folder 915

Raleigh (N.C.)

Folder 916

Raleigh RASP (1840s) (photocopies)

Folder 917


Folder 918-919

Folder 918

Folder 919

Short stories

Folder 920


Folder 921

University of North Carolina. Library

Folder 922

Watauga Club

Folder 923

Wolf's Head Press

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 3. Writings, 1948-1986.

About 1,500 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Chiefly correspondence, clippings, and other items relating to the publication of several of Walser's major compilations of North Carolina poetry, prose, and anecdotes. Publication dates are given in parentheses. The texts of these works are not included, except for a bound volume of outtakes from the 1941 edition of North Carolina Poetry and the text, in galley form, of Tar Heel Laughter (1974). folders 926-927 contain the texts of shorter works--published and unpublished articles, poems, and reviews--that do not relate to particular individuals or subjects. Writings that do related to specific individuals or subjects are filed in Series 1 (individuals) or 2 (subjects) as appropriate.

Folder 924

Literary North Carolina (1970)

Folder 925

Literary North Carolina (1986)

Folder 926

Miscellaneous short published works (early poems, book reviews, articles, etc.)

Folder 927

Miscellaneous short unpublished works (early poems, articles, etc.)

Folder 928

Nematodes in My Garden of Verse: A Bookof Tar Heel Poems (1959)

Folder 929

North Carolina Drama (1956)

Folder 930

North Carolina in the Short Story (1948)

Folder 931

North Carolina Legends (1980)

Folder 932

North Carolina Miscellany (1962)

Folder 933-934

Folder 933

Folder 934

North Carolina Parade: Stories of History and People (1966)

Folder 935

North Carolina Poetry (1941)

Folder 936

North Carolina Poetry (1941): Outtakes

Folder 937

North Carolina Poetry (1952)

Folder 938

"One Hundred Outstanding Books About North Carolina" (1956)

Folder 939

Picturebook of Tar Heel Authors (1957, 1960, 1966)

Folder 940

Poets of North Carolina (1963)

Folder 941

Short Stores from the Old North State (1959)

Folder 942

Tar Heel Laughter (1974)

Folder 943-944

Folder 943

Folder 944

Tar Heel Laughter: Reprint permissions

Folder 945-947

Folder 945

Folder 946

Folder 947

Tar Heel Laughter: Galleys

Folder 948

"The Twelve Most Influencial North Carolina Books" (1986)

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 4. Other materials.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.1. General correspondence, 1918-1981.

About 200 items.

Correspondence between Walser and professional colleagues that Walser maintained in separate correspondence files. Occasionally, specific projects in which Walser was engaged are discussed, but few letters contain substantive information. Letters from the 1920s through the 1940s document his early career as a student and as a public school teacher. Beginning in the 1950s, letters relate to Walser's position at North Carolina State University and to honors and awards he received. Letters documenting his personal life are rare.

Folder 949


Folder 950-952

Folder 950

Folder 951

Folder 952


Folder 953


Folder 954


Folder 955


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.2. Scrapbook, Diary, Travel Journal, 1926-1936.

3 items.

Scrapbook, 1925-1936; diary, 23 December 1932-2 January 1934; and journal of a European trip, 12 June-2 September 1936. The scrapbook contains papers written for classes at the University of North Carolina, original and collected poems, notes, and other materials relating to Walser's undergraduate and graduate student studies. The diary contains sporadic entries about Walser's graduate studies, a failed romance, and other aspects of student life. The travel journal, profusely illustrated with small photographs, documents Walser's trip to England and France in the summer of 1936.

Folder 956

Scrapbook, 1925-1936

Folder 957

Diary, 23 December 1932-2 January 1934

Folder 958

Travel journal, 23 June-2 September 1936

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.3. Speaking engagements, 1934-1988.

About 200 items.

Letters, clippings, and other items documenting Walser's many speaking engagements. Walser's speeches before professional organizations chiefly dealt with aspects of the North Carolina literary scene or with the work of specific North Carolina writers. He spoke also to more general audiences (at high school commencements, book club meetings, etc.) on more general topics. A list of speeches given, 1947-1988, is filed in folder 964. Where they exist, the texts of speeches dealing with specific topics were filed with other materials on those topics. The texts of a small number of non-specific speeches are filed in Series 3.

Folder 959


Folder 960


Folder 961


Folder 962


Folder 963


Folder 964

1979-1988 and list of speeches, 1947-1988

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.4. United States Naval Reserve, 1942-1946.

About 30 items.

Official letters, printed materials, and other items relating to Walser's World War II service in the United States Naval Reserve. See also Series 4.5 for clippings and Series 5, particularly the photograph albums, for photographs from this period.

Folder 965

United States Naval Reserve

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.5. Clippings, 1925-1977.

About 200 items.

Clippings from newspapers and other printed sources that document Walser's career.

Folder 966


Folder 967-968

Folder 967

Folder 968


Folder 969


Folder 970


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.6. Genealogy, circa 1977-1981.

About 50 items.

Correspondence, printed materials, and notes relating to Walser's interest in family history.

Folder 971-972

Folder 971

Folder 972


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.7. Miscellaneous, 1908-1977.

About 30 items.

Walser's school records and certificates, citations, fellowship applications, and other items relating to Walser's education and professional career.

Folder 973


Oversize Paper Folder OPF-4168/1b


Extra Oversize Paper Folder XOPF-4168/1a


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 5. Pictures, 1891-1986.

About 65 items.

Loose photographs and photograph albums. Most photographs are of Walser alone, although some show him lecturing to groups of people or receiving awards. See also Series 1, Wolfe, Thomas.

There are about 60 photographs of Walser from 1908 (age 6 months) to 1986. Photographs are professional shots for promotional purposes (book jackets, etc.) and informal snapshots, chiefly taken at various meetings and awards ceremonies. They are separated by date.

Image Folder PF-4168/11-15







Oversize Image Folder OP-PF-4168/1

United States Naval Reserve Communication School, Harvard, circa November 1942

Portrait of Richard Gaither Walser

"How Did We Get To Be Tar Heels?," 1954

Photograph Album PA-4168/1-2



Photograph albums

Albums contain annotated photographs, 1891-1982, of Walser, his family, and his friends. Included are photographs of Zeb Vance Walser. Coverage of Walser's years at the University of North Carolina (1/PA-4168) and his World War II career (both albums) is particularly heavy.

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