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Collection Number: 04318

Collection Title: Alexander W. McAlister Papers, 1886-1946

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Size 15.0 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 8500 items)
Abstract Alexander Worth McAlister was founder and president of Pilot Life Insurance Company and a leader in the North Carolina Conference for Social Service and the North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare. Correspondence, writings, pictures, and other material of Alexander W. McAlister chiefly includes correspondence with associates in business and civic organizations and versions of published and unpublished writings by McAlister. Most items date from 1930 through 1943, although there is some earlier correspondence and some writings from as early as the 1880s. Well-documented in these papers are McAlister's activities as a member of the North Carolina Conference for Social Service and the North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare, as well as his association with various civic organizations in Greensboro. Much of the correspondence and many writings relate to particular concerns of McAlister, including prohibition, the New Deal, golf, child welfare, prison reform, the Community Church in Greensboro, and education. Although there is some material relating to McAlister's business activities, documentation in these papers of his work as an insurance executive and in other business ventures is incomplete. There also is little personal material regarding McAlister's family and close friends.
Creator McAlister, Alexander W., 1862-1946.
Curatorial Unit Southern Historical Collection
Language English.
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Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
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[Identification of item], in the Alexander W. McAlister Papers #4318, Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Received from Jean McAlister, Lacy McAlister, and Alexander McAlister, Jr., of Greensboro, N.C. in August 1982 (Acc. 82076, 82136), from Jean McAlister in May 1984 (Acc. 84069) and November 1985 (Acc. 85136), and from Peggy McAlister Sealy of Greensboro, N.C., in November 2001 (Acc. 99121).
Sensitive Materials Statement
Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act (N.C.G.S. § 132 1 et seq.), and Article 7 of the North Carolina State Personnel Act (Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, N.C.G.S. § 126-22 et seq.). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill assumes no responsibility.
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Alexander Worth McAlister, son of Alexander Carey and Adelaide Worth McAlister, was born 21 March 1862 in Asheboro, N.C. He received a bachelor of arts degree from the University of North Carolina in 1882. On 11 April 1894, he married Sara Reid Little, of Richmond County, N.C. They had three sons and two daughters.

In 1895, McAlister organized the first of "the original four" fire insurance companies, the Southern Stock Mutual Insurance Company, which later became the Southern Stock Fire Insurance Company, in Greensboro, N.C. He helped found Pilot Life Insurance Company in 1903, became president in 1909, and was a leader in this company for nearly 30 years.

McAlister was also active in the North Carolina Conference for Social Service from its formation in 1912 and served as its president, 1915-1916. McAlister was instrumental in the formation of the North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare and served as its vice-chairman in 1917. He remained a member of the latter organization until his resignation in 1944. McAlister also served as president of the Greensboro Board of Public Welfare and of the Greensboro Council of Catholics, Jews, and Protestants.

McAlister died 20 November 1946 in Greensboro, N.C.

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The bulk of these papers consist of about 7,000 letters to and from Greensboro, N.C., insurance executive and community leader Alexander W. McAlister, many concerning his interest in social reform in North Carolina, and more than 700 versions of articles, speeches, and other writings by McAlister. Additionally, there are about 39 volumes, including scrapbooks, memo books, and other volumes, and about 30 photographs.

Most items date from 1930 to 1943, although there are some earlier letters and some writings from as early as the 1880s. Arrangement of the correspondence and related material (Subject Files) is alphabetical by correspondent or subject designated by file titles that largely were assigned by McAlister. The writings are arranged by type (articles and essays, speeches and reports, poems).

Well-documented in these papers are McAlister's activities as a member of the North Carolina Conference for Social Service and of the North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare, as well as his association with various civic organizations in Greensboro. Much of the correspondence and many writings relate to particular concerns of McAlister, including prohibition, the New Deal, child welfare, prison reform, religion, and education. Although there is some material relating to McAlister's business activities, documentation in these papers of his work as an insurance executive and in other business ventures in incomplete. There also is little personal material regarding McAlister's family or close friends.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. Subject Files, 1910-1946 (bulk 1930-1943).

About 7600 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Office and reference files of Alexander W. McAlister, chiefly containing correspondence. Also included are reports, printed items, and other kinds of material. This series is the result of the interfiling of four sets of such files, apparently maintained separately by McAlister, which generally covered different chronological periods but which were not chronologically discrete. Original file titles have been maintained in most cases.

The material in this series relates to a wide variety of topics ranging from insurance salesmanship to golf to social welfare. Most material, however, concerns McAlister's involvement in the activities of the North Carolina Conference for Social Service, the North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare, and various civic organizations. Very little material concerns McAlister's family and friends, and the files relating to his business affairs are incomplete.

Note that material pertinent to some of these subjects may be found in other series.

Folder 1

Allison, Young E.

Folder 2

Alumni Associations of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (including Greensboro Alumni Association and Guilford County Alumni Association; see also Rives, Edwin Earle)

Folder 3

American Committee for Defense of British Homes

Folder 4

The American Magazine

Folder 5

The Asheboro Courier

Folder 6

Asheville Citizen-Times Company

Folder 7

Associated Leagues for a Declared War

Folder 8


Folder 9

Bailey, Josiah William

Folder 10

The Baltimore Sun (see also Johnson, Gerald W.)

Folder 11-20

Folder 11

Folder 12

Folder 13

Folder 14

Folder 15

Folder 16

Folder 17

Folder 18

Folder 19

Folder 20

The Bancroft School: Correspondence

Folder 21-24

Folder 21

Folder 22

Folder 23

Folder 24

The Bancroft School: Tuition and Board

Folder 25-28

Folder 25

Folder 26

Folder 27

Folder 28

The Bancroft School: Incidental Expenses

Folder 29

The Bancroft School: Clothing and Medical Expenses

Folder 30

Barnes, James T.

Folder 31

Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.

Folder 32

Benjamin, Edward B.

Folder 33

Berry, John

Folder 34

Bills and Receipts: Miscellaneous

Folder 35

Birth Control (including National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control and Sanger, Margaret)

Folder 36

Blair, William Allen (see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Bost, Annie K.; Broughton, Joseph Melville; and Brown, Roy Melton)

Folder 37

Block, W. E.

Folder 38-47

Folder 38

Folder 39

Folder 40

Folder 41

Folder 42

Folder 43

Folder 44

Folder 45

Folder 46

Folder 47

Bost, Annie K. (see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Blair, William Allen; and Graham, Frank Porter)

Folder 48

Boswell, Martha

Folder 49-50

Folder 49

Folder 50

Bradway, John S. (see also Brown, Roy Melton)

Folder 51

"The Breakfast Table" (see also Frazier, Robert H.; Jackson, Walter Clinton; Keister, Albert S.; O. Henry Drug Stores; Volumes 14-16)

Folder 52-53

Folder 52

Folder 53

Broadhurst, E. D.

Folder 54

Broughton, Joseph Melville (see also Bost, Annie K.)

Folder 55-59

Folder 55

Folder 56

Folder 57

Folder 58

Folder 59

Brown, Roy Melton (see also Bost, Annie K.)

Folder 60

Bryan, R. T.

Folder 61-64

Folder 61

Folder 62

Folder 63

Folder 64


Folder 65

Canoga Farms

Folder 66

Carlson, Carl I.

Folder 67

Cathles, Lawrence M.

Folder 68

Cedar Falls Manufacturing Company

Folder 69

Charlotte Observer

Folder 70-71

Folder 70

Folder 71

Children (including Child Welfare League of America, Inc. and North Carolina Maternal Health League; see also Carlson, Carl I.; Graham, Frank Porter; Johnson, Kate Burr; North Carolina Conference for Social Service; and North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare)

Folder 72

Christian Century

Folder 73

Christian Endeavor Society

Folder 74

Clark, Albert Worth

Folder 75

Clark, David Worth

Folder 76

Clark, Melton

Folder 77

Clinchy, Everett Ross

Folder 78

Coffin, Oscar Jackson

Folder 79

Columbia Broadcasting System Inc.

Folder 80

Common Sense

Folder 81-105

Folder 81

Folder 82

Folder 83

Folder 84

Folder 85

Folder 86

Folder 87

Folder 88

Folder 89

Folder 90

Folder 91

Folder 92

Folder 93

Folder 94

Folder 95

Folder 96

Folder 97

Folder 98

Folder 99

Folder 100

Folder 101

Folder 102

Folder 103

Folder 104

Folder 105

Community Church (including Church by-the-Side of the Road; see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; "The Breakfast Table"; Christian Endeavor Society; Graham, Frank Porter; Keister, Albert S.; King, Huger S.; Saunders, W. O.)

Folder 106

The Community Churchman

Folder 107

Cone, Laura W.

Folder 108-109

Folder 108

Folder 109

Cooper, George Marion (see also Barnes, James T.; Bradway, John S.; and Brown, Roy Melton)

Folder 110-111

Folder 110

Folder 111

Cooperative Societies (including Consumer Distribution Corporation, Consumers Cooperative Association, Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Economics, the Cooperative League, North Carolina Cotton Growers Co-Operative Association; see also Clinchy, Everett Ross; and Ezekiel, Mordecai J. B.)

Folder 112

Couch, William Terry (including Southern Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies)

Folder 113

Cox, D. Sam

Folder 114

Crawford, Margaret C.

Folder 115

Curry, Kathryn Worth (see also Stokes and Stockell, Inc.)

Folder 116-118

Folder 116

Folder 117

Folder 118


Folder 119

Daniel, Raymond

Folder 120

Daniels, Jonathan Worth (see also News and Observer)

Folder 121-122

Folder 121

Folder 122

Daniels, Josephus (see also News and Observer)

Folder 123

Davis, Annie Dent

Folder 124

Davis, Edmund Jackson

Folder 125

Delta Kappa Gamma Society

Folder 126

Dickson, G. Grandberry

Folder 127

Durham, Carl Thomas

Folder 128


Folder 129

Education (including North Carolina Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc.; North Carolina Council on Education; North Carolina Education Association; see also Broughton, Joseph Melville; Brown, Roy Melton; Ehringhaus, John Christoph Blucher; Jackson, Walter Clinton; Jefferson-Lincoln Club; Knight, Edgar Wallace; Phillips, Guy Berryman; Religion; Smith, Ben L.; Stacy, Horace E.; and Wills, J. Norman)

Folder 130

Ehringhaus, John Christoph Blucher

Folder 131-132

Folder 131

Folder 132

Elliott, Harriet W. (see also Brown, Roy Melton and Religious tolerance)

Folder 133

Ezekiel, Mordecai J. B.

Folder 134


Folder 135

Falk, Herbert S.

Folder 136-137

Folder 136

Folder 137

Federated Council of Social, Civic, and Religious Agencies (see also Graham, Frank Porter; Hobbs, Samuel Huntington, Jr.; Jerman, Cornelia Palmer; and Weil, Gertrude)

Folder 138-143

Folder 138

Folder 139

Folder 140

Folder 141

Folder 142

Folder 143

Financial Statistics

Folder 144

Fortas, Abe

Folder 145

Four Drawer File

Folder 146

Foust, Julius Isaac

Folder 147

Frantz, Mabel Goode

Folder 148

Frazier, Robert H.

Folder 149

Free World (including Americans Free World Association; Americans United for World Organization; Dolivet, Louis; Free World Association; and Free World House)

Folder 150

Friend O' Man

Folder 151-154

Folder 151

Folder 152

Folder 153

Folder 154

Fuel (including North Carolina Fuel Administrator; State Fuel Administrator for North Carolina; and United States Fuel Administration; see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Norfleet, Robert Comer; and Shuping, C. L.)

Folder 155-156

Folder 155

Folder 156


Folder 157-158

Folder 157

Folder 158

Godbey, Earle

Folder 159

Gold, Charles W. (see also Starr, H. F.)

Folder 160-164

Folder 160

Folder 161

Folder 162

Folder 163

Folder 164

Graham, Frank Porter (including Lackey, Katherine; see also Alumni Association; Bost, Annie K.; and R)

Folder 165

Gravely, L. Lee

Folder 166

Graves, Sara Carson

Folder 167-170

Folder 167

Folder 168

Folder 169

Folder 170

Green, Emry C. (see also Jessup, William L.)

Folder 171

Greensboro News Company (including Greensboro Daily News and The Greensboro Record; see also Dickson, G. Grandberry; Godbey, Earle; Jeffress, Edwin Bedford; Johnson, Gerald W.; Polk, William Talmage; and Reynolds, James F.)

Folder 172-175

Folder 172

Folder 173

Folder 174

Folder 175

Guilford County Board of Charities and Public Welfare (including Board of Public Welfare of Greensboro and Greensboro Board of Public Welfare; see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Broadhurst, E. D.; and Sterne, Blanche Carr)

Folder 176

Guilford National Bank

Folder 177

Gulledge, Virginia W.

Folder 178

Gunter, Herbert B.

Folder 179

Gunter, Lucy and family

Folder 180-182

Folder 180

Folder 181

Folder 182


Folder 183

Harden, Junius H.

Folder 184

Harrison, Roger W.

Folder 185

Hicks, Alice Laidlaw

Folder 186


Folder 187-188

Folder 187

Folder 188

Hobbs, Samuel Huntington, Jr.

Folder 189

Hoey, Clyde Roark (see also Bost, Annie K.)

Folder 190

Holderness, William H.

Folder 191


Folder 192

Holman, William G.

Folder 193

H. A. Hopf & Company (including Net Results)

Folder 194

Horton, Robert W.

Folder 195

House, Robert Burton

Folder 196

Hunter Manufacturing & Commission Company

Folder 197

Huntington, A. M.

Folder 198-200

Folder 198

Folder 199

Folder 200


Folder 201

Ickes, Harold L. (see also Fortas, Abe)

Folder 202

Insurance Pamphlets

Folder 203

Irving Park (including Birds; Irving Park Civic Association; International Committee for Bird Preservation; National Association of Audubon Societies; National Audubon Society; North Carolina Bird Club; and Pearson, T. Gilbert; see also Carlson, Carl I.; Godbey, Earle; Preyer, William Y.; and K)

Folder 204


Folder 205

Jackson, Herbert Worth

Folder 206

Jackson, Walter Clinton

Folder 207-208

Folder 207

Folder 208

Jefferson-Lincoln Club (including Democracy; see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Berry, John; Bost, Annie K.; Boswell, Martha; Bradway, John S.; Broadhurst, E. D.; Brown, Roy Melton; Clinchy, Everett Ross; Common Sense; Cooper, George Marion; Daniels, Jonathan Worth; Daniels, Josephus; Elliott, Harriet W.; Ezekiel, Mordecai J. B.; Free World; Graham, Frank Porter; Greensboro News Company; Jackson, Walter Clinton; King, Huger S.; Moore, Beverly C.; Poe, Clarence Hamilton; Price, Enoch; Rives, Edwin Earle; Smith, Ben L.; and Southern Conference for Human Welfare)

Folder 209

Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company (see also Gold, Charles W.; Green Emry C.; and Price, Julian)

Folder 210

Jeffress, Edwin Bedford

Folder 211

Jennings, Pearl Bilbro

Folder 212

Jerman, Cornelia Palmer

Folder 213

Jessup, Mollie

Folder 214

Jessup, William L.

Folder 215

Johnson, Gerald W.

Folder 216

Johnson, Kate Burr (see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.)

Folder 217

Johnson, L. M.

Folder 218

Jones, David Dallas

Folder 219

Jones, Frank L.

Folder 220

Jones, Walter R.

Folder 221

Jones, William Cecil and Jones, Nellie Rowe

Folder 222

Jones, William Dillard

Folder 223

Joyner, Andrew, Jr.

Folder 224

Joyner, James Yadkin

Folder 225


Folder 226

Keister, Albert S.

Folder 227

Kellum, Chloris

Folder 228-229

Folder 228

Folder 229

Keyes, W. J.

Folder 230

King, Huger S.

Folder 231

Knight, Edgar Wallace

Folder 232

Koontz, Ralph

Folder 233


Folder 234

Langston, A. E.

Folder 235

Lawrence, Robert C.

Folder 236

Leiper, Bart G.

Folder 237

Lilly, Howard A.

Folder 238

Lingo, R. M.

Folder 239

Little, Lacy L.

Folder 240

Love, James Spencer

Folder 241-243

Folder 241

Folder 242

Folder 243


Folder 244

McAlister, Alexander Carey and McAlister, Adelaide Worth

Folder 245

McAlister, Alexander W.

Folder 246-247

Folder 246

Folder 247

McAlister, Alexander W.: Subject of Newspaper Clippings

Folder 248-249

Folder 248

Folder 249

McAlister, James S., Jr.

Folder 250

McAlister, T. G.

Folder 251

McDonald, Ralph W.

Folder 252

McLean, Carrie L.

Folder 253

McRae, Hugh S.

Folder 254

Mac-Mc (including National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution)

Folder 255

Mason, Lucy Randolph

Folder 256

Millender, M. Charles

Folder 257

Mitchell, R. R.

Folder 258

Moore, Beverly C.

Folder 259

Moore, Bonnie E.

Folder 260

The Morris Plan Bank

Folder 261

Morrison, Cameron

Folder 262

Moseley, Robert

Folder 263-264

Folder 263

Folder 264


Folder 265

National Economic League

Folder 266

National Sharecroppers Fund

Folder 267


Folder 268

Newbold, Nathan Carter

Folder 269

Newnham, Fred

Folder 270

The News and Observer (see also Daniels, Jonathan Worth; Daniels, Josephus)

Folder 271-272

Folder 271

Folder 272

Newspapers and other publications

Folder 273

Noble, Marcus Cicero Stephens

Folder 274

Norfleet, Charles M.

Folder 275

Norfleet, Robert Comer

Folder 276

Norris, George W.

Folder 277

North Carolina Bank and Trust Company

Folder 278-280

Folder 278

Folder 279

Folder 280

North Carolina Conference for Social Service: Board of Directors

Folder 281-282

Folder 281

Folder 282

North Carolina Conference for Social Service: Pageant Committee

Folder 283

North Carolina Conference for Social Service: Research and Agenda Committee

Folder 284

North Carolina Conference for Social Service: Miscellaneous Correspondence

Folder 285-292

Folder 285

Folder 286

Folder 287

Folder 288

Folder 289

Folder 290

Folder 291

Folder 292

North Carolina Conference for Social Service: Other Material

Folder 293

North Carolina Industrial Bank

Folder 294-295

Folder 294

Folder 295

North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare: Correspondence

Folder 296-300

Folder 296

Folder 297

Folder 298

Folder 299

Folder 300

North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare: Manual of Procedure

Folder 301

North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare: Minutes

Folder 302-303

Folder 302

Folder 303

North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare: Public Welfare Progress

Folder 304-306

Folder 304

Folder 305

Folder 306

North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare: Reports of Divisions

Folder 307-309

Folder 307

Folder 308

Folder 309

North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare: Other Material (see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Blair, William Allen; Bost, Annie K.; Bradway, John S.; Broughton, Joseph Melville; Children; Cooper, George Marion; Johnson, Kate Burr; Langston, A. E.; McLean, Carrie L.; Parrott, Lisbeth; Scales, Alfred Moore; Valentine, Itimous T.; and Winston, Ellen Black)

Folder 310


Folder 311

Odell, Fred C.

Folder 312

Odum, Howard Washington

Folder 313

Oettinger, Eli M.

Folder 314

O. Henry Drug Stores

Folder 315


Folder 316

Parrish, A. Kenneth

Folder 317

Parrott, Lisbeth

Folder 318

Patterson, John S.

Folder 319

Peebles, Anna Mendenhall Coffin

Folder 320

Pell, Mrs. Robert Paine

Folder 321

People's Press

Folder 322

Phillips, Charles W.

Folder 323-325

Folder 323

Folder 324

Folder 325

Phillips, Guy Berryman

Folder 326

Phillips, Otis D.

Folder 327

Pike, Cathleen

Folder 328-329

Folder 328

Folder 329

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Accident and Health Department

Folder 330-335

Folder 330

Folder 331

Folder 332

Folder 333

Folder 334

Folder 335

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Building Inspection Memos

Folder 336

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Bulletins

Folder 337-339

Folder 337

Folder 338

Folder 339

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Cashier's Manual

Folder 340

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Christmas Card List

Folder 341

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Committee Minutes

Folder 342

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Exhibits

Folder 343-346

Folder 343

Folder 344

Folder 345

Folder 346

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Field Staff

Folder 347

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Flower Garden Committee

Folder 348

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Goodwill Committee

Folder 349-350

Folder 349

Folder 350

Pilot Life Insurance Company: History

Folder 351-352

Folder 351

Folder 352

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Industrial Department

Folder 353-354

Folder 353

Folder 354

Pilot Life Insurance Company: McAlister Clan

Folder 355-364

Folder 355

Folder 356

Folder 357

Folder 358

Folder 359

Folder 360

Folder 361

Folder 362

Folder 363

Folder 364

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Office Building

Folder 365-369

Folder 365

Folder 366

Folder 367

Folder 368

Folder 369

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Publications

Folder 370-374

Folder 370

Folder 371

Folder 372

Folder 373

Folder 374

Pilot Life Insurance Company: Other Material (see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Broadhurst, E. D.; Gold, Charles W.; Green, Emry C.; Jennings, Pearl Bilbro; Jessup, William L.; Keyes, W. J.; Leiper, Bart G.; Lilly, Howard A.; Parrrish A. Kenneth; Price, Julian; Reed, D. W.; Settle, John A.; Waddell, J. M.; Willis, F. Clifford; and Yarbrough, E. S.)

Folder 375


Folder 376-387

Folder 376

Folder 377

Folder 378

Folder 379

Folder 380

Folder 381

Folder 382

Folder 383

Folder 384

Folder 385

Folder 386

Folder 387

Poe, Clarence Hamilton (see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Bost, Annie K.; Bradway, John S.; and Brown Roy Melton)

Folder 388-392

Folder 388

Folder 389

Folder 390

Folder 391

Folder 392

Politics: Correspondence

Folder 393

Politics: Other Material

Folder 394

Polk, William Talmage

Folder 395

Poteat, William Louis

Folder 396

Preyer, William Y.

Folder 397

Price, Enoch

Folder 398-399

Folder 398

Folder 399

Price, Julian

Folder 400

The Progressive Farmer and Southern Ruralist (see also Poe, Clarence Hamilton)

Folder 401

Pyramid Life Insurance Company

Folder 402-404

Folder 402

Folder 403

Folder 404


Folder 405


Folder 406

Race Awareness (see also Brown, Roy Melton; Hoey, Clyde Roark; and Jackson, Walter Clinton)

Folder 407

Rankin, Watson Smith

Folder 408-418

Folder 408

Folder 409

Folder 410

Folder 411

Folder 412

Folder 413

Folder 414

Folder 415

Folder 416

Folder 417

Folder 418

Recreation (including Golf; Rabbitfoot Set Back Club; Sedgefield-Continental Corporation; Sedgefield Country Club; Sedgefield Incorporated; and Sedgefield Inn; see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Berry, John; Broadhurst, E. D.; Brown, Roy Melton; Carlson, Carl I.; Godbey, Earle; Preyer, William Y.; and Bu-By)

Folder 419-420

Folder 419

Folder 420

Reed, D. W.

Folder 421-424

Folder 421

Folder 422

Folder 423

Folder 424

Reformers, Prison (including the American Prison Association; Citizens Committee of One Hundred on Prison Legislation; National Probation Association; Parole; Prison; and Prison Association of New York; see also Bost, Annie K.; Brown, Roy Melton; Johnson, Gerald W.; Morrison, Cameron; Odum, Howard Washington; Sanders, Wiley Britton; and the North Carolina State Board of Charities and Public Welfare: Correspondence)

Folder 425-426

Folder 425

Folder 426

Religion (see also "The Breakfast Table"; Christian Endeavor Society; the Community Church; Jackson, Walter Clinton; and Saunders, W. O.)

Folder 427-428

Folder 427

Folder 428

Religious Tolerance (including American Palestine Committee; Greensboro Council of Catholics, Jews, and Protestants; National Conference of Christians and Jews, Inc.; and Young Men's Christian Association; see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; Block, W. E.; Broadhurst, E. D.; Clinchy, Everett Ross; Graham, Frank Porter; Phillips, Charles W.; Rives, Edwin Earle; and Rypins, F. I.)

Folder 429-430

Folder 429

Folder 430

Reynolds, James F.

Folder 431

Reynolds, Robert Rice

Folder 432-433

Folder 432

Folder 433

Ridge, Edney (see also Coffin, Oscar Jackson)

Folder 434-435

Folder 434

Folder 435

Rives, Edwin Earle (see also Alumni Associations of the University of North Carolina; and Religious Tolerance)

Folder 436

Robins, H. M.

Folder 437

Robins and Weil Insurance

Folder 438-440

Folder 438

Folder 439

Folder 440

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano and Roosevelt, Eleanor (including LeHand, Marguerite)

Folder 441

Rucker, Pierce C.

Folder 442

Rudd, Anne Gordon

Folder 443

Rudd, Fannie Gordon

Folder 444

Rudd, Torah

Folder 445

Rypins, F. I. (see also Religious Tolerance)

Folder 446-449

Folder 446

Folder 447

Folder 448

Folder 449


Folder 450

Sanders, Wiley Britton

Folder 451-452

Folder 451

Folder 452

Saunders, W. O. (including The Independent)

Folder 453

Scales, Alfred Moore (see also Beasley, Roland Fowler, Jr.; and Cedar Falls Manufacturing Company)

Folder 454

Security Life and Trust Company

Folder 455-458

Folder 455

Folder 456

Folder 457

Folder 458

Settle, John A.

Folder 459

Shuping, C. L.

Folder 460

Simmons, T. L.

Folder 461

Simpson, Roy C.

Folder 462

Smedburg, C. W.

Folder 463

Smith, Ben L.

Folder 464

Smith, Henry Lewis

Folder 465

Smith, Wade C.

Folder 466

Social Security

Folder 467

Southern Conference for Human Welfare (including Dombrowski, James A.)

Folder 468

Southern Council on International Relations (see also Graham, Frank Porter)

Folder 469

Southern Railway System

Folder 470

Southern Real Estate Company

Folder 471-472

Folder 471

Folder 472

Southern Timber and Lumber Company

Folder 473

The Stable Money Association

Folder 474

Stacy, Horace E.

Folder 475

Stanbury, Walter Albert

Folder 476

Starmer, L. H.

Folder 477

Starr, Betty

Folder 478

Starr, Frank, Jr.

Folder 479

Starr, H. F.

Folder 480

Starr, Virginia

Folder 481

Stedman, Myrtle

Folder 482

Steed, Joshua Nathaniel

Folder 483

Stern, Sidney J. (see also Religious Tolerance)

Folder 484

Sterne, Blanche Carr

Folder 485

Stokes and Stockell, Incorporated

Folder 486

Stuart, A. C.

Folder 487

Summerell, Jane

Folder 488-494

Folder 488

Folder 489

Folder 490

Folder 491

Folder 492

Folder 493

Folder 494


Folder 495-502

Folder 495

Folder 496

Folder 497

Folder 498

Folder 499

Folder 500

Folder 501

Folder 502

Taxation (see also Hobbs, Samuel Huntington, Jr.; Keister, Albert S.; Smith, Henry Louis; and Taylor, Carl Cleveland)

Folder 503

Taylor, Carl Cleveland

Folder 504

Taylor, Mary R.

Folder 505

Temperance: Citizens Committee of One Thousand

Folder 506-509

Folder 506

Folder 507

Folder 508

Folder 509

Temperance: North Carolina Anti-Saloon League

Folder 510

Temperance: United Dry Forces of North Carolina

Folder 511

Temperance: Other Material (see also Poe, Clarence Hamilton; Poteat, William Louis; and B)

Folder 512

Tennessee Valley Authority (see also Harden, Junius H.)

Folder 513

Terminix Company

Folder 514


Folder 515

Thompson, Dorothy

Folder 516

Tillett, Charles William

Folder 517

Todd, R. H.

Folder 518

Troxler, Leslie C.

Folder 519

Tucker, Harry

Folder 520

Turner, J. Clyde

Folder 521

Turner, Thomas, Jr.

Folder 522

Turrentine, Samuel Bryant

Folder 523-524

Folder 523

Folder 524


Folder 525

Umstead, William Bradley

Folder 526

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (including University of North Carolina Press)

Folder 527


Folder 528

Valentine, Itimous T. (see also Bost, Annie K.)

Folder 529

Van Hecke, Maurice Taylor

Folder 530

Vick Financial Corporation (including Vick Chemical Company)

Folder 531


Folder 532

Waddell, J. M.

Folder 533-538

Folder 533

Folder 534

Folder 535

Folder 536

Folder 537

Folder 538

Waddill, Ella Petty

Folder 539

Wallace, Henry Agard

Folder 540

Walton, Verne and Walton, Ruth

Folder 541-542

Folder 541

Folder 542

Weil, Gertrude (see also Bost, Annie K.)

Folder 543

White, William Allen

Folder 544

Willis, F. Clifford

Folder 545

Wills, J. Norman

Folder 546

Winston, Ellen Black (see also Bost, Annie K.)

Folder 547

Winston, Robert Watson

Folder 548

Worth-McAlister Clan

Folder 549-551

Folder 549

Folder 550

Folder 551


Folder 552

Yarbrough, E. S.

Folder 553

York, William M.

Folder 554

Young, James R.

Folder 555

Young Men's Business Club

Folder 556


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Writings, 1880s-1946.

About 700 items.

Arrangement: by type.

Chiefly typed and published versions of articles, essays, reports, speeches, and poems by Alexander W. McAlister. Although some of these items had been grouped by topic prior to their arrival at the Manuscripts Department, most were in no order. Arrangement now is by type. Additional writings by McAlister are included in the Volumes series.

McAlister's writings reflect his social and business concerns, and include pieces on insurance, salesmanship, prohibition, democracy, taxation, religion, prison reform, child welfare, government, and politics. McAlister's writings of the 1910s through 1930s concern business, the Great Depression, and social welfare. In the early 1940s, McAlister's writings deal more with political issues and World War II. After the war, concerns shift toward economic growth and the entrance of the United States and the world into the atomic age.

McAlister's writings include approximately 300 articles and essays. These have been divided into two categories: photocopies of published items and handwritten and typed drafts. Approximately 100 photocopies of articles published in 1918-1946 are included. Most are from the Greensboro Daily News and The Democrat, although McAlister's articles also appeared in the Charlotte Observer, the Asheboro Courier, The State Journal, Presbyterian Standard, and other periodicals. Many of these items are installments from three columns which McAlister wrote: "As a Man Thinketh" and "As Man to Man," both of which were written for The Democrat, 1942-1943, and "Things New and Old" for the Rockingham Post-Dispatch, 1946.

Also included in the writings are approximately 200 handwritten or typed drafts of articles and essays, some of which undoubtedly were later published. The earliest material includes essays written while McAlister was still a student at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in the 1880s. These early essays deal with various topics such as women's dress and Ireland. Two later items which may be of interest are "The History of McAlister, Vaughn and Scales General Agency and Original 4 Fire Insurance Co." (folder 583) and "The North Carolina Conference for Social Service as Pioneer" (folder 601), in which McAlister discussed the adoption of the county as the unit of organization and administration for public welfare in North Carolina.

Nearly 400 typed copies of speeches and reports are included. McAlister addressed various groups, including conferences at the Pilot Life Insurance Company, the North Carolina Conference for Social Service, the Greensboro Council of Catholics, Jews, and Protestants, the Jefferson-Lincoln Club, and the Real Estate Board of Greensboro. Also included is "The History of the Southern Life and Trust Company" (folder 678), which McAlister presented to the Company's Training School on 12 November 1917. Most dated items were written between 1912 and 1940. Many items, however, are undated.

About 50 poems written by McAlister in the early 1930s also are included. Most of these poems appear to have been written for McAlister's friends and family, although a few were published, such as "The Candelabra Tree," which appeared in The Independent in 1933. Many of the poems are addressed to "Ann," McAlister's favorite name.

Drafts and published versions of some of McAlister's writings may also be found in the Volumes series.

Folder 557-570

Folder 557

Folder 558

Folder 559

Folder 560

Folder 561

Folder 562

Folder 563

Folder 564

Folder 565

Folder 566

Folder 567

Folder 568

Folder 569

Folder 570

Articles and essays: Published material

Folder 571-616

Folder 571

Folder 572

Folder 573

Folder 574

Folder 575

Folder 576

Folder 577

Folder 578

Folder 579

Folder 580

Folder 581

Folder 582

Folder 583

Folder 584

Folder 585

Folder 586

Folder 587

Folder 588

Folder 589

Folder 590

Folder 591

Folder 592

Folder 593

Folder 594

Folder 595

Folder 596

Folder 597

Folder 598

Folder 599

Folder 600

Folder 601

Folder 602

Folder 603

Folder 604

Folder 605

Folder 606

Folder 607

Folder 608

Folder 609

Folder 610

Folder 611

Folder 612

Folder 613

Folder 614

Folder 615

Folder 616

Articles and essays: Handwritten and typed drafts

Folder 617-693

Folder 617

Folder 618

Folder 619

Folder 620

Folder 621

Folder 622

Folder 623

Folder 624

Folder 625

Folder 626

Folder 627

Folder 628

Folder 629

Folder 630

Folder 631

Folder 632

Folder 633

Folder 634

Folder 635

Folder 636

Folder 637

Folder 638

Folder 639

Folder 640

Folder 641

Folder 642

Folder 643

Folder 644

Folder 645

Folder 646

Folder 647

Folder 648

Folder 649

Folder 650

Folder 651

Folder 652

Folder 653

Folder 654

Folder 655

Folder 656

Folder 657

Folder 658

Folder 659

Folder 660

Folder 661

Folder 662

Folder 663

Folder 664

Folder 665

Folder 666

Folder 667

Folder 668

Folder 669

Folder 670

Folder 671

Folder 672

Folder 673

Folder 674

Folder 675

Folder 676

Folder 677

Folder 678

Folder 679

Folder 680

Folder 681

Folder 682

Folder 683

Folder 684

Folder 685

Folder 686

Folder 687

Folder 688

Folder 689

Folder 690

Folder 691

Folder 692

Folder 693

Speeches and reports

Folder 694-698

Folder 694

Folder 695

Folder 696

Folder 697

Folder 698


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 3. Pictures, 1886-1942 and undated.

29 items.

Arrangement: by subject.

Twenty-eight photographs and one small photograph album assembled by Nell Rose Hale, daughter of one of McAlister's business associates. Most of the photographs are of Alexander W. McAlister and appear to have been taken for business or publicity purposes.

Photograph Album PA-4318/1

Small album compiled by Nell Rose Hale, 1933

Image Folder PF-4318/1

P-4318/1-5. McAlister, Alexander W., 1924-1942.

Image Folder PF-4318/2

P-4318/6-8. McAlister, Alexander W., ca. 1942.

P-4318/9. McAlister, Alexander W. with friends, 1886-1887. Information from verso: Haywood Parker, Asheville, N.C.; Louis M. Barnes; Alex. W. McAlister, Greensboro, N.C.; Homer Gray, Mount Airy, N.C., roommates at [Astar?] house in Chapel Hill, 1886-7, Unis of North Carolina

Image Folder P-4318/3

P-4318/10. McAlister, C. C., Fayetteville, N.C., ca. 1930s

Image Folder P-4318/4

P-4318/11. Worth, Dr. John Milton, ca. 1876-1895

P-4318/12. Fackler, O. P., ca. 1890-1910

P-4318/13. Gwynn, Permelia Cobb, Yanceyville, N.C., August 1942

P-4318/14. Johnson, Ann and Johnson, Katherine Glenn, 1933

Image Folder PF-4318/5

P-4318/15-16. Burrow, Melva and Burrow, Elaine with unknown man, 1937

P-4318/17. North Carolina Superintendents of Public Welfare, ca. 1925-1945

P-4318/18. Graves, Sara Carson (?), ca. 1936

P-4318/19. Possibly the pastor of the Community Church, Greensboro, N.C., ca. 1923

Image Folder PF-4318/6

P-4318/20-21. Unidentified children at the Community Church playground, ca. 1934

P-4318/22-24. The Worth-McAlister home, Asheboro, N.C., 1920.

Image Folder PF-4318/7

P-4318/25. Home of A. W. McAlister, ca. 1930-1950

P-4318/26. The Community Church, ca. 1934

P-4318/27. North Carolina landscape (?), 1942

P-4318/28. Color slide of cherry tree

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 4. Volumes, 1911-1945.

39 items.

Volumes contain mostly notes and rough drafts of speeches, articles, essays, and poems by Alexander W. McAlister concerning prohibition, religion, insurance, and other subjects. Miscellaneous notes include the names and street addresses of various individuals. Also included is The Eternal Verities of Golf, 1911, a small, cloth-covered book which McAlister write and gave to some of his friends and relatives. In three scrapbooks, McAlister collected "The Breakfast Table", 1934-1936, a column he wrote for the Greensboro Daily News. Most of this column, also known as "The Little Forum," is believed to have been written by McAlister, on behalf of the Community Church, Greensboro, N.C.

Volumes 17-39 are memo books, 1935-1945, which contain handwritten drafts of letters, essays, poems, and articles by McAlister. Much of this material is undated. The date ranges given for the volumes are based on the earliest and latest dates found in each volume but are by no means precise.

Folder 699

Volume 1. "The Successful Life Insurance Agent" and miscellaneous notes

Volume 2. "Thoughts on Prohibition Recorded While On Vacation in the Bush Mountains at Oakwood, N.C., 16 July 1932"; "Sally Ann"; "To Samset College"; miscellaneous notes

Volume 3. "As a Man Thinketh"; "Suggestions Made to the Directors of the North Carolina Conference for Social Service at Sedgefield, 23 June 1931"

Folder 700

Volume 4. "As a Man Thinketh"

Volume 5. "Statement of Facts for Family and Friends on Subject of Prohibition Assembled by A. W. McAlister"

Volume 6. A speech beginning "You are all my good friends..."

Folder 701

Volume 7. "The North Carolina Anti-Saloon League..." [an essay]

Volume 8. "The Great Majority of those who oppose prohibition are sincere in that opposition." [essay?]

Folder 702

Volume 9. "Talk Before the Inter-State District of the Pilot Life Insurance Company at Picnic Grounds on Catawba River near Charlotte, 17 August 1932"

Volume 10. "Talk at meeting of General Agents at Home Office, 12 August 1933"

Folder 703

Volume 11. "The Individual vs. the Community"; "The teaching of Christ as given in the gospel of Matthew..."; "The O. Henry Amusement Association"; "Estimated Prices of West Market...3 May 1916"; Miscellaneous notes

Volume 12. "Subscriptions for the Work of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America"

Folder 704

Volume 13. McAlister, Alexander W. The Eternal Verities of Golf, autographed edition. Greensboro, N.C.: Joseph J. Stone & Company, 1911

Folder 705

Volume 14. "The Breakfast Table," 1934

Folder 706

Volume 15. "The Breakfast Table," 1935

Folder 707

Volume 16. "The Breakfast Table," 1936

Folder 708

Volume 17. Memo Book, 1935-1936

Volume 18. Memo Book, 1936-1937

Folder 709

Volume 19. Memo Book, 1937

Volume 20. Memo Book, 1937-1938

Folder 710

Volume 21. Memo Book, 1938

Folder 711

Volume 22. Memo Book, February-July 1941

Volume 23. Memo Book, July-September 1941

Folder 712

Volume 24. Memo Book, September 1941-January 1942

Folder 713

Volume 25. Memo Book, 1941

Volume 26. Memo Book, February-May 1942

Folder 714

Volume 27. Memo Book, March-July 1942

Volume 28. Memo Book, July-December 1942

Folder 715

Volume 29. Memo Book, July-December 1942

Folder 716

Volume 30. Memo Book, January 1943

Folder 717

Volume 31. Memo Book, February-March 1943

Volume 32. Memo Book, February-May 1943

Folder 718

Volume 33. Memo Book, June 1943

Volume 34. Memo Book, October 1943-July 1944

Folder 719

Volume 35. Memo Book, December 1943-March 1944

Volume 36. Memo Book, January-June 1944

Folder 720

Volume 37. Memo Book, August 1944-March 1945

Volume 38. Memo Book, August 1944-November 1945

Folder 721

Volume 38. Memo Book, January-October 1945

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Items Separated

Items separated include photographs (P-4318/1-28) and a photograph album (PA-4318/1).

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