Collection Number: 30005

Collection Title: Southern Folklife Collection Artist Name File, 1940-2005

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Size 21.0 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 3,200 items)
Abstract The materials in this collection were compiled from various sources by Southern Folklife Collection staff, with the goal of creating a reference resource to aid in research. Artist name files contain correspondence, booklets, obituaries, press releases, discographies, promotional materials, and other items relating to many of the artists whose work is relevant to the Southern Folklife Collection as a whole.
Curatorial Unit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Folklife Collection.
Language English
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No restrictions. Open for research.
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No usage restrictions.
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Copyright is retained by the authors of items in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.
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[Identification of item], in the Southern Folklife Collection Artist Name File #30005, Southern Folklife Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Acquisitions Information
Materials compiled by Southern Folklife Collection staff from various sources.
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Manuscript collections and archival records may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal or state right to privacy laws and regulations, the North Carolina Public Records Act (N.C.G.S. § 132 1 et seq.), and Article 7 of the North Carolina State Personnel Act (Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records, N.C.G.S. § 126-22 et seq.). Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g., a cause of action under common law for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill assumes no responsibility.
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Processed by: Jordan Rich and Library Staff, July 2005

Encoded by: Jason Casden, August 2005

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The materials in this collection were compiled from various sources by Southern Folklife Collection staff, with the goal of creating a reference resource to aid in research. Artist name files contain correspondence, booklets, obituaries, press releases, discographies, promotional materials, and other items relating to many of the artists whose work is relevant to the Southern Folklife Collection as a whole.

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Contents list

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Southern Folklife Collection Artist Name Files, 1940-2005.

About 3,200 items.

Arrangement: by folder number.

Folder NF-100

Acuff, Roy

Folder NF-101

Acuff, Roy

Folder NF-102

Acuff, Roy

Folder NF-103

Acuff, Roy Jr.

Folder NF-104

African-American Dance Ensemble

Folder NF-105

Agar, Dan

Folder NF-106

Akeman, David "Stringbean"

Folder NF-107

Alabama Jug Band

Folder NF-108

Albert, Eddie

Folder NF-109

Young Eagle, Albert

Folder NF-110

Alderman, Tony

Folder NF-111

Alexander, Tex

Folder NF-112

Allegheny Highlanders Old Time Orchestra

Folder NF-113

Alegres de Teran, Los

Folder NF-114

Allen, Barbara

Folder NF-115

Allen, Jules "The Singing Cowboy"

Folder NF-116

Allen, Mel

Folder NF-117

Allen, Rex

Folder NF-118

Allen, Rosalie

Folder NF-119

Allen, Ward

Folder NF-120

Allen Brothers

Folder NF-121

Alley Boys, The

Folder NF-122

Alley, Shelly Lee

Folder NF-123

Allison, Mose

Folder NF-124

Allison, Russ

Folder NF-125

Allman Brothers Band, The

Folder NF-126

Alimeida, Laurindo

Folder NF-127


Folder NF-128

Andersen, Eric

Folder NF-129

Anderson, Bill

Folder NF-130

Anderson, Elester

Folder NF-131

Anderson, Lynn

Folder NF-132

Anderson, Mel

Folder NF-133

Andrade, Dan

Folder NF-134

Andrews Brothers

Folder NF-135

Ardoin Family

Folder NF-136

Arizona Joe

Folder NF-137

Arizona Wranglers

Folder NF-138

Ossenbrinic, Luther

Folder NF-139

Armstrong, Louis

Folder NF-140

Arnett, Charles

Folder NF-141

Arnold, Eddie

Folder NF-142

Arnold, James, Brother, and Congregation

Folder NF-143

Arthur, Emry and Arthur, Henry

Folder NF-144

Asch, Moe

Folder NF-145

Ashford Quartet

Folder NF-146

Coleman, Dutch

Folder NF-147

Ashlock, Jesse

Folder NF-148

Ashworth, Ernest

Folder NF-149

Asleep at the Wheel

Folder NF-150

Atcher, Bob

Folder NF-151

Atcher, Randall

Folder NF-152

Atchison, Tex

Folder NF-153

Atkins, Bobby

Folder NF-154

Atkins, Chet (2 folders)

Folder NF-155

Atwell, Winifred

Folder NF-156

Auger, Brian

Folder NF-157

Auldridge, Mike

Folder NF-158

Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party

Folder NF-159

Austin, Jessie

Folder NF-160

Autry, Gene

Folder NF-161

Autry, Gene

Folder NF-162

Axton, Hoyt

Folder NF-163

Back Porch Majority, The

Folder NF-164

Back Yard Follies

Folder NF-165

Backwoods Band, The

Folder NF-166

Baez, Joan

Folder NF-168

Badgett Sisters, The

Folder NF-169

Bailes Brothers

Folder NF-170

Bailey Gospel Singers

Folder NF-171

Bailey, Pearl

Folder NF-172

Baker, Etta

Folder NF-173

Baker, Johnny

Folder NF-174

Baker, Kenny

Folder NF-175

Baker, Mabelee

Folder NF-176

Balfa Brothers, The

Folder NF-177

Ball, Bentley

Folder NF-178

Ball, E.C.

Folder NF-179

Ballen, Ivin

Folder NF-180

Ball, Wilbur

Folder NF-181

Baltzell, John

Folder NF-182

Band, The

Folder NF-183

Bandy, Henry L.

Folder NF-184

Bandy, Moe

Folder NF-185

Banes, Tex

Folder NF-186

Barbecue Bob

Folder NF-187

Barber, Charlie

Folder NF-188

Barber, Glenn

Folder NF-189

Bare, Bobby

Folder NF-190

Barfield, Johnny

Folder NF-191

Barker, Mildred

Folder NF-192

Barker, Horton

Folder NF-193

Barnes, George

Folder NF-194

Barnes, Georgie

Folder NF-195

Barnes, H.M.

Folder NF-196

Barnes, Luther

Folder NF-197

Barnes, Will C.

Folder NF-198

Barnette, Bobby

Folder NF-199

Barnicle, Mary

Folder NF-200

Bart, Teddy

Folder NF-201

Basie, Count

Folder NF-202

Bass Mountain Boys, The

Folder NF-203

Bass, Tommy

Folder NF-204

Bassett, Dewey and Bassett, Gassie

Folder NF-205

Bate, Humphrey, Dr.

Folder NF-206

Bay, Mel

Folder NF-207

Beale Street Boys, The

Folder NF-208

Bear Creek Boys, The

Folder NF-209

Bear, Gene

Folder NF-210

Beat, The

Folder NF-211

Beatles, The

Folder NF-212

Bechtel, Perry

Folder NF-213

Beers, Evelyne and Beers, Bob

Folder NF-214

Behan, Brendan

Folder NF-215

Belafonte, Harry

Folder NF-216

Belcher, Alva

Folder NF-217

Belcher, Judy

Folder NF-218

Belcher, Red

Folder NF-219

Bele, Earl

Folder NF-220

Bell, Graham

Folder NF-221

Bellamy Brothers, The

Folder NF-222

Bennett, Buster

Folder NF-223

Bennett, Tony

Folder NF-224

Benson, Al

Folder NF-225

Kementzides, Ilias

Folder NF-226

Berkeley, Roy

Folder NF-227

Berkow, Peter

Folder NF-228

Bernard, Al

Folder NF-229

Bernath, Ed

Folder NF-230

Berry, Charles Edward

Folder NF-231

Bessemer Sunset Four

Folder NF-232

Beverly Hillbillies

Folder NF-233

Henry, Richard "Big Boy"

Folder NF-234

Big Joe

Folder NF-235

Big Three Trio

Folder NF-236

Biggar, George C.

Folder NF-237

Bikel, Theodore

Folder NF-238

Bill, Casey

Folder NF-239

Kralheim, Ethel

Folder NF-240

Bingham, Zeke

Folder NF-241

Led Zeppelin

Folder NF-242

Bisbee, Jasper

Folder NF-243

Black Cats and the Kitten

Folder NF-244

Black Draught Hillbillies

Folder NF-245

Black, Lew

Folder NF-246

Black, Roy

Folder NF-247

Blackwell, Francis

Folder NF-248

Blake, Eddie

Folder NF-249

Blake, Eubie

Folder NF-250

Blake, Norman

Folder NF-251

Blanchard, Red

Folder NF-252

Bland, Bobby Blue

Folder NF-253

Blaylock, Bill

Folder NF-254

William Blevins Quartette

Folder NF-255

Blake, Blind

Folder NF-256

Blind Darby

Folder NF-257

Blind Gary

Folder NF-258

Davis, Blind John

Folder NF-259

Blind Mack

Folder NF-260

Blind Willie

Folder NF-261

Blood Sweat and Tears

Folder NF-262

Blossom Dearie

Folder NF-263

Blue Boys, The

Folder NF-264

Blue Chips, The

Folder NF-265

Blue Grass and Company

Folder NF-266

Blue Grass Country

Folder NF-267

Bluegrass Experience, The

Folder NF-268

Blue Ridge Boys, The

Folder NF-269

Blue Ridge Gospel Singers

Folder NF-270

Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers

Folder NF-271

Blue Ridge Quartet

Folder NF-272

Blue River Boys (Murphy, Fred)

Folder NF-273

Blue Sky Boys (Bolick, Bill and Bolick, Earl) (2 folders)

Folder NF-274

Longoria, Valerio

Folder NF-275

Luandrew, Albert

Folder NF-276

Boarman, Andrew

Folder NF-277

Boa's Pinetop Cabin Boys

Folder NF-278

Bogan, Lucille

Folder NF-279

Bogan's Birmingham Brothers

Folder NF-280

Boggs, Dock

Folder NF-281

Boggs, Noel

Folder NF-282

Bolton, Hattie

Folder NF-283

Bond, Bobby

Folder NF-284

Bond, Johnny (4 folders)

Folder NF-288

Bonner, Juke Boy

Folder NF-289

Jones, Booker T.

Folder NF-290

Boone, Claude

Folder NF-291

Boone, Pat

Folder NF-292

Bouchillon, Chris

Folder NF-293

Bowlly, Al

Folder NF-294

Bowman, Charlie

Folder NF-295

Box, Bill

Folder NF-296

Boyd, Eddie

Folder NF-297

Boyd, Eva

Folder NF-300

Boyd, John

Folder NF-301

Boys of the Lough

Folder NF-302

Uncle Bozo

Folder NF-303

Brackett, William

Folder NF-304

Brady, Jean

Folder NF-305

Brady, Pat

Folder NF-306

Bragg, J.H.

Folder NF-307

Branch, Billy

Folder NF-308

Brand, Oscar

Folder NF-309

Brasso, Larry

Folder NF-310

Brawner, Suzi Ann

Folder NF-311

Breakfast Special

Folder NF-312

Breaux Brothers

Folder NF-313

Brewer, Blind Jim

Folder NF-314


Folder NF-315

Briggs, Billy

Folder NF-316

Brislin, Kate

Folder NF-317

Britt, Elton

Folder NF-318

Britton, Maynard

Folder NF-319

Brody, Michael J.

Folder NF-320

Bromberg, David

Folder NF-321

Manigoult, Mary Jane

Folder NF-322

Brockman, Polk

Folder NF-323

Brokenshire, Norman

Folder NF-324

Brooks, Bob

Folder NF-325

Brooks, Columbus

Folder NF-326

Brooks, Dusty

Folder NF-327

Brooks, Garth

Folder NF-328

Broonzy, Big Bill

Folder NF-329

Brother George and His Sanctified Singers

Folder NF-330

Brothers Four, The

Folder NF-331

Browder, Bill

Folder NF-332

Brown, Arelean

Folder NF-333

Brown, Buster

Folder NF-334

Brown, Elkin

Folder NF-335

Brown, Clarence Gatemouth

Folder NF-336

Brown, Hillard

Folder NF-337

Brown, Hylo

Folder NF-338

Brown, James

Folder NF-339

Brown, Jim Ed

Folder NF-340

Brown, Joe

Folder NF-341

Brown, Milton

Folder NF-342

Brown, Nappy

Folder NF-343

Brown, Pearly, Reverend

Folder NF-344

Meaders, Lanier

Folder NF-345

Brown, Rabbit

Folder NF-346

Brown, Roy

Folder NF-347

Brown, William

Folder NF-348

Bruce, Jack

Folder NF-349

Bruce, Johnny Ray

Folder NF-350

Brumley, Albert E.

Folder NF-351

Bruner, Cliff

Folder NF-352

Bryant, Hoyt Slim

Folder NF-353

Buchanan, Annabel Morris

Folder NF-354

Buchanan Brothers

Folder NF-355

Buchanan, Clayton

Folder NF-356

Buchanan, James

Folder NF-357

Buckley, Tim

Folder NF-358


Folder NF-359

Buffett, Jimmy

Folder NF-360

Bull City Red

Folder NF-361

Bumble Bee Slim (Easton, Amos)

Folder NF-362

Burdon, Eric

Folder NF-363

Burke, Poor Boy

Folder NF-364

Burke, Solomon

Folder NF-365

Burkes, Bill

Folder NF-366

Burks, Pinetop

Folder NF-367

Bumgarner, Samantha

Folder NF-368

Burnett and Rutherford

Burnett, Richard

Rutherford, Leonard

Folder NF-369

Burnett, Smiley

Folder NF-370

Burns, Jackie

Folder NF-371

Burrell, Kenny

Folder NF-372

Burse, Charlie

Folder NF-373

Burt, Thomas

Folder NF-374

Bush Brothers

Folder NF-375

Buskin, David

Folder NF-376

Butcher, Dwight

Folder NF-377

Butcher, Dwight

Folder NF-378

Butler, Carl and Butler, Pearl

Folder NF-379

Butterfield, Paul

Folder NF-380

Buttram, Bobby

Folder NF-381

Byrd, Henry R.

Folder NF-382

Byrds, The

Folder NF-383

Caesar, Shirley

Folder NF-384

Calamity Jane

Folder NF-385

Calaway, W.R.

Folder NF-386

Callahan Brothers

Folder NF-387

Callery, Bill

Folder NF-388

Cameron, John Allen

Folder NF-389

Cameron, Rod

Folder NF-390

Campbell, Archie

Folder NF-391

Campbell, Glen

Folder NF-392

Canned Heat Blues Band

Folder NF-393

Cannon, Gus (Cannon's Jug Stompers)

Folder NF-394

Canova, Judy

Folder NF-395

Cantor, Eddie

Folder NF-396

Caplinger, Warren

Folder NF-397

Captain Appleblossom

Folder NF-398

Carawan, Guy

Folder NF-399

Cargill and Kennan

Folder NF-400

Carlisle, Bill

Folder NF-401

Carlisle, Cliff

Folder NF-402

Carlisle and Ball

Folder NF-403

Manteo, Miguel (Papa)

Folder NF-404

Carlisle Brothers

Folder NF-405

Carlton, Gaither

Folder NF-406

Carmichael, Hoagy

Folder NF-407

Carmichael, James

Folder NF-408

Carolina Cotten Pickers

Folder NF-409

Carolina Ramblers

Folder NF-410

Carolina Tar Heels

Folder NF-411

Carolina Twins

Folder NF-412

Carpenter, French

Folder NF-413

Carr, Gary P.

Folder NF-414

Carr, Leroy

Folder NF-415

Carrier, Cotton

Folder NF-416

Carroll County Revelers

Folder NF-417

Carson, John (Fiddlin' John Carson) (2 folders)

Folder NF-419

Carson, George

Folder NF-420

Carson, Martha

Folder NF-421

Carter, Anita

Folder NF-422

Carter, Carlene

Folder NF-423

Carter, Kathy

Folder NF-424

Carter Brothers and Son

Folder NF-425

Carter, Ron

Folder NF-426

Carter Family (6 folders)

Folder NF-427

Carter, Wilf

Folder NF-428

Cartwright, Jack and Cartwright, Bernard

Folder NF-429

Carvell, Allen

Folder NF-430

Carver Family

Folder NF-431

Casey, Claude

Folder NF-432

Cash, Johnny (5 folders)

Folder NF-435

Cash, Rosanne

Folder NF-436

Cass County Boys

Folder NF-437

Cawley, Jack

Folder NF-438

Cauley Family

Folder NF-439

Cepeda, Rafael

Folder NF-440

Chaffin, Cleve

Folder NF-441

Chambers Brothers

Folder NF-442

Chambers, W.M., Reverend

Folder NF-443

Chandler, Lem

Folder NF-444

Chapin, Harry

Folder NF-445

Charles, Ray

Folder NF-446

Charlie Daniel's Band (Daniels, Charlie)

Folder NF-447

Charron, Mark

Folder NF-448

Charters, Ann

Folder NF-449

Chatmon, Harry

Folder NF-450

Chatman, Peter

Folder NF-451

Chatman, Sam

Folder NF-452

Chatwell, J.R.

Folder NF-453

Chenier, Clifton

Folder NF-454

Cherry, Hugh

Folder NF-455

Chestnut, Ted

Folder NF-456

Chevalier, Maurice

Folder NF-457


Folder NF-458

Chicago All Stars

Folder NF-459

Chieftains, The

Folder NF-460

Child, Francis James

Folder NF-461

Childre, Lew

Folder NF-462

Chuck Wagon Gang, The

Folder NF-463

Church Brothers

Folder NF-464

Circus Maximus

Folder NF-465

Clancy Brothers

Folder NF-466

Clapton, Eric

Folder NF-467

Clark, Big Sam

Folder NF-468

Clark, Cortelia

Folder NF-469

Clark, Dave

Folder NF-470

Clark, Dick

Folder NF-471

Clark, James

Folder NF-472

Clark, John and Clark, Doug

Folder NF-473

Clark, Gene

Folder NF-474

Clark, Roy (2 folders)

Folder NF-475

Clark, Slim

Folder NF-476

Clauser, Al

Folder NF-477

Clayborn, Edward W., Reverend

Folder NF-478

Cleighton, Peter

Folder NF-479

Clement, Jack

Folder NF-480

Clements, Vassar

Folder NF-481

Clements, Zeke

Folder NF-482

Cleveland, James

Folder NF-483

Cleveland, Sara

Folder NF-484

Cliff and Ray

Folder NF-485

Cliff, Jimmy

Folder NF-486

Clifton, Bill

Folder NF-487

Cline, Patsy

Folder NF-488

Coats, Dennis

Folder NF-489

Coats Sacred Quartet

Folder NF-490

Junie Cobb and his Grains of Corn

Folder NF-491

Coe, David Allan

Folder NF-492

Coffey, Oscar L.

Folder NF-493

Coffey, Sam

Folder NF-494

Coffman, Mose

Folder NF-495

Cohen, Anne

Folder NF-496

Cohen, John

Folder NF-497

Cohen, Leonard

Folder NF-498

Cohen, Norm

Folder NF-499

Cohen, Sol

Folder NF-500

Coleman, Bernice

Folder NF-501

Collins, Daniel

Folder NF-502

Collins, Judy

Folder NF-503

Collins, Sam

Folder NF-504

Collins, Uncle Tom

Folder NF-505

Collins, Tommy

Folder NF-506

Colorado Hillbillies

Folder NF-507

Commander Cody

Folder NF-508


Folder NF-509

Commodores, The

Folder NF-510

Connor Twins

Folder NF-511

Connors, Eddie

Folder NF-512

Connors, Tom

Folder NF-513

Contino, Dick

Folder NF-514

Cooder, Ry

Folder NF-515

Cooke, Dave

Folder NF-516

Cooke, Len

Folder NF-517

Cooke, Sam

Folder NF-518

Coolie, Biff

Folder NF-519

Cooley, Spade

Folder NF-520

Coon Creek Girls

Folder NF-521

Cooney, Michael

Folder NF-522

Cooper, Wilma Lee and Cooper, Stoney

Folder NF-523

Cowboy Copas

Folder NF-524

Copasetics, The

Folder NF-525

Cope Brothers, The

Folder NF-526

Corbin, Everett

Folder NF-527

Corea, Chick

Folder NF-528

Cormier, Joseph

Folder NF-529

Coryell, Larry

Folder NF-530

Cosby, John

Folder NF-531

Cotten, Elizabeth

Folder NF-532

Cotton Top Mountain Sacred Singers

Folder NF-533

Council, Floyd

Folder NF-534

Country Boys, The

Folder NF-535

Country Gazette

Folder NF-536

Country Gentlemen, The

Folder NF-537

Country Joe and the Fish

Folder NF-538

Cousin Emmy (Carver, Cynthia May)

Folder NF-539

Swanson, Arthur

Folder NF-540

Covington, Blind Ben

Folder NF-541

Cox, Billy

Folder NF-542

Cox, Ida

Folder NF-543

Craig, Gary

Folder NF-544

Crain, Edward L.

Folder NF-545

Cramer, Floyd

Folder NF-546

Craven, Virgil

Folder NF-547

Cravens, Red

Folder NF-548

Craver, Charlie

Folder NF-549

Cravey, Charles E.

Folder NF-550

Cray, Robert

Folder NF-551

Crazy Horse

Folder NF-552

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Folder NF-553

Christopher, Homer

Folder NF-554

Belton, Kepka

Folder NF-555

Crockett Family, The

Folder NF-556

Crook Brothers

Folder NF-557

Crosby, Bill

Folder NF-558

Crosby, Bing

Folder NF-559

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

Folder NF-560

Cross, Hugh

Folder NF-561

Crow, Alvin

Folder NF-562

Crowder Brothers

Folder NF-563

Crudup, Arthur (Big Boy Crudup)

Folder NF-564

Crumit, Frank

Folder NF-565

Crystal Springs Ramblers

Folder NF-566

Cumberland Ridge Runners

Folder NF-567

Cummings, Benny

Folder NF-568

Cunningham, William Grady

Folder NF-569

Curry, Clifford

Folder NF-570

Curtis, Sonny

Folder NF-571

Cut-ups, The

Folder NF-572

Daffan, Ted

Folder NF-573

Morgan, Vanessa Paukeigope

Folder NF-574

Dailey, Dusky

Folder NF-575

Bennett, Earnest

Folder NF-576

Dalhart, Vernon

Folder NF-577

Dalhart, Vernon

Folder NF-578

Dalhart, Vernon

Folder NF-579

Dallas Jamboree Jug Band

Folder NF-580

Daniel Family Quartet

Folder NF-581

Daniel, Harlan

Folder NF-582

Darby and Tarlton

Darby, Tom

Tarlton, Jimmie

Folder NF-583

Darrell, Johnny

Folder NF-584

Davenport, Cow Cow

Folder NF-585

Byard Ray String Band, The (Ray, Byard)

Folder NF-586

Davis, Claude

Folder NF-587

Davis, Don

Folder NF-588

Davis, Donald

Folder NF-589

Davis, Gary, Reverend

Folder NF-590

Davis, James W.

Folder NF-591

Davis, Jimmie

Folder NF-592

Davis, Jimmie

Folder NF-593

Davis, Mac

Folder NF-594

Davis, Skeeter

Folder NF-595

Dawkins, Jimmy

Folder NF-596

Dawson, Jimmie

Folder NF-597

Day, Sonny

Folder NF-598

Deal Family

Folder NF-599

Dean, Jimmy

Folder NF-600

DeAutremont Brothers

Folder NF-601

Deberry, James

Folder NF-602

DeCormier, Robert

Folder NF-603

Dee, Kathy

Folder NF-604

Deep South Boys

Folder NF-605

Bailey, DeFord

Folder NF-606

Deloney, Ethel

Folder NF-607

Dellinger, Ralph

Folder NF-608

Delmore Brothers

Folder NF-609

Dempsey, Johnny

Folder NF-610

Denney, Dave

Folder NF-611

Denver, John

Folder NF-612

DeRyke, Delores

Folder NF-613

DeZurik Sisters

Folder NF-614

Diamond Four

Folder NF-615

Diamond, Neil

Folder NF-616

Dickens, Hazel (Gerrard, Alice)

Folder NF-617

Dickens, Little Jimmy

Folder NF-618

Reverend Emmet Dickenson and his Congregation (Dickenson, Emmet, Reverend)

Folder NF-619

Dilbeck, Tommy

Folder NF-620

Dillard and Clark

Folder NF-621

Dillards, The

Folder NF-622

Dixie Cowboys

Folder NF-623

Dixie Hummingbirds, The

Folder NF-624

Dixie Ramblers

Folder NF-625

Dixie Reelers

Folder NF-626

Dixon Brothers

Folder NF-627

Dixon, Willie

Folder NF-628

Dodd, Bonnie

Folder NF-629

Dollar, Johnny

Folder NF-630

Domino, Fats

Folder NF-631

New Done Gone Band, The

Folder NF-632

Cephas, John

Folder NF-633


Folder NF-634

Doodle and the Golden River Grass

Folder NF-635

Doors, The

Folder NF-636

Dopera Brothers

Folder NF-637

Tommy Dorsey and his Gospel Singers (Dorsey, Tommy)

Folder NF-638

Douglas, Tony

Folder NF-639

Douglas, Wilson

Folder NF-640

Doyle, Little Buddy

Folder NF-641

Drake, Guy

Folder NF-642

Drake, Pete

Folder NF-643

Dramatics, The

Folder NF-644

Drifting Cowboys

Folder NF-645

Driftwood, Jimmy

Folder NF-646

Drusky, Roy

Folder NF-647

Dubliners, The

Folder NF-648

Dunbar, Scott

Folder NF-649

Duncan, Tommy

Folder NF-650

Choates, Harry

Folder NF-651

Dunford, Uncle Eck

Folder NF-652

Dunham, Mellie

Folder NF-653

Dupree, Jack

Folder NF-654

Durham, Bobby

Folder NF-655

Dyer, Bob

Folder NF-656

Dyer-Bennet, Richard

Folder NF-657

Dykes, John R.

Folder NF-658

Dylan, Bob (2 folders)

Folder NF-659

Eagle Jubilee Four

Folder NF-660

Eanes, Jim

Folder NF-661

Earle, Eugene

Folder NF-662

Earle, Steve

Folder NF-663

East Texas Seranaders

Folder NF-664

Ebsen, Buddy

Folder NF-665

Eckler, Pop

Folder NF-666

Edgewater Crows

Folder NF-667

Edmondson, Travis

Folder NF-668

Edmund, Lee

Folder NF-669

Edmonds, Norman

Folder NF-670

Edwards, Chuck and Arleen

Folder NF-671

Edwards, Cliff

Folder NF-672

Edwards, Frank

Folder NF-673

Edwards, Teddy

Folder NF-674

Eliran, Ron

Folder NF-675

Ellers, Jossie

Folder NF-676

Ellington, Duke

Folder NF-677

Elliott, Jack

Folder NF-678

Ellis, Big Chief

Folder NF-679

Cook, Bertha

Folder NF-680

Ely, Claude

Folder NF-681

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Folder NF-682

Emery, Ralph

Folder NF-683

Engler, Marge

Folder NF-684

Woodie, Ephraim

Folder NF-685

Ertegun, Ahmet

Folder NF-686

Essex, David

Folder NF-687

Estes, John

Folder NF-688

Etris, Barry

Folder NF-689

Evans, Dale

Folder NF-690

Evans, Dave

Folder NF-691

Evans, David

Folder NF-692

Evans, Jim

Folder NF-693

Evans, John B.

Folder NF-694

Evans, Rajah

Folder NF-695

Everett, Lee and Everett, Ma

Folder NF-696

Everhart, Bob

Folder NF-697

Everly Brothers, The

Folder NF-698

Every Mother's Son

Folder NF-699

Mougin, Genevieve Nahra

Folder NF-700

Fahlbusch, Albert

Folder NF-701

Faier, Billy

Folder NF-702

Fahey, John

Folder NF-703

Faile, Tommy

Folder NF-704

Fairchild, Raymond

Folder NF-705

Fairport Convention

Folder NF-706

Fairview Jubilee Quartette

Folder NF-707

Faith, Percy

Folder NF-708

Falcon, Joseph

Folder NF-709

Garland Jubilee Quartette

Folder NF-710

Fancy, Sister Cally

Folder NF-711

Fargo, Donna

Folder NF-712

Farina, Mimi

Folder NF-713

Farland, Alfred A.

Folder NF-714

Farmer Sisters, The

Folder NF-715

Faro, Rachel

Folder NF-716

Farr Brothers

Folder NF-717

Faulkiner, Roy

Folder NF-718

Feller, Dick

Folder NF-719

Felliciano, Jose

Folder NF-720

Felix, Julie

Folder NF-721

Fender, Freddie

Folder NF-722

Fields, Alfred

Folder NF-723

Fields, Arthur (Powers, Eddie)

Folder NF-724

Fife, Austin and Fife, Alta

Folder NF-725

Fischer, Ray

Folder NF-726

Fisk Jubilee Singers

Folder NF-727

Fitzgerald, Ella

Folder NF-728

Five Scamps, The

Folder NF-729

Flack, Roberta

Folder NF-730

Flatt and Scruggs (Flatt, Lester and Scruggs, Earl)

Folder NF-731

Flatt, Lester and the Nashville Grass

Folder NF-732

Flat Creek Sacred Singers

Folder NF-733

Fleming and Townsend

Folder NF-734

Fletcher, Frank

Folder NF-735

Fletcher, Tex

Folder NF-736

Flood, Dick

Folder NF-737

Floren, Myron

Folder NF-738

Florida Boys Quartet

Folder NF-739

Floyd, Frank

Folder NF-740

Fogelberg, Dan

Folder NF-741

Foley, Red

Folder NF-742

Folger, Dan

Folder NF-743


Folder NF-744

Ford, Tennessee Ernie

Folder NF-745

Ford, Henry

Folder NF-746

Ford, Neal

Folder NF-747

Ford, Oscar

Folder NF-748

Ford, Whitey (Duke of Paducah)

Folder NF-749

Forrester, Howdy

Folder NF-750

Fort, Hank

Folder NF-751

Foster, Pops (Foster, George)

Folder NF-752

Foster, Stephen

Folder NF-753


Folder NF-754

Cordero, Helen

Folder NF-755

Four Guys

Folder NF-756

Four Salty Dogs

Folder NF-757

Four Tops

Folder NF-758

Four Virginians, The

Folder NF-759

Fox, Cody

Folder NF-760

Fox, Curly

Folder NF-761

Franchini, Anthony

Folder NF-762

Franklin, Aretha

Folder NF-763

Franklin, Pete

Folder NF-764

Fraser, Alasdair

Folder NF-765

Freeman Quartet

Folder NF-766

Freeny Harmonizers

Folder NF-767

Freeny's Barn Dance Band

Folder NF-768

French, Irlton

Folder NF-769

Fresh MC's

Folder NF-770

Freeman, Porky (Freeman, Quilla Hugh)

Folder NF-771

Friedman, Kinky

Folder NF-772

Friend, Sam and Friend, Fred

Folder NF-773

Frizzell, Lefty (2 folders)

Folder NF-774

Frost Brothers

Folder NF-775

Frost, Frank

Folder NF-776

Fruit Jar Drinkers

Folder NF-777

Fugs, The

Folder NF-778

Fuller, Blind Boy (Allen, Fulton)

Folder NF-779

Fuller, Jesse

Folder NF-780

Fulson, Lowell

Folder NF-781

Funk, Ray

Folder NF-782

Gainer, Patrick

Folder NF-783

Gaines, Roland

Folder NF-784

Gaither, Bill

Folder NF-785

Albert Gale and his orchestra (Gale, Albert)

Folder NF-786

Galligan Family

Folder NF-787

Gallion, Bob

Folder NF-788

Ganus, Clarence and Ganus, Claude

Folder NF-789

Gardner, Gail

Folder NF-790

Garland, Jim

Folder NF-791

Garrett, Robert

Folder NF-792

Garveys, The

Folder NF-793

Gay, Connie B.

Folder NF-794

Gayle, Crystal

Folder NF-795

Gene and Debbie

Folder NF-796

Gene and Francesca

Folder NF-797

Gene and Glenn

Folder NF-798

Georgia Browns

Folder NF-799

Gentry, Bobbie

Folder NF-800

Georgia Crackers, The

Folder NF-801

Rutland, Bob

Folder NF-802

Georgia Tom

Folder NF-803

Georgia Yellow Hammers

Folder NF-804

Gibson, Don

Folder NF-805

Gibson, Garth

Folder NF-806

Gilbert, L. Wolfe

Folder NF-807

Gillespie, Dizzy

Folder NF-808

Gilley, Micky

Folder NF-809

Gimble, Johnny

Folder NF-810

Girls of the Golden West (Good, Dolly and Good, Milly)

Folder NF-811

Glaser Brothers

Folder NF-812

Glazer, Joe

Folder NF-813

Glory Land String Band, The

Folder NF-814

Glosson, Lonnie

Folder NF-815

Godlove, Charles

Folder NF-816

Goebel, George

Folder NF-817

Gold Star Quartette

Folder NF-818

Golden Echoes, The

Folder NF-819

Golden Gate Quartet

Folder NF-820

Craig, Burlon

Folder NF-821

Goodman, Benny

Folder NF-822

Goodman, Herald

Folder NF-823

Goodman Family

Folder NF-824

Goodman, Steve

Folder NF-825

Good Ol' Persons, The

Folder NF-826

Goods Box Whittlers

Folder NF-827

Gordon, R.W.

Folder NF-828

Gore, Joe

Folder NF-829

Gospel Christian Singers, The

Folder NF-830

Graham, Bill

Folder NF-831

Grant, Kirby

Folder NF-832

Grant, Bill

Folder NF-833

Grant, Coots

Folder NF-834

Grant, Todd

Folder NF-835

Grateful Dead

Folder NF-836

Graves, Buck

Folder NF-837

Graves, Rooseveldt and brother

Folder NF-838

Gray, Blind Arvella

Folder NF-839

Gray, Grace and Gray, Curly

Folder NF-840

Kitty Gray and her Wampus Cats (Gray, Kitty)

Folder NF-841

Grayson, G.B.

Folder NF-842

Gray, Claude

Folder NF-843

Gray, Otto

Folder NF-844

Gray, Troy

Folder NF-845

Green, Al

Folder NF-846

Green, Archie

Folder NF-847

Greer, I.G.

Folder NF-848

Greene, Clarence

Folder NF-849

Greene, Jack

Folder NF-850

Greenway, John

Folder NF-851

Gregory, Bobby

Folder NF-852

Griffen, Rex

Folder NF-853

Griffith, Andy

Folder NF-854

Grimes, Dave

Folder NF-855

Grist-Mill Grinders

Folder NF-856

Groce, Larry

Folder NF-857

Grossman, Stefan

Folder NF-858

Guion, David

Folder NF-859

Guitar Shorty (Fortescue, John Henry)

Folder NF-860

Guitar Slim (Stephens, James)

Folder NF-861

Gully Jumpers, The

Folder NF-862

Gunning, Sarah Ogun

Folder NF-863

Guthrie, Arlo

Folder NF-864

Guthrie, Jack

Folder NF-865

Guthrie, Jeff

Folder NF-866

Guthrie, Woody

Folder NF-867

Haggard, Merle (2 folders)

Folder NF-868

Hail, Ewen

Folder NF-869

Haley, Ambrose

Folder NF-870

Haley, Bill

Folder NF-871

Hall, Don

Folder NF-872

Hall, J.R.

Folder NF-873

Hall, Kenny

Folder NF-874

Hall, Patty

Folder NF-875

Hall, Roy

Folder NF-876

Hall, Tom T.

Folder NF-877

Hamblen, Stuart

Folder NF-878

Hambly, Scott

Folder NF-879

Hamilton, George, IV

Folder NF-880

Hammond, John

Folder NF-881

Hammond, Lawrence

Folder NF-882

Hammons, Wynn

Folder NF-883

Hampton, Lionel

Folder NF-884

Hancock, Butch

Folder NF-885

Handy, W.C.

Folder NF-886

Haney, Howard

Folder NF-887

Hank and Frank

Folder NF-888

Hank and Slim

Folder NF-889

Hankins, Esco

Folder NF-890

Hankins, Marion

Folder NF-891

Hansard, Kirk

Folder NF-892

Hansen, Barret E.

Folder NF-893

Happy Valley Family

Folder NF-894

Hardin, Arlene

Folder NF-895

Hardin, Tim

Folder NF-896

Hardy, Bob

Folder NF-897

Harkreader, Sid

Folder NF-898

Harlem Ham Fats

Folder NF-899

Harley, Rufus

Folder NF-900

Harold, Richard

Folder NF-901

Harper, Redd

Folder NF-902

Harper, Roy

Folder NF-903

Harrell, Kelly

Folder NF-904

Harrington, Bob, Reverend

Folder NF-905

Harris, Alfoncy

Folder NF-906

Harris, Emmylou

Folder NF-907

Harris, George

Folder NF-908

Harris, Homer

Folder NF-909

Harris, J.D.

Folder NF-910

Harris, William

Folder NF-911

Harrison, Bud

Folder NF-912

Hartford, John

Folder NF-913

Hart, Hattie

Folder NF-914

Harvey, Alex

Folder NF-915

Harvey, Roy

Folder NF-916

Havens, Ritchie

Folder NF-917

Hawes, Bess Lomax

Folder NF-918

Hawkins, Coleman

Folder NF-919

Hawkins, Hawkshaw

Folder NF-920

Hawkins, Kitty

Folder NF-921

Hay, George D.

Folder NF-922

Haycroft, Jesse

Folder NF-923

Hayes, Isaac

Folder NF-924

Hays, Roland

Folder NF-925

Haden, Walter

Folder NF-926

Hayes, Isaac

Folder NF-927

Densmore, Amber

Folder NF-928

Healy, R.R.

Folder NF-929

Heaney, Joe

Folder NF-930

Hearne, Lester Talent

Folder NF-931

Hearne, Will Roy

Folder NF-932


Folder NF-933

Hegamin, Lucille

Folder NF-934

Helms, Bill

Folder NF-935

Helms, Bobby

Folder NF-936

Helping Hands

Folder NF-937

Helton, Osey

Folder NF-938

Henderson Brothers

Folder NF-939

Henderson, Leroy

Folder NF-940

Henderson, Rosa

Folder NF-941

Hendley, Fisher

Folder NF-942

Hendricks, Jon

Folder NF-943

Hendrix, Jimi

Folder NF-944

Hound Head Henry

Folder NF-945

Henry, Richard

Folder NF-946

Hensley, Harold

Folder NF-947

Hensley, Violet

Folder NF-948

Herman, Woody

Folder NF-949

Herman's Hermits

Folder NF-950

Dexter, Al

Folder NF-951

Herscher, Lou

Folder NF-952

Hi-Flyers, The

Folder NF-953

Hi Neighbor Boys

Folder NF-954

Hickory Nuts

Folder NF-955

Hicks, Dan

Folder NF-956

Hicks Family

Folder NF-957

Hicks, Johnny

Folder NF-958

Hicks, Ray and Hicks, Stanley

Folder NF-959

Higgins, Lizzie

Folder NF-960

Highland Ramblers

Folder NF-961

Highnight, Luke

Folder NF-962

Hillbillies, The

Folder NF-963

Hillbert, Jimmy

Folder NF-964

Hillbillies, The

Folder NF-965

Hill, Joe

Folder NF-966

Hillery, Mabel

Folder NF-967

Hines, Eddie

Folder NF-968

Hinton, Algia Mae

Folder NF-969

Hinton, Elmer

Folder NF-970

Hinton, Sam

Folder NF-971

Hitchcock, Stan

Folder NF-972

Hobbs, Cliff

Folder NF-973

Hockemeyer, Jake

Folder NF-974

Hodges, Ernest

Folder NF-975

Hodgin, Willard

Folder NF-976

Hoeptner, Fred

Folder NF-977

Famous Hokum Boys

Folder NF-978

Holcomb, Roscoe

Folder NF-979

Holeman, John Dee

Folder NF-980

Holiday, Billie

Folder NF-981

Holiness Singers, The

Folder NF-982

Hollins, Tony

Folder NF-983

Hollow Rock String Band

Folder NF-984

Holly, Buddy

Folder NF-985

Holmes, Michael I.

Folder NF-986

Holt, David

Folder NF-987

Homer and Jethro

Folder NF-988

Homesteaders, The

Folder NF-989

Holmes, Salty

Folder NF-990


Folder NF-991

Hood, Adelyne

Folder NF-992

Hooker, John Lee

Folder NF-993

Hoosier Hot Shots

Folder NF-994

Hopkins, Al

Folder NF-995

Hopkins Brothers

Folder NF-996

Hopkins, Doc (2 folders)

Folder NF-997

Hopkins, Linda

Folder NF-998

Hopkins, Lightnin' (Hopkins, Sam)

Folder NF-999

Hopkins, Ted and Hopkins, May

Folder NF-1000

Hornsby, Dan

Folder NF-1001

Horton, Walter

Folder NF-1002

Horton, Robert

Folder NF-1003

Hosford, Larry

Folder NF-1004

Hot Lips and Fingertips

Folder NF-1005

House, Son (House, Eddie J., Jr.)

Folder NF-1006

Houston, Cissy

Folder NF-1007

Houston, David

Folder NF-1008

Hovington, Frank

Folder NF-1009

Howard, Don

Folder NF-1010

Howard, Luke

Folder NF-1011

Howard, Paul

Folder NF-1012

Howard, Rosetta

Folder NF-1013

Howlin' Wolf (Burnett, Chester)

Folder NF-1014

Hoyle, Eddie

Folder NF-1015

Hubbard, Freddie

Folder NF-1016

Huddleston, Jerry E.

Folder NF-1017

Hudson, Arthur Palmer

Folder NF-1018

Humbard, Rex and Humbard, Maude

Folder NF-1019

Humes, Ellen

Folder NF-1020

Hunt, Jack

Folder NF-1021

Hunter, Alberta

Folder NF-1022

Hunter, Ivory Joe

Folder NF-1023

Hunter, Janie

Folder NF-1024

Hunter, Max

Folder NF-1025

Hunter, Robert

Folder NF-1026

Hurricane Ridgerunners

Folder NF-1027

Husky, Ferlin

Folder NF-1028

Hutchison, Frank

Folder NF-1029

Ian and Sylvia

Folder NF-1030

Ifield, Frank

Folder NF-1031

Incredible String Band

Folder NF-1032

Ingle, Red

Folder NF-1033

Ingles, David

Folder NF-1034

Andy Iona and his Orchestra

Folder NF-1035

Ivan, Peter

Folder NF-1036

Ives, Burl

Folder NF-1037

Jabbour, Alan

Folder NF-1038

Jack Harmonica Players, The

Folder NF-1039

Jackson, Alex

Folder NF-1040

Jackson, Buster

Folder NF-1041

Jackson Five

Folder NF-1042

Jackson, Jack

Folder NF-1043

Jackson, Jim

Folder NF-1044

Jackson, John

Folder NF-1045

Jump Jackson and his Band

Folder NF-1046

Jackson, Molly

Folder NF-1047

Jackson, Lee

Folder NF-1048

Jackson, Lulu

Folder NF-1049

Jackson, Mahalia

Folder NF-1050

Jackson, Melvin

Folder NF-1051

Jackson, Charlie

Folder NF-1052

Jackson, Sam

Folder NF-1053

Jackson, Shot

Folder NF-1054

Jackson, Tommy

Folder NF-1055

Jacobs, Walter

Folder NF-1056

Jackson, Wanda

Folder NF-1057

Jake and Carl

Folder NF-1058

Jahrl, Eddie

Folder NF-1059

Jamaz, Ahmad

Folder NF-1060

James, Mary Kay

Folder NF-1061

James, Patt

Folder NF-1062

James, Skip

Folder NF-1063

James, Sonny

Folder NF-1064

James, W.M.

Folder NF-1065

Jarrell, Tommy

Folder NF-1066

Jarvis and Justice

Folder NF-1067

Jaxon, Frankie

Folder NF-1068

Jay, Jimmy

Folder NF-1069

Jayne, Mitchell F.

Folder NF-1070

Jazzbo Tommy

Folder NF-1071

Jefferson Airplane

Folder NF-1072

Jefferson, Blind Lemon

Folder NF-1073

Jenkins, Andrew, Reverend

Folder NF-1074

Jenkins, DeWitt

Folder NF-1075

Jenkins, Ella

Folder NF-1076

Jenkins, Leroy

Folder NF-1077

Jennings, Waylon (2 folders)

Folder NF-1078

Jim and Jesse

Folder NF-1079

Jimenez, Flaco

Folder NF-1080

Busby, John

Folder NF-1081

Johnson and Lee

Folder NF-1082

Johnson, Betty

Folder NF-1083

Johnson, Willie

Folder NF-1084

Johnson Boys, The

Folder NF-1085

Johnson Brothers

Folder NF-1086

Johnson, C.G.

Folder NF-1087

Johnson, Claude Joseph

Folder NF-1088

Johnson, Earl

Folder NF-1089

Johnson, Ernest

Folder NF-1090

Johnson Family Singers

Folder NF-1091

Johnson, Jo Ann

Folder NF-1092

Johnson, Leroy

Folder NF-1093

Johnson, Lil

Folder NF-1094

Johnson, Richie

Folder NF-1095

Johnson, Luther

Folder NF-1096

Johnson, Robert

Folder NF-1097

Johnson, Rosa Lee Carson

Folder NF-1098

Johnson Sisters Trio

Folder NF-1099

Johnson, Stovepipe

Folder NF-1100

Johnson, Tommy

Folder NF-1101

Johnson, Vesta

Folder NF-1102

Johnson, Willie

Folder NF-1103

Johnston, Dean

Folder NF-1104

Johnston, Jess

Folder NF-1105

Jolly Three, The

Folder NF-1106

Jolson, Al

Folder NF-1107

Jones, Bessie

Folder NF-1108

Jones, Curtis

Folder NF-1109

Jones, Eugene

Folder NF-1110

Jones, George (2 folders)

Folder NF-1111

Jones, Johnnie

Folder NF-1112

Jones, Larry

Folder NF-1113

Jones, Louis M. (Grandpa Jones) (2 folders)

Folder NF-1114

Jones, Quincy

Folder NF-1115

Jones, Sonny

Folder NF-1116

Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Band, The

Folder NF-1117

Jones, Tom

Folder NF-1118

Joplin Forte

Folder NF-1119

Joplin, Janis

Folder NF-1120

Joplin, Scott

Folder NF-1121

Jordan Brothers, The

Folder NF-1122

Jordan, Charley

Folder NF-1123

Jordan, Louis

Folder NF-1124

Joy of Cooking

Folder NF-1125

Justice, Dick

Folder NF-1126

Jubille Gospel Team

Folder NF-1127

Jydstrup, Doug

Folder NF-1128

Kahn, Ed

Folder NF-1129

Kahn, Si

Folder NF-1130

Kanawah Singers

Folder NF-1131

Kansas Hill Billies, The

Folder NF-1132

Kapp, Mike

Folder NF-1133

Karl, Allen

Folder NF-1134

Karpeles, Maud

Folder NF-1135

Kaukonen, Jorma

Folder NF-1136

Kay, Katherine

Folder NF-1137

Kaygee's, The

Folder NF-1138

Kazee, Buell (2 folders)

Folder NF-1139

Kearney, Ramsey

Folder NF-1140

Keene, Hank

Folder NF-1141

Keller, M.O.

Folder NF-1142

Kelly, Jack

Folder NF-1143

Kennedy, Douglas

Folder NF-1144

Kenner, Chris

Folder NF-1145

Kentucky Colonels

Folder NF-1146

Kentucky Cutups

Folder NF-1147

Kentucky Girls, The

Folder NF-1148

Kershaw, Doug

Folder NF-1149

Kessinger Brothers (Kessinger, Clark and Kessinger, Luches)

Folder NF-1150

Kidoodlers, The

Folder NF-1151

Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band

Folder NF-1152

Kid-Stormy Weather

Folder NF-1153

Kilgore, Merle

Folder NF-1154

Killen, Louis

Folder NF-1155

Kimble, Taylor

Folder NF-1156

Kincaid, Bradley

Folder NF-1157

Kincaid, Bradley

Folder NF-1158

Domsch, Sonya

Folder NF-1159

King, B.B.

Folder NF-1160

King, Claude

Folder NF-1161

King, Freddie

Folder NF-1162

Ezra and His Hillbillies

Folder NF-1163

King, Pee Wee (2 folders)

Folder NF-1164

Kingston Trio

Folder NF-1165

Kirby, Fred

Folder NF-1166

Kirkman, Lillie Mae

Folder NF-1167

Kish, Jimmy

Folder NF-1168

Knack, The

Folder NF-1169

Knight, Gladys

Folder NF-1170

Knippers Trio

Folder NF-1171

Koerner, John

Folder NF-1172

Koloc, Bonnie

Folder NF-1173

Kooper, Al

Folder NF-1174

Kottke, Leo

Folder NF-1175

Krauss, Alison

Folder NF-1176

Kristofferson, Kris

Folder NF-1177

Krog, Karin

Folder NF-1178

Kweskin, Jim

Folder NF-1179

Lacey, William James

Folder NF-1180

Lacy, Rubin, Reverend

Folder NF-1181

Ladson, Ruth

Folder NF-1182

Laine, Frankie

Folder NF-1183

Lair, John

Folder NF-1184

LaMadeleine, J.O.

Folder NF-1185

Lambert, Pee Wee

Folder NF-1186

Landis Family, The

Folder NF-1187

Landress, Bud

Folder NF-1188

Lane, Allan

Folder NF-1189

Lane, Cristy

Folder NF-1190

Large, Billy

Folder NF-1191

Larkin, Bob

Folder NF-1192

Larkin, Margaret

Folder NF-1193


Folder NF-1194

Laurel Fireman's Quartette, The

Folder NF-1195

Lawson, Jimmie

Folder NF-1196

Leach, Robert

Folder NF-1197

Leake County Revelers

Folder NF-1198

Leal, Frank

Folder NF-1199

Ledbetter, Huddie (Leadbelly)

Folder NF-1200

Ledford, Steve

Folder NF-1201

LeDoux, Chris

Folder NF-1202

Lee, Bill

Folder NF-1203

Lee, Billy

Folder NF-1204

Lee, Brenda

Folder NF-1205

Lee, Dickey

Folder NF-1206

Lee, Joe

Folder NF-1207

Lee, Julia

Folder NF-1208

Lee, Katie

Folder NF-1209

Lee, Peggy

Folder NF-1210

Lee, Tony

Folder NF-1211

Legends of Jazz

Folder NF-1212

LeGrand, Ronald E.

Folder NF-1213

Lejeune, Iry

Folder NF-1214

Lenoir, J.B.

Folder NF-1215

Fairfield Four, The

Folder NF-1216

Lester, Julius

Folder NF-1217

Leverett Brothers, The

Folder NF-1218

Lewis, Alfred

Folder NF-1219

Lewis, Bobby

Folder NF-1220

Lewis, Denman

Folder NF-1221

Lewis, Walter

Folder NF-1222

Lewis, George

Folder NF-1223

Lewis, Jerry Lee

Folder NF-1224

Lewis, Lummie

Folder NF-1225

Lewis, Jim

Folder NF-1226

Lewis, Zeb

Folder NF-1227

Lewis Family

Folder NF-1228

Light Crust Doughboys

Folder NF-1229

Lightfoot, Gordon

Folder NF-1230

Lilly Brothers

Folder NF-1231

Limelighters, The

Folder NF-1232

Lincoln, Charlie

Folder NF-1233

Lindsey, George

Folder NF-1234

Lindsay, Merlan

Folder NF-1235

Lindsay, Reg

Folder NF-1236

Linville, Charlie

Folder NF-1237

Lipscomb, Mance

Folder NF-1238

Lloyd, Charles

Folder NF-1239

Loar, Lloyd

Folder NF-1240

Lobos, Los

Folder NF-1241

Lockwood, Robert Jr.

Folder NF-1242

Lofgren, Nils

Folder NF-1243

Log Cabin Boys

Folder NF-1244

Logan, Tex

Folder NF-1245

Lomax, Alan

Folder NF-1246

Lomax, John Jr.

Folder NF-1247

Lombardo, Guy

Folder NF-1248

Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, The

Folder NF-1249

Lonesome Singer, The

Folder NF-1250

Long, Clay

Folder NF-1251

Long, Sam

Folder NF-1252

Long, J.B.

Folder NF-1253

Long, Jimmy

Folder NF-1254

Lonzo and Oscar

Folder NF-1255

Lopez, Trini

Folder NF-1256

Lord, Bobby

Folder NF-1257

Lornell, Kip

Folder NF-1258

Loudermilk, John D.

Folder NF-1259

Louis, Joe Hill

Folder NF-1260

Louisiana Johnny

Folder NF-1261

Louisiana Lou

Folder NF-1262

Louvin Brothers

Folder NF-1263

Love, John

Folder NF-1264

Lovett, Lyle

Folder NF-1265

Lovin' Sam

Folder NF-1266

Lovin' Spoonful

Folder NF-1267

Lowery, Ramblin' Red

Folder NF-1268

Loy, Lawrence

Folder NF-1269

Lucas, Bill

Folder NF-1270

Lulu Belle and Scotty

Folder NF-1271

Luman, Bob

Folder NF-1272

Lunn, Robert

Folder NF-1273

Lunsford, Bascom Lamar

Folder NF-1274

Luther, Frank

Folder NF-1275

Luther-Layman Singers

Folder NF-1276

Luverte, Jimmy

Folder NF-1277

Lynch Sisters, The

Folder NF-1278

Lynn, Jody

Folder NF-1279

Lynn, Loretta (2 folders)

Folder NF-1280

Lyons, Willie James

Folder NF-1281

MacColl, Ewan

Folder NF-1282

MacLean, Grace and MacLean, Scotty

Folder NF-1283

McBaine, Taylor

Folder NF-1284

McCauliffe, Leon

Folder NF-1285

McClain Family Band

Folder NF-1286

McClennan, Tommy

Folder NF-1287

McClintock, Harry

Folder NF-1288

McClintock, Lil

Folder NF-1289

McClung, John and McClung, Emery

Folder NF-1290

McCormack, Harry

Folder NF-1291

McCarn, David

Folder NF-1292

McCoury, Del

Folder NF-1293

McCoy, Charlie

Folder NF-1294

McCoy, Jimmy

Folder NF-1295

McCoy, Otis

Folder NF-1296

McCoy, Robert

Folder NF-1297

McCravy Brothers

Folder NF-1298

McCulloh, Judith

Folder NF-1299

McCutcheon, John

Folder NF-1300

McDermott, John

Folder NF-1301

McDonald Quartette

Folder NF-1302

McDowell, Fred

Folder NF-1303

McEmery, Dave

Folder NF-1304

McEntire, Reba

Folder NF-1305

McGee, Sam and McGee, Kirk

Folder NF-1306

Gardner, Robert (2 folders)

Mac and Bob (2 folders)

McFarland, Lester (2 folders)

Folder NF-1307

Gardner, Robert

Mac and Bob

McFarland, Lester

Folder NF-1309

McGhee, Brownie

Folder NF-1310

McGhee, J.L.

Folder NF-1311

McGinnis, Roy

Folder NF-1312

McGinty, Billy

Folder NF-1313

McGraw, Hugh

Folder NF-1314

McKenzie, Billy

Folder NF-1315

McKillen, Tom

Folder NF-1316

McKinley, Bill

Folder NF-1317

McLain, Edie

Folder NF-1318

McLain Family Band, The

Folder NF-1319

McLean, Don

Folder NF-1320

McLaughlin's Old Time Melody Makers

Folder NF-1321

McMahan, Pete

Folder NF-1322

McMillon, Bobby

Folder NF-1323

McMichen, Clayton

Folder NF-1324

McNeil, Keith and McNeil, Rusty

Folder NF-1325

McPeake Family

Folder NF-1326

McPherson, Whitey

Folder NF-1327

MacReynolds, Jim and MacReynolds, Jesse

Folder NF-1328

McVay, Ancil

Folder NF-1329

McWilliams, Elsie

Folder NF-1330

Mack, Bill

Folder NF-1331

Macon, Dave (2 folders)

Folder NF-1332

Madden Community Band

Folder NF-1333

Maddox, Rose

Folder NF-1334

Magic Sam

Folder NF-1335

Magic Slim

Folder NF-1336

Mainer, J.E. and Mainer, Wade

Folder NF-1338

Makeba, Miriam

Folder NF-1339

Malone, Bill

Folder NF-1340

Mamas and the Papas, The

Folder NF-1341

Mandrell, Barbara

Folder NF-1342

Shelly Manne Septet, The

Folder NF-1343

Mansfield, Bill

Folder NF-1344

Maphis, Joe

Folder NF-1345

Maple City Four

Folder NF-1346

Marshall, Charley

Folder NF-1347

Martin, Asa

Folder NF-1348

Martin and Robert

Folder NF-1349

Martin, Carl

Folder NF-1350

Martin, Chic

Folder NF-1351

Martin, Dude

Folder NF-1352

Martin, Joe

Folder NF-1353

Martin, Jimmy

Folder NF-1354

Martin, Troy

Folder NF-1355

Martin, Roy

Folder NF-1356

Martinez, Narciso

Folder NF-1357

Marvin, Frankie

Folder NF-1358

Marvin, Johnny

Folder NF-1359

Mason, James

Folder NF-1360

Mason, Lil

Folder NF-1361

Massey, Louise

Folder NF-1362

Masters, Johnny

Folder NF-1363

Mathis, Johnny

Folder NF-1364

Maynard, Ken

Folder NF-1365

Medford Brothers

Folder NF-1366

Medford Brothers

Folder NF-1367


Folder NF-1368

Memphis Ben

Folder NF-1369

Memphis Jug Band

Folder NF-1370

Memphis Minnie

Folder NF-1371

Memphis Mose

Folder NF-1372

Memphis Seven

Folder NF-1373

Memphis Slim

Folder NF-1374

Mendelson, Michael

Folder NF-1375

Menius, Art

Folder NF-1376

Mercer Brothers

Folder NF-1377

Metcalf, Louis

Folder NF-1378

Miccolis Sisters

Folder NF-1379

Mickle, Elmon

Folder NF-1380

Mighty Wonders of Winston-Salem

Folder NF-1381

Miles Brothers Quartet

Folder NF-1382

Miles, Lizzie

Folder NF-1383

Miller, Bob

Folder NF-1384

Miller, Davey

Folder NF-1385

Miller, Donald

Folder NF-1386

Miller, Eddie

Folder NF-1387

Miller, Emmett

Folder NF-1388

Miller, Glen

Folder NF-1389

Miller, Roger

Folder NF-1390

Mills, E.C. and Mrs. Mills

Folder NF-1391

Milsap, Ronnie

Folder NF-1392

Ming, Hoyt

Folder NF-1393

Misiewicz, Roger

Folder NF-1394

Hurt, John (Mississippi John Hurt)

Folder NF-1395

Mississippi Jook Band

Folder NF-1396

Mississippi Moaner, The

Folder NF-1397

Missouri Mountaineers,

Folder NF-1398

Mitchell's Christian Singers

Folder NF-1399

Mitchell Brothers

Folder NF-1400

Murphey, Mabel E.

Folder NF-1401

Mitchell, Charlie

Folder NF-1402

Mitchell, Joni

Folder NF-1403

Monk, Thelonious

Folder NF-1404

Monkey Joe

Folder NF-1405

Monroe, James

Folder NF-1406

Monroe, Bill (2 folders)

Folder NF-1407

Montana, Patsy

Folder NF-1408

Montgomer, Erreal

Folder NF-1409

Montgomery, Sam

Folder NF-1410

Montgomery, Wes

Folder NF-1411

Moody, Clyde

Folder NF-1412

Moonglows, The

Folder NF-1413

Moore, Alex

Folder NF-1414

Moore, Charlie

Folder NF-1415

Moore, Prince

Folder NF-1416

Moore, Tiny

Folder NF-1417

Morath, Max

Folder NF-1418

More, Frankie

Folder NF-1419

Moreland, Peg

Folder NF-1420

Morgan, George

Folder NF-1422

Morris Brothers (Morris, Zeke and Morris, Wiley)

Folder NF-1423

Morris Brothers (Morris, Dale and Morris, John)

Folder NF-1424

Morris, Clara

Folder NF-1425

Morris, Dick

Folder NF-1426

Morrisey, Doc

Folder NF-1427

Morton, Jelly Roll

Folder NF-1428

Morton, Tex

Folder NF-1429

Moss, Buddy

Folder NF-1430

Moye, Claude

Folder NF-1431

Muddy Waters

Folder NF-1432

Muldair, Maria D'Amato

Folder NF-1433

Mulligan, Moon

Folder NF-1434

Mulvihill, Martin

Folder NF-1435

Musical Brownies

Folder NF-1436

Musselwhite, Charlie

Folder NF-1438

Narmour and Smith

Folder NF-1439

Nash, Howard

Folder NF-1440

Nash, Johnny

Folder NF-1441

Nashville Brass

Folder NF-1442

Nashville Cats

Folder NF-1443

Nathan, Sidney

Folder NF-1444

Nations Brothers, The

Folder NF-1445

Neely, Bill

Folder NF-1446

Nelson, Romeo

Folder NF-1447

Nelson, Tracy

Folder NF-1448

Nelson, Willie (2 folders)

Folder NF-1449

Nelstone's Hawaiians

Folder NF-1450

Nettles, Bill

Folder NF-1451

Nevada Slim (2 folders)

Folder NF-1452

New Christy Minstrels

Folder NF-1453

New Grass Revival

Folder NF-1454

New Lost City Ramblers

Folder NF-1455

New Riders of the Purple Sage

Folder NF-1456

Newbury, Mickey

Folder NF-1457

Newcomer, Maxine and Newcomer, Eileen

Folder NF-1458

Newman Brothers

Folder NF-1459

Newman, Jack

Folder NF-1460

Newman, Randy

Folder NF-1461

Roy Newman and his Boys

Folder NF-1462

Newton County Hillbillies

Folder NF-1463

Newton, Wayne

Folder NF-1464

Flatley, Michael

Folder NF-1465

Niles, John Jacob

Folder NF-1466

Nite Owls, The

Folder NF-1467

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Folder NF-1468

Nixon, Joe

Folder NF-1469

Nix, Hoyle

Folder NF-1470

Noble, George

Folder NF-1471

Norris, Land

Folder NF-1472

North Carolina Ramblers

Folder NF-1473

North Carolina Ridge Runners

Folder NF-1474

Novak, Frank

Folder NF-1475

Nunn, William C.

Folder NF-1476

Nyro, Laura

Folder NF-1477

Oak Ridge Boys

Folder NF-1478

Oaks, Charlie

Folder NF-1479

Ochs, Phil

Folder NF-1480

O'Day, Molly

Folder NF-1481

O'Dell, Mac

Folder NF-1482

O'Halloran, Harold

Folder NF-1483

O'Hara, Shay

Folder NF-1484

Ohrlin, Glenn

Folder NF-1485

Oklahoma Sweethearts

Folder NF-1486

Old and In the Way

Folder NF-1487

Old Hickory Singers

Folder NF-1488

Old Settlers

Folder NF-1489

Older, Lawrence

Folder NF-1490

Olivier, Barry

Folder NF-1491

Oliver, Paul

Folder NF-1492

Oliver, Sy

Folder NF-1493

O'Mally, D.J.

Folder NF-1494

101 Ranch Boys

Folder NF-1495

O'Daniel, W. Lee

Folder NF-1496

O'Neal, Jim

Folder NF-1497

O'Neal, Waldo

Folder NF-1498

Sinclair, Jack

Folder NF-1499

Orbison, Roy

Folder NF-1500

Original Yellow Jackets

Folder NF-1501

Orr, Little Jo

Folder NF-1502

Ory, Edward

Folder NF-1503

Osbourne, Jimmy

Folder NF-1504

Oslin, K.T.

Folder NF-1505

Coutierrez, Jose

Folder NF-1506

Ossman, Vess

Folder NF-1507

Oster, Harry

Folder NF-1508

Otis, Johnny

Folder NF-1509

Otis, Roy

Folder NF-1510

Otterson, Elayne

Folder NF-1511

Owens, Bonnie

Folder NF-1512

Owens, Buck (3 folders)

Folder NF-1513

Owens, Marshall

Folder NF-1514

Owsley, William

Folder NF-1515

Ozark Opry

Folder NF-1516

Ozark Twin Fiddlers

Folder NF-1517

Page, Oran

Folder NF-1518

Page, Ronnie

Folder NF-1519

Casey, Lawrence

Folder NF-1520

Parker and Dodd

Folder NF-1521

Parker, John

Folder NF-1522

Parker, Sonny

Folder NF-1523

Parman, Dick

Folder NF-1524

Parmley, Don

Folder NF-1525

Parr, Joe

Folder NF-1526

Parton, Dolly (2 folders)

Folder NF-1527


Folder NF-1528

Patoka Valley Boys

Folder NF-1529

Paton, Sandy and Paton, Caroline

Folder NF-1530

Patterson, Patt

Folder NF-1531

Patterson, Red

Folder NF-1532

Patterson, Sam

Folder NF-1533

Patton, Charlie

Folder NF-1534

Paupers, The

Folder NF-1535

Paxton, Tom

Folder NF-1536

Paycheck, Johnny

Folder NF-1537

Peabody, Eddie

Folder NF-1538

Peanut The Kidnapper

Folder NF-1539

Peal, Bennie

Folder NF-1540

Pearl, Minnie

Folder NF-1541

Pearson, Maury

Folder NF-1542

Peck's Male Quartette

Folder NF-1543

Peer, Ralph

Folder NF-1544

Peg Leg Sam

Folder NF-1545

Pejoe, Morris

Folder NF-1546

Pendleton, Fred

Folder NF-1547

Penny Band

Folder NF-1548

Penny, Hank

Folder NF-1549


Folder NF-1550

Perkins, Carl

Folder NF-1551

Perkins, Luther

Folder NF-1552

Perry, Al

Folder NF-1553

Perry County Music Makers

Folder NF-1554

Perryman, Happy

Folder NF-1555

Peter, Paul and Mary

Folder NF-1556

Phillips, Ester

Folder NF-1557

Phillips, Foreman

Folder NF-1558

Phillips, John

Folder NF-1559

Phillips, Stu

Folder NF-1560

Philyaw Brothers

Folder NF-1561

Phipps, Ernest

Folder NF-1562

Phipps Family

Folder NF-1563

Piano Red

Folder NF-1564

Pickard Family

Folder NF-1565

Pickens, Slim

Folder NF-1566

Pie Plant Pete (Moye, Claude W.)

Folder NF-1567

Piephoff, Bruce

Folder NF-1568

Pierce, Jack

Folder NF-1569

Pierce, Webb

Folder NF-1570

Pierson, Eugene

Folder NF-1571

Pimental, Jackie, "Little" (Little Jackie Pimental)

Folder NF-1572

Pine Mountain Boys, The

Folder NF-1573


Folder NF-1574

Pinkstone, Thomas

Folder NF-1575

Pioneer Jim

Folder NF-1576

Pittman, Walt

Folder NF-1577

Platters, The

Folder NF-1578

Pobiega, John

Folder NF-1579


Folder NF-1580

Polka Dot Slim

Folder NF-1581

Poole, Charlie

Folder NF-1582

Porter, C.J.

Folder NF-1583

Possum Hunters

Folder NF-1584

Powell, Chris

Folder NF-1585

Powell, Earl

Folder NF-1586

Powell, Eugene

Folder NF-1587

Powell, John

Folder NF-1588

Powers, Fiddlin'

Folder NF-1589

Prairie Ramblers

Folder NF-1590

Lee Prause and his Tyrolean Band (Prause, Lee)

Folder NF-1591

Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Folder NF-1592

Presley, Elvis (2 folders)

Folder NF-1593

Presley, G.M., Sr.

Folder NF-1594

Preston, Lew

Folder NF-1595

Prewitt, Bess and Prewitt, Tee

Folder NF-1596

Price, Ray

Folder NF-1597

Pride, Charlie

Folder NF-1598

Priest, Micael

Folder NF-1599

Primitive Baptist Choir

Folder NF-1600

Princess White

Folder NF-1601

Prine, John

Folder NF-1602

Prins, Kitty

Folder NF-1603

Proby, P.J.

Folder NF-1604

Proffitt, Frank

Folder NF-1605

Puckett, Riley

Folder NF-1606

Putman, Claude, Jr.

Folder NF-1607

Queen Ida

Folder NF-1608


Folder NF-1609

Rabbit, Eddie

Folder NF-1610

Rachel, Yank

Folder NF-1611

Rachell, Yank

Folder NF-1612

Ike Ragon and his Orchestra

Folder NF-1613

Rager, Mose

Folder NF-1614

Rain-Crow Countryside Band

Folder NF-1615

Rainey, Ma (Rainey, Gertrude)

Folder NF-1616

Rainwater, Marvin

Folder NF-1617

Raitt, Bonnie

Folder NF-1618

Ramblin Kind and the Professor, The

Folder NF-1619

Rambling Rangers, The

Folder NF-1620

Ranch Boys, The

Folder NF-1621

Randolph, Vance

Folder NF-1622

Range Riders, The

Folder NF-1623

Rangers Quartette, The

Folder NF-1624

Raven, Jon

Folder NF-1625

Ravisee Singers

Folder NF-1626

Rawls, Lou

Folder NF-1628

Ray, Harmon

Folder NF-1629

Reaves White-County Ramblers

Folder NF-1630

Rector, Red

Folder NF-1631

Red Clay Ramblers

Folder NF-1632

Red Mountain Trio

Folder NF-1633

Red River Dave

Folder NF-1634

Redpath, Jean

Folder NF-1635

Redwood Canyon Ramblers

Folder NF-1636

Reed, Jerry

Folder NF-1637

Reed, Jimmy

Folder NF-1638

Reed, Alfred

Folder NF-1639

Reed, Ola Belle

Folder NF-1640

Reed, Willie

Folder NF-1641

Reel World String Band

Folder NF-1642

Reeves, Del

Folder NF-1643

Reeves, Jim

Folder NF-1644

Reinhart, Dick

Folder NF-1645

Reneau, George

Folder NF-1646

Reno, Don

Folder NF-1647

Reuss, Richard

Folder NF-1648

Rexroat, William

Folder NF-1649

Rey, Alvino

Folder NF-1650

Reynolds, Andy

Folder NF-1651

Reynolds, Malvina

Folder NF-1652

Reynolds, Neely

Folder NF-1653

Reinhart, Dick

Folder NF-1654

Rhinehart, Mack

Folder NF-1655

Rhodes Sisters

Folder NF-1656

Rhodes, Lightning Bug

Folder NF-1657

Rhubarb Red

Folder NF-1658

Rhythm Willie

Folder NF-1659

Reverend D.C. Rice and his Congregation (Rice, D.C.)

Folder NF-1660

Rice, Edd

Folder NF-1661

Rich, Charlie

Folder NF-1662

Richard, Cliff

Folder NF-1663

Richards, Fred

Folder NF-1664

Richardson, C.C

Folder NF-1665

Richardson, Ethel P.

Folder NF-1666

Ricker, Bobbie

Folder NF-1667

Richey, George

Folder NF-1668

Richman, Alex

Folder NF-1669

Riddle, Almeda

Folder NF-1670

Riders in the Sky

Folder NF-1671

Ridgel's Fountain Citians

Folder NF-1672

Ridley, Roy

Folder NF-1673

Riendeau, Louis

Folder NF-1674

Riley, Bartow

Folder NF-1675

Riley, Jeannie C.

Folder NF-1676

Riley, Judge Lawrence

Folder NF-1677

Rinehart, Cowboy Slim

Folder NF-1678

Riney, Thomas E.

Folder NF-1679

Ritchie, Jean

Folder NF-1680

Tex Ritter and his Texans

Folder NF-1681

Rivers, Jack

Folder NF-1682

Rivers, Tom

Folder NF-1683

Roane County Ramblers

Folder NF-1684

Roark, George

Folder NF-1685

Robbins, Marty

Folder NF-1686

Robechaux, Joseph

Folder NF-1687

Roberts, Doc

Folder NF-1688

Roberts, Jack

Folder NF-1689

Roberts, Johnny

Folder NF-1690

Roberts, Kenny

Folder NF-1691

Robertson, Jeannie

Folder NF-1692

Robertson, Jim

Folder NF-1693

Robertson, Eck

Folder NF-1694

Robinson, Earl

Folder NF-1695

Robinson, L.C.

Folder NF-1696

Robinson, Smokey

Folder NF-1697

Robinson, Bob

Folder NF-1698

Robinson, Frankie (Sugar Chile Robinson)

Folder NF-1699

Robison, Carson

Folder NF-1700

Rochford and Peggs

Folder NF-1701

Rocky Mountaineers

Folder NF-1702

Rodeheaver, Homer

Folder NF-1703

Rodeo Ronnie

Folder NF-1704

Roderick, Judy

Folder NF-1705

Rodgers, Grant

Folder NF-1706

Rodgers, Jesse

Folder NF-1707

Rodgers, Jimmie

Folder NF-1708

Rodgers, Jimmie

Folder NF-1709

Rodgers, Jimmie

Folder NF-1710

Rodgers, Jimmie

Folder NF-1711

Rodgers, Jimmie

Folder NF-1712

Rodgers, Jimmie

Folder NF-1713

Rogers, Bill

Folder NF-1714

Rogers, Ernest

Folder NF-1715

Rogers, Kenny

Folder NF-1716

Rogers, Roy

Folder NF-1717

Rogers, Slim

Folder NF-1718

Rogers, Will

Folder NF-1719

Rolling Stones

Folder NF-1720

Romaniuk Family

Folder NF-1721

Ronson, Mick

Folder NF-1722

Ronstadt, Linda

Folder NF-1723

Rooney, Mickey Jr.

Folder NF-1724

Rorer, Posey

Folder NF-1725

Rose, Carlton

Folder NF-1726

Rose, Fred

Folder NF-1727

Rose, Judy

Folder NF-1728

Rose, Wesley

Folder NF-1729


Folder NF-1730

Ross, Diana

Folder NF-1731

Rouse Brothers

Folder NF-1732

Roush, Carl

Folder NF-1733

Famous Roxy Males Quartette

Folder NF-1734


Folder NF-1735

Rundgren, Todd

Folder NF-1736

Ruppe, J. Morgan

Folder NF-1737

Rush, Ford

Folder NF-1738

Russell Brothers

Folder NF-1739

Russell, Johnny

Folder NF-1740

Russell, Tony

Folder NF-1741

R.S.B. Gospel Singers

Folder NF-1742

Russell, William

Folder NF-1743

Rust, Brian

Folder NF-1744

Ryan, Jamie

Folder NF-1745

Saddle Tramps, The

Folder NF-1746

Sadler, Barry

Folder NF-1747

St. Louis Jimmy

Folder NF-1748

Sainte-Marie, Buffy

Folder NF-1749

St. Pierre, Simon

Folder NF-1750

Sallock, William

Folder NF-1751

Samples, Junior

Folder NF-1752

Sandburg, Carl

Folder NF-1753

Elder Oscar Sanders and Congregation (Sanders, Oscar)

Folder NF-1754

Sanders, Irene

Folder NF-1755

Satherly, Art

Folder NF-1756

Satterfield, Johnny

Folder NF-1757

Saugahatehee Syrup Soppers

Folder NF-1758

Sauls, Charley

Folder NF-1759

Saunders, Gertrude

Folder NF-1760

Saunders, Theodore

Folder NF-1761

Scaggs, Boz

Folder NF-1762

Scott, Joe

Folder NF-1763

Scott, Tommy

Folder NF-1764

Schinhan, Von P.

Folder NF-1765

Schrader, Arthur F.

Folder NF-1766

Schhwann, William

Folder NF-1767

Scott, Benjamin

Folder NF-1768

Scott, Jerome

Folder NF-1769

Scott, Roosevelt

Folder NF-1770

Robinson, A.C.

Folder NF-1771

Scottsdale String Bands

Folder NF-1772

Scruggs, Earl (see also Flatt, Lester)

Folder NF-1773

Seals, Son

Folder NF-1774

Sebastian, John B.

Folder NF-1775

Seeger, Charles

Folder NF-1776

Seeger, Mike

Folder NF-1777

Seeger, Peggy

Folder NF-1778

Seeger, Pete

Folder NF-1779

Seeman, Charles

Folder NF-1780

Seldom Scene

Folder NF-1781

Self, Leon

Folder NF-1782

Sellars, Celester

Folder NF-1783

Sells, Paul

Folder NF-1784

Sensational Four, The

Folder NF-1785

Serendipity Singers

Folder NF-1786

Sessions, Ronnie

Folder NF-1787

Setters, Jilson

Folder NF-1788

Seven Rowe Brothers, The

Folder NF-1789

Seven Stars Quartette

Folder NF-1790

Shands Superior Jubilee Singers

Folder NF-1791

Shannon, Joe

Folder NF-1792

Sharriff, Imam Omar

Folder NF-1793

Shaver, Billy Joe

Folder NF-1794

Shegog, Kevin

Folder NF-1795

Shelor Family

Folder NF-1796

Shelton, B.F.

Folder NF-1797

Haberl, Sister Rosalia

Folder NF-1798

Shenandoah Cut-Ups

Folder NF-1799

Shenandoah Valley Boys, The

Folder NF-1800

Shepard, Ollie

Folder NF-1801

Shepherd, Hays

Folder NF-1802

Shepard, Jean

Folder NF-1803

Sherrill, Billy

Folder NF-1804

Shillkret, Nathanial

Folder NF-1805

Shiner, Murv

Folder NF-1806

Shines, Johnny

Folder NF-1807

Shirkey, Earl

Folder NF-1808

Sholes, Steve

Folder NF-1809

Shore, Bill

Folder NF-1810

Hagopian, Richard Avedis

Folder NF-1811

Shriner, Herb

Folder NF-1812

Shrum, Cal

Folder NF-1813

Shultz, Arnold

Folder NF-1814

Silver Rose Quartette

Folder NF-1815

Silvertone Jubilee Quartette

Folder NF-1816

Siman, Bob

Folder NF-1817

Simerly Trio

Folder NF-1818

Simon, Paul

Folder NF-1819

Simon, Carly

Folder NF-1820

Simpson, Red

Folder NF-1821

Sinatra, Frank

Folder NF-1822

Sinatra, Nancy

Folder NF-1823

Singing Rambos, The

Folder NF-1824

Singleton, Shelby

Folder NF-1825

Sipe, P.W.

Folder NF-1826

Sir Lancelot

Folder NF-1827

Sisson, Allen

Folder NF-1828

Sizemore, Ahser

Folder NF-1829

Sizemore, Gordon

Folder NF-1830

Sizemore, Jimmie

Folder NF-1831

Skaggs, Ricky

Folder NF-1832

Skeets and Frankie

Folder NF-1833

Skillern, Floyd

Folder NF-1834

Skillet Lickers, The

Folder NF-1835

Skillet Lickers, The

Folder NF-1836

Skinner, Janet Lynn

Folder NF-1837

Skinner, Jimmie

Folder NF-1838

Slate Mountain Ramblers, The

Folder NF-1839

Slaughter, Ron

Folder NF-1840

Smallwood, Lester

Folder NF-1841

Richard Smallwood Singers, The

Folder NF-1842

Smathers, George

Folder NF-1843

Smathers, Luke and Smathers, Bea

Folder NF-1844

Smeck, Roy

Folder NF-1845

Smiley, Red

Folder NF-1846

Smith, Arthur

Folder NF-1847

Smith and Harper

Folder NF-1848

Smith, Arthur

Folder NF-1849

Smith, Bernard

Folder NF-1850

Smith, Bessie

Folder NF-1851

Smith, Carl

Folder NF-1852

Smith, Connie

Folder NF-1853

Smith, Dan

Folder NF-1854

Smith, Dorval

Folder NF-1855

Smith, Fats

Folder NF-1856

Smith, 'Funny Paper'

Folder NF-1857

Smith, Goldie Hill

Folder NF-1858

Smith, J. Hal

Folder NF-1859

Smith, Hank

Folder NF-1860

Smith, Hobart

Folder NF-1861

Smith, Kate

Folder NF-1862

Smith, Kid

Folder NF-1863

Smith, Lee

Folder NF-1864

Smith, Lloyd Mayne

Folder NF-1865

Smith, Lucius

Folder NF-1866

Smith, Mamie

Folder NF-1867

Smith, Margo

Folder NF-1868

Smith, Merritt

Folder NF-1869

Smith, Ray

Folder NF-1870

Smith, Slim

Folder NF-1871

Smith, Spark Plug

Folder NF-1872

Smith, Walter

Woodlief, Norman

Folder NF-1873

Smith, Willie

Folder NF-1874

Smith, Windy

Folder NF-1875

Smith's Garage Fiddle Band

Folder NF-1876

Smith's Sacred Singers

Folder NF-1877

Smothers Brothers

Folder NF-1878

Sneed, Manco

Folder NF-1879

Snow, Hank (2 folders)

Folder NF-1880

Snow, Kilby

Folder NF-1881

Snowball and Sunshine

Folder NF-1882

Soileau, Leo

Folder NF-1883

Son Becky

Folder NF-1884

Son Joe

Folder NF-1885

Sonotones, The

Folder NF-1886

Sons of the Pioneers

Folder NF-1887

Sons of the Pioneers

Folder NF-1888

Sons of the Pioneers

Folder NF-1889

Sons of the Pioneers

Folder NF-1890

Sons of the Pioneers

Folder NF-1891

Sons of the Pioneers

Folder NF-1892

Sons of the West

Folder NF-1893

Sorrels, Rosalie

Folder NF-1894

Soucy, Isidore

Folder NF-1895

South Georgia Highballers

Folder NF-1896

South Memphis Jug Band

Folder NF-1897

Southern, Hal

Folder NF-1898

Southern Melody Boys

Folder NF-1899

Southern Michigan String Band

Folder NF-1900

Southern Plantation Singers

Folder NF-1901

Southern Sanctified Singers

Folder NF-1902

Sovine, Red

Folder NF-1903

Spand, Charlie

Folder NF-1904

Spangler, J.W.

Folder NF-1905


Folder NF-1906

Sparks, Larry

Folder NF-1907

Spears, Billie Jo

Folder NF-1908

Speer Family

Folder NF-1909

Speir, H.C.

Folder NF-1910

Spence, Joseph

Folder NF-1911

Spencer, Sunny

Folder NF-1912

Spicher, Buddy

Folder NF-1913

Spivey, Victoria

Folder NF-1914

Spoelstra, Mark

Folder NF-1915

Spottswood, Richard

Folder NF-1916

Sprague, Carl T.

Folder NF-1917

Springfield, Tom

Folder NF-1918

Stacy, Tess

Folder NF-1919

Hengel, Christy

Folder NF-1920

Stampley, Joe

Folder NF-1921

Stamps Gospel Quartet

Folder NF-1922

Stanley Brothers (5 folders)

Folder NF-1927

Stanley, Fred

Folder NF-1928

Stanley, Roba

Folder NF-1929

Staple Singers

Folder NF-1930

Stanton, Sandy

Folder NF-1931

Starcher, Buddy

Folder NF-1932

Stark Naked

Folder NF-1933

Starkey, Fred

Folder NF-1934

Starr, Bob

Folder NF-1935

Starr, Penny

Folder NF-1936

Starr, William

Folder NF-1937

State Street Boys

Folder NF-1938

Statesman Quartet

Folder NF-1939

Statler Brothers, the

Folder NF-1940

Reverend Steamboat Bill's Revival Singers

Folder NF-1941

Steckert, Ellen

Folder NF-1942

Steele, Dan

Folder NF-1943

Steele, Gene

Folder NF-1944

Steeley, Red

Folder NF-1945

Steelman Sisters

Folder NF-1946

Stephens, James

Folder NF-1947

Stephens, 'Uncle Bunt'

Folder NF-1948

Sterling Jubilee Singers, The

Folder NF-1949

Stern, Harold

Folder NF-1950

Stevenot, Archie

Folder NF-1951

Stewart, Cal

Folder NF-1952

Stewart, Elizabeth

Folder NF-1953

Stewart, Gene

Folder NF-1954

Stewart, John

Folder NF-1955

Stewart, Redd

Folder NF-1956

Stewart, Rex

Folder NF-1957

Stewart, Wynn

Folder NF-1958

Stewart, Vernon

Folder NF-1959

Still, William Grant

Folder NF-1960

Stockard, Ocie

Folder NF-1961

Stokes, Lowe

Folder NF-1962

Stone, Cliffie

Folder NF-1963

Stone, Dee

Folder NF-1964

Stone, Harry

Folder NF-1965

Stone, Jim and Stone, Lynn

Folder NF-1966

Stone Mountain Boys

Folder NF-1967

Stone, R.M.

Folder NF-1968

Stoneman, Ernest

Folder NF-1969

Stonemans, The (2 folders)

Folder NF-1970

Storey, Carl

Folder NF-1971

Stoval, Vern

Folder NF-1972

Stover, Smokey

Folder NF-1973

Streamline, Mae

Folder NF-1974

Stripling Brothers

Stripling, Charles

Folder NF-1975

Stuart, Alice

Folder NF-1976

Hofner, Adolf

Folder NF-1977

Sugar Hill

Folder NF-1978

Suiter, Don

Folder NF-1979

Summey, James Clell

Folder NF-1980


Folder NF-1981

Sunshine Boys

Folder NF-1982

Sunshine Slim

Folder NF-1983

Sunshine Sue

Folder NF-1984

Sutton, Ella

Folder NF-1985

Swanee River Boys

Folder NF-1986

Swift Jewel Boys

Folder NF-1987

Sykes, Roosevelt

Folder NF-1988

Talbot, John

Folder NF-1989

Talent, Lester Melrose

Folder NF-1990

Tallahasee Tight

Folder NF-1991

Talley, James

Folder NF-1992

Tamony, Peter

Folder NF-1993

Tampa Red

Folder NF-1994

Tannahill Weavers

Folder NF-1995

Nance Singers, The

Folder NF-1996

Tanner, Gid

Folder NF-1997

Tarlton, Jimmie

Folder NF-1998

Tarter and Gay

Folder NF-1999

Tarheel Slim (Bunn, Alden)

Folder NF-2000

Taylor, Webster

Folder NF-2001

Taylor, Hound Dog

Folder NF-2002

Taylor, James

Folder NF-2003

Taylor, Koko

Folder NF-2004

Reverend Taylor and his Congregation

Folder NF-2005

Taylor, Richard

Folder NF-2006

Taylor, Susan

Folder NF-2007

Teagarden, Jack

Folder NF-2008


Folder NF-2009

Tennessee Cut-ups

Folder NF-2010

Tennessee Pulleybone

Folder NF-2011

Tennessee Ramblers

Folder NF-2012

Tenneva Ramblers

Folder NF-2013

Terrie, Salli

Folder NF-2014

Terry, Sonny

Folder NF-2015

Texas Rangers

Folder NF-2016

Texas Trailers

Folder NF-2017

Thibeault, William

Folder NF-2018

Thomas, B.J.

Folder NF-2019

Thomas, Eddie

Folder NF-2020

Thomas, Henry

Folder NF-2021

Thomas, James

Folder NF-2022

Thomas, Rufus

Folder NF-2023

Thomason, Jimmy

Folder NF-2024

Thomasson, Benny

Folder NF-2025

Thompson, Bud

Folder NF-2026

Thompson, Eddie

Folder NF-2027

Thompson, Ernest

Folder NF-2028

Thompson, Floyd

Folder NF-2029

Thompson, Hank

Folder NF-2030

Thompson, Joe and Odell

Folder NF-2031

Thompson, Lonie and Tomie

Folder NF-2032

Thompson, Uncle Jimmy

Folder NF-2033

Thompson, Stith

Folder NF-2034

Thompson, Sue

Folder NF-2035

Thompson, Tommy

Folder NF-2036

Thrasher, M.L., Reverend

Folder NF-2037

Three Brown Buddies

Folder NF-2038

Three Dog Night

Folder NF-2039

Three Dynamites

Folder NF-2040

Three-Fifteen and his Squares

Folder NF-2041

Three Old Cronies

Folder NF-2042

Three Sharps and Flats

Folder NF-2043

Tijuana Brass

Folder NF-2044

Tillis, Mel

Folder NF-2045

Tillotson, John

Folder NF-2046

Times Square Two, The

Folder NF-2047

Tinsley, Jim Bob

Folder NF-2048

Tinsley, John

Folder NF-2049

Tobacco Tags

Folder NF-2050

Toe River Valley Boys

Folder NF-2051

Tolliver, Kay

Folder NF-2052

Toomey, Welby

Folder NF-2053

Bess, Hettie Louise, "Tootsie" (Tootsie Bess)

Folder NF-2054

Torrence, Jackie

Folder NF-2055

Toussaint, Allen

Folder NF-2056

Towl, Jim

Folder NF-2057

Townsend, Charles

Folder NF-2058

Townsend, Henry

Folder NF-2059

Townsend, Pete

Folder NF-2060

Trace, Al

Folder NF-2061


Folder NF-2062

Trask, Diana

Folder NF-2063

Traum, Artie

Folder NF-2064

Travis, Merle (3 folders)

Folder NF-2065

Travis, James

Folder NF-2067

Travis, Randy

Folder NF-2068

Traylor, Pearl

Folder NF-2069

Trent, Bruce

Folder NF-2070

Trevor, Van

Folder NF-2071

Trice, Willie

Folder NF-2072

Trower, Robin

Folder NF-2073

Tubb, Ernest (2 folders)

Folder NF-2074

Tubb, Justin

Folder NF-2075

Tucker, Sophie

Folder NF-2076

Tucker, Tanya

Folder NF-2077

Tucky Buzzard

Folder NF-2078

Tune Wranglers, The

Folder NF-2079

Turner, Happy Jack

Folder NF-2080

Turner, Ike and Turner, Tina

Folder NF-2081

Turner, Joe

Folder NF-2082

Turner, Johnny

Folder NF-2083

Turrentine, Stanley

Folder NF-2084

Tuttle, Wesley

Folder NF-2085

Twitty, Conrad

Folder NF-2086

Twitty, Conway

Folder NF-2087

Two Poor Boys

Folder NF-2088

Tye, George

Folder NF-2089

Tyler, Johnny

Folder NF-2090

Tyler, T. Texas

Folder NF-2091

Tyner, McCoy

Folder NF-2092

Tyson, Sylvia

Folder NF-2093

Uncle Buster

Folder NF-2094

Uncle Pete and Louise

Folder NF-2095

Uncle Skipper

Folder NF-2096

Updegrove, Charles H.

Folder NF-2097

Urban, Jack

Folder NF-2098

Utica Jubilee Singers

Folder NF-2099

Utley, Deacon

Folder NF-2100

Van Dyke, Connie

Folder NF-2101

Vagabonds, the

Folder NF-2102

Van Dyke, Leroy

Folder NF-2103

Van Ronk, Dave

Folder NF-2104

Van Zandt, Townes

Folder NF-2105

Vaughan Quartet

Folder NF-2106

Vaughn, Cooney

Folder NF-2107

Vern and Ray

Folder NF-2108

Vernon, James Ermon

Folder NF-2109

Vest, Billy

Folder NF-2110

Virgil, Cleofes

Folder NF-2111

Vincent, Nat

Folder NF-2112

Voice of the Turtle

Folder NF-2113

Vokes, Howard

Folder NF-2114

Wade, Jimmy

Folder NF-2115

Wade, Peter

Folder NF-2116

Wagoner, Porter

Folder NF-2117

Wainright, Loudon

Folder NF-2118

Wakely, Jimmy

Folder NF-2119

Wakeman, Rick

Folder NF-2120

Walburn and Hethcox

Folder NF-2121

Walker, Billy

Folder NF-2122

Walker, Charlie

Folder NF-2123

Walker, Dusty

Folder NF-2124

Walker, Frank B.

Folder NF-2125

Walker, Kirby

Folder NF-2126

Walker, Homer

Folder NF-2127

Walker - Hendsley - Taylor

Folder NF-2128

Walker, John V.

Folder NF-2129

Hunter, Thomas

Folder NF-2130

Walker, Tex

Folder NF-2131

Walker, Wiley

Folder NF-2132

Wallace, Jerry

Folder NF-2133

Wallace, Sippie

Folder NF-2134

Waller, Thomas

Folder NF-2135

Wallin, Doug

Folder NF-2136

Walsh, Dock

Folder NF-2137

Walsh, Jim

Folder NF-2138

Walton, Wade

Folder NF-2139

Ward, Ed

Folder NF-2140

Wardlaw, Jack