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Collection Number: 40075

Collection Title: Institute for Research in Social Science of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Records, 1924-1987 (bulk 1924-1969)

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Size 55.0 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 13,900 items)
Abstract The Institute for Research in Social Science is the oldest institute of its kind in the United States. It began in 1924 with a grant to the University by the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Foundation. In 1927 it became a permanent institute of the University with Howard W. Odum as its Director. The original purpose of the Institute was to sponsor and to publish research on social and economic conditions in the South and on the role of local government in promoting public welfare. Records include orrespondence and other files relating to the administration and programs of the Institute for Research in Social Science, including correspondence of Howard W. Odum. Also included are correspondence of Rupert Vance as research professor, 1938-1952, and files pertaining to the Center for Urban and Regional Studies, which began as a program of the Institute. In addition, there are 186 audiocassette tapes of various social science lectures and panels, most sponsored by the Institute under the title IRSS Colloquium, from 1983 to 1987. Although the scope of the Institute's research is no longer limited to the South, these records pertain primarily to the South.
Creator University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Institute for Research in Social Science.
Curatorial Unit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. University Archives.
Language English.
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The Institute for Research in Social Science, the first of its kind in the nation, was formally established at the University of North Carolina on June 30, 1924. It was the brainchild of Professor of Sociology Howard W. Odum, who had come to the University in 1920 and in 1922 had organized the School of Public Welfare. UNC President Harry W. Chase supported Odum's innovative ideas and was instrumental in securing a three-year grant from the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial. With that funding the Institute began operation on September 15, 1924. For the next twenty-five years, it depended largely on grants from foundations; the University contributed little in the way of budgetary support.

The Institute's purpose was to investigate social and economic conditions in the South and to study the roles of city and county government agencies in promoting public welfare. This work, conducted through research assistantships provided to UNC faculty, was overseen by a Board of Governors and a Director. (In 1961 the Institute was reorganized and its Board of Governors replaced by an Administrative Board.) Odum was elected the Institute's first Director in 1927. Under his guidance and that of his successors, the Institute gained distinction for its studies of regionalism, public welfare programs, family structure, and race relations. Many of its studies were published in The Journal of Social Forces or as monographs by the University of North Carolina Press, and through these publications the Institute's impact became national and international. Social Forces, which Odum had established in 1922, eventually became one of the top three sociological journals in the world.

Although Odum intended the Institute to foster cooperation among the social sciences, its focus remained almost entirely on sociology until the 1950s. In 1948 Director Gordon Blackwell proposed a program of research in behavioral science. In 1953 a Behavioral Science Survey Committee was appointed to prepare proposals to the Ford Foundation, which ultimately granted the Institute over $1 million for behavioral science research. Those grants strengthened existing programs and funded the Social Science Statistical Laboratory and a new program in World Area Studies.

Meanwhile, the work of the Institute had coalesced around four integrated programs: the Political Behavior Committee, the Urban Studies Committee, the Organization Research Group, and a group of projects concerning social science aspects of health and the health professions. Encouraged by the Behavioral Science Survey, each of these programs developed its own organizational structure. The Political Behavior Committee spawned the University's Political Studies Program and a program leading to a master's degree in Public Administration. The Urban Studies Committee, established in 1953, united city planning, political science, sociological, and economic studies of urban processes. In 1957, with a grant of $1 million from the Ford Foundation, the Committee undertook an Urban Studies Program. At the conclusion of that grant in 1962, the Institute established the Center for Urban and Regional Studies. In 1969 the Center became an independent agency of the Consolidated University of North Carolina system. The Carolina Population Center also grew in part from the Institute's research in demographics; Institute Director Daniel Price served on the University Committee on Population Studies that established the Center in 1966.

The Institute became an administrative unit of the Division of Academic Affairs upon the creation of that Division in 1954. In September 1965 it moved to the new Division of Advanced Studies and Research. When the position of Vice Chancellor for Advanced Studies and Research was discontinued (August 31, 1967), the Institute returned to Academic Affairs, where its Director reported to the Provost. In the fall of 1990 it was again moved, this time to the oversight of the Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies and Research.

The Directors of the Institute have been:

1927-1943 Howard W. Odum
1943-1958 Gordon W. Blackwell
1958-1966 Daniel O. Price
1966-1967 Richard L. Simpson, Acting
1967-1973 James W. Prothro
1973-1981 Frank J. Munger
1981-1982 James W. Prothro, Acting
1982-1987 Bibb Latane
1987-1988 Angell C. Beza, Acting
1988-2000 John Shelton Reed
2000- Kenneth A. Bollen

For a full treatment of the history and impact of the Institute, see Guy Benton Johnson and Guion Griffis Johnson's Research in Service to Society: The First Fifty Years of the Institute for Research in Social Science at the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill, 1980).

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Records consist of correspondence and other files relating to the administration and programs of the Institute for Research in Social Science, including correspondence of Howard W. Odum. The bulk of the records consists of material related to individual research projects, including an extensive series of project reports, some of which have been published. Also included are correspondence of Rupert Vance as research professor, 1938-1952, and files pertaining to the Center for Urban and Regional Studies, which began as a program of the Institute. In addition, there are 186 audiocassette tapes of various social science lectures and panels, most sponsored by the Institute under the title IRSS Colloquium, from 1983 to 1987. Although the scope of the Institute's social science research is no longer limited to the South, these records pertain primarily to the South.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. Administrative Files.

expand/collapse Expand/collapse Subseries 1.1. General.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by filename; individual files arranged chronologically.

Box 1:1

Ad Hoc Committee to Study the Function of the IRSS, Report, 1966

Administrative Board: General, undated; 1963-1966; 1968

Administrative Board: Minutes, 1961-1962; 1965-1973; 1979; 1984

Administrative Board: Recommendations to Vice Chancellor, 1966

Administrative Structure and Policies, undated

Advisory Committee, 1953; 1961-1963; 1965

Annual Reports, 1924-1925; 1934-1982

Assistant Director (Elizabeth Fink), Correspondence of, 1965; 1968-1969

Behavioral Sciences, Survey of and Improvements in: General, undated; 1954-1961

(funded by the Ford Foundation)

Behavioral Sciences, Survey of and Improvements in: Aging, Studies in (see Series 2)

Behavioral Sciences, Survey of and Improvements in: Financial Needs for a Developmental Program in Behavioral Science, 1955

Behavioral Sciences, Survey of and Improvements in: Progress Reports, 1956-1961

Box 1:2

Board of Governors (IRSS): General, undated; 1924-1960

Board of Governors (IRSS): Minutes, 1924-1935; 1937-1961

(many early research proposals are attached to minutes)

Board of Governors (IRSS): Executive Committee: General, undated; 1948-1960

Board of Governors (IRSS): Executive Committee: Minutes, 1948-1961

Carolina Population Center (see Population Studies, below)

Department of Cooperation in Education and Race Relations, undated

Director, Correspondence of: Howard W. Odum, 1924-1932; 1935-1943; 1947-1954

Director, Correspondence of: Gordon W. Blackwell, 1945-1957

Director, Correspondence of: Daniel O. Price, 1957-1965

Director, Correspondence of: James W. Prothro, 1967-1969

Director, Search for, 1957; 1972

Box 1:3

Division of Educational Services, undated; 1972

Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration, 1981

Financial, undated; 1927-1967

Green, Fletcher M., Correspondence on Constitutional Development in the South Atlantic States, 1776-1860, 1929-1930

Hamilton, J. G. de Roulhac, Grant for Southern Historical Collection, 1930-1935

Histories and Descriptions of IRSS, undated; 1933-1969

Human Relations Area Files, 1954; 1956-1960

Institutional Exchange of Personnel in the Behavioral Sciences, Program for, 1953-1955

Odum, Howard W., Memorial Fund, 1955; 1958-1959

Organization Research Group, 1957-1961

Planning: Long-Range Planning, 1930; 1940-1943; 1957-1958

Planning: Prospectus for a Five-Year Research Program on the Changing Nature of Modern Society, 1948

Policies and Procedures: General, undated; 1949-1967

Policies and Procedures: Manual for Secretaries, undated

Political Science, Department of, 1958-1959

Population Studies: Seminars, undated; 1964-1966

Population Studies: University Committee on Population Studies: Memoranda, undated; 1962; 1964-1966

Population Studies: University Committee on Population Studies: Minutes, 1964-1965

President (University of North Carolina System): Graham, Frank Porter, 1931-1942

Project Themis, Faculty Reactions to Proposed, 1967

(sponsored by United States Department of Defense)

Publications: Monograph Series, undated; 1960; 1973

Publications: University of North Carolina News Letter, 1965-1975

Publications: Research Previews, Cumulative Table of Contents, 1953-1960

Publications: Social Forces, 1944-1969

Publications: Working Papers in Social Science Methodology, 1966-1967

Reorganization, 1961

(see also Behavioral Sciences Survey, above)

Regional Studies, undated; 1937-1944; 1950; 1952

Regional Welfare Research Institute, Proposal for, 1969

Research: General, 1930-1931; 1951-1958

(includes miscellaneous outlines and proposals)

Research: Publications and Manuscripts by the Staff, Lists of, 1945-1962; 1974

Research: Studies Conducted by IRSS, Lists of, 1924-1941; 1944-1962

Research: Work of the IRSS, 1925-1926

Space Needs, 1960

Box 1:4

Staff: Applications for Institute Membership and Assistance, 1924; 1953-1964; 1966-1978

Staff: Letters of Appointment and Salary Schedules, 1925-1968

Staff: Lists of, undated; 1927-1967

Staff Meetings, Minutes, undated; 1947-1961

Staff Planning Committee, 1958; 1960-1961

Statistical Laboratory, 1952-1963; 1968-1969

Summer Institutes: Southern Regional Development and the Social Sciences, 1936

Summer Institutes: Social Studies, 1944

Survey Operations Unit, 1951-1958

Undergraduate Research Participation Program, 1959-1960

University of North Carolina Press, 1928-1967

Urban and Regional Studies, Center for: General, 1955-1971

(for files on individual studies, see Urban Studies Program in Series 2)

Urban and Regional Studies, Center for: Annual Reports, 1958-1962

Urban and Regional Studies, Center for: Hunter, Floyd, 1957-1958

Urban and Regional Studies, Center for: Report, 1960-1961

Urban and Regional Studies, Center for: Research in Progress, 1969

Urban and Regional Studies, Center for: Steering Committee, 1957-1961

Urban and Regional Studies, Center for: Urban Studies Committee, Study Program for, 1954-1955

Vance, Rupert B., Correspondence of, 1938-1941; 1947-1952; 1969

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2. Project Files.

Arrangement: Alphabetical by filename; individual files arranged chronologically.

This series contains records concerning individual research projects undertaken by the Institute and its members. For many of these projects, only proposals are available; for some, reports and other materials are included. No projects are listed here, however, for which only reports are available. Reports and publications with no supporting materials are contained in Series 3. Files on the general planning of the IRSS research program are in Series 1. The minutes of the Board of Governors in Series 1 also contain research proposals and discussions thereof, especially for the early years of the Institute.

Box 2:1

Administrative County Government in South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana, Proposal, 1929

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: 1950 Study: General, undated; 1950-1954

Raymond F. Gould, Investigator

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: 1950 Study: "The Concepts of Function and Functionality in a Study of Low-Income Broken Families in the United States"

(Gould's dissertation)

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: 1960 Study: Administration and Publication of Study, undated; 1960-1969

M. Elaine Burgess and Daniel O. Price, Investigators

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: 1960 Study: An American Dependency Challenge, 1963

(final report)

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: 1960 Study: Correspondence, undated; 1960-1964

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: Financial Records, 1963-1964

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: Re-Study, Proposed, 1967-1969; 1971

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: Study of ADC Families and Children: Correspondence, undated; 1962-1966

(United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Welfare Administration, Project No. 133 for further analysis of study data)

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: Study of ADC Families and Children: Progress Report, [1964]

Aid to Dependent Children Studies: Study of ADC Families and Children: Report, 1966

An Analysis of Rationally Directed Community Organization as Related to the Changing Social Structure of American Communities, Proposal, 1948

Gordon W. Blackwell, Investigator

Appalachian Study, 1943

John W. Florin, Investigator

Application of Geocoding Systems to Health Data Collected for Local, State, and National Uses, Proposal, 1975

An Approach to County Planning, Proposal, 1943

Paul W. Wager, Investigator

Case Study of Modernization and Religion in the South, Proposal, undated

James L. Peacock, Investigator

Box 2:2

The Changing Position of the Negro: General, 1958-1961; 1963-1967

Charles E. Bowerman, Daniel O. Price, and Ernest Q. Campbell, Investigators

The Changing Position of the Negro: Negro Political Participation in the South, 1961-1963

Donald R. Matthews and James W. Prothro, Investigators

Changing Settlement Patterns of Western Societies: Patterns of Growth and Decay, Proposal, 1977-1978

Susan E. Clarke, Investigator

Cherokee Studies: General, 1955; 1959-1962

John Gulick, Investigator

Cherokee Studies: Cherokees at the Crossroads, 1959

Children in Culture Change, Proposal, 1963

John J. Honigmann, Investigator

Citizen Participation in Five Non-U.S. Cities, Proposal, 1973

Frank J. Munger, Investigator

Community Conflict and Housing Experience: Implications for Administration and Planning, Proposal, undated

N. J. Demerath, Investigator

Community Development Planning: Local Objective Setting Under Consolidated Federal Grant Programs, Proposal, 1972

David R. Godschalk, Investigator

Comparative Effectiveness of Different Program Formats for Classroom Instruction via Radio: General, 1948

John E. Ivey, Jr., Investigator

Comparative Effectiveness of Different Program Formats for Classroom Instruction via Radio: Report, 1950

Comparative State Elections Project, undated; 1967-1974

Frank J. Munger, Investigator (produced the book, Explaining the Vote)

Comparative Study of Rural and Industrial Life in the South, Proposal, 1934

Covert Behavioral Processes in Interpersonal Interaction, 1967

Leonard S. Cottrell, Jr., Investigator

Cross National Comparative Study of Governmental Regulation of the Use of Private Land in Advanced Industrial Societies, Proposal, 1974

Thomas J. Shoenbaum, Investigator

Daytime Care of Children Under Three Years of Age in North Carolina, Proposal, 1965

Mary Elizabeth Keister, Investigator

The Differential Mortality of the Sexes, 1900-1954: Cultural and Biological Factors in the Diverging Life Chances of American Men and Women: General, 1956-1957

Francis Madigan, Investigator

The Differential Mortality of the Sexes, 1900-1954: Cultural and Biological Factors in the Diverging Life Chances of American Men and Women: Dissertation, 1956

Difficulties in Measuring Racial Mental Traits, Proposal, 1935

The Effects of Cross-Media Ownership on News Homogeneity, Proposal, undated

William T. Gormley, Jr. and Duncan MacRae, Jr., Investigators

Effects on Educational Policy and Administration of Parent Advisory Councils and Other Forms of Participation, Proposal, 1976

Henry A. Lansberger, Investigator

Elements in Indian and Pakistan Social Personality, Proposal, 1961

John J. Honigmann, Investigator

Environmental Stability and Economic Development in the Southern States, Proposal, 1973

Thad L. Beyle, Investigator

Eskimo and Indians in Canadian Arctic Towns, Proposal, 1965

John J. Honigmann, Investigator

Experiment in the Use of Television in Teaching, Proposal, undated

Earl R. Wynn, Investigator

Gardner, O. Max, Biography, 1947-1951; 1956-1970

William M. Geer and Joseph L. Morrison, Investigators

Institutional Philosophy, Practice, and Structure Conducive to Restoration of Family Living for the Child, 1960-1963

Alan Keith-Lucas, Investigator

Institutionalization and the Structure of Elite Belief Systems, Proposal, undated

Donald R. Searing, Investigator

International Study of Programs for Infants and Young Children, Proposal, 1968

Nancy Robinson, Investigator (to be undertaken with the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center)

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Sex Among Unmarried University Students, 1968

Karl E. Bauman, Investigator

Learning Contingencies in the College Classroom: A Pilot Study: Proposal, 1966-1967

James A. Wiggins, Investigator

Learning Contingencies in the College Classroom: A Pilot Study: Report, 1968

The Library Movement in the Southeast, Proposal, [after 1928]

Box 2:3

Markov Models of Sectoral Interation and Price Determination in Metropolitan Housing Markets, Proposal, undated; 1975-1976

Philip C. Emmi, Investigator

A Mathematical Model of Migration Studies Suitable for Simulation on an Electronic Computer, 1958-1959

Daniel O. Price, Investigator

Mental Health Planning, Summer Studies, undated; 1964

(contract research performed by the IRSS for the North Carolina Department of Health)

Mental Health Training Program, 1956-1961

Harvey L. Smith, Investigator

A Modernizing Society: An Analysis of Social, Cultural, Economic, and Demographic Characteristics of Contemporary Iran, Proposal, 1976

Ali A. Paydarfar, Investigator (rejected)

A Multi-National Study of the Attitudinal Base for Demogenic Policy (proposal, with the Carolina Population Center), 1969

James W. Prothro, James E. Allen, and Vaida N. Thompson, Investigators

Multivariate Analysis in Sociology, undated; 1965-1967

H. M. Blalock, Investigator

Normative Controls and the Use of Alcohol, undated; 1959-1965

Ernest Q. Campbell, Investigator

Occupational Choice and Mobility in the Urbanizing Piedmont of North Carolina: General, 1959-1960

Richard L. Simpson, David R. Norsworthy, and H. Max Miller, Investigators

Occupational Choice and Mobility in the Urbanizing Piedmont of North Carolina: Report, 1960

Operation Breakthrough, Proposals, 1964-1966

Parent and Peer Orientation of Adolescents, undated; 1957-1961

Charles E. Bowerman, Investigator

Pender County Community Action Program, 1965

Perceptual and Structural Factors in Group Behavior, 1955-1961

John W. Thibault and Nicholas J. Demerath, Investigators

Personality Development of Southern Rural Children, 1960-1961

John W. Thibault, W. Grant Dahlstrom, and Halbert B. Robinson, Investigators

Planned Interregional Migration and the Changing Social Structure, Proposal, undated

Daniel O. Price, Howard W. Odum, and Guy B. Johnson, Investigators

Political Attitudes in Venezuela, Proposal, 1975

Enrique A. Balroya and John D. Martz, Investigators

The Processes of Community Change as a Consequence of School Desegregation in the South, Proposal, 1954

Projection of Needed Growth of the University of North Carolina School of Law over the Period 1967-1975, 1966; 1971-1975

Frank J. Munger, Investigator

Proposal for a Social Science Program in the Field of Health, 1951; 1954-1960

Harvey L. Smith, Investigator (study of the North Carolina Memorial Hospital Psychiatric Inpatient Service)

Propositional Inventory in Culture Change, 1960

John J. Honigmann, Investigator

Providing Policy-Relevant Survey Data for the United States House of Representatives, Proposal, 1978

Frank J. Munger, Investigator

Psychological Aspects of the Muslim Reformation of Southeast Asia, 1973

James L. Peacock, Investigator (proposal for renewal of support)

Race Tensions (On Trying to Analyze Southern Race Tensions with Special Reference to the War Situation and to the Total National Picture), 1942-1943

Howard W. Odum, Investigator

Rural Life Trends Project, Study No. 3: Farmers' Use of 1942 Income, 1943

The School Teacher: Social Values, Community Role, and Professional Self-Image: General, 1959-1965

Richard L. Simpson, Investigator

The School Teacher: Social Values, Community Role, and Professional Self-Image: Report, 1969

Social Factors in Educational Achievement and Aspirations among Negro Adolescents, 1960-1961

Charles E. Bowerman and Ernest Q. Campbell, Investigators

Some of the Effects on the School Children of the Virginia School Closings, 1957-1960

Ernest Q. Campbell, Investigator

Some of the Implications for High Speed Computers on Sociological Research and Applications in Migration, undated; 1957-1960

Daniel O. Price, Investigator

Southeastern Regional Survey, 1966-1972

Bruce K. Eckland, Investigator (on mass political participation)

Box 2:4

Southern Regional Study: General, undated; 1932-1935

Southern Regional Study: Bibliography

Southern Regional Study: Preliminary Work Memoranda, [Part] VIII: Regional Literature and Folk Characterization, [by] Helen Irene Cobb

Southern Regional Study: Regional Folk Culture, [by] Helen Irene Cobb and Others

Southern Regional Study: Source Tables and Materials: Agricultural Commodities and Land Use

Southern Regional Study: Source Tables and Materials: Church and Religion

Southern Regional Study: Source Tables and Materials: Education

Southern Regional Study: Source Tables and Materials: Government and Finance

Southern Regional Study: Source Tables and Materials: Population

Southern Regional Study: Source Tables and Materials: The South's Representation

Southern Regional Study: Source Tables and Materials: Subregions of the Southeast

Southern Regional Study: Southern Regions of the United States, Reviews and Comments, 1936-1939

(mostly clippings)

Soviet Planning Studies, 1957-1960

John A. Parker, Investigator

Speech Variation, Social Structure, and Personality, undated; 1962-1965. INVESTIGATOR:

Lewis Levine, Investigator

State Energy Policy and Administration: An Intergovernmental and Organizational Evaluation, Proposal, undated

Thad L. Beyle and Alfred R. Light, Investigators

The States and Environmental Issues: Events Data as Indicator of Conflict and Conflict Resolution, Proposal, 1975

Thad L. Beyle, Investigator

Stress in Directed Culture Change, 1958-1960

John J. Honigmann and John Gulick, Investigators

A Study of the Effects of Academic and Non-Academic Achievements upon the Careers of Graduates from the Phillips Exeter Academy: General, 1965-1970

Bruce K. Eckland, Investigator

A Study of the Effects of Academic and Non-Academic Achievements upon the Careers of Graduates from the Phillips Exeter Academy: Proposal, 1966-1967

A Study of the Relocation of Rural Families from the New hope Dam Site in North Carolina, 1957-1968

Daniel O. Price, Investigator

Box 2:5

The Study of the Southern People: General, 1937

The Study of the Southern People: Poor White, Definition of, 1937-1938

Survey of the Patterns of Psychiatric Nursing in North Carolina, Proposal, 1955

University Research Administration Policies: General, undated; 1959-1962

Daniel O. Price, Investigator

University Research Administration Policies: Report, 1962

Unwed Motherhood: Personal and Social Consequences: General, 1960-1966

Charles E. Bowerman, Donald P. Irish, and Hallowell Pope, Investigators

Unwed Motherhood: Personal and Social Consequences: Report, 1963

Urban Studies Program: Program of Related Research Proposals on Processes of Control and Patterns of Urban Living, 1955

Urban Studies Committee, Investigator

Urban Studies Program: Attitudes and Concepts of Living Qualities Held by City Residents as These Relate to Highway and Land Development, Proposal, 1961

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr., Investigator

Urban Studies Program: Attitudes toward Livability in a Sample of Elder Citizens, undated; 1958-1961

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr. and Robert L. Wilson, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: Decision-Making for Environmental Change in Urban Organizational Systems: Sources and Processes, Proposal, 1962

John A. Parker and Lawrence D. Mann, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: Determinants of Land Development and their Implications for Traffic, 1959-1961

Urban Studies Program: Economic Considerations in Residential Land Utilization, Proposal, 1959

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr. and George C. Hemmens, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: Emerging Forms of Metropolitanism in the South, Proposal, 1957

Urban Studies Program: Environmental Engineering Policies and Urban Development, 1962; 1964; 1966-1968

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr., Investigator

Urban Studies Program: Growth Problems in an Urbanizing Region and Key Variables to their Solution, Proposal, 1959-1960

Urban Studies Program: Household Activity Systems, A Pilot Investigation: Pretest Study on Household Activity Patterns and Community Health, 1963-1964

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr., Investigator

Urban Studies Program: Household Activity Systems, A Pilot Investigation: Report, 1966

Urban Studies Program: The Implications of Environmental Engineering Policy Considerations for Alternate Forms of Urban Development, Proposal, 1962

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr. and Shirley F. Weiss, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: Land Development Patterns in the Piedmont Industrial Crescent: Proposal, 1957

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr., George C. Hemmens, Thomas C. Donnely, and Shirley F. Weiss, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: Land Development Patterns in the Piedmont Industrial Crescent: Report, 1960

Urban Studies Program: Leadership Patterns and Community Decision-Making in Cities of the Piedmont Crescent, Proposal, 1957

Urban Studies Program: Livability in the City: Attitudes and Urban Development, Proposal, 1962

Robert L. Wilson, Investigator (see also Program of Related Research Proposals on Processes of Control and Patterns of Urban Living)

Urban Studies Program: Monitoring Black and White Lifeways in the Urban Scene, Proposal, 1969

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr., Investigator

Urban Studies Program: Moving Behavior and Residential Choice: Proposal, 1968

Edgar W. Butler, F. Stuart Chapin, Jr., Edward J. Kaiser, George C. Hemmens, Michael A. Stegman, and Shirley F. Weiss, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: Moving Behavior and Residential Choice: Report, 1968

Box 2:6

Urban Studies Program: New Towns Research Series: Evaluation of New Communities: Selected Preliminary Findings, 1969

Shirley F. Weiss, Raymond J. Burby, III, and Robert B. Zehner, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: New Towns Research Series: New Town Development--Convergence of Concept and Reality: Proposal, 1968

Shirley F. Weiss, Henry C. Hightower, Edward J. Kaiser, and Raymond J. Burby, III, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: New Towns Research Series: New Towns in the United States: Experiment in Private Entrepreneurship: Report, 1973

Shirley F. Weiss, Investigator

Urban Studies Program: New Towns Research Series: New Towns from the Point of View of the Ghetto Resident: Phase I--Developing a Method of Inquiry (research memorandum), 1969

Joseph T. Howell, Investigator

Urban Studies Program: Newcomers to Urban Centers: Why They Move and Their Socio-Political Enculturation in the City, Proposal, 1958

Kurt Back, Bob Agger, John Gulick, and Charles E. Bowerman, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: Population Redistribution and Community Health, Proposal, 1968

Edward J. Kaiser and Edgar W. Butler, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: The Role of Key Personnel in Urban Planning and Development, Proposal, 1960

Robert T. Daland and John A. Parker, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: The Role of the Urban Planner, Proposal, 1955

Frederic N. Cleaveland and John A. Parker, Investigators (see also Program of Related Research Proposals on Processes of Control and Patterns of Urban Living)

Urban Studies Program: Simulation of Urban Activity Patterns, Proposal, 1967

George C. Hemmens, Investigator

Urban Studies Program: The Situation of the Negro as Affected by Decisions to Change the Physical Environment: Some Comparative Studies: Proposal, 1961

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr., Lawrence D. Mann, and John A. Parker, Investigators

Urban Studies Program: The Socio-Psychological Problems of Planning: Proposal, undated

Urban Studies Program: State Highway Commission Study of Intercity Traffic Patterns: Proposal, 1968

Urban Studies Program: Survey Research Investigations of Commuter Attitudes: Proposal, 1960

F. Stuart Chapin, Jr., Investigator

Urban Studies Program: Urban Land Dynamics in Authorized Reservoir Areas, Proposal, 1969

Shirley F. Weiss, Investigator

Voluntary Associations in America: General, 1958-1960

Richard L. Simpson, Donald Freeman, William H. Gulley, and Donald D. Smith, Investigator

Voluntary Associations in America: Report, 1960

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Arrangement: Alphabetical by last name of author.

A database including date and title information is available in the Manuscripts Department.

Box 3:1


Box 3:2


Box 3:3


Box 3:4


Box 3:5


Box 3:6

Go-Hagood, M. J. (Mothers...)

Box 3:7

Hagood, M. J. (Statistical...)-Hi

Box 3:8

Ho-IRSS (Development...)

Box 3:9

IRSS (Financial...)-Ka

Box 3:10


Box 3:11


Box 3:12


Box 3:13

Ne-Parker, F.

Box 3:14

Parker, J.-Q

Box 3:15

R-Simpson, G.

Box 3:16

Simpson, R.-Stei

Box 3:17

Stev-Vance, R. B. (Human Factors...)

Box 3:18

Vance, R. B. (Human Geography...)-Wild

Box 3:19


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Arrangement: Chronological order with undated lectures at the end.

These lectures were recorded by IRSS staff between 1983 and 1987. Most were IRSS Colloquia, a lunchtime series of social science lectures and panel discussions that provided a forum for faculty interdisciplinary exchange. The remaining lectures were sponsored by other academic divisions of the University; most of these are single lectures, although a few are part of longer seminars or workshops. The speaker's name and (when known) affiliation are given for each lecture, along with the title and the series or workshop of which it was a part. Incomplete or uncertain titles are listed in brackets.

Audiocassette C-40075/1

1 March 1983, Stevens Clarke (Institute of Government), Recent Research on Felony Prosecution and Sentencing in North Carolina (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/2

15 March 1983, Harriet Rheingold (Department of Psychology, emeritus), The Significance of Early Pro-Social Behavior (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/3

29 March 1983, Jurg Steiner (Department of Political Science), Decision Process and Policy Outcome: A Cross-National Study of Energy Issues (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/4

5 April 1983, Robert Stevenson (School of Journalism), Mass Media Development in the Third World (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/5

19 April 1983, Andrew Baum (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences), Stress Consequences of Three-Mile Island (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/6

25 April 1983, John Smith (Department of Computer Science), A Retrieval and Analysis System for Natural Language Data (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/7

4 May 1983, Nehemia Friedland, Responses to Terrorism (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/8

7 June 1983, Wayne Durrill (IRSS Fellow), Quantitative History: Possibilities and Prospects (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/9

14 June 1983, Michael Livesay (IRSS Fellow), Computer Technology and the Process of Anthropological Understanding (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/10

12 July 1983, John Kasson (Department of History), Rituals of Everyday Life: Excruciatingly Correct Behavior in 19th Century Urban America (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/11

19 July 1983, Seth Finn (Department of Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures), Why President Reagan Doesn't Like the News: An Information Processing Approach to News Value" (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/12

6 September 1983, Anthony Oberschall (Department of Sociology), The New Christian Right (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/13

27 September 1983, Norris Johnson (Department of Anthropology), Educational Architecture and Environmental Conditioning (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/14

4 October 1983, Alice Isen (Department of Psychology), Positive Affect and Decision-Making Strategies (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/15

11 October 1983, Sharon Long, Helen Tauchen, and Ann Witte (Department of Economics), Economic Issues in Family Violence (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/16

18 October 1983, Jeffrey Obler (Department of Political Science), Generosity, Duty, and the Welfare State (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/17

25 October 1983, West, Avion Gender Gap (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/18

1 November 1983, Jack Behrman (School of Business), International Economic Integration (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/19

8 November 1983, John Florin (Department of Geography), Seasonality of Births in North Carolina (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/20

9 November 1983, John Vandenbergh (North Carolina State University), Social Factors Controlling the Onset of Puberty in Female Mice (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/21

11 November 1983, John Long (United States Census Bureau), What's Happening at the U.S. Census Bureau? (Population Research Seminar)

Audiocassette C-40075/22

15 November 1983, James Blascovich (SUNY-Buffalo), Social Science and Automation (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/23

29 November 1983, Beverly Wiggins (IRSS), The UNC Panel: A New Data Resource for Social Science (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/24

6 December 1983, Morton Hunt, Communicating Social Science (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/25

7 December 1983, Peter Stratton, Neonatal Psychology (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/26

31 January 1984, Krishnan Namboodiri (Department of Sociology), The Macro Perspective in Family Studies (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/27

February 1984, Clyde Coombs, The Structure of Conflict (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/28

7 February 1984, James Jones (American Psychological Association/University of Delaware), Trios (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/29

14 February 1984, Middleton, Anthropological Research in Ghana (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/30

21 February 1984, Robert Gallman (Department of Economics), How Do I Measure Thee? Let Me Count the Ways: Investment, Capital, and Wealth in the 19th Century (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/31

28 February 1984, Carl Pletsch (Department of History), John Locke's Two Treatises of Government (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/32

20 March 1984, Konrad Jarausch (Department of History), The Crisis of German Professions (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/33

27 March 1984, Martin Dillon (School of Library Science), Microcomputer Retrieval of Survey Data (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/34

April 1984, Robert Sternberg, The Triarchic Theory of Intelligence (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/35

3 April 1984, Carole Crumley (Department of Anthropology), Pattern Recognition in the Social Sciences (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/36

5 April 1984, Richard Scott, Desegregation (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/37

10 April 1984, David Sears (UCLA), The Symbolic Politics of Tax Revolts (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/38

17 April 1984, Roger Lotchin (Department of History), Getting on Target: Nuclear Weapons, Jet Technology, and American City, (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/39

24 April 1984, John Reed (Department of Sociology), Victorian Counterculture: Anglo-Catholocism as a Social Movement (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/40

29 May 1984, Craig Calhoun (Department of Sociology), Collective Action and Direct Democracy (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/41

5 June 1984, John Turner (Department of Sociology), Some Problems in Instituting Program Change (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/42

12 June 1984, William Rohe (Department of City and Regional Planning), Informal Social Control and Crime Prevention (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/43

19 June 1984, John Smith (Department of Computer Science), Starting a Textual Data Base

Audiocassette C-40075/44

10 July 1984, Cheryl Colbert (Department of Political Science), State Agency Participation in the Political Process: The Importance of Ecological Context (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/45

17 July 1984, Bibb Latane (IRSS) and John Barefoot (IRSS Research Associate), Social Loafing on Cognitive Tasks (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/46

24 July 1984, Jay Bolter (Department of Classics), Associative Thinking, Creative Writing, and the Computer (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/47

28 August 1984, Stanley Black , Government Policy and Risk in Foreign Exchange (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/48

29 August 1984, William Graves (Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, General Education), Computers and Education in the University: Prospects for the Late 1980s (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-4007548/49

4 September 1984, Donald Searing (Department of Political Science), The Consequences and Counterpoints of Political Socialization (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/50

11 September 1984, John Gulick (Department of Anthropology), Changing Formation of Female Gender Roles in Cairo, Egypt (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/51

18 September 1984, David Godschalk (Department of City and Regional Planning),Hurricane Hazard Reduction Through Development Management: Public Policy Issues (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/52

25 September 1984, Gerhard Lenski, Strategies of Development: Historical Comparisons (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/53

2 October 1984, Jane Brown (School of Journalism), Portrayals of Race and Gender in Rock Videos (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/54

3 October 1984, Terence Evans, Explanation and Ethnography: Using Genesis/Israeli Kibbutz (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/55

9 October 1984, James Peacock (Department of Anthropology), An Anthropologist Goes to the Olympics (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/56

23 October 1984, Glen Elder, Perspective in Life Course Analysis (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/57

30 October 1984, B. J. Campbell, Occupant Restraint (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/58

31 October 1984, John Conley, Storytelling in Small Claims Court (Anthropology Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/59

6 November 1984, Merle Black (Department of Political Science), The Future of Southern State Politics (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/60

7 November 1984, Howard Leventhal, Psychology and Illness (Psychology Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/61

8 November 1984, Theodore Hamerow, Crisis in History (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/62

13 November 1984, David Jenness (Consortium of Scientific Associations), Current Climate of Relations Between the Federal Government and Research Universities (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/63

20 November 1984, David Heise (Indiana University), The Sociology of Affect (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/64

4 December 1984, Richard Soloway (Department of History), Pro-natalism, Race Reconstruction, and the Declining Birth Rate in Britain During World War I (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/65

15 January 1985, Duncan MacRae (Department of Political Science), North Carolina Public Schools: Policy Analysis (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/66

29 January 1985, Margaret Spencer (Emory University), Black Child Adoptions: Exploring the Issue of Risk and Resilience (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/67

12 February 1985, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese and Eugene Genovese (National Humanities Center), The Mind of the Southern Slaveholders: Research Methods and Problems (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/68

19 February 1985, April Veness (Department of Geography), The Personality of a Place Called the West Side of St. Paul (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/69

26 February 1985, Anthony Oberscall, Household Composition and Agriculture Technology in Zambian Rural Districts (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/70-71



26 February 1985, Stuart Marks (St. Andrews College), Southern Hunting in Black and White (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/72

12 March 1985, Zhao Jinglun, Relevance of America's Political System to China's Political Modernization (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/73

13 March 1985, John Darley, Self-fulfilling Prophecy (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/74

19 March 1985, Phoebe Lloyd, Depiction of Children in American Portraiture, 1664-1890 (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/75

26 March 1985, James Peacock (Department of Anthropology) and Ruel Tyson (Department of Religious Studies), Pentecostal and Calvinist--Comparative Life Histories (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/76

26 March 1985, Darnell Hawkins, Black and White Rates of Imprisonment (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/77

2 April 1985, Sue Estroff (Department of Social Medicine), Kinship and Conflict: Child Abuse (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/78

3 April 1985, Kingsley Davis (Stanford University), Demographic Foundations of the Sex-Role Revolution (Population Research Seminar)

Audiocassette C-40075/79

9 April 1985, Edward Tufte, Statistical Graphics (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/80

10 April 1985, Thomas Wallsten, The Precise Understanding of Vague Opinions (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/81

16 April 1985, Otis Graham (Department of History), History of the Prostitute: Industrial Policy Debate (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/82

23 April 1985, Hilda Himmelweit (London School of Economics), Political Attitudes and Voter Choice in a British Context (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/83

23 April 1985, Anthony Whitehead, Festive Food Occasions and Network Dynamics in North Carolina (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/84

24 April 1985, Edward Wilson (Harvard University), Biology and Culture: A Major Research Opportunity (Manglesdorf Public Lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/85

3 May 1985, Panel Data Workshop: Lutz Erbing, Panel Data Uses, Abuses, and Alterations

Audiocassette C-40075/86

3 May 1985, Panel Data Workshop: David Martin, Design of the Census Bureau New Income Statistics: Problems and Challenges

Audiocassette C-40075/87

3 May 1985, Panel Data Workshop: Jeffery Evans, Panel Studies on Families and Households

Audiocassette C-40075/88

3 May 1985, Panel Data Workshop: Panel Discussion

Audiocassette C-40075/89

9 May 1985, Herbert Alexander (University of Southern California), Political Money in the 1980s (Public Policy Lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/90

4 June 1985, Guy Johnson (Departments of Anthropology and Sociology), On Using Folk Music Themes in Formal Composition (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/91

11 June 1985, William Keech, Modeling Competition in Issue Space (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/92

18 June 1985, John Rolf (National Institutes for Mental Health), Developmental Psychopathology (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/93

23 July 1985, Richard Shiff (Department of Art), Photographic Realism (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/94

30 July 1985, Earl Shaefer (Department of Maternal and Child Health, School of Medicine), Modernity--Societal, Individual, and Parental Development of Academic Competence (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/95

27 August 1985, Bess Lomax Hawes (Curriculum in Folklore), Public Perceptions of Folklore (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/96

10 September 1985, Judith Wood, Online Databases (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/97

17 September 1985, Robert Cairnes (Department of Psychology), Predicting Aggression in Boys (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/98

19 September 1985, Habits of the Heart Panel

Audiocassette C-40075/99

20 September 1985, Radheshyam Bairagi (Carolina Population Center), Food Crises, Child Nutrition, and Female Children in Rural Bangladesh (Population Research Seminar)

Audiocassette C-40075/100

23 September 1985, Julius Nyang'oro, Political Choices and the African Development Experience (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/101

24 September 1985, Maris Vinovskis (University of Michigan), Adolescent Pregnancy: Some Historical and Policy Perspectives (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/102

25 September 1985, Rachel Rosefeld (Department of Sociology), Mobility in Academia: Men's and Women's Experiences (Women's Studies Lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/103

1 October 1985, Kai Erikson (Yale University, On Writing Social Science (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/104

8 October 1985, Peter Lange (Duke University), The Political Economy of Consensual Wage Regulation (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/105-106



15 October 1985, Thad Beyle and Merle Black (Department of Political Science), Seth Finn (Department of Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures), and Donald Shaw (School of Journalism), A Race for the Senate: Studies of the Helms-Hunt Campaign (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/107

17 October 1985, Lewis Binford, Hunter-Gatherer and Horticulturist Interaction in Different Regional Settings (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/108

4 November 1985, Joyce Ladner, Children Having Children: The Feminization of Poverty Revisited (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/109

5 November 1985, Sally Lloyd-Bostock (Oxford University), Compensation and Safety Regulation: Victims' and Safety Officials' Responses to Accidents (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/110

12 November 1985, Urie Bronfenbrenner (Cornell University), The Ecology of Human Development in Mid-Passage (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/111

19 November 1985, Andrew Scott (Department of Political Science), Castellon--Computer Simulation of a Latin American Country (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/112

20 November 1985, Jane DeHart-Mathews (Department of History), The Threat of Equality: The ERA and the Myth of Female Solidarity (Women's Studies Lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/113

26 November 1985, Angela Lumpkin (Department of Physical Education), The Graham Plan--An Early Attempt to Regulate the Subsidization of Intercollegiate Athletics (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/114

3 December 1985, James Heckman (University of Chicago), Time-Series and Cross-Section Evidence on the Status of Blacks and the Role of Government in Determining that Status (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/115

1986, William Leuchtenberg, Colloquium on Liberalism in America

Audiocassette C-40075/116

14 January 1986, John Kasarda (Department of Sociology), Economic Transformation and Minority Unemployment in U.S. and West German Cities (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/117

21 January 1986, Walter Newell (University of Nebraska), The Political Thought of Martin Heidigger (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/118

27 January 1986, John Naisbitt, Re-inventing the Corporation (Business School Symposium on Managing in the 1990s)

Audiocassette C-40075/119

28 January 1986, James Ferguson (General Foods), Corporate Values: The CEO's Primary Responsibility (Business School Symposium on Managing in the 1990s)

Audiocassette C-40075/120

28 January 1986,, Don McCloskey (University of Iowa), The Rhetoric of Economics

Audiocassette C-40075/121

31 January 1986,, Boone Turchi (Carolina Population Center/Department of Economics), The Time Costs of Children (Population Research Seminar)

Audiocassette C-40075/122

4 February 1986, Marilyn Brewer (UCLA), Collective Decisions (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/123

5 February 1986, John Money (Johns Hopkins University), History and Legacy of Degeneracy Theory in Psychology (Psychology Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/124

11 February 1986, Paul Wall (Tuskegee), Family Ties in Black Migration (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/125

18 February 1986, Martin Golding (Duke University), Moral Community (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/126

25 February 1986, James Gallagher (School of Education/Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center), Stress and Support (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/127

5 March 1986, Harold Stevens (University of Michigan), Children of Three Cultures (Psychology Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/128

6 March 1986, Deberah Richardson, Conflict Management (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/129

11 March 1986, Vincent Crapanzano (Queens College, New York), Waiting: Rhetoric, Racism, and the Whites of South Africa (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/130

18 March 1986, Kenneth Land (Duke University), New Methods of Computing Tables of School Life (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/131

20 March 1986, G. David Hughes, Developments in Analysis (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/132

26 March 1986, Christopher Lasch (University of Rochester), Conscience, Reason, and Imagination in the Life of the Mind (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/133

April 1986, Rodney Needham (Oxford University), Aspects of Invention (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/134

1 April 1986, Senator Thomas Eagleton (Missouri), The War Powers Act and National Security (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/135

2 April 1986, Christine Stansell (Princeton University), Erotic Terrain: Working-Class Women and Sexual Culture in 19th-Century New York City (Women's Studies Lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/136-137



8 April 1986, Samuel Williamson (Department of History; provost), The Origins of the First World War (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/138

15 April 1986, Werner Callebaut (Linburgs University, Belgium), Genotypes, Phenotypes, and Sociocultural Evolution (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/139

21 April 1986, Sahlins, Social Science, or the Tragic Western Sense of Human Imperfection (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/140

22 April 1986, Jacquelyn Hall (Department of History), Work, Community, and Protest in the Textile South (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/141

24 April 1986, Robert A. Gorski (UCLA), Biological Foundations of Sex Roles (Mellon Distinguished Lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/142

22 May 1986, Alan Barton (Columbia University), Survey Research on Political Attitude Formation among Elite Groups (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/143

27 May 1986, Mary Culnan (American University), Mapping the Structure of Academic Disciplines: The Case of MIS and Organizational Behavior (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/144

3 June 1986, Margaret Miles (School of Nursing), Bereavement and Guilt (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/145

10 June 1986, Abraham Wandersman (University of South Carolina), Understanding Citizen Participation (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/146

17 June 1986, George Welsh (Department of Psychology), Presidential Personalities (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/147

8 July 1986, Walter Soderlund (University of Windsor), Press Images of Maurice Bishop, Prime Minister of Granada (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/148

22 July 1986, Pamela Conover (Department of Political Science), The Politics of Group Sympathy (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/149

26 August 1986, Stephen Krasner (Stanford University), The Evolution of Sovereignty (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/150

2 September 1986, Robin Dawes (Carnegie-Mellon), Cooperation in the Absence of Egoistic Payoffs (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/151

5 September 1986, Peter Uhlenberg (Carolina Population Center), Does Population Aging Affect Gerontology? (Population Research Seminar)

Audiocassette C-40075/152

16 September 1986, Howard Aldrich (Department of Sociology), How American Business Organized Itself in the 20th Century (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/153

19 September 1986, Gerhard Weinberg (Department of History), Germany and the U.S.: Perspectives and Problems (German Conference)

Audiocassette C-40075/154

19 September 1986, Seminar on Thomas Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, sponsored by the Program in the Humanities and Human Values

Audiocassette C-40075/155

23 September 1986, Nancy Warren (Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine), Children of Divorce (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/156

29 September 1986, Anthony Giddens (Cambridge University), The Prospects for Social Theory Today (unidentified lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/157

30 September 1986, Anthony Giddens (Cambridge University), Time and Space in Social Theory (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/158

7 October 1986, John Pocock (Johns Hopkins University), Paradigms and Parabolas: Problems of Languages in History (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/159

8 October 1986, Camille B. Wortman (University of Michigan), Coping with Irrevocable Loss (Psychology Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/160

14 October 1986, Johnella Butler (Smith College), Ethnicity and Women's Writings (Faculty Seminar)

Audiocassette C-40075/161

14 October 1986, Lars Shoultz (Department of Political Science), Perceptions of Crisis: Policy-Makers' Beliefs about Latin America (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/162

21 October 1986, Charles Taylor (McGill Unversity), Social Science in Relation to Practice (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/163

26 October 1986, Thomas Kuhn, Dubbing and Redubbing: The Vulnerability of Rigid Designation (Philosophy Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/164

28 October 1986, William Darity (Department of Economics), Reprise on an Old Chestnut: The Abolition of the British Slave Trade

Audiocassette C-40075/165

4 November 1986, Dan Patterson (Curriculum in Folklore), Tom Davenport (filmmaker), Gene Elder (Department of Sociology), Micheline Malson (Wellesley University), and Sidney Nathans (Duke University), A Singing Stream: The Making of a Documentary (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/166

11 November 1986, Michael Mann (London School of Economics), Ruling Class Strategies and Citizenship (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/167

17 November 1986, Manfred Kochen (University of Michigan), Levels of Information Systems Integration (Library Science Lecture)

Audiocassette C-40075/168

18 November 1986, Carol Stack (Duke University), An Expected Journey: The Case for a Turnaround in Theories of Black Migration (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/169

21 November 1986, Martin Seligman (University of Pennsylvania), Explanatory Style: Depression, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and the Basketball Hall of Fame (Psychology Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/170

25 November 1986, Robert Bates (Duke University), Prospects of Political Reform in the Economic Management of African Development (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/171

2 December 1986, David Kennedy (University of Connecticut), The Study of Social Behavior at Multiple Levels (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/172

13 January 1987, Dale Marshall, local politics in California (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/173

20 January 1987, Wallace Oates (University of Maryland), National or Local Standards for Environmental Quality? (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/174

27 January 1987, Robert Fogel (University of Chicago), The Aging of Union Army Men: A Longitudinal Study, 1830-1940 (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/175

3 February 1987, Samuel Baron (Department of History, Emeritus), My Life With the Father of Russian Marxism: Reflections of a Biographer (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/176

10 February 1987. Arne Kalleberg (Department of Sociology), Commitment in Organizations (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/177

17 February 1987, Phillip Shaver (University of Denver), The Study of Love (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/178

24 February 1987, Glenn Snyder (Department of Political Science), NATO and the Alliance Security Dilemma (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/179

24 March 1987, Wladyslaw Adamski (Polish Academy of Sciences), Changes in Values in Polish Society (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/180

31 March 1987, Richard Shingles (Virginia Polytecnhic Institute), Relative Deprivation and Political Protest in the United States (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/181

7 April 1987, John Modell (Carnegie Mellon University), Military Experience and Personal Aspirations: Black and White America in World War II (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/182

14 April 1987, Diane Gill (UNC-Greensboro), Competitiveness and Sport Achievement (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/183

21 April 1987, Jim Daniels (Carnegie Mellon University), Writing About Work in Fiction and Poetry (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/184

undated, Ken Hardy (Department of Sociology) and John Barefoot (Duke University Medical Center), Computerized Data Acquisition (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/185

undated, Rupert Nacoste, Factors Leading to Responses to Affirmative Action (IRSS Colloquium)

Audiocassette C-40075/186

undated, Joanna Overing, Do Men Control Women? (unidentified lecture)

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