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Collection Number: 04468

Collection Title: Richardson-Vicks, Inc., Records, 1885-1995

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Size 100.0 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 34,000 items)
Abstract Lunsford Richardson (1854-1919) began marketing various remedies in Greensboro, N.C. in 1898. The operation became Vick Chemical Company in 1911 and made increasing profits with its Vicks VapoRub cold remedy. The Company was managed over the following decades by Richardson's sons H. Smith (1885-1972) and Lunsford, Jr. (1891-1953). After various mergers and acquisitions, it became Richardson-Vick, Inc., in 1980. In 1985 the Richardson family sold the company to Procter & Gamble Co. The collection includes files kept by H. Smith Richardson, Sr., while he was president of Vick Chemical Company, 1919-1929; files pertaining to the operation of the company, chiefly generated by the General Manager's Department; files from the Advertising and Sales Department, including campaign books; financial and legal papers; personnel materials; files from the Production Department; "historical material"; clippings; files of H. Smith Richardson, Jr., concerning hostile takeover bids; Richardson family papers; product samples; photographs; and audio-visual materials. Although the papers include material from the early years of the company through its sale to Procter & Gamble Company in 1985, the bulk of material dates from the years 1919-1929. Coverage of the years before 1919 is scant, consisting of a few mementoes and some correspondence. Coverage of the years 1929-1985 is very uneven. A notable exception is material from the Advertising and Sales Department, which is nearly complete from 1920 to 1960.
Creator Richardson-Vicks, Inc.
Curatorial Unit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Historical Collection.
Language English
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Restrictions to Access
Some materials in Series 6, Personnel Files, are CLOSED until the year 2020, and Box 67 in Series 12 is CLOSED until the year 2045.
Use of audio or video material may require production of listening or viewing copies.
Copyright Notice
Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
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[Identification of item], in the Richardson-Vicks, Inc., Records #4468, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Acquisitions Information
Received from H. Smith Richardson, Jr., beginning after the company's merger with Proctor & Gamble in 1985.
Sensitive Materials Statement
Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act (N.C.G.S. § 132 1 et seq.), and Article 7 of the North Carolina State Personnel Act (Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, N.C.G.S. § 126-22 et seq.). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill assumes no responsibility.
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Processed by: Marion Presler, with assistance from Winifred Fordham, Mike Van Cott, and the Techincal Services Staff, March 1998

Encoded by: Margaret Dickson, February 2006

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In 1890, Lunsford Richardson (1854 1919), realizing that his prospects were limited in the town of Selma, N.C., sold his successful but small drugstore, and moved with his wife and children to the larger town of Greensboro, N.C. There he hoped to find bigger markets and more opportunities.

Richardson and a partner, John Fariss, bought the Porter and Tate Drugstore on Elm Street in Greensboro, renaming it the Richardson and Fariss Drugstore. There, Richardson began to sell the home remedies that he had developed over the years. In 1894, he introduced a product that was destined to make him a fortune, Vicks Magic Salve, a cure for croup.

The origin of the name Vicks has been clouded by time. However, according to company lore, Lunsford Richardson thought his own name was too long and cumbersome to attach to a product. He decided to use the shorter Vicks, in honor of his brother in law Joshua Vick, a doctor in Selma.

In 1898, Richardson's interest in making remedies prompted him to sell his share in the thriving drugstore to his partner and start a new company, Lunsford Richardson Wholesale Drug Company. Among other cures, he continued to make Vicks Magic Salve under a new name, Vicks Croup and Pneumonia Salve.

Richardson quickly tired of fighting with the other stockholders in the company about what to do with the profits. While he wanted to put any profits back into the business to finance more advertising, they wanted them as dividends. As a result, Richardson sold his share of the business in 1905.

Richardson took his savings and opened a new business, Vick Family Remedies Company, this time owned solely by him. He made twenty one different remedies under the Vicks name, and marketed them in twenty surrounding counties.

Despite his hard work, Lunsford Richardson's new business did not make a profit, and he began to run out of savings. In 1907, he asked his oldest son Henry Smith Richardson (1885 1972) to be advertising and sales manager for the fledgling company in hopes that his son could rescue it.

Smith Richardson, as he was called, attended Davidson College for a time before transferring to the Naval Academy. He was dismissed from the Academy for low grades in 1905, during a purge that resulted in the dismissal of nearly a fourth of the cadets. Following his expulsion, Smith went to New York and worked in a number of jobs. While he was working in the basement of Gimbles, Richardson's talents as a salesman were discovered by the Bedford Manufacturing Company of Massachusetts. He joined Bedford and was working for that company when his father requested his help. In 1907, Smith Richardson brought his talents home to North Carolina to turn his father's business around.

Smith Richardson's prescription for a healthy company was to focus its efforts on selling the product that brought in the most money Vicks Croup and Pneumonia Salve. By about 1911, the other remedies had been dropped, and the company had changed its name to Vick Chemical Company and its product's name to the catchy Vicks VapoRub.

Richardson was an aggressive salesman and an innovative advertising manager. He traveled all over North Carolina, and then the southeast, from drugstore to drugstore, and country store to country store, selling VapoRub. First he and the sales force traveled by horse and buggy, and then by Model T Ford. For his efforts, Smith Richardson was made a partner in 1911.

The company's advertising strategies were revolutionary. Vick Chemical Company was one of the first businesses to use such techniques as road signs, store displays, street car advertising, "mark out" slogans, and free samples. When the company began expanding its territory north and west, it was one of the first companies to take advantage of Rural Free Delivery, by sending samples through the mail.

In 1913, Smith Richardson's brother Lunsford Richardson, Jr. (1891 1953), known as "Lump," began working for the company as office manager and assistant sales and advertising manager. By 1917, he was made a partner.

The great influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 gave VapoRub a tremendous boost. The company produced VapoRub twenty four hours a day, and still could not keep up with the demand. In 1919, Lunsford Richardson died, leaving a booming business to his two sons. Smith Richardson became the company's president.

The company grew rapidly in the 1920s. Another plant was built in Philadelphia in 1923. Also in 1923, VapoRub was exported overseas to England, and south to Mexico. An export department was opened in New York in 1924, to handle what was to become big business for the company, selling VapoRub overseas.

In 1925, the Richardsons decided to sell one fourth of their stock in Vick Chemical Company to the public. The stock was primarily bought by employees and people in the drug trade. Smith Richardson turned over the presidency to his brother Lunsford in 1929, and took on the responsibility of long range planning for the now very successful business. He realized that Vick Chemical Company was a one product organization, that the growth potential of that product was limited, and that the company needed to diversify. To that end, Vick Chemical Company merged in 1930 with Sterling Products, Bristol Myers Company, Life Savers, and United Drug Company to form a giant conglomerate called Drug Inc.

Despite the stock market crash of 1929 and the economic chaos that followed, Vick Chemical Company continued to do well. People still caught colds, depression or no depression. In 1931, Va tro nol Nosedrops and Vicks Cough Drops were introduced. Both were almost instantly successful.

Although Vick did well, some of the other Drug Inc. companies were failing. As a result, Drug Inc. "demerged" in 1933, and Vick Chemical Company was on its own again.

In 1938, William Preyer, the Richardsons' brother in law, took over the presidency of the company. The same year, Vick merged with the William J. Merrell Company, the nation's oldest pharmaceutical company. Merrell was the first in a long line of Vick acquisitions. Others included J. T. Baker, an industrial and laboratory chemical company, in 1941; Prince Matchabelli, a perfume and cosmetic company, in 1941; Jensen Salsbury, a veterinary pharmaceutical company, in 1946; Extruded Plastics, Inc., a container company, in 1953; National Drug Company, in 1956; and Walker Labs, in 1958.

After William Preyer retired in 1948, Edward Mabry became the first non family member to be president of the company. The family, however, continued to play an important role in the company on the board of directors. Smith Richardson spent much of his energy developing a thirty five year plan to guide and direct the company's growth. Smith Richardson, Jr. (b. 1920), succeeded Mabry as president in 1958. He served until 1962, when Robert Marschalk replaced him.

The company changed its name in 1960 to Richardson Merrell, Inc., thereby honoring the founders of the two biggest divisions of the company and reflecting its diversified nature.

Richardson Merrell, Inc., continued to grow in the 1960s and 1970s. It acquired still more divisions and exported many of its products all over the world. Smith Richardson, Sr., died in 1972, with the company firmly under family control.

In 1980, the company decided to narrow its focus from pharmaceuticals to consumer products. Merrell was sold to Dow Chemical Company, and the company's name was changed to Richardson Vicks, Inc. The company produced and sold the traditional cold care products like VapoRub, cough syrup, and cough drops; and many other products including Vidal Sasoon and Pantene hair care products, and Clearasil and Oil of Olay face care products.

In fall 1985, Unilever, a Dutch/British company, attempted a hostile takeover of Richardson Vicks, Inc. In order to prevent the takeover attempt, the Richardson family, which owned a controlling thirty six percent of the stock in the company, decided to sell the business to the Procter & Gamble Company. After eighty prosperous years, the Richardsons were forced to give up the company that made their fortune on the contents of "the little blue jar," Vicks VapoRub.

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This collection documents the history of Richardson Vicks, Inc., and of the Richardson family's involvement with the company. The collection consists of the files of H. Smith Richardson, Sr., while he was president of the company from 1919 to 1929; files pertaining to the operation of the company, chiefly generated by the General Manager's Department; files from the Advertising and Sales Department, including campaign books; financial and legal papers; personnel materials; files from the Production Department; "historical material"; clippings; files of H. Smith Richardson, Jr., concerning hostile takeover bids; family papers; product samples; photographs; an audio disc; and a video tape.

Although the papers include material from the early years of the company through its sale to Proctor & Gamble Company in 1985, the bulk of material dates from 1919 to 1929, the period when H. Smith Richardson, Sr., was president of the company. Coverage of the years before 1919 is scant, consisting of a few mementoes and some correspondence. Coverage of the years 1929 to 1985 is very uneven. A notable exception is material from the Advertising and Sales Department, which is nearly complete from 1920 to 1960.

Every attempt was made during processing to preserve or reconstruct the original order of these files. This proved difficult for most of the material since the records reached the Southern Historical Collection in much disarray. The arrangement of Series 1, Subseries 2.7, and Series 3 does closely reflect the original filing system. In other cases, material has been organized into series and subseries primarily according to subject matter, and within each series and subseries in alphabetical order according to the original folder titles. All discernible original folder titles have been preserved, and the original order of items within folders has been maintained.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. H. Smith Richardson Files, 1916-1929.

About 9,000 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by folder title.

Chiefly correspondence between H. Smith Richardson or his secretary and employees, stockholders, retail and wholesale drug sellers, bankers, stock brokers, friends, and family members. Also included are some memos, reports, notes, bills, receipts, speeches, and other materials relating to the correspondence.

The distinction between the material in this series and material pertaining to H. Smith Richardson in other series is that the material in these files seems to have been handled personally by H. Smith Richardson or his secretary, whereas H. Smith Richardson papers in other series derive from files maintained by others in the company.

These files document a wide range of H. Smith Richardson's professional and personal activities during the period when he was president of Vick Chemical Company, from 1919 to 1929. Some earlier material from the period when he was Advertising and Sales Manager is also included.

For material pertaining to the company, consult folders bearing the names of organizations, companies, and banks. For individual correspondents, check the general alphabetical files (e.g., the "A" file), and folders bearing individual correspondents' names. See folders labeled "Clubs," "Hunting," "Fishing," "Residences," "Receipts," "Servants," and "Speeches" for material pertaining to Richardson's personal activities. Family correspondence is filed under the names of family members, chiefly Richardsons and Smiths. The Smiths were H. Smith Richardson's wife's family, which included a number of prominent southern educators, like Henry Louis Smith, president of Washington and Lee University. Richardson's commitment to charity and service is well documented in the series under "Boy Scouts," "Benevolences," "Community Chest," and "YMCA." Also included is material concerning Davidson College's Board of Trustees, upon which Richardson served (folders 110-119). Richardson was also involved in the domestic war effort during World War I. See "United War Work Campaign" (folders 386-388), and also "Letters to Vick Employees Fighting Overseas" (folders 401-402).

Richardson's speeches on tax reform are included in this series (folders 364-368). See Subseries 2.6. Taxes for more information on tax reform. Some material on H. Smith Richardson's stock trading is included here (folders 371-373), but also see Subseries 4.2. Investments for more complete coverage of Richardson's investments. For personal correspondence that predates or antedates the period covered in this series, see Subseries 8.4. Richardson Family Material (folders 1713-1716).

Information on Richardson's trip to England to begin the company's export business is included in this series (folders 132-147). For more information on exports see Subseries 3.4. Export Department.

Folder 1-5

Folder 1

Folder 2

Folder 3

Folder 4

Folder 5

A, 1919-1929

Folder 6-7

Folder 6

Folder 7

A. A. Houseman Company, 1922

Folder 8

Allright Manufacturing Company, 1919-1920

Folder 9

American Educational Society, 1921

Folder 10

Associations and Donations, 1926-1927

Folder 11-12

Folder 11

Folder 12

Automobiles, 1917-1929

Folder 13

Automobiles: Hunt, Thomas C., 1926-1927

Folder 14

Automobiles: Westinghouse Air Spring Company, 1921-1924

Folder 15-26

Folder 15

Folder 16

Folder 17

Folder 18

Folder 19

Folder 20

Folder 21

Folder 22

Folder 23

Folder 24

Folder 25

Folder 26

B, 1918-1928

Folder 27

Banks, 1926

Folder 28

Banks: New York, 1922-1927

Folder 29

Bankers Trust Company, 1922

Folder 30-31

Folder 30

Folder 31

Bankers Trust Company, 1926-1927

Folder 32

Battle Creek Sanitorium, April 1924

Folder 33

Benevolences, 1920-1921

Folder 34

Benevolences, 1927-1928

Folder 35

Berea College, 1926

Folder 36

Bills Paid by Special Account, 1926

Folder 37-39

Folder 37

Folder 38

Folder 39

Bills Paid by Special Account, 1927

Folder 40

Boy Scouts, 1919-1923

Folder 41-44

Folder 41

Folder 42

Folder 43

Folder 44

Boy Scouts, 1927-1928

Folder 45-53

Folder 45

Folder 46

Folder 47

Folder 48

Folder 49

Folder 50

Folder 51

Folder 52

Folder 53

C, 1916-1929

Folder 54

Camping Equipment: Canada, 1927

Folder 55

Carr, W. F., 1929

Folder 56

Central Industrial Bank, 1927

Folder 57

Chamber of Commerce: Greensboro, 1924

Folder 58

Chamber of Commerce: U.S., 1928-1929

Folder 59

Chapin, C. F., 1929

Folder 60

Chemical National Bank, 1926

Folder 61

Chester, Walter, 1926

Folder 62-64

Folder 62

Folder 63

Folder 64

Children's Home Society, 1923-1928

Folder 65-68

Folder 65

Folder 66

Folder 67

Folder 68

Christmas, 1919-1928

Folder 69

Clubs: Advertising Club of New York, 1926-1929

Folder 70

Clubs: Associated Advertising Clubs, 1921

Folder 71-72

Folder 71

Folder 72

Clubs: Associated Advertising Clubs, 1924-1925

Folder 73

Clubs: Bankers Club of America, 1928

Folder 74

Clubs: City Club of New York, 1928-1929

Folder 75

Clubs: Fairfield County Hunt Club, 1928-1929

Folder 76

Clubs: Greensboro Advertising Club, 1925-1927

Folder 77

Clubs: Greensboro Country Club, 1926-1929

Folder 78-79

Folder 78

Folder 79

Clubs: Highlanders Club, 1929

Folder 80

Clubs: Hope Valley Country Club, 1928-1929

Folder 81

Clubs: Kiwanis Club, 1927

Folder 82

Clubs: Laurentian Club: Canada, 1928

Folder 83

Clubs: Long Island Country Club, circa 1920s

Folder 84

Clubs: Metropolitan Club - New York, 1926-1929

Folder 85

Clubs: Mid-Pines Country Club, 1927

Folder 86

Clubs: M & M Club, 1922

Folder 87

Clubs: M & M Club and Murray Hill Club, 1916-1924

Folder 88

Clubs: New York Club, 1927-1929

Folder 89-90

Folder 89

Folder 90

Clubs: Old Colony Club, 1922-1927

Folder 91

Clubs: Penn Athletic Club, 1926-1928

Folder 92

Clubs: Pequot Yacht Club, 1929

Folder 93

Clubs: Rotary Club, 1918-1921

Folder 94

Clubs: Rotary Club, 1922-1926

Folder 95

Clubs: Rotary Club of New York, 1927-1929

Folder 96

Clubs: Rumson Country Club, 1929

Folder 97

Clubs: Seabright Beach Club, 1927

Folder 98

Clubs: Sedgefield Country Club, 1928-1929

Folder 99

Clubs: Southport Club Car, 1927-1929

Folder 100

Clubs: St. Andrews Golf Club, 1927-1928

Folder 101

Clubs: Whitehall Club, 1925-1929

Folder 102

Clark, Dr. Byron, 1928-1929

Folder 103

Community Chest, 1924-1926

Folder 104

Condolences, 1919

Folder 105-109

Folder 105

Folder 106

Folder 107

Folder 108

Folder 109

D, 1917-1929

Folder 110

Davidson College: 1925-1926

Folder 111

Davidson College: 1928

Folder 112

Davidson College: 1939

Folder 113

Davidson College: Athletic Council, 1929

Folder 114-119

Folder 114

Folder 115

Folder 116

Folder 117

Folder 118

Folder 119

Davidson College: Board of Trustees, 1922-1927

Folder 120-122

Folder 120

Folder 121

Folder 122

Davidson College: Dr. Walter L. Lingle, 1925-1929

Folder 123

Dawson, George, 1925

Folder 124

Diebold, A. H., 1928

Folder 125

Dillard Property, 1928

Folder 126

Dixie Fire Insurance Company, 1929

Folder 127-131

Folder 127

Folder 128

Folder 129

Folder 130

Folder 131

E, 1919-1929

Folder 132-142

Folder 132

Folder 133

Folder 134

Folder 135

Folder 136

Folder 137

Folder 138

Folder 139

Folder 140

Folder 141

Folder 142

England: 1921-1925

Folder 143

England: Clark, Son and Platt, Ltd., 1924-1925

Folder 144-145

Folder 144

Folder 145

England: Francis Newberry & Sons, Ltd., 1923-1925

Folder 146-147

Folder 146

Folder 147

England: Warburton, P. G. E., 1925-1929

Folder 148-154

Folder 148

Folder 149

Folder 150

Folder 151

Folder 152

Folder 153

Folder 154

F, 1917-1929

Folder 155

Ferguson, Garland, 1929

Folder 156

Fishing: 1917

Folder 157

Fishing: Beach Cottage Rental in Wilmington, N.C., 1920

Folder 158

Fishing: Boats, 1928-1929

Folder 159

Fishing: Canada, 1927

Folder 160

Fishing: Florida, 1925

Folder 161-162

Folder 161

Folder 162

Fishing: Florida, 1927

Folder 163-164

Folder 163

Folder 164

Fishing: Trips, 1925-1926

Folder 165

Flora MacDonald College, 1923

Folder 166-173

Folder 166

Folder 167

Folder 168

Folder 169

Folder 170

Folder 171

Folder 172

Folder 173

G, 1917-1929

Folder 174

Greensboro Community Services, 1917-1920

Folder 175-184

Folder 175

Folder 176

Folder 177

Folder 178

Folder 179

Folder 180

Folder 181

Folder 182

Folder 183

Folder 184

H, 1917-1929

Folder 185-186

Folder 185

Folder 186

Hampton, Frank A., 1924-1928

Folder 187

Harris, Forbes and Company, 1924-1925

Folder 188

Haverstick, W. S. - realtor, 1925

Folder 189

Hobgood, F. P., 1916-1922

Folder 190

Hoch, Bill, 1927

Folder 191

Hotel Rates, 1925

Folder 192

Houghton-Mifflin Company, 1918

Folder 193

Hunting: 1929

Folder 194

Hunting: Big Game, 1928-1929

Folder 195

Hunting: Henry Bishop Inc., 1917-1923

Folder 196

Hunting: Dogs, 1921-1926

Folder 197

Hunting: Ducks, 1923

Folder 198

Hunting: Game and Dog League, 1925

Folder 199

Hunting: Game Commission, 1926-1927

Folder 200-204

Folder 200

Folder 201

Folder 202

Folder 203

Folder 204

Hunting: Leases, 1919-1928

Folder 205

Hunting: Shooting Trip, 1929

Folder 206

Hunting: Quail, 1929

Folder 207-208

Folder 207

Folder 208

I, 1920-1929

Folder 209

Irish Linen Stores, 1926

Folder 210-214

Folder 210

Folder 211

Folder 212

Folder 213

Folder 214


Folder 215

Japan Trip, 1923-1924

Folder 216

Johnson, Walker, 1929

Folder 217

Jones, Mrs. E. K., 1929

Folder 218-220

Folder 218

Folder 219

Folder 220

K, 1917-1929

Folder 221

Kline, C. Mahlon, 1925-1926

Folder 222-226

Folder 222

Folder 223

Folder 224

Folder 225

Folder 226

L, 1917-1929

Folder 227-236

Folder 227

Folder 228

Folder 229

Folder 230

Folder 231

Folder 232

Folder 233

Folder 234

Folder 235

Folder 236

M, 1917-1929

Folder 237

Magazine Subscription, 1927-1928

Folder 238-239

Folder 238

Folder 239

Mc, 1924-1929

Folder 240

McAlister, A. W., 1926

Folder 241

McLean, Robena, 1928-1929

Folder 242

Michaels, E. G., 1929

Folder 243

Montague, Gilbert: lawyer, 1923

Folder 244

Morrison-Neese Furniture Company, 1929

Folder 245

Morris Plan Industrial Bank, 1926-1929

Folder 246

Muldoon's, 1925

Folder 247-251

Folder 247

Folder 248

Folder 249

Folder 250

Folder 251

N, 1916-1929

Folder 252-253

Folder 252

Folder 253

National City Company, 1921-1923

Folder 254

North Carolina Conference for Social Services, 1922-1924

Folder 255

North Carolina Industrial Council, 1929

Folder 256

New York, 1927

Folder 257

New York, pending, 1928

Folder 258-260

Folder 258

Folder 259

Folder 260

O, 1919-1929

Folder 261

Ordway, H., 1920-1921

Folder 262-270

Folder 262

Folder 263

Folder 264

Folder 265

Folder 266

Folder 267

Folder 268

Folder 269

Folder 270

P, 1916-1929

Folder 271

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company, 1917-1920

Folder 272

Pinehurst, 1925

Folder 273-279

Folder 273

Folder 274

Folder 275

Folder 276

Folder 277

Folder 278

Folder 279

R, 1917-1929

Folder 280

Ray, H. S., 1917-1928

Folder 281

Ray, Mrs. Clara, 1928

Folder 282

Rayon, 1925

Folder 283

Receipts and Invoices, 1916-1917

Folder 284-285

Folder 284

Folder 285

Receipts, 1926

Folder 286

Residences: Country Estate, N.C., 1927-1928

Folder 287-296

Folder 287

Folder 288

Folder 289

Folder 290

Folder 291

Folder 292

Folder 293

Folder 294

Folder 295

Folder 296

Residences: Greensboro, N.C., 1918-1926

Folder 297-301

Folder 297

Folder 298

Folder 299

Folder 300

Folder 301

Residences: Greensboro, N.C.: Charles Barton Keen Architect, 1922-1927

Folder 302-304

Folder 302

Folder 303

Folder 304

Residences: Greensboro, N.C.: E. A. Belmont Decorators, 1925-1926

Folder 305

Residences: Greensboro, N.C.: "Hot Flo" Electric Faucet, 1918-1919

Folder 306

Residences: Greensboro, N.C.: Household Equipment, 1928-1929

Folder 307

Residences: Greensboro, N.C.: Kent Costikyan, 1925-1926

Folder 308-309

Folder 308

Folder 309

Residences: Greensboro, N.C.: Landscaping Work, 1920-1929

Folder 310

Residences: Greensboro, N.C.: O. V. Bliss Landscaping, 1927

Folder 311

Residences: Greensboro, N.C.: Venitlators, 1927-1928

Folder 312-315

Folder 312

Folder 313

Folder 314

Folder 315

Residences: Rumson, N. J., 1925-1928

Folder 316-317

Folder 316

Folder 317

Residences: Ventor, N. J., 1927

Folder 318

Residences: Westport, Conn., 1928

Folder 319

Richardson, H. Smith, 1928-1929

Folder 320

Richardson, L., 1926-1929

Folder 321-322

Folder 321

Folder 322

Richardson, Mamie, Cora, and Nannie, 1928

Folder 323

Richardson Trophy Golf Tournament, 1928

Folder 324-333

Folder 324

Folder 325

Folder 326

Folder 327

Folder 328

Folder 329

Folder 330

Folder 331

Folder 332

Folder 333

S, 1917-1929

Folder 334

School Funding, 1921

Folder 335

Seaboard National Bank, 1922-1927

Folder 336-339

Folder 336

Folder 337

Folder 338

Folder 339

Servants, 1925-1926

Folder 340

Servants: Butler, 1926

Folder 341

Servants: Housekeeper, 1929

Folder 342-344

Folder 342

Folder 343

Folder 344

Smith, C. Alphonso, 1922-1924

Folder 345-346

Folder 345

Folder 346

Smith, Egbert, 1919-1929

Folder 347-349

Folder 347

Folder 348

Folder 349

Smith, Hay Watson, 1917-1929

Folder 350-351

Folder 350

Folder 351

Smith, Henry Louis, 1919-1929

Folder 352

Smith, Henry Louis: Cold Storage Plant, 1928

Folder 353-354

Folder 353

Folder 354

Smith, Raymond, 1924-1926

Folder 355-357

Folder 355

Folder 356

Folder 357

Smith, Reed, 1926-1929

Folder 358

Smith, Susie, 1929

Folder 359

Speeches and Writings: Article in Associated Advertising, 1921

Folder 360-361

Folder 360

Folder 361

Speeches and Writings: Notes, 1921-1925

Folder 362

Speeches and Writings: Miscellaneous, 1921-1923

Folder 363

Speeches and Writings: Rotary Club, circa 1921

Folder 364-366

Folder 364

Folder 365

Folder 366

Speeches and Writings: Tax Laws, 1927-1928

Folder 367-368

Folder 367

Folder 368

Speeches and Writings: Tax Laws: Pilot Convention, 1927-1928

Folder 369

Spradlin, W. H., 1927

Folder 370

Saint Leo's Hospital, 1928

Folder 371-373

Folder 371

Folder 372

Folder 373

Stock and Bond Trading, 1919-1924

Folder 374

Sulka Shirtmakers, 1929

Folder 375

Sweeney, W. A., 1919-1920

Folder 376-379

Folder 376

Folder 377

Folder 378

Folder 379


Folder 380-382

Folder 380

Folder 381

Folder 382


Folder 383-385

Folder 383

Folder 384

Folder 385


Folder 386-388

Folder 386

Folder 387

Folder 388

United War Work Campaign, 1918-1919

Folder 389-391

Folder 389

Folder 390

Folder 391

V, 1917-1929

Folder 392

Vaughn, R. G., 1929

Folder 393

Vick Financial Corporation, 1929

Folder 394-395

Folder 394

Folder 395

Vick, George and Ed, 1923-1929

Folder 396-400

Folder 396

Folder 397

Folder 398

Folder 399

Folder 400

W, 1917-1929

Folder 401-402

Folder 401

Folder 402

World War I Vick Employees' Letters, 1918

Folder 403

Y, 1917-1925

Folder 404-405

Folder 404

Folder 405

YMCA, 1919-1929

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Operations Material, 1919-1984.

About 3,000 items.

The material in this series deals with the overall operation of the company and was chiefly generated by executives in the General Manager's Department. The bulk of the material dates from 1916 to 1940. The materials in this series differ from the materials in subsequent ones in that these files deal with the company as a whole, whereas other series pertain to the operations of specific departments of the company like the Advertising and Sales Department, Production Department, and Legal Department. This series is divided into nine subseries: 2.1. Conferences; 2.2. Memoranda; 2.3. Office Manuals; 2.4. Reports; 2.5. 35 Year Plan; 2.6. Taxes; 2.7. Lunsford Richardson, Jr. Files; 2.8. Drug Inc.; and 2.9. Other Operations Materials.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.1. Conferences, 1922-1953.

About 50 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by conference, then chronological.

Chiefly minutes of various executive conferences of Vick Chemical Company with some relevant memoranda, notes, reports, and exhibits included. These conferences were called by various names: Annual Conferences, General Managers Conferences, and Management Conference Programs. They all seem to have been meetings at which the executives of the company reviewed the progress of various departments, made plans for the coming years, and discussed policy. Some were yearly meetings, others monthly. The records of these conferences are incomplete. There are no records of conferences prior to 1922, from 1923 to 1926, or from 1930 to 1948, and no records after 1953. Also included is material concerning an annual conference of Richardson Realty, a subsidiary of Vick Chemical Company.

Folder 406-410

Folder 406

Folder 407

Folder 408

Folder 409

Folder 410

Annual Conference: 1928-1929

Folder 411

Annual Conference: 1929-1920

Folder 412

General Managers Conference: 1922

Folder 413-414

Folder 413

Folder 414

General Managers Conference: 1927

Folder 415-416

Folder 415

Folder 416

General Managers Conference: 1928

Folder 417-426

Folder 417

Folder 418

Folder 419

Folder 420

Folder 421

Folder 422

Folder 423

Folder 424

Folder 425

Folder 426

Management Conference Program: Greensboro, 1948-1952

Folder 427-435

Folder 427

Folder 428

Folder 429

Folder 430

Folder 431

Folder 432

Folder 433

Folder 434

Folder 435

Management Conference Program: Philadelphia, 1948-1953

Folder 436

Richardson Realty Annual Conference, 1928

Folder 437

Summer Conference, 1927

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.2. Memoranda, 1919-1977.

About 1,500 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by folder title.

Chiefly memoranda between executives of Vick Chemical Company. Some notes and correspondence relevant to the subject of the memos are included. The memos deal with a wide variety of topics, including the budget, new products, office orders, publicity, and subsidiary companies. The folder titles used are original, but the alphabetical arrangement does not reflect the original order. The folders marked "Miscellaneous" carry material that was found loose or in unmarked folders.

Folder 438

Accounting Department, 1919-1920

Folder 439-440

Folder 439

Folder 440

Acknowledgments of Permanent Instructions, 1921-1928

Folder 441

Assignments and Duties, 1926

Folder 442

Board of 1991, 1961

Folder 443

Budget, 1926-1927

Folder 444

Budget, 1930

Folder 445

Budget, 1930-1931

Folder 446

Budget, 1933

Folder 447

Budget: Solicitations and Contributions, 1927-1928

Folder 448

Bulletins, 1926

Folder 449

Byers, H. S., 1919

Folder 450

Calhoun, F. H., 1926-1927

Folder 451

Callahan, James, 1920

Folder 452

Callahan, James, 1925-1926

Folder 453

Carolina Credit Company, 1925-1926

Folder 454

Carolina Credit Company, 1928

Folder 455

Carolina Mountains Realty Corporation, 1927

Folder 456

Carver, E. R., 1926-1927

Folder 457

Confidential Data, 1930-1931

Folder 458

Confidential Memos, 1926

Folder 459

Confidential Memos: L. Richardson, 1929-1930

Folder 460-462

Folder 460

Folder 461

Folder 462

Dawson, George, 1926-1928

Folder 463

Department Heads, 1919-1920

Folder 464

Department Memos, 1928

Folder 465

Directors Meeting, 1933

Folder 466

Dixie Credit Company, 1927

Folder 467

File 118, 1935-1948

Folder 468

File 119, 1943-1950

Folder 469

Finished Memos: L. Richardson, 1927

Folder 470

Finished Memos, 1929

Folder 471

General Management Filing System, 1928

Folder 472

Geohegan, G. P., 1927

Folder 473

Japanese Mint Cultivation, 1925-1926

Folder 474

Ketchum, C. M., 1926-1927

Folder 475

Mail Relations with Cuba, 1928

Folder 476

McKay, H. D., 1941-1943

Folder 477

"Memo of Understanding between H. S. Richardson and Noble," 1941

Folder 478

Memo Register: Transfer, 1928

Folder 479

Memos between Greensboro and New York Offices, 1926-1927

Folder 480

Memo from Atlantic City, N.J., 1925

Folder 481

Memo to the Force, 1925

Folder 482-508

Folder 482

Folder 483

Folder 484

Folder 485

Folder 486

Folder 487

Folder 488

Folder 489

Folder 490

Folder 491

Folder 492

Folder 493

Folder 494

Folder 495

Folder 496

Folder 497

Folder 498

Folder 499

Folder 500

Folder 501

Folder 502

Folder 503

Folder 504

Folder 505

Folder 506

Folder 507

Folder 508

Miscellaneous, 1919-1977

Folder 509

Na-Gene, 1928

Folder 510

New Products, 1928

Folder 511

New York Office, 1920

Folder 512

New York Office, 1928

Folder 513

Notices of Meetings, 1928-1929

Folder 514

Office Manager: Completed, 1919-1920

Folder 515

Office Orders, 1921

Folder 516

Office Orders, 1926-1927

Folder 517

Pending Office Memos, 1925

Folder 518-521

Folder 518

Folder 519

Folder 520

Folder 521

Permanent Instructions, 1926-1929

Folder 522

Piedmont Building, 1926

Folder 523

President's Memos, 1926

Folder 524

Preyer, W. Y., 1927

Folder 525-526

Folder 525

Folder 526

Publicity, 1926-1929

Folder 527

Purchasing Dept., 1919-1920

Folder 528

Real Estate, 1923

Folder 529

Recap of Pending Work, 1919

Folder 530-532

Folder 530

Folder 531

Folder 532

Richardson, L., Jr., 1919-1934

Folder 533-534

Folder 533

Folder 534

Richardson Realty, 1928-1931

Folder 535

Sales and Order Dept., 1919-1920

Folder 536

Salisbury Development Company, 1926

Folder 537

Scotch Heather, 1927

Folder 538

Smith, Raymond, 1927-1928

Folder 539

Stearns, F. M., 1927-1928

Folder 540

Tickler System for Filing, 1927

Folder 541

Traffic Dept., 1919-1920

Folder 542

Yates, C. G., 1924

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.3. Office Manuals, 1916-1947.

About 15 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by title.

Office manuals, also called handbooks, instructions, and office orders, documenting the general organization and official procedures of the Vick Chemical Company. See also Series 7 (Production) for manuals used in Vick factories and Series 3 (Advertising and Sales) for manuals outlining procedures used in the Advertising and Sales Department.

Folder 543

General Information and Instructions, 1938

Folder 544

General Instructions, 1920

Folder 545

General Office Orders, 1926

Folder 546

Instructions to Stenographers, 1916

Folder 547

Instructions to Stenographers, 1920

Folder 548

Interim Version Employee Handbook, 1946

Folder 549

Manual for Supervisory Employees, 1947

Folder 550

Miscellaneous Instructions, 1921-1922

Folder 551-554

Folder 551

Folder 552

Folder 553

Folder 554

Office Manuals, 1927-1936

Folder 555

Organizations and Operations Procedure: Contract Division, 1940s

Folder 556

"Our Company and Our Job": Employee Handbook, 1946

Folder 557

Traffic Department Manual, 1920

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.4. Reports, 1921-1971.

About 50 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical, then chronological.

Annual reports of Vick Chemical Company and various other reports on a variety of subjects, made either to the president of the company or to the board of directors.

The annual reports are complete from 1933 to 1985. They are followed in the arrangement of this subseries by other reports. Other reports from the earlier period, 1921 to 1938, are chiefly monthly and weekly reports to the president from other executives in the company. A report on peppermint oil and menthol, ingredients of VapoRub, also is included. Later items, primarily from the 1960s, consist of reports made to the board of directors on various subsidiary companies and divisions of Richardson Merrell, Inc.

Folder 558-568

Folder 558

Folder 559

Folder 560

Folder 561

Folder 562

Folder 563

Folder 564

Folder 565

Folder 566

Folder 567

Folder 568

Annual Reports, 1933-1985

Folder 569

Baker: in Depth, 1963

Folder 570

Baker: Preview in Depth, 1968

Folder 571

Baker Foreign Subsidiaries: Preview in Depth, 1968

Folder 572

Baker International: Long-Range Plans, 1971

Folder 573

Baker U.S.: Long-Range Plans, 1970

Folder 574

Committee Reports, 1920

Folder 575-576

Folder 575

Folder 576

Jen-Sal Laboratories, 1963-1964

Folder 577

Jen-Sal Research, 1963

Folder 578

Jen-Sal Research, 1969

Folder 579

Jen-Sal Research: Coordination with Hess and Clark, 1963

Folder 580

Merrell: Long-Range Planning Status Report, 1965

Folder 581

Merrell: Research and Development, 1960

Folder 582

Merrell Interantional: Long-Range Planning Report, 1970

Folder 583

Merrell National Overseas Laboratories, 1966

Folder 584-586

Folder 584

Folder 585

Folder 586

Monthly Reports, 1927-1928

Folder 587

Monthly and Weekly Reports, 1928

Folder 588

Monthly and Weekly Reports, 1938-1939

Folder 589

Pepperment Oil and Menthol, 1921

Folder 590

Proprietary New Product: Research and Development, 1962

Folder 591

Tulox-Lumelite-Bradley: Preview in Depth, 1969

Folder 592

Long-Range Plans, 1970

Folder 593

Preview in Depth, 1968

Folder 594-596

Folder 594

Folder 595

Folder 596

Vick International: Preview in Depth, 1967

Folder 597

Vick International: Second Progress Report, 1969

Folder 598

Vick International: Third Progress Report, 1970

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.5. 35-Year Plan, 1926-1950.

About 300 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Correspondence, memos, reports, exhibits, manuals, booklets, notes, and drafts pertaining to H. Smith Richardson's brainchild, the "35 Year Plan." The "35 Year Plan" was the plan of action designed to make Vick Chemical Company ""an enduring enterprise."" The process of articulating and fine tuning the plan was long and arduous, spanning the years from 1926 to 1950. The bulk of material in this subseries consists of many drafts of the ""35 Year Plan"" with corrections, comments, and memos attached; memos to the board of directors of the company about the plan; and material about the "Greensboro Experiment," which was an attempt by management to discover both how well employees understood the plan and their commitment to it.

Folder 599

Alpha and Omega Memo, 1927

Folder 600

Answers to Question Three, 1945

Folder 601

Conference Training Program, 1946

Folder 602-624

Folder 602

Folder 603

Folder 604

Folder 605

Folder 606

Folder 607

Folder 608

Folder 609

Folder 610

Folder 611

Folder 612

Folder 613

Folder 614

Folder 615

Folder 616

Folder 617

Folder 618

Folder 619

Folder 620

Folder 621

Folder 622

Folder 623

Folder 624

Drafts of "35 Year Plan," 1940-1950

Folder 625

Effect on Employees in Manufacturing Division, 1950

Folder 626

Employer-Employee Relations Manual, 1950

Folder 627

Executive Personnel Committee Order, 1944

Folder 628

Greensboro Experiment: Correspondence, 1946-1951

Folder 629-630

Folder 629

Folder 630

Greensboro Experiment: Diary for Management Conference Program, 1948-1950

Folder 631-642

Folder 631

Folder 632

Folder 633

Folder 634

Folder 635

Folder 636

Folder 637

Folder 638

Folder 639

Folder 640

Folder 641

Folder 642

Exhibit A-HH

Folder 643

Experimentation and Development of Management Conference Program, 1946-1947

Folder 644

Final Report, 1949

Folder 645

"The Greensboro Training Experiment," 1947

Folder 646

Report, 1951

Folder 647

Manual, 1948

Folder 648

Manual, 1949

Folder 649

Memoranda ot the Board of Directors: Draft of "35 Year Plan," 1943

Folder 650-657

Folder 650

Folder 651

Folder 652

Folder 653

Folder 654

Folder 655

Folder 656

Folder 657

Memoranda to the Board of Directors: Memos #1-5, 1943

Folder 658

Significant Data re 5-year Diversification Plan, 1943

Folder 659-672

Folder 659

Folder 660

Folder 661

Folder 662

Folder 663

Folder 664

Folder 665

Folder 666

Folder 667

Folder 668

Folder 669

Folder 670

Folder 671

Folder 672

Summary of Developments and Exhibits, 1943

Folder 673

Michaels, E. G.: Files on "35 Year Plan," 1937-1946

Folder 674

Miscellaneous, 1948

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.6. Taxes, 1923-1928.

About 1,000 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Correspondence, memos, notes, and clippings pertaining to H. Smith Richardson's campaign to reform the North Carolina tax laws in order to make the state more attractive to business and investment. Richardson made speeches, wrote letters to friends and to organizations, and wrote articles and pamphlets urging tax reform. These files were kept by C. M. Ketchum, Richardson's assistant, who did much of the research on the tax issue, and handled Richardson's correspondence on the matter. See Series 1. for drafts of Richardson speeches, and see Subseries 8.2. for clippings on taxes

Folder 675

Alexander Hamilton Institute, 1928

Folder 676

Articles to be Sydicated with Weekly Newspaper, 1927

Folder 677-678

Folder 677

Folder 678

Bond Study, 1927-1928

Folder 679

Comparison of English and American Methods of Taxation, 1923-1926

Folder 680

Comparative Taxes on 200,000 in Several Southern States, 1926-1927

Folder 681-702

Folder 681

Folder 682

Folder 683

Folder 684

Folder 685

Folder 686

Folder 687

Folder 688

Folder 689

Folder 690

Folder 691

Folder 692

Folder 693

Folder 694

Folder 695

Folder 696

Folder 697

Folder 698

Folder 699

Folder 700

Folder 701

Folder 702

Correspondence, A-W

Folder 703

Educational Study, 1926

Folder 704

Invitations th HSR to Make Tax Speech, 1927

Folder 705

Jews: Study of, 1927

Folder 706

Mellon's Tax Proposals

Folder 707-709

Folder 707

Folder 708

Folder 709


Folder 710

New Tax Study: Statistics, 1927

Folder 711

North Carolina Industrial Council Taxpayers League

Folder 712-716

Folder 712

Folder 713

Folder 714

Folder 715

Folder 716

North Carolina Tax Laws

Folder 717


Folder 718-719

Folder 718

Folder 719


Folder 720

Tax Information Bureau

Folder 721-722

Folder 721

Folder 722

Taxing Power

Folder 723

Tax Study

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.7. Lunsford Richardson, Jr., Files, 1916-1917.

About 700 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Correspondence, memos, form letters, forms, notes, employee examinations, and statistics from the files of Lunsford Richardson, Jr., during 1916 and 1917, when he was office manager and assistant sales manager for Vick Chemical Company. This is one of the few sets of files that arrived at the Southern Historical Collection intact and as originally organized. It reflects how the company was managed when it was a small business run out of one office, and when the Richardsons were involved with the daily operational minutiae. The files include sales and advertising, personnel, personal, production, and basic housekeeping materials, frequently mixed in a way that reflects the very fluid and flexible nature of the company at the time.

Folder 724

Attractive Forms, Letters, Cards

Folder 725

Auto Accessories

Folder 726

Auto Equipment

Folder 727

Baltimore Dealers

Folder 728


Folder 729

California and Michigan Newspaper Campaign

Folder 730

Carbon Paper Samples

Folder 731

Classified Index of Trade

Folder 732

Coupon Lists: Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma

Folder 733

Coupon Results: New Territory

Folder 734

Cutting Prices: General Information

Folder 735

Deals: #4

Folder 736

Dealers to be Offered Special Deal

Folder 737

Division Managers Meeting

Folder 738

Envelope Forms

Folder 739

Errors: Spelling Grammar

Folder 740

Examinations and Standings

Folder 741

Fac-Simile Forms

Folder 742

Filing Systems

Folder 743

Form Changes

Folder 744

Form Letters

Folder 745

Form Suggestions

Folder 746

Information: Introductory Territory

Folder 747


Folder 748

Letter Specimens

Folder 749

Letter Writing: Articles of Interest

Folder 750

Mailing List Directory

Folder 751

Mail Table Quiz

Folder 752


Folder 753

Order Blank Forms

Folder 754

Order Dept. Quiz

Folder 755

Office Furniture

Folder 756

Paper Ruling and Printing

Folder 757

Paper Stock Quotations

Folder 758


Folder 759


Folder 760

Price List Equipment

Folder 761

Quotations: Envelopes

Folder 762

Quotations: Index Cards

Folder 763

Quotations: Letterheads

Folder 764

Quotations: Mailing List Blanks

Folder 765

Ribbons: Reinking

Folder 766

Salesmen's Autos

Folder 767

Sales Trends: Figures on Territories where Competition is Close

Folder 768

Slide Markers

Folder 769

Slide Report: Greater N.Y. Slide Co.

Folder 770

Stationery: Inventory

Folder 771

Stationery: Previous Price Quotes

Folder 772


Folder 773

Stock Certificates Bonds

Folder 774

Summary of Statistics

Folder 775

Truck Tires

Folder 776

Vacation Schedule

Folder 777

WHSE: Information re Cost

Folder 778

Work Schedule

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.8. Drug Inc., 1930-1933.

About 50 items.

Arrangement: alpahbetical by folder title.

Correspondence, memos, minutes, documents, and other material pertaining to Vick Chemical Company's merger with five other drug companies to form Drug Inc. in 1930. This material documents the company's relationship with Drug Inc. until the conglomerate dissolved in 1933. Included are H. Smith Richardson's memos to members of Drug Inc. suggesting its dissolution (folders 779-783).

Folder 779-783

Folder 779

Folder 780

Folder 781

Folder 782

Folder 783


Folder 784

Minutes: Drug Inc. Committees

Folder 785

Minutes: Export Committee

Folder 786

Minutes of Marketing and Production Committees

Folder 787


Folder 788

"Reorganization of Vick Chemical Co. with Drug Inc.: Correspondence and Memoranda"

Folder 789

"Reorganization of Vick Chemical Co. with Drug Inc.: Documents"

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.9. Other Operations Material, 1919-1984.

About 400 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Correspondence, proxy statements, studies, statistics, vouchers, documents, and other materials that deal with the operation of Vick Chemical Company and subsequent companies, but which do not fit neatly into the other subseries in Series 2. Of particular interest is material on a contract Vick Chemical Company had with the U. S. government in the 1940s to manufacture shoe dubbing to waterproof the boots of soldiers fighting in World War II (folder 812), and documents relating to reorganization of Vick Chemical Company in 1925 and 1929 (folders 808-809).

Folder 790a

Architectural Drawings.

Drawings relating ot various Vick-related properties, and five drawings, 1917, of a house designed for Percy Avery Rockefeller (1989-1934) by Cross and Cross, Architects, New York, to be built at Overhills, Harnett County, N.C.

Folder 790b

Baker Company: Newsletters, 1978-1979

Folder 791

Carolina Body Company, 1925

Folder 792

Chamber of Commerce: N.C., 1927-1928

Folder 793

Chamber of Commerce: U.S., 1928

Folder 794

Executive Department Heads: Vouchers, 1919-1921

Folder 795

Hope Valley Inc., 1928

Folder 796

Indiana Senate Bill #120, 1921

Folder 797

Interviews by C. M. Ketchum, 1928

Folder 798

Manufacturing Costs, 1938-1947

Folder 799


Folder 800

Proprietary Drug Studies, 1929

Folder 801

Ordway, H. A., 1920

Folder 802

Organization of Vick Chemical Co., Inc., 1933

Folder 803

Proxy Statements, 1935-1965

Folder 804

Proxy Statements, 1966-1984

Folder 805

Purchasing Dept., 1920-1921

Folder 806

Richardson-Merrell Overseas Finance: Debentures, 1971

Folder 807

Rabbitt, James A.: Engineering Corp., Yokohama, 1920

Folder 808

Reorganization of Vick Chemical Co., 1925

Folder 809

Reorganization of Vick Chemical Co., 1928

Folder 810

Salisbury Development Co., 1928

Folder 811

Secretary/Treasurer Documents, 1929-1930

Folder 812

Shoe Dubbing, 1943

Folder 813

Statement of Incorporation of Richardson-Vicks Inc., 1980

Folder 814

Vick International: Communications Project: New Products, 1964

Folder 815

Vick International: Communications Project: New Products, 1965

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 3. Advertising and Sales, 1912-1966 and undated.

About 9,000 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Materials dealing with the advertisement and sales of Vick's products both domestically and in foreign markets. Although advertising and sales were covered by the same department, there was a definite separation of duties between advertising and sales, with each section keeping separate records of its activities. The advertising section dealt with outside ad agencies, originated some advertising itself, and dealt with newspapers, radio stations, and others that ran Vick's advertisements. The sales section handled orders for products and distribution, and ran promotional campaigns aimed at retailers and wholesalers.

The arrangement of the series reflects the organization of the Advertising and Sales Department. Subseries 3.2, "General," contains only material that deals with the department as a whole, material that does not fall neatly into either the advertising or the sales sections. Subseries 3.2, "Domestic Advertising," and 3.3, "Domestic Sales," deal with domestic advertising and domestic sales respectively. Subseries 3.4, "Export Advertising Sales," deals with both the advertising and the sale of Vick's products in foreign markets. Subseries 3.2 arrived in no recognizable order and arrangement was imposed on it during processing. The rest of the series was kept in its original order and the original folder titles retained.

See Series 9 ("Volumes") for additional material relating to campaign histories.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.1. General, 1922/23-1966.

About 1,000 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Chiefly memos, minutes, and agendas of Vick's annual sales and advertising conferences and "idea" conferences, coverage being strongest for the 1920s. These conferences brought the component sections of the advertising and sales department together, along with the general management of the company. Each section reported its activities and goals for the year. Budget allocations within the department were also worked out in these conferences.

Some miscellaneous memos and trainee profiles are also included. The trainee profiles contain pictures and short resumes of trainees recruited by the advertising and sales department from colleges across the country.

Folder 816

Inter-Dept. Memos, 1922-1923

Folder 817

Sales and Advertising Conference, 1922-1923

Folder 818-819

Folder 818

Folder 819

Inter-Dept. Memos, 1923

Folder 820-823

Folder 820

Folder 821

Folder 822

Folder 823

Sales and Advertising Conference, 1923

Folder 824

Sales and Advertising Conference, April 1923

Folder 825

Sales and Advertising Conference, June 1924

Folder 826-828

Folder 826

Folder 827

Folder 828

Sales and Advertising Conference, 1924-1925

Folder 829

Inter-Dept. Memos, 1925

Folder 830

Sales and Advertising Conference, 1925-1926

Folder 831-832

Folder 831

Folder 832

Sales and Advertising Conference, 1926-1927

Folder 833-835

Folder 833

Folder 834

Folder 835

Sales and Advertising Conference, 1927-1928

Folder 836

"Idea" Conference, January 1930

Folder 837

Sales and Advertising Conference, 1930

Folder 838

"Idea" Conference, 1930-1931

Folder 839

Domestic Idea Conference, 1931

Folder 840-842

Folder 840

Folder 841

Folder 842

Training Materials, 1937-1939

Folder 843

Advertising and Sales Campaign History, 1940-1941

Folder 844-845

Folder 844

Folder 845

Introduction of Vick's Inhaler, 1940-1941

Folder 846-847

Folder 846

Folder 847

College Recruitment Manual, 1949-1950

Folder 848

Trainee Profiles, 1949-1953

Folder 849

Trainee Profiles, 1955-1957

Folder 850

Trainee Profiles, 1958-1959

Folder 851

Trainee Profiles, 1960-1961

Folder 852

Trainee Profiles, 1963, 1965

Folder 853

Trainee Profiles, 1966

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.2. Domestic Advertising, 1912-1958, and undated.

About 1,200 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Copy proofs, samples of ads, original sketches, advertising records, medical reviews of ads, memos, and correspondence detailing the Vick Company's extensive use of advertising in marketing their products throughout the company's history. Samples of ads and copy proofs have been separated from the other materials where possible, but researchers should note that some copy can be found attached to insertion orders, within the yearly "data books," and in the medical reviews of ads. The medical reviews also contain verbatim scripts of Vick's radio ads. The yearly "data books" were originally bound and contain memos, letters to newspapers, records of costs, schedules of publication, and samples of ads run. Note that the bulk of ad samples and copy proofs came from newspapers. The folders labeled "correspondence between New York and Greensboro" held correspondence between the ad office in New York and company management in Greensboro. The oversize advertising material (see folder 964) consists primarily of carcards, apparently produced for streetcar advertising. See also Series 9 for proofbooks and samples of materials used in advertising campaigns.

Folder 854

Copy, 1912-1918

Folder 855

Retail Druggists, 1916-1917

Folder 856

Copy: Schedules with Proofs, 1918

Folder 857

Copy: Spanish Flu Ads, 1918

Folder 858

New York Campaign, 1918-1919

Folder 859

Miscellaneous Memos, 1918-1919

Folder 860

Records: Miscellaneous, 1918-1919

Folder 861

Records: Insertion and Space Schedueles, 1918-1921

Folder 862

Correspondence between New York and Greensboro, 1919

Folder 863

Memos, 1919-1920

Folder 864-865

Folder 864

Folder 865

Street Car Advertising, 1919-1920

Folder 866

Records: Newspaper Expenditures, 1919/20-1957/58

Folder 867-868

Folder 867

Folder 868

Copy: Schedules with Proofs, 1920

Folder 869-878

Folder 869

Folder 870

Folder 871

Folder 872

Folder 873

Folder 874

Folder 875

Folder 876

Folder 877

Folder 878

Correspondence between New York and Greensboro, 1920

Folder 879

Records: List of Newspapers Running Vick's Ads, 1920

Folder 880

Records: Position Charts, 1920-1933

Folder 881

Records: Magazine Lists, Newspaper Position and Expenditure Charts, 1920-1955

Folder 882

Copy: Other Vick's Products: Pepsodent and Palmolive, 1921

Folder 883

Correspondence between New York and Greensboro, 1921

Folder 884

Conference on Pending Memos, May 1922

Folder 885-886

Folder 885

Folder 886

Copy: Newspaper Proofs, 1922

Folder 887

Post Office, 1922

Folder 888

Records: Insertion and Space Schedules, 1922-1928

Folder 889

Records: Magazine Lists and Position Charts, 1922/23-1941/42

Folder 890

Kelly-Smith Newspaper Dispute, 1923

Folder 891

Post Office Petition, 1923

Folder 892-893

Folder 892

Folder 893

Cartons, 1927

Folder 894

Inter-Dept. Memos, 1927

Folder 895-897

Folder 895

Folder 896

Folder 897

Morse International Inc., 1927

Folder 898

Procedural Memos, 1927-1928

Folder 899

Records: Insertion and Space Schedules, 1929-1935

Folder 900

Records: Position Charts, 1930-1937

Folder 901

Cecil, Warwick and Cecil, Inc., 1931

Folder 902

"Vick Plan" Booklets, 1931-1936

Folder 903

Cough Drop Advertising Test, 1932-1933

Folder 904

Office Manual, 1934

Folder 905

Medical Reviews: Radio, 1934-1935

Folder 906-907

Folder 906

Folder 907

Grace Moore Radio Programs, 1935

Folder 908

Medical Reviews, 1935

Folder 909

Medical Reviews: Radio, 1935-1936

Folder 910-913

Folder 910

Folder 911

Folder 912

Folder 913

Medical Reviews, 1936

Folder 914-915

Folder 914

Folder 915

Copy: Newspaper Proofs, 1936-1937

Folder 916

Medical Reviews: Radio, 1936-1937

Folder 917

Copy: Newspaper Ads for Radio Programs, 1936-1938

Folder 918

Records: Insertion and Space Schedules, 1936-1942

Folder 919

Copy: Newspaper Proofs, 1937

Folder 920

Medical Reviews, January-August 1937

Folder 921

Medical Reviews, September-December 1937

Folder 922

Medical Reviews: Radio, 1937

Folder 923-926

Folder 923

Folder 924

Folder 925

Folder 926

Copy: Newspaper and Magazine Proofs, 1937-1938

Folder 927

Copy: Newspaper Proofs, 1938-1939

Folder 928

Insertion Letters with Proofs, 1939

Folder 929

Insertion Letters with Proofs, 1940

Folder 930

Canadian Insertion Letters with Proofs, 1943-1944

Folder 931

Original Sketches, 1945

Folder 932

Data Book, 1945-1946

Folder 933-934

Folder 933

Folder 934

Data Book, 1946-1947

Folder 935-936

Folder 935

Folder 936

Data Book, 1947-1948

Folder 937

Data Book, 1948-1949

Folder 938-939

Folder 938

Folder 939

Data Book, 1949-1950

Folder 940

Copy: Miscellaneous, 1940s

Folder 941-942

Folder 941

Folder 942

Data Book, 1950-1951

Folder 943-944

Folder 943

Folder 944

Data Book, 1951-1952

Folder 945

Data Book, 1952-1953

Folder 946

Merrell Advertising, 1952-1953

Folder 947

Data Book, 1953-1954

Folder 948-949

Folder 948

Folder 949

Data Book, 1954-1955

Folder 950-952

Folder 950

Folder 951

Folder 952

Data Book, 1955-1956

Folder 953

Copy: Magazine Campaign, 1956-1957

Folder 954-955

Folder 954

Folder 955

Data Book, 1956-1957

Folder 956

Cold Tablets, 1957-1958

Folder 957

Data Book, 1957-1958

Folder 958-959

Folder 958

Folder 959

Copy: Newspaper Proofs, undated

Folder 960

Copy: Original Sketches, undated

Folder 961

Copy: Richardson-Merrell Ads, undated

Folder 962

Copy: Small Space Ads, undated

Folder 963

Copy Testing: Basic Principles of, undated

Folder 964

Oversize Advertising Material, undated

Folder 965

"The Romance of the Ingredients of Vicks," undated

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.3. Domestic Sales, 1909-1959.

About 4,500 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Chiefly correspondence and form letterbooks (to jobbers, retailers, and wholesalers), promotional campaign files, memos, sales orders, and manuals relating to the sale and distribution of Vick's products. The original folder titles have been maintained.

Folder 966

Record of Sales Force, 1909-1953

Folder 967

Statistics, 1914-1917

Folder 968

Jobbers, 1914-1919

Folder 969

Record Book, circa 1915

Folder 970

Form Letter Book, 1915-July 1918

Folder 971

Jobbers, 1916-1917

Folder 972-973

Folder 972

Folder 973

Mailing List Information, 1917

Folder 974-975

Folder 974

Folder 975

Salesman's Manual for "Grand Invasion of the North," 1917-1918

Folder 976

Mail and Telegraphic Orders, 1918-1919

Folder 977

Statistics: Canadian Sales, 1918-1926

Folder 978

Form Letter Campaign, 1919

Folder 979

Jobbers, 1919

Folder 980-982

Folder 980

Folder 981

Folder 982

Mail and Telegraphic Orders, 1919

Folder 983

Salesmen, 1919-1922

Folder 984

Jobbers, 1920

Folder 985-990

Folder 985

Folder 986

Folder 987

Folder 988

Folder 989

Folder 990

Form Letter Book, 1920-1921

Folder 991

Form Letter Book, December 1920-July 1922

Folder 992-1000

Folder 992

Folder 993

Folder 994

Folder 995

Folder 996

Folder 997

Folder 998

Folder 999

Folder 1000

Jobbers, 1921

Folder 1001

Message from the President, 1921

Folder 1002

Price Increase, 1921

Folder 1003

Salesman's Manual, 1921

Folder 1004

Jobbers, 1921-1922

Folder 1005

Form Letter Book, August 1921-February 1922

Folder 1006

Inter-Dept. Memos, 1922

Folder 1007

Investigative Trips, 1922

Folder 1008

Form Letter Book, 1922-1923

Folder 1009

Inter-Dept. Memos, 1923

Folder 1010

North Carolina Pharmacy Bill, 1923

Folder 1011

Form Letter Book, July 1923-July 1924

Folder 1012

Form Letter Book, July 1924-July 1925

Folder 1013

O. B. Thuma: The Cinncinnati Economy Drug Co., 1925

Folder 1014

Canadian General Store Work, 1926

Folder 1015-1016

Folder 1015

Folder 1016

Form Letter Book, 1926

Folder 1017

Questionnaires, 1926

Folder 1018-1021

Folder 1018

Folder 1019

Folder 1020

Folder 1021

Form Letter Books, 1927

Folder 1022

Office Manual, 1927

Folder 1023

Salesmen's Conference, 1927

Folder 1024

Research Council, 1927-1928

Folder 1025

Form Letter Book, January-June 1928

Folder 1026

Road Signs, 1928

Folder 1027

Statistics, 1928

Folder 1028-1029

Folder 1028

Folder 1029

Form Letter Book, March-December 1929

Folder 1030

Miscellaneous, 1920s

Folder 1031

Introductory Campaigns, 1930

Folder 1032-1034

Folder 1032

Folder 1033

Folder 1034

New Vick's Products Introduction, 1931

Folder 1035-1040

Folder 1035

Folder 1036

Folder 1037

Folder 1038

Folder 1039

Folder 1040

Form Letter Book, 1931-1932

Folder 1041-1043

Folder 1041

Folder 1042

Folder 1043

Form Letter Book, 1934-1935

Folder 1044-1046

Folder 1044

Folder 1045

Folder 1046

Cough Drop Campaign, 1935-1936

Folder 1047

Doctors, 1935-1936

Folder 1048

Flood Letters, 1935-1936

Folder 1049-1050

Folder 1049

Folder 1050

Jobbers, 1935-1936

Folder 1051

Jobbers' Salesmen, 1935-1936

Folder 1052-1054

Folder 1052

Folder 1053

Folder 1054

Miscellaneous, 1935-1936

Folder 1055-1056

Folder 1055

Folder 1056

Retailers, 1935-1936

Folder 1057

Sampling Campaign, 1935-1936

Folder 1058

Voratone Deal, 1936

Folder 1059-1061

Folder 1059

Folder 1060

Folder 1061

Form Letter Book, 1936-1937

Folder 1062

Permanent Instructions, 1936-1937

Folder 1063-1065

Folder 1063

Folder 1064

Folder 1065

Form Letter Book, 1937-1938

Folder 1066

General Store Campaign, 1939-1940

Folder 1067

Miscellaneous, 1930s

Folder 1068

General Store Campaign, 1940-1941

Folder 1069

Permanent Instructions, 1940-1941

Folder 1070

Postscripts-Sales Dept. Newsletter, 1942

Folder 1071

Directs, 1943-1944

Folder 1072-1074

Folder 1072

Folder 1073

Folder 1074

Jobbers, 1943-1944

Folder 1075

Miscellaneous, 1943-1944

Folder 1076

Newspapers, Trade Ads, Radio, 1943-1944

Folder 1077

Retailers, 1943-1944

Folder 1078

Vick's A-Q, 1943-1944

Folder 1079

Directs, 1944-1945

Folder 1080-1082

Folder 1080

Folder 1081

Folder 1082

Jobbers, 1944-1945

Folder 1083

Miscellaneous, 1944-1945

Folder 1084

Newspapers, Trade Ads, Radio, 1944-1945

Folder 1085-1086

Folder 1085

Folder 1086

Form Letter Book, 1945-1946

Folder 1087

Direct Account Window Displays, 1947

Folder 1088

Drug Mail Deal, 1947-1948

Folder 1089-1091

Folder 1089

Folder 1090

Folder 1091

Form Letter Book, 1947-1948

Folder 1092

Extra Profit Deals, 1948

Folder 1093

Chain Store Window Displays, 1948-1949

Folder 1094

Direct Account Fall Dating, 1948-1949

Folder 1095-1096

Folder 1095

Folder 1096

Drug Mail Deal: Wholesaler

Folder 1097

General Store Deal, 1948-1949

Folder 1098

January Direct Dating, 1948-1949

Folder 1099

Merchandising Agreement: Directs, 1948-1949

Folder 1100-1102

Folder 1100

Folder 1101

Folder 1102

Price Increase: Mailing Program, 1948-1949

Folder 1103

Wholesaler Fall Dating, 1948-1949

Folder 1104

Wholesaler Mid-Season Dating, 1948-1949

Folder 1105

Chain Store Windo Displays, 1949-1950

Folder 1106

"Cold Incidence" Promotion, 1949-1950

Folder 1107

Direct Account Dating, 1949-1950

Folder 1108-1112

Folder 1108

Folder 1109

Folder 1110

Folder 1111

Folder 1112

Drug Mail Deal, 1949-1950

Folder 1113-1114

Folder 1113

Folder 1114

Fall Wholesale Dating, 1949-1950

Folder 1115

Histaid-Histacaps Promotion, 1949-1950

Folder 1116

January Dating Promotion, 1949-1950

Folder 1117-1118

Folder 1117

Folder 1118

Miscellaneous, 1949-1950

Folder 1119-1120

Folder 1119

Folder 1120

Sales Promotion, 1949-1950

Folder 1121-1122

Folder 1121

Folder 1122

VapoRub Steam Promotion, 1949-1950

Folder 1123

Wholesale Concentrations, 1949-1950

Folder 1124

Wholesale Price Stabilization, 1949-1950

Folder 1125

Miscellaneous, 1940s

Folder 1126

Antihistamine Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1127

Barometers, 1950-1951

Folder 1128

Chain Store Window Displays, 1950-1951

Folder 1129

Connecticut Test, 1950-1951

Folder 1130-1133

Folder 1130

Folder 1131

Folder 1132

Folder 1133

Cough Drop Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1134-1141

Folder 1134

Folder 1135

Folder 1136

Folder 1137

Folder 1138

Folder 1139

Folder 1140

Folder 1141

Cough Syrup Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1142

Delivery Envelopes, 1950-1951

Folder 1143

Direct Account Fall Dating, 1950-1951

Folder 1144

Direct Account January Dating, 1950-1951

Folder 1145

Direct Account Window Displays, 1950-1951

Folder 1146

Dis-Mis Deodorant Powder

Folder 1147-1150

Folder 1147

Folder 1148

Folder 1149

Folder 1150

Drug Mail Deal Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1151

Fair Trade Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1152-1153

Folder 1152

Folder 1153

General Store Deal Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1154

Large Size Week, 1950-1951

Folder 1155

McKesson-Life Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1156

Merchandising Units, 1950-1951

Folder 1157-1159

Folder 1157

Folder 1158

Folder 1159

Mild Va-tro-nol, 1950-1951

Folder 1160

Miscellaneous, 1950-1951

Folder 1161

Order Book Fillers, 1950-1951

Folder 1162-1164

Folder 1162

Folder 1163

Folder 1164

Post Exchanges, 1950-1951

Folder 1165-1166

Folder 1165

Folder 1166

Price Increase, 1950-1951

Folder 1167

Professional Sampling, 1950-1951

Folder 1168-1177

Folder 1168

Folder 1169

Folder 1170

Folder 1171

Folder 1172

Folder 1173

Folder 1174

Folder 1175

Folder 1176

Folder 1177

Sales Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1178

Sampling Manual, 1950-1951

Folder 1179-1181

Folder 1179

Folder 1180

Folder 1181

Sofskin Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1182

VapoRub Steam Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1183

Vatronol Sampling in VapoRub, 1950-1951

Folder 1184-1185

Folder 1184

Folder 1185

Vick Inhaler Promotion, 1950-1951

Folder 1186

Vitamins Plus Liquidation, 1950-1951

Folder 1187

Wholesale Catalog Sheets, 1950-1951

Folder 1188-1189

Folder 1188

Folder 1189

Wholesale Concentrations, 1950-1951

Folder 1190

Wholesale Dating, Fall, 1950-1951

Folder 1191

Wholesale Dating, January, 1950-1951

Folder 1192

Wholesale Price Cards, 1950-1951

Folder 1193-1195

Folder 1193

Folder 1194

Folder 1195

Cough Drop Promotion, 1951-1952

Folder 1196

Drug Mail Deal, 1951-1952

Folder 1197

General Store Deal, 1951-1952

Folder 1198-1199

Folder 1198

Folder 1199

Mild Va-tro-nol Promotion, 1951-1952

Folder 1200

Wholesalers, 1951-1952

Folder 1201

Cough Drop Promotion, 1952-1953

Folder 1202-1206

Folder 1202

Folder 1203

Folder 1204

Folder 1205

Folder 1206

Cough Syrup Promotion, 1952-1953

Folder 1207-1220

Folder 1207

Folder 1208

Folder 1209

Folder 1210

Folder 1211

Folder 1212

Folder 1213

Folder 1214

Folder 1215

Folder 1216

Folder 1217

Folder 1218

Folder 1219

Folder 1220

Drug Mail Deal, 1952-1953

Folder 1221

Sales Promotion, 1952-1953

Folder 1222

Sales Department Plans, 1957-1958

Folder 1223

Key Account Instructions, 1959

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.4. Export-Advertising and Sales, 1922-1955.

About 2,000 items.

Arrangement: alpahbetical by country, followed by general subject files.

Chiefly campaign histories covering both the advertisement and sale of Vick's products in over 117 foreign countries. Some copy proofs, ad samples, booklets, and correspondence are also included. The bulk of the material was originally in binders, and the original order has been maintained. Researchers should note that some material pertaining to the England campaign can be found in Series 1. See also Subseries 11.1.

Folder 1224

Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Australia

Folder 1225

Australia: Copy Proofs

Folder 1226-1228

Folder 1226

Folder 1227

Folder 1228

Australia: Milton/Napison Products

Folder 1229

Azores, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgian Congo, British Guiana, British Honduras

Folder 1230

British W. Africa, Burma, Canary Isladns, Ceylon, Chile, Columbia

Folder 1231

Costa Rica, Cuba

Folder 1232


Folder 1233

France: Print Samples

Folder 1234

Hawaii, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary

Folder 1235

Iceland, India, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Israel

Folder 1236

Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Liberia, Madeira, Malta

Folder 1237-1238

Folder 1237

Folder 1238


Folder 1239

Netherlands: Copy, "Cold News," Displays

Folder 1240

Netherlans, New Calcedonia

Folder 1241

Netherlands' Guiana, Netherlands' West Indies, New Zealand

Folder 1242

Nicaragua, Nyasaland, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru

Folder 1243

Philippines: Correspondence

Folder 1244

Poland, Portugal, Portugese East and West Africa, Puerto Rico, Rhodesia, Roumania, Salvador

Folder 1245

Saudi Arabia, Siam, Singapore, South Africa, Southwest Africa, Spain

Folder 1246-1251

Folder 1246

Folder 1247

Folder 1248

Folder 1249

Folder 1250

Folder 1251

Spanish and Portugese Booklets

Folder 1252

Spanish Morocco, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria

Folder 1253

Tahiti, Tangier, Trinidad, Turkey, Uruguay, U.S. Armed Foreces NAAFI, Venezuela, Virgin Islands

Folder 1254

United Kingdom

Folder 1255

United Kingdom, Northern Ireland

Folder 1256-1257

Folder 1256

Folder 1257

U.K.: Duty on Vick's in England, 1922

Folder 1258

U.K.: Campaign Memos, 1923

Folder 1259-1263

Folder 1259

Folder 1260

Folder 1261

Folder 1262

Folder 1263

U.K.: Campaign Memos, 1923-1925

Folder 1264

U.K.: Advertising Copy, circa 1924-1925

Folder 1265

U.K.: Irish Free State Campaign, 1925-1926

Folder 1266-1268

Folder 1266

Folder 1267

Folder 1268

U.K.: Vapex Trademark Dispute, 1930

Folder 1269

U.K.: Correspondence, 1937-1945

Folder 1270

Export Conference, May 1930

Folder 1271

Export Idea Conference, 1931

Folder 1272

Export Reverse Season Conference, 1935

Folder 1273

International Bags and Window Displays

Folder 1274-1275

Folder 1274

Folder 1275

International Booklets, Almanacs, Baby Books

Folder 1276-1277

Folder 1276

Folder 1277

Review of Each Year in Each Country, 1940-1955

Folder 1278

Summary of Intrduction of Products in Each Country

Folder 1279-1280

Folder 1279

Folder 1280

Vick's Home News, Calmanacs, Cold Facts

Folder 1281

Vick International: Propagandist

Folder 1282

Vick International: Sound Trucks, Sales Promotions

Folder 1283

Vick International: Series Proof Book, 1950/51-1953/54

Folder 1284

Vick International: Series Proof Book, 1954/55-1955/56

Folder 1285

Vick International: Series Proof Book, 1956/57

Folder 1286-1288

Folder 1286

Folder 1287

Folder 1288

Vitapyrena: Copy, Storyboards for Product Introduction, 1969

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 4. Financial Material, 1914-1929.

About 4,300 items.

The material in this series concerns two major aspects of Vick Chemical Company's finances from 1914 to 1929 the investment of the company's assets and the sale of public stock in 1925. Because members of the Richardson family were at first the only stockholders in the company, and then, after 1925, the controlling stockholders, the assets of Vick Chemical Company were the family's private fortune. Therefore, the management of the Richardson family's investment was company business.

The material is arranged into four subseries: Subseries 4.1, "Auditors' Reports"; Subseries 4.2, "Investment"; Subseries 4.3, "Financial Holding Companies"; and Subseries 4.4, "Vick Chemical Company Stock."

For other financial papers see Stock and Bond Trading(folders 371 373) in Series 1, Budgets (folders 443 446) in Subseries 2, and Lunsford Richardson, Jr.'s personal financial material (folders 1728 1733) in Subseries 8.4.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.1. Auditors' Reports, 1916-1929.

About 25 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Auditors' reports made on the finances of Vick Chemical Company. Annual reports are in the files for each year listed; some quarterly reports for the years listed are missing.

Folder 1289


Folder 1290-1291

Folder 1290

Folder 1291


Folder 1292-1299

Folder 1292

Folder 1293

Folder 1294

Folder 1295

Folder 1296

Folder 1297

Folder 1298

Folder 1299


Folder 1300-1309

Folder 1300

Folder 1301

Folder 1302

Folder 1303

Folder 1304

Folder 1305

Folder 1306

Folder 1307

Folder 1308

Folder 1309


Folder 1310-1316

Folder 1310

Folder 1311

Folder 1312

Folder 1313

Folder 1314

Folder 1315

Folder 1316


Folder 1317


Folder 1318


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.2. Investments, 1914-1929.

About 2,400 items.

Arrangement: alpahbetical by folder title.

Correspondence, memos, reports, minutes, receipts, and notes pertaining to the investments of Vick Chemical Company and the Richardson family. Correspondence with bankers and stock brokers, statistical information on stocks and bonds, and minutes of the company's investment committee are included in this material. Similar material can be found in Series 1 filed under the names of specific banks and brokers as well as under "Stock and Bond Trading" (folders 371-373).

Folder 1319

Allen, Weed, & Co., 1922-1923

Folder 1320

American Exchange Bank, 1914-1927

Folder 1321

Analysis of Common Stocks, 1901-1936

Folder 1322

Annual Reports, 1920-1921

Folder 1323

Babson Reports, 1926

Folder 1324

Babson Statistical Organization, 1921-1924

Folder 1325

Bank Balances of Vick Chemical Co., and Subsidiary Companies, 1926-1928

Folder 1326-1332

Folder 1326

Folder 1327

Folder 1328

Folder 1329

Folder 1330

Folder 1331

Folder 1332

Bankers Trust Company, 1922-1929

Folder 1333

Bank Studies, 1927

Folder 1334

Bonds, 1923-1924

Folder 1335

Bonds and Securities Held by H. Smith Richardson, 1926-1927

Folder 1336

Bonds and Securities Held By Vick Chemical Co., 1926-1927

Folder 1337

Books and Finance, 1929

Folder 1338

Building and Financing Co., 1926

Folder 1339-1341

Folder 1339

Folder 1340

Folder 1341

Changes in Capital Structure, 1928-1929

Folder 1342

C. W. Wittis & Co., 1922-1924

Folder 1343

Drug Stocks, 1926

Folder 1344

Financial Reports of Vick Chemical Co., 1926-1927

Folder 1345

Guillet's Cafeteria, 1927

Folder 1346-1347

Folder 1346

Folder 1347

Harris, Forbes & Co., 1922-1926

Folder 1348

Henderson, Winder Co., 1922-1923

Folder 1349

Hill Flour Mills, 1927

Folder 1350-1356

Folder 1350

Folder 1351

Folder 1352

Folder 1353

Folder 1354

Folder 1355

Folder 1356

Investment Committee, 1926-1929

Folder 1357

Investments: Information for H. Smith Richardson, 1922

Folder 1358

Investments: Information for L. Richardson, 1921

Folder 1359-1360

Folder 1359

Folder 1360

Investments: L. Richardson

Folder 1361

Investments: Miscellaneous Memos, 1926-1927

Folder 1362

Investments: Mrs. H. Smith Richardson, 1915-1921

Folder 1363

Investments: Programs for Richarsdon Family, 1925-1927

Folder 1364

Investments: Various Classes of, 1923-1925

Folder 1365

Investments: Vick Employees, 1924

Folder 1366

Investment Trust, 1927

Folder 1367

J. H. Hilsman & Co., 1921-1923

Folder 1368

Lambert Stock, 1926

Folder 1369

Lee, Higinson & Co., 1923

Folder 1370-1372

Folder 1370

Folder 1371

Folder 1372

L. Richardson Estate, 1919-1942

Folder 1373-1375

Folder 1373

Folder 1374

Folder 1375

Miscellaneous, 1922-1929

Folder 1376

Moessers' Notes, 1926

Folder 1377

National City Co., 1921-1923

Folder 1378

Publicity, 1927

Folder 1379

Refinancing Vick Chemical Co.: Brokers Correspondence, 1925

Folder 1380

Questions of Reorganization as They Relate to H. Smith Richardson and L. Richardson, Jr., Personally, 1925

Folder 1381

Scott and Stringfellow, 1923

Folder 1382

Security Accounts, 1923

Folder 1383-1385

Folder 1383

Folder 1384

Folder 1385

Security Accounts: H. Smith Richardson, 1927-1928

Folder 1386-1388

Folder 1386

Folder 1387

Folder 1388

Security Accounts: L. Richardson, Jr., 1927

Folder 1389

Shawmut Loan, 1928

Folder 1390

Speculative Fund, 1922-1924

Folder 1391

Townsend, Scott & Son, 1922-1923

Folder 1392-1393

Folder 1392

Folder 1393

William R. Compton, 1921-1923

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.3. Financial Holding Companies, 1923-1928.

About 800 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by folder title.

Correspondence, memos, reports, and notes of two financial holding companies of Vick Chemical Company, Piedmont Finance and Realty Company and Piedmont Finance Company. Piedmont Finance and Realty Company was organized in 1923, and was dissolved and reformed as Piedmont Finance Company in 1926. These two companies handled much of the routine work involved in buying and selling stocks and bonds for the company and the Richardsons, and also seem to have provided a tax shelter for the company.

Folder 1394

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: A

Folder 1395

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: A. A. Housman Co.

Folder 1396

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: B

Folder 1397-1398

Folder 1397

Folder 1398

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Bankers Trust Co.

Folder 1399

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Bank Statements

Folder 1400

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: C

Folder 1401

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: D

Folder 1402

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: E

Folder 1403

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Farm Account

Folder 1404

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: G

Folder 1405

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: H

Folder 1406

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: I

Folder 1407

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: K-L

Folder 1408

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: M

Folder 1409

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Memos

Folder 1410-1414

Folder 1410

Folder 1411

Folder 1412

Folder 1413

Folder 1414

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Miscellaneous

Folder 1415

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: N

Folder 1416

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: P

Folder 1417

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Petty Cash

Folder 1418

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Q-R

Folder 1419-1423

Folder 1419

Folder 1420

Folder 1421

Folder 1422

Folder 1423

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Receipts for Bonds

Folder 1424

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: S

Folder 1425

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Securities & Bonds

Folder 1426

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: T

Folder 1427

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Tax Returns

Folder 1428

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: U-W

Folder 1429-1430

Folder 1429

Folder 1430

Piedmont Finance & Realty Company: Vouchers

Folder 1431-1432

Folder 1431

Folder 1432

Piedmont Finance Company: Annual Report, 1928

Folder 1433

Piedmont Finance Company: Investments, 1927

Folder 1434-1435

Folder 1434

Folder 1435

Piedmont Finance Company: Miscellaneous, 1923-1926

Folder 1436

Piedmont Finance Company: Notices of Meetings, 1928

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.4. Vick Chemical Company Stock, 1925-1927.

About 1,000 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by folder title.

Correspondence, memos, statistics, and notes dealing with the sale of Vick Chemical Company stock to retailers, employees, and others in 1925.

Folder 1437

Bankers Trust Company

Folder 1438-1439

Folder 1438

Folder 1439

Charles Barney and Company

Folder 1440-1463

Folder 1440

Folder 1441

Folder 1442

Folder 1443

Folder 1444

Folder 1445

Folder 1446

Folder 1447

Folder 1448

Folder 1449

Folder 1450

Folder 1451

Folder 1452

Folder 1453

Folder 1454

Folder 1455

Folder 1456

Folder 1457

Folder 1458

Folder 1459

Folder 1460

Folder 1461

Folder 1462

Folder 1463

Correspondence (by State)

Folder 1464-1471

Folder 1464

Folder 1465

Folder 1466

Folder 1467

Folder 1468

Folder 1469

Folder 1470

Folder 1471

Correspondence (General)

Folder 1472-1473

Folder 1472

Folder 1473

Employee Stockholders

Folder 1474


Folder 1475

Retail Stockholders

Folder 1476

Special Subscription Stockholders

Folder 1477

Stock Split-up

Folder 1478

Stock Subscriptions

Folder 1479

Stock Transfer

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 5. Legal Material, 1918-1978.

About 400 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by folder title.

Correspondence, memos, exhibits, documents, advertise ments, and clippings pertaining to various legal cases in which Vick Chemical Company and its successors were involved. Cases include: the Association of American Advertising Agencies case, which involved a dispute between Vick Chemical Company and AAAA about whether Vick should be allowed, when advertising direct, the discount that newspapers give advertising agencies; the Batten case, which concerned Vick's dissatisfaction with Batten advertising and the company's refusal to pay for the unsatisfactory services; the Thalidomide case, which dealt with birth defects resulting from pregnant women's use of the drug thalidomide; and the Vick Chemical Company versus the Vick Medical Company case, which concerned the Vick Chemical Company's dispute with the Vick Medical Company over the use of the Vick name. Items of interest include the drafts of various Vick advertisements used as exhibits in the Batten case and Vick Chemical vs. Vick Medical Company, and documentation of the litigation expenses in the Thalidomide case. Coverage of these cases is limited, and many other legal disputes are not represented in this material.

Also included is personal legal advice from James F. Hoge (general counsel for the company) to H. Smith Richardson concerning real estate, taxes, stocks, life insurance, and the changing of the current game laws. See addition of August 1989 for materials on Bendectin case.

Folder 1480-1487

Folder 1480

Folder 1481

Folder 1482

Folder 1483

Folder 1484

Folder 1485

Folder 1486

Folder 1487

Association of American Advertising Agencies Case, 1922

Folder 1488-1489

Folder 1488

Folder 1489

Association of American Advertisng Agencies Case, 1926-1928

Folder 1490

A.A.A.A.: Trade Commission Information, 1925

Folder 1491-1493

Folder 1491

Folder 1492

Folder 1493

Batten Case, 1918-1920

Folder 1494-1497

Folder 1494

Folder 1495

Folder 1496

Folder 1497

Documents, 1923-1928

Folder 1498

Formula Disclosure, 1923

Folder 1499

Hoge, James F., 1927-1928

Folder 1500

Miscellaneous, 1923-1958

Folder 1501-1502

Folder 1501

Folder 1502


Folder 1503


Folder 1504

Thalidomide Case, 1967-1978

Folder 1505

Vick Chemical Co. vs. Vick Medicine Co., 1925

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 6. Personnel, 1916-1980.

About 1,000 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Applications, time books, employee examinations, reports, handbooks, company newspapers, notes, correspondence, memos, statistics, and opinion surveys documenting the relationship between Vick Chemical Company and its employees. This series is a hodgepodge of material dealing with a wide variety of personnel issues including hiring, morale, training, bonuses, and benefits over a period of sixty years. No particular period is thoroughly documented, although there is some material for most years.

Of particular interest are the employee examinations that the company administered to applicants to test intelligence and general knowledge. The examinations are frequently accompanied by applications and carbons of acceptance letters. Some of the top executives' original entry tests and applications are included (folders 1516-1527). Also of interest are thank you letters from employees who received cash bonuses during the Depression (folder 1562). See Subseries 2.5 for material on the "Greensboro Experiment" which was an attempt by the management of Vick Chemical Company to determine how committed employees were to the "35 Year Plan."

Folder 1506

Applications for Bookkeeper, 1916

Folder 1507

Applications for Out of Town Work, 1916

Folder 1508

Cafe Reports, 1929

Folder 1509

Early Company Papers, 1918-1919

Folder 1510-1514

Folder 1510

Folder 1511

Folder 1512

Folder 1513

Folder 1514

Employee Opinion Survey, 1946-1948

Folder 1515

"Evaluating the Evaluators," 1948-1949

Folder 1516-1527

Folder 1516

Folder 1517

Folder 1518

Folder 1519

Folder 1520

Folder 1521

Folder 1522

Folder 1523

Folder 1524

Folder 1525

Folder 1526

Folder 1527

Examinations, 1919-1937

Folder 1528

Executive Development at Vick, 1952

Folder 1529

Executive Development Award, 1975

Folder 1530

Executive Personnel Committee, 1944

Folder 1531

Executive Personnel Committee: "Top Organization for 1960," 1945

Folder 1532

Handbooks, 1947-1948

Folder 1533

Incentive Committee, 1967

Folder 1534

Information on Employee Handbooks, 1942

Folder 1535

Insurance Records, 1926-1927

Folder 1536

Management Tools, 1949

Folder 1537

Management Training Conference "Job No. 1," 1946

Folder 1538

Medical Examinations, 1919

Folder 1539-1541

Folder 1539

Folder 1540

Folder 1541


Closed until 2020

Folder 1542

Morse Training Program for Vick Division Marketing Men, 1963

Folder 1543

Number of Office Employees in Early Years, undated

Folder 1544-1546

Folder 1544

Folder 1545

Folder 1546

Payroll Information, 1920-1921, 1928

Folder 1547

Payroll Information: Shipping Department, 1920

Folder 1548

Personnel Program, 1937

Folder 1549

Personnel Study of Other Companies, 1927-1929

Folder 1550

Recommendations for Personnel Committee from HSR, undated

Folder 1551


Closed until 2020

Folder 1552

Richardson-Merrell, Inc.: Company News Letters, 1970s

Folder 1553

Richardson-Merrell, Inc.: 75th Anniversary Celebration, 1980

Folder 1554

"Selecting the RMI Executive," 1966

Folder 1555

"Shadows," 1929

Folder 1556


Closed until 2020

Folder 1557

Shipping Department Time Book, 1919-1920

Folder 1558

Sick Reports, 1923-1925

Folder 1559


Closed until 2020

Folder 1560

Summer Drug Campaign, 1975

Folder 1561

Temporary Help: Time Book, 1920

Folder 1562

Thank-you Letters for Bonus, 1933

Folder 1563

Vick Apprentice System, 1949-1950

Folder 1564

Vickette Training Program Manual, 1951

Folder 1565-1566

Folder 1565

Folder 1566

Vick Family News, 1940s

Folder 1567-1568

Folder 1567

Folder 1568


Closed until 2020

Folder 1569-1571

Folder 1569

Folder 1570

Folder 1571

Vick News, 1949-1950s

Folder 1572-1576

Folder 1572

Folder 1573

Folder 1574

Folder 1575

Folder 1576

Vick School of Applied Merchandising (VSAM), 1938-1966

Folder 1577

Victaphone Views, 1948

Folder 1578

Yearly Progress Reports, 1928-1929

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 7. Production, 1918-1962.

About 140 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Manufacturing records, material pertaining to formulas and ingredients, manuals, memos, and a laboratory log dealing with Production Department of the Vick Chemical Company and its successors. Items of particular interest are the index of recipes, remedies, and tonics (Folder 1582), and the company log (folder 1589). The log not only lists daily production problems and occurrences but mentions the whereabouts and activities of company officials and details of everyday events at the Vicks plant in Greensboro, including sicknesses, social events, and weather.

Folder 1579

Formulas, circa 1919

Folder 1580-1581

Folder 1580

Folder 1581

Formulas, circa 1920

Folder 1582

Formulas, 1924

Folder 1583-1584

Folder 1583

Folder 1584

Ingredients, 1918-1919

Folder 1585-1596

Folder 1585

Folder 1586

Folder 1587

Folder 1588

Folder 1589

Folder 1590

Folder 1591

Folder 1592

Folder 1593

Folder 1594

Folder 1595

Folder 1596

Ingredients, 1924

Folder 1587

Ingredients, 1925

Folder 1588

Ingredients, 1930-1931

Folder 1589

Log, 1923-1935

Folder 1590-1594

Folder 1590

Folder 1591

Folder 1592

Folder 1593

Folder 1594

Manufacturing Records, 1918-1931

Folder 1595

Manual: Desk Routines: Production and Supply Department

Folder 1596

Manual: Factory, 1919

Folder 1597

Manual: Lavoris Testing, 1962

Folder 1598-1600

Folder 1598

Folder 1599

Folder 1600

Manual: Laboratory, 1936-1939

Folder 1601

Manual: Merit Rating, 1943

Folder 1602

Manual: Office, 1927

Folder 1603

Memos, 1919-1920

Folder 1604

Memos, 1922-1930

Folder 1605-1607

Folder 1605

Folder 1606

Folder 1607

Memos, 1932-1955

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 8. Other Files, 1885-1987.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 8.1 Historical, 1885-1982.

600 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Correspondence, memos, histories, recollections, lists, statistics, songs, poems, notes, and other material dealing with the history of Vick Chemical Company. Most of the material in this subseries was probably collected by Nell Callahan, the company historian. Correspondence includes letters from former employees and memos from company executives asking for information. There are a number of histories of the company written by employees and also by people outside of the company. Of particular interest is Early History and Management Philosophy of Richardson Merrell, Inc., written by H. Smith Richardson, and edited by his son H. Smith Richardson, Jr. (folder 1612). Also of interest are recollections of the early days of the company by employees (folders 1648 1650). Material in "Miscellaneous" consists of receipts, remedy books, prescriptions, and other mementoes from the early days of Lunsford Richardson's business, beginning around 1885. Also included in "Miscellaneous" are statistics, brochures, and other material documenting the history of the company. See also addition of August 1989.

Folder 1608

Chronological Records of All Historical Files

Folder 1609

Company History: "A Study of the History of Our Company"

Folder 1610

Company History: "Business Started by a Southern Man..."

Folder 1611

Company History: "Civilian Defense"

Folder 1612

Company History: "Early History and Management Philosophy of Richardson-Merrell, Inc."

Folder 1613

Company History: "Evolution of Vick Chemical Co."

Folder 1614

Company History: "From 1905 to 1930"

Folder 1615

Company History: "How Vicks Started and Grew"

Folder 1616-1618

Folder 1616

Folder 1617

Folder 1618

Company History: Miscellaneous

Folder 1619

Company History: "Vick Chemical Company," 1927

Folder 1620-1636

Folder 1620

Folder 1621

Folder 1622

Folder 1623

Folder 1624

Folder 1625

Folder 1626

Folder 1627

Folder 1628

Folder 1629

Folder 1630

Folder 1631

Folder 1632

Folder 1633

Folder 1634

Folder 1635

Folder 1636

Correspondence and Memos, 1920s-1980s

Folder 1637

Excerpts from Letters from Customers Regarding Sales from Vicks

Folder 1638

Kadok (a discontinued product)

Folder 1639-1644

Folder 1639

Folder 1640

Folder 1641

Folder 1642

Folder 1643

Folder 1644


Folder 1645

Personnel Information

Folder 1646-1647

Folder 1646

Folder 1647

Press Releases

Folder 1648-1650

Folder 1648

Folder 1649

Folder 1650


Folder 1651

Richardson-Merrell, Inc. Archives: Descriptions of Historical Records

Folder 1652

Songs and Poems

Folder 1653

Vicks in Tubes

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 8.2. Clippings, 1900-1987.

About 1,200 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Clippings and photocopies of clippings from newspapers and some magazines. Clippings chiefly concern the Vick Chemical Company and its successors and the Richardson family. Clippings from 1900 to 1966 are scant, but clippings from 1967 to 1971 and 1985 are especially complete. Clippings from 1985 document Unilever's attempt to take over Richardson Vicks, Inc., and the subsequent sale of Richardson Vicks, Inc., to Proctor and Gamble Company. Some clippings deal with specific topics that are noted in the folder list. Of particular note are clippings concerning H. Smith Richardson's efforts to change the North Carolina tax laws in 1927, and clippings from 1985 to 1987 concerning hostile takeovers. See Subseries 2.6 for more material on taxes, and Subseries 8.3 for material about hostile takeovers.

Folder 1654


Folder 1655

Proprietary Medicine Companies, 1924

Folder 1656


Folder 1657-1658

Folder 1657

Folder 1658

Bonds, 1927

Folder 1659

C. M. Ketchum, 1927

Folder 1660

Educational Study, 1927

Folder 1661

Rotary Club, 1927

Folder 1662-1665

Folder 1662

Folder 1663

Folder 1664

Folder 1665


Folder 1666


Folder 1667


Folder 1668


Folder 1669


Folder 1670

Death of Grace Richardson, 1962

Folder 1671


Folder 1672


Folder 1673


Folder 1674

Death of William Preyer, 1970

Folder 1675-1676

Folder 1675

Folder 1676


Folder 1677


Folder 1678

Death of H. Smith Richardson, 1972

Folder 1679


Folder 1680-1689

Folder 1680

Folder 1681

Folder 1682

Folder 1683

Folder 1684

Folder 1685

Folder 1686

Folder 1687

Folder 1688

Folder 1689


Folder 1690-1693

Folder 1690

Folder 1691

Folder 1692

Folder 1693

Hostile Takeovers, 1985-1987

Folder 1694


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 8.3. Hostile Takeovers, 1985-1987.

About 400 items.

Arrangement: alphabetically by file title.

Correspondence, reports, printed materials, articles, and writings of H. Smith Richardson, Jr., concerning hostile takeover in general, and the hostile takeover bid of Unilever for Richardson Vicks Inc. in 1985. Following the loss of Richardson Vicks to Procter and Gamble Company in the aftermath of the Unilever bid, Richardson became an outspoken critic of the hostile takeover of companies by corporate raiders. He corresponded extensively with academics, politicians, business people, and journalists soliciting support for his views. Correspondents include Daniel Bell, professor of sociology at Harvard University; Louis Lowenstein, professor of Law at Columbia University; Irving Kristol, editor of The Public Interest; Margaret Cox Sullivan, president of Stockholders of America; Martin Feldstein, president of the National Bureau of Economic Research; Rollie Tillman, Jr., of the Institute of the Study of Private Enterprise, UNC CH; Warren Rudman, United States senator; William Proxmire, United States senator; and Melvin Laird. Richardson also wrote articles, gave speeches, sat on panels, and helped fund a Harris Poll on hostile takeovers. See Subseries 8.2 for clippings relating to hostile takeovers, and Subseries 11.3 for a videotape of an interview with Richardson at the Brookings Institute on the subject of hostile takeovers. See also additions of August 1989, February 1990, and September 1991.

Folder 1695-1700

Folder 1695

Folder 1696

Folder 1697

Folder 1698

Folder 1699

Folder 1700


Folder 1701-1703

Folder 1701

Folder 1702

Folder 1703

General Material on Hostile Takeovers

Folder 1704

Harris Poll

Folder 1705-1706

Folder 1705

Folder 1706

Richardson-Vicks Inc.: Hostile Takeover Material

Folder 1707

Melvin Sorcher and Marvin Dunnette: Correspondence and Confidential Report

Folder 1708

Stockholders of America, Inc.

Folder 1709-1710

Folder 1709

Folder 1710

Writings: H. Smith Richardson, Jr.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 8.4. Richardson Family Materials, 1895-1984.

About 200 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by family member.

Correspondence, mailing lists, rent books, bank books, material concerning obituaries and memorial services, financial papers, and other material concerning the personal affairs of the Richardson family. Of particular interest are early letters of H. Smith Richardson to his family, written from Davidson College and the Naval Academy (folder 1713); progress reports mailed by H. Smith Richardson to his family during his various illnesses (folders 1720-1721); material on the Richardson Foundation (folders 1717 and 1722-1723); and a joke book written by Grace Richardson, H. Smith Richardson's wife, mailed to family and friends after her death in 1962 (folder 1724). The joke book contains examples of traditional Southern humor, mostly about the relationship between wealthy whites and their black servants. See also additions of August 1989 and September 1991.

Folder 1711-1712

Folder 1711

Folder 1712

Bank and Rent Books, 1910-1916

Folder 1713-1716

Folder 1713

Folder 1714

Folder 1715

Folder 1716

H. Smith Richardson: Correspondence, 1904-1968

Folder 1717

H. Smith Richardson: Foundation

Folder 1718

H. Smith Richardson: Letters to "Lineal Decendants"

Folder 1719

H. Smith Richardson: Memorial Service

Folder 1720

H. Smith Richardson: Montana Accident, 1965

Folder 1721

H. Smith Richardson: Special Mailings, circa 1963-1971

Folder 1722-1723

Folder 1722

Folder 1723

H. Smith Richardson: Supportive Material for Book on HSR and His Foundation

Folder 1724

Mrs. H. Smith Richardson: Mailing Lists and Joke Book

Folder 1725

H. Smith Richardson, Jr.: Speeches and Correspondence. See also addition of August 1989.

Folder 1726

Liberty Lunsford Richardson

Folder 1727

Lunsofrd Richardson: Correspondence on Family Portraits, 1928-1929

Folder 1728-1731

Folder 1728

Folder 1729

Folder 1730

Folder 1731

Lunsford Richardson: Financial, 1895-1918

Folder 1732

Lunsford Richardson: Memorial Service

Folder 1733-1734

Folder 1733

Folder 1734

Lunsford Richardson, Jr.: Financial, 1921-1938

Folder 1735

Lunsford Richardson, Jr.: Personal Materials, 1920-1927

Folder 1736

Richardson Family Memorials and Gifts, 1924-1946

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 9. Volumes, 1905-1964.

62 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Chiefly advertising campaign histories and proof books. Some stock records are included following the advertising records.

Volume SV-4468/1

Campaign Proof Book, 1905-1925

Volume SV-4468/2

VapoRub: Photocopies of Advertisements, 1905-1927, 1933

Volume SV-4468/3

Advertising Department Book, 1914-1926

Volume SV-4468/4

Proof Book "D," Volume I, 1914-1915, 1925-1926

Volume SV-4468/5

Proof Book "C," Volume I, 1919-1920, 1931-1932

Volume SV-4468/6

Yearly Campaign Book, 1922-1923

Volume SV-4468/7

Yearly Campaign Book, 1923-1924

Volume SV-4468/8

Yearly Campaign Book, 1924-1925

Volume SV-4468/9

Yearly Campaign Book, 1925-1926

Volume SV-4468/10

Yearly Campaign Book, 1926-1927

Volume SV-4468/11

Proof Book "D," Volume II, 1926-1927, 1931-1932

Volume SV-4468/12

Campaign Proof Book, 1927-1928

Volume SV-4468/13

Advertising Folders/Newspaper Ads, 1927-1930

Volume SV-4468/14

Campaign Proof Book, 1928-1929

Volume SV-4468/15

Canadian Proof Book, 1928-1929

Volume SV-4468/16

Proof Book "B," Volume III, 1928-1929, 1930-1931

Volume SV-4468/17

Yearly Campaign Book, 1929-1930

Volume SV-4468/18

Campaign Proof Book, 1930-1931

Volume SV-4468/19

Nose Drop Introduction, 1930-1931

Volume SV-4468/20

Introduction of Nose Drops, 1931

Volume SV-4468/21

Prevention Series Nose and Throat Drops, 1931?

Volume SV-4468/22

Canadian Proof Book, 1931-1932

Volume SV-4468/23, 24

Campaign Proof Book, 1931-1932

Volume SV-4468/25

Voratone Introductory Campaign, 1932-1933

Volume SV-4468/26

Proof Book "D," Volume III, 1932-1933, 1936-1937

Volume SV-4468/27

Proof Book "B," Volume IV, 1931-1932, 1932-1933

Volume SV-4468/28

Advertising Department Book "X," 1933-1936

Volume SV-4468/29

Campaign Proof Book, 1934-1935

Volume SV-4468/30

Proof Book, 1934-1935

Volume SV-4468/31

Campaign Proof Book, 1934-1935

Volume SV-4468/32

Advertising Department Book "Y," 1935-1937

Volume SV-4468/33

Advertising Department Book "Z," 1935-1937

Volume SV-4468/34

Campaign Proof Book, 1936-1937

Volume SV-4468/35

Campaign Proof Book, 1937-1938

Volume SV-4468/36

Campaign Proof Book, 1938-1939

Volume SV-4468/37

Campaign Proof Book, 1939-1940

Volume SV-4468/38

Campaign Proof Book, 1940-1941

Volume SV-4468/39

Campaign Proof Book, 1941-1942

Volume SV-4468/40

Campaign Proof Book, 1942-1943

Volume SV-4468/41

Campaign Proof Book, 1943-1944

Volume SV-4468/42

VapoRub, 1944-1945

Volume SV-4468/43

Campaign Proof Book, 1944-1945

Volume SV-4468/44

Campaign Proof Book, 1946-1947

Volume SV-4468/45

[No Title], 1946-1947

Volume SV-4468/46

Campaign Proof Book, 1947-1948

Volume SV-4468/47

Vatronol, 1948

Volume SV-4468/48

Campaign Proof Book, 1948-1949

Volume SV-4468/49

Campaign Proof Book, 1949-1950

Volume SV-4468/50

Campaign Proof Book, 1950-1951

Volume SV-4468/51

Campaign Proof Book, 1951-1952

Volume SV-4468/52

Campaign Proof Book, 1952-1953

Volume SV-4468/53

Campaign Proof Book, 1953-1954

Volume SV-4468/54

Clearasil Personality of the Month, August 1957-November 1960

Volume SV-4468/55

Proof Book, 1961-1962

Volume SV-4468/56

Proof Book, 1962-1963

Volume SV-4468/57

Proof Book, 1963-1964

Volume SV-4468/58

Church Suit Publicity Book, 1941-1944

Volume SV-4468/59

Vick Chemical Company: Stock Records, 1923-1926

Volume SV-4468/60

Vick Chemical Company: Preferred Stock, 1923-1932

Volume SV-4468/61

Vick Chemical Company: Without Nominal or Par Value Stock, 1923-1926

Volume SV-4468/62

Vick Chemical Company: Common Stock Record, 1929-1930

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 10. Museum Items, 1910s-1960s.

About 60 items.

About sixty samples of products of Vick Chemical Company. The bulk of these samples are from the 1950s. Samples collected by the company for their own archives were transferred to the North Carolina Museum of History in 1986; the samples here are duplicates of some of those items.

Museum Item MU-4468/1

Museum Items

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 11. Audio-Visual Materials, 1900-1985.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 11.1. Pictures, circa 1900-1975.

About 1,100 items.

Black and white pictures, color slides, lantern slides, and oversize negatives documenting various aspects of the Vick Chemical Company. Many of the pictures have captions prepared by the company. See also addition of August 1989.

Image P-4468/1-33


































Advertising: Billboards, Campaigns, Window Displays

Image P-4468/34-63































Africa: Manufacture, Distribution, Demonstrations

Image P-4468/64-106












































Ammonium Perchlorate: Manufacturing Setup for Government Contract, 1942

Image P-4468/107-149












































Asia: Manufacture, Distribution, Demonstrations

Image P-4468/150-166


















Australia and New Zealand: Manufacture and Demonstrations

Image P-4468/167-169




Chambers Building: Ceremony Laying Cornerstone at Davidson College

Image P-4468/170-190






















Corporate Buildings: J. T. Baker Chemical Company

Interior and exterior shots as well as some early workforce photos circa 1907.

Image P-4468/191-257




































































Corporate Buildings: Milton Street Manufacturing Division

Interior and exterior views spanning the years 1914-1950. Plant is located in Greensboro.

Image P-4468/258-272
















Corporate Buildings: Miscellaneous

Image P-4468/273-285














Corporate Buildings: Philadelphia Laboratories

Image P-4468/286

Corporate Buildings: Jensen Salsbery Labs, Kansas City, Missouri

Image P-4468/287-290





Corporate Buildings: Wilton site in Connecticutt, New Corporate Headquarters, 1973

Image P-4468/291-320































Corporate Buildings: Wendover Avenue Location, Greensboro, N.C.

Interior and exterior views.

Image P-4468/321-353


































"Corporate Men and Situations"

Image P-4468/354-368
















Cupra, Inc.

Image P-4468/369-412













































Employees at Work

Image P-4468/413-434























Employees at Work: Early Salesmen and Their Cars, circa 1920

Image P-4468/435-470





































Employee Portraits and Group Pictures

Image P-4468/471-510









































Executive Portraits and Group Pictures

Image P-4468/511-515






Greensboro Historical Museum: W. C. Porter Drugstore Replica

Image P-4468/516-524










Latin America: Brazil: Employees

Image P-4468/525-569














































Latin America: Manufacture, Employees, Distribution, and Demonstrations

Image P-4468/570-577









Manufacturing Division: Group Photos and Shots of Manufacturing Process

Image P-4468/578-646






































































Merrell: Employees, Manufacturing, and Testing of Merrell Pharmaceuticals

Many pictures are captioned.

Image P-4468/647-659














Products and Product Testing

Image P-4468/660-667









Raw Materials

Image P-4468/668-690
























Richardson, H. Smith

Image P-4468/691-696







Richardson, Lunsford and Lunsford II

Image P-4468/697-709














Richardson, Lunsford: Ceremony Launching the Liberty Ship Lunsford Richardson, 1944

Image P-4468/710-757

















































Vick International: Employees, Advertising, and Demonstrations Dealing with Vick's Foreign Sales

Most pictures are from Europe.

Image P-4468/758

Painting of early Vick's Manufacturing Equipment, Possibly a Melting and Mixing Pot

Image P-4468/759

Framed Portrait of Ronald Lee Anderson, 1987 (adddition of August 1989)

Image Folder PF-4468/48-52






About 300 Slides Showing People at Work, Employee Portraits, Meetings, and Some Early Advertising

About 100 show the growing and processing of mint.

Special Format Image SF-P-4468/1

Vick Employees When They Were Children

These are lantern slides

Extra Oversize Image Folder XOP-PF-4468/1-4





Extra oversize images

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 11.2. Audio Disc, circa 1960.

1 item.

Audio disc recording of the presentation of an achievement award to H. Smith Richardson by the North Carolina Society of New York. Included are an introduction by James Hoge and a short speech on the virtues of North Carolina by H. Smith Richardson.

For cassette tapes, see addition of September 1991.

Audiodisc D-4468/1

Audio Disc

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 11.3. Videotape, 1985.

1 item.

Interview with H. Smith Richardson, Jr., conducted at the Brookings Institute in Washington, D.C., on 11 December 1985, dealing with the topic of hostile takeovers.

See also addition of September 1991.

Videotape VT-4469/1


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 12. Oversize Papers

Extra Oversize Paper Folder XOPF-4468/1-3




Extra oversize papers

Includes a black and white copy of a painting by Benjamin West from 1880.

Rolled Item R-4468/1

Rolled item

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Additions after 1988.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Addition of August 1989, 1928-1989.

About 600 items.

Some materials have been annotated by the donor.

Folder 1737

Legal Materials

Final summaries in the Mekdeci case of 1981, in which the Merrell National Laboratories, a division of Richardson-Merrell, Inc., was sued over Bendectin, an anti-nauseant.

Folder 1738

Historical Materials

Correspondence, memos, recollections, notes, and other materials relating to attempts to document the history of the Richardson-Vicks Corporation, 1968-1989.

Folder 1739

Historical Materials

Rough draft of proposed history of Richardson-Vicks, called A Biography of A Business by Karl E. Prickett of Greensboro, North Carolina, which was never published, 1971.

Folder 1740

Historical Materials

Swine flu materials, consisting of a history of efforts to develop drugs to fight the disease, assembled by H. Smith Richardson, Jr., from various sources (interoffice memos, correspondence, clippings), 1977.

Folder 1741

Historical Materials

File copies of history by H. Smith Richardson of the William S. Merrell Company, which was acquired by Vicks in 1938, 1980.

Folder 1742

Hostile Takeover Materials

Correspondence, clippings, and other materials collected by H. Smith Richardson, Jr., on the general topic of hostile takeovers, 1988-1989.

Folder 1743-1747

Folder 1743

Folder 1744

Folder 1745

Folder 1746

Folder 1747

Hostile Takeover Materials

Materials relating to the Unilever Corporation offer for and the Proctor & Gamble merger with Richardson-Vicks, including correspondence, copies of board meeting minutes, reports, Proctor & Gamble's tender offer statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the SEC's recommendation in the case, and a file of letters addressed to H. Smith Richardson, Jr., reacting to the merger, 1985-1988.

Folder 1748

Richardson Family Materials

General geneological and other materials, 1928-1972.

Folder 1749

Richardson Family Materials

H. Smith Richardson, Jr., materials including his personnel evaluation from 1950, 1945-1985.

Folder 1750-1751

Folder 1750

Folder 1751

Center for Creative Management Materials

Correspondence, memos, reports, and other materials documenting the history of the Center for Creative Management, established by the Smith Richardson Foundation to stimulate the development and application of innovative management techniques, 1962-1988.

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About 40 items.

Photocopies of materials relating to Unilever Corporation's 1985 tender offer for Richardson-Vicks, Inc. All materials date from September 1985.

Folder 1752-1754

Folder 1752

Folder 1753

Folder 1754

Court Pleadings

Folder 1755

Deposition Transcripts: DeMichele, Robert Michael

Folder 1756

Deposition Transcripts: Marschack, H. Robert

Folder 1757

Deposition Transcripts: Middlebrook, Robert W.

Folder 1758

Deposition Transcripts: Pryer, Lunsford R.

Folder 1759

Deposition Transcripts: Richardson, Robert Randolph

Folder 1760-1761

Folder 1760

Folder 1761

Deposition Transcripts: Richardson, Stuart Smith

Folder 1762

Deposition Transcripts: Scott, John S.

Folder 1763

Deposition Transcripts: Watson, Stuart D.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Addition of September 1991, 1965-1991.

About 200 items.
Folder 1764

Richardson Family Materials: Lunsford Richardson, Jr. - Financial, 1913-1919

Folder 1765

Folder number not used

Volume SV-4468/63

Richardson Family Materials: Clipping Album on Death of H. S. Richardson, 1972

Folder 1766

Folder number not used

Volume SV-4468/64

Conferences: Scrapbook of Chairman's Visit to Bombay, India, 1965

Folder 1767

Conferences: Scrapbook of Richardson-Merrell GmbH Meeting, 1973

Folder 1768

Conferences: Scrapbook of Richardson Vicks Board Meeting at J. T. Baker Company, 1970s

Folder 1769

Folder number not used

Volume SV-4468/65

Center for Creative Leadership: Album of CCL Memorabilia on Center's 20th Anniversary, 1990

Folder 1770-1771

Folder 1770

Folder 1771

Hostile Takeover Materials

Correspondence, clippings, writings, and other materials collected by H. Smith Richardson, Jr., on the topic of hostile takeovers, 1976-1991.

Folder 1772

Hostile Takeover Materials: See C-4468/1-3

Audiocassette C-4468/1-3




Hostile Takeover Materials

Richardson-Vicks hostile takeover interview with H. Smith Richardson, Jr., and others for the Southern Oral History Program, 28 August 1989, transcript and cassette tapes.

Folder 1773

Hostile Takeover Materials

Heublein, Inc., hostile takeover interview with Stuart Watson and others for the Southern Oral History Program, 10 February 1989, transcript only.

Audiocassette C-4468/4

Hostile Takeover Materials

Goodyear hostile takeover interview, W. Crowther interviewing R. Mercer, 29 November 1989.

Audiocassette C-4468/5

Hostile Takeover Materials

Microdot Corporation hostile takeover interview, 6 December 1989.

Audiocassette C-4468/6


Prairie Home Companion monologue, undated.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Addition of August 1992, 1930s-1980s.

About 5,000 items.

Arrangement: unprocessed.

Items may be used with staff assistance; videocassettes cannot be viewed on departmental playback machines. Slides, videotapes, and films in this addition are to be transferred to appropriate storage when the addition is fully processed.

Box 52-53

Box 52

Box 53

Legal files relating to Merk-29 and Bendectin.

Box 54

Stockholder communication files, annual meeting materials, and other items.

Box 55

Miscellaneous files, including some on company history and others about various surveys of corporate employees.

Box 56-59

Box 56

Box 57

Box 58

Box 59

Printed materials, including copies of bound annual reports, several historical studies of Richardson-Merrell, Inc. (some in German), and copies of H. Smith Richardson's Ideas Into Action, 1979.

Box 60-61

Box 60

Box 61

Print advertisements for various products, 1930s.

Box 62

Photographic slides relating to products and to corporate events.

Videotape VT-4468/2-6






Video cassettes of commercials for various products.

Film F-4468/1-7








Films of commercials for various products and five oversize reels in cannisters.

Box 63


Box 64


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Addition of February 1993, 1960s-1992.

About 600 items.

Some materials have been annotated by the donor.

Folder 1774

Center for Creative Leadership

Correspondence, memos, reports, and other materials particularly relating to the Vicks historical display mounted at CCL in 1989.

Folder 1775

Corporate Governance

Correspondence, memos, recollections, notes, and other materials, chiefly from the 1990s, relating to the idea of corporate governance in which Richardson-Vicks was a pioneer.

Folder 1776

Historical Materials

Correspondence, memos, recollections, notes, and other materials relating to attempts to document the history of the Richardson-Vicks Corporation, especially regarding displays of Richardson-Vicks and family materials at various museums.

Folder 1777-1782

Folder 1777

Folder 1778

Folder 1779

Folder 1780

Folder 1781

Folder 1782

Hostile Takeover Materials

Correspondence, clippings, reports and other materials collected by H. Smith Richardson, Jr., on the topic of hostile takeovers, 1980s-1992.

Folder 1783

Institute of Political Leadership

Correspondence, memos, notes, reports, and other matereials, 1989-1992, relating to the Institute of Political Leadership of Wilmington, a group offering leadership training in practical politics with which H. Smith Richardson, Jr., was active.

Folder 1784

H. Smith Richardson's 35th Anniversary Party, 1981, and Retirement Party, 1985

Volume 4468/S-66: 35th Anniversary scrapbook; Video Tape 4468/4: 35th Anniversary videotape; Video Tapes 4468/5-6: Retirement dinner.

Folder 1785-1787

Folder 1785

Folder 1786

Folder 1787

Wilmington Excellence

Correspondence, memos, notes, reports, and other materials, 1986-1991, relating to Wilmington Excellence, a community planning and improvement group with which H. Smith Richardson, Jr., was active.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Addition of April 1998, 1933-1980s.

About 600 items.
Box 66




Excess and Treaty Management Corporation

Piedmont Mangement Corporation

Reports, correspondence, and other papers concerning the Piedmont Management Company, Inc., a holding company formed in 1968, with RECO and Piedmont Southern as wholly-owned subsidiaries.


Items in these folders appear to relate to Richardson-Merrell's evaluation of the prospects of the Merrell divisions of Richardson-Merrell and the advisability of selling them. They include assessments of the ethical pharmaceutical industry as a whole and Merrell's place in it, Merrell's strengths and weaknesses, and possible purchasers.

1933 Campaign for Banking Investigation


Letters, memos, reports, and other materials, 1939-1980 (mostly 1970s) and undated, relating to attempts to document the history of the Richardson-Vicks Corporation.

Richardson Foundation

Richardson Family

Box 67


Closed until 2045

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