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Collection Title: J. Taylor Doggett Collection, 1991-2005

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Size 15.0 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 11,000 items)
Abstract J. Taylor Doggett is a businessman and writer who has extensively researched, among various other interests, the 1950s R&B group the 5 Royales, swing bandleaders, and musicians associated with the University of North Carolina. He lives in Greensboro, N.C. The collection consists of three series: 5 Royales Materials; UNC Bandleaders Materials; and Other R&B, Jazz, and Doo Wop Materials. The Five Royales series documents Doggett's extensive research and collecting efforts relating to the Winston-Salem, N.C., R&B vocal group of that name and the careers of constituent members Lowman Pauling, Clarence Paul, Curtis Pauling, Obadiah Carter, Johnny Tanner, Eugene Tanner, Otto Jeffries, and William Samuels. There is also music of the Royal Sons, EL Pauling and the Royalton, and the Charlie "Little Jazz" Ferguson Orchestra. The UNC Bandleaders series reflects Doggett's interest in "sweet jazz" bandleaders associated with the University of North Carolina, including Kay Kyser, Hal Kemp, Skinnay Ennis, and John Scott Trotter. Also in this series are other performers, including Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge, Harry Babbitt, Merwyn Bogue (Ish Kabibble), Libby Holman, Georgia Carroll Kyser, Ginny Simms, and Bo Thorpe. The 5 Royales and UNC Bandleaders series both include audio and video recordings, printed materials, and correspondence. The Other R&B, Doo Wop, Jazz, and Blues Materials series contains printed materials and recordings that reflect Doggett's broader musical interests.
Creator Doggett, J. Taylor.
Curatorial Unit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Folklife Collection.
Language English
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J. Taylor Doggett is a businessman and writer who has extensively researched, among various other interests, the 1950s-era R&B group the 5 Royales and swing bandleaders and musicians associated with the University of North Carolina. He lives in Greensboro, N.C.

Founded in Winston Salem, N. C., the 5 Royales were significant in providing a link between early R&B and early soul in their combination of doo wop, jump blues, and gospel styles. The 5 Royales, which comprised at various points musicians Lowman Pauling, Clarence Paul, Curtis Pauling, Obadiah Carter, Johnny Tanner, Eugene Tanner, Otto Jeffries and William Samuels had great influence on a number of R&B musicians, including Ray Charles, James Brown, and Ike and Tina Turner. In 1992, the 5 Royales were recipients of the North Carolina Folk Heritage Award.

The collection which Doggett dubbed "UNC Bandleaders" focuses on several nationally prominent entertainers of the Big Band jazz era who began their public performance careers while undergraduates at the University of North Carolina. While there is particular emphasis in this collection on Kay Kyser, Hal Kemp, Skinnay Ennis, and John Scott Trotter, Doggett also collected recordings by and information about performers who were professionally associated with them such as Georgia Carroll, Ginny Simms, Harry Babbitt, Merwyn "Ish Kabibble" Bogue, and Libby Holman.

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The J. Taylor Doggett Collection consists of three series: 5 Royales Materials; UNC Bandleaders Materials; and Other R&B, Jazz, and Doo Wop Materials. The Five Royales series documents Doggett's extensive research and collecting efforts relating to the Winston-Salem, N.C., R&B vocal group of that name and the careers of constituent members Lowman Pauling, Clarence Paul, Curtis Pauling, Obadiah Carter, Johnny Tanner, Eugene Tanner, Otto Jeffries, and William Samuels. There is also music of the Royal Sons, EL Pauling and the Royalton, and the Charlie "Little Jazz" Ferguson Orchestra. The UNC Bandleaders series reflects Doggett's interest in "sweet jazz" bandleaders associated with the University of North Carolina, including Kay Kyser, Hal Kemp, Skinnay Ennis, and John Scott Trotter. Also in this series are other performers, including Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge, Harry Babbitt, Merwyn Bogue (Ish Kabibble), Libby Holman, Georgia Carroll Kyser, Ginny Simms, and Bo Thorpe. The 5 Royales and UNC Bandleaders series both include audio and video recordings, printed materials, and correspondence. The Other R&B, Doo Wop, Jazz, and Blues Materials series contains printed materials and recordings that reflect Doggett's broader musical interests.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. 5 Royales Materials, 1990-2005.

129 items.

Arrangement: as received.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.1. Audiocassettes.

22 items.

Audiocassettes consist of an air-check of a radio documentary about the 5 Royales, a number of sampler tapes compiled by Doggett of recordings made by the group for different recording labels, a pre-release "working copy" of the Rhino Records compilation "Monkey Hips and Rice," taped interviews by Doggett of former members of the 5 Royales and a log, annotated by Doggett, of one of the sampler tapes. Musicians also heard on these recordings are Pee Wee Burris, Clarence Paul, EL Pauling, Curtis Pauling, the Royal Sons, EL Pauling and the Royalton, and the Charlie "Little Jazz" Ferguson Orchestra.

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/4620

Radio documentary: "The 5 Royales Story," WRDX Salisbury, N.C., 25 May 1991 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/4620

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/4621

Sampler #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/4621

Doggett's annotated log for FS-20286/4621 has been added to the Southern Folklife Collection Field Notes file (#30025)

Side 1: 1. "Bedside of a Neighbor," Royal Sons, Apollo Records. Recorded August 1951

Side 1: 2. "Come Over Here," Royal Sons, Apollo Records. Recorded October 1951

Side 1: 3. "Give Me One More Chance," the Royals, Apollo Records. Recorded October 1951

Side 1: 4. "Help Me Somebody," the 5 Royales, Apollo Records. Recorded 11 March 1953

Side 1: 5. "Baby Don't Do It," the 5 Royales, Apollo Records. Recorded 30 October 1952

Side 1: 6. "Too Much Lovin'," the 5 Royales, Apollo Records. Recorded 11 March 1953

Side 1: 7. "Laudromat Blues," the 5 Royales, Apollo Records. Recorded 30 October 1952

Side 1: 8. "Monkey Hips and Rice," the 5 Royales, King Records. Recorded 10 June 1954

Side 1: 9. "Think," the 5 Royales, King Records. Recorded 28 February 1957

Side 1: 10. "Dedicated to the One I Love," the 5 Royales, King Records. Recorded 13 August 1957

Side 1: 11. "Double or Nothing," the 5 Royales, King Records. Recorded 3 April 1958

Side 1: 12. "Miracle of Love," the 5 Royales, King Records. Recorded 10 March 1959

Side 1: 13. "Baby Don't Do It," EL Pauling & the Royalton, Federal Records. Recorded 9 June 1960

Side 1: 14. "Catch That Teardrop," the 5 Royales. Recorded for Home of the Blues, early 1960s

Side 1: 15. "What's In the Heart," the 5 Royales. Recorded for Home of the Blues, early 1960s

Side 1: 16. "I Want It Like That," the 5 Royales. Recorded for Home of the Blues, early 1960s

Side 1: 17. "Time for Everything," EL Pauling. Recorded for Home of the Blues, 1963-1964

Side 1: 18. "Soul House," EL Pauling. Recorded for Home of the Blues, 1963-1964

Side 2: 1. "I'm Standing in the Shadows," the 5 Royales, Todd Records. Recorded 1963

Side 2: 2. "Doin' Everything," the 5 Royales, Todd Records. Recorded 1963

Side 2: 3. "Baby Don't Do It," the 5 Royales, Smash Records. Recorded 1963

Side 2: 4. "I Like It Like That," the 5 Royales, Smash Records. Recorded 1964

Side 2: 5." Mr. Moon Man," EL Pauling, White Cliffs. Recorded 1965

Side 2: 6. "I'm on the Right Road Now," EL Pauling and the 5 Royales, White Cliffs. Recorded 1965

Side 2: 7. "Roll with the Punch," the 5 Royales, Hi Records. Recorded 1965

Side 2: 8. "Help Yourself," the 5 Royales, Hi Records. Recorded 1965

Side 2: 9. "Bean Head," Charlie "Little Jazz" Ferguson Orchestra, Apollo Records. Recorded 12 March 1953

Side 2: 10. "Hard Times," Charlie "Little Jazz" Ferguson Orchestra, Apollo Records. Recorded 12 March 1953

Side 2: 11. "I Got it Bad," Charlie "Little Jazz" Ferguson Orchestra, Apollo Records. Recorded 1 April 1954

Side 2: 12. "Come On and Put Me in the Alley," Country Homes, Deluxe. Recorded 21 December 1953

Side 2: 13. "I Want You to Use Me," Country Homes, Deluxe. Recorded 21 December 1953

Side 2: 14. "I Heard the Voice of Jesus," the 5 Royales. Recorded at the North Carolina Folk Heritage Festival, Raleigh, N.C., June 1992

Side 2: 15. "Amen," the 5 Royales. Recorded at the North Carolina Folk Heritage Festival, Raleigh, N.C., June 1992

Side 2: 16. "Feel So Good (How, How)," the Carolina Royals, Gutter Records. Recorded 1995

Side 2: 17. "Mr. Moon Man," Curtis Pauling, Clarence Paul, and Pee Wee Burris, from the J. Taylor Doggett-produced video. Recorded 1992

Side 2: 18. "He Who Laughs Last," Home of the Blues test tape. Recorded 11 May 1961

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9131

Clarence Paul: R&B Giant #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9131

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9132

"WRDX Presents the 5 Royales Story." #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9132

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9133

Unedited interview of James Moore, Eugene Tanner, and John Tanner, 18 September 1991 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9133

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9134

Monkey Hips and Rice: The Five Royals Anthology, Disc One. Rhino Records. "Work tape." #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9134

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9135

Monkey Hips and Rice: The Five Royals Anthology, Disc Two. Rhino Records. "Work tape." #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9135

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9136

Clarence Paul; the Coseytones; the Cashmeres; and El Pauling, Royal Abbitt, and the Royalton #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9136

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9137

Interview with John Tanner, James Moore, and Obadiah Carter at the Doggett household, 18 May 1991 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9137

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9138

The Five Royales Presentation Tape #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9138

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9139

The 5 Royales, Obscure But Essential Related Recordings, Volume 1 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9139

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9140

The 5 Royales, Obscure But Essential Related Recordings, Volume 2 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9140

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9141

The 5 Royales, Obscure But Essential Related Recordings, Volume 3 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9141

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9142

The 5 Royales, Obscure But Essential Related Recordings, Volume 4 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9142

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9143

The 5 Royales, Obscure But Essential Related Recordings, Volume 5 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9143

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9144

The 5 Royales, Obscure But Essential Related Recordings, Volume 6 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9144

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9145

The 5 Royales, Obscure But Essential Related Recordings, Volume 7 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9145

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9146

The 5 Royales, Obscure But Essential Related Recordings, Volume 8 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9146

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9147

Unedited Interview of James Moore, Eugene Tanner, and John Tanner, 18 September 1991 #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9147

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9149

The 5 Royales and Allied Artists #20286, Subseries: "1.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9149

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.2. Open Reel Tape.

1 item.

SFC Audio Open Reel FT-20286/12811

5 Royales, Test tape, 11 May 1961 #20286, Subseries: "1.2. Open Reel Tape." FT-20286/12811

"So Much Lovin'"

"They Don't Know"

"Talk About My Woman"

"He Who Laughs Last"

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.3. Compact Discs.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.4 Audiodiscs.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.5. Videocassettes.

9 items.

Arrangement: as received.

Non-commercial videotapes that document events and television broadcasts honoring the 5 Royales and former members. Titles, with a few minor stylistic alterations, are taken directly from original videotape labels.

Videotape VT-20286/16

Lesser Known Artists Who Have Contributed to the Legacy of the 5 Royales #20286, Subseries: "1.5. Videocassettes." VT-20286/16


Videotape VT-20286/17

Tribute to the 5 Royales at Arts Ignite, Sawtooth Center, Winston Salem, N.C., 27 September 2002 #20286, Subseries: "1.5. Videocassettes." VT-20286/17


Videotape VT-20286/18

John Tanner/ 5 Royales Tribute Party, Bopper's, Charlotte, N.C., 30 March 2003 #20286, Subseries: "1.5. Videocassettes." VT-20286/18


Videotape VT-20286/19

UGHA 9th Annual Hall of Fame 24 April 1999 #20286, Subseries: "1.5. Videocassettes." VT-20286/19


Videotape VT-20286/20

Tribute to John Tanner (Of the 5 Royales) with Nappy in Charlotte, N.C. #20286, Subseries: "1.5. Videocassettes." VT-20286/20


Videotape VT-20286/21

1992 North Carolina Folk Heritage Awards Ceremony, 4 June 1992 #20286, Subseries: "1.5. Videocassettes." VT-20286/21


Videotape VT-20286/22

T-Bone Pruitt #20286, Subseries: "1.5. Videocassettes." VT-20286/22


Videotape VT-20286/23

The Naming of Five Royales Drive, 23 August 1991. #20286, Subseries: "1.5. Videocassettes." VT-20286/23


Videotape VT-20286/24

The Pauling Family Reunion, 29 June 1990 to 2 July 1990, at the Hollywood, Calif., Holiday Inn, featuring performances by Clarence Paul and Curtis Pauling #20286, Subseries: "1.5. Videocassettes." VT-20286/24


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.6. Digital Video Disc.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.7. Images, 1953-1995.

53 items.

Photographs and reproductions of photographs of the 5 Royales and constituent members. The photographs include publicity stills, documentation of live performances, and candid shots of the the performers.

Image P-20286/1

Alternate Apollo publicity photo with Otto Jeffries, 1953 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/1

Image P-20286/2-11











Royal Peacock Club #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/2-11

Image P-20286/12

Royal Peacock Club Marquee with Miss Foxie #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/12

Image P-20286/13

King Records publicity photo, 1955-1956 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/13

Image P-20286/14

King Publicity, 1956-1957 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/14

Image P-20286/15

The 5 Royales featuring Lowman Pauling, photo by Charles Stewart, 1954 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/15

Image P-20286/16

The 5 Royales: Robert Burris, Eugene Tanner, Jimmy Moore, John Tanner. North Carolina Art Museum, Folk Heritage, June 1992 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/16

Image P-20286/17

The 5 Royales: Robert Burris, Eugene Tanner, Jimmy Moore, John Tanner. North Carolina Art Museum, Folk Heritage, June 1992 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/17

Image P-20286/18

The 5 Royales: Robert Burris, Eugene Tanner, Jimmy Moore, John Tanner. North Carolina Art Museum, Folk Heritage, June 1992 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/18

Image P-20286/19-22





Lowman Pauling #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/19-22

Image P-20286/23

Windsor Jackson King #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/23

Image P-20286/24

The Cashmeres: Jean Reeves, William Jordan, Arnita Arnold, Windsor King, Bobby Bowers #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/24

Image P-20286/25

Cosytones: Windsor King, Katheryn King, Mitchel McPhee, Eloise King, Ralph King #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/25

Image P-20286/26

The Price Four 1992 reunion photo: Curtis Pauling, Eloise King, Dorothy Pauling, Katheryn King #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/26

Image P-20286/27

Don Bryant (Four Kings), Miss Mickey, and John Tanner (5 Royales) pose at Danny's Club, West Memphis, Ark, 1961 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/27

Image P-20286/28

The Real Thing album cover with original autographs #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/28

Image P-20286/29

Dedicated to You album cover, "Jimmy Moore, Eugene Tanner, Obadiah Carter, Johnny Tanner, Lowman Pauling. Winston-Salem, NC, circa 1958." #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/29

Image P-20286/30

The Royal Sons Quintet, 1951, "Proof as Gospel Group" #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/30

Image P-20286/31

The 5 Royales with Eugene Tanner, Apollo, 1956-1957 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/31

Image P-20286/32

Apollo, 1956-1957 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/32

Image P-20286/33

The 5 Royales with Otto Jeffries, Apollo, 1956-1957 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/33

Image P-20286/34

The 5 Royales, 1957-1958 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/34

Image P-20286/35

The 5 Royales #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/35

Image P-20286/36-37



Lowman Pauling #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/36-37

Image P-20286/38

The 5 Royales: Jimmy Moore, Obadiah Carter, Eugene Tanner, Johnny Tanner, Lowman Pauling Jr., Winston-Salem, N.C., 1991 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/38

Image P-20286/39

The 5 Royales, Folk Heritage, June 1992 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/39

Image P-20286/40

The 5 Royales, May 1992, taken in Winston-Salem, N.C., by Folk Heritage #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/40

Image P-20286/41

The 5 Royales including Obadiah Carter taken for Folk Heritage. Spring 1992 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/41

Image P-20286/42

Five Royales Drive, John Tanner and Jimmy Moore, taken by Greensboro Daily News #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/42

Image P-20286/43

The Carolina Royales, 16 May 1995, Gutter Records, Raleigh, N.C. #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/43

Image P-20286/44

T-Bone Pruitt (formerly of 5 Royales) and the Rhythm Rockers, Mississippi, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/44

Image P-20286/45

William Samuels, circa 1975 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/45

Image P-20286/46

Clarence Paul, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/46

Image P-20286/47

Royal J. Abbit, 1992, signed and dated (copy) #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/47

Image P-20286/48

William Samuels and Lowman Pauling in Royal Sons Uniforms, circa 1943 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/48

Image P-20286/49

El Pauling and the Royalton Feat #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/49

Image P-20286/50

The Pauling Brothers, Late 1960s, Lowman and Curtis #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/50

Image P-20286/51

King and Sharpettes #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/51

Image P-20286/52

The 5 Royales, Price, Pauling, King reunion, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/52

Image P-20286/53

Night Club Map of Harlem, circa 1932 #20286, Subseries: "1.7. Images, 1953-1995." P-20286/53

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.8. Correspondence, 1990-2005.

About 2,400 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Correspondence files span the years 1990-2005 and contain letters documenting Doggett's continued efforts to preserve the history and legacy of the 5 Royales and to promote recognition of their importance in the history of American popular music. Correspondents include former members of the 5 Royales; R&B collectors and enthusiasts throughout the United States and abroad; and numerous researchers, writers, critics and performers, including Ed Ward, Greil Marcus, and Steve Cropper.

Folder 1-27

Folder 1

Folder 2

Folder 3

Folder 4

Folder 5

Folder 6

Folder 7

Folder 8

Folder 9

Folder 10

Folder 11

Folder 12

Folder 13

Folder 14

Folder 15

Folder 16

Folder 17

Folder 18

Folder 19

Folder 20

Folder 21

Folder 22

Folder 23

Folder 24

Folder 25

Folder 26

Folder 27

Correspondence, September 1990-December 2005 #20286, Subseries: "1.8. Correspondence, 1990-2005." Folder 1-27

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997.

7 items

Among the printed materials are two self-published books on the 5 Royales that J. Taylor Doggett wrote in the 1990s. The books include a pictorial history of the group, a song-by-song analysis of vocal lead and part singing on their related recordings, and Doggett's extensive notes. Also included are several in-depth articles on the 5 Royales for United States and United Kingdom publications, Doggett's published interview with the group, and three long articles written about the group for North Carolina newspapers in the early 1990s.

Note that these items have been added to Southern Folklife Collection files as detailed below.

Book: Doggett, J. Taylor. The Lead and Part Singing on 5 Royales Related Recordings Plus New Historical Revelations. Privately published 1995. Added to the 5 Royales artist name file (NF-2814) #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

Book: Doggett, J. Taylor. The 5 Royales, Part II. Privately published 1997. Added to the 5 Royales artist name file (NF-2814) #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

The 5 Royales and Allied Artists plus Others Covering 5 Royales Recordings: Liner Notes for 120 Minutes Audio Documentary . Privately published #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

Magazine article: Doggett, J. Taylor and Tom McCullough. "An Interview with the 5 Royales." Discoveries, July 1992. Added to the SFC serials collection #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

Magazine article: Huffman, Eddie. "The Majestic Sound of the Five Royales." Goldmine, February 19, 1993. Added to the SFC serials collection #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

Magazine article: McGarvey, Seamus. "The Story of the Five Royales." Juke Blues, Summer 1994. Added to the SFC serials collection #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

Magazine article: McGarvey, Seamus. "The Five Royales, Part 2." Juke Blues, Winter/Spring 1995. Added to the SFC serials collection #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

Newspaper article: "The 5 Royales." The Herald Sun. 30 August 1992, sec E:1, 2. Added to the 5 Royales artist name file (NF-2814) #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

Newspaper article: "The Royale Treatment." The News and Observer. 4 June 1992, sec E:1, 5. Added to the 5 Royales artist name file (NF-2814) #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

Newspaper article: "R&B Kings of a Bygone Era." Greensboro News and Record. 27 October 1991, sec F:1, 4. Added to the 5 Royales artist name file (NF-2814) #20286, Subseries: "1.9. Printed Materials, 1991-1997." Folder 1-27

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. UNC Bandleaders Materials, 1990-2005.

About 300 items.

Arrangement: as received

The UNC Bandleaders Materials document Doggett's research and collecting efforts related to several bandleaders from the Big Band jazz era, including Hal Kemp, Kay Kyser, Skinnay Ennis, and John Scott Trotter, who had connections to the state of North Carolina and to the University of North Carolina. Doggett's interest in the University of North Carolina legacy to Big Band jazz was originally sparked by the fact that his father, like bandleader Kay Kyser, had been a cheerleader at the University.

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118 items.

Commercial re-releases of materials by the Hal Kemp, Kay Kyser, Skinnay Ennis, and John Scott Trotter orchestras; recordings by other artists who performed in the "sweet jazz" style; compilation tapes made by Doggett and other collectors of cuts from 78-rpm records; recordings of contemporary radio broadcasts and live performances; and recordings of interviews with Kyser sidemen Merwyn "Ish Kabibble" Bogue and Harry Babbitt. Titles of non-commercial recordings are, with a few minor stylistic alterations, taken directly from original cassette labels. Tape logs for FS-9012 through FS-9025 are filed with correspondence in folder 51, "Tape Logs."

Folder 51

Tape Logs #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." Folder 51

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9012

Hal Kemp 78s A-1. #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9012

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9013

Hal Kemp 78s A-2 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9013

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9014

Hal Kemp 78s B-1 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9014

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9015

Hal Kemp 78s B-2 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9015

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9016

Hal Kemp 78s B-3 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9016

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9017

Hal Kemp 78s B-4 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9017

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9018

Hal Kemp 78s B-5 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9018

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9019

Hal Kemp 78s B-6 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9019

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9020

Hal Kemp 78s B-7 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9020

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9021

Hal Kemp 78s B-8 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9021

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9022

Hal Kemp 78s B-9 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9022

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9023

Hal Kemp 78s B-10 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9023

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9024

Hal Kemp 78s B-11 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9024

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9025

Hal Kemp 78s B-12 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9025

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9026

Hal Kemp #1, Bill Hebden #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9026

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9027

Hal Kemp #2, Bill Hebden #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9027

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9028

Hal Kemp Radio Remotes #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9028

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9029

Hal Kemp Radio Remotes #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9029

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9030

Hal Kemp "On the Air" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9030

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9031

Hal Kemp on Duophone 1928 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9031

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9032

"Hal Kemp Orchestra, Hindsight HSR 143 1943, volume 2-HSR 161" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9032

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9033

The Uncollected Hal Kemp and his Orchestra volume 1, Hindsight HSR-143, 1979 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9033

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9034

The Uncollected Hal Kemp and his Orchestra volume 3, Hindsight HSR-222 1985 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9034

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9035

Hal Kemp Radio Broadcast in 1934, JRC C-1425 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9035

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9036

Hal Kemp Laveno Program, 1934 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9036

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9037

Hal Kemp Orchestra, December 1932 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9037

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9038

Hal Kemp: "Same Time, Same Place," "When the Summer is Gone" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9038

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9039

Hal Kemp, 1930 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9039

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9040

Hal Kemp Pro Arte CCD553 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9040

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9041

Hal Kemp Goes to College #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9041

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9042

Hal Kemp, 1934-1936 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9042

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9043

Hal Kemp Chesterfield Time, 24 December 1939 and Laveno 1934 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9043

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9044

Hal Kemp Tribute, Brady's Bandstand, Volume 1 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9044

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9045

Hal Kemp Tribute, Brady's Bandstand Volume 2 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9045

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9046

"Kemp's Carolina Club Orchestra, First Conrad tape" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9046

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9047.

"Kemp's Carolina Club Orchestra Consolidated Club" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9047.

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9048

Hal Kemp Orchestra, Blackhawk #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9048

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9049

Hal Kemp recordings #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9049

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9050

Hal Kemp and Paul Specht #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9050

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9051

Hal Kemp Air Checks 1935-1939; Skinnay Ennis-Hindsight HSR 164 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9051

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9052

Ennis/Kemp #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9052

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9053

Skinnay Ennis and his Orchestra 1947-1948, Hindsight HSR-164, 1981 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9053

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9054

Skinnay Ennis #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9054

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9055

Skinnay Ennis #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9055

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9056

Skinnay Ennis #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9056

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9057

Skinnay Ennis "Got a Date with an Angel" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9057

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9058

Skinnay Ennis #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9058

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9059

Skinnay Ennis Orchestra-Golden Era 15036 and Skinnay Ennis Salutes Hal Kemp #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9059

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9060

Skinnay Ennis and his Orchestra, volume 1, AJAZZ Series C-1794 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9060

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9061

Skinnay Ennis #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9061

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9062

Frank Sinatra and Skinnay Ennis, Bob Hope radio show #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9062

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9063

Bob Hope and Skinnay Ennis #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9063

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9064

Bob Hope and Skinnay Ennis #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9064

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9065

The Bob Hope Show, Radio Spirits #80, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9065

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9066

The Bob Hope Radio Show, Radiola CMR-1060, 1976 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9066

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9067

The Bob Hope Show, Radio Spirits #79, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9067

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9068

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9068

#21815 The Kraft Music Hall, 19 May 1938

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9069

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9069

#645 The Kraft Music Hall, 6 March 1941

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9070

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9070

#40951 Music for Millions

#37425 Treasury Star Parade

#37409 Treasury Star Parade

#36885 Treasury Song Parade

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9071

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9071

#3953 Hollywood Is on the Air

#53365 Bud's Bandwagon

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9072

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9072

#43201 The Kraft Music Hall, 5 June 1941

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9073

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9073

#41054 The Lux Radio Theatre, 28 October 1940

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9074

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9074

#33796 March of Dimes, 3 January 1955

#36856 Treasury Song Parade

#51916 The General Electric Program, 6 November 1952

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9075

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9075

#48186 The Bing Crosby Show, 30 January 1952

#10100 The Judy Garland Show, 30 November 1952

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9076

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9076

#40220 The Pepsodent Show, 11 September 1945

#22786 The Pepsodent Show, 9 October 1945

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9077

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9077

#53124 The Pepsodent Show, 19 March 1946

#20969 Songs by Sinatra, 6 March 1946

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9078

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9078

#5571 Mail Call

#28410 Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9079

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9079

#52398 The Pepsodent Show, 6 February 1945

#18090 The Pepsodent Show, 13 Febrary 1945

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9080

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9080

#3641 The Pepsodent Show, 5 May 1942

#3930 The Pepsodent Show, 29 December 1942

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9081

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9081

#8040 The Pepsodent Show, 20 November 1945

#8041 The Pepsodent Show, 27 November 1945

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9082

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9082

#8038 The Pepsodent Show, 5 May 1942

#42414 The Pepsodent Show, March 1942

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9083

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9083

#42548 G.I. Journal

#28409 Skinnay Ennis and His Orchstra

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9084

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9084

#53086 G.I. Journal

#28411 Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9085

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9085

#3939 Chesterfield Time, 24 December 1937

#5768 The Phil Baker Show, 19 January 1936

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9086

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9086

#13024 The Pepsodent Show, 1 May 1945

#3130 The Pepsodent Show, 26 March 1945

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9087

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9087

#53190 The Pepsodent Show, 13 November 1945

#1589 The Pepsodent Show, 16 November 1945

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9088

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9088

#12747 Hal Kemp and His Orchestra, 15 Febraury 1939

#34515 Radio City Revels

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9089

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9089

#28412 Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra

#19992 College Swing

#47641 Hal Kemp

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9090

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9090

#8039 The Pepsodent Show, 23 October 1945

#1590 The Pepsodent Show, 6 November 1945

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9091

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9091

#1765 Mail Call

#959 The Pepsodent Show, 1943

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9092

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9092

#42548 G.I. Journal

#34920 Hal Kemp

#33933 The Year It Began

Radio Yesteryear #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9092

#3933 The Pepsodent Show, 12 December 1944

#689 The Pepsodent Show, 25 May 1944

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9094

Bo Thorpe and His Orchestra with Brook Benton, the Four Lads, and the Generation Singers. Hindsight HSR-231, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9094

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9095

Shaggin', the Bo Thorpe Band. Insight ICS-202, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9095

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9096

Swinging and Sentimental, Bo Thorpe. Hindsight HSC-247, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9096

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9097

The Best of Bo Thorpe, Part I. Hindsight HSC-317, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9097

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9098

The Best of Bo Thorpe, Part II. Hindsight HSC-318 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9098

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9099

Ish Kabibble/Harry Babbitt #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9099

>Ish Kabibble Radio Interview, 1980

Harry Babbitt Memoirs, 1996

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9100

Kay Kyser Cuts #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9100

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9101

Kay Kyser Cuts: Rarities #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9101

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9102

Kay Kyser Interview, 24 March 1981 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9102

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9103

Kay Kyser Interview, 19 April 1981 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9103

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9104

Kyser with Heirs, 30 March 1997 letter #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9104

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9105

Kyser Big Band LP, Heir #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9105

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9106

Kay Kyser at the Trianon, JRC C-1413 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9106

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9107

G.I. Journal, Kay Kyser #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9107

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9108

G.I. Journal, Kay Kyser and Jack Carson #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9108

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9109

Phil Harris on Kyser Shows, Kollege of Musical Knowledge #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9109

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9110

Kay Kyser Kollege of Musical Knowledge #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9110

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9111

Kay Kyser Kollege of Musical Knowledge #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9111

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9112

Kay Kyser, Down Beat, etc. #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9112

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9113

Reggie Childs #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9113

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9114

Sinatra, It's All Up to You, etc. #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9114

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9115

Tom Lee, "They All Had to Start Someplace" and "And There Were Surprises" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9115

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9116

"Here Come the Sweet Bands," compiled by Tom Lee #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9116

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9117

The Big Bands and Radio, Tom Lee #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9117

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9118

Libby Holman, The Ballads and Blues #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9118

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9119

Gray Gordon Band #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9119

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9120

Richard Himber and His Orchestra, from 78s #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9120

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9121

Enoch Light, "In the Hal Kemp Style" and Bob Allen Orchestra-Yankee Lake, Ohio, 26 August 1941 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9121

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9122

Bob Allen/Ted Lewis #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9122

Bob Allen, Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City, 1941

Ted Lewis, Latin Quarter, Chicago, 1930s

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9123

Art Jarrett and Henry Jerome #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9123

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9124

Art Jarrett Orchestra, Victor 78s #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9124

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9125

Radio Remotes, Art Jarrett and Henry Jerome #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9125

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9126

Gay Claridge Orchestra 78's and Henry Jerome, "Memories of Hal Kemp" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9126

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9127

Gay Claridge, 1944 #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9127

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9128

Gay Claridge "in the Kemp Style", John Scott Trotter, "I Remember Hal Kemp" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9128

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9129

John Scott Trotter and Sonny Burke #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9129

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9130

"Some Latter Day Band Playing College Songs and Kyser Hits" #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9130

SFC Audio Cassette FS-20286/9130A

People, Places and Perceptions: Tribute to T. D. Kemp Jr #20286, Subseries: "2.1. Audiocassettes." FS-20286/9130A

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.2. Compact Discs.

29 items.

Commercial re-releases of performances by the Kay Kyser, Hal Kemp, Skinnay Ennis, and John Scott Trotter orchestras as well as performances by alumni of those orchestras and by personal and professional associates of the "UNC Bandleaders," such as Alice Faye and Frances Langford. Also, a number of recordings by clients of Hal Kemp's brother, promoter T. D. Kemp Jr. These clients included Gene Austin, "Whispering" Jack Smith, Libby Holman, and Morton Downey Sr., "the Irish Nightingale."

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5920

His Greatest Hits and Sentimental Favorites, Kay Kyser. Sony A-19801, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5920

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5921

Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge. Jazz Hour JH-1047, 1996 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5921

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5922

The Best of the Big Bands: Kay Kyser. Sony A 28432, 1997 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5922

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5923

The Best of Kay Kyser and His Orchestra. Sony A2 30890, 1999 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5923

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5924

Gorgeous Ginny Simms. Sony A 26234, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5924

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5925

Hal Kemp and His Orchestra: The Hot Sides 1926-1931. Retrieval 79025, 2000 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5925

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5926

The Forgotten Big Bands: Hal Kemp. Collector's Choice CCM-009-2, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5926

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5927

The Best of Hal Kemp and His Orchestra. Sony A 30908, 2000 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5927

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5928

Alice Faye with Hal Kemp and His Orchestra: Music from Hollywood, Volume 1. Alice AF-4, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5928

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5929

Alice Faye with Hal Kemp and His Orchestra: Music from Hollywood, Volume 2. Alice AF-5, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5929

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5930

Alice Faye with Hal Kemp and His Orchestra: Music from Hollywood, Volume 3. Alice AF-6, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5930

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5931

Retro-Specht (1925-1931), Paul Specht and His Orchestra. Vintage Music Productions VMP 0121, 2003 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5931

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5932

The Golden Trumpet of Randy Brooks and His Orchestra Live, 1945-47 Roseland Ballroom, New York City. Jazz Hour JH-1049, 1996 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5932

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5933

Heigh-ho Everybody! Rudy Vallee. Flapper PAST CD 7077, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5933

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5934

The Irish Nightingale, Morton Downey. ASV CD AJA 5173. 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5934

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5935

Moanin' Low: Early Recordings 1927-1934, Libby Holman. Take Two TT415CD, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5935

Whispering Jack Smith. Flapper PAST CD 7074. 1995, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5935

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5937

Me and My Shadow, Whispering Jack Smith. ASV CD AJA 5372, 2000 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5937

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5938

A Time to Relax, Gene Austin. Take Two TT414CD. 1995 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5938

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5939

Singer and Songwriter, Gene Austin. Take Two TT423CD, 1997 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5939

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5940

Is Everybody Happy Now? Ted Lewis and His Band. Collector's Choice CCM-1040, 2002 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5940

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5941

Give My Regards to Broadway, Tallulah Bankhead. AEI AEI-CD 609, 2000 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5941

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5942

Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra 1956/57 Live in Stereo. Jazz Hour JH-1027, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5942

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5943

I'm in the Mood for Love, Frances Langford. ASV CD AJA 5219, 1997 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5943

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5944

Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra: Live from Glen Island Casino, June-September 1947. Jazz Hour JH-1048, 1996 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5944

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5945

Red Nichols and Miff Mole, 1925-1927. Retrieval RTR 79010, 1998 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5945

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5946

Connee Boswell and the Original Memphis Five in Hi-Fi. RCA 74321609952, 1998 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5946

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5947

College Rhythm: Hot Dance Band Classics, 1927-1934. Memphis Archives MA 7021, 1996 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5947

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5948

22 Original Big-band Hits, 1939 to 1947, Jan Garber and His Orchestra. Hindsight HCD-403, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "2.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5948

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.3. Audiodiscs.

14 items.

Twelve LP records by the Hal Kemp Orchestra that document both remote radio broadcasts of public performances and studio recording sessions, as well as an LP record by the Skinnay Ennis Orchestra that is a compilation of remote radio brodcasts from various dates and locations.

Audiodisc FC-20286/16560

Hal Kemp and His Orchestra, 1927-1931. The Old Masters TOM-24 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16560

Audiodisc FC-20286/16561

Hal Kemp and His Orchestra. Circle CLP-25. 1982. #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16561

Audiodisc FC-20286/16562

Hal Kemp and His Orchestra 1935, 1936 Broadcasts. Fanfare 26-126 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16562

Audiodisc FC-20286/16563

Hal Kemp and His Orchestra. Aircheck 38, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16563

Audiodisc FC-20286/16564

Hal Kemp Volume 8. Ajazz AJAZZ 442 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16564

Audiodisc FC-20286/16565

Hal Kemp, Volume 9. Ajazz AJAZZ 447 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16565

Audiodisc FC-20286/16566

Hal Kemp, Volume 10. Ajazz AJAZZ 450 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16566

Audiodisc FC-20286/16567

Hal Kemp Volume 11. Ajazz AJAZZ 453 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16567

Audiodisc FC-20286/16568

Hal Kemp Volume 12. Ajazz AJAZZ 455 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16568

Audiodisc FC-20286/16569

Hal Kemp Volume 13. Ajazz AJAZZ 459 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16569

Audiodisc FC-20286/16570

Hal Kemp, Volume 14. Ajazz AJAZZ 464 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16570

Audiodisc FC-20286/16571

Hal Kemp, Volume 15. Ajazz AJAZZ 467 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16571

Audiodisc FC-20286/16572

Hal Kemp, Volume 16. Ajazz AJAZZ 480 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16572

Audiodisc FC-20286/16573

Skinnay Ennis and His Orchestra. Golden Era LP-15036 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16573

Audiodisc FC-20286/16841

Kay Kyser's Kollege of Musical Knowledge. Radiola MR-1075, 1977 #20286, Subseries: "2.3. Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16841

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.4. Videotapes.

15 items.

Feature films with appearances by the "UNC Bandleaders" and their bands, including all seven of the films in which the Kay Kyser Orchestra appeared. There are also recordings of two television interview programs featuring Kay Kyser. Titles of non-commercial recordings are, with a few minor stylistic alterations, taken directly from original cassette labels.

Videotape VT-20286/1

Radio City Revels #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/1


Videotape VT-20286/2

That's Right, You're Wrong #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/2


Videotape VT-20286/3

You'll Find Out. Matinee Classics #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/3


Videotape VT-20286/4

Playmates. Turner Home Entertainment, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/4


Videotape VT-20286/5

My Favorite Spy #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/5


Videotape VT-20286/6

Swing Fever #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/6


Videotape VT-20286/7

Around the World. Turner Home Entertainment, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/7


Videotape VT-20286/8

Carolina Blues #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/8


Videotape VT-20286/9

"North Carolina People with Bill Friday, 11 March 1981, UNC-TV Guest: Kay Kyser" #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/9


Videotape VT-20286/10

North Carolina Now, 12 February 1997 #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/10


Videotape VT-20286/11

Hal Kemp Orchestra 1928-1939, Musical Film Shorts #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/11


Videotape VT-20286/12

Rhythm on the River. MCA/Universal Home Video, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/12


Videotape VT-20286/13

College Swing. MCA/Universal Home Video, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/13


Videotape VT-20286/14

Excerpts from Radio Stars on Parade and Dubarry Was a Lady #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/14


Videotape VT-20286/15

Radio Stars on Parade: Skinnay Ennis #20286, Subseries: "2.4. Videotapes." VT-20286/15


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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 2.5. Correspondence, 1995-2006.

About 2,400 items.

Arrangement: chronological.

Doggett conducted extensive correspondence, beginning in 1995, with prominent individuals at the state and national level, including Charles Kuralt, Elizabeth Dole, and Jonathan Yardley, in an attempt to promote greater awareness of North Carolina's contribution to the fields of swing music and "sweet jazz," focusing in particular on the legacies of Kay Kyser, Hal Kemp, Skinnay Ennis, Bo Thorpe, and John Scott Trotter. He also corresponded and exchanged recordings with collectors in the United States and Europe who shared his enthusiasm for these performers, as well as with vendors who could further his collecting efforts.

Folder 28-50

Folder 28

Folder 29

Folder 30

Folder 31

Folder 32

Folder 33

Folder 34

Folder 35

Folder 36

Folder 37

Folder 38

Folder 39

Folder 40

Folder 41

Folder 42

Folder 43

Folder 44

Folder 45

Folder 46

Folder 47

Folder 48

Folder 49

Folder 50

Correspondence, April 1995-May 2006 #20286, Subseries: "2.5. Correspondence, 1995-2006." Folder 28-50

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 3. Other R&B, Doo Wop, Jazz, and Blues Materials.

729 items.

Arrangement: as received.

Materials that document Doggett's interests in jazz, R&B, and blues and that do not fall within the scope of the other series in this collection. The series is particularly strong in recordings of doo wop and R&B vocal harmony groups.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.1. Audiocassettes.

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.2. Compact Discs.

303 items.
Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4158

The Essence of Bluegrass. Thunderbolt TB4490, 2003 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4158

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4159

Today's Love Songs, Tomorrow's Blues, Arthur Prysock. Milestone MCD91572, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4159

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4160

This Guy's In Love With You, Arthur Prysock. Milestone MCD91462, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4160

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4161

The Original Rumble. Relic 7005, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4161

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4162

Jive Five: My True Story Featuring Eugene Pitt. Relic 7007, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4162

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4163

Sincerely, the Moonglows. Roots 33011, 2001 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4163

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4164

Aladdin Years, the Five Keys. EMI 7960562, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4164

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4165

Greatest Hits, the Ink Spots. MCA 31347, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4165

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4166

Paragons Meet the Jesters. Relic 7006, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4166

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4167

I Love You, the Volumes. Collectables 5032, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4167

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4168

Digital Doo-Wops, Joel and the Dymensions. Classic Artists CAR30572, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4168

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4169

Let's Live It Up, Johnny Otis Charly 269, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4169

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4176

Doo Wop Diner, Volume II. Classic Artists CAR30562, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4176

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4180

Sound of the Swamp: The Best of Excello Records, Volume 1. Rhino R270896, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4180

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4181

Sound of the Swamp: The Best of Excello Records, Volume 2. Rhino R270897, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4181

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4183

Better Beware, Little Esther. Charly 248, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4183

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4184

50s Vocal Groups. K-Tel 7252, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4184

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4185

Raging Harlem Hit Parade. Relic 7009, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4185

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4186

Rock 'n' Roll Remembered, the Del Vikings. BVM BVMCD62963, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4186

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4187

Golden Classics, the Pentagons. Collectables COLCD5093, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4187

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4188

The Ink Spots. Dominion 7283, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4188

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4189

Shag: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Sire/WarnerBros 9258002 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4189

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4190

The Penguins. Ace CDCH249, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4190

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4191

Man That's Groovy: Early Vocal Groups 1935-1944. Country Routes RFDCD10, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4191

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4192

Rivingtons: The Liberty Years. EMI CDP7952042, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4192

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4193

Fever: The Best of Little Willie John. Rhino R271511, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4193

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4194

Have Mercy Baby, the Dominoes. Charly 44, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4194

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4195

Chronological Pete Johnson 1939-1941. Classics 665, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4195

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4196

You Have to Cry Sometime, Nona Hendryx and Billy Vera. Shanachie 9001, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4196

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4197

They Rock! They Roll! They Swing! The Best of the Treniers. Legacy/Epic EK66800, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4197

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4198

Central Avenue Boogie, Pete Johnson. Delmark DD656 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4198

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4199

Jimmy Liggins and His Drops of Joy, Volume 2: Rough Weather Blues. Specialty SPCD70262, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4199

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4200

Johnny Otis Show Live at Monterey! Epic/Legacy EK53628, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4200

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4201

Badman Jackson That's Me, Bullmoose Jackson. Charly R&B 274, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4201

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4202

Spotlite Series: Sun Records Volume 2. Collectables COL5810, 1996 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4202

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4203

You're So Fine, the Falcons. Relic 7003 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4203

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4204

My Story, Chuck Willis. CBS A36389, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4204

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4205

Ya Ya, Lee Dorsey. Relic 7013, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4205

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4206

Ink Spots Greatest Hits. Jango JACD776. 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4206

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4207

Best of Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. Relic RELCD7004 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4207

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4208

In the Still of the Night, Five Satins. Relic 7001, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4208

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4209

Sissy Man Blues, various artists. Jass JCD13, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4209

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4210

Dootone Rhythm and Blues. Collectables COLCD5408, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4210

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4211

Golden Classics, Vernon Green and the Medallions. Collectables COLCD5047 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4211

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4212

Penguins Golden Classics. Collectables COLCD5045 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4212

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4213

Spirits of Rhythm 1933-34. JSP JSPCD307, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4213

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4214

Best of the Crests Featuring Johnny Maestro. Murray Hill/Rhino R270948, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4214

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4215

Best of the Heartbeats Including Shep and the Limelites. Rhino R270952, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4215

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4216

Classic Old and Gold. 3C 100, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4216

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4217

Classic Old and Gold, Volume 2, La Bamba and Other Original Hits. 3C 101, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4217

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4218

Best of Chess Vocal Groups, Volume 1. MCA CHD9282, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4218

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4219

Best of Chess Vocal Groups, Volume 2. MCA CHD9283, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4219

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4220

Tonight (Could Be the Night), the Velvets. CBS Special Products A21475, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4220

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4221

White Christmas with Bill Pinkney and the Original Drifters. Ripete 392181, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4221

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4222

Best of the Flamingos. Rhino R270967, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4222

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4223

Barrel House Piano, Meade Lux Lewis. Jasmine JASMCD2536, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4223

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4224

Paul Evans Sings the Fabulous Teens. Globe 10007, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4224

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4225

Slim & Slam, Original 1938-39 Recordings, Volume 2. Tax S22, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4225

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4226

Slim & Slam, Original 1940-42 Recordings, Volume 3. Tax S72, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4226

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4227

Blues Masters, Volume 2: Postwar Chicago. Rhino R271122, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4227

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4228

Don Julian and the Meadowlarks. Collectables/Golden Classics COLCD5046 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4228

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4229

Jesse Belvin: The Blues Balladeer. Specialty SPCD7003, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4229

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4230

Jimmy Liggins and His Drops of Joy Specialty SPCD7005, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4230

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4231

Stars of Rhythm 'n' Blues. CMA CM10007, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4231

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4232

Boogie Woogie Volume 2: The Small Groups. Jasmine JASMCD2539, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4232

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4257

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Dr. Horse. RBD 800, 1981 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4257

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4258

Joe Liggins and the Honeydippers. Specialty SPCD7006, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4258

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4259

Rain Drops, Dee Clark. Vee Jay NVD2703, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4259

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4260

1929-1941, Sam Price and His Texas Blusicians. Classics 696, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4260

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4261

Hide Away: The Best of Freddy King. Rhino R271510, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4261

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4263

Best of the Big Bands, Cab Calloway. Columbia CK45336 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4263

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4264

A Taste of Soul, Volume 1, various artists. Vee Jay NVD2710, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4264

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4265

West Coast Jive, various artists. Delmark DD657. 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4265

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4266

Blues Masters Volume II: Classic Blues Women, various artists. Rhino R271134, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4266

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4267

The Blues; That's Me! Illinois Jacquet. Prestige OJCCD6142P7731, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4267

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4268

Legends of Boogie-Woogie, various artists. Specialty SPCD70192, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4268

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4269

1937-1938, Slim Gaillard. Classics Classics 705, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4269

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4270

The Best of the Chantels. Rhino R270954, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4270

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4271

Blues Masters Volume 13: New York City Blues, various artists. Rhino R271131, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4271

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4272

The Best of the Cadillacs. Rhino R270955, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4272

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4273

Love Is Strange and Other Hits, Mickey and Sylvia. BMG 99002R, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4273

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4274

Shirley and Lee, Volume 1. EMI CDP7927752, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4274

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4275

The Best of Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. Rhino R270918, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4275

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4276

The Best of Little Anthony and the Imperials. EMI CDP7914752, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4276

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4277

The Best of Little Anthony and the Imperials. Rhino R270919, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4277

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4278

The Best of the Cleftones. Rhino R270951, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4278

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4279

The Capitol Years, Johnny Otis. Capitol CDP7928582, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4279

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4280

The Best of the Marcels. Rhino R270953, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4280

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4281

Golden Doo-Wop Collection. Teichiku 30CP-364, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4281

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4282

Honkers and Bar Walkers, Volume 2. Delmark DD452, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4282

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4283

The Coasters: 50 Coastin' Classics. Rhino R271090. 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4283

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4284

Dapper Cats, Groovy Tunes, and Hot Guitars, various artists. Ace CDCHD351, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4284

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4285

Best of Big Bands: Cab Calloway. Columbia CK48901, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4285

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4286

Roy Milton and His Solid Senders, Volume 2: Groovy Blues. Specialty SPCD70242, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4286

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4287

The Spaniels: 40th Anniversary. JLJ Production, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4287

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4288

A Taste of Doo Wop, Volume 2, various artists. Vee Jay NVD2715, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4288

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4289

Get with Cab, Cab Calloway and his Orchestra. EMI WW2408, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4289

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4290

Minnie the Moocher, Cab Calloway and his Cotton Club Orchestra. Four Star FS40048, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4290

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4291

Louisiana Red Sings Deep Blues. Jasrac PCD2753, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4291

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4292

Blues Masters, Volume 12: Memphis Blues, various artists. Rhino R271129, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4292

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4293

Dig These Blues, various artists. Ace CDCHD334, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4293

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4294

For Collectors Only, the Cleftones. Rhino COLCD8806, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4294

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4295

Jump Time, Tab Smith. Delmark DD447, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4295

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4296

Honkers and Bar Walkers, Volume 1, various artists. Delmark DD438, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4296

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4297

The Lowdown Back Porch Blues, Louisiana Red. Sequel NEXCD213, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4297

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4298

Come On, Willie Egan. Relic RELIC7047, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4298

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4299

Compact Jazz, Arthur Prysock. PolyGram 8411302, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4299

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4300

Real Rhythm and Blues, Clarence Paul and Neal Kimble Producers. Creative AVL89154CD #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4300

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4301

Ace High, Tab Smith. Delmark DD455, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4301

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4302

Doo Wop Christmas, various artists. Rhino 271057, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4302

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4303

The Spaniels Recorded Live. New Rose FCD107, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4303

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4304

Tore Up, Nappy Brown with the Heartfixers. Alligator ALCD4792, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4304

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4305

St. Louis Barrelhouse Piano, 1924-1934, Wesley Wallace and Henry Brown. Document DOCD5104 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4305

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4306

Boogie Woogie and Barrelhouse Piano, Volume 2, 1928-1930. Document DOCD5103 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4306

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4307

Boogie Woogie and Barrelhouse Piano, various artists. Document DOCD5102, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4307

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4308

The Flamingos Meet the Moonglows: On the Dusty Road of Hits. Vee Jay NVD2706, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4308

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4309

Cab Calloway and Co. RCA ND89560, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4309

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4310

Re-Doo-Wopp, the Tokens featuring Mitch Margo. BMG 85342R, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4310

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4311

Bim Bam Boom, the El Dorados. Vee Jay NVD2702, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4311

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4312

Willie Bryant and his Orchestra. Classics CLASSICS768, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4312

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4313

Dripper's Boogie, Joe Liggins and the Honeydrippers. Specialty SPCD70252, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4313

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4314

Blues Masters, Volume 14: More Jump Blues, various artists. Rhino R271133, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4314

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4315

Blues Masters, Volume 15: Slide Guitar Classics, various artists. Rhino R271126, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4315

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4316

The Imperial Sessions, the Spiders. Bear Family BCD15673, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4316

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4317

The Complete Jubilee Sessions, the Four Tunes. Sequel NEDCD229, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4317

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4318

The Earliest Negro Vocal Quartets, various artists. Document DOCD5061, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4318

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4319

Golden Classic, the Shells. Collectables COLCD5077, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4319

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4320

The Hollywood Flames. Specialty SPCD70212, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4320

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4321

Spirit of the Black Territory Bands, Johnny Otis. Arhoolie CD384, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4321

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4322

Aw! Shucks, Nappy Brown. Ichiban ICH9006, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4322

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4323

Greatest Hits, Sonny Til and the Orioles. Collectables COLCD5014, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4323

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4324

I Always remember, Various Artists. Flyright FLYCD46, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4324

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4325

Roots of a Revolution, James Brown. PolyGram 8173042, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4325

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4326

Otis Williams and his Charms Sing their All-time Hits. King KCD570, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4326

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4327

Rock 'n' Roll Party, Volume 1 (The Early '50s), compiled by Billy Vera. BMG 97732R, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4327

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4328

Rock 'n' Roll Party, Volume 2 (The Late '50s), compiled by Billy Vera. BMG 97582R, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4328

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4329

WCBS FM101, History of Rock, the 50s, Part 1. Collectables COLCD2506 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4329

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4330

Sexy Ways, The Best of Hank Ballard and the Midnighters. Rhino R271512, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4330

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4331

Echoes Down the Hall: 16 Original Doo-Wop Classics, various artists. Arista ARCD8605, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4331

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4332

The Shirelles: Anthology 1959-1964. Rhino RNCD75897, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4332

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4333

Their Greatest Hits, the Jive Five. Collectables CDLCD5022 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4333

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4334

Play It Cool, the Spaniels. Charly CDCHARLY222, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4334

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4335

Rockin' with Danny and the Juniors. MCA MCAD31060, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4335

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4336

The Flamingos Meet the Moonglows: On the Dusty Road of Hits. Vee Jay 30YD1059, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4336

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4337

Street Corner Singin': The Best of the Doo-Wop Era. K-Tel BU9413, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4337

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4338

Live at the Palais, Hank Ballard and the Midnighters. Charly CDCHARLY88, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4338

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4339

The Capitol Collector's Series, the Five Keys. Capitol CDP7927092, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4339

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4340

Look!-it's the Moonglows. MCA CHD31267, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4340

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4341

Reunion: Live at the Madison Square Garden-1972, Dion and the Belmonts. Rhino R270228, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4341

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4342

The Platters. King KCD651, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4342

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4343

Tar Heel Jazz: Territory Bands, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1936-37. IAJRC IAJRCCD1002, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4343

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4344

Cool It Baby, the Treniers. Bear Family BCD15418, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4344

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4345

Hey Sister Lucy, the Treniers. Bear Family BCD15419, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4345

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4346

Soul on Fire, Lavern Baker. Atlantic 7823112, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4346

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4347

Let the Boogie-Woogie Roll: Greatest Hits, 1953-1958, the Drifters. Atlantic 7819272, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4347

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4348

Doo Wop Dreams: 21 Vocal Group Gems. Charly CDCHARLY41, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4348

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4349

Golden Hits, the Platters. Mercury 8264472, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4349

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4350

The Vocal Group Collection: The Platters, the Penguins, the Del Vikings, the Danleers. Mercury 8302832M1, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4350

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4351

1950s Rock and Roll Revival: Performed Live at Madison Square Garden's Felt Forum, 29 November 1969. Buddah SCD4913, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4351

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4352

The Best of Doo-Wop Ballads. Rhino R275763, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4352

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4353

The Best of Doo-Wop Uptempo. Rhino R275764, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4353

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4354

Risque Rhythm: Nasty 50s R&B. Rhino R270570, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4354

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4355

Clyde McPhatter with Billy Ward and his Dominoes. King KCD559, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4355

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4356

Doo-Wop Christmas: The Ravens, the Moonglows, the Dominoes, and the Marquees. Jasrac PCD1618, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4356

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4357

Love Potion No. 9, The Best of the Clovers. EMI CDP7963362, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4357

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4358

The Rock 'n' Roll Radio Collection. Live Rock and Roll Broadcasts from 1956. Dejavu 51302, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4358

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4359

The Mystics Meet the Jarmels. Ace CDCH929, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4359

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4360

Down in the Alley, the Clovers. Atlantic 7823122, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4360

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4361

Black and Tan Fantasy, Ton Van Bergeyk. Shanachie 97018, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4361

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4362

Goodnite, It's Time to Go, the Spaniels. Vee Jay 30YD1043, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4362

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4363

The Fifties R&B Vocal Groups. Ace CDCH212, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4363

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4375

Roy Milton and his Solid Senders. Specialty SPCD7004, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4375

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4376

1944, Bunk Johnson. American Music AMCD3, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4376

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4377

1936-1939, Albert Ammons. Classic Classics715, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4377

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4379

Mary Jo, the Four Blazes. Delmark DE704, 1997 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4379

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4381

1938-1939, Pete Johnson. Classics CLASSICS656, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4381

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4382

Rock Before Elvis, Before Little Richard, Before Chuck Berry, Bo Didley or Bill Haley. Hoy Hoy 40502, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4382

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4383

The King of the Blues, Bunk Johnson. American Music AMCD1. 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4383

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4384

1944 (Second Masters), Bunk Johnson. American Music AMCD8, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4384

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4385

1945, Bunk's Brass Band. American Music and Dance Band AMCD6, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4385

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4386

The Legendary McVouty, Slim Gaillard. Hep hepcd6, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4386

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4387

Something Gonna Jump Out the Bushes, Nappy Brown. Black Top BT1039, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4387

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4388

The Copulatin' Blues. Jass JCD1, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4388

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4389

Bawdy Blues: Memphis Slim, Tampa Red, Lonnie Johnson. Bluesville OBCCD5442 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4389

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4390

Le Hot Club de France: Master of Boogie, Albert Ammons. Milan America 73138356282, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4390

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4395

Blues Masters Volume 5: Jump Blues Classics. Rhino R271125. 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4395

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4396

Blues Masters Volume 1: Urban Blues. Rhino R271121, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4396

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4397

Blues Masters Volume 6: Blues Originals. Rhino R271127, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4397

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4398

Bounces, Boogies and Blues: The Story of Eddie's Records. Collectables COLCD5277, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4398

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4399

The Best of Boogie Woogie, Volume 2. Jazz Archives 158022, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4399

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4400

The Best of Boogie Woogie. Jazz Archives 157402, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4400

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4401

Slim and Slam, Original 1938 Recordings, Volume 1. Tax TAXS12, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4401

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4402

Boogie Woogie on a Saturday Night, Steve Gibson's Red Caps. Bear Family BCD15490 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4402

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4403

Reefer Songs: 23 Original Jazz and Blues Vocals. Jass JASSCD7, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4403

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4404

Boogie Woogie, Volume 1: Piano Soloists. Jasmine JASMCD2538, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4404

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4405

Them Dirty Blues: A Double Disc Copulation Compilation. Jass JASSCD11/12, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4405

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4406

Blues from Dolphins of Hollywood. Specialty SPCD 21722, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4406

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4407

Dream on, the Five Keys. Charly R&B CDCHARLY265, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4407

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4408

Dearest, the Swallows. Charly R&B CDCHARLY287, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4408

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4409

Meet the Majors: A Golden Classics Edition, the Majors. Collectables COLCD5249, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4409

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4410

Jukebox R&B. Ace CDCHD335, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4410

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4411

Flipped Out, Marvin and Johnny. Specialty SPCD21762, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4411

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4412

Jungle Hop, Don and Dewey. Specialty SPCD70082, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4412

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4413

Harlem Joys. Memoir CDMOIR507, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4413

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4414

Texas Piano Greats. Collectables COLCD5282, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4414

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4415

Jammin' at the IAJRC Convention, Hamburg 1999. Nagel Heyer CD066, 2000 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4415

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4416

Chicago Jump Bands: Early R&B, Volume 1 1945-53. RST RST915772, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4416

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4417

Boogie Woogie Stomp. Academy Sound and Vision CDAJA5101, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4417

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4418

20 Great Doo Wop Recordings. Cascade CDROP1008, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4418

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4419

The Ultimate Doo Wop Collection. Sequel NEMCD618, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4419

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4420

Pete's Blues (House Rent Party), Pete Johnson. Savoy SV0196, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4420

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4421

The Duke of Earl, Gene Chandler. Vee Jay NVD2712, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4421

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4422

Travelin' Shoes, the Golden Gate Quartet. Bluebird BLUEBIRD07863, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4422

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4423

New Orleans Barrelhouse Boogie, Champion Jack Dupree. Legacy CK52834, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4423

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4424

The Dominoes Meet the Ravens. Sequel NEMCD716, 1995 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4424

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4425

Harlem Hamfats, Volume 1. Document DOCD5271, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4425

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4426

Harlem Hamfats, Volume 2. Document DOCD5272, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4426

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4427

Harlem Hamfats, Volume 3. Document DOCD5273, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4427

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4428

Harlem Hamfats, Volume 4. Document DOCD5274, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4428

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4429

Doo-Wop from Dolphin's of Hollywood, Volume 1. Specialty SPCD21732, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4429

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4430

Doo-Wop from Dolphin's of Hollywood, Volume 2. Specialty SPCD21742, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4430

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4431

Flamingo Serenade, the Flamingos. Collectables COLCD5424, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4431

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4432

Requestfully Yours, the Flamingos. Collectables COLCD5425, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4432

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4433

The Sound of the Flamingos. Collectables COLCD5426, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4433

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4434

Yesterday's Memories, the Mellows. Relic RELIC7023, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4434

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4435

I Found a Love, the Falcons. Relic RELIC7012 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4435

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4436

The Detroit Girl Groups. Relic RELIC7017 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4436

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4437

The Original Rockin' Robin, Bobby Day. Ace CDCH200, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4437

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4438

Dreams and Wishes, the Crickets. Relic RELIC7022, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4438

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4439

Goodnight My Love, Jesse Belvin. Ace CDCHD336, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4439

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4440

Deep Sea Ball, Clyde McPhatter. Atlantic 7823142. 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4440

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4441

Miss Rhythm (Greatest Hits and More), Ruth Brown. Atlantic 7820612, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4441

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4442

Onyx Club Spree, "Stuff" Smith. Pavilion TPZ1061, 1997 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4442

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4443

Legends of Jump Clues, Volume 1. Specialty SPCD70582, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4443

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4444

Blowin' with Roy: Roy Milton, Volume 3. Specialty SPCD70602, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4444

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4445

Paris Streetlights, Little Willie Littlefield. EPM 157802, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4445

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4446

Blooze and Boogie. Wax Museum WAXMUSEUMCD9302 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4446

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4447

Mercury R&B '46-'62. Mercury 8882432, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4447

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4448

Spotlite on Sun Records: Doo-Wop and Rhythm and Blues. Collectables COL5809, 1996 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4448

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4449

Going Back to Kay Cee, Little Willie Littlefield and Friends. Federal CDCHD503, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4449

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4450

Blues for Tomorrow, various artists. Riverside OJCCD0302, 1957 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4450

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4451

Swingsation, Red Prysock. Verve 3145478782, 1999 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4451

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4452

Little Willie Littlefield ... Goes Rhythm 'n' Blues. CMA CM10002, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4452

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4453

Slim Gaillard 1940-1942. Classics CLASSICS753, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4453

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4454

Blue Lu Barker 1938-1939. Classics CLASSICS704, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4454

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4455

Harlan Leonard and His Rockets 1940. Classics CLASSICS670, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4455

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4456

Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys, 1936-1939. Classics CLASSICS706, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4456

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4457

The Three Peppers, 1937-1940. Classics CLASSICS889, 1996 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4457

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4458

Chick Webb and His Orchestra, 1929-1934. Classics CLASSICS502, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4458

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4459

Chick Webb and His Orchestra, 1935-1938. Classics CLASSICS517, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4459

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4460

Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1930-1931. Classics CLASSICS516 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4460

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4461

Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1931-1932. Classics CLASSICS526, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4461

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4462

Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1932. Classics CLASSICS537, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4462

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4463

Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1932-1934. Classics CLASSICS544, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4463

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4464

Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1934-1937. Classics CLASSICS554, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4464

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4465

Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1937-1938. Classics CLASSICS568, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4465

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4466

Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1938-1939. Classics CLASSICS576, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4466

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4467

Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, 1941-1942. Classics CLASSICS682, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4467

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4468

Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, 1923-1927. Classics CLASSICS549, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4468

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4469

Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, 1927-1929. Classics CLASSICS558, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4469

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4470

Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, 1929-1930. Classics CLASSICS578, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4470

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4471

Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, 1930-1932. Classics CLASSICS591, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4471

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4472

Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy, 1929-1931. Classics CLASSICS655, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4472

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4473

Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy, 1936-1937. Classics CLASSICS573, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4473

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4474

Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy, 1937-1938. Classics CLASSICS581, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4474

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4475

Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy, 1938. Classics CLASSICS598, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4475

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4476

Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds of Joy, 1940-1942. Classics CLASSICS681, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4476

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4477

Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra, 1936-1938. Classics CLASSICS653, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4477

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4478

Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra, 1938-1939. Classics CLASSICS667, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4478

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4479

Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra, 1939-1940. Classics CLASSICS678, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4479

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4480

Erskine Hawkins and His Orchestra, 1940-1941. Classics CLASSICS701, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4480

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4481

Cab Calloway and the Missourians, 1929-1930. JSP JSPCD328, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4481

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4482

Jazz Greats: Cab Calloway. Marshall Cavendish JAZZCD012, 1996 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4482

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4483

Spinnin' the Webb: Chick Webb and His Orchestra. Decca GRD635, 1994 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4483

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4484

The Joint Is Jumpin', Fats Waller. Bluebird 62882RB, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4484

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4485

Kings of the Cotton Club, Cab Calloway and Scatman Crothers. Pickwick PMTD16005, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4485

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4486

Turn on the Heat: The Fats Waller Piano Solos. Bluebird 24822RB, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4486

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4487

Honeysuckle Rose, Fats Waller. Conifer TQ139, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4487

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4488

Fats at the Organ, Fats Waller. Academy Sound and Vision CDAJA5007, 1981 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4488

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4489

Classic Jazz from Rare Piano Rolls: Thomas "Fats" Waller. Biograph BCD104DDD, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4489

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4490

Great Orignial Performances, 1927-1934, Fats Waller. BBC BBCCD598, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4490

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4491

Fats Waller: His Piano and His Rhythm. Vogue VG6511983 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4491

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4492

Fats Waller and His Rhythm 1934 to 1936. BBC BBCCD684, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4492

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4493

Doo Wop Diner, Volume I, various artists. Classic Artists CAR30552, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4493

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4494

I Only Have Eyes For You: Best of the End Years, the Flamingos. Sequel NEMCD609, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4494

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4496

Carolina Jump Blues 1985-1998: What Kind of Girl Is This?, various artists. Gutter GRCD98003, 1998 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4496

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4497

Sixty Minute Men: The Best of Billy Ward and His Dominoes. Rhino R271509, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4497

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4498

The Best of the '50s Masters (1957-1959), Billy Ward and His Dominoes. Varese 3020661022, 2000 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4498

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4500

One Summer Night, the Danleers. Bear Family BCD15503, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4500

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4501

Tasty New Doo Wop!, various artists (radio promo). Classic Artists CSP102, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4501

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4502

Complete on Savoy, the Four Buddies. Savoy ZDS4418, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4502

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/4503

Count Every Star, the Five Boroughs. Classic Artists CAR30542, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/4503

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5950

Greatest Hits, the Channels. Relic CD 7002, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5950

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5951

Please Mr. Johnson, the Cadillacs. Dr. Horse RBD 801 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5951

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5952

Shoutin', Swingin' and Makin' Love, Jimmy Witherspoon, Jimmy Rushing, and Wynonie Harris. Chess/MCA CHD-9327, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5952

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5953

Just for Me, Nappy Brown with special guest Big Jay McNeely. JSP CD218, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5953

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5954

Mama Let Me Lay It on You. Yazoo 1040, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5954

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5955

Bill Coleman Plus Four. Jazzology JCD-196, 1993 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5955

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5956

Angels on the Backroads Volume 2, Eddie and Frank Thomas. Misty Owl CD 6614, 2002 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5956

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5957

Angels on the Backroads Volume 3, Eddie and Frank Thomas, 2003 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5957

Music Compact Disc CD-20286/5958

Angels on the Backroads Volume 4, Eddie and Frank Thomas, 2003 #20286, Subseries: "3.2. Compact Discs." CD-20286/5958

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 3.3 Audiodiscs.

423 items.

Arrangement: alphabetical by artist or anthology name.

Audiodisc FC-20286/16574

All Star Rock and Roll Revue. King KLP-513, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16574

Audiodisc FC-20286/16575

Atlantic Doo Wop 60s. Atlantic P-6190A, 1980 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16575

Audiodisc FC-20286/16576

Atlantic Doo Wop Special. Atlantic P-4590A #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16576

Audiodisc FC-20286/16577

Be Bop Boogie. Gotham/Krazy Kat KK 826, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16577

Audiodisc FC-20286/16578

The Bebop Boys. Arista SJL 2225, 1978 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16578

Audiodisc FC-20286/16579

The Best of Chess/Checker/Cadet Doo-Wop. Greenline GCH 8101 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16579

Audiodisc FC-20286/16580

The Best of Cub Records, Volume 2. Cub C-1001 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16580

Audiodisc FC-20286/16581

The Best of Decca Records. Decca D-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16581

Audiodisc FC-20286/16582

The Best of Mercury Records, Volume 1. Mercury M-1003 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16582

Audiodisc FC-20286/16583

The Best of Mercury Records, Volume 2 Mercury M-1006 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16583

Audiodisc FC-20286/16584

Blues Bands. Recorded in New York (1936-1940). RST LC-8395 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16584

Audiodisc FC-20286/16585

Boogie Woogie Greatest Hits. Boogie Woogie BW 1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16585

Audiodisc FC-20286/16586

Boss Vocal Groups. Red Lightnin' RL 0065, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16586

Audiodisc FC-20286/16587

A Capital Christmas. Washington Hit Makers BJM 002, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16587

Audiodisc FC-20286/16588

Carolina Blues (1936-1950). HK LC 7926, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16588

Audiodisc FC-20286/16589

Chicago Records. Vocal music anthology. Chicago CH-LP-200 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16589

Audiodisc FC-20286/16590

Collector's Blues Series, Volume 1. Chicago CH-LP-202 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16590

Audiodisc FC-20286/16591

Collector's Blues Series, Volume 2. Chicago CH-LP-205 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16591

Audiodisc FC-20286/16592

Collector's Blues Series, Volume 3. Chicago CH-LP-210 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16592

Audiodisc FC-20286/16593

Collector's Blues Series, Volume 4. Chicago CH-LP-212 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16593

Audiodisc FC-20286/16594

Collector's Blues Series, Volume 5. Chicago CH-LP-213 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16594

Audiodisc FC-20286/16595

Collector's Group Series, Volume 1. Chicago CH-LP-203 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16595

Audiodisc FC-20286/16596

Collector's Group Series, Volume 2. Chicago CH-LP-204 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16596

Audiodisc FC-20286/16597

Collector's Group Series, Volume 3. Chicago CH-LP-206 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16597

Audiodisc FC-20286/16598

Collector's Group Series, Volume 4. Chicago CH-LP-207 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16598

Audiodisc FC-20286/16599

Collector's Group Series, Volume 5. Chicago CH-LP-208 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16599

Audiodisc FC-20286/16600

Collector's Group Series, Volume 6. Chicago CH-LP-209 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16600

Audiodisc FC-20286/16601

Collector's Group Series, Volume 8. Chicago CH-LP-214 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16601

Audiodisc FC-20286/16602

Collector's Group Series, Volume 9. Chicago CH-LP-216 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16602

Audiodisc FC-20286/16603

Collector's Group Series, Volume 10. Chicago CH-LP-218 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16603

Audiodisc FC-20286/16604

Collector's Group Series, Volume 11. Chicago CH-LP-220 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16604

Audiodisc FC-20286/16605

Collector's Group Series, Volume 12. Chicago CH-LP-221 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16605

Audiodisc FC-20286/16606

Collector's Group Series, Volume 13. Chicago CH-LP-222 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16606

Audiodisc FC-20286/16607

Collector's Group Series, Volume 14. Chicago CH-223 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16607

Audiodisc FC-20286/16608

Collector's Group Series, Volume 15. Chicago CH-LP-224 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16608

Audiodisc FC-20286/16609

Collector's Group Series, Volume 16. Chicago CH-LP-225 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16609

Audiodisc FC-20286/16611

Cruisin' 1955. Increase INCR 1955, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16611

Audiodisc FC-20286/16612

Cruisin' 1956. Increase INCM 2001, 1970 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16612

Audiodisc FC-20286/16613

Cruisin' 1957. Increase INCM 2002, 1970 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16613

Audiodisc FC-20286/16614

Cruisin' 1958. Increase INCM 2003, 1970 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16614

Audiodisc FC-20286/16615

Cruisin' 1959. Increase INCM 2004, 1970 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16615

Audiodisc FC-20286/16616

Cruisin' 1960. Increase INCR 1960, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16616

Audiodisc FC-20286/16617

Cruisin' 1961. Increase INCM 1961, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16617

Audiodisc FC-20286/16618

Dancin' and Romancin'. Charly CRB 1115, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16618

Audiodisc FC-20286/16619

Dangerous Doo-Wop. Dangerous Doo-Wop DDW 801 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16619

Audiodisc FC-20286/16620

Dangerous Doo Wop. Volume no. 2. Dangerous Doo-Wop DDW 802 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16620

Audiodisc FC-20286/16621

Dangerous Doo Wop, Volume 3. Dangerous Doo-Wop DDW 803 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16621

Audiodisc FC-20286/16622

Dangerous Doo Wop, Volume 4. Dangerous Doo-Wop DDW 804 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16622

Audiodisc FC-20286/16623

Detroit Gold. Solid Smoke SS-8021, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16623

Audiodisc FC-20286/16624

Detroit Gold, Volume 2. Solid Smoke SS-8022, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16624

Audiodisc FC-20286/16625

Dootone Rhythm and Blues. Collectables COL-5048 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16625

Audiodisc FC-20286/16626

The Dootone Story, Volume 1. Ace CHD 242, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16626

Audiodisc FC-20286/16627

Doo Wop. Specialty SPS 2114 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16627

Audiodisc FC-20286/16628

Doo Wop Delights. Savoy Jazz SJL 1185, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16628

Audiodisc FC-20286/16629

Doo Wop Fast and Slow, Volume 1. Club DWSFLP001 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16629

Audiodisc FC-20286/16630

Doo-Woop Honor Roll of Girls Names. Adam and Eve. A and E 502 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16630

Audiodisc FC-20286/16631

Doo Wop Rock. WCI UR-520, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16631

Audiodisc FC-20286/16632

Dynamite Doo Wopps, Volume 1. No label information D-1101 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16632

Audiodisc FC-20286/16633

Dynamite Doo Wopps, Volume 2. No label information D1102 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16633

Audiodisc FC-20286/16634

Dynamite Doo Wopps, Volume 3. No label information D1103, [1979] #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16634

Audiodisc FC-20286/16635

Dynamite Doo Wopps, Volume 4. No label information D1104, [1979] #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16635

Audiodisc FC-20286/16636

Dynamite Doo Wopps, Volume 5. No label information DDW5 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16636

Audiodisc FC-20286/16637

Dynamite Doo Wopps, Volume 6. No label information D1106, [1986] #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16637

Audiodisc FC-20286/16638

Explosive Doowops, Volume 1. No label information EXD 100 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16638

Audiodisc FC-20286/16639

Goodbye 40s, Hello 50s. Apollo LP 8019 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16639

Audiodisc FC-20286/16640

The Golden Age of Rhythm & Blues. Chess 2CH50030, 1972 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16640

Audiodisc FC-20286/16641

The Golden Groups. Specialty SP2155, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16641

Audiodisc FC-20286/16642

The Golden Groups: The Best of Onyx Records. Relic LP 5005, 1973 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16642

Audiodisc FC-20286/16643

The Golden Groups, Volume 2: The Best of Vita Records. Relic RELIC 5007 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16643

Audiodisc FC-20286/16644

The Golden Groups, Volume 3: The Best of Angletone/Atlas Records. Relic RELIC 5012 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16644

Audiodisc FC-20286/16645

The Golden Groups, Volume 4: The Best of Celeste Records. Relic RELIC 5014 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16645

Audiodisc FC-20286/16646

The Golden Groups, Volume 5: The Best of Herald Records. Relic RELIC 5015 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16646

Audiodisc FC-20286/16647

The Golden Groups, Volume 6: The Best of Ember Records. Relic RELIC 5016 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16647

Audiodisc FC-20286/16648

The Golden Groups, Volume 7: The Best of Winley Records. Relic RELIC 5019 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16648

Audiodisc FC-20286/16649

The Golden Groups, volume 10: The Best of Tip Top Records. Relic RELIC 5026 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16649

Audiodisc FC-20286/16650

The Golden Groups, volume 12: The Best of Beltone Records. Relic RELIC 5028 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16650

Audiodisc FC-20286/16651

The Golden Groups, volume 13: The Best of X-tra Records. Relic RELIC 5029 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16651

Audiodisc FC-20286/16652

The Golden Groups, volume 14: The Best of Johnson Records. Relic RELIC 5031 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16652

Audiodisc FC-20286/16653

The Golden Groups, volume 16: The Best of Rainbow Records. Relic RELIC 5034 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16653

Audiodisc FC-20286/16654

The Great Singing Groups: The Paragons, the Jesters, the Harptones and the Clovers. Pickwick K-431 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16654

Audiodisc FC-20286/16655

Greatest Groups of the 50's. Ace 2027 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16655

Audiodisc FC-20286/16656

Harlem Holiday, New York Rhythm & Blues, Volume 1. Collectables COL 5051 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16656

Audiodisc FC-20286/16657

Harlem Holiday, New York Rhythm & Blues, Volume 2. Collectables COL 5052 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16657

Audiodisc FC-20286/16658

Harlem Holiday, New York Rhythm & Blues, Volume 4. Collectables COL 5054 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16658

Audiodisc FC-20286/16659

Harlem Holiday, New York Rhythm & Blues, Volume 5. Collectables COL 5055 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16659

Audiodisc FC-20286/16660

Harlem Holiday, New York Rhythm & Blues, Volume 6. Collectables COL 5056 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16660

Audiodisc FC-20286/16661

Harlem Holiday, New York Rhythm & Blues, Volume 7. Collectables COL 5057 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16661

Audiodisc FC-20286/16662

Motor City Memories, Volume 1. Motor City MC 1001 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16662

Audiodisc FC-20286/16663

Motor City Memories, Volume 2. Motor City MC 1002 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16663

Audiodisc FC-20286/16664

Motor City Memories, Volume 3. Motor City MC 1003 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16664

Audiodisc FC-20286/16665

New Orleans Vocal Group Rarities. P-Vine PLP-510, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16665

Audiodisc FC-20286/16666

Old Town Doo Wop. Murray Hill 000083, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16666

Audiodisc FC-20286/16667

The Original Skeets McDonald's Tattooed Lady plus Eleven Other Sizzlers. Fortune LP 3001 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16667

Audiodisc FC-20286/16668

Pepper Hot Baby. Krazy Kat KK 7449, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16668

Audiodisc FC-20286/16669

R&B Confidential No. 1, the Flair Label. Ace CHD-258, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16669

Audiodisc FC-20286/16670

R&B Laff Blasts from the Past. Red Lightnin' RL 0059 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16670

Audiodisc FC-20286/16671

The R&B Sessions. Hi HI UK LP 439, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16671

Audiodisc FC-20286/16672

Rare Dowops. Wizard LP 5003 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16672

Audiodisc FC-20286/16674

Shagger's Delight. Ripete RIPETE 628, 1981 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16674

Audiodisc FC-20286/16675

Phil Spector, The Early Productions, 1958-1961. Rhino RNDF 203, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16675

Audiodisc FC-20286/16676

Swingin' and Singin'. P-Vine PLP-9044 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16676

Audiodisc FC-20286/16677

Tough Mamas. Krazy Kat KK 7748 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16677

Audiodisc FC-20286/16678

Treasure Chest of Musty Dusties, Volume II. Fortune LP8017 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16678

Audiodisc FC-20286/16679

Trying to Make a Living, Volume 3-Meat and Gravy from Cadillac Baby. Red Lightnin' RL 0021, 1978 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16679

Audiodisc FC-20286/16680

The Vocal Group Album, Roots of Rock and Roll, Volume 8. Savoy SJL 2241, 1979 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16680

Audiodisc FC-20286/16681

Vocal Group R 'n' B, Volume 1-from Joe Davis 1952-1953. Krazy Kat KK 797, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16681

Audiodisc FC-20286/16682

Vocal Group R 'n' B, Volume 2-from Joe Davis 1954-1956. Krazy Kat KK 798, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16682

Audiodisc FC-20286/16683

West Coast Doo-Wop, Volume 1. Ace CH-87, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16683

Audiodisc FC-20286/16684

Whoppers. Jubilee JGM 1119 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16684

Audiodisc FC-20286/16685

Early Visions, Gene Ammons. Chess, pressed in England by Precision CXJD 6701 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16685

Audiodisc FC-20286/16686

Biggest Hits, Lee Andrews and the Hearts. Collectables COL 5028 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16686

Audiodisc FC-20286/16687

Gotham Recording Sessions, Lee Andrews and the Hearts. Collectables COL 5003 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16687

Audiodisc FC-20286/16688

20 Hits, Hank Ballard and the Midnighters. Gusto K-5003X, 1977 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16688

Audiodisc FC-20286/16689

I Sold My Heart to the Junk Man, the Basin Street Boys. Official 3034, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16689

Audiodisc FC-20286/16690

Get Out of the Car, Richard Berry. Kent KLP 4001, 1982 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16690

Audiodisc FC-20286/16691

Richard Berry and the Dreamers. Crown CST 371 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16691

Audiodisc FC-20286/16692

Just Jesse Belvin. RCA NL 89458, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16692

Audiodisc FC-20286/16693

But Not Forgotten, Jesse Belvin. Kent KLP 2007, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16693

Audiodisc FC-20286/16694

Best of the Blenders. Chicago CH-LP-219 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16694

Audiodisc FC-20286/16695

Mr. Lee, the Bobbettes. Official 6055, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16695

Audiodisc FC-20286/16696

Rattin' and Running Around, Eddie Boyd. Crown Prince IG-400 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16696

Audiodisc FC-20286/16697

I'm a Hi-Ballin' Daddy, Tiny Bradshaw. Jukebox Lil JB-621. #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16697

Audiodisc FC-20286/16698

Don't Be Angry, Nappy Brown. Savoy Jazz SJL 1149 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16698

Audiodisc FC-20286/16699

The Cadets Meet the Jacks. Ace CH 196, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16699

Audiodisc FC-20286/16700

Cruisin' With the Cadillacs 'n' Cats Like That. Harlem Hit Parade HHP-5009 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16700

Audiodisc FC-20286/16701

For Collectors Only: The Cadillacs. Murray Hill M61285, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16701

Audiodisc FC-20286/16702

The Very Best of the Cadillacs. Murray Hill 001195, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16702

Audiodisc FC-20286/16703

Get With It, Cab Calloway and His Orchestra with the Cabbaliers. Swing House SWH 38, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16703

Audiodisc FC-20286/16704

Jumpin' Jive, Cab Calloway and His Orchestra. Swing House SWH15, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16704

Audiodisc FC-20286/16705

There's a Moon Out Tonight, the Capris. Collectables COL 5016 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16705

Audiodisc FC-20286/16706

The Best of the Cardinals. No label information AT-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16706

Audiodisc FC-20286/16707

The Best of the Cardinals, Volume 2 Apollo LP 5703 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16707

Audiodisc FC-20286/16707A

The Casanovas Sing "You Are My Queen." Relic/Apollo APOLLO 5073 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16707A

Audiodisc FC-20286/16708

I Miss You So, the Cats and the Fiddle. RCA AXM2-5531-2, 1976 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16708

Audiodisc FC-20286/16709

Arlene Smith and the Chantels. Murray Hill 000385, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16709

Audiodisc FC-20286/16710

The Best of the Chanters with Bud Johnson. De Luxe D-575 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16710

Audiodisc FC-20286/16711

The Charioteers with Billy Willliams. Harmony HL 7089 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16711

Audiodisc FC-20286/16712

Sweet and Low, the Charioteers. Columbia CL-6014 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16712

Audiodisc FC-20286/16713

It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday, Charm. Clifton LP 1005 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16713

Audiodisc FC-20286/16714

The Checkers. Sing LP 503 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16714

Audiodisc FC-20286/16715

The Best of the Chords. Cat C-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16715

Audiodisc FC-20286/16716

Time Out for Tears, Savannah Churchill. Jukebox Lil JB-1101, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16716

Audiodisc FC-20286/16717

Five Cool Cats, the Clovers. Edsel ED 126, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16717

Audiodisc FC-20286/16718

One by One, the Coasters. Atco SD 33-123 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16718

Audiodisc FC-20286/16719

Thumbin' a Ride, the Coasters. Edsel ED 156, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16719

Audiodisc FC-20286/16720

Blow Arnett, Blow, Arnett Cobb and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis. Prestige PRLP 7151 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16720

Audiodisc FC-20286/16721

In Concert, Arnett Cobb and His Mob/Dinah Washington. Phoenix Jazz LP-18, 1977 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16721

Audiodisc FC-20286/16722

A Blast from the Past, Little Joe Cook and the Thrillers. Beantown BI-224891 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16722

Audiodisc FC-20286/16723

Greatest Hits, the Crests. Collectables COL 5009 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16723

Audiodisc FC-20286/16724

The Crickets, featuring Dean Barlow. Jay Dee LP 5040 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16724

Audiodisc FC-20286/16725

It's Christmas Time, the Crosstones. Clifton CL 2001, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16725

Audiodisc FC-20286/16726

Gee, It's the Crows. Murray Hill 001071, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16726

Audiodisc FC-20286/16727

Crazy, Crazy Party. Bear Family 15309, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16727

Audiodisc FC-20286/16728

The Best of the Cufflinks. Doolo D-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16728

Audiodisc FC-20286/16729

Rockin' Robin, Bobby Day. Collectables COL-5074 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16729

Audiodisc FC-20286/16730

Rockin' on Bandstand, the Dells. Charly R&B CRB 1056, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16730

Audiodisc FC-20286/16731

From Streetcorner to Soul, the Dells. Charly R&B CRB 1055, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16731

Audiodisc FC-20286/16732

Come Go with Me, the Dell Vikings. Official 6005 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16732

Audiodisc FC-20286/16733

1956 Audition Tapes, Dell Vikings. Collectables COL 5001 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16733

Audiodisc FC-20286/16734

Dell Vikings Collectables. COL 5010 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16734

Audiodisc FC-20286/16735

Dry Bones, Delta Rhythm Boys. RCA Victor LPM 3085 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16735

Audiodisc FC-20286/16736

The Delta Rhythm Boys. Elektra EKL-138 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16736

Audiodisc FC-20286/16737

The Delta Rhythm Boys. Jubilee 1022 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16737

Audiodisc FC-20286/16738

The Delta Rhythm Boys. RCA Camden CAL 313 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16738

Audiodisc FC-20286/16739

Delta Rhythm Boys with Andrew Burman's Band. Mercury MG 25153 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16739

Audiodisc FC-20286/16740

Swingin' Spirituals, the Delta Rhythm Boys. Coral Stereo CRL 757358 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16740

Audiodisc FC-20286/16741

Presenting the Deep River Boys. RCA Camden CAL-303 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16741

Audiodisc FC-20286/16742

24 Original Classics, Dion and the Belmonts. Arista AL9-8206, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16742

Audiodisc FC-20286/16743

All His Hits, Bill Doggett. Highland K-5009X, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16743

Audiodisc FC-20286/16744

The Dominoes, Volume 4. Highland K-5008X, 1977 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16744

Audiodisc FC-20286/16745

The Best of the Dreamlovers, Volume 1. Collectables CLP-5004 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16745

Audiodisc FC-20286/16746

The Best of the Dreamlovers, Volume 2. Collectables COL. 5005 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16746

Audiodisc FC-20286/16747

The Best of the Dubs. Murray Hill 001187, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16747

Audiodisc FC-20286/16748

The Dubs Meet the Shells. Josie JOZS 4001 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16748

Audiodisc FC-20286/16749

Bambalam!, the Du Droppers. Detour 33-009, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16749

Audiodisc FC-20286/16750

The Best of the Du Droppers. Chicago CH-LP-201 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16750

Audiodisc FC-20286/16751

The Best of the Dukes. Flip F-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16751

Audiodisc FC-20286/16752

Remember Me Baby, the Earls. Old Town LP 104 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16752

Audiodisc FC-20286/16753

Billy's Best, Billy Eckstine. Mercury MG 20333 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16753

Audiodisc FC-20286/16754

Billy Eckstine Sings.Savoy Jazz SJL 1127, 1979 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16754

Audiodisc FC-20286/16755

Imagination, Billy Eckstine. Memoir MOIR 129 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16755

Audiodisc FC-20286/16756

Mister B. and the Band, the Savoy Sessions, Billy Eckstine. Savoy Jazz SJL 2214, 1976 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16756

Audiodisc FC-20286/16757

Rama Lama Ding Dong, the Edsels. Relic RELIC 5093, 1992 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16757

Audiodisc FC-20286/16758

The Best of the El Dorados, Volume 1. Vee Jay 1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16758

Audiodisc FC-20286/16759

The Best of the El Dorados, Volume 2. Vee Jay 1003 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16759

Audiodisc FC-20286/16759A

Bim Bam Boom, the El Dorados. Charly R&B CRB 1022 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16759A

Audiodisc FC-20286/16760

Low Mileage-High Octane, the El Dorados. Solid Smoke 8025, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16760

Audiodisc FC-20286/16761

Little Star, The Best of the Elegants. Murray Hill 000210, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16761

Audiodisc FC-20286/16762

There Goes a Pretty Girl and Here Comes The Enchanters. Stardust 102 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16762

Audiodisc FC-20286/16763

That Rockabilly Cat!, Charlie Feathers. Barrelhouse BH-014, 1979 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16763

Audiodisc FC-20286/16764

The Oh So Fine Fiestas. Ace CH 173, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16764

Audiodisc FC-20286/16765

Groups Three, Volume V, The 5 Echoes, the Bluenotes, the 5 Chances. Constellation CS-5 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16765

Audiodisc FC-20286/16766

The Best of the Five Keys, Volume 3. Aladdin A-810 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16766

Audiodisc FC-20286/16767

The Best of the Five Keys, featuring Rudy West, Volume 4. No label information CH-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16767

Audiodisc FC-20286/16768

The Best of the Five Keys, featuring Rudy West, Volume 5. No label information CAP-1001 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16768

Audiodisc FC-20286/16769

The Best of the Five Keys, featuring Rudy West, Volume 6.No label information CAP-1006 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16769

Audiodisc FC-20286/16770

The Five Keys and the Nitecaps. Detour 33-010, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16770

Audiodisc FC-20286/16771

The Five Keys, Volume 2. Aladdin A-808 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16771

Audiodisc FC-20286/16772

It's a Groove, the Five Keys.Charly R &B CRB 1040, 1982 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16772

Audiodisc FC-20286/16773

On the Town, the Five Keys. Aladdin SLP-806 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16773

Audiodisc FC-20286/16774

The Five Jets Meet the Guytones. Deluxe LP-573 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16774

Audiodisc FC-20286/16775

It's So Good, the 5 Red Caps. Krazy Kat 779 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16775

Audiodisc FC-20286/16778

The 5 Satins Sing Their Greatest Hits. Lost Nite/Collectables COL 5017 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16778

Audiodisc FC-20286/16779

Greatest Hits, the Five Satins. Ember L.P. 5008 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16779

Audiodisc FC-20286/16780

Greatest Hits, Volume 2, the Five Satins. Ember LP 5013 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16780

Audiodisc FC-20286/16781

The Best of the Flairs. Flair FLAIR-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16781

Audiodisc FC-20286/16782

The Flairs. Crown CLP 5356 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16782

Audiodisc FC-20286/16783

The Best of the Flamingos. No label information CH-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16783

Audiodisc FC-20286/16784

The Flamingos. Chess/P-Vine/Blues Interactions PLP-804 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16784

Audiodisc FC-20286/16785

Flamingos. Chess 20286, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16785

Audiodisc FC-20286/16786

Flamingo Favorites. End Music LP 307 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16786

Audiodisc FC-20286/16787

Flamingo Serenade, the Flamingos. Roulette SR-59018, 1981 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16787

Audiodisc FC-20286/16788

Requestfully Yours, the Flamingos. Roulette SR 59033, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16788

Audiodisc FC-20286/16789

The Sound of the Flamingos. End LP 316 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16789

Audiodisc FC-20286/16790

Golden Teardrops, the Flamingos. Solid Smoke SS-8018, 1982 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16790

Audiodisc FC-20286/16791

The Four Fellows. Derby G-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16791

Audiodisc FC-20286/16792

The Four Knights. Coral CRL 57221 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16792

Audiodisc FC-20286/16793

The Four Knights Sing Spotlight Songs. Capitol/Pathe Marconi (France) H346 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16793

Audiodisc FC-20286/16794

Million Dollar Baby, the Four Knights. Coral CRL 757309 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16794

Audiodisc FC-20286/16795

The Four Tunes. Chicago CH-LP-226 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16795

Audiodisc FC-20286/16796

12x4, the Four Tunes. Jubilee JLP 1039 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16796

Audiodisc FC-20286/16797

Best of Four Vagabonds, Volume 1. Chicago CH-LP-215 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16797

Audiodisc FC-20286/16798

Best of Four Vagabonds, Volume 2. Chicago CH-LP-217 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16798

Audiodisc FC-20286/16799

Panama Francis and the Savoy Sultans. Stash ST 218, 1982 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16799

Audiodisc FC-20286/16800

Do You Wanna Dance?, Bobby Freeman. Jubilee JLP 1086 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16800

Audiodisc FC-20286/16801

The Golden Gate Quartet. Carrere 66 702 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16801

Audiodisc FC-20286/16802

Vernon Green and the Medallions. Dooto DTL-857, 1973 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16802

Audiodisc FC-20286/16803

Love Needs the Harptones. CBS FZ 37718, 1982 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16803

Audiodisc FC-20286/16804

On Sunday Afternoon, the Harptones. Murray Hill 001098, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16804

Audiodisc FC-20286/16805

Thurston Harris. Aladdin 3390 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16805

Audiodisc FC-20286/16806

Dave Bartholomew presents the Hawks. Pathe Marconi 1561371, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16806

Audiodisc FC-20286/16807

Buzz Buzz Buzz, the Hollywood Flames. Specialty SP-2166 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16807

Audiodisc FC-20286/16808

Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home), the Imperials. Star-Club 33-8035 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16808

Audiodisc FC-20286/16809

The Imperials featuring Little Anthony. Roulette SR-59017 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16809

Audiodisc FC-20286/16810

The Best of the Ink Spots. Decca DL8154 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16810

Audiodisc FC-20286/16811

The Best of the Ink Spots. Decca DXSB 7182 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16811

Audiodisc FC-20286/16812

The Best of the Ink Spots, Volume 2. Ace of Hearts AH 94 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16812

Audiodisc FC-20286/16813

Classic Ink Spots as performed by the Nate Willliams Ink Spots. American Music Classics AMC8801-LP, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16813

Audiodisc FC-20286/16814

Ink Spots. Decca DL 5056 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16814

Audiodisc FC-20286/16815

The Ink Spots. Crown CST 175 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16815

Audiodisc FC-20286/16816

Ink Spots. Tops L1561 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16816

Audiodisc FC-20286/16817

The Ink Spots at Las Vegas. Spinorama M-075 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16817

Audiodisc FC-20286/16818

The Ink Spots on the Air. Sandy Hook SH 2084, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16818

Audiodisc FC-20286/16819

The Ink Spots Sing Star Dust. Sutton SU 219 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16819

Audiodisc FC-20286/16820

18 Hits, the Ink Spots. Gusto KING-5001X #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16820

Audiodisc FC-20286/16821

The Ink Spots Favorites. Verve MG VS 6096 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16821

Audiodisc FC-20286/16822

4 of a Kind, the Ink Spots. Venise 10025 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16822

Audiodisc FC-20286/16823

The Ink Spots Greatest Hits. Crown CLP 5112 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16823

Audiodisc FC-20286/16824

If I Didn't Care, the Ink Spots. Crown 448 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16824

Audiodisc FC-20286/16825

I'll Still Be Loving You, Johnny Smith and the New Ink Spots. Bainbridge BT-6279, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16825

Audiodisc FC-20286/16826

Sensational Ink Spots. Crown CLP 5197 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16826

Audiodisc FC-20286/16827

Spotlight on the Inkspots. Design SDLP-154 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16827

Audiodisc FC-20286/16828

Swing High, Swing Low. Conifer CHD 143, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16828

Audiodisc FC-20286/16829

10 of the Best Ink Spot Hits. The Longines Symphonette Society SYS 5830 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16829

Audiodisc FC-20286/16830

Jackie and the Starlites featuring Jackie Rue Singing. Relic RELIC 5090, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16830

Audiodisc FC-20286/16831

Ahmad Jamal at the Blackhawk. Argo LP 703 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16831

Audiodisc FC-20286/16832

The Ahmad Jamal Trio. Epic LN 3212 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16832

Audiodisc FC-20286/16833

Macanudo, Ahmad Jamal with orchestra. Argo LP-712 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16833

Audiodisc FC-20286/16834

14 Golden Classics, the Jarmels. Collectables Col 5044 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16834

Audiodisc FC-20286/16835

The Best of the Jesters. Collectables COL 5036 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16835

Audiodisc FC-20286/16836

Bad Boy, the Jive Bombers. Savoy Jazz SJL 2221, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16836

Audiodisc FC-20286/16837

Way Back, the Jive Five. Ambient Sound/Rounder ASR-801, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16837

Audiodisc FC-20286/16838

Five Guys Named Moe, Louis Jordan. MCA MCL 1718, 1991 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16838

Audiodisc FC-20286/16839

Golden Classics, Don Julian and the Meadowlarks. Collectables COL 5046 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16839

Audiodisc FC-20286/16840

Every Beat of My Heart, Gladys Knight and the Pips. Chameleon D1-74796, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16840

Audiodisc FC-20286/16842

Be Bop Wino, Thurston Harris and the Lamplighters. Official OFF 6052, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16842

Audiodisc FC-20286/16843

The Best of the Lamplighters. Federal 510 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16843

Audiodisc FC-20286/16844

Honeydripper, Joe Liggins. Mercury MG-20731 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16844

Audiodisc FC-20286/16845

The Best of Little Anthony and the Imperials. Liberty LN-10133 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16845

Audiodisc FC-20286/16846

The Best of Little Eva. Murray Hill 001279, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16846

Audiodisc FC-20286/16847

Happy Pay Day, Little Willie Littlefield. Ace CH 150, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16847

Audiodisc FC-20286/16848

Houseparty, Little Willie Littlefield. Oldie Blues OL 8003, 1982 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16848

Audiodisc FC-20286/16849

I'm in the Mood, Little Willie Littlefield. Oldie Blues OL 8006, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16849

Audiodisc FC-20286/16850

Hits and Rarities, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. Star Club 33-8031 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16850

Audiodisc FC-20286/16851

More Than 60 of the Finest Solo and Group Recordings,1955-1961, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. Murray Hill 000148, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16851

Audiodisc FC-20286/16852

Lewis Lymon and the Teen Chords Meet the Kodaks. Collectables COL 5049 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16852

Audiodisc FC-20286/16853

The Magnificents and the Rhythm Aces. Solid Smoke SS-8030, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16853

Audiodisc FC-20286/16854

Follow Your Heart, the Manhattans. Solid Smoke SS 8007, 1981 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16854

Audiodisc FC-20286/16855

The Best of the Marcels. Murray Hill 000229, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16855

Audiodisc FC-20286/16856

Heartaches, the Marcels. Colpix CP 520 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16856

Audiodisc FC-20286/16857

I Could Have Danced All Night, the Marcels. Crystal Ball L.P. 120, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16857

Audiodisc FC-20286/16858

Lucky Old Sun, the Marcels. Crystal Ball CB-111, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16858

Audiodisc FC-20286/16859

Rare Items, the Marcels. Kent/Colpix COLPIX 521 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16859

Audiodisc FC-20286/16860

Marvin and Johnny. Kent KLP-2025, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16860

Audiodisc FC-20286/16861

18 Hits, the Dominoes featuring Clyde McPhatter. Highland K 5006 X, 1977 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16861

Audiodisc FC-20286/16862

Greatest Hits, the Mellokings. Herald LP5035 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16862

Audiodisc FC-20286/16863

California Blues, Roy Milton. Riverboat 900.264 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16863

Audiodisc FC-20286/16864

Who Wrote the Book of Love?, the Monotones. Murray Hill MH-000180 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16864

Audiodisc FC-20286/16865

The Best of the Moonglows, Volume 2 No label information. CH-1004 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16865

Audiodisc FC-20286/16866

The Best of the Moonglows, Volume 3. No label information. CH-1006 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16866

Audiodisc FC-20286/16867

Collectors Showcase: The Moonglows, Volume II. Constellation C-64-210 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16867

Audiodisc FC-20286/16868

Look! It's the Moonglows. Chess/MCA CH-9193, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16868

Audiodisc FC-20286/16869

Their Greatest Sides, the Moonglows. Chess CH-9111, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16869

Audiodisc FC-20286/16870

The Return of the Moonglows. RCA LSP 4722, 1972 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16870

Audiodisc FC-20286/16871

The Moroccos Meet the Danderliers. States S-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16871

Audiodisc FC-20286/16873

Jelly Roll Morton. Jazztone J-1211 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16873

Audiodisc FC-20286/16874

The Best of the Native Boys. Combo C-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16874

Audiodisc FC-20286/16875

Greatest Hits, the Nutmegs. Herald 5011 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16875

Audiodisc FC-20286/16876

The Best of the Orioles featuring Sonny Til, Volume 2. Murray Hill M61242, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16876

Audiodisc FC-20286/16877

For Collectors Only, the Orioles featuring Sonny Til. Murray Hill M61277, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16877

Audiodisc FC-20286/16878

Into the Eighties, the Johnny Otis Show. Charly R&B CRB 1110, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16878

Audiodisc FC-20286/16879

Modern Sounds of the Orioles. Parker PLP-816 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16879

Audiodisc FC-20286/16880

The Orioles Sing Their Greatest Hits. Murray Hill 001233, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16880

Audiodisc FC-20286/16881

The Original Johnny Otis Show. Savoy Jazz SJL 2230, 1978 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16881

Audiodisc FC-20286/16882

The Original Johnny Otis Show, Volume II. Savoy Jazz SJL 2252, 1980 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16882

Audiodisc FC-20286/16883

Otisology, Johnny Otis Show. Kent KLP 8001, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16883

Audiodisc FC-20286/16884

Johnny Otis Presents the Robins, Little Esther, the Nic Nacs. Ace CH88, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16884

Audiodisc FC-20286/16885

The Best of the Paragons. Collectables COL 5035 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16885

Audiodisc FC-20286/16886

BeBop's Heartbeat, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. Savoy Jazz SJL 1177, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16886

Audiodisc FC-20286/16887

Zippity Zippity Zoom, the Pearls. Onyx ONYX 203 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16887

Audiodisc FC-20286/16888

Earth Angel, the Penguins. Ace CH 249, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16888

Audiodisc FC-20286/16889

Earth Angel, the Penguins. Bear Family BFX 15222, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16889

Audiodisc FC-20286/16890

Piano Rock, Bobby Peterson Quintet. Relic/V-Tone V-TONE 8000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16890

Audiodisc FC-20286/16891

The Complete Savoy Recordings, "Little Esther" Phillips with Johnny Otis. Savoy Jazz SJL 2258, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16891

Audiodisc FC-20286/16892

The Way It Was with the Platters. Playback 20286, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16892

Audiodisc FC-20286/16893

I Get the Sweetest Feeling, the Platters. Musicor MS 3171, 1968 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16893

Audiodisc FC-20286/16894

The Platters Have the Magic Touch. Musicor MM2111 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16894

Audiodisc FC-20286/16895

The Platters Live. Antler BRLP-101, 1974 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16895

Audiodisc FC-20286/16896

The New Golden Hits of the Platters. Musicor MS-3141, 1967 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16896

Audiodisc FC-20286/16897

25th Anniversary, the Platters. Melody/Rex-Antler LP 251981, 1981 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16897

Audiodisc FC-20286/16898

19 Hits, the Platters. Gusto K 5002, 1977 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16898

Audiodisc FC-20286/16899

I Love You 1,000 Times, the Platters. Musicor MS3091 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16899

Audiodisc FC-20286/16900

The Jake Porter Story. Ace CH-84, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16900

Audiodisc FC-20286/16901

Five Beats Behind Bars, the Prisonaires. Charly CR 30176, 1979 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16901

Audiodisc FC-20286/16902

All My Life, Arthur Prysock. Old Town OT 12-004, 1976 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16902

Audiodisc FC-20286/16903

Art and Soul. Verve V/5009 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16903

Audiodisc FC-20286/16904

Arthur Prysock/Count Basie. Verve V6-8646, 1965 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16904

Audiodisc FC-20286/16905

Arthur Prysock Does It Again! Old Town OT-12-005, 1977 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16905

Audiodisc FC-20286/16906

The Best of Arthur Prysock. Verve V6-5011 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16906

Audiodisc FC-20286/16907

The Best of Arthur Prysock, Number 2. Verve V6-5038 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16907

Audiodisc FC-20286/16908

Everlasting Songs for Everlasting Lovers, Arthur Prysock. Old Town LP 2007 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16908

Audiodisc FC-20286/16909

Fly My Love, Arthur Prysock. King KS 1088 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16909

Audiodisc FC-20286/16910

I Must Be Doing Something Right, Arthur Prysock. Verve V6-5059 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16910

Audiodisc FC-20286/16911

Love Me, Arthur Prysock. Verve V6-5029 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16911

Audiodisc FC-20286/16912

Mr. Prysock, Arthur Prysock. Verve V6-5014 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16912

Audiodisc FC-20286/16913

Mr. Arthur Prysock and Guest. Old Town OT 2011 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16913

Audiodisc FC-20286/16914

A Portrait of Arthur Prysock. Old Town ST-90604 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16914

Audiodisc FC-20286/16915

To Love or Not to Love, Arthur Prysock. Verve V6-5048 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16915

Audiodisc FC-20286/16916

24 Carat Hits, Arthur Prysock. Verve V6-650-2 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16916

Audiodisc FC-20286/16917

Unforgettable, Arthur Prysock. King KS 1134 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16917

Audiodisc FC-20286/16918

Randy and the Rainbows Remember. Ambient Sound/Rounder ASR-601 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16918

Audiodisc FC-20286/16919

The Ravens, the Greatest Group of Them All. Savoy Jazz SJL 2227, 1978 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16919

Audiodisc FC-20286/16920

The Ravens. Harlem Hit Parade HHP 5007 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16920

Audiodisc FC-20286/16921

The Best of the Ravens featuring Jimmy Ricks, Volume 1. Okeh Col-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16921

Audiodisc FC-20286/16922

The Best of the Ravens featuring Jimmy Ricks, Volume 2. Okeh col-1001 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16922

Audiodisc FC-20286/16923

The Best of the Ravens featuring Jimmy Ricks, Volume 3. Mercury Mer-1004 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16923

Audiodisc FC-20286/16925

Old Man River, the Ravens. Savoy Jazz SJL 1156, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16925

Audiodisc FC-20286/16926

The Ravens' Rarities. Savoy Jazz SJL 1174, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16926

Audiodisc FC-20286/16927

Besame Mucho, the Ray-o-Vacs. Official 6047 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16927

Audiodisc FC-20286/16928

The Rays. XYZ RLP 100, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16928

Audiodisc FC-20286/16929

Barbara-Ann, the Regents. Murray Hill M-61323, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16929

Audiodisc FC-20286/16930

Daddy Rollin' Stone Meets the Bad Man of Missouri, Jimmy Ricks and the Ravens. Baton 500, 1990 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16930

Audiodisc FC-20286/16931

Old Man River, Jimmy Ricks. Official 6035, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16931

Audiodisc FC-20286/16932

Tell Her You Love Her, Jimmy Ricks. Jubilee JGS 8021 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16932

Audiodisc FC-20286/16933

The Roots of Rock 'n Roll, The Complete Savoy Recordings with Johnny Otis, the Robins. Savoy Jazz SJL 1188, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16933

Audiodisc FC-20286/16934

The Best of the Robins. GNP Crescendo GNP 9034 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16934

Audiodisc FC-20286/16935

The Best of the Robins, Volume 2. Crown CROWN 1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16935

Audiodisc FC-20286/16936

The Best of the Robins, Volume 3. Spark SPARK 1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16936

Audiodisc FC-20286/16937

The Rob Roys Meet the Fascinators. Cap 1008 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16937

Audiodisc FC-20286/16938

The Colpix Years (1961-1963), the Ronettes. Murray Hill 000156, 1985 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16938

Audiodisc FC-20286/16939

The Best of the Royals. Federal FEDERAL 567 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16939

Audiodisc FC-20286/16940

Neil Sedaka with the Tokens. Guyden 12004, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16940

Audiodisc FC-20286/16941

Backtrackin', Neil Sedaka. Starblend TRACK 2, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16941

Audiodisc FC-20286/16942

18 Dusty Diamonds!, the Sheppards. Solid Smoke SS-8004, 1980 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16942

Audiodisc FC-20286/16943

Because of You, Tab Smith. Delmark DL-429, 1976 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16943

Audiodisc FC-20286/16944

For Adults Only, Snatch and the Poontangs. Flyright SNATCH 101 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16944

Audiodisc FC-20286/16945

For Collectors Only, the Solitaires. Old Town 000059, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16945

Audiodisc FC-20286/16946

The Best of the Solitaires. Old Town 000040, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16946

Audiodisc FC-20286/16947

Great Googley Moo!, the Spaniels. Charly R&B CRB1021, 1981 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16947

Audiodisc FC-20286/16948

16 Soulful Serenades, the Spaniels. Solid Smoke SS-8028, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16948

Audiodisc FC-20286/16949

The Spaniels. Lost Nite LN LP 137 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16949

Audiodisc FC-20286/16950

Stormy Weather, the Spaniels. Charly R&B CRB 1114, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16950

Audiodisc FC-20286/16951

I Didn't Wanna Do It, the Spiders. Imperial LAX 303 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16951

Audiodisc FC-20286/16952

Our Most Requested Songs, the Stereos. Robin Nest CSR-2013 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16952

Audiodisc FC-20286/16953

Billy Storm. Buena Vista BV-3315, 1963 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16953

Audiodisc FC-20286/16954

Fortune of Hits, Nolan Strong and the Diablos. Fortune LP 8010 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16954

Audiodisc FC-20286/16956

Daddy Rock: The Legendary Nolan Strong and the Diablos. Fortune LP 8020, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16956

Audiodisc FC-20286/16957

From the Beginning to Now! Nolan Strong and the Diablos Meet the Five Dollars. Fortune LP 8016 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16957

Audiodisc FC-20286/16958

Mind Over Matter, Nolan Strong with the Diablos. Fortune LP 8015 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16958

Audiodisc FC-20286/16959

J. B. Summers and the Blues Shouters. Krazy Kat LP 833, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16959

Audiodisc FC-20286/16960

I Only Have Eyes for You, the Swallows. Official OFFICIAL 6058, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16960

Audiodisc FC-20286/16961

Roosevelt Sykes, 1929-1942. Wolf/Best of Blues BoB-3 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16961

Audiodisc FC-20286/16962

Dirty Mother For You, Roosevelt Sykes. Contact BT 2008, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16962

Audiodisc FC-20286/16963

Get Your Row Out, Roosevelt Sykes. Contact BT 2018, 1989 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16963

Audiodisc FC-20286/16964

Beach Music from the Tams. Compleat CMLP-5001, 1983 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16964

Audiodisc FC-20286/16965

Best of the Tams. 123/Capitol ST-567 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16965

Audiodisc FC-20286/16966

A Little More Soul, the Tams. ABC ABC/S-627 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16966

Audiodisc FC-20286/16967

A Portrait of the Tams. ABC ABCS-673 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16967

Audiodisc FC-20286/16968

Time for the Tams. ABC ABCS-596 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16968

Audiodisc FC-20286/16969

Old Gold/New Gold, Sonny Til and the Orioles. RCA Victor LSP-4538, 1971 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16969

Audiodisc FC-20286/16970

Sonny Til and the Orioles Visit Manhattan, circa 1950s. Ivory IV-400, 1981 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16970

Audiodisc FC-20286/16971

Today, Sonny Til and the Orioles. Dobre DR 1016, 1987 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16971

Audiodisc FC-20286/16972

Back to the Chapel, Sonny Til. Dobre DR-1026 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16972

Audiodisc FC-20286/16973

Sonny Til Returns! RCA LSP-4451, 1970 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16973

Audiodisc FC-20286/16974

Red Hot Boogie, Volume 2. T.N.T. Tribble. Gotham/Krazy Kat KK 28, 1988 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16974

Audiodisc FC-20286/16975

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby, the Original Tune Weavers. Casa Grande CGSA-4037, 1973 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16975

Audiodisc FC-20286/16976

The Best of the Turbans. Collectables COL-LN-5019 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16976

Audiodisc FC-20286/16977

The Best of the Valentines. Murray Hill 000202, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16977

Audiodisc FC-20286/16978

The Best of the Valentines featuring Bill Storm. Keen K-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16978

Audiodisc FC-20286/16979

Remember With the Velours. Onyx ONYX 201 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16979

Audiodisc FC-20286/16980

Cherry Red Blues, Eddie Vinson. Starday/King KS 1087 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16980

Audiodisc FC-20286/16981

The Vocaltones Meet the Sparks of Rhythm. Apollo APOLLO-1001 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16981

Audiodisc FC-20286/16982

Ain't Misbehavin', "Fats" Waller and His Rhythm. RCA Victor LPM-1246 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16982

Audiodisc FC-20286/16983

Fine Arabian Stuff, "Fats" Waller. Deluxe DE 601, 1979 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16983

Audiodisc FC-20286/16984

The Best of the Wanderers. Onyx ONYX 202 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16984

Audiodisc FC-20286/16985

Pagan Love Song, The Orchestra and Chorus of Billy Ward. Liberty LRP 3113 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16985

Audiodisc FC-20286/16986

Billy Ward and the Dominoes. Decca DL 8621 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16986

Audiodisc FC-20286/16987

Sea of Glass, starring Billy Ward and His Dominoes. Liberty LRP 3056 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16987

Audiodisc FC-20286/16988

Yours Forever, Billy Ward and His Dominoes. Liberty LRP 3083 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16988

Audiodisc FC-20286/16989

Jail Bait, Andre Williams. Fortune LP 8019, 1984 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16989

Audiodisc FC-20286/16990

Barefootin', Maurice Williams. Brylen BN 4543, 1982 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16990

Audiodisc FC-20286/16991

Little Darlin', Maurice Williams and the Gladiolas/Zodiacs. Stay STAY 301 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16991

Audiodisc FC-20286/16992

16 Hits, Otis Williams and his Charms. Highland K-5015 X, 1978 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16992

Audiodisc FC-20286/16993

The Best of the Willows. Allen A-1000 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16993

Audiodisc FC-20286/16994

14 Hits, Jackie Wilson with Billy Ward and the Dominoes. Highland K-5007 X #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16994

Audiodisc FC-20286/16995

Windy City Harmonizers-Rarities from Chess Vocal Groups. Blues Interactions/Chess PLP-6082 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16995

Audiodisc FC-20286/16996

The Best of the Wrens. Murray Hill 000119, 1986 #20286, Subseries: "3.3 Audiodiscs." FC-20286/16996

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