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Collection Number: 20003

Collection Title: D.K. Wilgus Papers, 1883-1996

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Size 87.5 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 93,500 items)
Abstract The collection of white folklorist and UCLA professor D.K. Wilgus (1918-1989) contains professional correspondence and papers; personal correspondence; writings and publications about Anglo American folk music; teaching materials of both Wilgus and Eleanor R. Long-Wilgus; research files and discographies for folk music artists and record labels; photographs, many taken at the UCLA Folk Festival in Los Angeles, Calif.; project files and related publications about the Titanic and outlaw Jesse James; a personal card catalog with notes and discographical information about country and western music, songsters, blues, old-time music, Irish music, Rocky Mountain ballads, and other topics; and audio recordings made or collected by Wilgus, chiefly of ballads and songs by individual performers. Audio materials also include copies of radio transcription discs of artists such as Lulu Belle and Scotty, Texas Jim Lewis, Bluegrass Roy, and Faron Young; field recordings made by Wilgus between 1969 and 1972 in Ireland of ballad singers and instrumentalists; recordings of Anglo-American ballad singer Sara Cleveland and early country musician and steel guitar player Jimmie Tarlton; items related to Naomi Wise; and interviews with country musicians Ernest Tubb and Ernest Stoneman.
Creator Wilgus, D. K.
Curatorial Unit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Folklife Collection.
Language English
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[Identification of item], in the D.K. Wilgus Papers #20003, Southern Folklife Collection, The Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Acquisitions Information
Received as gift from Eleanor R. Long-Wilgus, of Chapel Hill, N.C., in 1998 (Acc. 98057), 2000 (Acc. 98597), 2001 (Acc. 98917 and 99020), 2004 (Acc. 99775), and 2005 (Acc. 99995); and as transfer from David Potori, in 2001 (Acc. 98872).
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D.K. (Donald Knight) Wilgus was born on 1 December 1918, in Mansfield, Ohio. He attended the Ohio State University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in 1941, a Master of Arts in 1947, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in 1954. Wilgus worked briefly at Purdue University from 1941 until he joined the Army in 1942, serving until 1945. After an honorable discharge, Wilgus took a position as an instructor at the Ohio State University until 1950, when he left to become an associate professor of English at Western Kentucky State College (now Western Kentucky State University) until 1961. While at Western Kentucky State College, Wilgus founded the Kentucky Folklore Record in 1955. In 1961, he was promoted to full professor of English and Folklore, but left the position in 1962 to teach at the University of California, Los Angeles. At UCLA, Wilgus was a professor of English and Anglo-American folksong in the Center for the Study of Comparative Folklore and Mythology. He was the founding chair of the Folklore and Mythology program at UCLA in 1965 and served in that position for the next 17 years. In 1986, Wilgus married former student and long-time colleague Eleanor R. Long, with whom he collaborated on several projects. He remained at UCLA until his retirement in 1989. Throughout his career Wilgus helped pioneer the chronicling of popular musical forms, including Blues and "Hillbilly" music. D.K. Wilgus died on 25 December 1989.

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The collection consists of the professional correspondence of D.K. Wilgus with individuals and organizations; extensive writings and publications by Wilgus and others on the subject of Anglo-American folk music, including photocopies and offprints of the many journal articles and book reviews that he and his colleagues produced for various folklore publications; materials related to Wilgus's involvement in numerous folk music festivals, seminars, and other professional activities throughout the United States and Europe; files and discographies for individual folk-music artists and record labels; tape transcriptions by the Irish Folklore Commission and related notes by Wilgus and Tom Munnelly; research notes and published articles and books related to projects about the sinking of the Titanic and outlaw Jesse James; sheet music and broadsides and student essays on songsters; Wilgus's personal card catalog with notes and discographical information about country and western music, songsters, blues, old-time music, Irish music, Laws, Rocky Mountain ballads; and miscellaneous personal materials, including obituaries, resumes, military discharge records, and some personal correspondence. Materials relating to Wilgus's academic career, particularly his tenure at UCLA, including lecture notes and syllabi for courses, are scattered throughout the collection, but are concentrated in Series 2.1, 3.3, and 8. The Eleanor R. Long-Wilgus series includes materials related solely to her research and teaching on Anglo-American and Irish ballads and folksongs, as well as joint projects with D.K. Wilgus. The photograph series primarily contains images of the UCLA Folk Festival and artist headshots. The audio series consists of open reel tapes recorded or collected by D. K. Wilgus. The tapes are primarily of individual songs and ballads and individual performers. There are also copies of radio transcription discs of artists such as Lulu Belle and Scotty, Texas Jim Lewis, Bluegrass Roy, and Faron Young; field recordings made by Wilgus in Ireland, 1969-1972, of ballad singers and instrumentalists; recordings of Anglo-American ballad singer Sara Cleveland and early country musician and steel guitar player Jimmie Tarlton; materials relating to Naomi Wise; and interviews with country musicians Ernest Tubb and Ernest Stoneman.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. Correspondence, 1958-1993.

About 5,400 items.

Primarily professional correspondence of D.K. Wilgus. Includes correspondence with individuals active within the folklore community, folklore organizations, and university departments.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.1. Individuals, 1958-1989.

About 4,800 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by last name.

Note that original file names have, for the most part, been retained.

Folder 1

Abrahams, Roger

Folder 2

Allen, Michael

Folder 3

Almqvist, Bo

Folder 4

American Folklorists

Folder 5

Annabell, Angela R.

Folder 6

Armistead, Samuel G.

Folder 7

Averill, Patricia

Folder 8

Bascom, William

Folder 9

Bear, Gene

Folder 10

Ben-Amos, Dan

Folder 11

Berbaum, Geraldine Mendel

Folder 12

Berkeley, Roy and Ellen

Folder 13

Bethke, Robert D.

Folder 14

Beutler, Gisela

Folder 15

Biltchik, Jim and Jon

Folder 16

Bird, Tony

Folder 17

Black, Bob

Folder 18

Blacking, John

Folder 19

Blum, Steve

Folder 20

Bokelman, Marina

Folder 21

Bond, Charles

Folder 22

Bose, Fritz

Folder 23

Boswell, George

Folder 24

Bourke, Angela (Partridge)

Folder 25

Boyd, Joe

Folder 26

Brady, Erika

Folder 27

Branson, Z. Clark

Folder 28

Breathnach, Breandan

Folder 29

Brednich, Rolf Wilh., Dr.

Folder 30

Bronner, Simon J.

Folder 31

Bronson, Bertrand

Folder 32

Broome, Marian

Folder 33

Broudy, Saul

Folder 34

Brown, Larry G.

Folder 35

Browne, Ray

Folder 36

Brunvand, Jan H.

Folder 37

Buchan, David Duncan

Folder 38

Buchanan, A. M.

Folder 39

Buckley, Bruce

Folder 40

Bufwack, Mary A.

Folder 41

Bussard, Joe

Folder 42

Butcher, Dwight

Folder 43

Byington, Robert

Folder 44

Bynum, David E.

Folder 45

Campbell, Marie

Folder 46

Carawan, Guy

Folder 47

Carey, George Gibson

Folder 48

Carney, Jeanne Payne

Folder 49

Carver, Gayle

Folder 50

Casey, George J.

Folder 51

Casey, Mike

Folder 52

Chase, Dorothy

Folder 53

Cheney, Thomas E.

Folder 54

Cherry, Hugh

Folder 55

Childs, Alice

Folder 56

Clement, Jack

Folder 57

Cobley, R. B.

Folder 58

Coffin, Tristram P.

Folder 59

Cogswell, Robert

Folder 60

Cohane, Mary Ellen

Folder 61

Cohen, Hennig

Folder 62

Cohen, John

Folder 63

Cohen, Norman

Folder 64

Collins, Willie

Folder 65

Collinson, Francis

Folder 66

Corominas, Father Juan

Folder 67

Coulter, Della

Folder 68

Cray, Ed

Folder 69

Crowley, Daniel J.

Folder 70

Cruz, Marie Thomas

Folder 71

Cuthbert, John A.

Folder 72

Dahl, Erick

Folder 73

Danielson, Larry

Folder 74

Davidson, Ken

Folder 75

Davis, A. K.

Folder 76

Davis, Don

Folder 77

Davis, John

Folder 78

Degh, Linda

Folder 79

Delgato, John

Folder 80

Del Guidice, Luisa

Folder 81

De Ryke, Delores

Folder 82

Dobler, Ronald

Folder 83

Dorson, Richard M.

Folder 84

Dougherty, Leo

Folder 85

Dow, James R.

Folder 86

Driftwood, Jimmy

Folder 87

Drochetz, Joe

Folder 88-89

Folder 88

Folder 89

Dugaw, Dianne

Folder 90

Dunaway, David

Folder 91

Dundes, Alan

Folder 92

Earle, Eugene

Folder 93

Eddington, Neil A.

Folder 94

Eddy, Mary O.

Folder 95

Edwards, Carol

Folder 96

Edwards, Ron

Folder 97

Eichenseer, Adolph J.

Folder 98

Eidel, Monika

Folder 99

Ellis, Bill

Folder 100

Emrich, Duncan

Folder 101

Emslie, McD.

Folder 102

Ennis, Seamus

Folder 103-104

Folder 103

Folder 104

Engle, David

Folder 105

Estrich, Robert M.

Folder 106

Eugenio, Damiana L.

Folder 107

Evans, David

Folder 108

Everett, Ian T.

Folder 109

Fahey, John

Folder 110

Falassi, Alessandro

Folder 111

Feintuch, Burt

Folder 112

Feldman, Peter

Folder 113

Fish, Lydia

Folder 114

Flanders, Helen Hartness

Folder 115

Foley, John

Folder 116

Folly, Dennis

Folder 117

Foreman, Ronald Clifford, Jr.

Folder 118

Foster, Jerry

Folder 119

Ferris, William

Folder 120

Fife, Austin

Folder 121

Fowke, Edith

Folder 122

Fowler, David

Folder 123

Fox, Jack E.

Folder 124

Fox, Willard, III

Folder 125

Frank, Russell

Folder 126

Fredrickson, Dave and Vera

Folder 127

Freedman, Frederick

Folder 128

Friedman, Albert

Folder 129

Fry, Gladys

Folder 130

Fumagalli, Emilio

Folder 131

Galbreath, Robert

Folder 132

Gelber, Mark

Folder 133

Genelin, Michael

Folder 134

Gentry, E. Linnell

Folder 135

Gillmor, Frances

Folder 136

Ginell, Cary

Folder 137

Girdler, Lew

Folder 138

Glassie, Henry

Folder 139

Glazer, Tom

Folder 140

Glover, Bill

Folder 141-142

Folder 141

Folder 142

Goldstein, Kenneth

Folder 143

Goodman, Soloman

Folder 144

Goodwyn, Frank

Folder 145

Gordon, Diane K.

Folder 146

Gordon, Susan

Folder 147

Gottschalk, Stan

Folder 148

Gower, Hershel

Folder 149

Granger, Byrd

Folder 150

Graubart, Erik F.

Folder 151

Graydon, Ken, Phee, and Sherline

Folder 152-154

Folder 152

Folder 153

Folder 154

Green, Archie

Folder 155

Green, Rayna

Folder 156

Greenhill, M.

Folder 157

Greenway, John

Folder 158

Gregory, Yvonne

Folder 159

Greverus, Ina-Maria

Folder 160-161

Folder 160

Folder 161

Gribben, Arthur

Folder 162

Grider, Sylvia

Folder 163

Griffin, Bill

Folder 164

Griffith, Jim

Folder 165

Grimes, Anne

Folder 166

Gushee, Lawrence

Folder 167

Hadfield, Jim

Folder 168

Hagen, C. B.

Folder 169

Hall, Patty

Folder 170

Halley, Morgiana

Folder 171

Halpert, Herbert

Folder 172

Hand, Wayland

Folder 173

Harmon, Cloyce

Folder 174

Harris, Joseph

Folder 175

Harte, Frank W.

Folder 176

Haupl, Benno

Folder 177

Hawes, Bess

Folder 178

Hayden, Walter D.

Folder 179

Healy, Pat

Folder 180

Helstien, Mel

Folder 181

Henderson, Hamish

Folder 182a

Hendren, Eugene

Folder 182b

Hentoff, Nat

Folder 183

Herzog, George

Folder 184

Hickerson, Joe

Folder 185

Kildeman, Karl-Ivar

Folder 186

Hinton, Sam

Folder 187

Hodgart, Matthew J.

Folder 188

Hoeptner, Fred G.

Folder 189

Hoffman, Dean

Folder 190

Hoffman, Frank A.

Folder 191

Hostettler, Agnes

Folder 192

Huber, Werner

Folder 193

Hudson, Arthur Palmer

Folder 194

Huelsman, Ben R.

Folder 195

Hufford, David

Folder 196

Humphrey, Mark

Folder 197

Hunter, Mac

Folder 198

Huntington, Gale

Folder 199

Hurvitz, Nathan

Folder 200

Hymes, Dell

Folder 201

Ingle, David

Folder 202

Ives, Edward D.

Folder 203

Ivey, William

Folder 204

Jabbour, Alan

Folder 205

Jackson, Harry

Folder 206

Jackson, Bruce

Folder 207

James, Thelma

Folder 208

Jansen, William Hugh

Folder 209

Jarrett, Merrick

Folder 210

Johnson, Willard

Folder 211

Jones, N. U.

Folder 212a

Jones, Steven

Folder 212b

Jordan, Wilfred

Folder 213

Kagen, Shell

Folder 214

Kahn, David E.

Folder 215

Kahn, Ed

Folder 216

Kalish, Milton

Folder 217

Kaplan, Israel

Folder 218

Kazee, Buell

Folder 219

Kearnes, William

Folder 220

Kemnitzer, Luis S.

Folder 221

Kennedy, Peter

Folder 222

Kennedy, Phil

Folder 223

Kilarr, Stanley Floyd

Folder 224

Kingsbury, Paul

Folder 225-226

Folder 225

Folder 226

Knott, Gertrude

Folder 227

Koch, Bill

Folder 228

Kodish, Deborah

Folder 229

Koester, Bob

Folder 230

Kongas Maranda, Elli-Kaija

Folder 231

Korson, Rae

Folder 232

Kosova, Maria, Dr.

Folder 233

Krader, Barbara

Folder 234

Kriza, Ildiko, Dr.

Folder 235

Kubo, Nancy

Folder 236

Kumer, Zmaga

Folder 237

Kuykendall, Peter V.

Folder 238

LaFontaine, Robert

Folder 239

Laws, G. Malcolm

Folder 240

Leach, MacEdward

Folder 241

Lee, Hector

Folder 242

Legman, G.

Folder 243

Leventhal, Harold

Folder 244

Leverett, Wilbur

Folder 245

Lipskin, Mike

Folder 246

List, George

Folder 247

Littleton, C. Scott

Folder 248

Lloyd, A. L.

Folder 249

Lofgren, Lyle

Folder 250

Loiseau, Pierre

Folder 251

Lomax, Alan

Folder 252

Lomax Discography

Folder 253

Lord, Albert

Folder 254

Lovell, John, Jr.

Folder 255

Lumpkin, Ben Gray

Folder 256

Luomala, Katherine

Folder 257

Lyle, Emily

Folder 258

McAllester, David P.

Folder 259

McCarthy, Bill

Folder 260

McCormick, Mack

Folder 261

McCulloh, Judy

Folder 262

MacDonagh, Donagh

Folder 263

McLain, M.

Folder 264

McMillan, Douglas

Folder 265

Malone, Bill

Folder 266

Manning, Ambrose N.

Folder 267

Meade, Guthrie T., Jr.

Folder 268

Melnick, Mimi

Folder 269

Miller, Marty and Betty

Folder 270

Mitsui, Toru

Folder 271

Montell, Lynwood

Folder 272

Monza, Louis

Folder 273

Moore, Ballard

Folder 274

Moore, Elmer

Folder 275

Moore, Thurston

Folder 276

Morris, Alton C.

Folder 277

Morton, Robin

Folder 278

Moser, Irene

Folder 279

Moulden, John P.

Folder 280

Mullen, Patrick B.

Folder 281

Munnelly, Tom and Annette

Folder 282

Muresanu, Dumitru

Folder 283

Murray, Frank C.

Folder 284

Nagi, Joszi

Folder 285

Nelson, Donald Lee

Folder 286

Nesbit, Eddie

Folder 287

Nettl, Bruno

Folder 288

Newman, Mark

Folder 289

Nicholas, Joseph

Folder 290

Nicolaisen, W. F. H.

Folder 291

Nielands, Colin

Folder 292

Niles, J. D.

Folder 293

Niles, John Jacob

Folder 294

Noy, Dov

Folder 295

Nygard, Holger

Folder 296

O'Connell, Maurice R.

Folder 297

O'Duilearga, Seamus

Folder 298

Oermann, Robert K.

Folder 299

Ohrlin, Glenn

Folder 300

Oinas, Felix J.

Folder 301

Oliver, Barry

Folder 302

O'Neal, Uncle Jim

Folder 303

Oring, Elliot

Folder 304

Ortutay, Gyula

Folder 305

Oster, Harry

Folder 306

O'Suilleabhain, Sean

Folder 307

Oxrieder, Julia

Folder 308

Owens, Tary

Folder 309

Pankake, Jon

Folder 310

Paredes, Americo

Folder 311

Parler, Mary C.

Folder 312

Parmele, Gilbert

Folder 313

Paton, Sandy

Folder 314

Pearce, Roy H.

Folder 315

Pearl, Edwin

Folder 316

Penrod, James H.

Folder 317

Perdue, Charles L., Jr.

Folder 318

Perkal, Joan

Folder 319

Perrow, E. C.

Folder 320

Pierce, N. E.

Folder 321

Perimen, Kenneth S.

Folder 322

Peterson, Dan

Folder 323

Pettit, Thomas

Folder 324

Phillips, James E.

Folder 325

Phipps, A. L.

Folder 326-327

Folder 326

Folder 327

Pinon, Roger

Folder 328

Pinson, Bob

Folder 329

Pinsky, Clara Regnoni-Macera

Folder 330

Porter, James

Folder 331

Potter, James

Folder 332

Powell, Reuben R.

Folder 333

Purcell, Jo Anne

Folder 334

Quattlebaum, Maria L.

Folder 335

Randle, Bill

Folder 336

Ranelagh, E. L.

Folder 337

Randolph, Vance

Folder 338

Reaver, J. Russell

Folder 339

Reinartz, Kay F.

Folder 340

Rennick, Robert M.

Folder 341

Renwick, Roger deV.

Folder 342

Reuss, Richard

Folder 343

Reynolds, Malvina

Folder 344

Rhodes, Willard

Folder 345

Richmond, Edson

Folder 346

Riddel, Joseph

Folder 347

Ridenour, Harry

Folder 348

Rinzler, Ralph

Folder 349

Ritchie, Edna

Folder 350

Roberts, Leonard

Folder 351

Roberts, Warren E.

Folder 352

Roberts, Roderick J.

Folder 353

Rodes, Sally

Folder 354

Rodin, Kerstin

Folder 355

Rosenberg, Bruce

Folder 356

Rosenberg, Neil

Folder 357

Ross, James Pheane

Folder 358

Roth, Klaus

Folder 359

Roux, Maryke

Folder 360

Royal, Nick

Folder 361

Rubin, Ruth

Folder 362

Rubenstein, Carol

Folder 363

Rudina, Rima

Folder 364

Russell, Ian

Folder 365

Rust, Brian A. L.

Folder 366

Ryan, Roger

Folder 367


Folder 368

Savon, Maurice

Folder 369

Schaefer, Bill

Folder 370

Schatz, Cheyenne

Folder 371

Schmaier, Maurice D.

Folder 372

Schmorletz, Richard

Folder 373

Shoolbraid, Murray

Folder 374

Schrock, Earl F.

Folder 375

Schubarth, D.

Folder 376

Schwarz, Tracy

Folder 377

Schwendinger, Robert J.

Folder 378

Scruggs, Earl

Folder 379

Seeger, Charles

Folder 380

Seeger, Mike

Folder 381

Seeger, Peter

Folder 382

Sellers, William

Folder 383

Shane, Ned "Vandy"

Folder 384

Shapiro, Henry D.

Folder 385

Sharp, Gerry

Folder 386

Shelton, Robert

Folder 387

Shenhar, Aliza

Folder 388

Shepard, Leslie

Folder 389

Sheridan, Joe

Folder 390

Sherrick, Michael P.

Folder 391

Shields, Hugh

Folder 392

Shinker, Valerie

Folder 393

Short, Lois

Folder 394

Silber, Irwin

Folder 395

Simeone, William

Folder 396

Sims, Barbara B.

Folder 397

Simpson, Claude

Folder 398

Sirovatka, Oldrich

Folder 399

Slotkin, Edgar

Folder 400

Smith, Harry

Folder 401

Smith, Katherine

Folder 402

Smyth, Willie

Folder 403

Sonenschein, David

Folder 404

Sorrels, Rosalie

Folder 405

Sparks, Hale

Folder 406

Spencer, Thomas E.

Folder 407

Speroni, Charles

Folder 408

Spiegel, Jack

Folder 409

Spottswood, Richard

Folder 410

Sprague, Carl T.

Folder 411

Stambler, Irwin

Folder 412

Stein, Zonweise

Folder 413

Steckert, Ellen

Folder 414

Strachwitz, Chris

Folder 415

Sturgill, Virgil

Folder 416

Such, David

Folder 417

Szwed, John F.

Folder 418

Taft, Michael E.

Folder 419

Takla-O'Reill, Aida

Folder 420

Tallmadge, William H.

Folder 421

Tallman, Richard

Folder 422

Tamony, Peter

Folder 423

Taylor, Archer

Folder 424

Taylor, Councill Samuel

Folder 425

Taylor, David L.

Folder 426

Thede, Marion Unger

Folder 427

Thill, Richard S.

Folder 428

Thomas, Andrew S., Jr.

Folder 429

Thomas, Jean

Folder 430

Thomas, Roy Edwin

Folder 431

Thomason, Jean H.

Folder 432

Thompson, G. B.

Folder 433

Thompson, Kelly

Folder 434

Thompson, Lawrence

Folder 435

Thompson, Stith

Folder 436

Thomson, Robert S.

Folder 437

Tidwell, James

Folder 438

Tilling, Robert

Folder 439

Toelken, Barre

Folder 440

Top, Stefaan

Folder 441

Townsend, Frances G.

Folder 442

Treat, Asher E.

Folder 443

Trout, Allan M.

Folder 444

Toelken, J. Barre

Folder 445

Turner, Dallas

Folder 446

Utley, Fran

Folder 447

Upadhyaya, K. D.

Folder 448

Valentine, James A.

Folder 449

Vargyas, Lajos

Folder 450

Vatuk, Ved

Folder 451

Vogel, Barry

Folder 452

Voight, V.

Folder 453

Walker, Nell

Folder 454

Ward, Barry

Folder 455

Ward, William S.

Folder 456

Ware, Naomi

Folder 457

Warner, Frank M.

Folder 458

Watson, Doc

Folder 459

Webb, Dave

Folder 460

Wefald, Jon

Folder 461

Weill, Rita

Folder 462

Wells, Evelyn

Folder 463

Wells, Pat and Paul

Folder 464

Wenker, Jerome

Folder 465

West, Harry

Folder 466

West, Hedy

Folder 467

West, John O.

Folder 468

Wheeler, M. N.

Folder 469

White, Don

Folder 470

Williams, Cratis D.

Folder 471

Williams, David F.

Folder 472

Williamson, Marilyn L.

Folder 473

Willson, Wood

Folder 474

Wilson, George P.

Folder 475

Wilson, Gordon

Folder 476

Wilson, Meredith

Folder 477

Wilson, Roy

Folder 478

Wilson, William A.

Folder 479

Winkleman, Don

Folder 480

Winkelmann, F. Ch.

Folder 481

Wolf, John Quincy

Folder 482

Wolfe, Charles

Folder 483

Wolfe, Robert

Folder 484

Wolff, William

Folder 485

Wood, Ray

Folder 486

Woodbridge, Hensley C.

Folder 487

Woods, Barbara Allen

Folder 488

Wright, Robert L.

Folder 489

Wurzbach, Natasha

Folder 490

Wylie, Dave

Folder 491

Yigal, Zan

Folder 492

Yoder, Don

Folder 493

Young, Marynell

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.2. Organizations, 1969-1993.

About 600 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by organization.

Note that original file names have, for the most part, been retained.

Folder 494

Alice Lloyd College

Folder 495

American Folklife Center

Folder 496

American Folklore Society

Folder 497

American Music Research Center

Folder 498

American Philosophical Society

Folder 499

Antioch College

Folder 500

Appalachian Center

Folder 501

Archive of American Minority Cultures, University of Alabama

Folder 502

Archives of Appalachia, East Tennessee State University

Folder 503

California Folklore Society

Folder 504

Center for Field Research

Folder 505

Center for Intercultural Studies, Studies in Folklore and Oral History, University of Texas

Folder 506

Center for Southern Folklore

Folder 507

Center for the Study of Southern Culture, University of Mississippi

Folder 508

Encyclopedia of American Superstitions

Folder 509

Ethnic Folk Arts Center, N.Y.

Folder 510

Folklore Forum

Folder 511

Folklore Society, England

Folder 512-513

Folder 512

Folder 513

Indiana University Folklore Institute

Folder 514

International Society for Folk-Narrative Research

Folder 515

Library of Congress

Folder 516

Library of Congress: Archive of Folk Song

Folder 517

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Folder 518

Mississippi Folklore Society

Folder 519

The Nirt Folklore Center

Folder 520

Rutgers University Press

Folder 521

School of Scottish Studies

Folder 522

Society for Folk-Life Studies

Folder 523


Folder 524

University of Illinois Press

Folder 525

University of Kentucky

Folder 526

University of Massachusetts Press

Folder 527

University of Minnesota

Folder 528

University of Pennsylvania Press

Folder 529

University of Nebraska Press

Folder 530

University of North Carolina

Folder 531

University of Tennessee Press

Folder 532

University of Texas Press

Folder 533

Western Kentucky University

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Writings, 1950-1993.

About 19,200 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical.

Includes extensive writings and publications by D.K. Wilgus and others on the subject of Anglo-American folk music, including photocopies and offprints of the many journal articles and book reviews that he and his colleagues produced for various folklore publications. Also includes excerpts from books and book manuscripts. The series is divided into the following subseries: 2.1. Writings by D.K. Wilgus; 2.2. Writings by Others; 2.3. Indexed Anglo-American Writings; 2.4. Study of Folklore; 2.5. Newsletters; and 2.6. Books and Manuscripts.

Note that original file names and order have, for the most part, been retained.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.1 Writings by D.K. Wilgus, 1950-1991.

About 4,200 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical.

Includes book reviews, record reviews, lectures, teaching materials, article research, dissertation, and other writings. Topics include American, Anglo, and Irish ballads, folklore scholarship, folklore by region in the United States, folklore in popular culture, cowboys, and the American Folklore Society, the California Folklore Society, and the Kentucky Folklore Society.

Folder 534

American Ballads: 1950

Folder 535

American Ballads: 1958

Folder 536

American Ballads: 1966

Folder 537

American Ballads: 1968

Folder 538-539

Folder 538

Folder 539

American Ballads: 1971

Folder 540-542

Folder 540

Folder 541

Folder 542

American Ballads: 1973

Folder 543

American Ballads: 1983

Folder 544

American Folklore Society ( Journal of American Folklore): 1978

Folder 545

American Folklore Society: 1982

Folder 546

American Folklore Society: 1984, 1985, 1986

Folder 547

American Folklore Society: 1986

Folder 548

American Folklore Society: 1987

Folder 549

American Folklore Society: 1988

Folder 550

American Folklore Society: 1989

Folder 551

American Folklore Society: 1990

Folder 552

American Folklore Society: Folklore Fellows

Folder 553

American Folklore Society: Women in Folklore Interview

Folder 554

Anglo-American Folksong: Irish Permissions

Folder 555

Anglo-American Folksong: Reviews

Folder 556

Book Reviews, 1955-1957

Folder 557

Book Reviews, 1958

Folder 558

Book Reviews, 1964

Folder 559

Book Reviews, 1966

Folder 560

Book Reviews, 1970

Folder 561

Book Reviews, 1983

Folder 562

Book Reviews, 1986

Folder 563

Book Reviews, 1989

Folder 564

Book Reviews: Aisling and Cowboy

Folder 565

Book Reviews: Ballad Classification

Folder 566

Book Reviews: The Ballad and the Scholars

Folder 567

Book Reviews: D.K. Wilgus Book

Folder 568

Book Reviews: Ethnomusicology

Folder 569

Book Reviews: Fakesong Review

Folder 570

Book Reviews: Journal of American Folklore

Folder 571

Book Reviews: Kekalainen Review

Folder 572

Book Reviews: Kentucky Country

Folder 573

Book Reviews: Kentucky Folklore Record Book

Folder 574

Book Reviews: Midwest Folklore

Folder 575

Book Reviews: Western Folklore

Folder 576

California Folklore Society ( Western Folklore ): 1985

Folder 577

California Folklore Society, 1986

Folder 578

California Folklore Society, 1987

Folder 579

California Folklore Society, 1988

Folder 580

California Folklore Society, 1991

Folder 581

California Folklore Society: Archer Taylor Lecture

Folder 582

Irish Ballads, 1977

Folder 583

Irish Ballads, 1978

Folder 584

Irish Ballads, 1979

Folder 585

Irish Ballads, 1980

Folder 586

Irish Ballads, 1985

Folder 587

Irish Ballads, 1988

Folder 588

Irish Ballads: Irish, 1976 and 1983

Folder 589-591

Folder 589

Folder 590

Folder 591

Irish Ballads: Irish

Folder 592

Irish Ballads: Irish Political

Folder 593

Lectures: Anglo-American Music Cultures

Folder 594

Lectures: Ballads, Medieval and Modern

Folder 595

Lectures: Bibliography Class

Folder 596

Lectures: California Folklore Society Annual Report, 1963

Folder 597

Lectures: Chasing the English Song in Ireland

Folder 598

Lectures: Citations

Folder 599

Lectures: Clark, Comparative Approach

Folder 600

Lectures: Commencement

Folder 601

Lectures: Engineering 96A

Folder 602

Lectures: The Future of American Folklore Scholarship

Folder 603

Lectures: Ghostlore

Folder 604

Lectures: Granny Women and Power Doctors

Folder 605

Lectures: Irish Broadside Ballads

Folder 606

Lectures: Kentucky Folklore Record (Claremont 1983)

Folder 607

Lectures: Lost Highway

Folder 608

Lectures: Mass Communication and Popular Culture

Folder 609

Lectures: Native American Ballads

Folder 610

Lectures: Negro Folklore

Folder 611

Lectures: Text vs. Context

Folder 612

Record Reviews, 1950s

Folder 613

Record Reviews, 1959-1965

Folder 614

Record Reviews, 1966-1971

Folder 615

Record Reviews, 1971

Folder 616

Record Reviews, 1972-1977

Folder 617

Record Reviews, 1978

Folder 618

Record Reviews: Journal of American Folklore

Folder 619

Record Reviews: Kentucky Folklore Record

Folder 620

Textual Traditions: Baltimore Lead

"London Mourning in Ashes"

Folder 621

Textual Traditions: Billy the Kid

Folder 622

Textual Traditions: Hills of Roane County

Folder 623

Textual Traditions: Kentucky Folklore Record Book and Record Reviews

Folder 624

Textual Traditions: Vandy

Folder 625

Theses: D.K. Wilgus Doctoral Dissertation 1

Folder 626

Theses: D.K. Wilgus Doctoral Dissertation 2

Folder 627

Theses: D.K. Wilgus Master's Thesis

Folder 628

Theses: Gelber Thesis

Folder 629

Theses: John A. Lomax Papers

Folder 630

Tune Traditions: Biblical Folklore

Folder 631

Tune Traditions: Bibliography and Tape Catalog

Folder 632

Tune Traditions: Bio in Encyclopedia of Folk, Country, and Western Music, 1969

Folder 633

Tune Traditions: Deck of Cards, 1970

Folder 634

Tune Traditions: Folklore 15 Cassettes

Folder 635

Tune Traditions: Folklore 15 Syllabus

Folder 636

Tune Traditions: Folklore 105 Syllabus

Folder 637

Tune Traditions: Granny Women

Folder 638

Tune Traditions: Hicks - Jack Tales

Folder 639

Tune Traditions: Kentucky Historical Society

Folder 640-641

Folder 640

Folder 641

Tune Traditions: Marchen

Folder 642

Tune Traditions: Myth

Folder 643

Tune Traditions: Nelly Gray/Little Old Log Cabin etc.

Folder 644

Tune Traditions: Review Articles and Discographies 1966-1979

Folder 645

Works in Progress: Completed: Aisling and the Cowboy

Folder 646

Works in Progress: Completed: Aisling and Cowboy II (Nicolaisen)

Folder 647

Works in Progress: Completed: Aisling and Cowboy III (Nicolaisen)

Folder 648

Works in Progress: Completed: American Influences on Irish Song

Folder 649

Works in Progress: Completed: Bell, Witch

Folder 650

Works in Progress: Completed: Child 170, Queen Jane

Folder 651

Works in Progress: Completed: The Deck of Cards

Folder 652

Works in Progress: Completed: Down our Way

Folder 653

Works in Progress: Completed: Harg, Fiddler

Folder 654

Works in Progress: Completed: Kentucky Folklore Record Bibliographies, 1955-1962

Folder 655

Works in Progress: Completed: Kentucky Folklore Record Biographies (Perrow, Combs, Wilson), Kentucky Folklore Society History

Folder 656

Works in Progress: Completed: Kentucky Folklore Record Miscellaneous Pieces

Folder 657

Works in Progress: Completed: Notes on Carter Family's Wildwood Flower

Folder 658

Works in Progress: Completed: Poet in Hell

Folder 659

Works in Progress: Completed: White Pilgrim

Folder 660

Works in Progress: Notes Only: John Lomax, Cowboy Songs 1916, 1938

Folder 661

Works in Progress: Notes Only: Miscellaneous Humor

Folder 662

Works in Progress: Notes Only: Miscellaneous Research

Folder 663

Works in Progress: Notes Only: Songs in Yola Dialect

Folder 664

Works in Progress: Notes Only: Traditional Song Book

Folder 665

Works in Progress: Notes Only: Traditional Vocal Music

Folder 666

Works in Progress: Notes Only: Wilgus-Long Anthology

Folder 667

Works in Progress: Notes Only: Yola Songs-Ireland

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.2. Writings by Others, 1967-1979.

About 5,000 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by author.

Folder 668-670

Folder 668

Folder 669

Folder 670

Abrahams, Roger

Folder 671

Almqvist, Bo

Folder 672

Anderson, E. N.

Folder 673-674

Folder 673

Folder 674

Armistead, Samuel G.

Folder 675

Austerlitz, Robert

Folder 676

Bailey, John Robert

Folder 677

Barry, Phillips

Folder 678

Bascom, William

Folder 679

Bauman, Richard

Folder 680

Belden, H. M.

Folder 681

Ben-Amos, Dan

Folder 682

Bendix, Regina

Folder 683

Beutler, Gisela

Folder 684

Blau, Harold

Folder 685

Blum, Steve

Folder 686

Bo, Ola V.

Folder 687

Botkin, Benjamin A.

Folder 688

Brednich, Rolf Wilh., Dr.

Folder 689

Briggs, Katherine

Folder 690

Bronner, Simon J.

Folder 691

Bronson, Bertrand H.

Folder 692

Brown, Charles Edward

Folder 693

Brown, Frank C.

Folder 694

Bruford, Alan

Folder 695

Brunvand, Jan H.

Folder 696

Buchan, David Duncan

Folder 697

Buss, Reinhold

Folder 698

Butler, Gary

Folder 699

Bynum, David E.

Folder 700

Child, Francis James

Folder 701

Chiston, K. V.

Folder 702

Clayton, Paul

Folder 703

Cohen, Norman

Folder 704

Collins, Willie

Folder 705

Combs, Josiah

Folder 706

Conolova, B. N.

Folder 707

Crossley-Holland, Peter

Folder 708

Dal, Erik

Folder 709

Danker, Frederick

Folder 710

Davis, Arthur Kyle

Folder 711

Del Guidice, Luisa

Folder 712

Degh, Linda

Folder 713

Dittmar, Jurgen

Folder 714

Dje-Dje, Jackie

Folder 715

Dobler, G. Ronald

Folder 716

Dorson, Richard M.

Folder 717

Dugaw, Dianne

Folder 718

Dundes, Alan

Folder 719

Ellis, Bill

Folder 720

El-Shamy, Ha San

Folder 721

Engle, David

Folder 722

Evans, David

Folder 723

Feintuch, Burt

Folder 724

Fife, Austin

Folder 725

Fogelson, Robert M.

Folder 726

Foley, John

Folder 727

Ford, Patrick

Folder 728

Fowke, Edith

Folder 729

Fowler, David

Folder 730

Freund, Hugo A.

Folder 731

Friedman, Albert

Folder 732

Friesen, Gordon

Folder 733

Gailey, Alan

Folder 734

Georges, Bob

Folder 735

Ginnell, Cary

Folder 736

Glasser, Howard T.

Folder 737

Goldstein, Kenneth

Folder 738

Green, Archie

Folder 739

Greenway, John

Folder 740

Gribbon, Arthur

Folder 741

Halpert, Herbert

Folder 742

Hand, Wayland

Folder 743

Hansen, Barry

Folder 744

Harris, Joseph

Folder 745

Heisley, Michael

Folder 746

Henderson, Hamish

Folder 747

Hendren, Joseph W.

Folder 748

Hendrix, Llewellyn

Folder 749

Herzog, George

Folder 750

Hoffman, Dean

Folder 751

Hoffman, Frank A.

Folder 752

Holzapfel, Otto

Folder 753

Honko, Lauri

Folder 754

Hostettler, Agnes

Folder 755

Ibrahim, Abdullahi Ali

Folder 756

Isaacson, Lanae

Folder 757

Jackson, Bruce

Folder 758

Jackson, George Pullen

Folder 759

James, Thelma

Folder 760

Jansen, William Hugh

Folder 761

Jason, Hedy

Folder 762

Jones, Michael Owen

Folder 763

Kahn, Ed

Folder 764

Karpeles, Maud

Folder 765

Ketner, Kenneth

Folder 766

Klusen, Ernst

Folder 767

Knorr, Karin

Folder 768

Koch, Bill and Mary

Folder 769

Kodish, Deborah

Folder 770

Kremenliev, Boris

Folder 771

Kriza, Ildiko, Dr.

Folder 772

Kumer, Zmaga

Folder 773

Kvideland, Reimund

Folder 774

Leader, Ninon A. M.

Folder 775

Lee, Hector

Folder 776

Legman, G.

Folder 777

Levine, Lawrence

Folder 778

Lloyd, A. L.

Folder 779

Logsdon, Guy

Folder 780

Lomax, Alan

Folder 781

Lomax, John A.

Folder 782

Loukatos, Demetrios

Folder 783

Lumpkin, Ben Gray

Folder 784

Luthi, Max

Folder 785

McAleer, John J.

Folder 786

McCarthy, Bill

Folder 787

MacGregor-Villareal, Mary

Folder 788

McHale, Elen E.

Folder 789

Meletinskij, E. M.

Folder 790

Melia, Dan

Folder 791

Messenger, John C.

Folder 792

Morton, Patricia

Folder 793

Mullen, Patrick B.

Folder 794

Munnelly, Tom

Folder 795

Nagy, Joszi

Folder 796

Newall, Venetia

Folder 797

Niles, John D.

Folder 798

Nilsoe, Mortan

Folder 799

Noy, Dov

Folder 800

Nygard, Holger

Folder 801

Oinas, Felix J.

Folder 802

O'Suilleabhain, Sean

Folder 803

Owen, Trefor M.

Folder 804

Papamichael, Anna J.

Folder 805

Paredes, Americo

Folder 806

Perdue, Charles L., Jr. and Nancy

Folder 807

Perrow, E. C.

Folder 808

Petit, Thomas

Folder 809

Philips, John

Folder 810

Phillips, James E.

Folder 811

Pomeranceva, Erna

Folder 812

Porter, James

Folder 813

Pound, Louise

Folder 814

Primiano, Leonard Norman

Folder 815

Puchner, Walter

Folder 816

Purcell, Jo Anne B.

Folder 817

Renwick, Roger deV.

Folder 818

Richmond, W. Edson

Folder 819

Ridley, Rik

Folder 820

Roberts, Leonard W.

Folder 821

Roberts, Warren E.

Folder 822

Robinson, Beverly

Folder 823

Rohrich, Lutz

Folder 824

Rooth, Anna Birgitta

Folder 825

Rosenberg, Bruce

Folder 826

Rosenberg, Neil V.

Folder 827

Ross, James Pheane

Folder 828

Roth, Klaus

Folder 829

Rubsamen, Walter

Folder 830

Russell, Ian

Folder 831

Sackett, Samuel J.

Folder 832

Scherman, Tony

Folder 833

Schuldiner, David

Folder 834

Seeger, Charles

Folder 835

Sellers, William E.

Folder 836

Shearin, Hubert G.

Folder 837

Shenhar, Aliza

Folder 838

Sherman, Sherry

Folder 839

Shields, Hugh

Folder 840

Simpson, Claude

Folder 841

Siuts, Hinrich

Folder 842

Slotkin, Edgar

Folder 843

Smith, C. Alfonso

Folder 844

Smith, Reed

Folder 845

Smith, Robert Jerome

Folder 846

Spires, Will

Folder 847

Splitter, Henry W.

Folder 848

Stark, Tuula

Folder 849

Stekert, Ellen J.

Folder 850

Strutynski, Udo

Folder 851

Such, David

Folder 852

Sutherland, E. J.

Folder 853

Tamony, Peter

Folder 854

Taylor, Archer

Folder 855

Thompson, Lawrence S.

Folder 856

Thompson, Stith

Folder 857

Toelken, Barre

Folder 858

Tolman, Albert H.

Folder 859

Tommerup, Peter

Folder 860

Top, Stefaan

Folder 861

Townsend, Charles R.

Folder 862

Treat, Asher E.

Folder 863

Utley, Francis Lee

Folder 864

Vargyas, Lajos

Folder 865

Voight, Vilmos

Folder 866

Vrabie, Gh.

Folder 867

Wahlgren, Erik

Folder 868

Ward, Barry

Folder 869

Ward, Donald

Folder 870

Webb, David K.

Folder 871

Wehse, Rainer

Folder 872

Wenker, Jerome

Folder 873

Werner, Waldtraut

Folder 874

West, John O.

Folder 875

Whisnant, David E.

Folder 876-879

Folder 876

Folder 877

Folder 878

Folder 879

Wilgus, D. K.

Folder 880

Wilson, William A.

Folder 881

Wimmer, Erich

Folder 882

Wurzbach, Natasha

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.3. Indexed Anglo-American Writings, 1951-1984.

About 2,400 items.

Arrangement: By index number.

This alpha-numeric index may be related to the ballad classifcation system created by G. Malcolm Laws to refer to native American ballads, but the relationship is unclear. Like the Laws classification system, Wilgus uses a letter and a number to arrange the ballads and related materials, including reviews, articles, and newspaper clippings. Following the alphanumeric code there are Arbeitstagung proceedings that discuss development of a european folk ballad type-index and additional reviews arranged in chronological order.

Note that there is significant overlap between the materials in this series and the materials in series 8.1 Ballads and Music: Subject files.

Folder 883

A1: Singin' Gatherin'

Folder 884

A2: Folksong and Democracy

Folder 885

A3: "Don't Go Down in the Mine, Dad"

Folder 886

A4: "The White Pilgrim"

Folder 887

A5: Songs from Rappannick County

Folder 888

A14a: Kentucky Folklore Society Since 1951

Folder 889

A15: A Syllabus of Kentucky Folksongs

Folder 890

A17: "Down Our Way: Open The Ballet Box"

Folder 891

A18: Ballad Classification

Folder 892

A19: Wyoming's Headless Horseman

Folder 893

A22: Again the Benders

Folder 894

A25: "Ten Broeck and Mollie"

Folder 895

A26: Herbert G. Shearin

Folder 896

A28: Note on The North Carolina Hills

Folder 897

A29: Mollie and Ten Broeck: A Further Note

Folder 898

A32: Leaders of Kentucky Folklore: Eber B. Perrow

Folder 899

A33: Kentucky Bibliography, 1956

Folder 900

A35: Leaders of Kentucky Folklore: Josiah H. Combs

Folder 901

A42: Folksongs of Kentucky, East and West

Folder 902

A49: The Kentucky Folklore Society

Folder 903

A55: Kentucky Bibliography, 1957

Folder 904

A56: Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Folder 905

A57-A60, A62-A65: Reviews, 1958

Folder 906

A61: The Western Kentucky Folklore Archive

Folder 907

A64a: Riddles to Ask

Folder 908

A68: Down Our Way: Who's in Town?

Folder 909

A69-A70: Kentucky Bibliography, 1958

Folder 910

A71: Down Our Way: Sing us a Kentucky Song

Folder 911

A72: Uker

Folder 912

A73-A80: Reviews, 1959

Folder 913

A81: Kentucky Bibliography, 1959

Folder 914

A82: Raw Head in Butler County

Folder 915

A84-A85: Arch and Gordon Proverbial Material

Folder 916

A91, A98: Combs Collection

Folder 917

A92: Kentucky Bibliography, 1961

Folder 918

A94: "All is Not Nonsense and Hard Cash"

Folder 919

A103: Obray Ramsay

Folder 920

A104: Kentucky Bibliography, 1961

Folder 921

A106: The Kentucky Folklore Society, 1912-1962

Folder 922

A107: Leaders of Kentucky Folklore: Gordon Wilson

Folder 923

A105, A110-A111: Reviews, 1962

Folder 924

A109, A112-A114: Liner Notes, 1962

Folder 925

A115: Edna Ritchie

Folder 926

A116: Josiah H. Combs

Folder 927

A117: Bibliography of Kentucky Folklore, 1962

Folder 928

A118: Doc Watson Family

Folder 929

A120: "The Academic Folklorist and the Folksong Revival"

Folder 930

A122: "Folksong and Folksong Scholarship"

Folder 931

A124: Foreword to Ballads and Songs of Ohio

Folder 932

A125: Mike Seeger

Folder 933

A127: Newport Helps Build a Country Music Archive

Folder 934

A130: Third Annual UCLA Folk Festival

Folder 935

A131: Bradley Kincaid

Folder 936

A132-A134: Journal of American Folklore, Hillbilly Issue

Folder 937

A135: Hanged Fiddler, 1965

Folder 938

A138: Kentucky Discography, 1963-64

Folder 939

A140: Kentucky Discography, 1965

Folder 940

A141: The Oldest Text of "Edward"

Folder 941

A142-144: Record Review Articles, 1966

Folder 942

A147-149: Record Review Articles, 1967

Folder 943

A150: Kentucky Discography, 1966

Folder 944

A153-156: Record Review Articles, 1968

Folder 945

A157: The Hillbilly Movement

Folder 946

A158: Kentucky Discography, 1967

Folder 947

A159: Clure and Joe Williams

Folder 948

A160: Kentucky Discography, 1968

Folder 949

A161: The British Broadside Ballad and Its Music

Folder 950

A162: Native American Ballads

Folder 951

A163: Anglo-American Folksong Style

Folder 952

A164: Hard Hitting Songs For Hard-Hit People

Folder 953

A165: Songs of Irish Rebellion

Folder 954

A166: "Country-Western Music and The Urban Hillbilly"

Folder 955

A167: "The Girl in the Window"

Folder 956

A168: "A New Child From North Carolina"

Folder 957

A169: The Bluesman

Folder 958

A170: "Soldier's Deck of Cards"

Folder 959

A172: Kentucky Discography 1969

Folder 960

A173: Gordon Wilson

Folder 961

A174: Type-Index of Anglo-American Traditional Narrative Songs

Folder 962

A175-176: Record Review Articles, 1970

Folder 963

A177: Two Negro Folk-Poems

Folder 964

A178: Introduction to John Edwards Memorial Foundation Issue, A179: Billy the Kid

Folder 965

A180: Beanie Short

Folder 966

A181: Kentucky Discography, 1970

Folder 967

A182-184: Record Review Articles, 1971

Folder 968

A185-187: Record Review Articles, 1972

Folder 969

A188: Norbert Weiner

Folder 970

A189: "Only A Miner"

Folder 971

A190: Doc Hopkins

Folder 972

A191: "I Learned About Women From Her"

Folder 973

A192: "Little Mary Phagan"

Folder 974

A193: "The Text is the Thing"

Folder 975

A194: "Lawrence Doyle: The Farmer Poet of Prince Edward Island"

Folder 976

A197: Future of American Folksong Scholarship

Folder 977

A198: Archives and Restrictions

Folder 978

A199-200: Record Review Articles, 1973

Folder 979

A201: Francis Lee Utley

Folder 980

A202-203: A Tomegkommunikacios....A Folkor es a Magas...

Folder 981

A204-205: Record Review Articles, 1974

Folder 982

A206: The Hammons Family: A Study of a West Virginia Family's Tradition

Folder 983

A207-208: Stars of Country Music: Bradley Kincaid

Folder 984

A209: North Carolina Mountain Folksongs and Ballads

Folder 985

A211: American Ballads in Ireland

Folder 986

A212: Harry K. McClintock, "Haywire Mac;" Rufus Crisp, Roscoe Holcomb, "Close To Home"

Folder 987

A213: Irish Traditional Narrative Songs in English: 1800-1916

Folder 988

A214: British and Irish Tradition

Folder 989

A216: Sara Cleveland; Glenn Ohrlin: Cowboy Songs

Folder 990

A217: Record Reviewing in Folklore Journals

Folder 991

A218: Rose Connoley

Folder 992

A220: The Hanged Fiddler, 1980

Folder 993

A224: Early American Influence on Narrative Songs in Ireland

Folder 994

A225: Irish Traditional Music, 1982

Folder 995

A227: Collecting Musical Folklore and Folksong

Folder 996

A228: American Ballads in Ireland: Two Examples

Folder 997

A229: Tension of Essenses in Murdered Sweetheart Ballads

Folder 998

A234: "The Original Pioneer Trio Sings Songs of the Hills and Plains"

Folder 999

A235: Ozark Folksongs review

Folder 1000

A236: "The Blues Ballad and the Genesis of Style in Traditional Narrative Song"

Folder 1001

A237: Kentucky Country: Folk and Country Music of Kentucky review

Folder 1002

A238: "The Aisling and the Cowboy: Some Unnoticed Influences of Irish Vision Poetry on Anglo-American Balladry"

Folder 1003

A239: An Anthropologist at Play: Ballad Mongering in Ireland and its Consequences for Research

Folder 1004

A240: "Response to Toelken"

Folder 1005

A241: "Fakesong: The Manufacture of British 'Folksong,' 1700 to the Present"

Folder 1006-1007

Folder 1006

Folder 1007

B5: Illustration Book, Volumes I-II

Folder 1008

B7: The Ballad: Medieval and Modern

Folder 1009

B8: Irish Roadside Ballads

Folder 1010

B10: Thematic Indexing of Ballads: The Triumph of Virtue or Pyrrhic Victory

Folder 1011

B11: Folk Composers of Butler County

Folder 1012

B12: The Kentucky Folklore Record: A Fatherly Appraisal

Folder 1013

C2: Irish Song Index-Sample

Folder 1014

C4: Titanic Ballads

Folder 1015

C12: Anglo-Celtic-American Traditional Vocal Music

Folder 1016

C15: Anglo-Celtic-American Traditional Vocal Music

Folder 1017

C17: The Comparative Approach

Folder 1018

C19: "Aspects of Style and Language in Child's Collection of English and Scottish Popular Ballads"

Folder 1019

C23: Songs of the Assassination of Lord Leitrim

Folder 1020

C24: The Catalogue of Irish Traditional Ballads in English and Ballad Classification and the "Narrative Theme" Concept Together with a Thematic Index to Anglo-Irish American Balladry

Folder 1021

C27: "Fakesong: The Manufacture of British 'Folksong,' 1700 to the Present"

Folder 1022-1026

Folder 1022

Folder 1023

Folder 1024

Folder 1025

Folder 1026

Miscellaneous, 1963-1984

Reviews, articles, and newspaper clippings by and about D. K. Wilgus

Folder 1027


Folder 1028

2-Arbeitstagung (A165)

Folder 1029

3-Arbeitstagung (A171)

Folder 1030


Folder 1031

5-Arbeitstagung (A195-A196)

Folder 1032

6-Arbeitstagung (A210)

Folder 1033


Folder 1034

8-Arbeitstagung: "Love Relations" (A215)

Folder 1035

9-Arbeitstagung: "Social Conflict" (A219)

Folder 1036

10-Arbeitstagung: "Lore and Language" Andrew Jenkins (A223)

Folder 1037

Reviews, 1951

Folder 1038

Reviews, 1952

Folder 1039

Reviews, 1953

Folder 1040

Reviews, 1954

Folder 1041

Reviews, 1955

Folder 1042

Reviews, 1956

Folder 1043

Reviews, 1957

Folder 1044

Reviews, 1958

Folder 1045

Reviews, 1959

Folder 1046

Reviews, 1960

Folder 1047

Reviews, 1961

Folder 1048

Reviews, 1962

Folder 1049

Reviews, 1963

Folder 1050

Reviews, 1964

Folder 1051

Reviews, 1965

Folder 1052

Reviews, 1966-1979

Folder 1053

Reviews, 1980

Folder 1054

Reviews, 1982

Folder 1055

Reviews, 1983

Folder 1056

Reviews, 1984

Folder 1057

Miscellaneous Review Articles: Kentucky Folklore Record Vol. 5, No. 4, 1959

Folder 1058

LP Record Notes, 1966-1972

Folder 1059

Duplicate articles

Folder 1060

Folk Festival, 1979

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.4. Study of Folklore, 1962-1985.

About 4,200 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical.

Materials are organized by headings created by D.K. Wilgus, and include archives, bibliographies, collections and collecting, fieldwork, offprints, organizations, theoretical concerns, and other subjects related to folklore as an academic subject.

Folder 1061

Archives: Adventure Magazine, Old Songs That Men Have Sung

Folder 1062

Archives: Bela Bartok Archive

Folder 1063

Archives: Barry Hansen Collection

Folder 1064

Archives: Cowell Collection

Folder 1065

Archives: Dansk Folkemindesamling

Folder 1066

Archives: Darlington Institute

Folder 1067

Archives: Deutsche Volksliedarchiv

Folder 1068

Archives: Francis James Child Archive

Folder 1069

Archives: Harding Collection

Folder 1070

Archives: Indiana University Folklore Archives

Folder 1071

Archives: Irish Music Discography

Folder 1072

Archives: Irish Traditional Music Archive

Folder 1073

Archives: Kevin Barry, Perdue Archive of Traditional Culture

Folder 1074

Archives: Kirkland Collection

Folder 1075-1076

Folder 1075

Folder 1076

Archives: Library of Congress

Folder 1077

Archives: Library of Congress: Archive of Folksong

Folder 1078

Archives: Library of Congress: Archive of Folksong: Contributors

Folder 1079

Archives: University of Arizona Archive: Recordings

Folder 1080

Archives: West Virginia University Archive

Folder 1081

Archives: Wilgus Collection

Folder 1082

Bibliographies: Ballad Case Studies

Folder 1083

Bibliographies: General

Folder 1084

Bibliographies: Irish, Current Work

Folder 1085

Bibliographies: Wayland Hand Bibliography

Folder 1086

Collecting Bibliography: Antebellum Musical Instruments

Folder 1087

Collecting Bibliography: Committee on Ethics Report

Folder 1088

Collecting Bibliography: Collecting: Los Angeles

Folder 1089

Collecting Bibliography: Collecting: Musical Folklore

Folder 1090

Collecting Bibliography: Collecting: Western Kentucky

Folder 1091

Collecting Bibliography: Folklore 201A

Folder 1092

Collecting Bibliography: Folklore: Instructions

Folder 1093

Collecting Bibliography: Folksong Finding List

Folder 1094

Collecting Bibliography: Grass Valley Choir

Folder 1095

Collecting Bibliography: Honko: Role of Fieldwork

Folder 1096

Collecting Bibliography: Hostetler/ Huntington, Hutterites

Folder 1097

Collecting Bibliography: An Instruction Manual

Folder 1098

Collecting Bibliography: Ireland: Ethical Problems

Folder 1099

Collecting Bibliography: Ireland, Tom: "Ethical Problems in Folklore"

Folder 1100

Collecting Bibliography: Irish Folklore Commission: A Sample Questionnaire

Folder 1101

Collecting Bibliography: Jackson: Being Fair

Folder 1102

Collecting Bibliography: Jairazbhoy: Update on Field Equipment

Folder 1103

Collecting Bibliography: Jones on Brunvand

Folder 1104

Collecting Bibliography: Jones: Films

Folder 1105-1106

Folder 1105

Folder 1106

Collecting Bibliography: Jones, Steven: "Dogmatism in the Contextual Revolution"

Folder 1107

Collecting Bibliography: Jones, Steven: "Contexts of Folklore"

Folder 1108

Collecting Bibliography: Jones, Steven: "Slouching"

Folder 1109

Collecting Bibliography: Joyner: "Performance in Historical Context"

Folder 1110

Collecting Bibliography: Junker: Fieldwork

Folder 1111

Collecting Bibliography: Ketner and Jones: "Folkloristic Research"

Folder 1112

Collecting Bibliography: Ketner and Jones: "Pedagogical Tool"

Folder 1113

Collecting Bibliography: Kluckhohn: "Participant-Observer"

Folder 1114

Collecting Bibliography: Koffend: "Flunking the Bar Exam"

Folder 1115

Collecting Bibliography: Koning, J.: "Fieldworker as Performer"

Folder 1116

Collecting Bibliography: Leach: "Problems of Collecting"

Folder 1117

Collecting Bibliography: Legman: "Who Owns Folklore?"

Folder 1118

Collecting Bibliography: Lindgren: "Collection and Analysis"

Folder 1119

Collecting Bibliography: Lomax: "Special Features of the Sung Communication"

Folder 1120

Collecting Bibliography: Marrant: "Some Functions of Narrative in Yorkshire"

Folder 1121

Collecting Bibliography: Montell: "The Human Side"

Folder 1122

Collecting Bibliography: Munnelly, T.

Folder 1123

Collecting Bibliography: Nader: "From Anguish to Exultation"

Folder 1124

Collecting Bibliography: Nash: "Ethnologist as Stranger"

Folder 1125

Collecting Bibliography: Nettl: "Collecting and Studying"

Folder 1126

Collecting Bibliography: Pandy: "Anthropologists at Zuni"

Folder 1127

Collecting Bibliography: Peattie: "Interventionism"

Folder 1128

Collecting Bibliography: Pelto: "Anthropological Research"

Folder 1129

Collecting Bibliography: People Magazine

Folder 1130

Collecting Bibliography: Porter: "Documentary Recording"

Folder 1131

Collecting Bibliography: Richards: "Field Work Methods"

Folder 1132

Collecting Bibliography: Rooth, A.

Folder 1133

Collecting Bibliography: Scottish Life and Tradition Questionnaire

Folder 1134

Collecting Bibliography: Seeger: "Who Owns Folklore?- A rejoinder"

Folder 1135

Collecting Bibliography: Smith, Tradition

Folder 1136

Collecting Bibliography: Sutton-Smith: "Folk Games of Children"

Folder 1137

Collecting Bibliography: Ward: "Context of Performance"

Folder 1138

Collecting Bibliography: Ward: Satirical

Folder 1139

Collecting Bibliography: Whyte: "Evolution of Street Corners"

Folder 1140

Collecting Bibliography: Whyte: "On Asking Indirect Questions"

Folder 1141

Collecting Bibliography: Wilgus: "Collecting Musical Folklore"

Folder 1142

Collecting Bibliography: Wilgus: Finding List

Folder 1143

Collecting Bibliography: Wilgus: Future

Folder 1144

Collecting Bibliography: Wilgus: "The Text is the Thing"

Folder 1145

Collecting Bibliography: Wilgus-Toelken: "Ballad and Scholars"

Folder 1146

Collecting Bibliography: Wiser: "Behind Mud Walls"

Folder 1147

Collecting Bibliography: Young: "The Notion of Context"

Folder 1148

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Alan Lomax Papers

Folder 1149

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Childs, Alice May: M. A. Thesis

Folder 1150

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Dorothy Scarborough Collection

Folder 1151

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Edwin Ford Piper Collection

Folder 1152

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Frank Kidson Collection

Folder 1153

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Ivan Walton Collection

Folder 1154

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: John Smith Collection

Folder 1155

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Josiah Combs Collection

Folder 1156

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Katherine French Collection

Folder 1157

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Miscellaneous Song Collections

Folder 1158

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Newman Ivey White

Folder 1159

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Quigley, Colin, Child in Newfoundland

Folder 1160

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Sam Henry Collection

Folder 1161

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Smithsonian Institution

Folder 1162

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Southern Folklore Theses, 1955

Folder 1163

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: UCLA Archives, Miscellaneous Correspondence

Folder 1164

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Williams, Cratis, Thesis

Folder 1165

Collections, Manuscripts, and Theses: Wyman, Loraine, Ms.

Folder 1166

John Edwards Memorial Foundation: Newsletter

Folder 1167

Offprints: AAA Ethics

Folder 1168

Offprints: Anderson: "Culture Shock"

Folder 1169

Offprints: Barnes: "Ethical Problems"

Folder 1170

Offprints: Beattie: "Understanding"

Folder 1171

Offprints: Becker: "Photography and Sociology"

Folder 1172

Offprints: Ben-Amos, Dan

Folder 1173

Offprints: Ben-Amos, Dan: "Ceremony of Innocence"

Folder 1174

Offprints: Bengtson, Grigsby, Corry and Hruby

Folder 1175

Offprints: Boje, Fedor, and Rowland

Folder 1176

Offprints: Brailoio

Folder 1177-1178

Folder 1177

Folder 1178

Offprints: Briggs, Kapluna Daughter

Folder 1179

Offprints: Brunvand, J. H.

Folder 1180

Offprints: Burns: Functional Analysis

Folder 1181

Offprints: Byington: Strategies, Occupational

Folder 1182

Offprints: Byrne: Handbook of Folklore

Folder 1183

Offprints: Cohen, Norm and Anne

Folder 1184

Offprints: Codere: "Fieldwork in Rwanda"

Folder 1185

Offprints: Cushing: "Adventures in Zuni"

Folder 1186

Offprints: Degerando: "Observation of Savage"

Folder 1187

Offprints: Dollard: "The Research Site"

Folder 1188

Offprints: Deloria, Vine

Folder 1189

Offprints: Drake: "Jungian Psychology"

Folder 1190-1191

Folder 1190

Folder 1191

Offprints: Dresser: "What's a Nice Girl"

Folder 1192

Offprints: Dundes, Alan

Folder 1193

Offprints: Erixon: Folklife Research

Folder 1194

Offprints: Evans: "Fieldwork with Blues Singers"

Folder 1195-1196

Folder 1195

Folder 1196

Offprints: Festinger, Riecker, Schachter

Folder 1197

Offprints: Fithian: Two

Folder 1198

Offprints: Fleischauer: "Media Equipment"

Folder 1199

Offprints: Folk Festival, 1979

Folder 1200

Offprints: Freilich: "Marginal Natives"

Folder 1201

Offprints: Friedl: Greek Village

Folder 1202-1203

Folder 1202

Folder 1203

Offprints: Georges, Robert A.

Folder 1204

Offprints: Gjessing: "Ethics/Interventionism/Social Responsibility"

Folder 1205

Offprints: Golde: "Odyssey of Encounter"

Folder 1206

Offprints: Goldstein: "Induced Natural Context"

Folder 1207

Offprints: Haring: "And You Put the Load"

Folder 1208

Offprints: Harris: "Role Playing"

Folder 1209

Offprints: Hartman: Nudist Society

Folder 1210

Offprints: Hunting Folksongs

Folder 1211

Offprints: Jones, Stephen

Folder 1212

Offprints: Kaberry, Phyllis

Folder 1213

Offprints: Kaplan: Inquiry Excerpts

Folder 1214

Offprints: Ketner: "Identity and Existence"

Folder 1215

Offprints: Ketner: "Role of Hypotheses"

Folder 1216

Offprints: Miscellaneous, 1963-1964

Folder 1217

Offprints: Miscellaneous, 1966-1979

Folder 1218

Offprints: Miscellaneous, 1979-1982

Folder 1219

Offprints: Miscellaneous, 1983-1984

Folder 1220

Offprints: The Part of the Folksinger in Balladry

Folder 1221

Organizations: Academy of Country Music

Folder 1222

Organizations: Alternative Museum

Folder 1223

Organizations: American Folklife Center

Folder 1224

Organizations: Appalachian Consortium

Folder 1225

Organizations: California Folklore Newsletter

Folder 1226

Organizations: California Traditional Music Society

Folder 1227

Organizations: Caswell Harps

Folder 1228

Organizations: Center for Popular Music

Folder 1229

Organizations: Center for Southern Folklore

Folder 1230

Organizations: Center for Study of Southern Culture

Folder 1231

Organizations: Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann

Folder 1232

Organizations: Congres International Des Sciences Anthropologiques et Ethnologiques

Folder 1233

Organizations: Cooperation North

Folder 1234

Organizations: Council of the Southern Mountains, Mountain Life and Work

Folder 1235

Organizations: Folk Music Society of Ireland

Folder 1236

Organizations: Folklore Institute

Folder 1237

Organizations: Folklore Society News

Folder 1238

Organizations: Garland Society

Folder 1239

Organizations: George Washington University Folklife Association

Folder 1240

Organizations: Hoosier Folklore Society

Folder 1241

Organizations: Huntington Beach Friends of Folk Music

Folder 1242

Organizations: Institute of Far Western American Culture

Folder 1243

Organizations: International Folk Music Council

Folder 1244

Organizations: Kentucky Folklore Record

Folder 1245

Organizations: Kentucky Folklore Society

Folder 1246

Organizations: Kentucky Folklorists

Folder 1247

Organizations: Living History Centre

Folder 1248

Organizations: Los Angeles Folk Arts

Folder 1249

Organizations: Mississippi Folklore Society

Folder 1250

Organizations: Missouri Cultural Heritage Center, Tradition

Folder 1251

Organizations: Missouri Folklore Society

Folder 1252

Organizations: National Council for the Traditional Arts

Folder 1253

Organizations: North Carolina Folklore Society Newsletter

Folder 1254a

Organizations: Northeast Folklore Society

Folder 1254b

Organizations: Oakland Museum Folk Art Exhibit

Folder 1255

Organizations: Ohio Folklore Society

Folder 1256

Organizations: Ohio State University

Folder 1257

Organizations: Scottish Text Society

Folder 1258

Organizations: Sing Out

Folder 1259

Organizations: Smithsonian Folklife News

Folder 1260

Organizations: Southern Arts Federation

Folder 1261

Organizations: Tennessee Folklore Society

Folder 1262

Organizations: University of North Carolina Southern Folklife Collection, Curriculum in Folklore

Folder 1263

Organizations: Virginia Folklore Society

Folder 1264-1265

Folder 1264

Folder 1265

Sam Henry Collection: Combs and Wilgus on Stage and Screen

Folder 1266

Sam Henry Collection: Herrmann, Lani

Folder 1267

Sam Henry Collection: Huntington, Gale

Folder 1268

Sam Henry Collection: Huntington and Herrmann Xeroxes

Folder 1269

Sam Henry Collection: Moulden, John

Folder 1270-1283

Folder 1270

Folder 1271

Folder 1272

Folder 1273

Folder 1274

Folder 1275

Folder 1276

Folder 1277

Folder 1278

Folder 1279

Folder 1280

Folder 1281

Folder 1282

Folder 1283

Sam Henry Collection: Music and Bibliographical Information Xeroxes

Folder 1284

Sam Henry Collection: Sam Henry Folio Xeroxes

Folder 1285

Theoretical Concerns: Collecting Musical Folklore

Folder 1286

Theoretical Concerns: D.K. Wilgus on Folk Music

Folder 1287

Theoretical Concerns: Folksong and Folksong Scholarship

Folder 1288

Theoretical Concerns: Groves Dictionary

Folder 1289

Theoretical Concerns: Hillbilly Music, Definition and Defense in various manuscripts

Folder 1290

Theoretical Concerns: Illustration Book, Volume 1

Folder 1291

Theoretical Concerns: Illustration Book, Volume 2

Folder 1292

Theoretical Concerns: Leadbelly, Burl Ives, and Sam Hinton

Folder 1293-1296

Folder 1293

Folder 1294

Folder 1295

Folder 1296

Theoretical Concerns: Other Writings

Folder 1297-1299

Folder 1297

Folder 1298

Folder 1299

Theoretical Concerns: Record Reviews

Folder 1300

Theoretical Concerns: Reply to Toelken

Folder 1301

Theoretical Concerns: Reuss, Richard: Archive of Folk Song Revival Publications

Folder 1302

Theoretical Concerns: Shooting Fish in a Barrel

Folder 1303-1317

Folder 1303

Folder 1304

Folder 1305

Folder 1306

Folder 1307

Folder 1308

Folder 1309

Folder 1310

Folder 1311

Folder 1312

Folder 1313

Folder 1314

Folder 1315

Folder 1316

Folder 1317

Theoretical Concerns: Vargyas Nepballada

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.5. Folk Music Newsletters, 1963-1972.

About 2,400 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by title.

Folder 1318

Academy of Country Music

Folder 1319

Blue Yodeler

Folder 1320

Bluegrass Express

Folder 1321

BMI: The Many Worlds of Music

REFERENCE FOR California Folklore Society SEE Miscellaneous Folklore Journals and Newsletters

Folder 1322

Country Directory

Folder 1323

Country Music Promoter

Folder 1324

Country Sky

Folder 1325


Folder 1326

Discographical Forum

Folder 1327

Folk and Bluegrass Trends

Folder 1328


Folder 1329


Folder 1330

Good Old Days

Folder 1331

HIFI Stereo Review

Folder 1332

Hillbilly-Folk Record Journal

Folder 1333


Folder 1334


Folder 1335

International Discophile

Folder 1336

International Musician

Folder 1337

Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Association Newsletter

Folder 1338

Joslin's Jazz Journal

Folder 1339

KGBS Country

Folder 1340

Kountry Korral

Folder 1341

Mean Mountain Music

Folder 1342

Mixed Pickles

Folder 1343


Folder 1344

New York Folk Dance News

Folder 1345

Old Time Country

Folder 1346

Old Time Herald

Folder 1347

Popular Music

Folder 1348

Quarter Notes

Folder 1349

Record Collector's Journal

Folder 1350

Record Spinner

Folder 1351

78 Quarterly

Folder 1352

Sing Out!

Folder 1353

Songwriter's Enquirer

Folder 1354

Sunny Side Sentinel

Folder 1355

Western Corral

Folder 1356-1363

Folder 1356

Folder 1357

Folder 1358

Folder 1359

Folder 1360

Folder 1361

Folder 1362

Folder 1363

Miscellaneous folklore journals and newsletters

Includes California Folklore Society

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.6. Books and Manuscripts, 1954-1993.

About 1,000 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by author.

Manuscripts and whole copies of books sent to D.K. Wilgus either for proofreading or for his reseach.

Folder 1364-1368

Folder 1364

Folder 1365

Folder 1366

Folder 1367

Folder 1368

Cray, Ed: "The Erotic Muse: American Bawdy Songs"

With reader report by D.K. Wilgus

Box 21

Henry, Sam: Dublin, Belfast and Washington copies

Folder 1369-1371

Folder 1369

Folder 1370

Folder 1371

Holley, Morgiana P.: "Marine Disasters in Newfoundland Folk Balladry"

Box 21

Huntington, Gale: Index and references

Folder 1372-1374

Folder 1372

Folder 1373

Folder 1374

Newman, Katharine: "Never Without A Song"

Box 21

O'Boyle: Index and notes

Folder 1375-1377

Folder 1375

Folder 1376

Folder 1377

Randolph, Vance: "Unprintable Songs from the Ozarks"

Folder 1378-1379

Folder 1378

Folder 1379

Smyth, Jensen: "Traditional Humor on Knoxville Country Radio Entertainment Shows"

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 3. Festivals, Seminars, and Professional Activities, 1958-1997.

About 5,400 items.

Materials about folk music festivals, seminars, and other activities. Included are fliers and other literature relating to many folk festivals throughout the United States and from conferences in the United States and Europe.

Note that original file names have, for the most part, been retained.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.1. United States Festivals, 1958-1983.

About 3,000 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical.

Folder 1380

Arkansas Folk Festival

Folder 1381

Bakersfield National Convention Fiddling Contest

Folder 1382

Balkan Arts Center Festivals

Folder 1383

Beers Family Festival

Folder 1384

Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music

Folder 1385

Berkeley Festival

Folder 1386

Blackpoint Old Time Music Festival

Folder 1387

The Bluegrass Club of New York

Folder 1388

Blue Grass Music Festival

Folder 1389

Bob Baxter's Folk Club

Folder 1390

Bob Wills Festival

Folder 1391

Cajun and Zydeco Festivals

Folder 1392

California Odyssey

Folder 1393

California Polytechnic Folk Festival

Folder 1394

California State University, Fullerton Banjo and Fiddle Contest

Folder 1395


Folder 1396

Chicago Blues Festival

Folder 1397

Chicago Jazz Festival

Folder 1398

Chico Festival

Folder 1399

Ennistymon Festival

Folder 1400

Ethnic Folk Arts Festival

Folder 1401

Fairmont Folk Music Festival

Folder 1402

Festival Calendar, 1980

Folder 1403

Fiddle Contests: Rules and Judging

Folder 1404

Fiddler's Convention, Galax, Va.

Folder 1405-1406

Folder 1405

Folder 1406

Fiddler's Convention, Union Grove, N.C.

Folder 1407

Florida Folk Festival

Folder 1408

Folk Dance Directory

Folder 1409

Folk Festival of the Smokies

Folder 1410

Folk Festival Syllabus

Folder 1411

The Folk Life at Camp Akiba

Folder 1412

Folklife Camp, Lake Sequoia

Folder 1413

Fox Hollow Festival

Folder 1414

Golden West Bluegrass Festival

Folder 1415

Gospel Quartet Reunion

Folder 1416

The Great Hudson River Revival

Folder 1417

John Henry Folk Festival

Folder 1418

Hillbrook National Van Festival

Folder 1419

Hoosier Folklore Society: Conference on Collecting, 1966

Folder 1420

Hoosier Folklore Society: Festival

Folder 1421


Folder 1422

Indian Neck Folk Festival

Folder 1423


Folder 1424

International Festival of Music and Dance

Folder 1425

International Fiddlers Convention and Championships

Folder 1426

International Folk Dance and Handicraft Festival

Folder 1427

International Folklore Show

Folder 1428

Iowa Old-Time Country Music Contest

Folder 1429


Folder 1430

Keele Folk Festival

Folder 1431

Kentucky Fiddlers Contest and Convention

Folder 1432

Kentucky Folk Festivals

Folder 1433

Kentucky Highlands Folk Festival

Folder 1434

Keystone Junior College Folk Festival

Folder 1435

Los Angeles Country Scene

Folder 1436

Los Angeles Multicultural Festivals

Folder 1437

Madison County Traditional Craft Days

Folder 1438

Magic Mountain Bluegrass Festival

Folder 1439

Mendocino Woodlands Country Dance Camp

Folder 1440

Middle Tennessee Strawberry Festival

Folder 1441-1455

Folder 1441

Folder 1442

Folder 1443

Folder 1444

Folder 1445

Folder 1446

Folder 1447

Folder 1448

Folder 1449

Folder 1450

Folder 1451

Folder 1452

Folder 1453

Folder 1454

Folder 1455

Miscellaneous Festivals

Folder 1456

Mississippi Folk Festival

Folder 1457

Monterey Folk Festival

Folder 1458

Monterey International Pop Festival

Folder 1459

My Special World, UCLA

Folder 1460

National Folk Festival

Folder 1461-1462

Folder 1461

Folder 1462

National Old Time Fiddlers' Contest and Folk Music Festival

Folder 1463

National Steel Guitar Convention

Folder 1464

New England Folk Festival

Folder 1465

New Harmony Festival of Traditional Music

Folder 1466

New Jersey Folk Festival

Folder 1467

New York Folk Festival

Folder 1468

New York University Conference on the Folklore of Urban Public Spaces

Folder 1469

New York Winter Folk Festival

Folder 1470

Newport Folk Festival

Folder 1471

Northeast Fiddlers' Convention

Folder 1472

Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Firemen's Convention

Folder 1473

Oak Grove Folk Harp Festival

Folder 1474

Ohio National Bluegrass Festival

Folder 1475

The Old Time Fiddlers and Bluegrass Convention

Folder 1476

Old Time Fiddlers Championship

Folder 1477

Other Folk Festivals

Folder 1478

Ozark Folk Festival

Folder 1479-1480

Folder 1479

Folder 1480

Pennsylvania Folk Festival

Folder 1481

Philadelphia Folksong Society

Folder 1482


Folder 1483

Plaza de la Raza Folklife Festival

Folder 1484

Politics of Culture, M211

Folder 1485

Politics of Culture

Folder 1486

Politics of Culture, Cadaval

Folder 1487

Puck Fair

Folder 1488

Renfro Valley Bluegrass Festival

Folder 1489

Revival, 1983

Folder 1490

Roadside Theater

Folder 1491

San Diego State Traditional Music and Blues Festival

Folder 1492

San Francisco State College

Folder 1493

Santa Barbara Blues Society

Folder 1494-1495

Folder 1494

Folder 1495

Santa Barbara Old-Time Fiddlers Convention

Folder 1496

Santa Rosa Folk Music Festival and County Fair

Folder 1497

Smithsonian Festival of Folklore and Folklife

Folder 1498

Songmakers of California

Folder 1499

Southern California Indian Center Pow Wows

Folder 1500

Sweets Mill

Folder 1501

Syracuse University Folk Festival

Folder 1502

Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Association

Folder 1503

Texas Folklife Festival

Folder 1504

Texas Heritage Folk Festival

Folder 1505-1506

Folder 1505

Folder 1506

Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest

Folder 1507

Tri-State Bluegrass Festival

Folder 1508

Tulsa State Fair Fiddlers Contest

Folder 1509

The Tuning Board

Folder 1510

University of California, Los Angeles Folk Festival, 1963

Folder 1511

UCLA Folk Festival: Completed Registration and Release Forms, 1963

Folder 1512

UCLA Folk Festival: Hootenanny Magazine Report, 1963

Folder 1513

UCLA Folk Festival: Publicity, 1963

Folder 1514

UCLA Folk Festival: Artist Release Forms, 1964

Folder 1515

UCLA Folk Festival: Publicity, 1964

Folder 1516

UCLA Folk Festival: Saturday Evening Post, 1964

Folder 1517

UCLA Folk Festival: Schedules, 1964

Folder 1518

UCLA Folk Festival, 1965

Folder 1519

UCLA Folk Festival: Program, 1965

Folder 1520

UCLA Folk Festival: Publicity, 1965

Folder 1521

UCLA Folk Festival: Release Forms, 1965

Folder 1522

UCLA Folk Festival, 1966

Folder 1523

UCLA Folk Festival, 1976

Folder 1524

UCLA Folk Festival: Arrival and Accommodation, 1976

Folder 1525

UCLA Folk Festival: Expenses, 1976

Folder 1526

UCLA Folk Festival: Publicity, 1976

Folder 1527

UCLA Folk Festival, 1977

Folder 1528

UCLA Folk Festival: Recording, 1977

Folder 1529

UCLA Folk Festival: Publicity, 1978

Folder 1530

UCLA Folk Festival, 1979

Folder 1531

UCLA Folk Festival: Arrivals and Arrangements, 1979

Folder 1532

UCLA Folk Festival: Artist Release, 1979

Folder 1533

UCLA Folk Festival: Crafts, 1979

Folder 1534

UCLA Folk Festival: Expenses, 1979

Folder 1535

UCLA Folk Festival: Mailing List, 1979

Folder 1536

UCLA Folk Festival: Miscellaneous, 1979

Folder 1537

UCLA Folk Festival: Programs, 1979

Folder 1538-1541

Folder 1538

Folder 1539

Folder 1540

Folder 1541

UCLA Folk Festival: Publicity, 1979

Folder 1542

UCLA Folk Festival: Traditional Music Competition, 1979

Folder 1543

UCLA Folk Festival: Workshops, 1979

Folder 1544-1545

Folder 1544

Folder 1545

UCLA Folk Festival: Festival Seminar, 1980

Folder 1546

UCLA Folk Festival, 1983

Folder 1547

UCLA Folk Festival: Folk Festival Seminar Syllabi

Folder 1548

UCLA Folk Festival: Programs

Folder 1549

UCLA Folk Festival: Whisnant: Folk Festival Issues

Folder 1550

UCLA Folk Festival: Averbach

Folder 1551

UCLA Folk Festival: Rejections

Folder 1552

UCLA Folk Festival: Publicity, Miscellaneous

Folder 1553

UCLA Folk Festival: NEA Grant

Folder 1554

UCLA Folk Festival: Presenting Folk Culture

Folder 1555

University of Chicago Folk Festival

Folder 1556

University of North Dakota Festival of Ethnic Music Traditions

Folder 1557

Utah State University: Festival of the American West

Folder 1558

Virginia Folklore Society

Folder 1559

Weiser: Idaho Fiddlers' Contest

Folder 1560

Weissman, Elaine and Clark

Folder 1561

Western Music Festival

Folder 1562

Western Regional Festival

Folder 1563

Western States Country Music Contest

Folder 1564

White Top Festival

Folder 1565

Wine Country Sing Out! Folk Revival

Folder 1566

Winnipeg Folk Festival

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.2. International Festivals and Seminars, 1966-1997.

About 1,200 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by conference name.

Folder 1567-1568

Folder 1567

Folder 1568

Arbeitstagung, 1966: Freiburg

Folder 1569-1571

Folder 1569

Folder 1570

Folder 1571

Arbeitstagung, 1969: Brun

Folder 1572-1573

Folder 1572

Folder 1573

Arbeitstagung, 1970: Stavanger

Folder 1574

Arbeitstagung, 1970: Berlin

Folder 1575-1576

Folder 1575

Folder 1576

Arbeitstagung, 1971: Paris

Folder 1577-1578

Folder 1577

Folder 1578

Arbeitstagung, 1972: Yugoslavia

Folder 1579-1580

Folder 1579

Folder 1580

Arbeitstagung, 1974: Helsinki

Folder 1581-1582

Folder 1581

Folder 1582

Arbeitstagung, 1975: Breukelen

Folder 1583-1584

Folder 1583

Folder 1584

Arbeitstagung, 1976: Copenhagen

Folder 1585-1586

Folder 1585

Folder 1586

Arbeitstagung, 1978: Esztergom

Folder 1587


Folder 1588

Arbeitstagung: Classification and Narrative Theme

Folder 1589

Ballad Commission, 1995

Folder 1590

Ballad Conference, 1995: Brittany

Folder 1591

International Folk Music Council Conference, 1964

Folder 1592

Nordic and Anglo-American Ballad Conference II, 1980

Folder 1593

Societe Internationale d'Ethnologie et de Folklore (SIEF), 1969: Budapest

Folder 1594

SIEF, 1978: Edinburgh

Folder 1595

SIEF, 1979: Edinburgh

Folder 1596

SIEF, 1979: Edinburgh: Jenkins, Andrew

Folder 1597

SIEF, 1980: Greece

Folder 1598

SIEF, 1981: Belgium

Folder 1599

SIEF, 1983: Bari

Folder 1600

SIEF, 1984: Bergen

Folder 1601-1602

Folder 1601

Folder 1602

SIEF, 1985: Dublin

Folder 1603

SIEF, 1988: Quebec

Folder 1604

SIEF, 1991: Stockholm

Folder 1605

SIEF, 1992: Belfast

Folder 1606

SIEF, 1993: Los Angeles

Folder 1607

SIEF, 1994: Faroe Islands

Folder 1608

SIEF, 1996

Folder 1609

SIEF, 1997: Slovenia

Folder 1610

SIEF: Correspondence

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.3. Professional Activities, 1949-1989.

About 1,200 items.

Arrangement: Chronological, then alphabetical by subject.

Includes teaching materials, speaking notes, and some research notes by D.K. Wilgus.

Folder 1611


Folder 1612


Folder 1613


Folder 1614


Folder 1615


Folder 1616


Folder 1617


Folder 1618


Folder 1619


Folder 1620


Folder 1621


Folder 1622


Folder 1623


Folder 1624


Folder 1625


Folder 1626


Folder 1627


Folder 1628


Folder 1629


Folder 1630


Folder 1631


Folder 1632


Folder 1633


Folder 1634


Folder 1635

Long-Wilgus, Eleanor R.: Dossier

Folder 1636

Miscellaneous, 1966-1979

Folder 1637

Miscellaneous, 1979-1982

Folder 1638

Term Papers by D.K. Wilgus: "The Gypsy Laddie"

Folder 1639

Term Papers by D.K. Wilgus: "Folklore in Jonah Story"

Folder 1640

UCLA Folklore and Mythology: Anniversary

Folder 1641

UCLA Folklore and Mythology: Director

Folder 1642

UCLA Folklore and Mythology: Evaluations

Folder 1643

UCLA Folklore and Mythology: Program Orientation

Folder 1644

UCLA: Wilgus, D. K.

Folder 1645

Wilgus, D. K.

Folder 1646

Wilgus, D. K.: Jobs

Folder 1647

Wilgus, D. K.: Teaching evaluations

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 4. Artists, Record Labels, and Miscellaneous Discographical Information, 1964-1991.

About 2,400 items.

Discographies for various artists and record labels. Also includes clippings about artists and performances.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.1. Artists, 1964-1991.

About 1,200 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical.

Note that original file names have, for the most part, been retained.

Folder 1648

Alamo, Tony

Folder 1649

Anderson, Ernestine

Folder 1650

Armstrong, Howard

Folder 1651

Bailey, Pearl

Folder 1652

Baker, La Vern

Folder 1653

Bare, Bobby

Folder 1654

Belcher, Red

Folder 1655

The Bergenfolk

Folder 1656

Blake, Norman and Nancy

Folder 1657

Bluegrass Cardinals

Folder 1658

Brown, Hylo

Folder 1659

Brown, Ruth

Folder 1660

Bumgarner, Samantha

Folder 1661

Burns, Kenneth

Folder 1662

Butler, Pearl

Folder 1663

Cantor, Eddie

Folder 1664

The Carter Family

Folder 1665

Carter, John

Folder 1666

Carter, Phyllis

Folder 1667

Cash, Johnny

Folder 1668

Caston, "Baby Doo"

Folder 1669

Chappelear, Leon

Folder 1670

Chatman, Sam

Folder 1671

Chenier, Clifton

Folder 1672


Folder 1673

Cleveland, James

Folder 1674

Clifton, Bill

Folder 1675

Cline, Patsy

Folder 1676

Clower, Jerry

Folder 1677

Coleman, Ornette

Folder 1678

Conlee, John

Folder 1679

Cotten, Elizabeth

Folder 1680

Cousin Emmy

Folder 1681

Cox, Bill and Cliff Hobbs

Folder 1682

Crook, Herman

Folder 1683

Crouch, Jackie Jean (Georgia Holt)

Folder 1684

Dalhart, Vernon

Folder 1685

Davis, Eddie

Folder 1686

Davis, Jimmie

Folder 1687

Dexter, Al

Folder 1688

Dixon, Willie

Folder 1689

Driftwood, J.

Folder 1690

Dural, Buckwheat Jr.

Folder 1691

Durham, Dave

Folder 1692

Dyer-Bennett, Richard

Folder 1693

Dylan, Bob

Folder 1694

Everly Brothers

Folder 1695

Fahey, John

Folder 1696

The Flying Cloud

Folder 1697

Foley, Red

Folder 1698

Forester Sisters

Folder 1699

Fountain, Clarence

Folder 1700

Gains, Newton

Folder 1701

Geissler, Val

Folder 1702

Griffith, Nanci

Folder 1703

Haggard, Merle

Folder 1704

"Harmonica Frank"

Folder 1705

Harris, Emmylou

Folder 1706

Hernandez, Little Joe

Folder 1707

The Highwaymen

Folder 1708

Hill, Z. Z.

Folder 1709

Holt, David

Folder 1710-1712

Folder 1710

Folder 1711

Folder 1712

Hopkins, Doc

Folder 1713

Houston, Cisco

Folder 1714

Jackson, Aunt Molley

Folder 1715

Jackson, Wanda

Folder 1716

Jarrell, Thomas

Folder 1717

Jenkins, "Snuffy" and "Pappy" Sherrill

Folder 1718

Jennings, Waylon

Folder 1719

Johnson, Robert

Folder 1720

Jones, George

Folder 1721

The Judds

Folder 1722

King, Albert

Folder 1723

King, B. B.

Folder 1724

Kristofferson, Kris

Folder 1725

Lang, K. D.

Folder 1726

Lewis, Jerry Lee

Folder 1727

Liston, Melba

Folder 1728

Lone Justice

Folder 1729

Lovett, Lyle

Folder 1730

Lunsford, Bascom Lamar

Folder 1731

Macon, Uncle Dave

Folder 1732

Maddox, Rose

Folder 1733

Magic Sam (Maghett)

Folder 1734

Mandrell, Barbara

Folder 1735

Maphis, Joe

Folder 1736

McBee, Hamper

Folder 1737

McEntire, Reba

Folder 1738

McMichen, Clayton "Pappy"

Folder 1739

The Mekons

Folder 1740

Miller, Roger

Folder 1741

Miscellaneous Country Singers

Folder 1742

Mojo Nixon, Beat Farmers

Folder 1743

Monroe, Bill

Folder 1744

Montgomery, Chris

Folder 1745

Morton, Jelly Roll

Folder 1746

Nelson, Willie

Folder 1747

New Lost City Ramblers

Folder 1748

Niles, John Jacob

Folder 1749

Oak Ridge Boys

Folder 1750

O'Day, Molly

Folder 1751

Ohrlin, Glenn

Folder 1752

Old Mother Logo

Folder 1753

Osborn, Jimmie

Folder 1754

Otis, Johnny

Folder 1755

Parton, Dolly

Folder 1756

Perkins, Carl

Folder 1757

Peter, Paul and Mary

Folder 1758

Pierce, Webb

Folder 1759

Prine, John

Folder 1760

Queen Ida

Folder 1761

Rager, Mose

Folder 1762

Raitt, Bonnie

Folder 1763

Redpath, Jean

Folder 1764

Reeves, Jim

Folder 1765

Ritchie, Edna

Folder 1766

Ritchie, Jean

Folder 1767

Rogers, Kenny

Folder 1768

Rogers, Roy

Folder 1769

Rollins, Sonny

Folder 1770

Seeger, Pete

Folder 1771

Segal, Lewis

Folder 1772

Sherman, Shalom

Folder 1773

Simien, Rockin' Sidney

Folder 1774

Smith, Arthur

Folder 1775

Sprague, Carl T.

Folder 1776

Stanton, Harry Dean

Folder 1777

Stoneman, Ernest V.

Folder 1778

Strait, George

Folder 1779


Folder 1780

Taylor, Koko

Folder 1781

Travis, Merle

Folder 1782

Travis, Randy

Folder 1783

Tubb, Ernest

Folder 1784-1786

Folder 1784

Folder 1785

Folder 1786

Turner, Dallas E.

Folder 1787

Ving, Lee

Folder 1788

Wallace, Sippie

Folder 1789

Waters, Muddy

Folder 1790

Watson, Doc

Folder 1791

White, Bukka

Folder 1792

The Whites

Folder 1793

Whitley, Keith

Folder 1794

Williams, Hank

Folder 1795

Williams, Tex

Folder 1796

Williamson, Robin

Folder 1797

Willis, Bob

Folder 1798

Wiseman, Mac

Folder 1799

Wiseman, Scotty

Folder 1800

Yoakam, Dwight

Folder 1801

Young, Trummy

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 4.2. Record Labels and Miscellaneous Discographical Information, 1974-1986.

About 1,200 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical.

Folder 1802


Folder 1803

American Folklife Center

Folder 1804

Arc Labels

Folder 1805

Arcoiris Records

Folder 1806


Folder 1807

Arhoolie Occasional

Folder 1808


Folder 1809

Bear Family Sales

Folder 1810

Bell Discography

Folder 1811


Folder 1812


Folder 1813

Blind Pig Records

Folder 1814

Blue Goose

Folder 1815


Folder 1816


Folder 1817

Bob's Record Shop

Folder 1818

Boot Records

Folder 1819

Brunswick 100

Folder 1820

Bulldog Records

Folder 1821

Canadian Folk Music Society

Folder 1822

Canadian Society for Musical Traditions

Folder 1823

Caprice (Sweden)

Folder 1824

Cash, Johnny: Discography

Folder 1825

Cattle Records

Folder 1826


Folder 1827


Folder 1828

Coal Mining Discography

Folder 1829

Collectors Classics

Folder 1830a

Collector Records

Folder 1830b

Collector's Records (Dublin)

Folder 1831

Collet's Record Shop

Folder 1832

Columbia Masters, 1922-1932

Folder 1833

Columbia Records

Folder 1834

Combs and Wilgus on Stage and Screen, 1928-1953

Folder 1835

Conqueror Records

Folder 1836

Copley Records

Folder 1837

Contemporary Celtic Music

Folder 1838

Country and Western Music Bibliography

Folder 1839

Country Music Prior to 1943

Folder 1840

Country Records

Folder 1841

Country Sales

Folder 1842

Crown Records

Folder 1843

Delta Records

Folder 1844

Discographical Infomation, Sources of

Folder 1845-1846

Folder 1845

Folder 1846

Down Home Music, Inc.

Folder 1847


Folder 1848


Folder 1849


Folder 1850-1851

Folder 1850

Folder 1851

Floyd's Record Shop

Folder 1852

Flying Fish

Folder 1853

Folkfreak Schallplatten

Folder 1854

Folklore Productions

Folder 1855


Folder 1856


Folder 1857


Folder 1858

Front Hall

Folder 1859

Front Hall Agency

Folder 1860


Folder 1861

Gennett Masters

Folder 1862

GNP Crescendo

Folder 1863

Good Fairy Productions

Folder 1864

Good Time Jazz

Folder 1865

Green Linnet Records

Folder 1866

Gusto Records

Folder 1867

Hal Leonard Publishing

Folder 1868

Harold Leventhal Management

Folder 1869

Heritage Records

Folder 1870

High Water

Folder 1871

Hillbilly 78's

Folder 1872

Hjerpe, Warren F.

Folder 1873

Jazz Record Mart

Folder 1874

June Appal

Folder 1875


Folder 1876

Kentucky Discography

Folder 1877-1878

Folder 1877

Folder 1878

Kicking Mule Records

Folder 1879

King, Kathryn

Folder 1880

King 500

Folder 1881

L.A. Times Promo

Folder 1882

Larrikin Records

Folder 1883

Library of Congress

Folder 1884

Liner Notes

Folder 1885

List of American Folk Songs on Commercial Records

Folder 1886

Longhorn Records

Folder 1887

Loretta Lynn Discography

Folder 1888

Louisiana Folklore Society

Folder 1889

Louisiana Hayride

Folder 1890

Lumpkin Discographies

Folder 1891


Folder 1892

Mark Humphrey Record Review (1984)

Folder 1893

MCA Records

Folder 1894

Miscellaneous Discography

Folder 1895

Miscellaneous Record Labels

Folder 1896

Mountain Collection

Folder 1897

Music Bookshelf

Folder 1898


Folder 1899-1900

Folder 1899

Folder 1900

Old Homestead

Folder 1901

O'Neal, Uncle Jim

Folder 1902

Original Music

Folder 1903

Philo Records

Folder 1904

Pigeon Inlet Productions

Folder 1905

Pine Mountain Record Company

Folder 1906

Pose Distributors

Folder 1907

Radio/TV/Filmdocument Aries

Folder 1908

Rare Records

Folder 1909

Record Loft

Folder 1910

Red Beans

Folder 1911

Redwood Records

Folder 1912

Rego Irish Records and Tapes

Folder 1913

Reuss Discography of American Labor Songs

Folder 1914

Rex Records

Folder 1915


Folder 1916

Rom Records

Folder 1917

Rose's Records

Folder 1918

Rounder Records

Folder 1919

Saydisc Records

Folder 1920

Scriven, Paul

Folder 1921


Folder 1922

Stax Records

Folder 1923

Stinson Records

Folder 1924

Stoneman, "Pop": Discography

Folder 1925


Folder 1926

Sugar Hill Records

Folder 1927

Swaggie Records

Folder 1928


Folder 1929


Folder 1930

Tradition Records

Folder 1931

Tree International Publishing

Folder 1932

Vde-Gallo (Brailoiu Collection)

Folder 1933

Waterfall Records

Folder 1934

Western Walk of Fame

Folder 1935

Wolf Records (Vienna)

Folder 1936


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 5. Irish Folklore Commission, 1968-1987.

About 4,400 items.

Tape transcripts compiled by the Irish Folklore Commission (IFC) between 1968 and 1971 and related notes by Tom Munnelly and D.K. Wilgus. The IFC was created in 1935 to collect information about the folk traditions of Ireland. It functioned until 1971, when its mission was taken over by the newly created Irish Folklore Department at University College, Dublin. The materials following the tape transcripts are research notes and articles related to ballads transcribed by the IFC.

Note that original file names have, for the most part, been retained.

Folder 1937-1938

Folder 1937

Folder 1938

Irish Folklore Commission (IFC) Tapes, 1-69, 251-369: Summary of Contents

Folder 1939

IFC Tapes, 1-10

Folder 1940

IFC Tapes, 11-17

Folder 1941

IFC Tapes, 18-24

Folder 1942

IFC Tapes, 25-28

Folder 1943

IFC Tapes, 36-39

Folder 1944

IFC Tapes, 40-46

Folder 1945

IFC Tapes, 47-58

Folder 1946

IFC Tapes, 59-69

Folder 1947

IFC Tapes, 251-282

Folder 1948

IFC Tapes, 283-300

Folder 1949

IFC Tapes, 301-317

Folder 1950

IFC Tapes, 318-331

Folder 1951

IFC Tapes, 332-350

Folder 1952

IFC Tapes, 351-358

Folder 1953

IFC Tapes, 359-369

Folder 1954-1955

Folder 1954

Folder 1955

IFC Tapes, 370-500: Summary of Contents

Folder 1956

IFC Tapes, 370-384

Folder 1957

IFC Tapes, 385-400

Folder 1958

IFC Tapes, 401-417

Folder 1959

IFC Tapes, 418-435

Folder 1960

IFC Tapes, 436-445

Folder 1961

IFC Tapes, 446-455

Folder 1962

IFC Tapes, 456-465

Folder 1963

IFC Tapes, 466-475

Folder 1964

IFC Tapes, 476-485

Folder 1965

IFC Tapes, 486-495

Folder 1966

IFC Tapes, 496-500

Folder 1967-1968

Folder 1967

Folder 1968

IFC Tapes, 501-583: Summary of Contents

Folder 1969

IFC Tapes, 501-514

Folder 1970

IFC Tapes, 515-527

Folder 1971

IFC Tapes, 528-533

Folder 1972

IFC Tapes, 534-543

Folder 1973

IFC Tapes, 544-549

Folder 1974

IFC Tapes, 550-575

Folder 1975

IFC Tapes, 576-589

Folder 1976

IFC Tapes, 590-633

Folder 1977

IFC Tapes, 634-651

Folder 1978

IFC Tapes, 652-662

Folder 1979

IFC Tapes, 668-699

Folder 1980

IFC Tapes, 701-729

Folder 1981

IFC Tapes, 730-741

Folder 1982

IFC Tapes, 750-759

Folder 1983

IFC Tapes, 761-773

Folder 1984

IFC Volumes, 1-22

Folder 1985

IFC Volumes, 23-44

Folder 1986

IFC Volumes, 45-66

Folder 1987

IFC Volumes, 67-88

Folder 1988

IFC Volumes, 89-110

Folder 1989

IFC Volumes, 111-131

Folder 1990

IFC Volumes, 132-153

Folder 1991

IFC Volumes, 154-172

Folder 1992

IFC Volumes, 173-196

Folder 1993

IFC Volumes, 197-218

Folder 1994

IFC Volumes, 219-240

Folder 1995

IFC Volumes, 241-262

Folder 1996

IFC Volumes, 263-286

Folder 1997

IFC Volumes, 285-305

Folder 1998

IFC Volumes, 306-326

Folder 1999

IFC Volumes, 327-348

Folder 2000

IFC Volumes, 349-359

Folder 2001

IFC Volumes, 360-381

Folder 2002

IFC Volumes, 382-393

Folder 2003

IFC Volumes, 394-415

Folder 2004

IFC Volumes, 416-437

Folder 2005

IFC Volumes, 438-459

Folder 2006

IFC Volumes, 460-472

Folder 2007

IFC Volumes, 473-494

Folder 2008

IFC Volumes, 495-516

Folder 2009

IFC Volumes, 517-538

Folder 2010

IFC Volumes, 539-558

Folder 2011

IFC Volumes, 559-580

Folder 2012

IFC Volumes, 581-606

Folder 2013

IFC Volumes, 607-623

Folder 2014

IFC Volumes, 625-645

Folder 2015

IFC Volumes, 646-668

Folder 2016

IFC Volumes, 669-690

Folder 2017

IFC Volumes, 691-712

Folder 2018

IFC Volumes, 713-733

Folder 2019

IFC Volumes, 734-755

Folder 2020

IFC Volumes, 756-777

Folder 2021

IFC Volumes, 778-799

Folder 2022

IFC Volumes, 800-824

Folder 2023

IFC Volumes, 825-839

Folder 2024

IFC Volumes, 840-861

Folder 2025

IFC Volumes, 861-880

Folder 2026

IFC Volumes, 881-901

Folder 2027

IFC Volumes, 902-923

Folder 2028

IFC Volumes, 924-935

Folder 2029

IFC Volumes, 936-970

Folder 2030

IFC Volumes, 971-1005

Folder 2031

IFC Volumes, 1006-1035

Folder 2032

IFC Volumes, 1036-1050

Folder 2033

IFC Volumes, 1051-1072

Folder 2034

IFC Volumes, 1073-1094

Folder 2035

IFC Volumes, 1095-1116

Folder 2036

IFC Volumes, 1117-1138

Folder 2037

IFC Volumes, 1139-1160

Folder 2038

IFC Volumes, 1161-1181

Folder 2039

IFC Volumes, 1182-1193

Folder 2040

IFC Volumes, 1194-1215

Folder 2041

IFC Volumes, 1216-1239

Folder 2042

IFC Volumes, 1238-1257

Folder 2043

IFC Volumes, 1258-1279

Folder 2044

IFC Volumes, 1280-1301

Folder 2045

IFC Volumes, 1302-1327

Folder 2046

IFC Volumes, 1328-1344

Folder 2047

A Year in Ireland

Folder 2048

Aisling Articles

Folder 2049

American Songs in Ireland

Folder 2050

Ballad Makers

Folder 2051

Ballads and the Law

Folder 2052

Brereton Broadsides

Folder 2053

Captain Boycott and the Irish

Folder 2054

The Colleen Bawn

Folder 2055

Come and I Will Sing You

Folder 2056

"The Diamonds of Ulster and Pennsylvania"

Folder 2057


Folder 2058


Folder 2059

"Franey the Robber"

Folder 2060

"The Gypsy's Curse"

Folder 2061

"Humors of Dundalk"

Folder 2062

Irish Ballet Book

Folder 2063

Irish Come-All-Ye's

Folder 2064

The Irish Comic Tradition of Inis Beag

Folder 2065

Irish Folk Songs

Folder 2066

Irish Times, 1968-1969

Folder 2067

Kilmore Carols

Folder 2068

Marina Jane

Folder 2069

Mauldin, John

Folder 2070

McClelland, Aiken

Folder 2071-2074

Folder 2071

Folder 2072

Folder 2073

Folder 2074

McDonagh Collection

Folder 2075

Miscellaneous Irish Music Notes

Folder 2076

Morrissey, John

Folder 2077

O'Boyle, Sean

Folder 2078

Old Come-All-Ye's

Folder 2079

O'Neill, Owen Roe

Folder 2080

O'Neill's Music of Ireland

Folder 2081

"Puck of the Droms"

Folder 2082

Ship Wrecks

Folder 2083

"Sing a Song of Kickham"

Folder 2084

"Soldiers' Song"

Folder 2085

"Some Bonny Female Sailors"

Folder 2086

Soodlum's Irish Ballad Book

Folder 2087

Turpin, Dick

Folder 2088

Unclassified Texts

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 6. Titanic Ballads Research, 1912-1981.

About 1,600 items.

Materials related to D.K. Wilgus's research on ballads about the Titanic, including research notes, journal articles, sheet music, and books.

Note that original file names and order have, for the most part, been retained.

Folder 2089-2090

Folder 2089

Folder 2090

"Ship to Shore"

Folder 2091

Index Cards of Titanic Ballads

Folder 2092-2093

Folder 2092

Folder 2093

Titanic research materials

Folder 2094

"It Was Sad When That Great Ship Went Down"

Folder 2095

Titanic Tape Notes

Folder 2096


Folder 2097

Titanic: Early notes

Folder 2098

Tragedy Ballads

Folder 2099

Final lecture, May 1989

Folder 2100

Titanic II: Blues ballad

Folder 2101

Leadbelly's Titanic: "Fare Thee Well"

Folder 2102

Titanic III

Folder 2103

Ballads on the Atlantic

Folder 2104

Titanic Ballads

Folder 2105

"Pale Moon" Titanic

Folder 2106

"Lowlands Low" Titanic

Folder 2107

"Liverpool Titanic"

Folder 2108

"Banks of the Wabash" Titanic

Folder 2109

"Lady Elgin" Titanic

Folder 2110

"Nearer My God to Thee"

Folder 2111

"Last Scenes of the Titanic"

Folder 2112

Rabbit Brown Titanic

Folder 2113

Air Force Titanics

Folder 2114

Ballads on the Atlantic

Folder 2115

"Shine" Titanic

Folder 2116

Fragments and Analogues

Folder 2117

Bahamian Titanic Ballads

Folder 2118

Newfoundland Tit Titanicanic Ballads

Folder 2119

Ethnic Titanics

Folder 2120

Pan-European Titanic Traditions

Folder 2121

Irish Titanic Traditions

Folder 2122

Frame, C. A.

Folder 2123

Derry Journal

Folder 2124

Titanic: 1998 Film

Folder 2125


Folder 2126

Comic Strips

Folder 2127

News Items

Folder 2128

Titanic was a Ship

Folder 2129

Titanic trivia

Folder 2130

Miscellaneous Remarks

Folder 2131

Murray, Jim

Folder 2132

Titanic Similes

Folder 2133

Solomon Goodman Collection

Folder 2134

Len Fleming

Folder 2135


Folder 2136

Dugdale: Titanic-Wreck

Folder 2137

Copyrighted materials

Folder 2138


Folder 2139

Root, Frank K.

Folder 2140


Folder 2141

Perry, A. W.

Folder 2142

Miscellaneous Publishers

Folder 2143

Dugdale: Destruction-Sinking

Folder 2144


Folder 2145

Unidentified manuscripts

Folder 2146

Rodgers, Otis O.

Box 36

Her Name, Titanic, Charles Pellegrino

Titanic! The Maiden Voyage,Geoffrey Marcus

The Titanic: The Full Story of a Tragedy,Michael Davie

The story of the Titanic as told by its survivors,Jack Winocour

A Night to Remember, Walter Lord

Titanic: Destination Disaster,John P. Eaton and Charles A. Hass

Box 93

Newspaper clipping, circa 1912

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 7. Jesse James Research, 1864, 1952-1958.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 8. Ballads and Music, 1962-1968.

About 8,600 items.

Sheet music, hymnals, and song books related to D.K. Wilgus's research and teaching on American, Anglo, and Irish folk music. This series has been divided into two subseries: 8.1. Subject files and 8.2. Songster projects.

Note that original file names have, for the most part, been retained.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 8.1 Subject Files, 1962-1968.

About 7,400 items.

Arrangement: Alphabetical.

Files, including teaching materials about American, Anglo, and Irish folk music by genre, especially Laws ballads, Child ballads, lovers' ballads, blues ballads, and historical ballad theory. Many other folk music genre topics are included, as well as album liner notes and song books.

Note that there is significant overlap between materials in this subseries and the materials in Series 2.3 Writings: Indexed Anglo-American Writings.

Folder 2151

Album Liner Notes: American Sea-songs and Shanties

Folder 2152

Album Liner Notes: American Songs of Protest

Folder 2153

Album Liner Notes: Archive of American Folk Song

Folder 2154

Album Liner Notes: Ballad Hunter (Alan Lomax)

Folder 2155

Album Liner Notes: English and Scottish Popular Ballads

Folder 2156

Album Liner Notes: Folk Music of the United States

Folder 2157

Album Liner Notes: Folk Songs of the Alleghenies

Folder 2158

Album Liner Notes: Hicks Family, Historical Ballads

Folder 2159

Album Liner Notes: Historical America in Song

Folder 2160

Album Liner Notes: Irish Tinker Lady (Margaret Barry)

Folder 2161

Album Liner Notes: Loggers' Songs and Sea Chanties

Folder 2162

Album Liner Notes: Songs of the Sea

Folder 2163

Anglo-American Folksong: Creation and Inheritance

Folder 2164

Anglo-American Folksong: Directions in Anglo-American Folk Song

Folder 2165

Anglo-American Folksong: Exams and Review Sheets

Folder 2166-2171

Folder 2166

Folder 2167

Folder 2168

Folder 2169

Folder 2170

Folder 2171

Anglo-American Folksong: Folklore 106

Folder 2172

Anglo-American Folksong: Key To Illustration Book and Cassettes

Folder 2173

Anglo-American Folksong: Keys to Tapes

Folder 2174

Anglo-American Folksong: Long Beach Lectures - 1963

Folder 2175

Anglo-American Folksong: Music 144 - Listening Periods

Folder 2176

Anglo-American Folksong: Review Study Lists

Folder 2177

Anglo-American Folksong: Selected Bibliography

Folder 2178

Anglo-American Folksong: Syllabus

Folder 2179

Ballads: Ballad and Folk Song

Folder 2180

Ballads: Ballad Bibliographies

Folder 2181

Ballads: Ballads Etiology

Folder 2182

Ballads: Ballad Reading Lists

Folder 2183

Ballads: Ballad Styles: Sample Texts

Folder 2184

Ballads: Blues Ballad

Folder 2185

Ballads: Broadsides

Folder 2186

Ballads: Definitions

Folder 2187

Ballads: English/Folklore 243A

See also folders 2202 and 2503.

Folder 2188

Ballads: Formulae

Folder 2189

Ballads: History of Scholarship

Folder 2190

Ballads: Oral-Formulaic Composition

Folder 2191

Ballads: Oral Patterning

Folder 2192

Ballads: Orientation Lectures

Folder 2193

Ballads: Performer Types

Folder 2194

Ballads: Theories of Origin

Folder 2195

Ballads: Thigpen-Commonplace

Folder 2196

Ballads: Traditional Styles

Folder 2197

Ballads: Types

Folder 2198

Ballads: Types-Versions-Variants

Folder 2199

Ballads about Lovers: American Balladry

Folder 2200

Ballads about Lovers: Betrayal-Elopement Ballads

Folder 2201

Ballads about Lovers: Domestic Tragedy

Folder 2202

Ballads about Lovers: English 243 Material

See also folders 2187 and 2503.

Folder 2203

Ballads about Lovers: Fairy Lover Ballads

Folder 2204

Ballads about Lovers: Female Warrior

Folder 2205

Ballads about Lovers: "Murdered Girl" Syndrome

Folder 2206-2207

Folder 2206

Folder 2207

Ballads about Lovers: Returned Lover

Folder 2208

Blues Ballad Discussions: Blues Ballad

Folder 2209

Blues Ballad Discussions: The Blues Ballad

Folder 2210

Blues Ballad Discussions: Blues Ballad Book Correspondence

Folder 2211

Blues Ballad Discussions: Blues Ballad Panel, American Folklore Society, 1982

Folder 2212

Blues Ballad Discussions: Blues Ballad Syllabus

Folder 2213

Blues Ballad Discussions: Bockleman, Autoharp

Folder 2214

Blues Ballad Discussions: Danker: Blues Ballad

Folder 2215

Blues Ballad Discussions: Long, "Aberration or Survival?"

Folder 2216

Blues Ballad Discussions: Miscellaneous Information

Folder 2217

Blues Ballad Discussions: Renwick

Folder 2218

Blues Ballad Discussions: Sereth

Folder 2219

Blues Ballad Discussions: Werb, "African Influence"

Folder 2220

Blues Ballad Discussions: Wilgus: Arch and Gordon

Folder 2221

Blues Ballad Discussions: Wilgus and Long: Genesis of Style

Folder 2222

Blues Ballad Discussions: Wilgus and Montell: Clure and Joe Williams

Folder 2223

Child Ballads: Child 4: Lady Isabel

Folder 2224

Child Ballads: Child 10: the Two Sisters

Folder 2225

Child Ballads: Child 13: Edward

Folder 2226

Child Ballads: Child 17: Hind Horn

Folder 2227

Child Ballads: Child 21: the Maid and the Palmer

Folder 2228

Child Ballads: Child 23: Judas

Folder 2229

Child Ballads: Child 37: Thomas Rymer

Folder 2230

Child Ballads: Child 39: Tam Lin

Folder 2231

Child Ballads: Child 42: Clerk Colville

Folder 2232

Child Ballads: Child 59: Sir Aldingar

Folder 2233

Child Ballads: Child 68: Young Hunting

Folder 2234

Child Ballads: Child 73: Lord Thomas and Fair Annet

Folder 2235

Child Ballads: Child 101: Willie O Douglas Dale

Folder 2236

Child Ballads: Child 113: The Great Silkie

Folder 2237

Child Ballads: Child 170: Death of Queen Jane

Folder 2238

Child Ballads: Child 200: The Gypsy Laddie

Folder 2239

Folklore Society, 1892-1907

Folder 2240

Folk Music: Folk Manner

Folder 2241

Folk Music: Folk Tunes

Folder 2242

Folk Music: Instrumental Styles

Folder 2243

Folk Music: Irish Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes

Folder 2244

Folk Music: Irish Music Workshop

Folder 2245

Folk Music: Modes

Folder 2246

Folk Music: Shape Notes

Folder 2247

Folk Music: Slim Critchlow Transcriptions

Folder 2248

Folk Music: Southern Harmony

Folder 2249

Folk Music: Supernatural Music

Folder 2250

Folk Music: Traditional Notation

Folder 2251

Folk Music: Tune Analysis and Transcription

Folder 2252

Folk Music: Tune Structure

Folder 2253

Folk Music: Tune Structure; Modes

Folder 2254

Folk Music: Tunes

Folder 2255

Folk Music: Work Tapes

Folder 2256

Folk Music Genres: 104 Folk Songs

Folder 2257

Folk Music Genres: American Cowboy Songs

Folder 2258

Folk Music Genres: Barn Dancing

Folder 2259

Folk Music Genres: Black-American Folk Music

Folder 2260

Folk Music Genres: Bluegrass Bookshelf

Folder 2261

Folk Music Genres: Bluegrass Handbook

Folder 2262

Folk Music Genres: Blues

Folder 2263

Folk Music Genres: The BMI Folio 18

Folder 2264

Folk Music Genres: Cajun Folk Music

Folder 2265

Folk Music Genres: Canallers Songbook

Folder 2266

Folk Music Genres: Caribbean Folk Music

Folder 2267

Folk Music Genres: Centiennial Songs of Texas

Folder 2268

Folk Music Genres: Country Song Roundup

Folder 2269

Folk Music Genres: Cowboy Poetry

Folder 2270

Folk Music Genres: Fiddle Tunes

Folder 2271

Folk Music Genres: George Pullen Jackson Biblio

Folder 2272

Folk Music Genres: The Happey Cowboy

Folder 2273

Folk Music Genres: Home Circle 51

Folder 2274

Folk Music Genres: Instrumental Folios

Folder 2275

Folk Music Genres: Irish Folk Music

Folder 2276

Folk Music Genres: Jazz

Folder 2277

Folk Music Genres: Jazz Abbreviations: Brian Rust

Folder 2278

Folk Music Genres: Jazz Discography: Abbreviations

Folder 2279

Folk Music Genres: Jigs and Reels

Folder 2280

Folk Music Genres: Los Angeles Times , 6 January 1991

Folder 2281

Folk Music Genres: Mac Wiseman

Folder 2282

Folk Music Genres: McDowell Camp Ground

Folder 2283

Folk Music Genres: Miscellaneous folios

Folder 2284

Folk Music Genres: Mountain Songs

Folder 2285

Folk Music Genres: Music of George Washington's Time

Folder 2286

Folk Music Genres: Negro Songs of Protest

Folder 2287

Folk Music Genres: Plantation Songs

Folder 2288

Folk Music Genres: Primitive Baptists

Folder 2289

Folk Music Genres: Red Belcher

Folder 2290

Folk Music Genres: Reed Family Songbook

Folder 2291

Folk Music Genres: Robison, Carson J.

Folder 2292

Folk Music Genres: Rock N' Roll

Folder 2293

Folk Music Genres: Salty Sea Songs

Folder 2294

Folk Music Genres: Sea Islands

Folder 2295

Folk Music Genres: Songs of the Shakers

Folder 2296

Folk Music Genres: Thearle's Nashville Students

Folder 2297

Folk Music Genres: Western Swing

Folder 2298

Folk Music Genres: The White Pilgrim (Cantata)

Folder 2299

Folk Music Instruments: Autoharp

Folder 2300

Folk Music Instruments: The Country Fiddle (Pete Seeger)

Folder 2301

Folk Music Instruments: Dobro

Folder 2302

Folk Music Instruments: Five-String Banjo

Folder 2303

Folk Music Instruments: The Great Jug Bands

Folder 2304

Folk Music Instruments: Guitar

Folder 2305

Folk Music Instruments: Hammer Dulcimer

Folder 2306

Folk Music Instruments: Instrument Catalogues

Folder 2307

Folk Music Instruments: Instrumental Instruction

Folder 2308

Folk Music Instruments: Kazoo

Folder 2309

Historical Ballads: Dooley, Tom

Folder 2310-2311

Folder 2310

Folder 2311

Historical Ballads: Historical Ballads

Folder 2312

Historical Ballads: Murder and Incest

Folder 2313

Historical Ballads: Outlaw Ballads: Robin Hood, Border

Folder 2314

Historical Ballads: Punishments and Rescues

Folder 2315

Historical Ballads: Robin Hood/Outlaw/Raid

Folder 2316

Studies of Individual Ballads

Folder 2317

Laws Ballads: Hillbilly Records

Folder 2318

Laws Ballads: Library of Congress Archives

Folder 2319

Laws Ballads: Miscellaneous

Folder 2320

Laws Ballads: A5: James Bird

Folder 2321

Laws Ballads: A8: The Texas Rangers

Folder 2322

Laws Ballads: A14: The Dying Ranger

Folder 2323

Laws Ballads: A17: The Last Fierce Charge

Folder 2324

Laws Ballads: B1: The Cowboy's Lament

Folder 2325

Laws Ballads: B2: The Dying Cowboy

Folder 2326

Laws Ballads: B3: When the Work's All Done This Fall

Folder 2327

Laws Ballads: B4: Utah Caroll

Folder 2328

Laws Ballads: B5: Little Joe the Wrangler

Folder 2329

Laws Ballads: B6: Bill Vanero

Folder 2330

Laws Ballads: B7: The Wandering Cowboy

Folder 2331

Laws Ballads: B8: A Fair Lady of the Plains

Folder 2332

Laws Ballads: B9: Sweet Betsy from Pike

Folder 2333

Laws Ballads: B10: The Buffalo Skinners

Folder 2334

Laws Ballads: B11: The Sioux Indians