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Collection Title: Louis Billy Pope Papers (#4550) 1890s-2001

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Size About 8500 items (21.5 linear feet).
Abstract The collection of white educator and professor, Louis Billy Pope (1927-2008), contains correspondence, journals, subject files, school notebooks, and pictures documenting Pope's personal and professional life. Topics include Pope's experience as a student and as a faculty member at High Point College; his work at Presbyterian College and St. Andrews College; community activities in Kernersville, N.C., especially the Sedge Garden United Methodist Church; graduate education in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill; and trips Pope took in the United States and abroad, which are documented by letters, journal entries, and snapshots.
Creator Pope, Louis Billy, 1927-2008.
Curatorial Unit Southern Historical Collection
Language English.
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[Identification of item], in the Louis Billy Pope Papers #04550, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Received from Louis Billy Pope of Kernersville, N.C., in April 1990 (Acc. 90042), May 1998 (Acc. 98124), January 2001 (Acc. 98842), April and October 2003 (Acc. 99464 and 99635), and July 2013 (Acc. 101828). Transferred from the North Carolina Collection, UNC-Chapel Hill, in May 2001 and August 2004 (Acc. 98922 and 99881).
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Processed: June 1999

Updated: October 2001 and April 2019.

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Louis Billy Pope (1927-2008), professor of education and, for eight years, head of the guidance center at High Point College, High Point, N.C. A native of Forsyth County, N.C., Pope graduated from High Point College in 1948 and received his Ph.D. in education from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in 1958. Pope taught in the Forsyth County school system, served as director of guidance at Presbyterian College in Clinton, S.C., and was on the faculty of St. Andrews College in Laurinburg, N.C., before joining the faculty of the psychology and education departments at High Point College.

Louis Billy Pope was born in 1927 in Kernersville, Forsyth County, N.C. He lived and worked in Forsyth County and neighboring Guilford County most of his life.

Pope was graduated from High Point College in High Point, N.C., in 1948. He later attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, receiving his master's degree in 1952 and Ph.D. in 1958, both from the School of Education, where his studies centered on counseling.

Pope served as teacher and counselor in the Forsyth County school system, director of guidance at Presbyterian College, Clinton, S.C., and on the faculty of Saint Andrews College, Laurinburg, N.C. In 1964, Pope joined the psychology and education departments at High Point College, rising to full professor. He also headed the College's guidance center for eight years. He became professor emeritus in 1987.

Pope was long active in community and church groups and alumni and other campus organizations, especially the Sedge Garden United Methodist Church, Kernersville Crisis Control, and the Friends of the Library at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

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This collection contains correspondence, journals, subject files, school notebooks, and pictures documenting the personal and professional life of Louis Billy Pope. The correspondence is mostly personal, chiefly with his mother and sisters, but also including letters from Henry Sink, his college roommate and lifetime friend; friends and neighbors in Clinton, S.C., and Laurinburg, N.C.; and High Point College students. Journal entries contain Pope's record of daily activities with strong emphasis family, church, community, and work activities. Subject files contain information about Pope's career as well as some personal and family information. Pope's travels in the United States and abroad are well-documented, with many pictures, letters, and journal entries.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. Correspondence, 1944-1997.

About 3000 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Correspondence of Louis Billy Pope, chiefly with his mother and sisters, but also including letters from Henry Sink, his college roommate and lifetime friend; friends and neighbors in Clinton, S.C., and Laurinburg, N.C.; and High Point College students.

Early correspondence consists of letters between Pope and his mother and sisters while he was away at school at High Point College and at the University of North Carolina and while he was working at Presbyterian College in Clinton, S.C., and St. Andrews College in Laurinburg, N.C. Letters to Pope give news of family and friends in Kernersville and vicinity. Pope's letters home describe his social life and the progress of his academic work.

Beginning in 1965, when Pope began working at High Point College and returned to Kernersville to live, there are many fewer family letters. From this time forward, most of the family correspondence consists of postcards exchanged when Pope was traveling. Nearly every summer, Pope went on an extensive trip and wrote many postcards commenting on his health and the places he visited. Although it is clear that some of these trips were work-related or included attendance at conferences, it is sightseeing that is best documented. In 1968, Pope wrote letters about his trip to Jamaica and other Caribbean countries to study curriculum development. Additional material about this trip may be found in the subject files under "High Point College: Caribbean." On other trips, he occasionally wrote letters, but mostly sent short notes on picture postcards. In 1970-1972, Pope traveled in Europe. In 1973, he wrote from Ethiopia and Kenya; in 1974, from Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore; and in 1975 from Russia. In later years, he visited Nigeria, Senegal, Morocco, Jordan, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Scotland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand , and many parts of the United States. These trips are further described in Pope's journals (see Series 2). Snapshots from many of the trips may be found in Series 5.

The letters Pope received while he lived in Kernersville were mostly from friends he had made in Clinton, S.C., and Laurinburg, N.C.; from former students; and letters and postcards from his mother and sisters when they traveled.

Some correspondence may also be found in the subject files (Series 3).

Folder 1-2

Folder 1

Folder 2


Folder 3-4

Folder 3

Folder 4


Folder 5


Folder 6


Folder 7


Folder 8


Folder 9


Folder 10-13

Folder 10

Folder 11

Folder 12

Folder 13


Folder 14-25

Folder 14

Folder 15

Folder 16

Folder 17

Folder 18

Folder 19

Folder 20

Folder 21

Folder 22

Folder 23

Folder 24

Folder 25


Folder 26-37

Folder 26

Folder 27

Folder 28

Folder 29

Folder 30

Folder 31

Folder 32

Folder 33

Folder 34

Folder 35

Folder 36

Folder 37


Folder 38-47

Folder 38

Folder 39

Folder 40

Folder 41

Folder 42

Folder 43

Folder 44

Folder 45

Folder 46

Folder 47


Folder 48-59

Folder 48

Folder 49

Folder 50

Folder 51

Folder 52

Folder 53

Folder 54

Folder 55

Folder 56

Folder 57

Folder 58

Folder 59


Folder 60-71

Folder 60

Folder 61

Folder 62

Folder 63

Folder 64

Folder 65

Folder 66

Folder 67

Folder 68

Folder 69

Folder 70

Folder 71


Folder 72-81

Folder 72

Folder 73

Folder 74

Folder 75

Folder 76

Folder 77

Folder 78

Folder 79

Folder 80

Folder 81


Folder 82-89

Folder 82

Folder 83

Folder 84

Folder 85

Folder 86

Folder 87

Folder 88

Folder 89


Folder 90-94

Folder 90

Folder 91

Folder 92

Folder 93

Folder 94


Folder 95


Folder 96


Folder 97-99

Folder 97

Folder 98

Folder 99


Folder 100


Folder 101


Folder 102


Folder 103


Folder 104


Folder 105


Folder 106


Folder 107


Folder 108


Folder 109


Folder 110


Folder 111


Folder 112


Folder 113


Folder 114-119

Folder 114

Folder 115

Folder 116

Folder 117

Folder 118

Folder 119


Folder 120


Folder 121


Folder 122


Folder 123


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Journals, 1955-1998.

61 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Journals showing, according to Pope, "a record of my daily activities with strong emphasis on happenings in my family, church, community and in my work." The 60 volumes of journals contain detailed daily entries for more than 40 years.

Folder 124

5 February 1955-1 December 1959

Folder 125

1 January 1955-5 March 1959

Folder 126

6 March 1959-18 December 1962

Folder 127

4 January 1961-3 November 1964

Folder 128

19 December 1962-29 December 1964

Folder 129

1 January 1960-31 December 1964

Folder 130

4 November 1964-2 October 1966

Folder 131

3 October 1966-13 April 1968

Folder 132

14 April 1968-17 May 1969

Folder 133

1 January 1965-31 December 1969

Folder 134

18 May 1969-25 February 1970

Folder 135

26 February 1970-19 March 1972

Folder 136

20 March 1972-6 March 1973

Folder 137

7 March 1973-3 May 1974

Folder 138

1 January 1970-31 December 1974

Folder 139

4 May 1974-4 May 1975

Folder 140

3 May 1975-18 February 1976

Folder 141

19 February 1976-3 March 1977

Folder 142

4 March 1977-24 September 1977

Folder 143

25 September 1977-31 March 1978

Folder 144

April 1978-9 September 1978

Folder 145

10 September 1978-27 January 1979

Folder 146

28 January 1979-28 July 1979

Folder 147

28 July 1979-16 December 1979

Folder 148

1 January 1975-30 December 1979

Folder 149

17 December 1979-8 April 1980

Folder 150

9 April 1980-25 July 1980

Folder 151

25 July 1980-15 November 1980

Folder 152

15 November 1980-25 March 1981

Folder 153

26 March 1981-18 December 1981

Folder 154

18 December 1981-7 May 1982

Folder 155

8 May 1982-4 January 1983

Folder 156

5 January 1983-17 October 1983

Folder 157

18 October 1983-26 February 1984

Folder 158

27 February 1984-3 December 1984

Folder 159

1 January 1980-3 December 1984

Folder 160

4 December 1984-6 July 1985

Folder 161

3 October 1985-11 December 1985

Folder 162

12 December 1985-20 February 1986

Folder 163

21 February 1986-29 March 1986

Folder 164

30 March 1986-22 April 1986

Folder 165

23 April 1986-9 December 1986

Folder 166

10 December 1986-25 February 1987

Folder 167

26 February 1987-9 May 1987

Folder 168

10 May 1987-12 July 1987

Folder 169

13 July 1987-9 February 1988

Folder 170

10 February 1988-1 September 1988

Folder 171

7 July 1985-2 October 1988

Folder 172

2 September 1988-2 March 1989

Folder 173

3 March 1989-10 October 1989

Folder 174

11 October 1989-9 December 1989

Folder 175

1 January 1985-31 December 1989

Folder 176

11 December 1989-30 January 1990

Folder 177

1 January 1990-4 April 1990

Folder 178

31 January 1990-4 April 1990

Folder 179

5 April 1990-5 November 1992

Folder 180

9 November 1992-20 December 1994

Folder 181

21 December 1994-6 February 1996

Folder 182

6 February 1996-14 May 1997

Folder 183

15 May 1997-18 May 1998

Folder 184

Important dates in the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, written in 1984

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 3. Subject Files, 1940s-1980s.

About 2500 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical.

Subject files in an alphabetical run arranged by file titles chiefly assigned by Pope. Many of the files focus on Pope's professional life, especially those filed under "High Point College" and "Guidance." Some, however, contain material about his personal life, church, and community activities in Kernersville. There is some overlap between these files and the correspondence files. Letters from some friends at High Point College, for example, may be found in "High Point College: Student Correspondence," and in Series 1, Correspondence. Because there is also overlap in subjects, date spans, etc., among the subject files, researchers should search broadly rather than narrowly for papers relating to specific topics.

Folder 185


Folder 186


Folder 187


Folder 188


Folder 189


Folder 190

Duke University

Folder 191


Folder 192


Folder 193

Forsyth County Teaching Contracts

Folder 194


Folder 195

Group Guidance

Folder 196


Folder 197

Guidance Bibliographies

Folder 198-200

Folder 198

Folder 199

Folder 200

Guidance: General

Folder 201

Guidance Materials

Folder 202

Guidance Mastersheet

Folder 203

Guidance Occupational Information

Folder 204

Guidance: UNC Testing Center

Folder 205


Folder 206

High Point College: Alumnus of the Year Award

Folder 207

High Point College: Aspire Campaign

Folder 208

High Point College: Assembly Bulletin

Folder 209

High Point College: Caribbean

Folder 210

High Point College: Certificates and Awards

Folder 211

High Point College: College Adjustment Program

Folder 212

High Point College: Contracts, 1963-1987

Folder 213

High Point College: Correspondence

Folder 214

High Point College: Correspondence with President Patton

Folder 215

High Point College: Counseling Services

Folder 216

High Point College: Degree

Folder 217

High Point College: Department

Folder 218

High Point College: Director of Guidance Services

Folder 219

High Point College: Evaluations

Folder 220

High Point College: Family Talk

Folder 221

High Point College: Fast Scoop

Folder 222

High Point College: Forsyth County Alumni

Folder 223

High Point College: Fraternities

Folder 224

High Point College: General

Folder 225

High Point College: General Alumni Association

Folder 226

High Point College: Golden Decade

Folder 227

High Point College: Graduations

Folder 228

High Point College: Guidance Article

Folder 229

High Point College: Hi-Po

Folder 230-231

Folder 230

Folder 231

High Point College: Library

Folder 232-233

Folder 232

Folder 233

High Point College: National Commission on the Future of High Point College

Folder 234

High Point College: Office Messages

Folder 235

High Point College: Panthers Club

Folder 236

High Point College: Personal

Folder 237

High Point College: Pictures

Folder 238

High Point College: Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

Folder 239

High Point College: Pope Scholarship Family Fund

Folder 240

High Point College: Post Retirement

Folder 241

High Point College: Presidents

Folder 242-243

Folder 242

Folder 243

High Point College: President Martinson

Folder 244

High Point College: Professor Emeritus Announcement, 7 May 1988

Folder 245-247

Folder 245

Folder 246

Folder 247

High Point College: Publicity

Folder 248

High Point College: Retirement

Folder 249

High Point College: Self-Study

Folder 250

High Point College: Staff, Administration, Faculty Correspondence

Folder 251-252

Folder 251

Folder 252

High Point College: Student Correspondence

Folder 253

High Point College: Student Days, 1944-1948

Folder 254

High Point College: Teacher Education Council

Folder 255


Folder 256


Folder 257


Folder 258


Folder 259

Kernersville Crisis Control

Folder 260

Kernersville High School

Folder 261

Kernersville Library

Folder 262

Kernersville Lions Club

Folder 263

Korner's Folly

Folder 264

Krimminger, Phillip

Folder 265


Folder 266

Lefler, Hugh T.

Folder 267


Folder 268


Folder 269


Folder 270

Pope Archives

Folder 271-272

Folder 271

Folder 272

Pope, Etta Mae

Folder 273

Pope, George, and other family history

Folder 274-275

Folder 274

Folder 275

Pope Family

Folder 276

Pope, Louis Billy: Articles about

Folder 277

Pope, Louis Billy: Articles by

Folder 278

Pope, Louis Billy: Autobiography

Folder 279

Pope, Louis Billy: Certificates

Folder 280

Pope, Louis Billy: General

Folder 281

Pope, Louis Billy: Legal

Folder 282

Pope, Louis Billy: Personal

Folder 283

Pope, Louis Billy: Publicity

Folder 284

Pope, Louis Billy: Retirement

Folder 285-287

Folder 285

Folder 286

Folder 287

Pope, Orpha L.

Folder 288

Pope, Stokes I.

Folder 289

Presbyterian College, 1957-1962

Folder 290

Presbyterian College and Clinton, S.C.

Folder 291

Presbyterian College Guidance Center

Folder 292

Piedmont University CenterGuidance Study

Folder 293


Folder 294


Folder 295

St. Andrews College: Employment

Folder 296

St. Andrews College, 1962-1964

Folder 297

Sedge Garden High School

Folder 298

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church: Boards, Committees, Officers

Folder 299

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church: Building

Folder 300-304

Folder 300

Folder 301

Folder 302

Folder 303

Folder 304

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church: Bulletins and Newsletters, 1953-1989

Folder 305

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church: Certificates

Folder 306

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church: Correspondence

Folder 307

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church: Financial Papers

Folder 308-312

Folder 308

Folder 309

Folder 310

Folder 311

Folder 312

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church: History

Folder 313

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church: Sunday School Class

Folder 314-315

Folder 314

Folder 315

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church: Miscellaneous

Folder 316

Sink Family

Folder 317


Folder 318

Tauck Canyon Lands, 12 September 1989-19 September 1989

Folder 319

Tauck New Orleans Tour, 22 July 1989-30 July 1989

Folder 320

Texas, 16 June 1989-21 June 1989

Folder 321


Folder 322


Folder 323

United Daughters of the Confederacy

Folder 324-327

Folder 324

Folder 325

Folder 326

Folder 327

University of North Carolina: General

Folder 328

University of North Carolina: Correspondence

Folder 329

University of North Carolina: Dorm Adviser

Folder 330

University of North Carolina: Grades

Folder 331

University of North Carolina: Graduate Education

Folder 332

University of North Carolina: Guidance

Folder 333

University of North Carolina: Inauguration of Paul Hardin, 12 October 1988

Folder 334

University of North Carolina: Libraries

Folder 335

University of North Carolina: William Perry

Folder 336

University of North Carolina: Ph.D.

Folder 337

University of North Carolina: School of Education

Folder 338


Folder 339


Folder 340


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 4. School Notebooks, 1948-1957.

62 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Notebooks from classes Pope took at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in pursuit of his Ph.D. in education.

Folder 341-342

Folder 341

Folder 342

Hist 114: America since 1896, Fall 1948

Folder 343-344

Folder 343

Folder 344

Hist 163: Civilization of the South, Fall 1948

Folder 345-346

Folder 345

Folder 346

Diplomatic History of the United States, Fall 1948

Folder 347-348

Folder 347

Folder 348

Civil War and Reconstruction, Winter 1949

Folder 349-350

Folder 349

Folder 350

Cultural Anthropology, Winter 1949

Folder 351

Southern History Seminar, Winter 1949

Folder 352-353

Folder 352

Folder 353

American Economic History (1783-1865), Spring 1949

Folder 354-355

Folder 354

Folder 355

American Historiography, Spring 1949

Folder 356-358

Folder 356

Folder 357

Folder 358

North Carolina History (1815-1948), Spring 1949

Folder 359

Soc. 166: Rural Community, Spring 1949

Folder 360

Ed. 160: Curriculum Construction, June 1949

Folder 361-362

Folder 361

Folder 362

Ed.101a: Educational Administration, June 1949

Folder 363-365

Folder 363

Folder 364

Folder 365

North Carolina History (161) 1584-1815, July 1949

Folder 366-368

Folder 366

Folder 367

Folder 368

Early American History (1689-1763), July 1950

Folder 369

North Carolina: Economic and Social, 1st Summer Session 1950

Folder 370

Ed 298: Supervision of Instruction, June 1951

Folder 371

Ed 296a: Organization and Administration of Secondary Schools, June 1951

Folder 372

Ed 102: Elementary School Organization, July 1951

Folder 373-374

Folder 373

Folder 374

Ed. 255: Guidance Function of the Classroom Teacher, June 1951

Folder 375

Ed. 232: Public School Supervision, 1952

Folder 376

Ed.144a: Community Education

Folder 377

Ed 152: The Language Arts in the Secondary Schools, June 1953

Folder 378

Ed 204: Techniques in Education Leadership, June 1953

Folder 379

Ed. 205: Techniques in Counseling, June 1954

Folder 380

Ed. 275: Administrative Aspects of the Guidance Program, July 1954

Folder 381

Ed. 171: Growth and Development of the School Child, July 1954

Folder 382-383

Folder 382

Folder 383

Ed 143: Educational and Social History of the United States, June 1955

Folder 384

Ed. 196: The Junior High School, June 1955

Folder 385

Ed. 177: The Problem of Maladjustment Among Children, June 1955

Folder 386

Ed. 206: General Principles of Occupational Diagnosis and Guidance, July 1955

Folder 387

Ed. 274: Techniques in the Analysis of the Individual, July 1955

Folder 388

Ed. 199: Secondary Education, Spring 1956

Folder 389

Ed. 209: Business Management and School Finance, June 1956

Folder 390

Ed. 101: Educational Administration, July 1956

Folder 391

Ed. 210: Management of School Plants and Equipment, July 1956

Folder 392

Ed. 210: Management of School Plants and Equipment, July 1956

Folder 393

Ed. 209: Public School Finance, July 1956

Folder 394

Ed 105: Guidance in the School, Fall 1956

Folder 395

Study Guide for Ed. 101, July 1956

Folder 396

Ed. 303: Problems in Educational Administration, Fall 1956

Folder 397

Ed 146: Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education, Fall 1956

Folder 398

Ed 160: Curriculum Construction, Fall 1956

Folder 399-400

Folder 399

Folder 400

North Carolina History 162 (1815-1950s), Spring 1957

Folder 401-402

Folder 401

Folder 402

North Carolina History (1584-1835), 1956-1957

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 5. Pictures, 1940s-1980s.

About 1000 items.

Photographs include many snapshots taken by Pope. There are many photographs of Pope, of his family and friends, and of places where he lived and worked. Most of the photographs are scenes from trips Pope took to various countries around the world. They are sorted by location.

Image Folder PF-4550/1

Pope, Louis Billy, 1943, 1947-1959

Image Folder PF-4550/2

Pope, Louis Billy, 1960-1977

Image Folder PF-4550/3

Pope, Louis Billy, 1980-1985

Image Folder PF-4550/4

Pope, Louis Billy, 1986-1987

Image Folder P-4550/5

Pope, Louis Billy, 1988-1990

Image Folder P-4550/6

Pope with others, 1948-1979

Image Folder PF-4550/7

Pope with others, 1980-1989

Image Folder PF-4550/8

Pope in High Point College publicity photographs

Image Folder PF-4550/9

Pope, Orpha

Image Folder PF-4550/10

Pope family pictures

Image Folder PF-4550/11

Brandon, Doug

Image Folder PF-4550/12

Catan, John

Image Folder PF-4550/13

Hogue, Danny

Image Folder PF-4550/14

Krimminger, Phil

Image Folder PF-4550/15

Narhi, Sami

Image Folder PF-4550/16

Sink, Henry D.

Image Folder PF-4550/17

Identified people, Kernersville, N.C.

Image Folder PF-4550/18

Identified people, Laurinburg, N.C.

Image Folder PF-4550/19

Identified people

Image Folder PF-4550/20

Sedge Garden United Methodist Church

Image Folder PF-4550/21

Pope home and other places in Kernersville, N.C.

Image Folder PF-4550/22

Cana, Va.

Image Folder PF-4550/23

Presbyterian College, Clinton, S.C.

Image Folder PF-4550/24

High Point College

Image Folder PF-4550/25

Duke University

Image Folder PF-4550/26

University of North Carolina

Image Folder PF-4550/27


Image Folder PF-4550/28


Image Folder PF-4550/29


Image Folder PF-4550/30


Image Folder PF-4550/31


Image Folder PF-4550/32


Image Folder PF-4550/33

British Columbia

Image Folder PF-4550/34

British Isles

Image Folder PF-4550/35


Image Folder PF-4550/36


Image Folder PF-4550/37


Image Folder PF-4550/38

Costa Rica

Image Folder PF-4550/39

Dominican Republic

Image Folder PF-4550/40


Image Folder PF-4550/41


Image Folder PF-4550/42


Image Folder PF-4550/43


Image Folder PF-4550/44


Image Folder PF-4550/45

Grand Cayman

Image Folder PF-4550/46


Image Folder PF-4550/47


Image Folder PF-4550/48


Image Folder PF-4550/49


Image Folder PF-4550/50


Image Folder PF-4550/51


Image Folder PF-4550/52


Image Folder PF-4550/53


Image Folder PF-4550/54


Image Folder PF-4550/55


Image Folder PF-4550/56

New Jersey

Image Folder PF-4550/57

New Mexico

Image Folder PF-4550/58

New York

Image Folder PF-4550/59

New Zealand

Image Folder PF-4550/60


Image Folder PF-4550/61


Image Folder PF-4550/62


Image Folder PF-4550/63

Puerto Rico

Image Folder PF-4550/64


Image Folder PF-4550/65

St. Croix

Image Folder PF-4550/66

St. John

Image Folder PF-4550/67

St. Lucia

Image Folder PF-4550/68

St. Thomas

Image Folder PF-4550/69


Image Folder PF-4550/70


Image Folder PF-4550/71

South Dakota

Image Folder PF-4550/72


Image Folder PF-4550/73


Image Folder PF-4550/74


Image Folder PF-4550/75


Image Folder PF-4550/76


Image Folder PF-4550/77


Image Folder PF-4550/78

Washington, D.C.

Image Folder PF-4550/79

West Virginia

Image Folder PF-4550/80


Image Folder PF-4550/81


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 6. Additions after 1999.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 6.1. Papers and Photographs, circa 1890s-2001 (Additions of January and May 2001).

About 1100 items.

Acquisitions Information: Accession 98842 and 98922.

Access: Closed.

Processing Note: Unprocessed; materials in envelopes; materials requiring screening.

Materials include, but are not limited to, miscellaneous correspondence, a few school notebooks, family photographs, a folder on tobacco buying, and other items.

Box 35-36

Box 35

Box 36

Papers and Photographs, circa 1890s-2001

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 6.2. Papers and Photographs, circa 1880s-2000s (Addition of July 2013).

About items.

Acquisitions Information: Accession 101828.

Deeds, correspondence, writings of Louis Billy Pope and others, miscellaneous papers, and photographs.

Box 37

Papers, circa 1880s-2000s

Image Folder PF-4550/82-88









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