Collection Number: 05319

Collection Title: Independent Weekly Records, 1982-2004

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Size 38.5 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 25,200 items)
Abstract The Independent Weekly is a free, alternative, weekly newspaper serving the Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and surrounding communities in central North Carolina. It was founded in 1983 in Durham by Steve Schewel, David Birkhead, and Katherine Fulton. The Independent Weekly is perhaps best known for its coverage of local music, film, visual arts, theater, dance, and pop culture, as well as for its strong focus on progressive politics and social activism. The collection is chiefly photographs, 1982-2004, from the Independent Weekly, including images published in the newspaper; unpublished production images of scenes, events, subjects, and organizations throughout North Carolina; images of individuals--chiefly politicians, artists, musicians, local activists, and civic leaders--such as Mike Easley, John Edwards, Harvey Gantt, Jesse Helms, Jim Hunt, Bill Bell, and others; images created by staff photographer Sadie Bridger; photographs of the newspaper's staff; and other images. There is also one slide reel (with slides) and a transcript for an Independent Weekly promotional slideshow. The collection also contains papers relating to early efforts to establish a statewide progressive newspaper in North Carolina and the founding of the Independent Weekly (first as the North Carolina Independent, then as the Independent) in the early 1980s, along with correspondence, notes, clippings, and other business and financial materials of the paper. Also included are notes, clippings, printed material, correspondence, and other materials relating to local, state, and national elections, chiefly 1994-2004. In addition, there are photographs and other materials, 1950s-1980, relating to New York photojournalist Ruth Sondak. These items--many photographs of Sondak's daughter, Cary Carmel; photographs taken by Sondak of people, street scenes, and celebrities; her journal, 1976-1980; a publicity scrapbook; and clippings featuring Sondak's photography--may have been acquired by newspaper staff for an exhibit on Sondak and her work.
Creator Independent weekly.
Language English
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No restrictions. Open for research.
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Use of photographic negatives may require special staff assistance.
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Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
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[Identification of item], in the The Independent Weekly Records #5319, Southern Historical Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Acquisitions Information
Received from Steve Schewel in March 2007 (Acc. 100612) and July 2013 (Acc. 101847).
Sensitive Materials Statement
Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act (N.C.G.S. § 132 1 et seq.), and Article 7 of the North Carolina State Personnel Act (Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, N.C.G.S. § 126-22 et seq.). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill assumes no responsibility.
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The Independent Weekly (also known as The Indy) is a free, alternative, weekly newspaper serving the Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and surrounding communities in central North Carolina. It was founded in 1983 in Durham, N.C., by Steve Schewel, David Birkhead, and Katherine Fulton. Throughout its history, it has remained a locally owned and independently published tabloid-format newspaper. The Independent Weekly is perhaps most well-known for its extensive coverage of local music, film, visual arts, theater, dance, pop culture, as well as for its strong focus on progressive politics and social activism. In addition to basic weekly coverage, the Independent Weekly offers special editions and guides to area restaurants, area homes, a "Best of the Triangle" edition, a guide to local elections, and an "ACC Basketball Preview."


1978 Duke University graduates and long-time Durham, N.C., residents Steve Schewel and David Birkhead decide to start a statewide alternative newspaper
1982-1983 With Schewel as publisher, Birkhead as production designer, and Katherine Fulton as editor, Carolina Independent Publications Inc. founded as the private, for-profit publishing company behind what was to become the Independent Weekly
1983 15 April: First issue of the North Carolina Independent published
1984 A Lot of Human Beings Have Been Born Bums: 20 Years of the Words of Senator No, Jesse Helms published by Carolina Independent Publications Inc.
1985 1 March: Newspaper name changed from the North Carolina Independent to the Independent
1987 Independent wins Investigative Reporters and Editors Award
1989 Newspaper moves from bi-weekly to weekly format and is renamed the Independent Weekly
1990 Independent Weekly wins George Polk Award
1998 Independent Weekly records first year operating at a profit
1999 June: Schewel steps down as publisher, but continues as Carolina Independent Publications Inc. business head; Sioux Watson assumes publisher role
2001 October: David Madison becomes editor
2002 Richard Hart becomes editor
2002 Carolina Independent Publications Inc. purchases Raleigh-based competitor the Spectator from Creative Loafing Inc.
2006 December: Newspaper moves its offices from long-time 2810 Hillsborough Street, Durham, location to the refurbished Venable Tobacco Company Building at Pettigrew and Roxboro streets in downtown Durham
2007 August: Lisa Sorg becomes editor
2007 Journalist Mosi Secret wins Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism for his Independent Weekly story Dreams Deferred
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The collection contains images and other materials documenting the work of the Independent Weekly, an alternative weekly newspaper published in Durham, N.C. The collection is arranged in five main series: Photographs, 1983-2004; Subject Files, 1977-2000; Election Materials, 1994-2004; Independent Weekly Slideshow; and Ruth Sondak Photographs and Other Materials, 1950s-1980. Note that original groupings (now series and subseries) and folder titles have, for the most part, been retained. Note also that images in many series are represented by both photographic prints and photographic negatives. Note further that folder numbers are not necessarily in numerical order.

The bulk of the items are images in Series 1, which is further divided into seven subseries: Oldie Files; Specifics; General; Individuals; By Issue, circa 1992-2002; Sadie Bridger Photographs; and Other Photographs.

The Oldie Files subseries (1.1) contains images published in, or otherwised used in the production of, the first seven years of the newspaper. There are images for nearly a full run beginning with Volume I #1 and going through Volume VII #24. There are also a few general subject files interspersed.

The Specifics subseries (1.2) includes images of specific scenes, events, subjects, and organizations throughout North Carolina. The General subseries (1.3) includes images of general subjects, scenes, events, and organizations throughout North Carolina.

The Individuals subseries (1.4) consists of images of many identified people, chiefly North Carolinians. Included are local and statewide politicians, artists and musicians, local activists and civic leaders, and others. Also included are some nationally prominent figures, among them Mike Easley, John Edwards, Harvey Gantt, Jesse Helms, Jim Hunt, and Bill Bell.

The By Issue subseries (1.5) contains images published in, or otherwised used in the production of, a number of issues of the Independent Weekly, about 1992-2002.

The Sadie Bridger Photographs subseries (1.6) contains images created by photographer Sadie Bridger. Note that some of these images are duplicated elsewhere in the collection.

The Other Photographs subseries (1.7) includes published images, other production images, and images documenting newspaper staff, operations, and other topics.

The Subject Files series (2) consists of correspondence, notes, clippings, business and financial materials, and other papers. Included are files relating to early efforts to establish a statewide progressive newspaper in North Carolina, the founding in the early 1980s of what became the Independent Weekly, and business operations from the newspaper's inception until about 2000.

The Election Materials series (3) contains notes, clippings, printed material, correspondence, and other items relating to local, state, and national elections. Materials in this series were compiled by newspaper staff while writing individual election candidate profiles and other articles about elections, 1994-2004.

Series 4 consists of a slide reel (with slides) and a transcript for an Independent Weekly promotional slideshow.

The Ruth Sondak Photographs and Other Materials series (5) contains materials relating to New York photojournalist Ruth Sondak. Sondak's work appeared in several magazines from the 1940s to the 1970s, including The New York Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Playboy. Materials in this series are thought to have been acquired by Independent Weekly staff for an exhibit on Sondak and her work. Included are many photographs of her daughter, Cary Carmel; photographs taken by Sondak of people, street scenes, and celebrities; her journal, 1976-1980; a publicity scrapbook; and clippings featuring Sondak's photography.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. Photographs, 1983-2004.

Note that orginial subseries groupings and folder titles have, for the most part, been retained.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.1. Oldie Files.

About 2,400 items.

Arrangement: chronological by volume and issue.

Images published in (or otherwised used in the production of) the first seven years of issues of the newspaper. Folders are listed in the order in which they were received. Folders occur in near-sequential order from Volume I #1 through Volume VII #24 (with nearly a full run represented). Interspersed are files with general subject-based images. It is safe to assume that the position in this list of each of these subject files signifies a relationship to the files surrounding it.

Image Folder P-5319/1

Volume I #1 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/1

Image Folder P-5319/2

Volume I #2 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/2

Image Folder P-5319/3

Volume I #3 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/3

Image Folder P-5319/4

Volume I #4 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/4

Image Folder P-5319/5

Volume I #5 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/5

Image Folder P-5319/6

Volume I #6 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/6

Image Folder P-5319/7

Volume I #7 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/7

Image Folder P-5319/8

Volume I #8 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/8

Image Folder P-5319/9

Volume I #9 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/9

Image Folder P-5319/10

Volume I #10 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/10

Image Folder P-5319/11

Volume I #12 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/11

Image Folder P-5319/12

Volume I #13 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/12

Image Folder P-5319/13

Volume I #14 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/13

Image Folder P-5319/14

Volume I #15 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/14

Image Folder P-5319/15

Volume I #16 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/15

Image Folder P-5319/16

Volume I #17 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/16

Image Folder P-5319/17

Volume I #18 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/17

Image Folder P-5319/18

Volume I #19 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/18

Image Folder P-5319/19

Volume I #20 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/19

Image Folder P-5319/20

Volume I #22 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/20

Image Folder P-5319/21

Volume I #23 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/21

Image Folder P-5319/22

Volume I #24 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/22

Image Folder P-5319/23

Carolina Power and Light Plants #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/23

Image Folder P-5319/24

Volume II #1 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/24

Image Folder P-5319/25

Volume II #2 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/25

Image Folder P-5319/26

Volume II #3 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/26

Image Folder P-5319/27

Volume II #4 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/27

Image Folder P-5319/28

Volume II #5 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/28

Image Folder P-5319/29

Volume II #6 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/29

Image Folder P-5319/30

Volume II #7 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/30

Image Folder P-5319/31

Volume II #8 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/31

Image Folder P-5319/32

Soccer #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/32

Image Folder P-5319/33

Stories (photos) in limbo #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/33

Image Folder P-5319/34

Politicians #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/34

Image Folder P-5319/35

Hope and Dignity #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/35

Image Folder P-5319/36

Nuclear Reactors #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/36

Image Folder P-5319/37

Volume II #9 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/37

Image Folder P-5319/38

Volume II #10 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/38

Image Folder P-5319/39

Volume II #11 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/39

Image Folder P-5319/40

Volume II #12 Income Tax Issue #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/40

Image Folder P-5319/41

Volume II #13 Photos Issue #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/41

Image Folder P-5319/42

Volume II #14 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/42

Image Folder P-5319/43

Volume II #15 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/43

Image Folder P-5319/44

Volume II #16 Photos Issue #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/44

Image Folder P-5319/45

Volume II #17 Debutantes and Issue #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/45

Image Folder P-5319/46

Volume II #18, 1984 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/46

Image Folder P-5319/47

Volume III #1 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/47

Image Folder P-5319/48

Volume III #2 Photos Issue #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/48

Image Folder P-5319/49

Volume III #3 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/49

Image Folder P-5319/50

Volume III #4 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/50

Image Folder P-5319/51

Volume III #7 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/51

Image Folder P-5319/52

Volume III #8 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/52

Image Folder P-5319/53

Volume III #9 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/53

Image Folder P-5319/54

Volume III #10 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/54

Image Folder P-5319/55

Volume III #13 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/55

Image Folder P-5319/56

Volume III #14 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/56

Image Folder P-5319/57

Volume IV #8 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/57

Image Folder P-5319/58

Volume IV #10 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/58

Image Folder P-5319/59

Volume IV #12 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/59

Image Folder P-5319/60

Volume IV #13 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/60

Image Folder P-5319/61

Volume IV #24, 1986 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/61

Image Folder P-5319/62

Volume V #1 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/62

Image Folder P-5319/63

Volume V #2, 29 January #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/63

Image Folder P-5319/64

Volume V #3, 12 February #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/64

Image Folder P-5319/65

Volume V #4, 26 February #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/65

Image Folder P-5319/66

Volume V #6, 26 March #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/66

Image Folder P-5319/67

Volume V #5 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/67

Image Folder P-5319/68

Volume V #7, 9 April #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/68

Image Folder P-5319/69

Volume V #8, 23 April #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/69

Image Folder P-5319/70

Volume V #9, 7 May #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/70

Image Folder P-5319/71

Volume V #10, 21 May #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/71

Image Folder P-5319/72

Volume V #11, 4 June #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/72

Image Folder P-5319/73

Volume V #12, 18 June #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/73

Image Folder P-5319/74

Volume V #13, 4 July #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/74

Image Folder P-5319/75

Volume V #14, 16 July #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/75

Image Folder P-5319/76

Volume V #15 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/76

Image Folder P-5319/77

Volume V #16, 27 August #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/77

Image Folder P-5319/78

Volume V #17 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/78

Image Folder P-5319/79

Volume V #18 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/79

Image Folder P-5319/80

Volume V #19 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/80

Image Folder P-5319/81

Volume V #20 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/81

Image Folder P-5319/82

Volume V #21 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/82

Image Folder P-5319/83

Volume V #22 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/83

Image Folder P-5319/84

Volume V #23 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/84

Image Folder P-5319/85

Volume VI #1 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/85

Image Folder P-5319/86

Volume VI #2 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/86

Image Folder P-5319/87

Volume VI #3 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/87

Image Folder P-5319/88

Volume VI #4 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/88

Image Folder P-5319/89

Volume VI #5 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/89

Image Folder P-5319/90

Volume VI #6 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/90

Image Folder P-5319/91

Volume VI #7 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/91

Image Folder P-5319/92

Volume VI #8 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/92

Image Folder P-5319/93

Volume VI #9 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/93

Image Folder P-5319/94

Volume VI #10 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/94

Image Folder P-5319/95

Volume VI #11 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/95

Image Folder P-5319/96

Volume VI #12 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/96

Image Folder P-5319/97

Volume VI #13 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/97

Image Folder P-5319/98

Volume VI #14 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/98

Image Folder P-5319/99

Volume VI #15 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/99

Image Folder P-5319/100

Volume VI #16 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/100

Image Folder P-5319/101

Volume VI #17 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/101

Image Folder P-5319/102

Volume VI #18 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/102

Image Folder P-5319/103

Volume VI #19 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/103

Image Folder P-5319/104

Volume VI #20 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/104

Image Folder P-5319/105

Volume VI #21 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/105

Image Folder P-5319/106

Volume VI #22 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/106

Image Folder P-5319/107

Volume VI #23 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/107

Image Folder P-5319/108

Volume VI #24 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/108

Image Folder P-5319/109

Volume VII #1 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/109

Image Folder P-5319/110

Mike Krzyzewski #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/110

Image Folder P-5319/111

Volume VII #2 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/111

Image Folder P-5319/112

Volume VII #3 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/112

Image Folder P-5319/113

Volume VII #4 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/113

Image Folder P-5319/114

Volume VII #5 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/114

Image Folder P-5319/115

Volume VII #7 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/115

Image Folder P-5319/116

Volume VII #6 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/116

Image Folder P-5319/117

Volume VII #8 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/117

Image Folder P-5319/118

Volume VII #9 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/118

Image Folder P-5319/119

Volume VII #10 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/119

Image Folder P-5319/120

Volume VII #11 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/120

Image Folder P-5319/121

Volume VII #12 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/121

Image Folder P-5319/122

Volume VII #13 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/122

Image Folder P-5319/123

Volume VII #14 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/123

Image Folder P-5319/124

Volume VII #15 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/124

Image Folder P-5319/125

Volume VII #16 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/125

Image Folder P-5319/126

Volume VII #17 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/126

Image Folder P-5319/127

Volume VII #18 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/127

Image Folder P-5319/128

Volume VII #19 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/128

Image Folder P-5319/129

Volume VII #20 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/129

Image Folder P-5319/130

Volume VII #21 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/130

Image Folder P-5319/131

Volume VII #22 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/131

Image Folder P-5319/132

Volume VII #23 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/132

Image Folder P-5319/133

Volume VII #24 #05319, Subseries: "1.1. Oldie Files." P-5319/133

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.2. Specifics.

About 2,800 items.

Arrangement: file order is as received and not strictly alphabetical.

Photographs and negatives depicting specific scenes, events, subjects, and organizations throughout North Carolina. For the most part, original folder titles have been retained.

Image Folder P-5319/134

Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU) #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/134

Image Folder P-5319/135

American Tobacco Factory #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/135

Image Folder P-5319/136

Annamarias #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/136

Image Folder P-5319/137

Archipelago Theater Co. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/137

Image Folder P-5319/138

Arts Center in Carrboro, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/138

Image Folder P-5319/139

AZT #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/139

Image Folder P-5319/140

Bald Head Island, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/140

Image Folder P-5319/141

Bargain Box #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/141

Image Folder P-5319/142

Basketball: General #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/142

Image Folder P-5319/143

Basketball: Other Atlantic Coast Conference Teams #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/143

Image Folder P-5319/144

Basketball: Non-Atlantic Coast Conference #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/144

Image Folder P-5319/145

Battle Park, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/145

Image Folder P-5319/146

Biltmore House #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/146

Image Folder P-5319/147

Black Achievement Program #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/147

Image Folder P-5319/148

Blevins House #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/148

Image Folder P-5319/149

Blue Cross Blue Shield Building #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/149

Image Folder P-5319/150

Blue Nile #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/150

Image Folder P-5319/151

The Bookshop #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/151

Image Folder P-5319/152

Breckenridge #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/152

Image Folder P-5319/153

Brunswick Nuclear, near Southport, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/153

Image Folder P-5319/154

Burlington Industries #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/154

Image Folder P-5319/155

Burroughs Welcome #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/155

Image Folder P-5319/156

Burch Avenue Area #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/156

Image Folder P-5319/157

Buzzards Roost, Durham, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/157

Image Folder P-5319/158

Caldwell County Incinerator #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/158

Image Folder P-5319/159

Caldwell Systems #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/159

Image Folder P-5319/160

Cameron Park #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/160

Image Folder P-5319/161

Cannon Mills Plant One, Kannapolis, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/161

Image Folder P-5319/162

Capitol Building, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/162

Image Folder P-5319/163

Carolina Country Club, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/163

Image Folder P-5319/164

Carolina Journal #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/164

Image Folder P-5319/165-166



Carolina Solite #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/165-166

Image Folder P-5319/167

Carolina Theater #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/167

Image Folder P-5319/168

Farmer's Market, Carrboro, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/168

Image Folder P-5319/169

Fire Station, Cary, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/169

Image Folder P-5319/170

Cat's Cradle #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/170

Image Folder P-5319/171

Cave #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/171

Image Folder P-5319/172

Cave, Chapel Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/172

Image Folder P-5319/173

Center for Peace Education #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/173

Image Folder P-5319/174

Centerstage #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/174

Image Folder P-5319/175

Centerstage, North Carolina State University #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/175

Image Folder P-5319/176

Champion Paper Company #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/176

Image Folder P-5319/177

Community Kitchen, Chapel Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/177

Image Folder P-5319/178

Chapel Hill High School #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/178

Image Folder P-5319/179

Chapel Hill Post Office #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/179

Image Folder P-5319/180

Chapel Hill Town Council #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/180

Image Folder P-5319/181

Charles House #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/181

Image Folder P-5319/182

Charlotte Observer #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/182

Image Folder P-5319/183

Chatam County Hearing Regulations #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/183

Image Folder P-5319/184

Chavis Heights #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/184

Image Folder P-5319/185

Chem Nuclear: Barnwell #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/185

Image Folder P-5319/186

Chocowinity-Cypress Landing #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/186

Image Folder P-5319/187-188



Christian Coalition #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/187-188

Image Folder P-5319/189

Chuck E. Cheese's #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/189

Image Folder P-5319/190

Clinton Inaugural #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/190

Image Folder P-5319/191

Ciompi Quartet #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/191

Image Folder P-5319/192

Coalition 1991 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/192

Image Folder P-5319/193

Coalition 1991: Mental health #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/193

Image Folder P-5319/194

Coalition for Alternatives to Shearon Harris (CASH) #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/194

Image Folder P-5319/195

Coffee #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/195

Image Folder P-5319/196

Co-Housing #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/196

Image Folder P-5319/197

Comedy Sportz, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/197

Image Folder P-5319/198

Comet Lounge #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/198

Image Folder P-5319/199

Community Kitchen, Chapel Hill, N.C., 1983 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/199

Image Folder P-5319/200

Computers #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/200

Image Folder P-5319/201

Concerts #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/201

Image Folder P-5319/202

Concord Funeral, July 1993 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/202

Image Folder P-5319/203

Condoms #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/203

Image Folder P-5319/204

Cone Mills Workers #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/204

Image Folder P-5319/205

Construction #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/205

Image Folder P-5319/206

Contraceptives #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/206

Image Folder P-5319/207

Cooks #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/207

Image Folder P-5319/208

Coon Dogs #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/208

Image Folder P-5319/209

Council for Entreprenuerial Development #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/209

Image Folder P-5319/210

Courts #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/210

Image Folder P-5319/211

Cows #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/211

Image Folder P-5319/212

Crab Races #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/212

Image Folder P-5319/213

Craven Art Gallery #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/213

Image Folder P-5319/214

Creation Museum #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/214

Image Folder P-5319/215

Creative Expressions #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/215

Image Folder P-5319/216

Cooks Corner #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/216

Image Folder P-5319/217

Culture Club, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/217

Image Folder P-5319/218

DATA South, Charlotte, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/218

Image Folder P-5319/219

Delusion #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/219

Image Folder P-5319/220

Democratic Party Convention, 1988 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/220

Image Folder P-5319/221

Democratic Party Convention, 1992 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/221

Image Folder P-5319/222

Desert Storm Babies #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/222

Image Folder P-5319/223

Diversified Business Forms #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/223

Image Folder P-5319/224

Drug Action, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/224

Image Folder P-5319/225

Duke University #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/225

Image Folder P-5319/226

Duke Forest #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/226

Image Folder P-5319/227

Duraleigh Connector Story #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/227

Image Folder P-5319/228

Durant Middle School #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/228

Image Folder P-5319/229

Durham Arts Council #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/229

Image Folder P-5319/230

Durham Arts Center #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/230

Image Folder P-5319/231

Durham Athletic Park #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/231

Image Folder P-5319/232

Durham Bulls #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/232

Image Folder P-5319/233

Durham, District 4 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/233

Image Folder P-5319/234

Durham Food Co-op #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/234

Image Folder P-5319/235

Durham High School #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/235

Image Folder P-5319/236

Durham Magnet School #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/236

Image Folder P-5319/237

Durham Morning Herald #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/237

Image Folder P-5319/238

Durham Service Corps #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/238

Image Folder P-5319/239

Durham YMCA #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/239

Image Folder P-5319/240

Earth Day #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/240

Image Folder P-5319/241

Easy Street #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/241

Image Folder P-5319/242

Edgemont #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/242

Image Folder P-5319/243

El Centro Hispano #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/243

Image Folder P-5319/244

Elmo's, Carrboro, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/244

Image Folder P-5319/245

Eno Drive Story #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/245

Image Folder P-5319/246

Eno Loop Family #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/246

Image Folder P-5319/247

EnviroChem Apex #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/247

Image Folder P-5319/248

Fair Share #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/248

Image Folder P-5319/249

Falcon's Cry #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/249

Image Folder P-5319/250

Fallout Shelter #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/250

Image Folder P-5319/251

Farmer's Market, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/251

Image Folder P-5319/252

Farrakhan Lecture #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/252

Image Folder P-5319/253

Fayetteville Story, 1995, Jenny Warburg Shot #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/253

Image Folder P-5319/254-255



Features #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/254-255

Image Folder P-5319/256

Feature Photos #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/256

Image Folder P-5319/257

Fiddles/Fiddler #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/257

Image Folder P-5319/258

Girls Field Hockey, Riverside in Durham, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/258

Image Folder P-5319/259

Firefighters #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/259

Image Folder P-5319/260

First Baptist Church, Salisbury Street, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/260

Image Folder P-5319/261

First Baptist Church, Wilmington Street, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/261

Image Folder P-5319/262

First Union #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/262

Image Folder P-5319/263

Fishing #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/263

Image Folder P-5319/264

Fishing Industry #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/264

Image Folder P-5319/265

Flat Duo Jets #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/265

Image Folder P-5319/266

Flintam's Service #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/266

Image Folder P-5319/267

Flowers #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/267

Image Folder P-5319/268

Folk Dancing #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/268

Image Folder P-5319/269

Food #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/269

Image Folder P-5319/270

Food Lion #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/270

Image Folder P-5319/271

Football #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/271

Image Folder P-5319/272

Football, Northern High School #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/272

Image Folder P-5319/273

Forest: General #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/273

Image Folder P-5319/274

Forestry #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/274

Image Folder P-5319/275

Forrce Eco Terrorists #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/275

Image Folder P-5319/276

Frisbee #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/276

Image Folder P-5319/277

The Front Page #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/277

Image Folder P-5319/278

Fruit #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/278

Image Folder P-5319/279

Funerals #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/279

Image Folder P-5319/280

Garbage #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/280

Image Folder P-5319/281

Gardening #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/281

Image Folder P-5319/282

Gay Pride #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/282

Image Folder P-5319/283

Gays in Military #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/283

Image Folder P-5319/284

Gay and Lesbian File #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/284

Image Folder P-5319/285

Genetic Testing #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/285

Image Folder P-5319/286

Gimghoul Castle #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/286

Image Folder P-5319/287

Gimghoul Castle, Chapel Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/287

Image Folder P-5319/288

Ghosts, Illustrations #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/288

Image Folder P-5319/289

Global Transpark #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/289

Image Folder P-5319/290

Golf #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/290

Image Folder P-5319/291

Republican Party Convention #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/291

Image Folder P-5319/292

Graveyards #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/292

Image Folder P-5319/293

Green Room #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/293

Image Folder P-5319/294

Greenshields #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/294

Image Folder P-5319/295

Grey Gold Series #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/295

Image Folder P-5319/296

Grifton Shad Festival #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/296

Image Folder P-5319/297

Grits: Dip's Country Kitchen #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/297

Image Folder P-5319/298

Gulf War Protests #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/298

Image Folder P-5319/299

Guns #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/299

Image Folder P-5319/300

Habitat for Humanity #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/300

Image Folder P-5319/301

Hairdressers #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/301

Image Folder P-5319/302

Halifax Court, 1997 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/302

Image Folder P-5319/303

Hamlet Fire #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/303

Image Folder P-5319/304

Hamlet in the Schools #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/304

Image Folder P-5319/305

Handcuffs #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/305

Image Folder P-5319/306

Hand Gliding #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/306

Image Folder P-5319/307

Handshakes: General #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/307

Image Folder P-5319/308

Hanes Mill #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/308

Image Folder P-5319/309

Hanukkah Candle #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/309

Image Folder P-5319/310

Hardback Café #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/310

Image Folder P-5319/311

Harris Teeter Employees #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/311

Image Folder P-5319/312

Haw River Festival #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/312

Image Folder P-5319/313

Haywood Hall #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/313

Image Folder P-5319/314

Hazardous Waste #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/314

Image Folder P-5319/315

General Health and Fitness #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/315

Image Folder P-5319/316

Health: Ill #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/316

Image Folder P-5319/317

Health Insurance #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/317

Image Folder P-5319/318

Healthy Start Charter School #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/318

Image Folder P-5319/319

Helping Hands #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/319

Image Folder P-5319/320

Hendersonville #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/320

Image Folder P-5319/321

H. Park: KT. 54 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/321

Image Folder P-5319/322

Heroin #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/322

Image Folder P-5319/323

Heroin Needles #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/323

Image Folder P-5319/324

Hieronymus Brothers Seafood #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/324

Image Folder P-5319/325

Highways #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/325

Image Folder P-5319/326

Hillhaven Nursing Home #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/326

Image Folder P-5319/327

Historical North Carolina: General #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/327

Image Folder P-5319/328

Historical Depression Era: Sharecropping #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/328

Image Folder P-5319/329

North Carolina Historical Early Settlement #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/329

Image Folder P-5319/330

North Carolina Historical Frontier Life #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/330

Image Folder P-5319/331

Historical Reenactment #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/331

Image Folder P-5319/332

Hollerin' Contest #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/332

Image Folder P-5319/333

Homart #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/333

Image Folder P-5319/334

Home #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/334

Image Folder P-5319/335

Homelessness #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/335

Image Folder P-5319/336

Homeless Shelter, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/336

Image Folder P-5319/337

Home-Schooling #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/337

Image Folder P-5319/338

Horses, including racing #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/338

Image Folder P-5319/339

Hunting #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/339

Image Folder P-5319/340

Houses #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/340

Image Folder P-5319/341

Interstate 40 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/341

Image Folder P-5319/342

IBM #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/342

Image Folder P-5319/343

Independent: Illustration #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/343

Image Folder P-5319/344

Independent: Promotional #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/344

Image Folder P-5319/345-346



Independent: Staff #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/345-346

Image Folder P-5319/347

Independent: Staff, current #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/347

Image Folder P-5319/348

Independent: Staff, former #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/348

Image Folder P-5319/349

Independent: Staff, group photos #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/349

Image Folder P-5319/350

Indian Woods Story #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/350

Image Folder P-5319/351

Indian Woods Residents #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/351

Image Folder P-5319/352

Indians #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/352

Image Folder P-5319/353

Indigo Girls #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/353

Image Folder P-5319/354

Industrial Show #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/354

Image Folder P-5319/355

Inspiration: Words #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/355

Image Folder P-5319/356

Insomnia #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/356

Image Folder P-5319/357

Interfaith Community Kitchen, Chapel Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/357

Image Folder P-5319/358

Internationalist Books #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/358

Image Folder P-5319/359

Islam #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/359

Image Folder P-5319/360

Islam Project #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/360

Image Folder P-5319/361

Jigsaw Puzzles #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/361

Image Folder P-5319/362

John Locke Foundation #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/362

Image Folder P-5319/363

Journal Entries #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/363

Image Folder P-5319/364

Junkyard #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/364

Image Folder P-5319/365

Justice #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/365

Image Folder P-5319/366

Karaoke #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/366

Image Folder P-5319/367

Kitchen #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/367

Image Folder P-5319/368

K-Mart #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/368

Image Folder P-5319/369

Ku Klux Klan #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/369

Image Folder P-5319/370

Ku Klux Klan: Center for White Power #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/370

Image Folder P-5319/371

Kuumba Project #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/371

Image Folder P-5319/372

Labor #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/372

Image Folder P-5319/373

Landlord Hall of Shame, 1990, 1991 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/373

Image Folder P-5319/374

Landlord Hall of Shame, 30 May 1991 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/374

Image Folder P-5319/375

Landlord Hall of Shame, September 1992 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/375

Image Folder P-5319/376

Landlord Hall of Shame, December 1993 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/376

Image Folder P-5319/377

Landlord Hall of Shame #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/377

Image Folder P-5319/378

Latex Gloves #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/378

Image Folder P-5319/379

Laurel Hills Neighborhood #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/379

Image Folder P-5319/380

Latino #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/380

Image Folder P-5319/381

Law #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/381

Image Folder P-5319/382-383



Legislature: General #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/382-383

Image Folder P-5319/384

Legislature: General Outside Meetings #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/384

Image Folder P-5319/385

Legislative Office Building, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/385

Image Folder P-5319/386

Legs #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/386

Image Folder P-5319/387

Lighthouse #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/387

Image Folder P-5319/388

Liqour #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/388

Image Folder P-5319/389

Literacy #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/389

Image Folder P-5319/390

Literacy #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/390

Image Folder P-5319/391

Little League, Santa Fe, Calif. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/391

Image Folder P-5319/392

Llama Hiking #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/392

Image Folder P-5319/393

Longbranch #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/393

Image Folder P-5319/394

Lowes #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/394

Image Folder P-5319/395

M. A. J. I. C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/395

Image Folder P-5319/396

M. C. N. C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/396

Image Folder P-5319/397

Magnolia Grill #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/397

Image Folder P-5319/398

Malt Liquor #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/398

Image Folder P-5319/399-400



Maps #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/399-400

Image Folder P-5319/401

Marijuana #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/401

Image Folder P-5319/402

Mass Transit #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/402

Image Folder P-5319/403

Math #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/403

Image Folder P-5319/404

McDonalds #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/404

Image Folder P-5319/405

Meadowmont #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/405

Image Folder P-5319/406

Mechanics #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/406

Image Folder P-5319/407

Media Censoring #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/407

Image Folder P-5319/408

General Media Photos #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/408

Image Folder P-5319/409-410



Medical #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/409-410

Image Folder P-5319/411

Merge Records #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/411

Image Folder P-5319/412

Metrosport, Durham, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/412

Image Folder P-5319/413

Mexicans in the Triangle #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/413

Image Folder P-5319/414

Microelectronics Center of North Carolina #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/414

Image Folder P-5319/415

Military in North Carolina #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/415

Image Folder P-5319/416

Knitting Mill, Worker-Owned #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/416

Image Folder P-5319/417

Mill, Rockingham, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/417

Image Folder P-5319/418

Mills #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/418

Image Folder P-5319/419

Miscellaneous Media People and Organizations #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/419

Image Folder P-5319/420

Mitchell Systems: Hazardous waste, Spruce Pine, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/420

Image Folder P-5319/421

Moorefields #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/421

Image Folder P-5319/422

Moore Square, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/422

Image Folder P-5319/423

Moore's Dinette #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/423

Image Folder P-5319/424

Mountain Folk Festival, Asheville, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/424

Image Folder P-5319/425

Mudcats #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/425

Image Folder P-5319/426

Nando Net #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/426

Image Folder P-5319/427

National Abortion Rights Action League #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/427

Image Folder P-5319/428

Nations Bank Credit #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/428

Image Folder P-5319/429

Neighborhood Voices #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/429

Image Folder P-5319/430

New Hope Commons #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/430

Image Folder P-5319/431

Nine Inch Nails #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/431

Image Folder P-5319/432

Northampton Citizens Against Pollution #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/432

Image Folder P-5319/433

North Carolina Central University, Civil Rights Reunion, August 1990 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/433

Image Folder P-5319/434

North Carolina Jazz Ensemble #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/434

Image Folder P-5319/435

North Carolina Land Trust #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/435

Image Folder P-5319/436

North Carolina Legislative Directory #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/436

Image Folder P-5319/437

North Carolina Museum of Art #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/437

Image Folder P-5319/438

North Carolina Museum of Life and Science, Durham, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/438

Image Folder P-5319/439

North Carolina Pirg: Chapel Hill #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/439

Image Folder P-5319/440

North Carolina Public Television #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/440

Image Folder P-5319/441

North Carolina Right to Life #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/441

Image Folder P-5319/442

North Carolina State University Veterinary School #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/442

Image Folder P-5319/443

North Carolina Writers' Network #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/443

Image Folder P-5319/444

North Carolinians Against Racist and Religious Violence #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/444

Image Folder P-5319/445

Oberlin Area Elementary School, 1920 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/445

Image Folder P-5319/446

Oberlin Cemetary #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/446

Image Folder P-5319/447

Office Alternatives #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/447

Image Folder P-5319/448

Oklahoma City, Okla. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/448

Image Folder P-5319/449

Orange County Kartway, not speedway #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/449

Image Folder P-5319/450

Orange County Speedway #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/450

Image Folder P-5319/451

Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/451

Image Folder P-5319/452

The Palace, Durham, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/452

Image Folder P-5319/453

The Palace #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/453

Image Folder P-5319/454

Pan Pan Diner #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/454

Image Folder P-5319/455

Paw Paw Patch #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/455

Image Folder P-5319/456

Pax Christi: Plowshares #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/456

Image Folder P-5319/457

Peace March, Raleigh, N.C., 1983 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/457

Image Folder P-5319/458

Peasants of the Apocalypse #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/458

Image Folder P-5319/459

Perot Campaign #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/459

Image Folder P-5319/460

PHE Story #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/460

Image Folder P-5319/461

Pilgrimage For Justice #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/461

Image Folder P-5319/462

Pioneer Square, May 1987 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/462

Image Folder P-5319/463

Pigs #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/463

Image Folder P-5319/464

Pine State Ice Cream #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/464

Image Folder P-5319/465

Pleasant Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/465

Image Folder P-5319/466

Politics: General #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/466

Image Folder P-5319/467

Priess: Steele Place #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/467

Image Folder P-5319/468

Project Uplift #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/468

Image Folder P-5319/469

Promise Keepers: Women #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/469

Image Folder P-5319/470

Promise Keepers: Men #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/470

Image Folder P-5319/471

Pullen Park #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/471

Image Folder P-5319/472

Pungo Village #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/472

Image Folder P-5319/473

Pyewacket #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/473

Image Folder P-5319/474

Raging Games #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/474

Image Folder P-5319/475

Rainbow Coalition #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/475

Image Folder P-5319/476

Raleigh City Council, January 1987 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/476

Image Folder P-5319/477

Raleigh Civic Center #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/477

Image Folder P-5319/478

Raleigh News and Observer #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/478

Image Folder P-5319/479

Raleigh Memorial Auditorium #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/479

Image Folder P-5319/480

Raleigh Symphony #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/480

Image Folder P-5319/481

Raleigh Waste Dump #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/481

Image Folder P-5319/482

Red Hot Chili Peppers #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/482

Image Folder P-5319/483

Regulator #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/483

Image Folder P-5319/484

Republican State #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/484

Image Folder P-5319/485

Republicans, Durham Court #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/485

Image Folder P-5319/486

RJ Reynolds: Tobaccoville, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/486

Image Folder P-5319/487

H. B. Robinson Electric Plant #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/487

Image Folder P-5319/488-490




Rock and Roll Quarterly #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/488-490

Image Folder P-5319/491

Roots CDs #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/491

Image Folder P-5319/492

Rougemont Shell #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/492

Image Folder P-5319/493

R. T. I. Barber Shop #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/493

Image Folder P-5319/494

Rude Girls #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/494

Image Folder P-5319/495

Rutledge College #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/495

Image Folder P-5319/496

R. W. C. A. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/496

Image Folder P-5319/497

Sadlacks, Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/497

Image Folder P-5319/498

Saladelia Café #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/498

Image Folder P-5319/499

SAS Institute #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/499

Image Folder P-5319/500

S. C. A. L. E. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/500

Image Folder P-5319/501

Schmooz-A-Thon #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/501

Image Folder P-5319/502

Student Environmental Action Coalition #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/502

Image Folder P-5319/503

Seagroves Trial #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/503

Image Folder P-5319/504

Self-Help Credit Union #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/504

Image Folder P-5319/505

Shangri-La #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/505

Image Folder P-5319/506

Shearon Harris Nuclear #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/506

Image Folder P-5319/507

Shiloh Coalition, 1989 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/507

Image Folder P-5319/508

Six Foot Studios #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/508

Image Folder P-5319/509

Sons and Lovers #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/509

Image Folder P-5319/510

Somnambulist Project #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/510

Image Folder P-5319/511

Southern Sisters #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/511

Image Folder P-5319/512

Spring Forest Station #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/512

Image Folder P-5319/513

Starbucks with Sue Sturgis #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/513

Image Folder P-5319/514

State Fair #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/514

Image Folder P-5319/515

State Health and Environment Lab #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/515

Image Folder P-5319/516

Statue, Durham County, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/516

Image Folder P-5319/517

Superchunk #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/517

Image Folder P-5319/518

Suttons Drugstore #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/518

Image Folder P-5319/519

Talk of the Town #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/519

Image Folder P-5319/520

Thee Dollhouse #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/520

Image Folder P-5319/521

THERMAL-KEM, Granville County, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/521

Image Folder P-5319/522

THERMAL-KEM, Rock Hill, S.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/522

Image Folder P-5319/523

The Third Place #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/523

Image Folder P-5319/524

Thompson Theatre #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/524

Image Folder P-5319/525

Tir Na Nog #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/525

Image Folder P-5319/526

Triangle Executive Park #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/526

Image Folder P-5319/527

Transgender, Sex Reading Group #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/527

Image Folder P-5319/528

Treyburn #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/528

Image Folder P-5319/529

Trio #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/529

Image Folder P-5319/530

TROSA House #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/530

Image Folder P-5319/531

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Southern Historical Collection #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/531

Image Folder P-5319/532

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Black Cultural Center #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/532

Image Folder P-5319/533-534



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Budget Cuts Story #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/533-534

Image Folder P-5319/535

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Buildings #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/535

Image Folder P-5319/536

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Housekeepers #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/536

Image Folder P-5319/537

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Registration #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/537

Image Folder P-5319/538-539



University Tower #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/538-539

Image Folder P-5319/540

Upstairs Restaurant #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/540

Image Folder P-5319/541

United States Capitol #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/541

Image Folder P-5319/542

VGPCO Rate Hearing, 1983 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/542

Image Folder P-5319/543

Wake Medical #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/543

Image Folder P-5319/544

Wayne Place #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/544

Image Folder P-5319/545

Wellspring Grocery: Old sign #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/545

Image Folder P-5319/546

Wellspring Grocery #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/546

Image Folder P-5319/547

Western Electric #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/547

Image Folder P-5319/548

Wifflefist College #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/548

Image Folder P-5319/549

Wilson Library #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/549

Image Folder P-5319/550

WKNC #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/550

Image Folder P-5319/551

WNCU #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/551

Image Folder P-5319/552

WNCU #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/552

Image Folder P-5319/553

Woodcroft #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/553

Image Folder P-5319/554

Woodcroft #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/554

Image Folder P-5319/555

WPTF Radio #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/555

Image Folder P-5319/556

WRAL TV #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/556

Image Folder P-5319/557

WRDU 106.1 #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/557

Image Folder P-5319/558

WTVD TV #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/558

Image Folder P-5319/559

WUNC Radio #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/559

Image Folder P-5319/560

Yellow House Studios #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/560

Image Folder P-5319/561

Youth for Social Change #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/561

Image Folder P-5319/562

Youth Voice Radio #05319, Subseries: "1.2. Specifics." P-5319/562

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.3. General.

About 2,000 items.

Arrangement: file order is as received and not strictly alphabetical.

Photographs and negatives depicting general subjects, scenes, events, and organizations throughout North Carolina. For the most part, original folder titles have been retained.

Image Folder P-5319/563

Abortion #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/563

Image Folder P-5319/564

Abortion Cover #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/564

Image Folder P-5319/565

Abortion #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/565


Image Folder P-5319/566

General Atlantic Coast Conference #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/566

Image Folder P-5319/567

Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball, November 1994 #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/567

Image Folder P-5319/568

Atlantic Coast Conference: North Carolina State University Men #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/568

Image Folder P-5319/569

Duke University Basketball #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/569

Image Folder P-5319/570

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Basketball #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/570

Image Folder P-5319/571

Atlantic Coast Conference: Duke University Men #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/571

Image Folder P-5319/572

North Carolina State University Basketball #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/572

Image Folder P-5319/573

Atlantic Coast Conference: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Men #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/573

Image Folder P-5319/574

Atlantic Coast Conference: Duke University Women #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/574

Image Folder P-5319/575

Atlantic Coast Conference: North Carolina State University Women #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/575

Image Folder P-5319/576

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Basketball #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/576

Image Folder P-5319/577

Atlantic Coast Conference: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Women #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/577

Image Folder P-5319/578

Adoption #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/578

Empty: See Marion Teague or Carol Schaefer

Image Folder P-5319/579

African Sculpture #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/579

Image Folder P-5319/580

AIDS #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/580

Image Folder P-5319/581

Airplanes #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/581

Image Folder P-5319/582

Algae Blooms #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/582

Image Folder P-5319/583

American Gothic Series #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/583

Image Folder P-5319/584

Animals #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/584

Image Folder P-5319/585

Angels #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/585

Image Folder P-5319/586

Apex, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/586

Image Folder P-5319/587

Apparel #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/587

Image Folder P-5319/588

Archival Photos #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/588

Image Folder P-5319/589

Architecture #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/589

Image Folder P-5319/590

Art #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/590

Image Folder P-5319/591

Art Bus #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/591

Image Folder P-5319/592

Art Work #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/592

Image Folder P-5319/593

Asians in North Carolina #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/593

Image Folder P-5319/594

Automobiles #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/594

Image Folder P-5319/595

AZT #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/595

Image Folder P-5319/596

Bailbonds #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/596

Image Folder P-5319/597

Balloons #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/597

Image Folder P-5319/598

Baptist Convention #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/598

Image Folder P-5319/599

Barber Shops #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/599

Image Folder P-5319/600

Bars #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/600

Image Folder P-5319/601-602



Baseball #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/601-602

Image Folder P-5319/603

Bathrooms: Peppers in Chapel Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/603

Image Folder P-5319/604

Beauty #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/604

Image Folder P-5319/605

Beauty College #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/605

Image Folder P-5319/606

Beer #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/606

Image Folder P-5319/607

Best of xeroxes and scans #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/607

Image Folder P-5319/608

Bicycles #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/608

Image Folder P-5319/609

Black Culture Issue: Various #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/609

Image Folder P-5319/610

Black Men Cover #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/610

Image Folder P-5319/611

Blue Ridge Parkway #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/611

Image Folder P-5319/612

Body #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/612

Image Folder P-5319/613-614



Books #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/613-614

Image Folder P-5319/615

Bookstores #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/615

Image Folder P-5319/616

Boxing #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/616

Image Folder P-5319/617

Bread #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/617

Image Folder P-5319/618

Breast Cancer #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/618

Image Folder P-5319/619

Buildings: General #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/619

Image Folder P-5319/620

Bumper Stickers #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/620

Image Folder P-5319/621

Buses #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/621

Image Folder P-5319/622

Bus Station: Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/622

Image Folder P-5319/623

Candy #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/623

Image Folder P-5319/624

Canoeing #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/624

Image Folder P-5319/625

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/625

Image Folder P-5319/626

Cards #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/626

Image Folder P-5319/627

Cars #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/627

Image Folder P-5319/628

Car Racing #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/628

Image Folder P-5319/629

Cars: Owners and Accidents #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/629

Image Folder P-5319/630

Car Wash #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/630

Image Folder P-5319/631

Caving #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/631

Image Folder P-5319/632

CD #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/632

Image Folder P-5319/633-635




Chapel Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/633-635

Image Folder P-5319/636

Downtown: Charlotte, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/636

Image Folder P-5319/637

Chatam County, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/637

Image Folder P-5319/638

Cheerleaders #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/638

Image Folder P-5319/639

Chickens #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/639

Image Folder P-5319/640

China Grove #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/640

Image Folder P-5319/641

Christmas #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/641

Image Folder P-5319/642

Christmas Lawn Ornaments #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/642

Image Folder P-5319/643

Children and Families #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/643

Image Folder P-5319/644

Church in Durham, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/644

Image Folder P-5319/645

Clorox #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/645

Image Folder P-5319/646

Clouds #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/646

Image Folder P-5319/647

Coastal North Carolina #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/647

Image Folder P-5319/648

Coastal Wildlife #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/648

Image Folder P-5319/649

Coffee #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/649

Image Folder P-5319/650

Crab Picking Story #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/650

Image Folder P-5319/651

Crafts #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/651

Image Folder P-5319/652

Crucifix #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/652

Image Folder P-5319/653

Cycling #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/653

Image Folder P-5319/654

Dairy #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/654

Image Folder P-5319/655

Dancing/Nightlife #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/655

Image Folder P-5319/656

Daylighting #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/656

Image Folder P-5319/657

Death Penalty #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/657

Image Folder P-5319/658

Debutantes #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/658

Image Folder P-5319/659

Development #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/659

Image Folder P-5319/660

Dining #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/660

Image Folder P-5319/661

Dismal Swamp #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/661

Image Folder P-5319/662

Distance Education and North Carolina State University #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/662

Image Folder P-5319/663

Dobbins Heights, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/663

Image Folder P-5319/664

Domestic Violence, 20 June 1990 #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/664

Image Folder P-5319/665

Drag Queens #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/665

Image Folder P-5319/666

Driving #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/666

Image Folder P-5319/667

Drugs #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/667

Image Folder P-5319/668

Durham, N.C.: Burch Avenue #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/668

Image Folder P-5319/669670

Durham, N.C.: Downtown #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/669670

Image Folder P-5319/671

Durham, N.C.: Various Places #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/671

Image Folder P-5319/672

Neighborhoods: Durham, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/672

Image Folder P-5319/673

Duplin County, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/673

Image Folder P-5319/674

Earth Day #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/674

Image Folder P-5319/675

Eat Beat #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/675

Image Folder P-5319/676

Eden, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/676

Image Folder P-5319/677

Education #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/677

Image Folder P-5319/678

Electrical Outlets #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/678

Image Folder P-5319/679

Electronic Rights, 12 March 1996 #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/679

Image Folder P-5319/680

Eno Drive Controversy #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/680

Image Folder P-5319/681

Environmental Activism #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/681

Image Folder P-5319/682

Environmental Pollution #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/682

Image Folder P-5319/683

English as a Second Language (ESL) #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/683

Image Folder P-5319/684

Farmers #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/684

Image Folder P-5319/685

Farm Workers #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/685

Image Folder P-5319/686

Fashion #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/686

Image Folder P-5319/687

Fast Food #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/687

Image Folder P-5319/688

Female Condom #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/688


Image Folder P-5319/689

Granville County #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/689

Image Folder P-5319/690

Hillsborough #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/690

Image Folder P-5319/691

J. Jordan Car Site: Robeson County, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/691

Image Folder P-5319/692

Landscapes #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/692

Image Folder P-5319/693

Laurinburg County, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/693

Image Folder P-5319/694

Merchants Mill Pond State Park #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/694

Image Folder P-5319/695

Mexico #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/695

Image Folder P-5319/696

Money/Stocks #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/696

Image Folder P-5319/697

North Carolina Mountains #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/697

Image Folder P-5319/698

Muslims #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/698

Image Folder P-5319/699

Newspapers: Triangle Area #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/699

Image Folder P-5319/700

Nicaragua #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/700

Image Folder P-5319/701

Night Clubs #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/701

Image Folder P-5319/702

North Carolina: General place #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/702

Image Folder P-5319/703

North Carolina: People #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/703

Image Folder P-5319/704

Noses #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/704

Image Folder P-5319/705

Nostalgia #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/705

Image Folder P-5319/706-707



Nursing Homes #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/706-707

Image Folder P-5319/708

Office: General, Home #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/708

Image Folder P-5319/709

Oberlin Neighborhood, February 1996 #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/709

Image Folder P-5319/710

Orange County, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/710

Image Folder P-5319/711

Paintball #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/711


Image Folder P-5319/712-713



Pawn Shops #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/712-713

Image Folder P-5319/714

Pesticides #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/714

Image Folder P-5319/715

Phamaceuticals #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/715

Image Folder P-5319/716

Picnics #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/716

Image Folder P-5319/717

Pigeon River #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/717

Empty: See Champion Paper Company

Image Folder P-5319/718

Pink Triangle 1997 Cover Shot #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/718

Image Folder P-5319/719

Pittsboro, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/719

Image Folder P-5319/720

Pleasant Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/720

Image Folder P-5319/721

Police #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/721

Image Folder P-5319/722

Polka Music #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/722

Image Folder P-5319/723

Pollution #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/723

Image Folder P-5319/724

Pond #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/724

Image Folder P-5319/725

Porch Photos #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/725

Image Folder P-5319/726

Poultry Workers #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/726

Image Folder P-5319/727

Prisoners #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/727

Image Folder P-5319/728

Prisons #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/728

Image Folder P-5319/729

Prison Workers #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/729

Image Folder P-5319/730

Prom #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/730

Image Folder P-5319/731

Protest #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/731

Image Folder P-5319/732

Prozac #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/732

Image Folder P-5319/733

Psychiatry #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/733

Image Folder P-5319/734

Public Housing: Chapel Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/734

Image Folder P-5319/735

Putt-Putt #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/735

Image Folder P-5319/736

Rafting #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/736

Image Folder P-5319/737

Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/737

Image Folder P-5319/738

Raleigh, N.C.: 1958 Archival Shot #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/738

Image Folder P-5319/739

Raleigh, N.C.: Downtown #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/739

Image Folder P-5319/740

North Raleigh, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/740

Image Folder P-5319/741

Raleigh, N.C.: Outer Loop #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/741

Image Folder P-5319/742

Reading #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/742

Image Folder P-5319/743

Recession, January 1992 #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/743

Image Folder P-5319/744

Recycling #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/744

Image Folder P-5319/745

Religion #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/745

Image Folder P-5319/746

Republican Elephant #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/746

Image Folder P-5319/747

Restaurants and Inns #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/747

Image Folder P-5319/748

Ritalin #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/748

Image Folder P-5319/749

Robeson County, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/749

Image Folder P-5319/750

Rock Climbing #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/750

Image Folder P-5319/751

Rock Creek Cedar Rock Park #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/751

Image Folder P-5319/752-753



Romance #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/752-753

Image Folder P-5319/754

Rugby #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/754

Image Folder P-5319/755

Running #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/755

Image Folder P-5319/756

Running and Triathalon #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/756

Image Folder P-5319/757

Rural Scenes #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/757

Image Folder P-5319/758

Schools #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/758

Image Folder P-5319/759

Sailing #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/759

Image Folder P-5319/760

At School #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/760

Image Folder P-5319/761

Durham High School, Durham, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/761

Image Folder P-5319/762

Hoke County Schools #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/762

Image Folder P-5319/763

North Carolina School of Science and Math #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/763

Image Folder P-5319/764

Chapel Hill High School Story #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/764

Image Folder P-5319/765

Teachers #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/765

Image Folder P-5319/766

Riverside High School Students #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/766

Image Folder P-5319/767

Scouts #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/767

Image Folder P-5319/768

Secretaries #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/768

Image Folder P-5319/769

Sex #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/769

Image Folder P-5319/770

Ships #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/770

Image Folder P-5319/771

Shipping: General #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/771

Image Folder P-5319/772

Shi Endra #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/772

Image Folder P-5319/773

Shopping #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/773

Image Folder P-5319/774-775



Signs #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/774-775

Image Folder P-5319/776

Silhouette Photos #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/776

Image Folder P-5319/777

Singles Bars, 19 April 1990 #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/777

Image Folder P-5319/778

Skateboarding #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/778

Image Folder P-5319/779

Skiing #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/779

Image Folder P-5319/780

Slave Reunion #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/780

Image Folder P-5319/781

Sleep #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/781

Image Folder P-5319/782

Smoking #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/782

Image Folder P-5319/783

Soap Operas #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/783

Image Folder P-5319/784

Soccer #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/784

Image Folder P-5319/785

Solar Houses #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/785

Image Folder P-5319/786

Solstice Altar #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/786

Image Folder P-5319/787

State Fair #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/787

Image Folder P-5319/788

Students and Beer #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/788

Image Folder P-5319/789

Stuttering #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/789

Image Folder P-5319/790

Sugar #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/790

Image Folder P-5319/791

Voice of the Voters: Sunglass Store in the Mall, September 1990 #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/791

Image Folder P-5319/792

Sufing #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/792

Image Folder P-5319/793

Swimming #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/793

Image Folder P-5319/794

Table Tennis #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/794

Image Folder P-5319/795

Tap Dancing #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/795

Image Folder P-5319/796

Tax Assessing #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/796

Image Folder P-5319/797, 799

Taxi #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/797, 799

Image Folder P-5319/798

Taxidermy #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/798

Image Folder P-5319/800

Teachers #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/800

Image Folder P-5319/801

Telephones #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/801

Image Folder P-5319/802

Tennis #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/802

Image Folder P-5319/803

Thrift Stores #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/803

Image Folder P-5319/804

Traffic #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/804

Image Folder P-5319/805

Trains #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/805

Image Folder P-5319/806

Triangle Streets: General #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/806

Image Folder P-5319/807

Trucks #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/807

Image Folder P-5319/808

Truck Stops #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/808

Image Folder P-5319/809

TV News #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/809

Image Folder P-5319/810

Umstead Park #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/810

Image Folder P-5319/811

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Activism #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/811

Image Folder P-5319/812

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Students #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/812


Image Folder P-5319/813

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Women's Soccer #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/813

Image Folder P-5319/814

Vegetables #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/814

Image Folder P-5319/815-816



Velcro Wall #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/815-816

Image Folder P-5319/817

Videos #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/817

Image Folder P-5319/818

Vietnam Protest Photos #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/818

Image Folder P-5319/819

Virtual Reality #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/819

Image Folder P-5319/820

Voting #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/820

Image Folder P-5319/821

Walking #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/821

Image Folder P-5319/822

Water #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/822

Image Folder P-5319/823

Water Quality: Chapel Hill, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/823

Image Folder P-5319/824

Water: Butner, N.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/824

Image Folder P-5319/825

Weightlifting #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/825

Image Folder P-5319/826

Whistle #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/826

Image Folder P-5319/827

Wine #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/827

Image Folder P-5319/828

Wine Glass #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/828

Image Folder P-5319/829

Women's Health #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/829

Image Folder P-5319/830

Woolworth Sit-Ins #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/830

Image Folder P-5319/831

Workers Compensation #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/831

Image Folder P-5319/832

Wrestling #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/832

Image Folder P-5319/833

Yuppies #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/833

Image Folder P-5319/834

Zines in the Triangle #05319, Subseries: "1.3. General." P-5319/834

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.4. Individuals.

About 6,000 items.

Photographs and negatives depicting a wide variety of identified individuals, chiefly North Carolinians, including local and statewide politicians, artists and musicians, local activists and civic leaders, and others. Also included are some nationally prominent figures, among them Mike Easley, John Edwards, Harvey Gantt, Jesse Helms, Jim Hunt, and Bill Bell. Folder titles are usually the name of the individual depicted in the photographs and negatives contained in that folder. For the most part, original folder titles have been retained.

Image Folder P-5319/2568

Abdul-Hakim, Nazeeh #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2568

Image Folder P-5319/2569

Abernathy, Vernon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2569

Image Folder P-5319/2570

Abrams, Doug #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2570

Image Folder P-5319/2571

Adams, Al #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2571

Image Folder P-5319/2572

Adams, Mark A. A. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2572

Image Folder P-5319/2573

Adams, Stella #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2573

Image Folder P-5319/2574

Adamson, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2574

Image Folder P-5319/2575

Adamson, Larry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2575

Image Folder P-5319/2576

Aderholt, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2576

Image Folder P-5319/2577

Aguirre, Bridgett #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2577

Image Folder P-5319/2578

Aberd, Julio #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2578

Image Folder P-5319/2579

Aldridge, Allen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2579

Image Folder P-5319/2580

Alexander, Lex and Anne #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2580

Image Folder P-5319/2581

Alexander, Louis B. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2581

Image Folder P-5319/2582

Alexander, Maxine #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2582

Image Folder P-5319/2583

Alldridge #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2583

Image Folder P-5319/2584

Allen, Barry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2584

Image Folder P-5319/2585

Allen, Ray, May 1989 #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2585

Image Folder P-5319/2586

Alley, Zeb #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2586

Image Folder P-5319/2587

Alloway, S. F. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2587

Image Folder P-5319/2588

Allram #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2588

Image Folder P-5319/2589

Allsbrook, Julian R. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2589

Image Folder P-5319/2590

Alston, Skip #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2590

Image Folder P-5319/2591

Alston, Joyce #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2591

Former Harris Teeter employee, 15 January 1997

Image Folder P-5319/2592

Alvarez, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2592

Image Folder P-5319/2593

Anderson, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2593

Image Folder P-5319/2594

Anderson, Hank #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2594

Image Folder P-5319/2595

Anderson, Judy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2595

Image Folder P-5319/2596

Andresen, Julie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2596

Image Folder P-5319/2597

Andrews, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2597

Image Folder P-5319/2598

Andrews, Ike #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2598

Image Folder P-5319/2599

Andrews, Steve #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2599

Image Folder P-5319/2600

Antley, Pat #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2600

Image Folder P-5319/2601

Anyane-ntow, Juanita S. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2601

Image Folder P-5319/2602

Apple, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2602

Image Folder P-5319/2603

Applewhite, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2603

Image Folder P-5319/2604

Ariel, Kate #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2604

Image Folder P-5319/2605

Arnold, Cindy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2605

Image Folder P-5319/2606

Arnold, Steve #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2606

Image Folder P-5319/2607

Assassin, T.J. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2607

Image Folder P-5319/2608

Atkins, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2608

Image Folder P-5319/2609

Atwater, Will #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2609

Image Folder P-5319/2610

Austin, Dave #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2610

Image Folder P-5319/2611

Autry, Dustin #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2611

Image Folder P-5319/2612

Ayers, Melanie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2612

Desert Storm Babies

Image Folder P-5319/2613

Babb, Sandy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2613

Image Folder P-5319/2614

Baggett, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2614

Image Folder P-5319/2615

Bailey, Ruffin #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2615

Image Folder P-5319/2616

Baker, Chris #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2616

See David Adamson

Image Folder P-5319/2617

Baker, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2617

Image Folder P-5319/2618

Baker, Jim and Tammy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2618

Image Folder P-5319/2619

Baker, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2619

Image Folder P-5319/2620

Baker, John, M.D. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2620

Image Folder P-5319/2621

Baker, Sue #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2621

Image Folder P-5319/2622

Baker, Quinten #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2622

Image Folder P-5319/2623

Baldwin, Keith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2623

Image Folder P-5319/2624

Baker, Donald #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2624

Image Folder P-5319/2625

Ballance, Frank W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2625

Image Folder P-5319/2625a

Ballenger, T. Cass #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2625a

Image Folder P-5319/2626

Balmer, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2626

Image Folder P-5319/2627

Bamberger, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2627

Promotional photos for 1998 exhibit

Image Folder P-5319/2628

Barbee, Quincy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2628

Image Folder P-5319/2629

Barber, James David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2629

Image Folder P-5319/2630

Barbour, Jessie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2630

Image Folder P-5319/2631

Barefoot, Carol #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2631

Image Folder P-5319/2632

Barefoot, Stephen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2632

Image Folder P-5319/2633

Barfield, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2633

Image Folder P-5319/2634

Barker, Ben and Karen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2634

Image Folder P-5319/2635

Barker, Brad #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2635

Image Folder P-5319/2636

Barnes, Anne #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2636

Image Folder P-5319/2637

Barnes, Henson #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2637

Image Folder P-5319/2638

Barnes, Richard W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2638

Image Folder P-5319/2639

Barnette #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2639

Image Folder P-5319/2640

Barnwell, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2640

Image Folder P-5319/2641

Baron, Joan R. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2641

Image Folder P-5319/2642

Barrett, Grainger #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2642

Image Folder P-5319/2643

Blanchette, Barry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2643

Image Folder P-5319/2644

Barray, Gerald #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2644

Image Folder P-5319/2645

Bartlett, John, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2645

Image Folder P-5319/2646

Basnight, Mark #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2646

Image Folder P-5319/2647

Bass, Needham #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2647

Image Folder P-5319/2648

Batemon, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2648

Image Folder P-5319/2649

Battle, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2649

Ob-Gyn Women in Business

Image Folder P-5319/2650

Bauer, Gary #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2650

Image Folder P-5319/2651

Baxter, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2651

Image Folder P-5319/2652

Bazemore, Donna #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2652

Image Folder P-5319/2653

Bazemore, Phil #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2653

Image Folder P-5319/2654

Beacham, E. Brand #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2654

Image Folder P-5319/2655

Beam, Jeffery #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2655

Image Folder P-5319/2656

Beamer, Anna #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2656

Image Folder P-5319/2657

Beasley, Mark #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2657

Image Folder P-5319/2658

Behringer, Sue #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2658

Image Folder P-5319/2659

Bell, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2659

Image Folder P-5319/2660

Bell, Peggy Kirk #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2660

Image Folder P-5319/2661

Benda, Judy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2661

Image Folder P-5319/2662

Bennett, Rose #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2662

Image Folder P-5319/2663

Benton, Dempsey #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2663

Image Folder P-5319/2664

Benson, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2664

Image Folder P-5319/2665

Berger, Doug #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2665

Image Folder P-5319/2666

Bergman, Ed #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2666

Image Folder P-5319/2667

Bergman, Lee Ray #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2667

Image Folder P-5319/2668

Berrigan, Phil #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2668

Image Folder P-5319/2669

Berlan, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2669

Image Folder P-5319/2670

Bernholz, Steve #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2670

Image Folder P-5319/2671

Best, Barbara #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2671

Image Folder P-5319/2672

Best, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2672

Image Folder P-5319/2673

Betts, Hazel #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2673

Image Folder P-5319/2674

Bevill, James W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2674

Image Folder P-5319/2675

Biddix, Bruce #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2675

Image Folder P-5319/2676

Biddy, Doug #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2676

Image Folder P-5319/2677

Billings, Paul, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2677

Image Folder P-5319/2678

Billingsley, Everett #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2678

Image Folder P-5319/2679

Black, Mary Ann #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2679

Image Folder P-5319/2680

Black, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2680

Image Folder P-5319/2681

Blake, Larry, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2681

Image Folder P-5319/2682

Blackency, Kenny #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2682

Image Folder P-5319/2683

Blalock, Dr. Carlton #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2683

North Carolina Tobacco Growers vice-president

Image Folder P-5319/2684

Blanchette, Barry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2684

Image Folder P-5319/2685

Blaylock, Anthony #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2685

Image Folder P-5319/2686

Bleyman, Michael #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2686

Image Folder P-5319/2687

Blue, Dan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2687

Image Folder P-5319/2688

Blyth, Pam #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2688

Image Folder P-5319/2689

Boal, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2689


Image Folder P-5319/2690

Bobbitt, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2690

Image Folder P-5319/2691

Bode, Lucy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2691

Image Folder P-5319/2692

Bogle, Ronald #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2692

Image Folder P-5319/2693

Boisson, Elizabeth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2693

Image Folder P-5319/2694

Boone, Kim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2694

Image Folder P-5319/2695

Booth, Koka #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2695

Image Folder P-5319/2696

Borden, Peggy Watson #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2696

Image Folder P-5319/2697

Booker, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2697

Image Folder P-5319/2698

Botsford, Beverly #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2698

Image Folder P-5319/2699

Bourgeois-Gavardin, Marguarite #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2699

Durham, N.C., Homeless Shelter, 5 March 1997

Image Folder P-5319/2700

Bowden, Regina #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2700

Image Folder P-5319/2701

Bowden, Ruby #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2701

Image Folder P-5319/2702

Bowen, D.D.S. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2702

Image Folder P-5319/2703

Bowie, Aubrey #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2703

Image Folder P-5319/2704

Bowles, Gerry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2704

Image Folder P-5319/2705

Bowman, Fred #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2705

Image Folder P-5319/2706

Bowman, Joyce #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2706

Image Folder P-5319/2707

Bowsen, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2707

Image Folder P-5319/2708

Boyles, Harlan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2708

Image Folder P-5319/2709

Bradley, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2709

Image Folder P-5319/2710

Branch, Joseph #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2710

Image Folder P-5319/2711

Brandt, Wesley #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2711

Image Folder P-5319/2712

Brantley, Jerry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2712


Image Folder P-5319/2713

Brannon, Yvonne #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2713

Image Folder P-5319/2714

Cooper, Roy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2714

Image Folder P-5319/2715

Brown, Margaret #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2715

Image Folder P-5319/2716

Braun, Joyce #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2716

Image Folder P-5319/2717

Braun, Marilyn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2717

Image Folder P-5319/2718

Breeden, Danny #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2718

Image Folder P-5319/2719

Breeden, Doug #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2719

Image Folder P-5319/2720

Brennan, Louise #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2720

Image Folder P-5319/2721

Brewington, Sylvanus #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2721

Image Folder P-5319/2722

Bristol, Ed #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2722

Image Folder P-5319/2723

Britt, Robin #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2723

Image Folder P-5319/2724

Brittain, Mike #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2724

Image Folder P-5319/2725

Broad, Molly Corbett #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2725

Image Folder P-5319/2726

Broder, Betty #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2726

Image Folder P-5319/2727

Brodie, Keith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2727

Image Folder P-5319/2728

Brooks, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2728

Image Folder P-5319/2729

Brooks #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2729

Image Folder P-5319/2730

Brooks, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2730

Image Folder P-5319/2731

Brooks, Thomas, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2731

Image Folder P-5319/2732

Brown, Brewster #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2732

Image Folder P-5319/2733

Brown, Charlotte #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2733

Image Folder P-5319/2734

Brown, Clarence #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2734

Image Folder P-5319/2735

Brown, Claronell K. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2735

Image Folder P-5319/2736

Brown, Cynthia #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2736

Image Folder P-5319/2737

Brown, Gene #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2737

Image Folder P-5319/2738

Brown, Joyce #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2738

Image Folder P-5319/2739

Brown, Lightning #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2739

Image Folder P-5319/2740

Broyhill, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2740

Image Folder P-5319/2741

Brubaker #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2741

Image Folder P-5319/2742

Bruington, Rhoda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2742

Image Folder P-5319/2743

Bryan, C. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2743

Image Folder P-5319/2744

Bryan, Fred, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2744

Image Folder P-5319/2745

Bryan, Jay #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2745

Image Folder P-5319/2746

Bryant, Helen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2746

Image Folder P-5319/2747

Bryant, Jamal #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2747

Image Folder P-5319/2748

Bryant, Mary #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2748

Image Folder P-5319/2749

Buchanan, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2749

Image Folder P-5319/2750

Buchanan, Pat #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2750

Image Folder P-5319/2751

Buck, Richard P. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2751

Image Folder P-5319/2752

Buckley, William F. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2752

Image Folder P-5319/2753

Buckmaster, Elaine #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2753

Image Folder P-5319/2754

Bush #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2754

Image Folder P-5319/2755

Buckner, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2755

Image Folder P-5319/2756

Burkhardt, William #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2756

Image Folder P-5319/2757

Burnett, Gene #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2757

Image Folder P-5319/2758

Burnette, Lavonda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2758

Image Folder P-5319/2759

Burnett, Ray #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2759

Image Folder P-5319/2760

Burnette, Lavonda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2760

Image Folder P-5319/2761

Burns, Norma #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2761

Image Folder P-5319/2762

Burnette, Brenda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2762

Image Folder P-5319/2763

Burroughs, Robert #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2763

Image Folder P-5319/2764

Burwell, Dollie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2764

Image Folder P-5319/2765

Busby, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2765

Image Folder P-5319/2766

Bushnell, Mary #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2766

Image Folder P-5319/2767

Byrd, Franklin D. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2767

Image Folder P-5319/2768

Caesar, Shirley #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2768

Image Folder P-5319/2769

Caldwell, Charles F. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2769

Image Folder P-5319/2770

Caldwell, Hilliard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2770

Image Folder P-5319/2771

Campbell, Ron #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2771

Image Folder P-5319/2772

Candidates, Unknown #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2772

Image Folder P-5319/2773

Cannon, Kwame #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2773

Image Folder P-5319/2774

Caplan, Mike #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2774

See Thomas, Miriam

Image Folder P-5319/2775

Capowski, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2775

Image Folder P-5319/2776

Capps, Jay Russell #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2776

Image Folder P-5319/2777

Carey, Moses #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2777

Image Folder P-5319/2778

Carmon, Nancy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2778

Image Folder P-5319/2779

Carpenter, Mike #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2779

Image Folder P-5319/2780

Carr, R. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2780

Image Folder P-5319/2781

Carrington, Don #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2781

Image Folder P-5319/2782

Carroll, Cathy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2782

Image Folder P-5319/2783

Carrow, Hill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2783

Image Folder P-5319/2784

Carter, Dennis #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2784

Image Folder P-5319/2785

Carter, Elisabeth Mason #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2785

Image Folder P-5319/2786

Carter, Jimmy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2786

Image Folder P-5319/2787

Carter, Mandy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2787

Image Folder P-5319/2788

Case, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2788

Image Folder P-5319/2789-2790



Cash, Roxy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2789-2790

Image Folder P-5319/2791

Cashwell, Narley Sr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2791

Image Folder P-5319/2792

Castle, Lee #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2792

Image Folder P-5319/2793

Causey, Mike #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2793

Image Folder P-5319/2794

Cates, Fred S. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2794

Image Folder P-5319/2795

Cates, Mary #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2795

Image Folder P-5319/2796

Caves, Thomas #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2796

Image Folder P-5319/2797

Cendric, Mike #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2797

Image Folder P-5319/2798

Cessar, Paul #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2798

Image Folder P-5319/2799

Chalmers, Sergeant Steve #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2799

Image Folder P-5319/2800

Chambers, Julius #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2800

Image Folder P-5319/2801

Chambers, Tom #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2801

Image Folder P-5319/2802

Chamis, Chris #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2802

Image Folder P-5319/2803

Chavious, Ken #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2803

Image Folder P-5319/2804

Chesson, Jean #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2804

Image Folder P-5319/2805

Chilton, Mark #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2805

Image Folder P-5319/2806

Chitwood, Michael #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2806

Image Folder P-5319/2807

Chomsky, Noam #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2807

Image Folder P-5319/2808

Chandler, Linda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2808

Image Folder P-5319/2809

Check, Jill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2809

Image Folder P-5319/2810

Chung, Payton #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2810

Image Folder P-5319/2811

Church, Fred #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2811

Image Folder P-5319/2812

Clapp, Gordon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2812

Image Folder P-5319/2813

Clark, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2813

Image Folder P-5319/2814

Clark, Mary Jane #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2814

Image Folder P-5319/2815

Clark, Rebecca #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2815

Image Folder P-5319/2816

Clark, Shelton #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2816

Image Folder P-5319/2817

Clarke, Peggy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2817

Image Folder P-5319/2818

Clemens, Brian #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2818

Image Folder P-5319/2819

Clement, Howard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2819

Image Folder P-5319/2820

Clement, Josephine #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2820

Image Folder P-5319/2821

Clinton, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2821

Image Folder P-5319/2822

Clinton, Hillary #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2822

Image Folder P-5319/2823

Coates, Charlie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2823

Image Folder P-5319/2824

Cochrane, Betsy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2824

Image Folder P-5319/2825

Cobb, W. Allen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2825

Image Folder P-5319/2826

Cobey, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2826

Image Folder P-5319/2827

Coble, Howard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2827

Image Folder P-5319/2828

Coburn, George #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2828

Image Folder P-5319/2829

Cohen, Todd #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2829

At the News and Observer

Image Folder P-5319/2830

Cole, Louise #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2830

Image Folder P-5319/2831

Coleman, Dan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2831

Image Folder P-5319/2832

Coleman, Linda D. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2832

Image Folder P-5319/2833

Collins, Bryan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2833

Image Folder P-5319/2834

Collins #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2834

Image Folder P-5319/2835

Collins, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2835

Image Folder P-5319/2836

Colton, Marie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2836

Image Folder P-5319/2837

Conder, Richard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2837

Image Folder P-5319/2838

Conkling, Mark #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2838

Image Folder P-5319/2839

Connerat, Jean #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2839

Image Folder P-5319/2840

Connolly, William #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2840

Image Folder P-5319/2841

Converse, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2841

Image Folder P-5319/2842

Cook, Judith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2842

Image Folder P-5319/2843

Cook, Olli #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2843

Image Folder P-5319/2844

Cook, Keith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2844

Image Folder P-5319/2845

Cook, Ruth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2845

Image Folder P-5319/2846

Copeland, Betty #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2846

Image Folder P-5319/2847

Coleman, Carolyn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2847

Image Folder P-5319/2848

Copeland, Tom #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2848

Image Folder P-5319/2849

Cordasco, Caroline #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2849

Image Folder P-5319/2850

Corley, Margaret #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2850

Image Folder P-5319/2851

Corsis, Michael #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2851

Image Folder P-5319/2852

Cosgrove, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2852

Image Folder P-5319/2853

Cotton, Ron #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2853

Image Folder P-5319/2854

Coulton, Abigail #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2854

Image Folder P-5319/2855

Council, Herb #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2855

Image Folder P-5319/2856

Cousin, Philip R. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2856

Image Folder P-5319/2857

Covington, Willie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2857

Image Folder P-5319/2858

Cowan, Gregg #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2858

Image Folder P-5319/2859

Cox, Edwin #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2859

Image Folder P-5319/2860

Cox, Ty #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2860

Image Folder P-5319/2861

Coyne, Rebecca #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2861

Image Folder P-5319/2862

Cozart, J. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2862

Image Folder P-5319/2863

Craig, Doris #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2863

Image Folder P-5319/2864

Craig, Tito #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2864

Image Folder P-5319/2865

Craven, Phyllis #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2865

Image Folder P-5319/2866

Crawford, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2866

Image Folder P-5319/2867

Crawford, Myra Lee #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2867

Image Folder P-5319/2868

Creech, Jimmy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2868

Image Folder P-5319/2869

Crovner, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2869

Image Folder P-5319/2870

Cronin, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2870

Image Folder P-5319/2871

Cronin, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2871

Image Folder P-5319/2872

Crowther, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2872

Image Folder P-5319/2873

Crowther, Hal #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2873

Image Folder P-5319/2874

Crumlich, E.D. (Don) #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2874

Image Folder P-5319/2875

Crumpler, Faye D. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2875

Image Folder P-5319/2876

Crutchfield, Curtis #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2876

Image Folder P-5319/2877

Cummings, Francis #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2877

Image Folder P-5319/2878

Currin, Sam #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/2878

Image Folder P-5319/835

Dahl, Salinda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/835

Image Folder P-5319/836

Daland, Will #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/836

Image Folder P-5319/837

Damin, Rebecca #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/837

Image Folder P-5319/838

Darenhower, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/838

Image Folder P-5319/839

Daniels, Frank Jr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/839

Image Folder P-5319/840

Daniels, Frank III #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/840

Image Folder P-5319/841

Darden, Tom #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/841

Image Folder P-5319/842

Darguenne, Jeannie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/842

Image Folder P-5319/843

Darguenne, Jules #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/843

Image Folder P-5319/844

Daughtery, Leo #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/844

Image Folder P-5319/845

Davis #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/845

Image Folder P-5319/846

Davis, Angela #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/846

Image Folder P-5319/847

Davis, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/847

Image Folder P-5319/848

Davis-McCoy, Christina #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/848

Empty: See NCARRV

Image Folder P-5319/849

Davis, Doug #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/849

Image Folder P-5319/850

Davis, Jane #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/850

Image Folder P-5319/851

Davis, Eddie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/851

Image Folder P-5319/852

Davis, Lawrence #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/852

Image Folder P-5319/853

Davis, Thomas #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/853

Image Folder P-5319/854

Davis, Walter #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/854

Image Folder P-5319/855

Dawkins, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/855

Image Folder P-5319/856

Dawson, Edward #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/856

Image Folder P-5319/857

Dawson, Lois #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/857

Image Folder P-5319/858

Dayan, Marshall #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/858

Image Folder P-5319/859

Daye, Wayne #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/859

Image Folder P-5319/860

Dean, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/860

Image Folder P-5319/861

Deaten, Ed #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/861

Empty: See Brown, Marilyn

Image Folder P-5319/862

Dear, Stephen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/862

Image Folder P-5319/863

Debnam, W. Thurston Jr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/863

Image Folder P-5319/864

Deck, Dayna #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/864

Image Folder P-5319/865

Decker, Michael #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/865

Image Folder P-5319/866

Dehmer, Allan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/866

Image Folder P-5319/867

Dellinger, Walter #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/867

Image Folder P-5319/868

Demers, Jonathan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/868

Image Folder P-5319/869

Demery, Larry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/869

Image Folder P-5319/870

Dennard, Kenny #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/870

Image Folder P-5319/871

Derrick, Milford #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/871

Empty: See DATA South

Image Folder P-5319/872

Devlin, Leah #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/872

Image Folder P-5319/873

Diamont, Dave #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/873

Image Folder P-5319/874

Diamont, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/874

Image Folder P-5319/875

Dickens, Denise #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/875

Image Folder P-5319/876

Dillinger, Anne #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/876

Image Folder P-5319/877

Dickerson, Janet #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/877

Image Folder P-5319/878

Didon, Nick #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/878

Image Folder P-5319/879

Didow, Nicholas #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/879

Image Folder P-5319/880

Diem, Gordon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/880

Image Folder P-5319/881

Di Guissepi, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/881

Image Folder P-5319/882

Di Stefano, Pam #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/882

Image Folder P-5319/883

Dole, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/883

Image Folder P-5319/884

Donaldson, Arthur J. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/884

Image Folder P-5319/885

Donovan, David W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/885

Image Folder P-5319/886

D'or, Richard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/886

Image Folder P-5319/887

Dorfman, Arial #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/887

Image Folder P-5319/888

Dornan, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/888

Public School Forum executive director

Image Folder P-5319/889

Dorosin, Mark #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/889

Image Folder P-5319/890

Dorsett, Katie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/890

Image Folder P-5319/891

Doss, Monica #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/891

Image Folder P-5319/892

Dove, Rick #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/892

Image Folder P-5319/893

Draper, William #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/893

Image Folder P-5319/894

Drechsel, Shirley #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/894

Image Folder P-5319/895

Drum, Carol #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/895

Image Folder P-5319/896

Dukes, Margaret #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/896

Image Folder P-5319/897

Dunbar, Leslie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/897

Image Folder P-5319/898

Duncan, Allyson #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/898

Image Folder P-5319/899

Duncan, Ann #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/899

Image Folder P-5319/900

Dunn, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/900

Image Folder P-5319/901

Dunlap, Johnnie Lee #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/901

Image Folder P-5319/902

Dunn, Elizabeth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/902

Image Folder P-5319/903

Durham, Gretchen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/903

Image Folder P-5319/904

Dyer, Donna #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/904

Image Folder P-5319/905

Dykes, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/905

Image Folder P-5319/906

Dyson, Michael Eric #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/906

Image Folder P-5319/907

Eagles, Sid #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/907

Image Folder P-5319/908

Easley, E. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/908

Image Folder P-5319/909

Easley, Mike #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/909

Image Folder P-5319/910

Easterling, Ruth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/910

Image Folder P-5319/911

Echols, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/911


Image Folder P-5319/912

Eddins, Rick #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/912

Image Folder P-5319/913

Eddleman, Wells #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/913

Image Folder P-5319/914

Edeburn, Judd #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/914

Image Folder P-5319/915

Edgerton, Clyde #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/915

Image Folder P-5319/916

Edmisten, Rufus #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/916

Image Folder P-5319/917

Edmunds, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/917

Image Folder P-5319/918

Edwards, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/918

Image Folder P-5319/919

Edwards, Elton #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/919

Image Folder P-5319/920

Edwards, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/920

Image Folder P-5319/921

Edwards, Grover #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/921

Image Folder P-5319/922

Edwards, Josephine #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/922

Image Folder P-5319/923

Edwards, Keith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/923

Image Folder P-5319/924

Edwards, Tamma #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/924

Image Folder P-5319/925

Ehret, Brian #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/925

Empty: See Fisher, Shane

Image Folder P-5319/926

Ehrhardt, Julia #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/926

Image Folder P-5319/927

Einsmann, Sharon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/927

Image Folder P-5319/928

Eisenbud, Merrill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/928

Image Folder P-5319/929

Eldreth, Betty #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/929

Duke cancer case

Image Folder P-5319/930

Jamal Elliot's mother #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/930

Image Folder P-5319/931

Elliot, Mark #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/931

Image Folder P-5319/932

Elliott-Bynum, Sharon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/932

Image Folder P-5319/933

Ellis, Sam #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/933

Image Folder P-5319/934

Elstran, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/934

Image Folder P-5319/935

Elting, G. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/935

Image Folder P-5319/936

Emory, Bobby Yates #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/936

Image Folder P-5319/937

Emory, Frank #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/937

Empty: See Edwards, Josephine

Image Folder P-5319/938

Ende, Barbara Ann #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/938

Image Folder P-5319/939

Engelhard, Virginia #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/939

Image Folder P-5319/940

English, Mike #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/940

Image Folder P-5319/941

English, Vera May #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/941

Image Folder P-5319/942

Ervin, Sam #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/942

Image Folder P-5319/943

Eshelman, Curt #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/943

Image Folder P-5319/944

Stewart-Eshelman, Mary #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/944

Image Folder P-5319/945

Etheridge, Bobby #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/945

Image Folder P-5319/946

Etheridge, Larry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/946

Image Folder P-5319/947

Ettin, Johanna #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/947

Image Folder P-5319/948

Eubanks, Georgann #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/948

Image Folder P-5319/949

Eure, Thad #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/949

Image Folder P-5319/950

Evans, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/950

Image Folder P-5319/951

Evans,Pat #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/951

African American

Image Folder P-5319/952

Evans, Pat #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/952

White male

Image Folder P-5319/953

Everette, George #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/953

Image Folder P-5319/954

Ewell #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/954

Image Folder P-5319/955

Exum, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/955

Image Folder P-5319/956

Faircloth, Lauch #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/956

Image Folder P-5319/957

Faison, William #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/957

Image Folder P-5319/958

Falls, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/958

Image Folder P-5319/959

Faludi, Susan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/959

Image Folder P-5319/960

Falwell, Jerry, Reverend #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/960

Image Folder P-5319/961

Farmer, Ann #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/961

Image Folder P-5319/962

Farrakhan, Louis #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/962

Image Folder P-5319/963

Farthing, Frances #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/963

Image Folder P-5319/964

Felix #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/964

Image Folder P-5319/965

Fennell, Mike #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/965

Image Folder P-5319/966

Ferguson, Paul #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/966

Image Folder P-5319/967

Ferree-Clark, Nancy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/967

Image Folder P-5319/968-969



Fetzer, Tom #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/968-969

Image Folder P-5319/970

Fields-Davis, Sarah #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/970

Image Folder P-5319/971

Finlator, W.W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/971


Image Folder P-5319/972

Fischel, Greg #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/972

Image Folder P-5319/973

Fischer, Judith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/973

Image Folder P-5319/974

Fischer, Pat #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/974

Image Folder P-5319/975

Fisher, Shane #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/975

Image Folder P-5319/976

Fishell, Julie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/976

Empty: See Adamson, David

Image Folder P-5319/977

Fitch, Milton "Toby" #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/977

Image Folder P-5319/978

Fitzgerald, Michael #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/978

Image Folder P-5319/979

Fitzsimon, Chris #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/979

Image Folder P-5319/980

Flaherty, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/980

Image Folder P-5319/981

Flake, Floyd, Reverend #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/981

Image Folder P-5319/982

Floren, Gillian #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/982

Empty: See Schewel, Steve

Image Folder P-5319/983

Fogwell, Lynn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/983

Image Folder P-5319/984

Fontana, Lynn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/984

Image Folder P-5319/985

Forrest, Steven #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/985

Image Folder P-5319/986

Forsyth, Ed #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/986

Magnet school principal, Durham, N.C.

Image Folder P-5319/987

Foscue, Kenny #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/987

Empty: See ACTWU

Image Folder P-5319/988

Foushee, B. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/988

Image Folder P-5319/989

Fowler, Wallace #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/989

Image Folder P-5319/990

Fowler, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/990

With grandchildren

Image Folder P-5319/991

Fowler, Kelli #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/991

Image Folder P-5319/992

Fox, Carl #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/992

Image Folder P-5319/993

Foy, Kevin #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/993

Image Folder P-5319/994

Fozard, Donald #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/994

Image Folder P-5319/995

Francis, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/995

Image Folder P-5319/996

Francesconi, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/996

Empty: See Hieronymous Brothers Seafood

Image Folder P-5319/997

Franklin, Anne #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/997

Image Folder P-5319/998

Franklin, H.M. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/998

Image Folder P-5319/999

Franklin, John Hope #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/999


Image Folder P-5319/1000

Franklin, Ken #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1000

Empty: See Mace, Ron

Image Folder P-5319/1001

Franks, Steve #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1001

Image Folder P-5319/1002

Frederick, Doug #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1002

Image Folder P-5319/1003

Freelon, Nnenna and family #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1003

Image Folder P-5319/1004

Freelon, Phil #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1004

Image Folder P-5319/1005

Freeman, B. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1005

Image Folder P-5319/1006

Freeman, Elizabeth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1006

Image Folder P-5319/1007

Freeman, William M. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1007

Image Folder P-5319/1008

Freeman, Franklin #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1008

Image Folder P-5319/1009

Friday, William C. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1009

Image Folder P-5319/1010

Friedrick, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1010

Image Folder P-5319/1011

Fonvielle, Lanier #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1011

Image Folder P-5319/1012

French, Becky #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1012

Image Folder P-5319/1013

Foushee, Valerie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1013

Image Folder P-5319/1014

Fuchs, Laurie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1014

Image Folder P-5319/1015

Fulani, Lenora, Ph.D. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1015

Image Folder P-5319/1016

Fuller, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1016

Image Folder P-5319/1017

Fullwood, James R. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1017

Image Folder P-5319/1018

Fulmer, Tim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1018

Image Folder P-5319/1019

Fulton, Katherine #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1019

Image Folder P-5319/1020

Funderburk #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1020

Image Folder P-5319/1021

Funderburke, Tom #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1021

Image Folder P-5319/1022

Gainey, Barbara #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1022

Image Folder P-5319/1023

Gann, Karen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1023

Image Folder P-5319/1024

Gann, Pamela B. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1024

Image Folder P-5319/1025

Gantt, Harvey #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1025

Image Folder P-5319/1026

Gantt, Harvey #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1026

By Tim Dowdall

Image Folder P-5319/1027

Gardner, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1027

Image Folder P-5319/1028

Gatewood, Curtis #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1028

Image Folder P-5319/1029

Gardner, Kenn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1029

Image Folder P-5319/1030

Garland, Franklin and Betty #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1030

Image Folder P-5319/1031

Garr, Karen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1031

Image Folder P-5319/1032

Garnett, Keith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1032

Image Folder P-5319/1033

Garnett, Ruth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1033

Image Folder P-5319/1034

Gaston, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1034

Image Folder P-5319/1035

Gatewood, Joseph #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1035

Image Folder P-5319/1036

Gentry, Guy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1036

Image Folder P-5319/1037

Gerrard, Alice #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1037

Image Folder P-5319/1038

Gessner, Paul #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1038

Image Folder P-5319/1039

Gibson, Elmer #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1039

Image Folder P-5319/1040

Gilbert, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1040

Image Folder P-5319/1041

Giles, Deborah #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1041

Image Folder P-5319/1042

Gilmore, Tom #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1042

Image Folder P-5319/1043

Gist, Jacquelyn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1043

Image Folder P-5319/1044

Glass, Martha #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1044

Image Folder P-5319/1045

Goddard, Evelyn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1045

Image Folder P-5319/1046

Goddess #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1046

Image Folder P-5319/1047

Goebbels, Ursula #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1047

Image Folder P-5319/1048

Godschalk, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1048

Image Folder P-5319/1049

Godwin, Dan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1049

Image Folder P-5319/1050

Godwin, Phil #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1050

Image Folder P-5319/1051

Goggins, Amanda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1051

Image Folder P-5319/1052

Goldstein, Harvey #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1052

Image Folder P-5319/1053

Goll, Jeff #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1053

Image Folder P-5319/1054

Goode, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1054

Image Folder P-5319/1055

Goode, Larry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1055

Image Folder P-5319/1056

Goode, Lee #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1056

Image Folder P-5319/1057

Goodnight, James H., Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1057

Image Folder P-5319/1058

Goodson, Elwood #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1058

Image Folder P-5319/1059

Goodson, Gary #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1059

Image Folder P-5319/1060

Goodwin, Larry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1060

Image Folder P-5319/1061

Gordie, Vickie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1061

Image Folder P-5319/1062

Gordon, Alice #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1062

Image Folder P-5319/1063

Gore, Al #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1063

Image Folder P-5319/1064

Gore, Tipper #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1064

Image Folder P-5319/1065

Gorman, Roy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1065

Image Folder P-5319/1066

Goss, Todd #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1066

Image Folder P-5319/1067

Gottovi, Karen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1067

Image Folder P-5319/1068

Goudie, Vicky #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1068

Image Folder P-5319/1069

Gower, Tommy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1069

Image Folder P-5319/1070

Goza, Emma #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1070

Image Folder P-5319/1071

Grady #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1071

Image Folder P-5319/1072

Graham, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1072

Image Folder P-5319/1073

Gramm, Phil #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1073

Image Folder P-5319/1074

Grant, Carolyn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1074

Image Folder P-5319/1075

Grant, Marse #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1075

Image Folder P-5319/1076

Graves, Kathleen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1076

Magnet Center director

Image Folder P-5319/1077

Gray, Carolyn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1077

Image Folder P-5319/1078

Gray, George #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1078

Image Folder P-5319/1079

Gray, R.C. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1079

Image Folder P-5319/1080

Gray, Rachel #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1080

Image Folder P-5319/1081

Green, Daniel #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1081

Empty: See Demery, Larry

Image Folder P-5319/1082

Green, Anna #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1082

Image Folder P-5319/1083

Green, Jimmy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1083

Image Folder P-5319/1084

Greene, K. Edward #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1084

Image Folder P-5319/1085

Greenblatt, Deborah #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1085

Image Folder P-5319/1086

Greenlee, Loto J. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1086

Image Folder P-5319/1087

Greenshields, Gary #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1087

Image Folder P-5319/1088

Gregory, Donna #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1088

Image Folder P-5319/1089

Griffin, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1089

Image Folder P-5319/1090

Griffin, George #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1090

Image Folder P-5319/1091

Griffin, Kim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1091

Image Folder P-5319/1092

Graw, Julie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1092

Image Folder P-5319/1093

Grimsley, Joseph W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1093

Image Folder P-5319/1094

Gross, Julie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1094

Image Folder P-5319/1095

Grossen, Chuck and Dad #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1095

Chatham County story

Image Folder P-5319/1096

Grubb, Chuck #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1096

Image Folder P-5319/1097

Grunwald, Terry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1097

Image Folder P-5319/1098

Guice, Zoro Jr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1098

Image Folder P-5319/1099

Gulley, Wib #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1099

Image Folder P-5319/1100

Gunter, Linda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1100

Image Folder P-5319/1101

Gupta, Bhola #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1101

Image Folder P-5319/1102

Gurganus, Allan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1102

Image Folder P-5319/1103

Gurgley, Worth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1103

Image Folder P-5319/1104

Hackney, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1104

Image Folder P-5319/1105

Haenn, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1105

Image Folder P-5319/1106

Hafer, Jean #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1106

Image Folder P-5319/1107

Hahamovitch, Cindy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1107

Image Folder P-5319/1108

Hahn, Carol #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1108

Image Folder P-5319/1109

Hailey, Jerry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1109

Image Folder P-5319/1110

Hailey, Tom #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1110

Image Folder P-5319/1111

Halkiotis, Stephen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1111

Image Folder P-5319/1112

Hall, Esther #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1112

Image Folder P-5319/1113

Halliday, Roy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1113

Image Folder P-5319/1114

Halpin, Myra #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1114

Empty: See 17 March 1995

Image Folder P-5319/1115

Ham, Jon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1115

Image Folder P-5319/1116

Hamer, Fannie Lou #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1116

Image Folder P-5319/1117

Hammer, Richard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1117

Image Folder P-5319/1118

Hamilton, Joyce #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1118

Image Folder P-5319/1119

Hamner, Clay #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1119

Image Folder P-5319/1120

Hancock, William G. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1120

Image Folder P-5319/1121

Hamon, Robert, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1121

Image Folder P-5319/1122

Hampton, Thurmond #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1122

Image Folder P-5319/1123

Hancock, William G. Jr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1123

Image Folder P-5319/1124

Hardaway, Thomas #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1124

Image Folder P-5319/1125

Hardaway, Kai #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1125

Image Folder P-5319/1126

Hardin, Paul #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1126

Image Folder P-5319/1127

Hardin, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1127

Image Folder P-5319/1128

Hardison, Harold #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1128

Image Folder P-5319/1129

Harmon, Harvey #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1129

Image Folder P-5319/1130

Harn, Terry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1130

Image Folder P-5319/1131

Professor Harrington #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1131

Image Folder P-5319/1132

Harrington, Larry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1132

Image Folder P-5319/1133

Harris, Byron #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1133

Image Folder P-5319/1134

Harris, Jo #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1134

Image Folder P-5319/1135

Harris, Robert #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1135

Image Folder P-5319/1136

Harris, Sam #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1136

Image Folder P-5319/1137

Harris, Steven #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1137

Image Folder P-5319/1138

Harrison, Ed #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1138

Image Folder P-5319/1139

Hart, Karen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1139

Image Folder P-5319/1140

Hart, Ricky #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1140

Image Folder P-5319/1141

Hartmans, M&D #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1141

Image Folder P-5319/1142

Hartney, Rick #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1142

Image Folder P-5319/1143

Harvey, Phil #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1143

PHE Incorporated

Image Folder P-5319/1144

Haskins, Natalie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1144

Image Folder P-5319/1145

Hatcher, Eddie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1145

Image Folder P-5319/1146

Haugwitz, Dietrich Van #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1146

Image Folder P-5319/1147

Hauwerwins, Stanley #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1147


Image Folder P-5319/1148

Hawke, Jack #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1148

Image Folder P-5319/1149

Hawkins, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1149

Image Folder P-5319/1150

Hawkins #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1150

Image Folder P-5319/1151

Hayes, Chuck #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1151

Image Folder P-5319/1152

Hayes, Robin #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1152

Image Folder P-5319/1153

Hayle, Janet #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1153

Image Folder P-5319/1154

Haynes, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1154

Former Burroughs-Wellcome employee

Image Folder P-5319/1155

Heath, Frank #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1155

Image Folder P-5319/1156

Hearn, Kate #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1156

Image Folder P-5319/1157

Heath, Frank #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1157

Image Folder P-5319/1158

Heath, Gail #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1158

Image Folder P-5319/1159

Heaton, Jill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1159

Image Folder P-5319/1160

Hedrick, Merrie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1160

Image Folder P-5319/1161

Hefner, Hugh #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1161

Image Folder P-5319/1162

Height, William, Reverend #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1162

Image Folder P-5319/1163

Heineman #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1163

Image Folder P-5319/1164

Helms, H. Parks #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1164

Image Folder P-5319/1165

Hempstead, Keith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1165

Image Folder P-5319/1166

Henderson, Joseph #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1166

Image Folder P-5319/1167

Henderson, Leon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1167

Image Folder P-5319/1168

Henderson-James, Douglas #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1168

Image Folder P-5319/1169

Henderson, Marty #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1169

Empty: See 8 July 1992 Pent

Image Folder P-5319/1170

Hennessey, Chuck #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1170

Image Folder P-5319/1171-1172



Helms, Jesse #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1171-1172

Image Folder P-5319/1173

Henry, O. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1173

Image Folder P-5319/1174

Herget, Barlow #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1174

Image Folder P-5319/1175

Hernandez, Raymundo #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1175

Image Folder P-5319/1176

Heron, Becky #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1176

Image Folder P-5319/1177

Hertzenberg, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1177

Image Folder P-5319/1178

Hewey, Albert #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1178

Image Folder P-5319/1179

Hieronymous, Harvey #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1179

Empty: See Hieronymous Brothers Seafood

Image Folder P-5319/1180

Higgs, Grace #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1180

Image Folder P-5319/1181

Hill, Anita #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1181

Image Folder P-5319/1182

Hensley, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1182

Image Folder P-5319/1183

Hill, Henderson #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1183

Image Folder P-5319/1184

Hill, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1184

Image Folder P-5319/1185

Hill, Worth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1185

Image Folder P-5319/1186

Hines, Ruth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1186

Image Folder P-5319/1187

Hinson, Dora #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1187

Empty: See 1 December 1993

Image Folder P-5319/1188

Honeycutt, Braxton #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1188

Image Folder P-5319/1189

Hoffman, Judy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1189

Image Folder P-5319/1190

Hobbs, Fred #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1190

Image Folder P-5319/1191

Hockenburg, Jay #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1191

Image Folder P-5319/1192

Hodge, Father #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1192

Image Folder P-5319/1193

Hodgin, Chet #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1193

Image Folder P-5319/1194

Hodgkins, Sara W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1194

Image Folder P-5319/1195

Hogan, Pecolia #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1195

Image Folder P-5319/1196

Holcombe, Paul A. Jr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1196

Image Folder P-5319/1197

Holland, Uva #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1197

Image Folder P-5319/1198

Holleman, Gerald #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1198

Image Folder P-5319/1199

Holman, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1199

Image Folder P-5319/1200

Holman, Virginia #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1200

Image Folder P-5319/1201

Holley, Edward G. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1201

Image Folder P-5319/1202

Holly, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1202

Image Folder P-5319/1203

Holm, Dave #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1203

Image Folder P-5319/1204

Holman, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1204


Image Folder P-5319/1205

Holmes, Meredythe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1205

Image Folder P-5319/1206

Holroyd, Casper #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1206

Image Folder P-5319/1207

Holsenbeck, Bryant #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1207

Image Folder P-5319/1208

Holt, Bertha Merrill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1208

Image Folder P-5319/1209

Holt Kamp, Lynne #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1209

Image Folder P-5319/1210

Holt, Wallace #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1210

Image Folder P-5319/1211

Hood, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1211

Image Folder P-5319/1212

Hooper, Ruby #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1212

Image Folder P-5319/1213

Horne, Gerald #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1213

Image Folder P-5319/1214

Horten #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1214

Image Folder P-5319/1215

Hoskin, Chris #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1215

Image Folder P-5319/1216

Howes, Jonathan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1216

Image Folder P-5319/1217

Howell, Scott #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1217

Image Folder P-5319/1218

Hoyle, Janet #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1218

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense

Image Folder P-5319/1219

Huerta, Dolores #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1219

Image Folder P-5319/1220

Huey, Albert #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1220

Image Folder P-5319/1221

Huffman, Doris #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1221

Image Folder P-5319/1222

Hughes, Michael #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1222

Image Folder P-5319/1223

Hundley, Keith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1223

Image Folder P-5319/1224

Hughes Werner, Bea #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1224

Image Folder P-5319/1225

Hunt, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1225

Image Folder P-5319/1226

Hunt, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1226

Image Folder P-5319/1227

Hunt, Judy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1227

Image Folder P-5319/1228

Hunt, Ralph A. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1228

Image Folder P-5319/1229

Hunt, Tommy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1229

Image Folder P-5319/1230

Hunt, Wanda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1230

Image Folder P-5319/1231

Hunter, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1231

Image Folder P-5319/1232

Hunter,,Howard Jr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1232

Image Folder P-5319/1233

Hutcheson, Roger #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1233

Image Folder P-5319/1234

Hyman, Frank #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1234

Image Folder P-5319/1235

Ingram, Glen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1235

Image Folder P-5319/1236

Ingram, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1236

Image Folder P-5319/1237

Inscoe, Bobby #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1237

Image Folder P-5319/1238

Insko, Verla #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1238

Image Folder P-5319/1239

Ireland, Robert #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1239

Image Folder P-5319/1240

Ironside, Linda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1240

Image Folder P-5319/1241

Irwin, Kim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1241

Image Folder P-5319/1242

Ising, Beth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1242


Image Folder P-5319/1243

Israel, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1243

Image Folder P-5319/1244

Ivans, Melody #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1244

Image Folder P-5319/1245

Ivins, Molly #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1245

Image Folder P-5319/1246

Jablin, Dick #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1246

Image Folder P-5319/1247

Jackson, Pam #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1247

Image Folder P-5319/1248

Jackson, Jesse #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1248

Image Folder P-5319/1249

Jackson, William E. Jr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1249

Image Folder P-5319/1250

Jacobs, Barry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1250

Image Folder P-5319/1251

Jacobs, Mary D., Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1251

Image Folder P-5319/1252

Jacobs, Timothy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1252

Empty: See Hatcher, Eddie

Image Folder P-5319/1253

James, Deborah #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1253

Image Folder P-5319/1254

James, Mary Lou #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1254

Empty: See Drum, Carol

Image Folder P-5319/1255

James, Vernon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1255

Image Folder P-5319/1256

Jardine, Kathleen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1256

Image Folder P-5319/1257

Jaru the Damaja #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1257

Image Folder P-5319/1258

Jefferies, Madeline #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1258

Image Folder P-5319/1259

Jenkins, Chester #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1259

Image Folder P-5319/1260

Jennings, Derek #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1260

Image Folder P-5319/1261

Jennings, Ed #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1261

Image Folder P-5319/1262

Jenrette, Richard H. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1262

Image Folder P-5319/1263

Jeralds, Nick #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1263

Image Folder P-5319/1264

Jirtle, Nancy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1264

Image Folder P-5319/1265

Joesting, Robert #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1265

Image Folder P-5319/1266

John, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1266

Image Folder P-5319/1267

Johnson, Aaron J. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1267

Image Folder P-5319/1268

Johnson, Carolyn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1268

Image Folder P-5319/1269

Johnson, Chris #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1269

Image Folder P-5319/1270

Johnson, Clifton #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1270

Image Folder P-5319/1271

Johnson, James C. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1271

Image Folder P-5319/1272

Johnson, Joseph #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1272

Image Folder P-5319/1273

Johnson, Joe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1273

Image Folder P-5319/1274

Johnson, Linda B. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1274

Image Folder P-5319/1275

Johnson, Marcus #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1275

Image Folder P-5319/1276

Johnson, Mary #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1276

Image Folder P-5319/1277

Johnson, Sam #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1277

Image Folder P-5319/1278

Johnston, Gene #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1278

Image Folder P-5319/1279

Johnston, Robert #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1279

Image Folder P-5319/1280

Jolene #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1280

Image Folder P-5319/1281

Jones, Abe #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1281

Image Folder P-5319/1282

Jones, Archie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1282

Image Folder P-5319/1283

Jones, B. W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1283

Image Folder P-5319/1284

Jones, Clyde #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1284

Image Folder P-5319/1285

Jones, David C. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1285

Image Folder P-5319/1286

Jones, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1286

Image Folder P-5319/1287

Jones, Michael #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1287

Image Folder P-5319/1288

Jones, Walter Jr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1288

Image Folder P-5319/1289

Jordan, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1289

Image Folder P-5319/1290

Jordan, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1290

Image Folder P-5319/1291

Jordan, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1291

Image Folder P-5319/1292

Jordan, Larry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1292

Image Folder P-5319/1293

Jordan, Linda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1293

Image Folder P-5319/1294

Jordan, Luther #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1294

Image Folder P-5319/1295

Jordan, Michael and family #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1295

Image Folder P-5319/1296

Jordan, Tony #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1296

Image Folder P-5319/1297

Joseph, Andrew #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1297

Image Folder P-5319/1298

Joyner, Maurice #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1298

Image Folder P-5319/1299

Julian, Shannon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1299

Image Folder P-5319/1300

Justus, Betsy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1300

Image Folder P-5319/1301

Justus, Larry, Representative #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1301

Image Folder P-5319/1302

Kagarde, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1302

Image Folder P-5319/1303

Kahr, Tobi #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1303

At Duke University

Image Folder P-5319/1304

Kaimi, Julie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1304

Image Folder P-5319/1305

Kalkhof, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1305

Image Folder P-5319/1306

Kapel, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1306

Image Folder P-5319/1307

Kaplan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1307

Image Folder P-5319/1308

Karlsson, Keith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1308

Image Folder P-5319/1309

Kasper, David #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1309

Image Folder P-5319/1310

Kasper, Rick #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1310

Image Folder P-5319/1311

Kawalec, Bev #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1311

Image Folder P-5319/1312

Kelgher, Mary Pat #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1312

Image Folder P-5319/1313

Keller, Anna #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1313

Image Folder P-5319/1314

Kelby, Annie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1314

Image Folder P-5319/1315

Kenan, Ann #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1315

Image Folder P-5319/1316

Kenan, Thomas S. III #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1316

Empty: See Republican Convention

Image Folder P-5319/1317

Kennedy, Richard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1317

Image Folder P-5319/1318

Kennedy, Johnny #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1318

Image Folder P-5319/1319

Keohane, Nan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1319

Image Folder P-5319/1320

Kerchoff, Sylvia #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1320

Image Folder P-5319/1321

Kerr, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1321

Image Folder P-5319/1322

Kessel, Louise #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1322

Image Folder P-5319/1323

Kidd, Sue Monk #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1323

Image Folder P-5319/1324

Kiefer, Pat and Matthew #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1324

Image Folder P-5319/1325

Kilburn, Collins #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1325

Image Folder P-5319/1326

Kilby, Warren #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1326

Image Folder P-5319/1327

Killian, Keith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1327

Image Folder P-5319/1328

Killough, Cynthia #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1328

Image Folder P-5319/1329

Kincaid, Ralph #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1329

Image Folder P-5319/1330

King, Cyrus #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1330

Image Folder P-5319/1331

King, Dannie, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1331

Image Folder P-5319/1332

King, Ernest Allen "O" #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1332

Image Folder P-5319/1333

Kinlaw, Sherry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1333

At Francesca's

Image Folder P-5319/1334

Kinnaird, Eleanor #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1334

Image Folder P-5319/1335

Kinnin, Kitty #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1335

Image Folder P-5319/1336

Kendra, Kirby #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1336

Image Folder P-5319/1337

Kirkman, Benson #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1337

Image Folder P-5319/1338

Kirkman, Benson #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1338

Image Folder P-5319/1339

Kirkpatrick, Lauren Reeve #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1339

Planned Parenthood

Image Folder P-5319/1340

Kivett, Frank #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1340

Image Folder P-5319/1341

Kizer, Karen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1341

Image Folder P-5319/1342

Knox,Eddie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1342

Image Folder P-5319/1343

Koelsch, Beth Ann #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1343

Image Folder P-5319/1344

Kopp, Vince, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1344

Image Folder P-5319/1345

Kramer, Lloyd #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1345

Image Folder P-5319/1346

Krawiec, Richard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1346

Image Folder P-5319/1347

Kryder, Richard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1347

Image Folder P-5319/1348

Kuczmanski, Erin #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1348

Image Folder P-5319/1349

Kurtz, Robyn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1349

Image Folder P-5319/1350

Kurtzburg, Joanne, Dr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1350

Image Folder P-5319/1351

Kwesell, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1351

Image Folder P-5319/1352

Saundra, Las #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1352

Image Folder P-5319/1353

Lacey, Bridgette #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1353

Image Folder P-5319/1354

Lachot, Wes #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1354

Image Folder P-5319/1355

Dalai Lama #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1355

Image Folder P-5319/1356

Lamm, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1356

Image Folder P-5319/1357

Lancaster, Martin, Representative #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1357

Image Folder P-5319/1358

Lang, Glen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1358

Image Folder P-5319/1359

Lan'ge, Steve #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1359

Image Folder P-5319/1360

Larson, Erick #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1360

Image Folder P-5319/1361

Lassiter, Bobby #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1361

Image Folder P-5319/1362

Laszlo, Jennifer #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1362

Image Folder P-5319/1363

Latham, Hugh #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1363

Image Folder P-5319/1364

Lawing, W. Craig #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1364

Image Folder P-5319/1365

Lawrence, James #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1365

Image Folder P-5319/1366

Lawrence, Jerry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1366

Image Folder P-5319/1367

Lawrence, Melinda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1367

Image Folder P-5319/1368

Laws, Harlan #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1368

Image Folder P-5319/1369

Leager, Andrew #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1369

Image Folder P-5319/1370

Leary, Roland W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1370

Image Folder P-5319/1371

LeBoeuf, Steven #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1371

Image Folder P-5319/1372

Ledbetter, Freeman #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1372

Image Folder P-5319/1373

Lee, Bill #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1373

Image Folder P-5319/1374

Lee, Herbert #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1374

Image Folder P-5319/1375

Lee, Howard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1375

Image Folder P-5319/1376

Lee, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1376

Image Folder P-5319/1377

Lee, Maggie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1377

Image Folder P-5319/1378

Lee, Ruth #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1378

Image Folder P-5319/1379

Lee, Valeria L. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1379

Image Folder P-5319/1380

Lee, Wilson #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1380

Image Folder P-5319/1381

Lehman, Charles #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1381

Image Folder P-5319/1382

Lemmond, Shawn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1382

Image Folder P-5319/1383

Leonard, Jerry #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1383

Image Folder P-5319/1384

Levi-Hines, Emma-Jean #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1384

Image Folder P-5319/1385

Leubke, Paul #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1385

Image Folder P-5319/1386

Levin, Ross #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1386

Image Folder P-5319/1387

Levitas, Steve #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1387

North Carolina Environmental Defense

Image Folder P-5319/1388

Levy, Nevys W. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1388

Image Folder P-5319/1389

Lewis, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1389

Image Folder P-5319/1390

Lewis, John B. "Jack" Jr. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1390

Image Folder P-5319/1391

Lewis, Oscar #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1391

Image Folder P-5319/1392

Liggett, Dr. Stephen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1392

Image Folder P-5319/1393

Lightner, Bruce #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1393

Image Folder P-5319/1394

Lindsey, Bryant #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1394

Image Folder P-5319/1395

Lipscomb #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1395

Image Folder P-5319/1396

Linden, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1396

Image Folder P-5319/1397

Little, Teena #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1397

Image Folder P-5319/1398

Little Richard #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1398

Image Folder P-5319/1399

Liu, Ben #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1399

Image Folder P-5319/1400

Liu, Edison #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1400

Image Folder P-5319/1401

Lucas, Jeanne #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1401

Image Folder P-5319/1402

Lloyd, Allen A. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1402

Image Folder P-5319/1403

Lloyd, Evelyn P. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1403

Image Folder P-5319/1404

Lloyd, Eleanor and Clyde #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1404

Image Folder P-5319/1405

Lloyd, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1405

Image Folder P-5319/1406

Locks, Sidney #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1406

Image Folder P-5319/1407

Long, Jim #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1407

Image Folder P-5319/1408

Long, Skip #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1408

Image Folder P-5319/1409

Jim Loo Trial #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1409

Image Folder P-5319/1410

Lory, Andy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1410

Image Folder P-5319/1411

Loven #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1411

Image Folder P-5319/1412

Lovett, Willie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1412

Image Folder P-5319/1413

Lowe, Peter #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1413

Success story crowd, 27 August 1997

Image Folder P-5319/1414

Lucas, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1414

Image Folder P-5319/1415

Luebke, Paul #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1415

Image Folder P-5319/1416

Ludwig, Connie #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1416

Image Folder P-5319/1417

Luddy, Bob #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1417

Image Folder P-5319/1418

Lutz, Edith #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1418

Image Folder P-5319/1419

Lynch, Lorenzo #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1419

Image Folder P-5319/1420

Lynch, Mark G. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1420

Image Folder P-5319/1421

Maas, Aura #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1421

Image Folder P-5319/1422

Mabry, Linda #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1422

Image Folder P-5319/1423

Mace, Ron #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1423

Image Folder P-5319/1424

Madden, Leon and Eula #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1424

Image Folder P-5319/1425

Madison, I., Reverend #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1425

Image Folder P-5319/1426

Malhoit, Greg #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1426

Image Folder P-5319/1427

Madry, Lisa #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1427

Empty: See S.C.A.L.E.

Image Folder P-5319/1428

Makey, John #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1428

Image Folder P-5319/1429

Malcolm X #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1429


Image Folder P-5319/1430

Malone, C. C. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1430


Image Folder P-5319/1431

Malone, Vernon #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1431

Image Folder P-5319/1432

Manley, Roger #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1432

Image Folder P-5319/1433

Mann, Karen #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1433

Image Folder P-5319/1434

Mann, Lynn #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1434

Image Folder P-5319/1435

Manning, Art #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1435

Image Folder P-5319/1436

Manning, Howard E. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1436

Image Folder P-5319/1437

Manson, William, Judge #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1437

Image Folder P-5319/1438

Marcoplos, Mark #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1438

Image Folder P-5319/1439

Marmorstein, Jack #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1439

Empty: See Ehrhardt, Julia

Image Folder P-5319/1440

Marshall, Elaine #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1440

Image Folder P-5319/1441

Marshall, Randy #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1441

Image Folder P-5319/1442

Martin, Catherine #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1442


Image Folder P-5319/1443

Martin, D. G. #05319, Subseries: "1.4. Individuals." P-5319/1443

Image Folder P-5319/1444

Martin, Mark #05319,