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Collection Title: William H. Bobbitt Papers, 1938, 1974-1974.

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Size 15.0 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 7500 items)
Abstract William Haywood Bobbitt was a lawyer who served as resident judge of the 14th judicial district of North Carolina between 1938 and 1954. In 1954, Bobbitt was appointed associate justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court. In 1969, he was promoted to chief justice of the Court. He retired in 1974. Bobbitt's legal Papers, 1954-1974, include court dockets, formal appeal applications, research notes on cases submitted in court, vote tallies of Supreme Court justices, and formal court decisions. Materials concerning Bobbitt's candidacy as a Democrat for judge of North Carolina's 14th judicial district in 1938 include letters discussing the possibility of Bobbitt's candidacy, announcing his candidacy, soliciting financial and electoral support, thanking supporters, communicating with newsPapers, and discussing election results; financial records; appointment books; miscellaneous legal notes; handwritten memos; and newspaper clippings.
Creator Bobbitt, William H. (William Haywood), 1900-1992.
Curatorial Unit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Historical Collection.
Language English
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Received from Sarah Bobbitt Carter in November 1992.
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William Haywood Bobbitt, a lawyer and judge, was born in Baltimore, Md., on 18 October 1900. William's father, J. H. Bobbitt, was a drug salesman who worked for Parke, Davis, and Co. In 1912, the Bobbitt family moved to Charlotte, N.C.

Bobbitt graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1921. He attended UNC Law School for one year, worked with Charlotte lawyer Jon J. Parker, and was admitted to the North Carolina bar in 1922. He became a junior member of the firm of Parker, Stewart, and McRae, and was promoted to full partner in 1930.

In 1938, Bobbitt won election as the Democratic candidate for resident judge of the 14th Judicial District of North Carolina (Charlotte). He was appointed associate justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court in 1954, and Bobbitt became chief justice of the Court in 1969. He retired in 1974.

In 1924, Bobbitt married Sarah Dunlap, a Charlotte native; they had four children: Sarah, Haywood, Buford, and Harriet. Sarah Bobbitt died in October 1965. William Bobbitt died on 27 September 1992.

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Bobbitt's legal Papers, 1954-1974, include court dockets, formal appeal applications, research notes on cases submitted in court, vote tallies of Supreme Court justices, and formal court decisions. Materials concerning Bobbitt's candidacy as a Democrat for judge of North Carolina's 14th judicial district in 1938 include letters discussing the possibility of Bobbitt's candidacy, announcing his candidacy, soliciting financial and electoral support, thanking supporters, communicating with newsPapers, and discussing election results; financial records; appointment books; miscellaneous legal notes; handwritten memos; and newspaper clippings.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. Case Files, 1954-1974.

About 7000 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Files relating to cases heard by William Bobbitt during his tenure on the North Carolina Supreme Court. The records include court dockets, formal appeal applications, Bobbitt's research notes on cases that appeared before his court, evidence submitted in court, vote tallies of Supreme Court justices, and formal court decisions.

Folder titles list the case name, number, county, and include notes that Bobbitt wrote on the folder tab.

Folder 1-4

Folder 1

Folder 2

Folder 3

Folder 4

Spring Term 1954 Miscellaneous Notes

Folder 5

Fall Term 1954 Gallimore vs. Highway Commission; #740-Forsyth; Eminent Domain College.

Folder 6

Fall Term 1954 Garmon vs. Thomas; #601-Union; Pedestrian putting out flambeaux.

Folder 7

Fall Term 1954 Greensboro vs. Smith; #676-Guilford; War Memorial.

Folder 8

Fall Term 1954 Guest vs. Metal Company; #667-Guilford; Workmen's Compensation-Employee pushing car.

Folder 9

Fall Term 1954 Herring vs. Creech; #594-New Hanover; Bailments House Trailer.

Folder 10

Fall Term 1954 Kindley vs. Privette; #388-Cabarrus; Expulsion of Church Member.

Folder 11

Fall Term 1954 Park Terrace vs. Indemnity Company; #742-Forsyth; McLean - Sole Stockholder.

Folder 12

Fall Term 1954 Reynolds vs. Murph; #387-Lenoir; Jug of Gasoline.

Folder 13

Fall Term 1954 Rheinhardt vs. Yancey; #525-Gaston; City Limits Extension.

Folder 14

Fall Term 1954 Smith vs. Smith; #599-New Hanover; Custody of children.

Folder 15

Fall Term 1954 State vs. Chestnutt; #436-Wake; Sunday Auto Races.

Folder 16

Fall Term 1954 State vs. Gordon; #722-Forsyth; Murder - Shotgun.

Folder 17

Fall Term 1954 State vs. Hicks; #505-Gaston; Assault and Robbery.

Folder 18

Fall Term 1954 State vs. Hill; #725-Durham; Bigamy.

Folder 19

Fall Term 1954 State vs. Kleinman; #649-Guilford; F&A.

Folder 20

Fall Term 1954 Taylor vs. Racing Association; #308-Carteret; Dog Racing.

Folder 21

Fall Term 1954 Thormer vs. Mail Order House; #674-Davidson; "Leg Art" (Hosiery Ads).

Folder 22

Fall Term 1954 Vandiford vs. Vandiford; #317-Greene.

Folder 23

Spring Term 1955 Andrews vs. Bruton; #378-Montgomery; Wrongfully Cutting Timber.

Folder 24

Spring Term 1955 Boswell vs. Boswell; #104-Wilson.

Folder 25-26

Folder 25

Folder 26

Spring Term 1955 Caudle vs. R.R.; #739-Forsyth; Crossing Accident.

Folder 27

Spring Term 1955 Dennis vs. Albemarle; #599-Stanly; Thrown from load of hay by power wire.

Folder 28

Spring Term 1955 Douglas vs. Brooks; #528-Gaston; Specific performance land case-Uncle and Niece.

Folder 29

Spring Term 1955 Hatcher vs. Clayton; #747-Person; Truck ran over pedestrian-"Footprints and Tiretracks."

Folder 30

Spring Term 1955 Hendrix vs. B&L Motors; #240-Wilkes.

Folder 31-32

Folder 31

Folder 32

Spring Term 1955 Hinson vs. Dawson; #233-Wayne; Business District.

Folder 33

Spring Term 1955 In re Assignment of School Children; #453-Wake.

Folder 34

Spring Term 1955 Mayberry vs. Marble Co.; #596-Stanly; Compensation for Silicosis.

Folder 35

Spring Term 1955 Morris vs. Wilkins; #102-Nash; Defense without Bond.

Folder 36

Spring Term 1955 Ports Authority vs. Trust Co.; #459-Wake.

Folder 37

Spring Term 1955 Reid vs. Bristol; #236-Wilkes; Judgment (Execution on).

Folder 38

Spring Term 1955 Reid vs. Holden; #677-Guilford.

Folder 39

Spring Term 1955 State vs. Adams; #1-Cherokee; Homicide with no malice.

Folder 40

Spring Term 1955 State vs. Cole; #145-Rutherford; Drunken Driving.

Folder 41

Spring Term 1955 State vs. Eason; #291-Pitt; Patrolman knocked off side of defendants car-no lights.

Folder 42

Spring Term 1955 State vs. Lucas; #363-Randolph; Abandonment and failure to support wife and child.

Folder 43

Fall Term 1955 Baldwin vs. Hinton; #531-Johnston; Five Acre Tract.

Folder 44

Fall Term 1955 Berrier vs. Freight Carrier; #384-Forsyth; Three car collision-Ford, Bakery Truck, Tractor Trailer.

Folder 45

Fall Term 1955 Cannon vs. Wilmington; #171-New Hanover; Easement-Right of Way (No description of).

Folder 46

Fall Term 1955 Commercial Credit Corp. vs. Robeson Motors; #745-Robeson; Usury.

Folder 47

Fall Term 1955 Davis vs. Charlotte; #244-Mecklenburg; "Car Hop" Serving beer.

Folder 48

Fall Term 1955 Eller vs. Board of Education; #90-Buncombe; Septic Tank.

Folder 49

Fall Term 1955 Ewing vs. Caldwell; #319-Mitchell; Partnership.

Folder 50

Fall Term 1955 Gomer vs. Askew; #20-Gates; Will Case-Dower Jackey Jones Tract.

Folder 51-52

Folder 51

Folder 52

Fall Term 1955 Greenwood vs. Ins. Co.; #94-Buncombe.

Folder 53

Fall Term 1955 Harris vs. Greyhound Corp.; #395-Forsyth; Fell in ditch when alighting from bus.

Folder 54

Fall Term 1955 Honeycutt vs. Bank; #164-Gaston.

Folder 55-57

Folder 55

Folder 56

Folder 57

Fall Term 1955 Hudson vs. R.R.; #170-New Hanover; Union Shop.

Folder 58

Fall Term 1955 Petty vs. Print Works Co.; #245-Mecklenburg.

Folder 59

Fall Term 1955 Produce Co. vs. Currin; #321-Wayne; Lease-Sweet Potato Storage.

Folder 60

Fall Term 1955 Smith vs. Buie; #603-Hoke; Auto Collision Stop Sign.

Folder 61

Fall Term 1955 State vs. Isom; #589-Randolph.

Folder 62

Fall Term 1955 State vs. Stonestreet; #361-Wilkes; Intoxicating Liquor.

Folder 63

Fall Term 1955 State vs. Swink; #434-Wake.

Folder 64

Fall Term 1955 Trust Co. vs. Wolfe; #532-Rowan; Will Case, Sister & Red Cross.

Folder 65

Fall Term 1955 Williamson vs. Clay; #676-Durham; Gasoline in can thrown on fire-body shop.

Folder 66

Spring Term 1956 Baxley vs. Cavenaugh; #173-Duplin.

Folder 67-68

Folder 67

Folder 68

Spring Term 1956 Carpenter vs. Carpenter; #668-Durham.

Folder 69

Spring Term 1956 Constantian vs. Anson County; #463-Anson.

Folder 70

Spring Term 1956 Davis vs. Hargett; #596-Guilford; Loss of original cause of action-duress-oppression.

Folder 71

Spring Term 1956 Electronics Co. vs. Radio Corp.; #386- Forsyth.

Folder 72

Spring Term 1956 Hinson vs. Dawson; #305-Wayne; Auto Collision-Intersection-Adamsville.

Folder 73

Spring Term 1956 In re Application & Appeal of O'Neal; #241-Mecklenburg.

Folder 74

Spring Term 1956 Lowe vs. Dept. of Motor Vehicles; #378-Wilkes; Shot in neck by patrolman.

Folder 75

Spring Term 1956 Nance vs. Fike; #526-Montgomery; Fight in Hardware Store.

Folder 76

Spring Term 1956 Rich vs. R.R.; #672-Durham; Default & Inquiry-Unverified Answer.

Folder 77

Spring Term 1956 State vs. Ferguson; #437-Wake; Willful failure to support illegitimate child.

Folder 78

Spring Term 1956 State vs. Simpson; #724-Robeson; Homicide-pistol-underwear-brown shirt.

Folder 79

Spring Term 1956 State vs. Tillery; #217-Edgecombe.

Folder 80

Spring Term 1956 Tillett vs. Mustian; #25-Dare.

Folder 81

Spring Term 1956 Youngblood vs. Bright; #97-Buncombe.

Folder 82

Fall Term 1956 Academy vs. Dockery; #25-McDowell; Four Junior Deeds of Trust Dockery, individually, not party.

Folder 83

Fall Term 1956 Burrell vs. Transfer Co.; #389-Forsyth; Collision-Judge Phillips reviewed action of Judge Sharp.

Folder 84

Fall Term 1956 Deal vs. Sanitary District; #320-Burke.

Folder 85

Fall Term 1956 Eason vs. Dew; #249-Wilson; Farm Laborer Lien.

Folder 86

Fall Term 1956 Fox vs. Comrs. of Durham County; #667-Durham; Rural Zoning.

Folder 87

Fall Term 1956 Harrell vs. Powell; #306-Wayne; Housing Project-Goldsboro.

Folder 88

Fall Term 1956 Hill vs. Spinning Co.; #172-Sampson; Unpaid Salary Counterclaim.

Folder 89

Fall Term 1956 Hughes vs. Anchor Ent.; #466-Richmond; Fell in Howard Johnson Restaurant.

Folder 90

Fall Term 1956 Kientz vs. Carlton; #97-Buncombe; Power Mower.

Folder 91

Fall Term 1956 Liles vs. Electric Co.; #242-Wilson; Workman's Compensation for part-time Worker-College Boy.

Folder 92

Fall Term 1956 McGill vs. Freight Inc.; #532-Lee.

Folder 93

Fall Term 1956 McLamb vs. Weaver; #668-Durham; Partition.

Folder 94

Fall Term 1956 Murray vs. Wyatt; #470-Wake; Man pinned between two trucks and killed.

Folder 95

Fall Term 1956 Peed vs. Burleson's Inc.; #29-Beaufort; 320 Bags of Potatoes.

Folder 96

Fall Term 1956 Solon Lodge vs. Ionic Lodge; #394-Forsyth.

Folder 97

Fall Term 1956 State vs. Everett; #145-Hertford; State appealed-dismissed.

Folder 98

Fall Term 1956 State vs. Stone; #509-Lee; Drunken Driving.

Folder 99

Fall Term 1956 White vs. Lacey; #738-Chatham; Collision case-no lights.

Folder 100

Spring Term 1957 Anders vs. Anderson; #95-Buncombe; Will Case "want."

Folder 101

Spring Term 1957 Basnight vs. Wilson; #24-Currituck; Collision-car parked on shoulder on left.

Folder 102

Spring Term 1957 Builders Supply vs. Dixon; #170-New Hanover; Lumber.

Folder 103

Spring Term 1957 Burns vs. Oil Corp.; #525-Lee; Counterclaims contract.

Folder 104

Spring Term 1957 Coach Co. vs. Fultz; #243-Mecklenburg; Left Trunk Signal Device.

Folder 105

Spring Term 1957 Edwards vs. Batts; #7-Edgecombe; Deed of Gift.

Folder 106

Spring Term 1957 Edwards vs. Hunter; #315-Yancey; Neighborhood Road Easement.

Folder 107

Spring Term 1957 Harrington vs. Rice; #162-New Hanover; Service of Summons.

Folder 108

Spring Term 1957 Highway Com. vs. Privett; #461-Richmond; Compensation for land appropriated for highway.

Folder 109

Spring Term 1957 Johnson vs. Scheidt, Comr.; #602-Guilford; Suspension of Operator's Licenses.

Folder 110

Spring Term 1957 Kirkman vs. Baucom; #597-Cumberland; Tractor-Trailer and Truck Collision, both drivers killed.

Folder 111

Spring Term 1957 Liaison Bureau vs. Midkiff; #744-Alamance, Death Benefits.

Folder 112

Spring Term 1957 Sales Co. vs. Weston; #21-Martin; Lumber.

Folder 113

Spring Term 1957 Shearin vs. Lloyd; #384-Franklin; Malpractice Lap-pack.

Folder 114

Spring Term 1957 State vs. Dutch; #726-Scotland; Hit and Run, Aiding and Abetting.

Folder 115

Spring Term 1957 State vs. Kerley; #364-Davidson; Codefendant changed plea to nolo contendere.

Folder 116

Spring Term 1957 State vs. Meshaw; #435-Wake; Two Counts-Larceny and "Receiving."

Folder 117

Spring Term 1957 Thrash vs. Polansky; #99-Buncombe; Inheritance Tax.

Folder 118

Spring Term 1957 Trust Co. vs. Wolfe; #523-Rowan; Will Case-Red Cross.

Folder 119

Fall Term 1957 Adams vs. College; #741-Robeson; Consolidation.

Folder 120

Fall Term 1957 Bane, In re; #670-Durham; Administrator Durham Co. or Florida?

Folder 121

Fall Term 1957 Bell vs. Simmons; #165-Duplin.

Folder 122

Fall Term 1957 Branon vs. Branon; #397-Forsyth; Divorce.

Folder 123

Fall Term 1957 Cogdill, in re Estate of; #25-Jackson.

Folder 124

Fall Term 1957 Davis vs. Construction Co.; #392-Forsyth; Two front teeth.

Folder 125

Fall Term 1957 Finance, Inc. vs. Thompson; #309-Lenoir; Mechanics Lien.

Folder 126

Fall Term 1957 Greensboro vs. Wall; #606-Guilford; Redevelopment.

Folder 127

Fall Term 1957 Gurganus vs. Trust Co.; #103-Pitt; Did Mary Gurganus sign promissory notes?

Folder 128

Fall Term 1957 Hardy vs. Small; #26-Chowan; Workmen's Comp. Case-13 year old boy crossing highway.

Folder 129

Fall Term 1957 Litakes vs. Bost; #523-Cabarrus; Wreck-Who was driving?

Folder 130

Fall Term 1957 Moore vs. Humphrey; #454-Wake; Liability of sureties on bond in claim and delivery "A Little Moore."

Folder 131

Fall Term 1957 Pearson vs. Flooring Co.; #600-Guilford; Workmen's Comp. Case.

Folder 132

Fall Term 1957 Pruett vs. Pruett; #244-Mecklenburg; Divorce.

Folder 133

Fall Term 1957 Riddle vs. Artis; #133-Northampton; Three car collision.

Folder 134

Fall Term 1957 State vs. Jordan; #437-Wake; Escapee.

Folder 135

Fall Term 1957 State vs. McAfee; #361-Alexander; Burglary-Attempted Rape.

Folder 136

Fall Term 1957 State vs. Renfrow; #146-Duplin; Habeas Corpus.

Folder 137

Spring Term 1958 Blackwell vs. Lee & Tart; #529-Harnett; Head-on Collision.

Folder 138

Spring Term 1958 Board of Pharmacy vs. Lane; #172-New Hanover; Drugs & Druggists.

Folder 139

Spring Term 1958 Caldwell vs. Bradford; #162-Gaston.

Folder 140

Spring Term 1958 Carrow vs. Weston; #21-Martin; Logs.

Folder 141

Spring Term 1958 Cockman vs. Powers; #521-Randolph; Personal injury when thrown from car leaving driveway.

Folder 142

Spring Term 1958 Currin vs. Williams; #253-Nash; Collision at intersection-stop light.

Folder 143

Spring Term 1958 Employment Security Com vs. Freight Lines; #593-Guilford; Trip-lease.

Folder 144

Spring Term 1958 Gilliland, in re; #383-Warren; Disbarment.

Folder 145

Spring Term 1958 Lawson vs. Highway Com.; #309-Greene; Prisoner electrocuted while clearing highway.

Folder 146

Spring Term 1958 Little vs. Gaskins; #524-Johnston; Collision at Intersection-stop light.

Folder 147

Spring Term 1958 Perrell vs. Service Co.; #254-Mecklenburg; Taxicab.

Folder 148

Spring Term 1958 Seminary vs. Wake County; #461-Wake; Tax-exempt Properties.

Folder 149

Spring Term 1958 State vs. Courtney; #220-Mecklenburg; Assault on female.

Folder 150

Spring Term 1958 State vs. Helms; #74-Buncombe; Narcotic.

Folder 151

Spring Term 1958 Thomas vs. College; Orange; Wrongful Discharge.

Folder 152

Spring Term 1958 Utilities Com. vs. Truck Lines; #241-Mecklenburg; Interchange of intrastate freight.

Folder 153

Fall Term 1958 Armstrong vs. Insurance Co.; #596-Brunswick.

Folder 154

Fall Term 1958 Biggs vs. Trust Co.; #456-Wake; Bryan Rock and Sand Co.

Folder 155

Fall Term 1958 Cannon vs. Parker; #602-Guilford; Collision-money paid in settlement-release signed.

Folder 156

Fall Term 1958 Conner vs. Ridley; #20-Rutherford; Contract not to make will.

Folder 157

Fall Term 1958 Freeman vs. Bennett; #525-Randolph; Writ of Recordari.

Folder 158

Fall Term 1958 Gales vs. Smith; #611-Brunswick.

Folder 159

Fall Term 1958 Gillikin vs. Gillikin; #92 Carteret.

Folder 160

Fall Term 1958 Hajoca Corp. vs. Brooks; #252-Mecklenburg; Heating and Air-Conditioning Unit defective.

Folder 161

Fall Term 1958 Porter vs. Bank; #394-Warren.

Folder 162

Fall Term 1958 Power Light Co. vs. Horton; #22-Jackson; Condemnation Mineral Rights.

Folder 163

Fall Term 1958 Spaugh vs. Winston-Salem; #387-Forsyth; Sewage.

Folder 164

Fall Term 1958 Stamey vs. Membership Corp.; #249-Mecklenburg.

Folder 165

Fall Term 1958 State vs. Bell; #509-Harnett.

Folder 166

Fall Term 1958 State vs. Franklin; #73-Buncombe; Forgery.

Folder 167

Fall Term 1958 State vs. Jones; #433-Wake; Rape of 8-year old girl.

Folder 168

Fall Term 1958 Topping vs. Board of Education; #31-Hyde; School Site.

Folder 169

Fall Term 1958 Vann Co. vs. Barefoot; #182-Sampson.

Folder 170

Fall Term 1958 Washington vs. Davis; #239-Mecklenburg; Collision with 4-year old child.

Folder 171-172

Folder 171

Folder 172

Spring Term 1959 Allen vs. R.R.; #237-Mecklenburg; Union Shop.

Folder 173

Spring Term 1959 Baker vs. Murphrey; #308-Greene; Grandchildren heirs-22.5 & 4.5 acre tracts of land.

Folder 174

Spring Term 1959 Bylerly vs. Tolbert; #390-Forsyth; After-born child.

Folder 175

Spring Term 1959 Dean vs. Mattox; #453-Union; Timber Deed cut on Duke Power Co.

Folder 176

Spring Term 1959 DeBruhl vs. Harvey & Son Co.; #167-Jones; 227.2-acre tract in Beaver Creek Township.

Folder 177

Spring Term 1959 Edwards vs. Arnold; #611-Bladen; Tax lien foreclosure.

Folder 178

Spring Term 1959 Ins. Co. vs. Lambeth; #600-Guilford; Liability Insurance in Truck Collision.

Folder 179

Spring Term 1959 Jones vs. Mills Inc.; #393-Wilkes; Feed for laying hens.

Folder 180

Spring Term 1959 Lewis vs. Beaufort County; #20-Beaufort; County hospital clinic-Aurora.

Folder 181

Spring Term 1959 Lumber Co. vs. Construction Co.; #667-Durham; General Contractor-Subcontractor for Commerce Building N. C. College-Durham.

Folder 182

Spring Term 1959 McLaughlin vs. Beasley; #463-Union; Did not sue Board of Education "Broom site."

Folder 183

Spring Term 1959 Mercer vs. Hilliard; #249-Wilson; Collision in Raleigh (New Bern Ave. & Person Str.).

Folder 184

Spring Term 1959 Mica Industries vs. Penland; #19-Macon; Demurrer.

Folder 185

Spring Term 1959 Ransom vs. Robinson; #597-Columbus.

Folder 186

Spring Term 1959 Skipper vs. Cheatham; #166-New Hanover; Personal Injury-Scales in entrance to drugstore.

Folder 187

Spring Term 1959 Sledge vs. Wagoner; #529-Randolph; Fall in Bus Station Restaurant-Newspaper Rack.

Folder 188

Spring Term 1959 State vs. Furmage; #726-Robeson; Warrant issued by solicitor.

Folder 189

Spring Term 1959 State vs. Smith & State vs. Augburn; #148-Halifax; Burglary.

Folder 190

Spring Term 1959 Tucker vs. Moorefield; #243-Mecklenburg; Collision at intersection-stop sign down.

Folder 191

Spring Term 1959 Wilkins vs. Warren; #525-Harnett; Dive into pond-hit underwater cinder block wall.

Folder 192

Spring Term 1959 Wiseman vs. Construction Co.; #673-Durham; Damage from surface water.

Folder 193

Fall Term 1959 Adams vs. College; #740-Robeson; Consolidation Agreement Presbyterian.

Folder 194

Fall Term 1959 Bailey vs. Westmoreland; #383-Forsyth; Promissory Note.

Folder 195

Fall Term 1959 Buick Co. vs. General Motors Corp.; #251-Mecklenburg; Deposition-Certified Public Accountant.

Folder 196

Fall Term 1959 Cotton Mills vs. Local No. 584 & Local No. 578; #388 & #393-Vance.

Folder 197

Fall Term 1959 Dean vs. Construction Co.; #464-Wake; 14-year old boy, trespasser, operated a crane and was electrocuted.

Folder 198

Fall Term 1959 Hill vs. Development Co.; #177-New Hanover.

Folder 199

Fall Term 1959 Johnson vs. Graye; #608-Guilford; Teacher-Not Libel or Slander.

Folder 200

Fall Term 1959 Lane vs. Chatham; #21-Rutherford; BB Gun.

Folder 201

Fall Term 1959 Melton vs. Hill; #262-Mecklenburg; Service of Process Labor Union.

Folder 202

Fall Term 1959 Owens vs. Voncannon & Brown vs. Owens; #524 & #525-Randolph; $2000.00 Note.

Folder 203

Fall Term 1959 Rhyne vs. Mount Holly; #176-Gaston; Oak trees cut when lot cleared to abate nuisance.

Folder 204

Fall Term 1959 Roberts, in re Will of; #308-Madison; Holographic Will.

Folder 205

Fall Term 1959 Rubber Co. vs. Distributors; #235-Mecklenburg; Distributorship-Counterclaim.

Folder 206

Fall Term 1959 State vs. Newton; #372-Vance; Strike case-pointing rifle.

Folder 207

Fall Term 1959 Stathopoulos vs. Shook; #256-Mecklenburg; Collision at intersection-flashing signals.

Folder 208

Fall Term 1959 Warren vs. White; #399-Forsyth; Edsel Dealership-Oral Agreement.

Folder 209

Fall Term 1959 White vs. Osborne, Clerk Superior Court; #164-Cleveland; Father, next friend, and infant plaintiff.

Folder 210

Fall Term 1959 Whiteside vs. McCarson; #30-Henderson.

Folder 211

Spring Term 1960 Bank vs. Ramsey; #243-Nash; Conditional sale contract car brought from N.Y.

Folder 212

Spring Term 1960 Byrd vs. Freeman; #603-Columbus; Specific performance crop allotments.

Folder 213

Spring Term 1960 Crain & Denbo vs. Construction Co.; #307-Wayne; Two actions (One in Durham, One in Wayne).

Folder 214

Spring Term 1960 DeLoatch vs. Beamon; #737-Alamance; Valuation of Property by out of state firm.

Folder 215

Spring Term 1960 Drum vs. Bisaner; #167-Gaston; Fire started from fan on roof over kitchen.

Folder 216

Spring Term 1960 Finch vs. Small Business Administration; #105-Craven.

Folder 217

Spring Term 1960 Gamble vs. Sears; #461-Wake.

Folder 218

Spring Term 1960 Jones vs. Schaffer; #242-Mecklenburg; Collision at intersection.

Folder 219

Spring Term 1960 King vs. Powell; #391-Forsyth; Collision at Intersection and 2-year old child killed.

Folder 220

Spring Term 1960 McDonald vs. Carper; #452-Wake; Malicious Prosecution for Embezzlement in City of Raleigh.

Folder 221

Spring Term 1960 McGinnis vs. Robinson; #386-Vance.

Folder 222

Spring Term 1960 May vs. Haynes; #668-Durham; Painting & Decorating Contract not Paid.

Folder 223

Spring Term 1960 Pharr vs. Garibaldi; #449-Wake; Camp Polk Prison.

Folder 224

Spring Term 1960 State vs. Burrell; #75-Craven; Rape-Marine.

Folder 225

Spring Term 1960 State vs. Potter; #291-Greene; Conspiracy to burn building.

Folder 226

Spring Term 1960 Steel Products Corp. vs. Chestnutt; #234-Nash; Switches.

Folder 227

Spring Term 1960 Swartzberg vs. Ins. Co.; #90-Buncombe; Health Ins.-false statements on application.

Folder 228

Spring Term 1960 Utilities Com. vs. Transport Co.; #605-Guilford; Enlargement of rights as intrastate carrier in tank cars.

Folder 229

Spring Term 1960 Young vs. Roberts; #461-Wake; Certification of Approval of proposed new bank.

Folder 230

Fall Term 1960 Bryant vs. Ins. Co.; #668-Durham; Damages for failure to issue life insurance policy.

Folder 231

Fall Term 1960 Dennis vs. Raleigh; #465-Wake; $500.00 to Chamber of Commerce to advertise city.

Folder 232

Fall Term 1960 Gwyn vs. Motors, Inc.; #665-Rockingham; Sued Ford Motor Co.-account brakes in pickup.

Folder 233

Fall Term 1960 Howard vs. Sasso; #174-New Hanover; Collision-Owner a resident of N.Y., Driver from Camp Lejeune.

Folder 234

Fall Term 1960 Insurance Co. vs. Chevrolet Co.; #245-Mecklenburg; Ins. Case-Car destroyed by fire-Subrogation.

Folder 235

Fall Term 1960 Jones vs. Aircraft Co.; #242-Mecklenburg; Crane operator electrocuted when boom of crane contacted high tension wires.

Folder 236

Fall Term 1960 Lane vs. Drivers Asso.; #31-Pasquotank; Personal injury-spectator at Drag Race.

Folder 237

Fall Term 1960 Leonard vs. Garner; #380-Davidson; Collision Case-Nonsuit Reversed.

Folder 238

Fall Term 1960 Membership Corp. vs. Light Co.; #456-Richmond; Pee Dee vs. C.P.& L. Co, & Rockingham Knob Hill.

Folder 239

Fall Term 1960 State vs. Paschal; #589-Guilford; Driving Under Influence-Offered Blood Test and Refused.

Folder 240

Fall Term 1960 State vs. Revis; #75-Buncombe; Murder-Shot son-in-law.

Folder 241

Fall Term 1960 State vs. Turner; #3-McDowell; Possession of NTP Liquor-Brother-in-Law claimed liquor.

Folder 242

Fall Term 1960 Strickland vs. Hill; #453-Wake; Election Case-Judge Dunn Recorder's Court.

Folder 243

Fall Term 1960 Swain vs. Ins. Co.; #27-Polk; Auto Liability Ins-Insured did not notify insurer of suit.

Folder 244

Fall Term 1960 Utilities Com. vs. R.R.; #457-Wake; Petition to discontinue trains from Greensboro to Goldsboro.

Folder 245

Fall Term 1960 Vickers vs. Russell; #390-Davidson; Collision-car rolled down incline into intersection-Proof without allegations.

Folder 246

Fall Term 1960 Wyatt vs. Equipment Co.; #169-Gaston; Personal injury Action-Loader-dirt mover.

Folder 247

Spring Term 1961 Allen vs. Currie, Commissioner of Revenue; #451-Moore; Will case with nonresident beneficiaries.

Folder 248

Spring Term 1961 Andrews vs. Graham; #738-Robeson; Will case.

Folder 249

Spring Term 1961 Buick Co. vs. General Motors Corp.; #242-Mecklenburg; Exclusive "Charlotte area" Buick dealer.

Folder 250

Spring Term 1961 Bullard vs. Oil Co.; #602-Guilford; Collision-Joinder of additional Defendant.

Folder 251

Spring Term 1961 Chadwick vs. Salter; #91-Carteret; Cattle on Outer Banks.

Folder 252

Spring Term 1961 Dinkins & Williams vs. Carlton; #378-Yadkin; Auto Accident-Contributory Negligence of Passengers?

Folder 253

Spring Term 1961 Gold, Commissioner of Insurance, vs. Insurance Co.; #458-Wake; Appellants not parties to action.

Folder 254

Spring Term 1961 Herring vs. Humphrey; #310-Lenoir; Bulldozer started by 10-year old boy and crashed into house.

Folder 255

Spring Term 1961 McIntyre vs. Clarkson (Dissent); #239.

Folder 256

Spring Term 1961 Maxwell vs. Grantham; #737-Robeson.

Folder 257

Spring Term 1961 Membership Corp. vs. Light Co.; #315-Greene.

Folder 258

Spring Term 1961 Jones vs. Mathis; #171-New Hanover; Collision Case-Entering Highway from Grill-turning Left onto driveway.

Folder 259

Spring Term 1961 Nix vs. English; #170-Gaston; Auto Accident-Personal Injury-Driver in Shock.

Folder 260

Spring Term 1961 Pritchard vs. Scott; #28-Pasquotank; Cartway-way of necessity.

Folder 261

Spring Term 1961 Smith vs. Trust Co.; #234-Edgecombe.

Folder 262

Spring Term 1961 State vs. Aldridge; #77-Craven; Support of illegitimate child-Incompetent testimony as to non-access of husband.

Folder 263

Spring Term 1961 State vs. Jennings; #649-Surry; Commitment for service of sentence issued upon later conviction.

Folder 264

Spring Term 1961 Trust Co. vs. Bank; #240-Wilson; Drafts-Plaintiff not proper party at Hog Markets.

Folder 265

Spring Term 1961 Utilities vs. Coach Co.; #26-Martin; Petition to discontinue Bus Service.

Folder 266

Spring Term 1961 Welcome Wagon, Int. vs. Pender; #599-Cumberland; Restrictive Covenant on Employee.

Folder 267

Spring Term 1961 Westmoreland vs. Gregory; #529-Harnett; Personal Injury-Auto Accident-Court failed to charge on duty of guest passenger.

Folder 268

Spring Term 1961 Willetts vs. Willetts; #597-Brunswick.

Folder 269

Fall Term 1961 Allen vs. R.R.; #234-Mecklenburg.

Folder 270

Fall Term 1961 Baker vs. Construction Corp.; #19-Perquimans; Action to recover for merchandise delivered to subcontractor.

Folder 271

Fall Term 1961 Black vs. Penland; #317-Burke; Collision Case-Man in phone booth injured-Was it business district?

Folder 272

Fall Term 1961 Casetta vs. Compton; #594-Guilford; Collision-Car and boy on tricycle-charge-error.

Folder 273

Fall Term 1961 Herring vs. Jackson; #173-Sampson; Insurance Case-Nationwide not a real party in interest and no right to contribution.

Folder 274

Fall Term 1961 Hodge vs. Perry; #456-Wake; Action to recover for personal rendered-Intestate-Statute of Limitations.

Folder 275

Fall Term 1961 Hunnicutt vs. Insurance Co; #91-Buncombe; Liability Insurance-Car in collision not one insured under liability policy.

Folder 276

Fall Term 1961 Lane vs. Lane; #29-Perquimans; Will Case.

Folder 277

Fall Term 1961 Lorbacher vs. Talley; #675-Durham; Personal Injury-Hit in back by inside handle of cooler door.

Folder 278

Fall Term 1961 Morton vs. Insurance Co.; #96-Carteret; Car with boat attached rolled down bank into water.

Folder 279

Fall Term 1961 Perry, In re. Estate of; #532-Lee; Wife murdered husband-Estate by entirety.

Folder 280

Fall Term 1961 Powell vs. Clark; #318-Burke; Personal Injury-Car ran off road, down embankment, and hit a rock.

Folder 281

Fall Term 1961 Realty Co. vs. Batson; #391-Forsyth; Surety on construction contract.

Folder 282

Fall Term 1961 Sowers vs. Warehouse Co.; #380-Forsyth; Girl stepped in hole (drain) near curb-was injured and cut heel.

Folder 283

Fall Term 1961 Tastee-Freez, Inc. vs. Raleigh; #457-Wake; Peddling ice cream from mobile units on streets of Raleigh.

Folder 284

Fall Term 1961 Thompson vs. Ald, New York, Inc.; #18-Beaufort; Action to recover commission on Laundromat equipment sold to self.

Folder 285

Fall Term 1961 Thompson vs. Gennett; #307-Yancey; Judge McLean disqualified himself because his former law firm represented defendant.

Folder 286

Fall Term 1961 Wynn vs. Trustees; #236-Mecklenburg; Charlotte College/Carver College.

Folder 287

Spring Term 1962 Barnes vs. Highway Com.; #536-Harnett; Direct access to highway only on southbound lanes.

Folder 288

Spring Term 1962 Berry Brothers Corp. vs. Adams-Millis Corp.; #607-Guilford; Commissioner has no judicial authority.

Folder 289

Spring Term 1962 Bowen vs Murphrey; #313-Greene; Final Judgement (Lease).

Folder 290

Spring Term 1962 Boy vs. Airlines, Inc.; #667-Durham.

Folder 291

Spring Term 1962 Boylan-Pearce, Inc. vs. Johnson, Comr. of Revenue; #449-Wake; Deceased officer's widow paid 2 years salary-Gift Tax?

Folder 292

Spring Term 1962 Clifton vs. Turner; #534-Johnston; Collision-Car came into dominant highway from servient highway with stop sign.

Folder 293

Spring Term 1962 Davis vs. Singleton; #240-Nash; Motion for change of venue denied.

Folder 294

Spring Term 1962 Finance Co. vs. Dick; #246-Mecklenburg; Sale of Auto-Certificate of title not sent to Motor Vehicles.

Folder 295

Spring Term 1962 Gillikin vs. Mason; #97-Carteret; Collision-Defendant backed out of driveway.

Folder 296

Spring Term 1962 Hall vs. Poteat; #737-Orange; Auto collision-variance between allegation and proof.

Folder 297

Spring Term 1962 Mason vs. Gillikin; #92-Carteret; Collision-Macon backed into highway-Gillikin and Laurence racing?

Folder 298

Spring Term 1962 Parker vs. Flythe; #169 Northampton; 3 Car Collision with 1 death.

Folder 299

Spring Term 1962 Perry vs. Owens; #459-Wake; Durham Civil Court-Jurisdiction Counterclaim for more than $1500.

Folder 300

Spring Term 1962 Smith vs. Stepp; #665-Surry; Wreck on Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

Folder 301

Spring Term 1962 State vs. Cooper; #2-Transylvania; Larceny.

Folder 302

Spring Term 1962 State vs. Thompson; #724-Alamance; Driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor.

Folder 303

Spring Term 1962 State vs. Thompson; #721-Alamance; Illegal possession for purpose of sale-Motion for judgement of nonsuit overruled.

Folder 304

Spring Term 1962 Stellings vs. Autry; #166-New Hanover; Will-Trusts, Family settlement agreement.

Folder 305

Spring Term 1962 Surplus Store vs. Hunter; #237-Mecklenburg; Sunday Blue Law-Constitutional question.

Folder 306

Spring Term 1962 Taylor vs. Taylor; #390-Forsyth; Divorce action by husband-Prior conviction of abandonment and nonsupport.

Folder 307

Spring Term 1962 Tharpe vs. Newman; #392-Wilkes; Who was driver? Dead Man's Statute.

Folder 308

Spring Term 1962 Vance vs. Hampton; #163-Gaston; PC (no exceptions).

Folder 309

Spring Term 1962 Walker vs. Story; #28-Polk.

Folder 310

Fall Term 1962 Allen vs. Allen; #608-Cumberland; Petition for partition.

Folder 311

Fall Term 1962 Cooper vs. Publishing Co.; #97- Bunscombe; Newspaper Carrier-Not independent contractor.

Folder 312

Fall Term 1962 Gillispie vs. Service Stores; #743-Alamance; Malicious trespass and imprisonment-inferior (deficient) record.

Folder 313

Fall Term 1962 Hardbarger vs. Deal; #314-Caldwell; Statute of Limitations-Last day Easter Sunday-Wrongful death action.

Folder 314

Fall Term 1962 Howell vs. Smith; #317-Wayne; Corporation(?) Defendant alleged he was not liable individually for debt.

Folder 315

Fall Term 1962 Jarrell vs. Board of Adjustment; #597-Guilford; Duplex-nonconforming use.

Folder 316

Fall Term 1962 Lane vs. Insurance Co.; #462-Wake; Assigned risk policy.

Folder 317

Fall Term 1962 Motor Lines vs. General Motors; #463-Wake; Truck-tractor burned less than 2 months after purchase-Statute of Limitations.

Folder 318

Fall Term 1962 Pickens vs. Pickens; #168-Lincoln; Absolute divorce after two years separation.

Folder 319

Fall Term 1962 Queen vs. Jarrett; #389-Davidson; Collision-No error on part of Mitchell-New trial for Jarrett.

Folder 320

Fall Term 1962 Redding vs. Braddy; #395-Forsyth; Collision-Police car hit in rear at stop light because brakes failed-neck injury?

Folder 321

Fall Term 1962 Richardson vs. Richardson; #169-Lincoln; Absolute divorce after two years separation.

Folder 322

Fall Term 1962 Seawell vs. Brame; #397-Granville; Man injured between side of truck of logs and front of Hyster-Doctor's testimony incompetent.

Folder 323

Fall Term 1962 Shoenterprise Corp. vs. Willingham; #95-Buncombe; Promissory Note-Acceleration Clause.

Folder 324

Fall Term 1962 Spivey vs. Boyce; #29-Perquimans; Collision at intersection-Defendant driver admitted failing to stop at stop sign.

Folder 325

Fall Term 1962 State vs. Gaines; #147-Gaston; Larceny of 20 diamond rings-suspicion or conjecture of guilt insufficient.

Folder 326

Fall Term 1962 State vs. Keziah; #222-Mecklenburg; Perjury.

Folder 327

Fall Term 1962 Whitaker vs. Wood; #667-Surry; Tobacco allotment-fraud.

Folder 328

Fall Term 1962 Widenhouse vs. Yow; #532-Cabarrus; Collision-Ford entering highway from private drive and hit by Imperial.

Folder 329

Fall Term 1962 Wirth vs. Bracey; #528 & 529-Johnston; Collision-State Highway Patrolman-Claims filed with Industrial Com. do not constitute bar to those actions.

Folder 330

Spring Term 1963 Blatt Co. vs. Southwell; #610-Guilford; Restraining Order-Bond-Damages.

Folder 331

Spring Term 1963 Carroll vs. Board of Trade; #384-Warren; Selling time allotted to new warehouse.

Folder 332

Spring Term 1963 Clement vs. Koch; #99-Buncombe; Libel and slander.

Folder 333

Spring Term 1963 Gibson vs. Scheidt, Commissioner of Motor Vehicles; #475-Wake; License revoked (reversed).

Folder 334

Spring Term 1963 Grabenhofer vs. Garrett; #741-Alamance; Property-estate by entirety-not subject to sale under judgement against husband alone.

Folder 335

Spring Term 1963 Insurance Co. vs. Blythe Brothers Co.; #603-Guilford; Damage from concussion and vibration caused by blasting.

Folder 336

Spring Term 1963 Ivery vs. Ivery; #241-Mecklenburg; Annulment case on account on incompetence of husband.

Folder 337

Spring Term 1963 Jenkins vs. Lewis; #179-Bertie; Repossession and sale of car bought under cond.-sales contract by Marine.

Folder 338

Spring Term 1963 Jewell vs. Price; #250-Mecklenburg; Alleged house burned because of improper installation of furnace-sued contractor.

Folder 339

Spring Term 1963 Markham, In re.; #676-Durham; Zoning.

Folder 340

Spring Term 1963 Pettus vs. Sanders; #167-Gaston; Personal Injury-pedestrians.

Folder 341

Spring Term 1963 State vs. Byrd; #435-Wake; Ice cream products from mobile units on streets of Raleigh.

Folder 342

Spring Term 1963 State vs. Sossamon; #508-Cabarrus; Fatally defective warrant-charged with driving while license revoked.

Folder 343

Spring Term 1963 State vs. Twiggs; #2-Haywood; Defendant shot Ensley seated in Ford in from of defendant's premises at 2:00 AM-had followed defendant and wife from Canton.

Folder 344

Spring Term 1963 State vs. Wells; #290-Wayne; Transporting Nontax paid whiskey-Warrants defective in other cases.

Folder 345

Spring Term 1963 Utilities Co. vs Transfer Co.; #470-Wake; Irregular route, common carrier-Truck Line.

Folder 346

Spring Term 1963 Weaver vs. Bennett; #387-Forsyth; Unit Backhae (ditch digger).

Folder 347

Spring Term 1963 Wetherington vs. Smith; #100-Craven; Cartway.

Folder 348

Spring Term 1963 Whaley vs. Insurance Co.; #313-Wayne; "Non-owned automobile" in wreck while driving Firestone's car against rules.

Folder 349

Spring Term 1963 Williams vs. Contracting Co.; #236-Nash; Second appeal dismissed-Complaint not in record.

Folder 350

Fall Term 1963 Barrier vs. Randolph; #243-Mecklenburg; Appeal fragmentary and premature-Dismissed (Decd. restriction).

Folder 351

Fall Term 1963 Batts vs. Faggart; #378-Davidson; Two collisions with injury in second-Defendant driver in first-demurrer.

Folder 352

Fall Term 1963 Beaver vs. Teal; #468-Wake; Collision-both plaintiff and defendant appealed-PC.

Folder 353

Fall Term 1963 Berger vs. Cornwell; #95-Buncombe; Fall on ice in parking area of animal hospital.

Folder 354

Fall Term 1963 Clark vs. Ice Cream Co.; #180-Gaston; Was Ice Cream Co. covered by Workmen's Compensation policy at time of employee's injury?

Folder 355

Fall Term 1963 Copple vs. Warner; #738 & 739-Alamance; Two collisions-Injury caused by second collision.

Folder 356-357

Folder 356

Folder 357

Fall Term 1963 Correll vs. Hartness; #310-Catawba; Plaintiffs alleged note and deed of trust signed because of false representations by defendant.

Folder 358

Fall Term 1963 Frisbee vs. West; #31-Haywood; Collision in State of Washington-Host, guest statute.

Folder 359

Fall Term 1963 Grant vs. Shadrick; #602-Guilford; Collision-third car in line of three cars swerved or skidded into left lane.

Folder 360

Fall Term 1963 Harrison vs. Williams; #172-New Hanover; Fall in Drive-In, "Step down," evidence "vague."

Folder 361

Fall Term 1963 Highway Com. vs. R.R.; #19-Rutherford; Grade Crossing-widening.

Folder 362

Fall Term 1963 Honeycutt vs. Strube; #524-Cabarrus; Collision Case-Mrs. Honeycutt living but unconscious since injury.

Folder 363

Fall Term 1963 Hutchins vs. Hutchins; #666-Surry; Separation agreements dealing with possession of "homeplace."

Folder 364

Fall Term 1963 Lester Brothers vs. Thompson Co.; #459-Wake; Trusses note "completely assembled."

Folder 365

Fall Term 1963 Milks vs. Clark's Greensboro; #665-Rockingham; Judgement by default and Inquiry-Inexcusable neglect and malicious prosecution.

Folder 366

Fall Term 1963 Moore vs. Young; #539-Johnston; Collision-defendant's conviction of involuntary manslaughter of his wife does not constitute a bar to his cross action.

Folder 367-368

Folder 367

Folder 368

Fall Term 1963 Motor Lines vs. Brotherhood; #239-Mecklenburg; Strike-Secondary Boycott.

Folder 369

Fall Term 1963 Neal vs. Discount Corp.; #394-Forsyth; Plaintiff died before hearing-no personal representative.

Folder 370

Fall Term 1963 Newcomb vs. Insurance Co.; #312-Wayne; "Bodily injury" to granddaughter and damages in accident of parents' car driven by grandmother not covered by policy.

Folder 371

Fall Term 1963 Pitts vs. Williams; #91-Craven, Appointment of County Comr. to Welfare Board.

Folder 372

Fall Term 1963 Rouse vs. Strickland; #387-Franklin, Interpretation of deed-estate in lieu of dower.

Folder 373

Fall Term 1963 State vs. McIntosh; #580; Dissent.

Folder 374

Fall Term 1963 Treasure City vs. Clark; #599-Cumberland, Sunday Closings Act is unconstitutional.

Folder 375

Fall Term 1963 Trucking Co. vs. Haponski; #449-Wake, Former director of domestic corp. now resident of Florida-no jurisdiction over person.

Folder 376

Spring Term 1964 Bryant vs. Poole; #385-Davidson; Claim under Workman's Compensation not barred by ten-year statute.

Folder 377

Spring Term 1964 Carter vs. Scheidt, Comr.; #528-Randolph; Collision between car and bicycle-child killed-administrator intervened (without permission) and filed aswer.-Comr.'s order suspending operator's license affirmed.

Folder 378

Spring Term 1964 Coats vs. Williams; #530-Johnston; Agreement-widow and 5 children petitioners against 4 minor children, respondents' (dower).

Folder 379

Spring Term 1964 County of Durham vs. Addison; #665-Durham; County Zoning Ordinance-Proposed dwelling nonconforming use, disallowed.

Folder 380

Spring Term 1964 Edwards vs. Edwards; Writ of Supersedeas.

Folder 381

Spring Term 1964 Franklin vs. Cellulose Products; #468-Richmond; Service of process on non-resident administrator of non-resident motorist.

Folder 382

Spring Term 1964 Haley vs. Pickelsimer; #19-Transylvania; Will case-Does plaintiff forfeit bequest because of former action for breach of contract? "No contest clause."

Folder 383

Spring Term 1964 Johnston vs. Insurance Co.; #738-Alamance; Health and Acc. Ins. Policy-Waiver of physician/patient privilege.

Folder 384

Spring Term 1964 Kirby vs. Fulbright; #601-Guilford; Collision case between two T/T-One stopped on highway without lights.

Folder 385

Spring Term 1964 Langley vs. Ins. Co.; #92-Pitt; Death by suffocation-Insured found lying face down on bed, NOT by accidental means.

Folder 386

Spring Term 1964 Light Co. vs. Creasman; #96-Buncombe; Condemnation-steam plant-"cooling lake."

Folder 387

Spring Term 1964 Lockwood vs. McCaskill; #234-Mecklenburg; Privileged communication between physician and patient-Deposition from physician cannot be allowed at trial.

Folder 388

Spring Term 1964 Mangum vs. Gasperson; #463-Wake; Collision between Earth mover and dump truck on ramp access highway, on account of airport construction.

Folder 389

Spring Term 1964 Mills vs. Insurance Co.; #316-Wayne; Insurance case-Death by accident-shot.

Folder 390

Spring Term 1964 O'Mary vs. Land Clearing Corp.; #183-Halifax; Blister on toe and toe amputated-non compensable injury.

Folder 391

Spring Term 1964 Pruden vs. Keemer; #172-Bertie; Processioning proceeding-Petition did not allege which lines disputed as fatally defective.

Folder 392

Spring Term 1964 Schloss vs. Jamison; #247-Mecklenburg; Zoning ordinance-Advertising signs.

Folder 393

Spring Term 1964 Simpson, in re; #669-Rockingham; Custody Case-Foster parents wanted to adopt.

Folder 394

Spring Term 1964 State vs. Lance; #76-Buncombe; Suspended sentence activated-Illegal possession of NTP whiskey.

Folder 395

Spring Term 1964 State vs. Morehead; #578-Guilford; Consolidated trial with 3 defendants-separate warrants-jury should have had chance to answer as to guilt of each defendant separately.

Folder 396

Fall Term 1964 Bratton, in re; #166-Gaston; Additional revocation of driver's license.

Folder 397

Fall Term 1964 Brown vs. Hale; #603-Guilford; Rear-end collision-Were two cars stopped on highway or moving?

Folder 398

Fall Term 1964 Byrd vs. Motor Lines; #98-Carteret; Personal injury-Operator of fork lift at Port Authority-Port Terminal.

Folder 399

Fall Term 1964 Correll vs. Gaskins; #528-Rowan; Rear-end collision when car stopped to pick up rider (lights?).

Folder 400

Fall Term 1964 Finance Co. vs. Leonard; #537-Randolph; H.L. Leonard-Affirmed Elaine Y. Leonard-reversed-no service of process.

Folder 401

Fall Term 1964 Howard vs. Melvin; #175-Sampson; Collision at intersection when pickup truck (plaintiff) stopped at stop sign then drove into intersection.

Folder 402

Fall Term 1964 Ice Cream, Inc. vs. Hord; #256-Mecklenburg; Ordinance against sound advertising from mobile units.

Folder 403

Fall Term 1964 Karros vs. Triantis; #479-Wake; Was defendant 21 when agreement to sell restaurant was made?

Folder 404

Fall Term 1964 Kearns vs. Primm; #377-Davidson.

Folder 405

Fall Term 1964 Kinsey vs. Kenly; #527-Johnston; Passenger got out of stopped car and was injured when car ran into back of police car stopped at angle to curb.

Folder 406

Fall Term 1964 Oldham & Worth vs. Bratton; #478-Wake; Owner not liable for materials delivered and charged to contractor.

Folder 407

Fall Term 1964 Parnell vs. Insurance Co.; #463-Wake; Insurance Co. (Safeco) real party in interest-not plaintiff.

Folder 408

Fall Term 1964 Products Co. vs. Christy; #28-Henderson; Collision-Kemp (operator of Products Co. Buick) vs. Christy in U.S. District Court.

Folder 409

Fall Term 1964 Smith vs. Hauser; #403-Forsyth; Night club-Sunday closing near church or school.

Folder 410

Fall Term 1964 State vs. Johnson; #448-C Wake; Certiorari post-conviction-no counsel.

Folder 411

Fall Term 1964 State vs. McCrary; #229-Mecklenburg; Larceny-no charge as to intent of permanent possession of car.

Folder 412

Fall Term 1964 State vs. Virgil; #447-Wake; Burglary-Evidence incompetent as heresy.

Folder 413

Fall Term 1964 Walker vs. Story; #33-Polk; Tax foreclosure sale in Polk County, town of Columbus.

Folder 414

Fall Term 1964 Wilson vs. Hoyle; #665-Rockingham; Action to remove cloud form title.

Folder 415

Spring Term 1965 Bell vs. Smith; #204-Gaston; Guardian ad litem appointed for person non compos mentis.

Folder 416

Spring Term 1965 Certain-Teed Products vs. Sanders; #284-Mecklenburg; Foreclosure sale on a lot which house was being built-Did not check title before building.

Folder 417

Spring Term 1965 Charlotte vs. Spratt; #286-Mecklenburg; Condemnation-Former flights over petitioner's land approaching the airport.

Folder 418

Spring Term 1965 Cogdell vs. Taylor; #355-Lenoir; Collision between defendant's car and car in funeral procession.

Folder 419

Spring Term 1965 Jenkins vs. Hines Co.; #359-Lenoir; Coca-Cola bottle exploded.

Folder 420

Spring Term 1965 Monroe vs. Dietenhoffer; #544-Moore; Misjoinder.

Folder 421

Spring Term 1965 Moss vs. Tate; #273-Nash; One car accident-barricade-nonsuit.

Folder 422

Spring Term 1965 Research Corp. vs. Hardware, Inc.; #684-Guilford; Steam cabinets-20 manager of store agent?

Folder 423

Spring Term 1965 Sanders vs. Polk; #520-Anson; Plaintiff's intestate, lying in road, run over by defendant-Alive or dead, when run over?

Folder 424

Spring Term 1965 Saunders vs. Warren; #449-Forsyth; Collision between truck standing still which was hit in rear by another truck-Ice on road.

Folder 425

Spring Term 1965 Scriven vs. McDonald; #849-Robeson; No pecuniary loss to beneficiary from wrongful death of mentally retarded 11 year-old boy.

Folder 426

Spring Term 1965 Sherrill vs. Highway Com.; #455-Iredell; Damages for flooding-"Taking" by Highway Commission.

Folder 427

Spring Term 1965 State vs. Duncan; #4-Rutherford; 3-Car collision in 3-lane highway-Car in passing land skidded out of control.

Folder 428

Spring Term 1965 State vs. Jones; #329-Wayne; B & E-Failure to charge as to leaser degree-Also, indictment fails to identify occupant of building and owner of pers. property.

Folder 429

Spring Term 1965 State vs. Smith; #8-Martin; Indictment (for trespass) fatally defective.

Folder 430

Spring Term 1965 State vs. Weaver; #824-Alamance; Defendant allowed credit for time served under previous sentence-later vacated.

Folder 431

Spring Term 1965 Teer Co. vs. Highway Com.; #536-Wake; Big Record-Many Exhibits.

Folder 432

Spring Term 1965 Troutman, In re; #278-Mecklenburg; Unemployment benefit claim-"suitable work."

Folder 433

Spring Term 1965 Utilities Com. vs. Finishing Plant; #526-Wake; Appeal from commission must go to Superior Court before Supreme Court.

Folder 434

Spring Term 1965 Wilkerson vs. Clark; #540-Wake; Collision-ran off Beltline at exit ramp testimony of witness on overpass who saw car below admissible.

Folder 435

Fall Term 1965 Bank vs. Hackney; #277-Wilson; Children suing father's estate for wrongful death of mother.

Folder 436

Fall Term 1965 Barber vs. Heeden; #608-Johnston; Personal Injury and Damage. Defendant's car was not in collision but plaintiff alleged caused collision between his car and truck.

Folder 437

Fall Term 1965 Bingham vs. Lee; #454-Forsyth; Alleged oral partnership agreement to buy property-no proof of money given by one to another.

Folder 438

Fall Term 1965 Buck vs. Guaranty Co.; #112-Pitt; Action under "uninsured motorists" endorsement of insurance policy.

Folder 439

Fall Term 1965 Burch vs. Sutton; #371-Wayne.

Folder 440

Fall Term 1965 Conger vs. Insurance Co.; #363-Wayne; Beneficiary of group life insurance policy suing Col. stores for amount of policy because premium was deducted from final check of discharged employee.

Folder 441

Fall Term 1965 Crew vs. Thompson; #201-Halifax; Savings and Loan Association-Proxies.

Folder 442

Fall Term 1965 Dixon vs. Bank; #31-Beaufort; Action to recover compensation for services rendered deceased in accord with agreement.

Folder 443

Fall Term 1965 Dulin vs. Faires; #279-Mecklenburg; Defendants' claim right to use of roadway across plaintiffs' property.

Folder 444

Fall Term 1965 Faison vs. Trucking Co.; #541-Wake; Collision when Chevrolet ran into back of stopped tractor-trailer-The passenger in Chevrolet=plaintiff.

Folder 445

Fall Term 1965 Hunt vs. Truck Supplies; #538-Richmond; Collision case-Judge failed to instruct on doctrine of sudden emergency in relation to negligence issue.

Folder 446

Fall Term 1965 Kleibor vs. Rogers; #109-Buncombe; Father's action for injury to minor child.

Folder 447

Fall Term 1965 Moore vs. Hales; #695-Guilford; Collision when defendant failed to stop at stop sign-error in submitting contributory negligence issue.

Folder 448

Fall Term 1965 O'Brien vs. O'Brien; #443-Forsyth; Divorce Action.

Folder 449

Fall Term 1965 State vs. Allison; #167-Lincoln; Breaking and Entering and Larceny.

Folder 450

Fall Term 1965 State vs. Hill; #674-Guilford; Assault Case.

Folder 451

Fall Term 1965 State vs. Hill; #675-Guilford; Appeal for activation of suspended sentence.

Folder 452

Fall Term 1965 State vs. Hockday; #503-Wake; Justice of the Peace.

Folder 453

Fall Term 1965 State vs. Walker; #670-Guilford; Expression of opinion by Judge in examination of police officer in presence of jury as to statements made by defendant.

Folder 454

Fall Term 1965 University Motors vs. Bottling Co.; #767-Durham; Collision between Coca-Cola truck and Chrysler.

Folder 455

Fall Term 1965 Williams vs. Board of Education; #209-Pender; Action to quiet title.

Folder 456

Spring Term 1966 Autry vs. Jones; #699-Cumberland; Collision- "Covenant" between Sr. and Jones not to sue does not bar Jones from suing Jr. for contribution.

Folder 457

Spring Term 1966 Cecil vs. R.R.; #686-Guilford; Railroad crossing case.

Folder 458

Spring Term 1966 Clemmons vs. Ins. Co.; #696-Brunswick; Insured driver(non-owner) failed to notify her insurance company of suit as required by policy.

Folder 459

Spring Term 1966 Coley vs. Telephone Co; #848-Orange; Land case-Boundary between two lots.

Folder 460

Spring Term 1966 Freeman vs. Food Systems; #360-Wayne; Plaintiff claiming wrongful discharge.

Folder 461

Spring Term 1966 Horney vs. Pool Co.; #691-Guilford; Compensation case-Death of employee by electrocution on diving board of pool during connection of underwater light.

Folder 462

Spring Term 1966 Horton vs. Redevelopment Com.; #685-Guilford; Fourth Appeal.

Folder 463

Spring Term 1966 Jenkins vs. Winecoff; #613-Cabarrus; Action to recover not more than $200.00 under contract. Superior Court had no jurisdiction.

Folder 464

Spring Term 1966 Johnson vs. Blackwelder; #610-Rowan; Descent and distribution.

Folder 465

Spring Term 1966 Laughridge vs. Pulpwood Co.; #192-Cleveland; Executive-employee bound by Workmen's Comp. Act.

Folder 466

Spring Term 1966 Lynn, In re Will of; #535-Wake; Holographic Will and 2 codicils were incompetent.

Folder 467

Spring Term 1966 Marine Corp. vs. Futrell; #450-Davidson; Guaranty agreement.

Folder 468

Spring Term 1966 Nicholson vs. Dean; #531-Wake; Collision at Glenwood and St. Mary's-Mr. Scarborough died as a result.

Folder 469

Spring Term 1966 Pardue vs. Insurance Co.; #449-Wilkes; Plaintiff hit car parked on one way street-no lights-got judgment against owner but could not collect-Later sued Insurance Company on "Uninsured Motorist" endorsement.

Folder 470

Spring Term 1966 Passmore vs. Smith; #201-Onslow; Collision-Agency issue.

Folder 471

Spring Term 1966 Pendergraft vs. Harris; #768-Durham; Appeal from Durham County Civil Court to Superior Court.

Folder 472

Spring Term 1966 Shearin vs. Indemnity Co.; #289-Wilson; Garage liability policy-Chevrolet in wreck after it should have been returned to dealer or paid for.

Folder 473

Spring Term 1966 State vs. Brown; #495; Dissent.

Folder 474

Spring Term 1966 State vs. Conyers; #501-Wake; Burglary (Second Degree)-Judge did not find as fact that confession was actually made.

Folder 475

Spring Term 1966 State vs. Ferebee; #3-Swain; Driving under influence of intoxicating liquor-Case continued 3 times because of illness of defendant-Counsel presented a signed plea of guilty but defendant not present.

Folder 476

Spring Term 1966 State vs. Lynch; #87-Buncombe; Robbery near the public highway-voluntariness of confession.

Folder 477

Spring Term 1966 State vs. Stallings; #179-Halifax; Escape.

Folder 478

Spring Term 1966 Veach vs. Bacon American Corp.; #444-Forsyth; Personal injury-Buffer wheel in connection with tire recapping.

Folder 479

Fall Term 1966 Beaver vs. Ledbetter; #290-Mecklenburg; Second Mortgage-Is purchaser liable therefore?

Folder 480

Fall Term 1966 Connolly vs. Contracting Co.; #443-Iredell; Subcontractor brought action for breach of contract because amount of concrete to be poured decreased.

Folder 481

Fall Term 1966 Cranford vs. Steed; #614-Randolph; Defendants claimed consent judgment not authorized (collision).

Folder 482

Fall Term 1966 Davis vs. Davis; #197-New Hanover; "Separation Agreement."

Folder 483

Fall Term 1966 Highway Com. vs. Gasperson; #131-Buncombe; Appropriation of land for highway purposes-denial of right to access to be considered in determining damages.

Folder 484

Fall Term 1966 Insurance Co. vs. Bottling Co.; #123-Buncombe; Collision-Subrogation.

Folder 485

Fall Term 1966 Johnson vs. Stevenson; #457-Davidson; Plaintiff seeks constructive-trust on reality willed by her parents.

Folder 486

Fall Term 1966 Jones vs. Jones; #687-Guilford; Promissory Note-Jury ruled endorsers did sign it.

Folder 487

Fall Term 1966 Kidd vs. Burton; #447-Person; Collision when a car turning into driveway on right hit.

Folder 488

Fall Term 1966 Kings vs. Snyder; #361-Caldwell; Letters of administration issued in Caldwell County and in Tennessee.

Folder 489

Fall Term 1966 Langley vs. Langley; #362-Lenoir; Divorce action-defendant alleged counsel withdrew defense without authority.

Folder 490

Fall Term 1966 Light Co. vs. Briggs; #128-Buncombe; Condemnation.

Folder 491

Fall Term 1966 Richardson vs. Richardson; #611-Randolph; Divorce.

Folder 492

Fall Term 1966 State vs. Barber; #411-Forsyth; Armed robbery-error in charge-Judge told jury he had made investigation and advised what witness testified in absence of jury.

Folder 493

Fall Term 1966 State vs. Fletcher; #86-Buncombe; Collision when Pickup truck entered highway.

Folder 494

Fall Term 1966 State vs. Frazier and State vs. Givens; #272-A- & #272-E-Mecklenburg; Temporary taking of automobile.

Folder 495

Fall Term 1966 State vs. Hanes; #252-Mecklenburg; Robbery-State's case consisted of testimony of prosecuting witness.

Folder 496

Fall Term 1966 State vs. Vaughan, Catena, Smith; #2-Gates; Appeal by State-Hunting deer at night with light-Judge Hubbard held statute unconstitutional for vagueness.

Folder 497

Fall Term 1966 State vs. Walker; #674-Guilford; Robbery-Defendant stayed in car-confession not read by defendant before signing.

Folder 498

Fall Term 1966 State vs. Williams; #825-Chatham; Homicide-Circumstantial Evidence "Greasy Spoon."

Folder 499

Fall Term 1966 State vs. Worley; #670-Brunswick; Second escape.

Folder 500

Fall Term 1966 Taborn vs. Farms, Inc.; #295-Nash; Workman's Comp.-Were driver and injured rider employees?

Folder 501

Fall Term 1966 Tilley vs. Tilley; #689-Guilford; Dissent to will after execution of contract and Deed of Separation.

Folder 502

Fall Term 1966 Underwood vs. Gay; #546-Wake; Truck turned to right lane with no signal, it forced passing car onto shoulder which overturned in a ditch-No contact between vehicles.

Folder 503

Fall Term 1966 Wooten vs. Cagle; #201-Gaston; Twelve year old boy fatally injured when struck by car-Contributory negligence of child?

Folder 504

Spring Term 1967 Belamy vs. Overton; #765-Rockingham; Collision-"Agency"-married daughter driving car on personal mission.

Folder 505

Spring Term 1967 Gaskill vs. Costlow; #110-Carteret; Annexation by Town of Beaufort-Sewage facilities.

Folder 506

Spring Term 1967 Harrelson vs. Fayetteville; #695-Cumberland; Limousine service to and from airport.

Folder 507

Spring Term 1967 Highway Com. vs. Hettiger; #437-Wilkes; Condemnation.

Folder 508

Spring Term 1967 Highway Com. vs. Myers; #456-Forsyth; Defendants (husband and wife) are parties-Wife claiming part of deposit made by Highway Com. for land condemned for right of way.

Folder 509

Spring Term 1967 Johnson vs. Daughety; #359-Lenoir; Disputed boundary lines-trespass charges for cultivating land and destroying fences.

Folder 510

Spring Term 1967 Jones vs. Insurance Co.; #293-Mecklenburg; Assigned Risk Policy.

Folder 511

Spring Term 1967 MacKay vs. McIntosh; #281-Mecklenburg; Contract to purchase real estate-mutual mistake-not zoned for business as represented.

Folder 512

Spring Term 1967 Michael vs. Guilford County; #690-Guilford; Zoning near Greensboro-High Point Airport.

Folder 513

Spring Term 1967 O'Neil vs. O'Neil; #536-Moore; Will case-error and remanded.

Folder 514

Spring Term 1967 Philbrook vs. Housing Authority; #848-Orange; Objection to construction on neighboring property of low rental apartment units.

Folder 515

Spring Term 1967 Safrit vs. Costlow; #121-Carteret; Annexation by Town of Beaufort sewage facilities.

Folder 516

Spring Term 1967 Sharpe vs. Pugh; #523-Wake; Malpractice-Chloromycetin given to three-year-old which allegedly caused aplastic anemia and death.

Folder 517

Spring Term 1967 Shaw vs. Baxley; #856-Robeson; Judgment debtors (Collision-passenger injured).

Folder 518

Spring Term 1967 State vs. Aycoth; #496-Union; Unresponsive answer of witness to effect defendant indicted for murder-error not cured by instruction.

Folder 519

Spring Term 1967 State vs. Chavis; #676-Cumberland; Possession of Marijuana (found in upturned hat).

Folder 520

Spring Term 1967 State vs. Lackey; #85-Buncombe; State appealed-"Official oppression."

Folder 521

Spring Term 1967 State vs. Logner; #741-Durham; Breaking and Entering and Larceny-Judge Sharp wrote former opinion.

Folder 522

Spring Term 1967 State vs. Matthews; #493-Wake; "Desk Officer" cannot issue warrant-unconstitutional.

Folder 523

Spring Term 1967 State vs. Norkett; #251-Mecklenburg; "Peeping Tom" case-Court failed to give proper instruction as to evidence of prior convictions.

Folder 524

Spring Term 1967 State vs. Rose; #343-Wayne; Assault with intent to commit rape.

Folder 525

Spring Term 1967 State vs. Wiggs; #499-Wake; Four warrants-Handled separately in opinion (can tomato paste).

Folder 526

Spring Term 1967 Utilities Com. vs. Coach Co.; #528-Wake; Sale of Caro-Line's stock by Leasway to United.

Folder 527

Spring Term 1967 Watson vs. Stallings; #612-Johnston; Collision between boy on pony and car-Pony coming out of dirt road onto highway.

Folder 528

Fall Term 1967 Bell vs. Page; #35-Beaufort; Nine year old boy drowned in motel swimming pool-Not guest of motel, trespasser.

Folder 529

Fall Term 1967 Brown vs. Nesbitt; #200-Onslow; Truck with faulty brakes ran into and almost demolished frame building-Agency?

Folder 530

Fall Term 1967 Dennis vs. Voncannon; #615-Randolph; Collision-Action and cross action and Plaintiff delivering paper on left of highway.

Folder 531

Fall Term 1967 Harrill vs. Retirement System; #32-Jackson; Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement system.

Folder 532

Fall Term 1967 Hendricks vs. Fay, Inc.; #362-Catawbe; False Arrest Employer liable (Security guard employee of detective agency).

Folder 533

Fall Term 1967 Highway Com. vs. Reynolds Co.; #439-Forsyth; Damages to restaurant bldg. on property not taken-Hwy. Com. liable and contractor not liable.

Folder 534

Fall Term 1967 Hoots vs. Beeson; #456-Yadkin; Eleven-year-old boy killed in bicycle and auto collision. Charge deficient as to capacity of child-contributory neglect.

Folder 535

Fall Term 1967 Kent Corp. vs. Winston-Salem; #444-Forsyth; Municipal Parking Lots-Portion of fines and penalties not included in rent.

Folder 536

Fall Term 1967 Redevelopment Com. vs. Smith; #690-Guilford; Only issue as to amount of compensation or damages for taking.

Folder 537

Fall Term 1967 State vs. Aycoth; #493-Union; Robbery-Shadrick appealed. Aiding and Abetting.

Folder 538

Fall Term 1967 State vs. Dorsett; #682-A-Guilford; Disturbing peace-motorcycle.

Folder 539

Fall Term 1967 State vs. Hundley; #506-Wake; State appealed (evasion of sales tax), prosecution barred by statute of limitations.

Folder 540

Fall Term 1967 State vs. Meadows; #497-Union; Manslaughter-Defendant plead "former conviction" re assault with deadly weapon not resulting in death-victim later died as result.

Folder 541

Fall Term 1967 State vs. Price; #272-E-Mecklenburg; Manslaughter-shot father-in-law in front year of his (defendant's) trailer.

Folder 542

Fall Term 1967 State vs. Ross; #577-Harnett; Embezzlement.

Folder 543

Fall Term 1967 State vs. Wall; #333-Caldwell; "Temporary larceny" of auto and no operator's license-misdemeanors-Superior Court remand to District Court.

Folder 544

Fall Term 1967 Thrift vs. Trethewey; #274-Mecklenburg; Plaintiff injured by car after collision in intersection, entering building where she was employed.

Folder 545

Fall Term 1967 Whitesides vs. Whitesides; #203-Gaston; Divorce-Consent Agreement-Contempt.

Folder 546

Spring Term 1968 Capune vs. Robbins; #112-Carteret; Man on paddleboard hit by bottle thrown by owner from his pier.

Folder 547

Spring Term 1968 Cemetary vs. Rockingham County; #767- Rockingham; Burial lots for sale not exempt from ad valorem taxes.

Folder 548

Spring Term 1968 Dilday vs. Board of Education; #32-Beaufort; Consolidation of high schools.

Folder 549

Spring Term 1968 Edmundson, In re; #360-Wayne.

Folder 550

Spring Term 1968 Freeland vs. Orange County; #848-Orange; Zoning ordinance outside towns in Chapel Hill Township.

Folder 551

Spring Term 1968 Freeman vs. Charlotte; #282-Mecklenburg; Unlawful cutting and removal of timber.

Folder 552

Spring Term 1968 Fulcher vs. Nelson; #111-Carteret; "Trade back" provision in trade of Ford for Cadillac.

Folder 553

Spring Term 1968 Gray vs. Gray; #196-Gaston; Support of minor children-one 18 and one 15.

Folder 554

Spring Term 1968 Harris, In re Appeal of; #526-Wake; Notice to Mecklenburg County not by registered mail, return receipt requested, as provided by statute.

Folder 555

Spring Term 1968 Key vs. Welding Supplies; #533-Moore; Collision between 2 trucks, one turning left and the other, passing-Charge erroneous (too much stress on defendant's contentions).

Folder 556

Spring Term 1968 Knutton vs. Cofield; #194; Dissent "music machine."

Folder 557-558

Folder 557

Folder 558

Spring Term 1968 Perkins vs. Insurance Co.; #200-Gaston; Assigned Risk Policy in force at time of accident because cancellation notice did not show statutous warning.

Folder 559

Spring Term 1968 Redevelopment Com. vs. Panel Co.; #686-Guilford; Condemnation-Value of property?

Folder 560-561

Folder 560

Folder 561

Spring Term 1968 State vs. Alford; #660-Guilford; Homicide-Divorced wife testifying against husband.

Folder 562

Spring Term 1968 State vs. Covington; #742-Durham; Robbery at Voyager Inn-One defendant changed plea to guilty of C.L. robbery but trial continued as if plea had not been changed-Error in charge.

Folder 563

Spring Term 1968 State vs. Propst; #329-Burke; Homicide-shot owner of hosiery mill-Insanity?

Folder 564

Spring Term 1968 Stetson vs. Easterling; #847-Orange; Claimed death of infant caused by prenatal injuries.

Folder 565

Fall Term 1968 Harris vs. Board of Commissioners; #27-Washington; Tax for supplement of teacher's salaries.

Folder 566

Fall Term 1968 Kresge Co. vs. Tomlinson, Mayor; #524-Wake; Sunday Closing Ordinance.

Folder 567-568

Folder 567

Folder 568

Fall Term 1968 State vs. Colson; #1.

Folder 569-570

Folder 569

Folder 570

Fall Term 1968 State vs. Lewis; #250-Nash.

Folder 571

Fall Term 1968 State vs. Mercer; #251-Wilson; Unconsciousness as defense of murder. Exhibiting photos of 3 bodies too much-prejudicial.

Folder 572

Fall Term 1968 State vs. Ramey; #257-Mecklenburg; Indicted for murder-Conviction of manslaughter charge was deficient.

Folder 573-574

Folder 573

Folder 574

Fall Term 1968 State vs. Spence & Williams; #658-Guilford.

Folder 575

Fall Term 1968 State vs. Thorpe; #247-Nash; Concurring.

Folder 576

Fall Term 1968 State vs. Williams; #661-Cumberland; Kidnapping and rape, near Ft. Bragg-Two negroes.

Folder 577-578

Folder 577

Folder 578

Fall Term 1968 Sykes vs. Clayton, Comr. of Revenue; #273-Mecklenburg; Municipal Sales Tax.

Folder 579-581

Folder 579

Folder 580

Folder 581

Spring Term 1969 Railway Co. vs. Winston-Salem; #32-Forsyth; Expense of automatic signals at grade crossings.

Folder 582

Spring Term 1969 State vs. Atkinson; #22-Wayne; Dissent.

Folder 583

Spring Term 1969 State vs. Benton; #27-Burke; Accessory before the fact.

Folder 584

Spring Term 1969 State vs. Cooper; #26-Gaston; Escape-Reversed and remanded.

Folder 585

Spring Term 1969 State vs. Jones; #34-Guilford; Court failed to charge value of stolen property, was more than $200.00.

Folder 586-587

Folder 586

Folder 587

Spring Term 1969 Vinson vs. Chappell; #13-Wayne; Second or successive spouse.

Folder 588

Fall Term 1969 Blue Jeans Corp. vs. Clothing Workers (Dissent); #5-Columbus; Contempt.

Folder 589

Fall Term 1969 State vs. Allred; #11-Richmond; Challenge for cause should have been allowed, so plaintiff is due one additional peremptory challenge.

Folder 590

Fall Term 1969 State vs. Catrett; #52-Polk; Aiding and abetting in breaking and entering and larceny-Incompetent testimony of police officer.

Folder 591

Fall Term 1969 State vs. Henderson; #21-Lenoir; Murder of owner-Operator of supermarket in parking area just after closing of supermarket.

Folder 592

Fall Term 1969 State vs. Hill; #2-Edgecombe; Dissent.

Folder 593

Fall Term 1969 State vs. McBane; #23-Guilford; Unrecorded subdivision plot.

Folder 594

Fall Term 1969 State vs. Swann; #26-Durham; Murder-competency of evidence of confession testified to by sheriff.

Folder 595-596

Folder 595

Folder 596

Spring Term 1970 Education Assistance Authority; #44-Wake; Bonds-Student Loans.

Folder 597

Spring Term 1970 Hoyle vs. Charlotte; #18-Mecklenburg; Flight easement-Douglas Municipal Airport.

Folder 598-599

Folder 598

Folder 599

Spring Term 1970 Martin vs. Housing Corp.; #10-Wake; 1969 Housing Act constitutional.

Folder 600

Spring Term 1970 Personal Corp. vs. Rogers; #23-Gaston; Minor obtained job through employment agency.

Folder 601

Spring Term 1970 Smith vs. Mercer; #2-Wake; 1969 Act-"Worth of Wife" in wrongful death action not retroactive.

Folder 602-603

Folder 602

Folder 603

Spring Term 1970 State vs. Accor and State vs. Moore; #26-Gaston; Out-of-Court identification of photos taken when defendants not under warrant or probable cause; no good.

Folder 604-605

Folder 604

Folder 605

Spring Term 1970 State vs. Crawford; #39-Forsyth; Sent back for sentence to be vacated and new sentence of life imprisonment pronounced.

Folder 606-608

Folder 606

Folder 607

Folder 608

Spring Term 1970 State vs. Sparrow; #15; Dissent-Harboring juvenile delinquent? Illegal entry? Resisting arresting officer.

Folder 609

Spring Term 1970 Ward vs. Clayton, Comr. of Revenue; #22-Craven; Loss of timber by fire-Timber no cost to taxpayer so loss not deductible on income tax.

Folder 610

Fall Term 1970 Allred vs. Raleigh; #11-Wake; Zoning Ordinance-Glen Eden Drive; Blue Ridge Gardens wanted to build "twin high-rise" apartments.

Folder 611-612

Folder 611

Folder 612

Fall Term 1970 Insurance Co. vs. McDonald; #31-Durham; Cash surrender value of policies on life of bankrupt-go to wife.

Folder 613

Fall Term 1970 Keiger vs. Board of Adjustment; #33-Forsyth; Zoning-high rise luxury apartments.

Folder 614

Fall Term 1970 Kelly vs. Harvester Co.; #35-Guilford; Suit for wrongful dismissal.

Folder 615

Fall Term 1970 State vs. Crump; #98-Rutherford; Shot brother in thigh near abandoned house where four brothers had been guilty of manslaughter.

Folder 616

Fall Term 1970 State vs. McVay and State vs. Simmons; #66-Mecklenburg; Armed robbery of Mr. and Mrs. King entering there in parking lot.

Folder 617

Fall Term 1970 State vs. Murry; #5-Robeson; Rape of 11-year-old girl in gardens at Vardell Hall.

Folder 618

Fall Term 1970 Stores, Inc. vs. Clark, Sheriff; #13-Cumberland; County Sunday Closing Ordinance.

Folder 619

Fall Term 1970 Williamson vs. McNeill; #38-Randolph; Involuntary nonsuit affirmed-three men lying prone in highway run over.

Folder 620-621

Folder 620

Folder 621

Spring Term 1971 Auto Rate Administrative Office, in re.; #39-Wake.

Folder 622

Spring Term 1971 Blackwell vs. Butts; #71-Rockingham; Collision when car entered highway and was hit in rear by defendant's car.

Folder 623-624

Folder 623

Folder 624

Spring Term 1971 Dantzic vs. State; #113-Rutherford;Coram Nobis.

Folder 625

Spring Term 1971 Dotson vs. Chemical Corp.; #62-Wake; Collisions between cars all going same direction-Alleged personal injury with action instituted nearly three years after collision.

Folder 626

Spring Term 1971 Ervin vs. Clayton, Comr.; #49-Mecklenburg; Intangible personal property taxes on stocks and bonds controlled by executor for non-resident during settlement of estate.

Folder 627

Spring Term 1971 King vs. Lee; #50-Rockingham; Plaintiffs seek partition sale.

Folder 628

Spring Term 1971 Savings and Loan Assn. vs. Lanier, Comr.; #72-Wake; Excise Tax.

Folder 629

Spring Term 1971 Smith Co., Inc. vs. Highway Com.; #107-Buncombe; Inverse condemnation-access.

Folder 630

Spring Term 1971 State vs. Barbour; #65-Johnston; Assault and kidnapping. Wood picked up defendant (escaped convict) in pickup truck and was threatened with knife.

Folder 631

Spring Term 1971 State vs. Benfield; #19-Burke; Larceny-Indictment did not include "from the person."

Folder 632

Spring Term 1971 State vs. Brooks; #42-Brunswick; Civil case over marshlands.

Folder 633

Spring Term 1971 State vs. Maynor; #90-Cumberland; Burris assaulted, tied up, put in trunk of car, thrown in Cape Fear River and drowned.

Folder 634

Spring Term 1971 State vs. Vestal; #3-Guilford; Murder of Pennisi in Greensboro-Concurring.

Folder 635

Spring Term 1971 Stewart vs. Check Corp.; #47-Mecklenburg; Libel and Slander (Embezzlement).

Folder 636

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Allred; #47-Moore; Manslaughter-Tommy Brown shot in front of closed filling station. Scuffle before shots.

Folder 637

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Burleson; #141-Guilford; Rape when 15-year-old (living with her grandmother next door) entered house and 18-year-old raped her at knife point (her mother and grandmother were in house when boy entered).

Folder 638

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Carnes; #19-Forsyth; Armed robbery - "Li'l General Food Store" - Mrs. Stroud-new employee.

Folder 639

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Jones; #132-Robeson; Safe cracking, etc. Safe containing food stamps, cash, and checks-also typewriters and printing machine.

Folder 640

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Moore; #71-Mecklenburg.

Folder 641

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Murphy; #18-Rockingham; Dissent-Assault (not kidnapping).

Folder 642-643

Folder 642

Folder 643

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Richardson; #115-Anson; Armed robbery and felonious assault. Robbed service station attendant then shot him after making lie on floor.

Folder 644

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Stimpson; #97-Guilford; Defendant shot "Miss Lillie" when he went in her apartment to get his keys he alleged her daughter had.

Folder 645

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Tart; #20-Sampson; Everette shot by defendant outside Tart's Paradise. Did Everette have knife?

Folder 646-647

Folder 646

Folder 647

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Thompson; #135-Mecklenburg; Murder conviction upheld. Breaking, entering and larceny-Judgments arrested (Ernest MacKay, 16, shot in bathroom of apartment).

Folder 648

Fall Term 1971 State vs. Williams; #23-New Hanover; Marine robbed operator of service station. Question as to legality of lineup identification.

Folder 649

Spring Term 1972 Castillian Apartments, in re.; #105-Orange; Mortgages-surplus after foreclosure sale.

Folder 650

Spring Term 1972 Dickenson, In re; #73-Wake; Income tax case-income from out-of-state business of partnership is taxable.

Folder 651-652

Folder 651

Folder 652

Spring Term 1972 Glusman vs. Board of Trustees; #113-Wake; Out-of-state tuition, Residence for in-state tuition.

Folder 653

Spring Term 1972 Gower vs. Insurance Co.; #104-Wake; Fire policy.

Folder 654

Spring Term 1972 Schoolfield vs. Collins; #80-Guilford; Petition for partition sale-summary judgment. Contract to devise.

Folder 655-656

Folder 655

Folder 656

Spring Term 1972 Smith vs. County of Mecklenburg; #90-Mecklenburg; Liquor by the drink-unconstitutional.

Folder 657

Spring Term 1972 State vs. Ballard; #56-Cumberland; Robbery of A & P store-double jeopardy.

Folder 658

Spring Term 1972 State vs. Bolin; #114-Forsyth; Defendant shot and killed Wiles outside Stadium Drive Lunch (poolroom) near Kashway Food Store.

Folder 659

Spring Term 1972 State vs. Cox; #68-Guilford; Kidnapping (hostage after bank robbery).

Folder 660

Spring Term 1972 State vs. Dawson; #36-Columbus; Rape-behind Sherwood Drive-In.

Folder 661

Spring Term 1972 State vs. Ford; #50-Forsyth; Escape-second offense-polea of nolo contendre.

Folder 662

Spring Term 1972 State vs. Greenwood; #14-Buncombe; Operation of billiard halls prohibited on Sunday-unconstitutional.

Folder 663

Spring Term 1972 State vs. Jackson; #55-Guilford; Marijuana-giving to minor.

Folder 664

Spring Term 1972 State vs. Miller; #24-Forsyth; 14-yr. old Negro-First degree burglary & rape.

Folder 665

Spring Term 1972 Tire Service, In re Appeal of; #60-Guilford; Ad Valorem tax on inventories-reported far below value.

Folder 666-667

Folder 666

Folder 667

Spring Term 1972 Wright vs. Wright; #61-Union; Blood-grouping test-(Divorce-alimony-paternity).

Folder 668-669

Folder 668

Folder 669

Fall Term 1972 Bowen vs. Rental Company; #85-Guilford; electrocution-crane cable striking power line.

Folder 670

Fall Term 1972 Branch vs. Branch; #25-Halifax; Divorce - trial without jury - criminal session.

Folder 671

Fall Term 1972 Ferguson vs. Morgan; #17-Buncombe; Mack dump truck -possession - liens.

Folder 672

Fall Term 1972 Hoots vs. Calaway; #44-Forsyth; Acreage; contracts; paral evidence.

Folder 673

Fall Term 1972 Houck vs. Overcash; #78-Caldwell; Payment of judgment amount by 3rd party; assignment of judgment - minor.

Folder 674-675

Folder 674

Folder 675

Fall Term 1972 Marks vs. Thompson; #9-Wake; Discovery of insurance (automobile collision).

Folder 676

Fall Term 1972 Reeves Brothers vs. Town of Rutherfordton; #64-Rutherford; Taxation - Plant location in two municipalities.

Folder 677

Fall Term 1972 State vs. Foster; #51-Mecklenburg; First degree burglary; indictment and warrant (variances); fingerprint evidence (flowerpot).

Folder 678-679

Folder 678

Folder 679

Fall Term 1972 State vs. Waddell; #5-Sampson; Rape - Death penalty.

Folder 680

Spring Term 1973 AFL-CIO vs. Country Club East; #40-Forsyth.

Folder 681-682

Folder 681

Folder 682

Spring Term 1973 Hensley vs. Ramsey; #77-Buncombe; Right-of-Way across property of another.

Folder 683

Spring Term 1973 Kings Mountain vs. Goforth; #81-Cleveland; Condemnation; Flooding of crops caused by construction of dam.

Folder 684

Spring Term 1973 Koob vs. Koob; #7-Guilford; Alimony without divorce - Surplus from foreclosure sale.

Folder 685

Spring Term 1973 State vs. Hunt; #92-Guilford; Rape-First Degree Burglary-Alibi Evidence.

Folder 686

Spring Term 1973 State vs. Hunt; #92-Guilford; Rape-First Degree Burglary-Alibi Evidence.

Folder 687

Spring Term 1973 State vs. Washington; #46-Hoke; Rape-Kidnapping-Felonious breaking and entering.

Folder 688

Fall Term 1973 Dunn vs. City of Charlotte; #76-Mecklenburg.

Folder 689

Fall Term 1973 Glusman vs. Board of Trustees; #71-Wake; In-state tuition, remand from U.S. Supreme Court.

Folder 690-691

Folder 690

Folder 691

Fall Term 1973 Lee vs. Henderson; #14-Wake; Workman's Comp. Building doghouse for personal use.

Folder 692

Fall Term 1973 State vs. Crews; #43-Guilford.

Folder 693

Fall Term 1973 State vs. Huntley; #48-Union; Kidnapping, assault with intent to commit rape crime against nature-prior inconsistent statements.

Folder 694

Fall Term 1973 State vs. Overman; #36-Chatham.

Folder 695

Fall Term 1973 State vs. Williams; #4-Johnston; Murder-Pool Room felony-murder rule.

Folder 696-697

Folder 696

Folder 697

Spring Term 1974 In Re: Appeal of Dye and Finishing Co.; #44-Forsyth.

Folder 698

Spring Term 1974 Lawing vs. Jaynes; #79-Henderson; Option agreement - registration.

Folder 699

Spring Term 1974 Sanders vs. Wilkerson; #54-Johnston; Easements - Estoppel - removed sand and gravel.

Folder 700-701

Folder 700

Folder 701

Spring Term 1974 State vs. Bryant and Floyd; #24-Mecklenburg; Obscenity.

Folder 702

Spring Term 1974 State vs. Castor; #68-Cabarrus; 2nd Degree Murder accusatory statements.

Folder 703-706

Folder 703

Folder 704

Folder 705

Folder 706

Spring Term 1974 State vs. Cooper; #37-Wayne.

Folder 707

Spring Term 1974 State vs. Horn; #38-New Hanover; Obscenity.

Folder 708-709

Folder 708

Folder 709

Spring Term 1974 State vs. Jarrette; #46-Union; Dissenting Opinion (Death Sentence).

Folder 710

Spring Term 1974 State vs. Poole; #18-Moore; 1st degree burglary button found crime scene.

Folder 711

Spring Term 1974 State vs. Potter; #60-Wayne; Armed robbery(s) ? One judgment-one offense-two cash registers-mental capacity.

Folder 712

Fall Term 1974 Foy vs. Bremson; #90-Wilson.

Folder 713

Fall Term 1974 State vs. Harrington; #124-Wayne.

Folder 714

Fall Term 1974 State vs. Roberts; #85-Durham.

Folder 715-716

Folder 715

Folder 716

Fall Term 1974 Briefs-Miscellaneous Before 1966.

Folder 717

Fall Term 1974 Briefs-Miscellaneous After 1965.

Folder 718-719

Folder 718

Folder 719

Fall Term 1974 Briefs-Miscellaneous After 1965.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Other Materials, 1938.

About 500 items.

Arrangement: by type.

Materials concerning Bobbitt's candidacy for judge of North Carolina's 14th Judicial District. Files include correspondence, financial records, appointment books, and miscellaneous legal notes.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.1. Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1938.

About 450 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

General files including address lists, letters discussing the possibility of Bobbitt's candidacy, letters announcing Bobbitt's candidacy, letters soliciting financial and electoral support, thank you letters to supporters, correspondence with newsPapers, and letters discussing election results.

Folder 720


Folder 721


Folder 722


Folder 723

1-15 April

Folder 724

16-30 April

Folder 725

1-15 May

Folder 726

16-31 May

Folder 727

1-10 June

Folder 728

11-30 June

Folder 729


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.2. Miscellaneous Papers, 1938.

About 50 items.

Arrangement: by type.

These files include Bobbitt's appointment book, his Case Book, and personal records, such as hand-written memos, newspaper clippings, and population estimates for the 14th Judicial District.

Folder 730

Appointment Book

Folder 731-733

Folder 731

Folder 732

Folder 733

Case Book

Folder 734-735

Folder 734

Folder 735

Personal Records

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