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Collection Number: 40044

Collection Title: School of Information and Library Science of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Records, 1924-2017

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Size 28.5 feet of linear shelf space (approximately 20400 items)
Abstract Library science was first offered in the university's summer school shortly after the turn of the century. In 1931 the School of Library Science was established to offer a baccalaureate program in librarianship. It was the second such school in the Southeast. In 1951 a master's degree program was established. In 1987 the name of the school changed to School of Information and Library Science. Records include correspondence and other files relating to the administration of and academic programs in the School of Information and Library Science. Deans of the school who are prominent in the records include Louis Round Wilson, Susan Grey Akers, Edward G. Holley, Evelyn H. Daniel, and Barbara B. Moran, Joanne Gard Marshall and Jose-Marie Griffiths.
Creator University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. School of Information and Library Science.
Curatorial Unit University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. University Archives.
Language English
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Processed by: University Archives Staff, January 1988, May 1992, May 2008; Jennifer Coggins, September 2016

Encoded by: Heather Wilson, May 2008

Updated by: Nancy Kaiser, October 2020; Dawne Howard Lucas, March 2022

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Although Louis Round Wilson began teaching summer courses in library science at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in 1904, the School of Library Science did not open its doors until 17 September 1931. Its first director was Dr. Wilson, who had at that point been the university librarian for thirty years. The school was originally funded by a $100,000 Carnegie Corporation grant, and during that first fall in 1931, thirty-seven students took courses from five faculty members of the school. For many of the early years of the School of Library Science, only an undergraduate degree in Library Science was offered. Dr. Wilson carried the school through its first full accreditation by the American Library Association (ALA) in December 1934, before Dr. Susan Grey Akers took over the directorship in 1935.

Dr. Akers had earned her doctorate in library science from the University of Chicago in 1932, making her the fourth person and the second woman in the nation to receive this doctoral degree. Dr. Akers served as the school's director for seven years before her title changed to dean in 1942. Upon the acquisition of this new title, Dr. Akers became the first woman to hold an academic deanship at the University of North Carolina. Under Dr. Akers's leadership, the bachelor of arts degree that was offered by the school became a bachelor of science degree in library science in 1941.

In March 1951, the university approved the creation of the master of science in library science program, and the first MSLS degrees were awarded in 1953. In 1955 the bachelor of science program was abolished. In September 1970, the School moved to Manning Hall; and in November 1972, the first issue of the School of Library Science newsletter, News from Chapel Hill, was published. In 1980 the first Ph.D. from the School of Library Science was awarded to JoAnn Hardison Bell. In 1987 the faculty of the school voted to include "information science" in the school's name, and in 1988 the name officially became School of Information and Library Science (SILS). The information and library science program continued to expand its degree offerings and began offering an undergraduate minor in information systems in 1997.

SILS had always held high rankings in most academic evaluations; but in 1999, U.S. News and World Report selected it as the top program in the country, a ranking the school has held more often than not since that year. In 2001 the first dual-degree programs were announced, a master's program with the Kenan-Flagler Business School and another with the School of Public Health. In 2003 the bachelor of science degree was revived, and the first two certificate programs were initiated.

Since its creation in 1931, the School of Information and Library Science has graduated more than 4,000 librarians who have gone on to serve in library capacities throughout the world. The goal of the school continues to be "to conduct inquiry devoted to information generation and use to prepare reflective, adaptive information professionals for action in the present and the future, and to transfer to them an uncompromising advocacy for knowledge" (from its mission statement).

Individuals who have served as directors and deans of the school are listed below.


1931-1932 Louis Round Wilson
1932-1935 Susan Grey Akers, Acting Director
1935-1942 Susan Grey Akers


1942-1954 Susan Grey Akers
1954-1960 Lucile Kelling Henderson
1960-1964 Carlyle J. Frarey, Acting Dean
1964-1967 Margaret E. Kalp, Acting Dean
1967-1970 Walter A. Sedelow, Jr.
1970-1971 Raymond L. Carpenter, Jr., Acting Dean
1972-1985 Edward G. Holley
1985-1990 Evelyn H. Daniel
1990-1998 Barbara B. Moran
1999-2004 Joanne Gard Marshall
2004-2009 José-Marie Griffiths
2010-present Gary Marchionini
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Records include correspondence and other files relating to the administration of and academic programs in the School of Information and Library Science. Deans of the school who are prominent in the records include Louis Round Wilson, Susan Grey Akers, Edward G. Holley, Evelyn H. Daniel, and Barbara B. Moran, Joanne Gard Marshall and Jose-Marie Griffiths.

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Contents list

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 1. General Files, 1924-1993.

About 12000 items.

Series 1 includes general administrative files, including annual reports, accreditation information, events planning documents, curriculum planning documents, and other information related to the general operations of the school.

Box 1:1

Accreditation: American Library Association (ALA) Questionnaires, 1930-1972

Accreditation: American Library Association (ALA) Standards, 1933; 1951; 1960; and 1972

Accreditation: Annual Reports to Committee on Accrediation of the American Library Association (ALA), 1965-1991

Box 1:2

Accreditation: Correspondence, General, 1930-1992

Accreditation: National Commission on Accrediting, 1953

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), 1930-1984

Administrative Board: Correspondence, General, 1928-1992

Administrative Board: Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1931-1989

Admissions: Correspondence, General, 1937-1992

Admissions: Form Letters

Admissions: Policies and Procedures, 1933-1989

Box 1:3

Alumni Association: Alumni Day, 1953-1957

Alumni Association: Anniversary Celebrations, 1981-1992

Alumni Association: Beta Phi Mu, 1976-1990

Alumni Association: Correspondence, General, 1956-1987

Alumni Association: Distinguished Alumnus Award, 1983-1992

Alumni Association: Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1972-1984

Annual Reports, 1931-1993

Budget and Expenses: Correspondence, General, 1952-1993

Budget and Expenses: Personnel Budget, 1935-1993

Building and Facilities, 1931-1992

Certification, undated

Chancellor, Office of, 1961-1986

Box 1:4

Computing, 1946-1990

Curriculum: General/Historical, 1928-1993

Curriculum: Alumni Suggestions for a New Curriculum, Questionnaires, 1979

(alphabetized by respondent's name)

Curriculum: Block, General, 1977-1986

Curriculum: Doctoral Program and Students, 1962-1993

Curriculum: Educational Media and Instructional Design Program, 1986-1991

Curriculum: Evening College, 1979-1980

Curriculum: Field Experience, 1953-1989

Curriculum: Information Science Program, 1962-1982

Curriculum: Instructional Technology Specialist, 1985-1986

Curriculum: Relationship Between Bachelors and Masters Degree Programs, 1937-1987

Curriculum: Teacher-Librarian Program, 1939-1970

Curriculum: Undergraduate Degrees, 1929-1967

Box 1:5

Dean's Memoranda, 1972-1993

Development: Bicentennial Case Statement Committee, 1986-1987

Development: Board of Visitors, 1991-1993

Development: Campus Development Committee, 1987-1988

Development: Carolina Fund Correspondence, 1980-1988

Development: Cooperative Professional Development Seminar, 1985-1986

Development: Correspondence, General, 1933-1993

Development: Transaction Reports, 1988-1993

Education, School of, 1936-1986

Box 1:6

Enrollment: Correspondence, General, 1931; 1938; 1953-1991

Enrollment: Enrollment Statistics Reports, 1940-1966

Enrollment: Faculty Teaching Loads, 1978-1988

Enrollment: Student Rosters, 1925-1980

Establishment of the School, 1924-1957

(includes historical overviews of the school)

Events: Cleaver Symposium, 1985

Events: Commencement, 1980-1985

Events: Conference on the Training of Librarians, 1933

Events: Milam Lecture, 1982-1989

Events: Other Conferences, Workshops, and Symposia, 1948-1986

Events: Speakers and Visitors, 1940-1993

Events: Student Orientation, 1972-1973

Events: Wilson Day, 1976

Extension/Public Services: Correspondence, General, 1931-1992

Extension/Public Services: Peace Corps, 1962-1964

Faculty: Faculty Retreat, 1977-1993

Faculty: Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1930-1977

Box 1:7

Faculty: Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1978-1988

Faculty: Kenan Chair Professor, 1987-1992

Faculty: Leaves of Absence and Retirement, 1975-1993

Faculty: Positions, Promotions, and Awards, 1947-1993

Faculty: Research, 1942-1992

Faculty: Visiting Professors and Scholars, 1973-1993

Fiftieth Anniversary: Correspondence, General, 1980-1981

Fiftieth Anniversary: Distinguished Alumni Award, 1979-1981

Fiftieth Anniversary: Finances, 1980-1981

Fiftieth Anniversary: Planning Committee, 1979-1982

Image Folder PF-40044/1

Fiftieth Anniversary: Photographs, 1935-1936; 1981

Photographs, including some taken in 1935-1936, that show the school's facilities and some of its students and faculty at that time; these were sent to Dean Holley by Mary Elizabeth Poole for use in the anniversary celebration.

Fiftieth Anniversary: Programs, 1980-1981

Fiftieth Anniversary: Publicity, 1980-1984

Fiftieth Anniversary: Registration Information, 1981

Fiftieth Anniversary: Speakers, 1980-1981

Box 1:8

Financial Aid: Assistantships: Environmental Protection Agency, 1973-1976

Financial Aid: Assistantships: Library, 1960-1985

Financial Aid: Assistantships: University, 1973-1979

Financial Aid: Correspondence, General, 1947-1992

Financial Aid: Fellowships: Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship, 1984-1986

Financial Aid: Fellowships: Carolina Population Center Fellowship, 1971-1973

Financial Aid: Fellowships: Lisa Burmeister Computer and Information Science Fellowship, 1985-1986

Financial Aid: Fellowships: Fellowships, Other, 1960-1992

Financial Aid: Scholarships and Grants-In-Aid, 1932-1986

Foreign Students, 1941-1987

Graduate School, 1939-1987

Grants, 1962-1993

Library: Correspondence, General, 1931-1992

Library: Faculty Status for Librarians, 1972-1973

Library: Health Sciences Library, 1986-1987

Library: Law Library, 1986

Library: Music Library, 1939-1979

Minority Students: American Library Association (ALA) Minority Student Advertising, 1972-1977

Minority Students: Correspondence, General, 1934-1990

Box 1:9

Placement, 1936-1989

Planning: Correspondence, General, 1957-1989

Planning: Faculty Planning Day, 1986-1988

Planning: Long-Range Planning, 1932-1967

Planning: Provost's Planning Questionnaire, 1984

Policies and Procedures: Correspondence, General, 1931-1993

Policies and Procedures: Forms, 1931-1974

Policies and Procedures: Procedures and Manuals, 1931-1990

Policies and Procedures: Staff Manual

Provost, Office of, 1955-1993

Box 1:10

Publications and Publicity: Association of College and Research Libraries Committee Publications, 1953-1971

Publications and Publicity: The Galley, 1972-1990

(student publication)

Publications and Publicity: Library Journal, 1959-1979

Publications and Publicity: News from Chapel Hill: Scattered Issues, Nos. 8-25, 1975-1981

(SILS newsletter)

Publications and Publicity: News from Chapel Hill: Correspondence, General, 1976-1980

Image Folder PF-40044/2-6






Publications and Publicity: News from Chapel Hill: Photographs, 1976-1979

Photographs used as illustrations in newsletter.

Publications and Publicity: Peterson's Guides, 1980-1987

Image Folder PF-40044/7-11






Publications and Publicity: Photographs, Miscellaneous, 1976-1979

Photographs of SILS people and events, probably used in publicity.

Publications and Publicity: Publications Correspondence, 1944-1993

Publications and Publicity: Publicity Correspondence, 1932-1987

Publications and Publicity: "Publicity Record of the University of North Carolina School of Library Science," 1931-1966

Oversize Volume SV-40044/1-2



Publications and Publicity: "Publicity Record of the University of North Carolina School of Library Science," 1931-1966

Scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings, photographs, and other items related to the school and its graduates.

Publications and Publicity: School of Library Science Brochures, 1931-1970

Staff, 1932-1991

Student Organizations, 1963-1992

Student Recruitment: Correspondence, General, 1951-1952

Student Recruitment: Television Program, 1955

Summer Session, 1925-1993

Tuition and Fees, 1971-1992

Extra Oversize Paper Folder XOPF-40044/1

Roll book of initiates for the Epsilon Chapter of Beta Phi Mu, Vol. II, 1976-1986

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 2: Committees, 1956-1993.

About 3600 items.

This series consists of files related to the work of various committees of the School of Information and Library Science.

Box 2:1

Committee Assignments, 1969-1991

Ad-hoc Committees: Bylaws Committee, 1985-1988

Ad-hoc Committees: Curriculum Revision Committee, 1962-1976

Ad-hoc Committees: Dean's Achievement Award Committee, 1978-1993

Ad-hoc Committees: Faculty Planning Committee, 1985-1993

Ad-hoc Committees: Field Experience Committee, 1982-1988

Ad-hoc Committees: Human Subject Use/Institutional Review Board (IRB) Committee, 1970-1993

Ad-hoc Committees: Management Information Specialization Committee, 1984-1993

Ad-hoc Committees: Search Committee, Dean, 1970-1971

Ad-hoc Committees: Search Committee, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Library, 1990-1991

Ad-hoc Committees: Space and Facilities, 1980

Ad-hoc Committees: Various Other Ad-hoc Committees, 1956-1989

Admissions and Financial Aid Committee, 1973-1992

Block Coordinating Committee: Block Evaluation: General, 1974-1985

Block Coordinating Committee: Block Evaluation: Three-Year Evaluation, 1974-1985

Block Coordinating Committee: Minutes and Memoranda, 1974-1979

Comprehensive Exam Committee, 1956-1990

Box 2:2

Curriculum Committee: Correspondence, General, 1960-1989

Curriculum Committee: Curriculum Change Requests, 1964-1989

Curriculum Committee: Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1975-1990

Doctoral Planning Committee: Correspondence, General, 1973-1992

Doctoral Planning Committee: Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1975-1992

Information Resources Committee, 1985-1992

Box 2:3

Personnel Committee: Correspondence, General, 1964-1992

Personnel Committee: Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1985-1990

Public School Library Media Program Advisory Committee, 1977-1980

Various Other School of Library Science Committees, 1973-1988

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 3: Outside Organizations, 1931-1993.

About 2400 items.

This series consists of files on organizations, associations, foundations, government agencies, and other libraries and universities that are not administratively part of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Box 3:1

American Library Association (ALA): Correspondence, General, 1937-1992

American Library Association (ALA): Publications Correspondence, 1939-1972

American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), 1962-1990

Association of American Library Schools (AALS), 1933-1973

Columbia University Preservation Program, 1990-1991

Duke University, 1937-1990

Farm Security Administration, 1937-1938

Library of Congress, 1937-1992

MEAD Data Central, 1987

Medical Library Association, 1959-1987

Michigan Research Library Program, 1984-1985

Music Library Association (MLA), 1971-1987

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction: Correspondence, General, 1932-1968

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction: Questionnaires, 1931-1946

North Carolina Library Association (NCLA), 1938-1987

North Carolina State Library, 1932-1987

South Carolina Library Association, 1977-1984

Southeastern Library Association, 1947-1989

Box 3:2

Southern Regional Education Board, 1938-1971

Special Libraries Association (SLA), 1944-1991

Tennessee Valley Library Council, 1942-1971

United States Office of Education, 1938-1992

United States Environmental Protection Agency, 1990-1992

University of North Carolina at Asheville, 1972-1974

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 1967-1988

University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1931-1986

Various Other Outside Organizations: Associations and Institutes, 1938-1987

Various Other Outside Organizations: Corporations and Businesses, 1938-1993

Various Other Outside Organizations: Government Organizations, 1934-1991

Various Other Outside Organizations: K-12 School Libraries, 1936-1962

Various Other Outside Organizations: Public Libraries, 1934-1993

Various Other Outside Organizations: Religious Organizations, 1937-1964

Various Other Outside Organizations: Colleges, Library Science, 1935-1993

Various Other Outside Organizations: Colleges, Other, 1933-1993

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 4. Administrative Records (Addition of August 2016) 1992-2010.

Administrative records related to ALA accreditation, the SILS 75th anniversary, the SILS Board of Visitors and Administrative Advisory Board, teaching awards, internal committees, lectures, and other events.

Accession information: Transferred in August 2016 (RT 20160829.1).

Box 4:1

ALA, accreditation materials, 1992

ALA, accreditation materials, 1999

ALA, program presentation, 1999

ALA, accreditation materials, 2006

ALA, program presentation, 2006

75th anniversary materials, program committee note, 2006-2007

75th anniversary, event details, 2006-2007

75th anniversary, finale details, 2006-2007

75th anniversary, General Assembly resolution, 2007

Storytelling event, 2000

Bylaws, 2000

Bylaws, 2001

Bylaws, 2003

Bylaws, Appendixes, 2000

Appointment, promotion, and tenure documents 2001, 2006, 2011

Administrative Advisory Board, 2003-2006

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 1993

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 1994

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 1995

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 2000

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 2001

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 2003

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 2005

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 2006

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 2007

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 2008

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 2009

Board of Visitors, meeting materials, 2010

Teaching Award, 1997

Master's Committee, minutes and reports, 2001-2009

Undergraduate Committee, minutes and reports, 1997-2009

Research and Doctoral Committee, minutes and reports, 2000-2009

Personnel Committee, minutes and reports, 2000-2009

Information Technology and Resources Committee, minutes and reports, 1997-2008

Salary Committee, 1997-2007

Diversity Committee, minutes/reports, 2006-2009

Steinfirst Lecture, 1998, 2002, 2004

Henderson Lecture, 1991-1994

Henderson Lecture, 1995-2005

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expand/collapse Expand/collapse Series 5. Administrative Records (Addition of January 2022) 1976-2017.

Administrative records, including administrative board records; committee charges and records; faculy meeting minutes; activities and events records; awards and honors; conferences, trainings, and workshops; new degree propsals; course development and proposals records; academic program records; special activity records; International Student Program records; distance education records; self-study records; non-academic program and course registration records; and outside organization records.

Accession information: Transferred in January 2022 (RT 20220128.3).

Box 5:1

Committee Charges, 1990-2000

Faculty Meetings Minutes, 1995-1998

Faculty Meeting Minutes, 2001-2009

1990-1999 Appendices, Faculty Meeting Minutes 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003

Doctoral Committee, 1990-1996

Undergraduate Committee, 1996-1997

Master’s Committee, 1993-1994, 1994-1995, 1995-1996, 2001-2001, 2004-2005

Curriculum Committee, 1991, 1992-1993

Faculty Planning Day, 1992-2001, 2003-2005, 2007-2008

Faculty Meeting Agendas, 1998-2000

Committee Reports, 1998

Administrative Board, 1990-2004

Box 5:2

Commencement 1995, 1999-2003, 2007-2016

Commencement Programs, 1989-2017

60th Anniversary, 1991-1992

65th Anniversary, 1997

ALA Alumni Reunion, 2011-2013, 2015

SAA Alumni Reunion, 2011-2013, 2015

Alumni Receptions, 2014

Kalp Memorial Lecture, 1978

Academy Meets Real World Summits, 2010

iPres 2015

Information Professionals 2050, 2012

IEEE Symposium, 2012

Distinguished Alumni Award, 2006

BSIS Degree Program, 2001-2002

Information Science Minor, 1994-1996

PhD Program, 1992

School and Degree Name Change 1986-1996

Box 5:3

Student Survey-Current, 2002

Student Survey-Incoming, Declined, 2002

Alumni Survey, 2002

Faculty Update (Marketing), 2002

Student Focus Group, 2002

UNC-Bodleian Summer Seminar, 1999

Oxford Program, 1994,1998

Prague Summer Seminar, 2001-2003

Degrees: BA in LS, 1976

Dual Degree Development, 1994-2010

Certificate of Advance Study,1987-2001

School Media Guidelines, 1989

MS Program Length, 1987

Digital Curation Center Proposal, 2004-2005

Working Plan, 1990-1991

Distance Learning Study Report, 2004

Evidence Based Medicine, 2000

New Courses, 1979-2004

School Library Media Review, 2008

Hoechst Celanese Corp, 1997

NC Department of Public Instruction, 1991

Duke University, 1974-2000

North Carolina Central University, 1972-1993

North Carolina Library Associate, 1991-1999

Cabletron Systems, 1996-2004

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, 1998

MCI, 1995-1998

NC Association on Aging, 1999

North American Serials Interest Group, 1990-1995

North Carolina State Library, 1994-1995

NC-SLA, 1990-1991

International Circulating Program, 2003-2005

Minds of Carolina, 2003

NC Information Highway Team, 1993-1995

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